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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 46

Nora le pide a Rodrigo que la ayude a separar a Marcelo y Lucía, pero él se niega. Rebeca encuentra a Sara con Alonso y le exige que le diga lo que siente por él, ella confiesa que lo ama.
4 Jun 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents... lucía: who were they, dad?alonso: they were asking about a girl who worked here whenyour mother was still alive. that clara who emptied the housebefore leaving. lucía: yes, i know the story,but why did they come here to ask you about her?alonso: it seems that that woman went to the houseof your godmother trini before she died.lucía: dad, i have to tell you something.alonso: tell me, what's wrong? lucía: i was at my godmother'shouse when clara went for her. she went to her house to askfor help because she has a son who's very sick.alonso: and so? lucía: and the money i asked youto lend me was for clara. alonso: honey, you haveto tell all this to the police, please.lucía: yes, it's okay, dad. marcelo: listen to me clearly!lucía is the only woman i'm interested in,so even if it drives you mad, i'll share my life with her.rebeca: don't be so sure! amador: oh, my god!it's mrs. rebeca murillo, gaxiola's wife,throwing a fit of jealousy to her husband's best employee.rebeca: i won't let you say such a stupid thing,let alone talk to me like that in front of all these people.who do you think you are? amador: somebody who has knownyou very well for very long. rebeca: you're wrong, amador.i'm the one who knows a lot about you, and there're manythings i could make public. what are you doing here?go work! there's nothing to see here.lucía: what's going on here? amador: i'd like to know, too.but your lover or your beloved aunt can explain you everything.lucía: what? why are you quiet? marcelo: your aunt is convincedthat i'm not a good man for you, so she came to ask meto leave you in peace. lucía: didn't you understandwhat i told you yesterday? no matter what you say,i won't doubt marcelo, so don't waste your timebecause i won't change my mind. rebeca: fine,time will prove me right and you'll realize that what youthink about this man is wrong.lucía: i'm fed up of her! marcelo: don't listen to her.let's go to my office. daniela: i hate her!i won't let him change me for her!milagros: please, calm down. daniela: you see i was right?all he told me to convince me to move out from herewas just a lie! all he wanted was to get ridof us so that we wouldn't notice he was in a relationshipwith that stupid girl! milagros: more or less,i told him that. daniela: i'm really upsetthat he tried to deceive me. and the worst thingis that i almost believed him. >> it also makes me indignant,but there's something that doesn't match the context.marcelo is not the kind of man who lies.he may hide some things, but he doesn't lie.daniela: you can see how quickly that girl is changing him.i'm sure it was her who planned all this.i really hate her. milagros: enough, calm's useless to get like this. and to be honest,it annoys me. daniela: how do you expect meto be? i'm losing the man of my life.milagros : you don't know yet, the meantime, we'll rent the apartment we saw,and no matter what, we won't abandon puebla at all.daniela: of course we won't. milagros: start packingso that we move as soon as possible,because if you spend one more day here, you'll run the riskof getting used to living in these conditions.lucía: honey, please, tell me what she told you.marcelo: nothing, seriously, it doesn't matter.lucía: it does matter. i don't want her to come hereto bother you! marcelo: i can defend myself.lucía: yes, i know, but i still don't like it.marcelo: let's not talk about your aunt all day.come here. lucía: yes, you're right.i'm making too much of it. marcelo: yes, you're.i'm glad you think so. tell me why you came.i hope it was because you were dying to see me.lucía: no, not exactly, but i was.i need to ask you a favor. marcelo: whatever you want.tell me. lucía: i need to go to thepublic prosecutor's office. i want you to come with me.marcelo: sure i will, but why do you need to go?lucía: i'll tell you on the way. marcelo: okay, let's go.i'll turn this off. teresa: ma'am, mr. alonsowas looking for you everywhere. rebeca: tell him that i arrived,then. alonso: i'm glad you're back.i wanted to ask you something. do you remember clara?rebeca: clara? which clara? alonso: clara, the girl who wasworking here when adriana was pregnant of lucía.the one who stole many things while your sister washospitalized. rebeca: yes, i remember her.why are you asking about her? alonso: because apparently shewent to visit trini the day she was killed,and her house was also robbed. the police is trying to find herto question her. rebeca: do they have any ideaof where she is? alonso: no, not yet.they asked me if i remembered what her surname wasor if i had heard from her. have you heard from her?no, and if i met her, i'm sure i wouldn't recognize her.alonso: no, me neither. well,i hope the police finds her. i think that woman hasmany things to explain. rebeca: yes.i hope they do. i'll see nora.alonso: nora is not home. rebeca: where did she go to?alonso: she's out. she said she was goingto visit a friend. rebeca: okay.i'll be in the bedroom. alonso: okay.[sighs] [doorbell rings]>> where are you going to, miss? nora: what's it to you?>> to be honest, i don' care. nora: what are you doing?rodrigo: nora, what are you doing here?nora: as you got used to not answering the phone to me,i had no other option than to came for you.rodrigo: it should be clear to you that we have nothingto discuss. the farther apart we are,the better. nora: on the contrary.i think it's time to resume our friendship.what's more, i think it would be convenient.rodrigo: you're crazy, nora. nora: maybe you don't knowthat lucía and marcelo are together.that's something that neither you nor i can allow.rodrigo: if you're so interested in that man,why don't you sleep with him, like you did with me?i don't think you need anybody's help to destroy your sister'slife again. nora: she destroyed my life,i didn't destroy hers! for you to know,i set my eyes on marcelo first! rodrigo: and it drives you madthe he didn't even turn to see youand that he prefers her. nora: will you help me separatethem? yes or no? rodrigo: no, nora, of coursei won't, you're asking the wrong person.i'm sorry. nora: don't tell me that youdon't love lucía anymore. i saw you hiding her picture.rodrigo: of course i love her, but i understood that i haveno chance with her. nora: so your plan is to justwatch how marcelo is with my sister?let me tell you this. if you don't do something soon,marcelo will definitely marry the love of your life.where do you think they'll go on their honeymoon?rodrigo: shut up, nora! there's nothing i can do.why don't you and daniela understand?she's mad! nora: daniela? daniela suárez?marcelo's ex girlfriend? rodrigo: yes.she came here yesterday with your same proposition.nora: good news. >> do you remember whereyou gave her the check? nora: yes, in a park that isclose to my house, at progreso street.>> did she tell you where she lived?lucía: no, but she said i could go to her house to visither sick son. i couldn't gobecause i had a date. >> do you know the nameof her sick son? lucía: no,and i don't know his age either. >> it could all be a lie.>> yes. >> i need you to write downthe sum of the check, the name of the bankand the number of the check, if you remember it.lucía: everything is here. >> thank you think you are capable of making an identikit pictureof this woman? lucía: i'm not sure,but i can try. >> fine.i'll call the draftsman. come with me.marcelo: i'm sure that you'll do it very well.lucía: thank you for coming with me.marcelo: the last time we were in a place like this,you almost kicked me out. lucía: [laughs]don't remind me of that. amador: so you're surethat this woman clara is the one who killed her.alonso: no, it is just a clue. whoever it was,they did take some stuff. amador: did they?what did they take? alonso: according to nazario,they took cheap things, and that's what i find weird.amador: yes, it sounds silly. well, now that you mentionnazario, i know that you asked me to discuss the thingabout the new client with him, but as you're mostly recoveredand he's going through a bad moment, i brought itto you so that you could read the agreement and approve it.alonso: yes, sure. i'll keep it and go through it.amador: sure, look through it in detail, although everythingi told you is there. alonso: okay.amador: i just need you to do it quick before the competitionwins the client. for once in your life, alonso,trust me. alonso: i trust you.i just want to know the details of the agreement.amador: fine, perfect. there you have it.i'll call you at night and come for it wheneveryou tell me to. er...rebeca went to the factory this morning.alonso: what for? amador: to talk to marceloescalante in private. to be honest, the had some sortof argument. it looked like a fitof jealousy. alonso: amador,i want you to stop causing trouble about that boyand also to stop making unpleasant commentsabout my family. amador: no, i didn't mean to,alonso, but our friendship is first.alonso: if you came here so that i could sign the agreementof your dear client, there you are.if you were here for that, you can go.amador: i'm sorry if i was imprudent.this will be a good business. alonso: i hope it is.if not, i know who to complain to.amador: don't worry. thank you, have a good day.rafaela: do you need any help? milagros: no, thank you.i have arms. rafaela: when will you movewith miss daniela? milagros: tomorrowat the latest. rafaela: don't you see that whatyou're doing is like reminding your son all the timethat you don't agree with him? milagros: he knows thatvery well. rafaela: why don't you tryto support him? a mother is meant to supporther children and respect their decisions even if shedoesn't agree with them. milagros: what do you knowabout being a mother? rafaela: yes, i know, i know.but i'm not blind and i can see many things.and i'm sorry to tell you this, but you'll only grow furtherapart from the only son you still have.milagros: it is that girl the one who's separating us.rafaela: why are you so mad at that poor girl?you don't even know her. you should at least take yourtime to get to know her. milagros: just seeing herwas more than enough. besides, i don't trustthat family at all. neither that lucía,nor her stepmother, aunt, tutor or whatever.rafaela: it's useless. i just beg god you never regrethaving been against your own son.shall i finish your case? milagros: i can do it myself,okay? alonso: why on earth did yougo to talk to marcelo? rebeca: what did amador say?alonso: it doesn't matter what he said.i'm asking you. rebeca: i went to ask himto leave lucía in peace. alonso: why?rebeca: because i can't accept something that harmsmy daughter. alonso: you may not supportlucía, but you can't set yourself against her by sayingthose stupid things. do you want to hurt lucía?rebeca: no, on the contrary.but it's clear that neither her nor you nor anybody realizeswhat kind of man marcelo is. alonso: told me that you didn't support lucía's and marcelo'srelationship because it affected nora.but now i see it affects you. rebeca: it's both things.don't you see they're connected? our daughters are aboutto kill each other for a man who's not worth it!alonso: rebeca, do you know anything about that boythat you haven't told me? rebeca: no.i just know what my intuition as a mother tells me.and i'll repeat it. marcelo escalanteis not worth it, as i told lucía.marcelo: what are you thinking? lucía: about that woman, clara.i don't think she lied about her sick son, i saw hervery worried. marcelo: some people are greatat pretending. lucía: fine, let's imagine shemade it all up to get money. why would she have goneto my godmother's house to steal if she had already gotwhat she wanted? marcelo: i don't know.but let's let the police deal with all this.lucía: if they find her. marcelo: what i don't understandis who that woman is. lucía: the only thing i knowis that she worked with my mom right when my mother died.i had never heard about her, but that day in which she cameto see my godmother, she told me somethingthat really impressed me. marcelo: what was it?lucía: that she was there when my mother had the accident.marcelo: do you know what happened exactly?lucía: not very well. i know that my mother was morethan eight months pregnant and that she was upstairsthat day and that for some reasonshe fell. she was unconscious,then i was born and she died without seeing me.marcelo: and was that woman clara the only person present?lucía: no. my aunt rebeca was also father had gone on a trip and asked her to look after my mom.well, please, let's change the topic, okay?can you take me to my godfather's house?i want to know how he's doing. and then i'll go to the factoryto pick up my car. marcelo: why do you want meto drive you? can't i go with you?lucía: of course you can, but-- marcelo: you're still not usedto including me in your plans. lucía: yes, i got used!marcelo: i know that i'm a good chauffeur.lucía: [laughs] rodrigo: esperanza shouldn'thave told you anything, mom. she loves gossiping.brígida: i'm her mistress and she's meant to inform meeverything about this house. besides, i don't know why youdidn't want me to know that norita came today.rodrigo: because it's not important.brígida: it does matter. if she dared come hereit's because she still has feelings for you.rodrigo: that's nonsense, mom. i'll make this clear.even if nora was the last woman on earth, i wouldn't make it upwith her. brígida: why?rodrigo: because she's a witch, mom, don't you realize?brígida: i think it's awful to talk like that about a womanwho almost made you a father. rodrigo: thank god that thatbaby was not born. brígida: sure! so now you can dowhatever you want with that new friend of yours!rodrigo: stop saying that, mom. she's just a friend.i have no serious relationship neither with her nor with anyother woman. brígida: if that's the case,why don't you act normal and tell me her name?rodrigo: okay, if you're worried that she's not our same socialclass, you can relax because she's from a very good family.brígida: which family? rodrigo: leave me in peace,mom, please. brígida: why is it so hardto tell me her name? rodrigo: her name is daniela,daniela suárez. are you happy?brígida: it's the first time in my life that i hear her name.rodrigo: i told you that you didn't know her.brígida: daniela suárez, daniela suárez, suárez?[doorbell rings] daniela: i'm coming!nora: hello. do you remember me?daniela: of course i do. come in.nora: it's a very little apartment, but it's nice.daniela: you owed it to me. nora: fine.we're quits now, right? now i want us to talklike friends. daniela: like what?nora: like two civilized women who have something thatbinds them together. daniela: are you sureof what you're saying? nora: of course.i think that out of convenience you and i should become friends.[music] [music]daniela: you're completely out of your mind.why would i be interested in being your friend?nora: i told you so. because it's convenient for you.daniela: it sure is. nora: don't look at methat way. even if you don't believe me,i can help you make marcelo and lucía break up know they're together-- daniela: yes, i know, i know.but i'm not stupid. you want to take your sisterout of the picture so that you can be with marcelo.nora: keep calm, i'm not a threat for you.your ex boyfriend doesn't even notice me.he doesn't have a good opinion of me.daniela: why are you so interested in making himbreak up with your sister? i don't think you're just tryingto help me. nora: i prefer him to bewith you than with lucía. daniela: why do you hateyour sister so much? nora: that's a private thing.anyway. think about it.i'll give you my number so that you can phone me.have a good day. daniela: how did you knowwhere to find me? nora: a friend we have in commontold me how. lucía: my father sent youhis greetings. he couldn't come yet becausehe hasn't been feeling okay. nazario: tell him not to worry.magdalena: marcelo, can you help me with something, please?marcelo: yes, sure. i'll be back in a minute.excuse me. lucía: you miss her, don't you?nazario: a lot. i miss her so muchthat i don't think i'll be able to continue living without her.lucía: if it makes you feel any better,i'm here to support you. and i'll come to visit youas much as i can. nazario: i'm glad you will.lucía: really? nazario: there's somethingi have never told you, but you're the daughterthat trinidad and i never had. we have felt sosince you were on the womb. maybe that's why your motherchose us as your godparents. lucía: she chose the bestgrandparents. i love you.nazario: i love you too. lucía: shall we sit down?nazario: sure. lucía: godfather,there're two things i want to tell you about.maybe they're not so important, but i want to be the onewho told you about them. nazario: sure, tell me.lucía: the first one is that i will start workingat the factory. nazario: great decision!lucía: and the second one is that marcelo and i...nazario: i realized that! congratulations on my behalfand on your godmother's behalf. i'm sure that she would alsobe very happy. lucía: i know that, godfather.magdalena: i don't know what happened to it.nazario says he didn't touch it and i don't think trini did itwithout his help. marcelo: it's strange.magdalena: do you need the lamp? marcelo: thank you.lucía told me about a woman called you know her? magdalena: yes.i haven't seen her in many years, but i've been toldthat she's back. marcelo: she also told methat that woman worked in her house when her mother diedand that she was there when the accident took place.did you live in that house? magdalena:, at that time i was going through a very difficultpersonal moment. i decided to move out of puebla.adriana asked me to stay, but i didn't listen to her.since then, i can't tell you how guilty i've felt.marcelo: what do you feel guilty about?magdalena: about everything. sometimes i think that if i hadbeen at home with her, i may had been ableto prevent what happened to her. marcelo: but as far as i know,she was not alone when the accident happened.magdalena: no, rebeca was with her, but rebeca was a veryirresponsible woman. may god forgive me if i'm wrong,but i don't think she was looking after her properly.marcelo: how did they get on? magdalena: adriana was a greatwoman. she loved her a lot.marcelo: what about rebeca? magdalena: how can i explain it?rebeca is a woman who has always thought just about the lamp ready? shall i light it?marcelo: yes. magdalena: ready, thank you.i still think it is very weird that it got dismantled.[knocking on door] amador: can i come in?rodrigo: what do you need, dad? amador: i just wanted to tellyou that the police have apparently found the murdererof mrs. trinidad treviño. it was a woman who enteredthe house to steal and killed her.i wanted to tell you for you to stop thinking bad about me.rodrigo: i'm sorry, i said so because--amador: don't explain it, makes me very sad to know that my own son has that opinionof me. rodrigo: dad, please,forgive me. amador: listen.i'll tell you something. i have many faultsand i may not have been the best father on earth,but absolutely everything i did in my lifewas for you well-being. rodrigo: i know, dad.i'm sorry. amador: i put all myexpectations in you. it's very hard to see i only getindifference and complaints in reward.rodrigo: you have the right to be upset, dad.i promise it won't happen again. amador: i hope it doesn't.rodrigo: give me the chance to show it to you,to make it up for you. amador: okay, fine.let's forget it all. give me a hug.i need you close to me, okay? not against me.rodrigo: i promise i will. i swear.amador: look what i got. alonso gaxiola gave his approvalso we can start what we wanted as soon as have to start working in the deliveries quicklybecause we have to hand start with that right now.rodrigo: sure, don't worry. it will be ready tomorrow.amador: i love you. rodrigo: me too.rebeca: where were you? nora: didn't my father tell you?i went to visit gloria. rebeca: he said you had goneto a friend's house, but i didn't expect itto be gloria. as you said you don't get onwell with her anymore. nora: i have no options, mom.if you haven't realized, everybody turned their backson me, including you.rebeca: why me? nora: because you're relaxedabout lucía's relationship. it looks like you're delightedabout it. rebeca: always the same!we've discussed it, nora-- nora: i know, i know!marcelo is not a man for me, but i don't want him to befor my sister. don't you understand that i findthe idea disgusting? rebeca: don't worry.that man is for neither of you. neither of you.nora: i'm sorry, but that's not up to you.rebeca: don't worry, honey. i'll find the way.see you later. [music][music] marcelo: ready,'s your car, where you left it.lucía: i don't like seeing my godfather sad.i don't know what to do for him. marcelo: don't remain quietand admit that you don't have a clear conscience.rebeca: i don't know what clara told you, but--marcelo: who's clara? lucía: are you listening to me?marcelo: yes, i'm sorry. i was thinking about clara.i'd like her to appear. lucía: me too.marcelo: well, i'll go back to the office to finishsome stuff and i'll see you later at your house.lucía: if you want, we can go somewhere else.i know that you don't like being at my house because my auntrebeca is there and-- marcelo: no, i told youi'm not afraid of her. you shouldn't be scaredof her either. lucía: let alone if you'rewith me. hey, guess what.some days ago, my father offered me to be in charge of thefactory's advertising design. what do you think?marcelo: it's great. i'll see you more often.lucía: go now! go! if you don't, my father will tell you offfor wasting your time with me. marcelo: who told youi'm wasting my time? on the contrary,i'm making up for the time we lost during all those monthsyou were playing hard to get. lucía: stop complainingand go now! go! go now!lalo: marcelo! marcelo: what happened, lalo?lalo: you finally appeared! i've been looking for youall day to give you the list of the materials that arrivedthis morning. marcelo: thank you.but this is not a list. lalo: oh, it must be on my desk.but i want you to explain me what happened this morningbetween mr. zúñiga, the master's wife and you.explain me what it was so that i don't get things wrong.marcelo: don't pay attention to the stupid things zúñiga says.he just wants to bother me. and mr. alonso's wife cameto throw a fit because she doesn't want me to date lucía.lalo: what? no![laughs] does that mean that lucíaand you are officially--? congratulations!we have to celebrate! that's wonderful!i'm terrible envious! in the good sense.i'd do anything to have a woman like her.i mean, not like her. i know that a woman of hercategory wouldn't set her eyes on a man like me,but you know what i mean. marcelo: don't you havea girlfriend, a partner or anything?lalo: no. i've been very unlucky in love.not even chato's sister wanted to be with me.marcelo: don't worry. there's a lid for every pot.lalo: but that doesn't work for this pot, my dear marcelo.that's why i've devoted my life to my work.this is my life. my friends,mr. nazario, you.because we're friends, right? marcelo: of course we'refriends. as a friend i ask you not totalk about what happened this morning with anybody, okay?lalo: you can be sure about it. i'm as silent as the grave,i won't tell anybody. if i find out somebodyis talking about this, he'll have me to deal with.marcelo: i trust you. lalo: trust me.another hug? rebeca: good afternoon.are you in charge of the investigation of the deathof mrs. treviño? >> how can we help you?rebeca: i'm rebeca murillo gaxiola,the wife of alonso gaxiola. >> sit down.rebeca: thank you. i was told that you cameto my house this morning to ask my husband about a womanwho worked for us some years ago.>> yes. do you have any informationabout her? rebeca: no, i don't.i wanted to know if you knew anything else.>> not yet. rebeca: can i ask you a favor?once you finally find her, can you inform me insteadof my husband? he's not in very good health.>> don't worry, it won't happen again.i will let mr. treviño know any information we get.he's the main affected person. rebeca: any case, i would like to be kept updatedabout the investigation. >> i'm sorry to ask,but why are you so interested? rebeca: because that swinebetrayed our trust at that time on our house.besides, she's the murderer of a very beloved personin my family. i'd feel much better if i knewthat monster will pay for what she did.>> we still have to find out if it was actually that clarathe one who committed the crime. but now that you mentionthe robbery at your house, do you remember if you reportedit back then? rebeca: no, we didn't doanything. >> why?rebeca: because my sister had just died, you know?>> i see. lucía: dad, i'm sorry i'm late.i went to the prosecutor's office and to my godfather's--what's wrong? what's wrong, dad?alonso: give me the pills, please.lucía: what's wrong, dad? please, tell me what you feel.alonso: i can't breathe properly.lucía: dad, please, not again. dad?keep calm, dad. relax, relax.[music] [music][doorbell rings] magdalena: hello, normita.norma: good evening, magdalena. magdalena: what a nice surprise.norma: thank you. i was here,i mean, there. i mean, i was closeand i wanted to know how nazario was doing.magdalena: oh, normita, what can i tell you?he's devastated. don't you want to come in?norma: thank you. magdalena: have a coffee.norma: i don't want to bother you, thank you.but please just send him my greetings and give him's cookies. well, as you can see.i hope you like them. magdalena: how sweet.are you sure you don't want to come in?norma: i'm sure, thank you. see you.thank you, magdalena. magdalena: take care, thank you.norma: see you. magdalena: see you.nazario: who was it? magdalena: it was normita.she didn't want to come in, but she asked me to say hito you and to give you these cookies.they look delicious! nazario: thank you very much.lalo phoned today, too. he said that he himselfand everybody at the factory were sending you theirgreetings. nazario: thank you very much,i'm grateful that they're all worried about you, mostly you,but you don't need to be here all day to keep me company.magdalena: nazario, i do it with all my're a very important person to me.nazario: yes, i know, but you have your job,and your relationship with have many things to take care of.magdalena: and i will do it, don't worry.but for the time being, i'll be here with youfor whatever you may need. nazario: what i mean is that youneed to continue with you life and that i need to be aloneto mourn my pain. magdalena: nazario,would you like me to move somewhere else?nazario: no, i didn't mean to say that.this house is yours and you know that.magdalena: thank you. nazario: but i don't want youto alter your life to take care of me.i can take care of myself. magdalena: i know that.i love you. nazario: i love you too.magdalena: good night. nazario: good night.alonso: i don't know why lucía asked you to come.lucía: because your cardiologist didn't answer the phoneand somebody had to see you. >> don't pay attention to was good to phone me. you can relax becausethere's no reason to think that the heart attackmay take place again. lucía: why did he feel so bad,then? >> i guess he's not restingproperly and he's overstressed. alonso: i haven't come outof this room, i haven't done anything at all.>> that's not enough. your mind has to means that you have to be relaxed.alonso: but as i told you before, i can't keep outof everything around me. lucía: oh, dad.>> i know. look.i will prescribe you something that will help you relax.don't worry, this is not against what the cardiologist told any case, i'll ask him too. lucía: i'll phone the drugstoreto see if they can deliver it to us.alonso: thank you. lucía: thank you.alonso: now that you're here, i want to ask you a favor.>> whatever you need. alonso: it's about my daughternora. lucía: do you knowthe drugstore number? rebeca: no, what for?lucía: sara came and prescribed my father a it is. rebeca: is she still with him?lucía: yes, she's still here. why?sara: sure, i'll look it up. alonso: thank you.and again, i'm sorry we caused you trouble.i think i've abused your friendship.sara: you're talking nonsense. it's a pleasure to help you.and phone me if you need anything.alonso: okay, thank you. rebeca: what a romantic scene.why don't you take your mask off and tell me what you want?to steal my husband? alonso: rebeca, don't saystupid things. rebeca: it's not stupid.don't you realize? this woman is crazy about you.alonso: shut up now! rebeca: why don't you tell himwhat you want, what you feel for him?be brave and tell him in front of me.sara: your wife is right. you're the man i'd have lovedto share my life with.

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