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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 45

Rebeca trata de arruinar la cita de Lucía y Marcelo, pero Nora la interrumpe. Marcelo le dice a Rebeca que luchará por el amor de Lucía, ella se pone celosa y Amador los ve.
3 Jun 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents... to do with what happened?amador: what? why are you asking me that?are you crazy? of course i didn't.rodrigo: nazario thinks you did. besides, you were very nervouslast night. and when i asked youwhat the matter was, you told me that you hadsuch a serious problem that only god could help you.amador: don't think that about me, darling.i swear to you for the most sacred thingi have in my life, which is you,that i didn't have anything to do with that woman's death.rodrigo: okay, so explain to me why you were so upset.if that woman's death was not the reason,tell me which one was. amador: something personal.although you are my son, i can't tell you about it.rodrigo: oh, dad, that's an easy attitude.[laughs] that's so easy. amador: rodrigo,it's very important to me that you trustand believe in me. rodrigo: i swear to youi want to do it, but i can't.magdalena: go have a rest, alonso.mario and i will take nazario to his house.alonso: thank you very much. thank you.and lucía? nora: i don't havethe slightest idea. alonso: i'm sureshe's already left with somebody.rebeca: i don't know. let's go. okay? let's go.nora! what are you waiting for?lucía: [cries] does that mean you are staying?marcelo: how could i go knowing that you love me?lucía: [cries] i want to ask you for something.marcelo: whatever. lucía: swear to me,here, in my mom's tomb, that-- [cries]that if you stop loving me one day,you'll let me know, please. marcelo: listen to me carefully.i'll never stop loving you. lucía: [laughs]marcelo: never. it took me too many yearsto find you. and i won't let you gobecause i wouldn't tolerate losing you either.sara: i hope it doesn't bother youthat we came to eat here, but i have very little timeto go back to the hospital. leticia: oh, it's okay.hey, did you notice that in the burialyour friend magdalena was with my boss all the time?sara: yes. they've been a couplefor a few days. leticia: and why didn't youtell me? sara: because i don't haveto tell you about the others' private life.besides, i didn't think you could find it interesting.leticia: i don't understand what my boss can seein that left-behind woman. sara: why are you talkinglike that, leticia? leticia: what?i didn't say anything wrong. that woman is an old maidbecause as far as i know, she has never got fact, she was left alone in the altar.there must be a reason for that. sara: stop it!that's enough. i don't knowwhy you say those stupid things speciallyabout that person's aunt, that person you apparentlylove so much. leticia: okay, all right.i'm sorry. i didn't want to be know what? i'll go now. i'm not hungry now.thank god my house is near here.sara: leticia! [snorts]waiter: one or two people? sara: only one. thank you.waiter: yes, madam. [doorbell]magdalena: the police is there. nazario: yes.mario: i'll ask them to come back tomorrow.magdalena: yes, nazario has had a really hard day.nazario: no, i want to do it at once.what i'm going to say won't change at all.rebeca: teresa, finish that later.he has to rest. tere: yes, sure. excuse me.alonso: thank you. rebeca: thank, honey. the good thingis that the worst part has already happened.alonso: no, this has just will be so hard for nazario to live without--the love of his life with him. rebeca: say that from experience, don't you?alonso: yes, yes, that's right. what has happenedreminded me of what i lived with adriana some years ago,but i can imagine that for nazario,it will be much more painful because adriana diedin an accident and trini was killed.rebeca: and why did nazario turn rodrigo out of the church?because i don't think he did it for what he did to lucía.alonso: no, no, that wasn't the reason.nazario's got it into his head that amador zúñigahas something to do with trini's death.rebeca: seriously? alonso: yes, yes, yes.that's silly. rebeca: well, but if nazariothinks that, there must be a reason, don't you think?alonso: rebeca, i remind you that trini's housewas broken into. rebeca: yes,but that wasn't proven. and things are sometimesdifferent from what we think. alonso: i'll ask younot to confuse things. amador zúñiga can bewhatever you want, except a killer.rebeca: okay, all right, but don't get doesn't make you any good. alonso: i repeat it,it's not easy to stay calm. i truly hope the policecan find the person guilty of trini's death,so that nazario can be-- be calm with respect to that.rebeca: i hope so. detective 1: and wheredid you find your wife when you came backto your house? nazario: she was exactly here.i thought something had happened to her and--i took her to our bedroom. she couldn't stay thereon the floor. detective 2: do you rememberthe time? nazario: no. not was--after 9:00 pm. detective 1: no doubtthe entrance lock was forced. and accordingto what miss murillo tells me, some things were you have a list of them? nazario: no, no, no,but they didn't come to steal or--or--what could they steal?there's nothing of value here. some objects were stolen,a cross i had given my wife was stolen,but nothing else. no. there's nothing of valuein this house! detective 1: unfortunately,this is the only trail we have by nowand the one we can follow unless you have another theoryabout it. nazario:, i don't have any-- detective 1: one last thing.when you came back from work or went out again,did you see a suspicious car with somebody suspiciousdriving around here or something?nazario: no. if i had seensomething like that, i had never left my wife alone.never. [cries] never.although-- now that i think about itmore carefully-- hey, you're shaking.what's wrong with you? are you feeling sick?trini: no, no, no, i'm okay. i'm just--well, i'm just worried. nazario: why?trini: clara's appearance just like this, so sudden.mario: what is it, nazario? do you remember something?everything can be important. nazario: well--trini had been very nervous that daybecause just like this, out of a sudden,that woman clara came to see her.detective 2: clara what? nazario: no, no, no,i don't know her surname, but-- she was a womanwho had worked as a servant in gaxiola's housefor a long time. you must have known hervery well. magdalena: of coursei remember her. how could i forget about her?that woman stole in my sister's houseand then she disappeared. >> and how's benito?clara: so so, but the good thingis that i've already cashed the checkadriana's daughter gave me. oh, first thing in the morningthe first thing i'm going to do is to take himto have those tests run at once, my god.>> that's good, you know? that that girl helped you.clara: yes, right? >> oh, dear,what i don't understand is why she helped youif she didn't know you. clara: i don't know either,but i'm sure she's like her mom.she has a huge heart. >> more than matter how you see her, you owe her, you know?clara: i know. i think i should even tell herthat-- >> tell her what?clara: things about-- about her mom some time ago,but i think i shouldn't do so. the only thing i have to do nowis to take care of my son's health and--and nothing else. come here. let's see how benito is.lucía: you said you had a lot of things to tell me and--i'm the only one who's spoken. marcelo: we have time,don't you think? of course,unless you think this is the last timewe'll see each other. lucía: of course i don't.would you like to come in? marcelo: no. no, no, thank you.i have to go to my flat to solve some you think it's okay if i come pick you up laterto go out for dinner? lucía: seriously, thank you,but-- with all the thingsthat have just happened, i don't feel like havingany social life. marcelo: yes, no, it's nota social event. i just want you to meetsomebody very important to me. it's a way to show youthat my relationship with you is serious.lucía: but-- i'm not readyto sit down for dinner with your mom. you knowthings between us aren't-- marcelo: no,not with my mom. trust in me.okay? lucía: okay.marcelo: do you think it's okay if i come pick you upin about an hour and a half? [whispers] okay.nora: you were with marcelo, weren't you?lucía: yes. why? nora: oh, that pain you sufferedwith your godmother's death has gone too fast.lucía: i don't understand why one thing has somethingto do with the other one. nora: one thing has everythingto do with the other one! i know you played the victimwith marcelo. and apparently your act has worked.lucía: think whatever you want, nora.nora: i repeat what i told you before.face the consequences. and i'm warning you, you know?lucía: it's been a long time since your threatsstopped worrying me, nora. rebeca: what's wrong?nora: i've just found that lucía and marceloare a couple now, so-- congratulate her!congratulate her! yes, as usual,she has now what was for me! daniela: rodrigo.don't you remember me or what? rodrigo: yes, you areligia's cousin, aren't you? daniela: i need to talk to you.rodrigo: about? daniela: oh, relax.i assure you you'll be interested in it,so why don't you invite me for a coffee?rodrigo: ligia gave you my address, didn't she?daniela: no. i looked it up in the telephone are you coming or not?rodrigo: all right, let's go. daniela: in your caror in my car? rodrigo: no, in mine, please.daniela: so kind of you. thank you.marcelo: what are you doing? rafaela: didn't you tell meto start packing? marcelo: well--i'm not going anywhere. and my mom?rafaela: she went to the church. marcelo: that's great,so she won't listen to what i'm about to tell you.rafaela: what is it now? marcelo: well--lucía and i-- rafaela: oh, thank last! marcelo: is that allyou'll tell me? i thought you would hug meor something-- both of them: [laugh]congratulations, darling. you don't know how glad i am.i'm specially glad to see you's been a long time since i last saw you smile.marcelo: well, look at me. i'm happy.rafaela: that means you've already talkedto the girl, you told her everythingand she didn't care. marcelo: no--no, to be honest,i haven't told her that yet. rafaela: why?marcelo: because i was about to tell her that,but it wasn't the right time. she started talking and told methat i was the person she trusted in the mostand that she thought i'd never let her down.well, i kept quiet. rafaela: oh, marcelo,and what are you going to do now?you can't go on postponing that. marcelo: rafaela, understandthat i have to show her that my affection for heris above everything else. i can't start losing herwhen i'm barely going out with her.rafaela: realize that if she gets to knowabout it somehow, it'll be much worse.marcelo: well, don't make me stop feeling this happiness,please. come on, get ready, we're going out for dinner.rafaela: i'm going out for dinner with you?marcelo: you, me and lucía. [laughs] come on.rafaela: i don't know what to wear.marcelo: [laughs] anything. lucía: you go onfeeling sick, don't you? alonso: no,just a bit tired. lucía: dad, i needto tell you something. alonso: yes, yes.lucía: well, marcelo and iare a couple. alonso: really?lucía: yes, i know it's really strangethat it happened right now, but--this is the way things happened and--i couldn't avoid it.alonso: i like it very much that you give yourselfthe opportunity to know that man.i'm sure your godmother trini would tell you the same.lucía: it's a very strange feeling, you know?on the one hand, it hurts me a lotto have lost my godmother, but--on the other hand, i feel such peacei haven't felt for so long. it's as if marcelohad given me back some peace i lost.alonso: it's so good that you can count on himin difficult moments, like this one, right?lucía: the one that's not very happy is nora.the news was like a kick in the stomach for her.she even told me that-- alonso: what did she tell you?lucía: nothing. nothing, nothing, dad,you already know her. alonso: honey,don't listen to nora. i'm sure she'll end upaccepting your relationship. lucía: i hope so, dad.i--i--i'm tired of being the guilty oneof her eternal frustration. alonso: it's okay. calm down.rodrigo: what did you want to talk to me about?daniela: about lucía gaxiola. i'm too curious to knowwhy a man like you would stand a woman like her up.rodrigo: who told you that? daniela: my cousin.apparently, standing your girlfriend upin the church was the big event of the year,you know? [laughs]answer to me. why did you change herfor her sister? rodrigo: because i was stupid.daniela: you still love her, don't you?lucía, of course. rodrigo: and why do you careabout my private life? daniela: i care about itmore than what you imagine. and you know why?i'm marcelo escalante's ex-girlfriend.rodrigo: are you that guy's ex-girlfriend?daniela: yes, i'm that guy's ex-girlfriend.and to let you know at once, i still love him too.and because i guess that happens to you with lucía,i want to have him back. rodrigo: the world is so small,isn't it? daniela: no, don't think that.nothing happens by sheer chance. i'm here, in puebla,for a simple reason and that reasonis called marcelo. and if you are really interestedin lucía, i think we shouldn't staywith our arms crossed. tere: oh, i didn't knowyou were here. lucía: no, no, no, tere,don't worry. what happened?tere: oh, how elegant you lookwith that dress. lucía: thank you, tere.tere: oh, i was about to forget because we had too many thingsabout trini. i had to ask you if your sister has given youthe message marcelo left for you.lucía: no. what message?tere: last night, when you went out,he called here and told me that you didn't have to go,he wanted you to please wait for him.lucía: oh. tere: and nora heard himand she told me she'd give you the message.did she give it to you? lucía: no. of courseshe didn't give it to me. tere: i knew she'd keep quiet.well, and did marcelo come or not? because i didn't hearthe doorbell. lucía: i don't know,but can i tell you something, tere?i don't care about what nora does.neither she nor anybody will make me mistrust marcelo.tere: [laughs] that's right.that's what i like to hear. it's been such a long timesince i last saw you like this. both of them: [laugh]tere: you know? i think marcelois a very decent and very good-looking man.lucía: [laughs] yes. yes, yes, yes.tere: you make such a lovely couple.lucía: yes, right? tere: of course.both of them: [laugh] tere: i'll let you aloneso that you can finish getting ready.lucía: yes, yes, yes. tere: here.oh, and i'll check the door because somebody could do itbefore i do. lucía: [laughs]thank you, tere. tere: you're welcome.milagros: [grumbles] rafaela!why haven't you turned the lights on?!rafaela! [grumbles]isn't there anybody in this house?!where could they be? marcelo: [sighs]i won't be long. rafaela: don't hurry up.i'll be waiting for you here. [cellphone]marcelo: hello. rebeca: you should forgetabout lucía. otherwise, i'll make sureshe forgets about you forever. marcelo: oh, no.and how will you do that? rebeca: in the easiest way.i'll tell lucía about those two timeswe've met at a hotel, so if you press that doorbell,i swear to you for my daughter's lifethat although the devil takes me,i'll go downstairs and tell lucía everything.[doorbell] tere: come in over here, please.marcelo: thank you very much. tere: yes.lucía's waiting for you. marcelo: thank you.tere: excuse me. marcelo: sure.are you ready? lucía: whenever you want.marcelo: let's go. rebeca: lucía!i need to talk to you before you go.[music] [music]rebeca: i assure you that what i have to tell youis very important. lucía: and it has to be now?rebeca: yes, now. marcelo: what is ityou have to tell her? that you don't agreeon the fact that she's with me because i'm nota trustworthy man? i'm afraid it won't be importantat all because i'm sure you've already listened to itmany times. rebeca: i don't doubt it,but i'm sure that when i give her my reasons,she'll understand me. nora: what a surprise.i didn't know there was a family meeting.marcelo: you arrive just in timebecause your mother is about to tell your sistersomething very important, something that i'm sureyou'll be interested in. what are you waiting for, madam?or do you prefer us to call your husbandso that he can be present too? rebeca: my husband is resting.lucía: auntie, you're making us waste our time.if you want, when i come back, i'll be glad to have a talkalthough nothing, nothing you can tell mewill make me change my mind. can we go?marcelo: whenever you want. nora: what were yougoing to tell them? rebeca: doesn't matter. nora: why do i have the feelingthat marcelo scares you? rebeca: i'm not afraidof marcelo or anybody! did you hear me?!lucía: as usual, she doesn't miss an opportunityto make me get annoyed, but don't worrybecause nothing will make me doubt you.marcelo: i hope so. rafaela: good night.marcelo: this is rafaela although i thinkyou already know each other, don't you? or am i wrong?lucía: no, we know each other. i'm so glad to see you.rafaela: i'm so glad too. [laughs]i take this opportunity to offer you my condolencesfor your godmother trini. although i didn't know her,i know you loved her very much. lucía: thank you.rafaela: well, let's go or it will be very late.lucía: yes, let's go, let's go. nazario: [cries][knocking on door] come in.[clears throat] magdalena: i've come to ask youif you don't want something for dinner, nazario.nazario: no, thank you, i don't feel hungry.magdalena: i think you did right because you didn't mentionamador zúñiga to the police, especially now that thingsare starting to be clear. nazario: to me nothing's clear.magdalena: don't you think that clara was the onewho broke into the house and-- and caused all this?nazario: no. that poor girlwouldn't enter to try to steal where there is nothing of value.besides, a petty thief like her wouldn't have done to my wifewhat they did to her. [cries] you need to bevery strong to kill her the way she was killed.magdalena: maybe she had an accomplice.nazario: amador zúñiga has everything to do with this.magdalena: and if you are so sure, why didn't you sayanything to the police? nazario: because--despite you may think i am, i'm not silly.i don't have any proof, but i'll devote myselfto look for them although that is the last thingi do. magdalena: try to have a rest.if you need anything, i'm here.nazario: thank you. magdalena: i love you.did you disassemble the lamp, nazario?nazario: no. maybe trini triedto change the light bulb. i don't know.magdalena: all right. excuse me.mario: samuel, thank you very muchfor being so kind with nazario's wife.samuel: you don't have to thank me for anything, mario.i was doing my work. mario: i still can't believetrini has died, much less in that way.samuel: there's something that--that i didn't tell youbefore, but-- i think it can be important.mario: what is it? samuel: trini visited meyesterday. she was here, at the church,last night. and i saw her very nervous,as if she were worried about something.mario: did she tell you why? samuel: no, no, not exactly.she asked me to be alone with god for some timebecause she had to get ready for a storm that was coming,which, according to her, was going to dragtoo many people. mario: do you think she sensedwhat was going to happen somehow?samuel: no, no-- no, i don't think she referredto her own death. she couldn't know that somebodywould break into her house, much less that she'd be killed.rafaela: just to say it, marcelo was a very pretty child,but above everything, he was a very good child.if you ask his mom, she'll tell youhe was rebellious. lucía: [laughs]rafaela: but that's not true. he had his personality,but that's a different thing. marcelo: oh, rafaela,she'll think i've only brought you here to flatter me.lucía: [laughs] rafaela: but that's the truth.lucía: and federico? how was he?his name was federico, right? marcelo: yes.that was his name. in fact, we were half-brothersrelated through my mom. lucía: like nora and me,but we're related through my dad.marcelo: i'm sorry for what i'll tell you, but--the relationship i had with federicocan't compare to the one you have with your sister.federico and i were so united that i'd have given my lifefor him. lucía: i'm sorryfor the question, but do you knowwhy he killed himself? marcelo: for a woman.lucía: seriously? it's really strange to methat somebody can get to that pointfor love. marcelo: well, you see,federico wasn't loved back the way he expected.the woman he loved hurt him, humiliated himand treated him very badly. lucía: do you know who she is?marcelo: i haven't dared to face heror claim to her for what she did to my brother.lucía: well, maybe you should do it.on the one hand, to heal all that resentment.and on the other hand, to prevent herfrom forgetting what she caused. rafaela: nobody wants a dessert?marcelo: yes, order whatever you want.[music] alonso: he'll bring herto the door of our house. rebeca: well, it surprises mevery much that you agree on the fact that she's overthere having fun when she should be in mourning!alonso: mourning is an inside process.i think she did right to go out for dinnerwith marcelo. she'll get a bit distracted.rebeca: sure. as usual, you supportyour oldest daughter because, sure,if it was about nora, i'm sure that--!alonso: i've always treated her in the same way!i've always loved her in the same way!please, rebeca! rebeca: that's not truebecause if that was true, you wouldn't be so happywith the fact that lucía goes out with marcelo escalantewhile nora is suffering. alonso: it's not lucía's faultthat nora has become interested in that man. okay?and well, she can't stop living her life either.don't you think? if it had beenthe other way around, look, if norahad had an official relationship with marcelo, well--i'd have accepted that and i'd have supported her too.rebeca: let me doubt it. alonso: rebeca, your attitudedoesn't really help to solve anything.rebeca: and what do you expect me to do?alonso: i want you to try to convince norato accept the relationship lucía has with marcelo,i want you to behave as if you were her mother!is that too much to ask for? rebeca: i'm sorry, but i can't.and i'm not willing to support somethingi don't agree on! and i'm not willingto turn my back on nora the way you've always have.alonso: [snorts] rodrigo: you're callingto rodrigo zúñiga's cellphone. i can't answer now.please, leave your message. daniela: hello!ligia: where were you? daniela: i waswith rodrigo zúñiga. i found his personal detailsin the telephone directory, i went to see himand he invited me for a coffee. ligia: why did you see him?daniela: i had already told you. i wanted to know him.ligia: [laughs] but-- i introduced him to yououtside last night. you already know him.daniela: yes, but i wanted to be with himin a different way. ligia: what for?daniela: why do you bother? what do you care?ligia: [laughs] no. no, no, it doesn't bother fact, i'm curious to know why you wantto see rodrigo. daniela: well, to be honest,that's not very clear to me either, but, for now,our first meeting was very positive.ligia: oh, really? [laughs]why? daniela: because i realizedthat he still loves lucía gaxiola,which means that marcelo doesn't have his waytotally free to be with her. ligia: well, who knows?[laughs] maybe he gets to know somebodywho makes him forget her. well...rafaela: [laughs] oh,thank you very much for the invitation.marcelo: no, thank you for being with us.milagros: where do you come from?marcelo: we went out for dinner. milagros: and why didn't youtell me? marcelo: because i supposedyou wouldn't like to share the table with lucía gaxiola.milagros: i hope you don't tell methat despite everything, you and that girl--marcelo: yes, mom, despite everything,lucía and i are a couple. milagros: now i understandwhy it was so urgent for you to tell me to didn't want me to notice this.marcelo: no, no, no-- milagros: because you knewi wouldn't agree. marcelo: i assure youthat's not the reason. milagros: don't assure meanything. you were so rightwhen you told me that-- things would happenand they'd hurt me. what do you want?to kill me with rage? marcelo: i don't thinkmy happiness can kill you, but if that's what you think,well--you should stay away from mebecause if you aren't on my side, i don't want youas my enemy either. milagros: you can't tell mewhat i have to do. marcelo: and you can't's been a long time since i became an adultand i don't depend on you. rafaela: i don't want youto get worried, but now, less than ever,she won't go. marcelo: yes, i i have to battle with her. [knocking on door]alonso: come in. tere: oh, sir,i'm sorry to bother you, but down therethere are some policemen who are looking for youand the madam. alonso: and have you alreadytold her? tere: no, she isn't here.she left early. alonso: okay. tell themi'll be down there in a minute, please. okay?tere: yes, sure. alonso: thank you.magdalena: i wanted to ask you not to pick me upat the hospital today. i stayed in his housebecause i still don't dare to leave nazario alone.mario: you do right. how is he?magdalena: so so. he's trying.he insists on blaming amador zúñiga.mario: look, maybe it doesn't haveanything to do, but-- samuel told me that triniwas at the church a little while before she was killed.magdalena: really? mario: uh-huh.he says that she was very nervous and that she saidshe had to get ready because something very seriouswas going to happen. do you have any ideawhat she could have referred to? magdalena: no.hey, but that's very strange. mario: well, when i have time,i'll go see you, honey. kisses.leticia: here's the relation of the clients you asked me.mario: thank you very much. leticia!it's very strange that you come into this officewithout saying "good morning". leticia: you were busy.i didn't want to bother you. mario: no. good educationdoesn't bother at all. are you okay?do you have a problem? maybe i can help you.leticia: i think you're the last personwho could help me. excuse me.[music] alonso: i'm sorry,but i can't remember her surname.detective 1: any other information that can help us?a relative's reference or something?alonso: no, no, unfortunately,i don't have any other informationexcept the one you've already got.detective 1: all right. i'll ask you,if you or anybody in your family remembers something,no matter how minimum that is, to let us know.alonso: yes. yes, yes, sure. thank you.detective 1: we can't assure that this womanis the responsible one for mrs. treviño's death,but now this is the only trail we have.alonso: yes, i understand. detective 1: i won't make youwaste any more time. alonso: thank you very muchfor everything. detective 1: excuse me.alonso: sure. [snorts]detective 2: hello. lucía: good afternoon.who were they, dad? alonso: they are the detectiveswho are conducting the investigationabout your godmother trini. lucía: and why did they comehere? alonso: they wanted to ask meabout a girl that worked here when your momwas still alive. clara, the onewho stole everything from our house before leaving.lucía: yes, yes, yes. i know the story,but--but why did they come here to ask you questions about her?alonso: apparently that woman wasin your godmother trini's house a little while before she died.lucía: dad, listen, i have something to tell you.alonso: yes, honey. tell me what's going on.lucía: i was in my godmother's house when--clara went to see her. she went to see her because--she asked her for help because she hasa very sick child. alonso: and?lucía: and the money that i borrowed from youwas for clara. alonso: honey,you have to tell the police all this, please, okay?lucía: yes, yes, yes, dad. lalo: carlota.marcelo: lalo, i suppose nazariodidn't come to work. lalo: well, you suppose well.who knows when he's coming back? and after what happened,who knows if he's in the mood to do it?what worries me is that now amadorwill have his way free. marcelo: don't and i will make sure he doesn't.lalo: sure. hey, marcelo,don't you think it was horrible that he didn't even havethe decency to attend the wake?marcelo: it was obvious. we all know he has nevergot on well with nazario. lalo: well, but at least,he could have done it to make people stop thinking badabout him. however, look how things are.the one who was there, at the wake,was vinicio. marcelo: seriously?i didn't see him. lalo: yes, he was there,but he was hiding between the tombs.that man is really strange. marcelo: yes, right?lalo: you know what? he's always made me uneasy,but if alonso hired him, that's his problem.i don't have to meddle in those things.marcelo: well, i'll go inside. if you need anything,let me know. lalo: be sure i'll let you know.i prefer to give explanations to you and not the other man.marcelo: normita. normita!normita! rebeca: you feel strongerthan me, don't you? and you think you can manipulatethings the way you want. marcelo: what i thinkis that the one who's manipulating me is you,but that doesn't worry me because i don't thinkyou're so silly to give yourself away.rebeca: i wasn't wrong. you feel very sure.marcelo: well, yes. yes, i feel very sure,especially because if you think about it carefully,a few kisses is not a big deal, right?rebeca: it wasn't just a few kisses.i remind you we were about to get into the bed.marcelo: yes, yes, exactly. we were about to.rebeca: what are you playing? you were the one who seduced were the one who left me aside.and then, just at the right time,you didn't want to be with me anymore and you leftlike a young child to seek refuge in lucía's arms.what did you want to prove? that you were good enoughto get involved with a woman like me?marcelo: maybe another thing. maybe what i want is youto live what you made others live yourself.rebeca: listen to me carefully. nobody tells mewhen i start or when i end a relationship.i'm the one who makes that decision.marcelo: listen to me carefully! the only woman i'm interested inis called lucía, so although you cry with anger,i'll build my life with her. rebeca: we'll see that!amador: oh, my god! rebeca murillo gaxiolamaking a scene to her husband's star employee.

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