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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 44

Lalo le cuenta a Marcelo que Trini murió, él va a buscar a Rebeca, pues cree que ella la mató. Lucia le dice a Marcelo que lo ama y le pide que no la deje.
2 Jun 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents... alonsoeasy. magdalena: i'll make somecoffee. alonso: dear, take care of yourgodfather, i'll call home and let them know.lucia: godfather, i know anything i could say right nowis useless. but i love you.nazario: i won't be able to live without her.i won't! [cries]lucia: godfather, if i lose you too, i'll die.daniela: is that the only reason why you wanted to see me?to ask me to take your mother back to mexico?marcelo: i need you to take her, but do it now.daniela: i told you there's nothing i can do, she wants tobe close to you, what do you want me to do?marcelo: i already told her i'm going back to mexico real soon,so it's pointless that you stay here.daniela: why do you want to leave just like that?weren't you all excited about your new job and your newacquisition? marcelo: don't make fun.i assure you that will be part of my past any moment now.daniela: you know what? i don't believe a word you say.i'm sure you just want to get rid of your mom and me to liveyour life as you please. marcelo: i'm telling you thetruth, i don't want her here now.daniela: why not? marcelo: i can't tell youright now. the only thing i can tell youis that something is about to happen that could really hurther. and i don't want that on myshoulders. daniela: marcelo, i have knownyou for years, i've never seen you like this, what's wrong?marcelo: please, do as i say, help me, will you?do it for what we once were. alonso: are you saying she wasmurdered? sara: i'm afraid so.alonso: please, who would want to do that?nazario: amador zuñiga, i'm sure it was him.he's the only one who could have done it.magdalena: what you're saying is really serious.nazario: i have no doubts that he killed trini.alonso: calm down and think, why would he want to kill her?nazario: because he always hated me, there's nothing he wouldn'tdo to destroy me. alonso: look, no matter thedifferences between you two, that's no reason to killsomeone. do you have evidence to proveit? nazario: no, but i'm sure he hadsomething to do with all this. magdalena: it's logical thatpain makes you want to blame someone, but as alonso says,there's no reason to blame amador.alonso: nazario, i promise that trini's death won't beunpunished. who ever did it, will payfor it. lucia: i'll go with you.nazario: no, dear, i want be alone with my wife.magdalena: i'd rather... nazario: don't worry,i want to live to see whoever did this, rot in jail.sara: are you okay? magdalena: i'll get a glassof water. sara: please, sit.lucia: dad... [glass breaks]rodrigo: what happened? amador: sorry, i droppedthe glass. rodrigo: what's wrong?you can't sleep? why are you here?amador: no, i can't sleep. rodrigo: what's wrong, dad?amador: nothing, i have problems.rodrigo: i'm sure it's the factory, as usual.amador: personal problems. rodrigo: why don't you tell me?i might be able to help. amador: you can't help me.i did something stupid. something i can only pray god there's no consequences.that's all, i'll try to get some least a little. rodrigo: try to get some rest.amador: yes. sara: listen to me, go home.understand that all this tension is no good for you.your heart is still weak. alonso: understand me,i don't want to stay out of everything that's going on.not things being as they are. magdalena: mario will be heresoon, he can arrange things at city hall, and whateveris necessary. alonso: it's not just paperwork.nazario is like a father to me. i need to be with him,i want to give him all my support.i want to be by his side. lucia: dad,in your condition, you can't do're not well. alonso: i will be,i just need a moment. sara: i'm giving you an order!and if you want me to keep treating you, you'll haveto obey me. you're going home right tragedy is more than enough. magdalena: come, i'll take you.alonso: i know i have to take care of myself,but i don't want to leave. magdalena: don't worry aboutnazario, i'll look after him. lucia: i'll be back later.magdalena: you should stay with your's pointless to have so many people here in the house.if anything comes up, i'll call you.lucia: yes, please. alonso: why are you taking meaway? i won't be at ease at home.lucia: dad, please, understand. magdalena: i can't believe allthis is happening. sara, are you completely surethat trini... sara: the autopsy will tell us.magdalena: nazario won't allow his wife to be touched.sara: he can't refuse. things as they are,the law demands it. what are you looking at?magdalena: i'm not sure, but i could swear thingsare missing there. lucia: sara is right,you're recovering from a heart need to take care of yourself.alonso: i'm doing what she said, but before going home,i need you to stop by amador's house.lucia: what for? alonso: i need to talk to him.lucia: so, you think that what my godfather said is true?alonso: i'll tell you what i told him,he can't be accused of such a thing, if he doesn't haveevidence to prove it. but he sounded sureof what he said. that's why i need to talkto amador. lucia: no, no, no way.sara said you need to rest, and that's what i'll do,i'll take you home, i can't put you through can tell amador to go see you at home tomorrow.alonso: i can't wait until tomorrow.lucia: dad? dad? [cell phone]amador: alonso. alonso: amador, i need youto come to my house. i need to talk to you urgently.amador: right now? it's 4 a.m.alonso: i can't wait until tomorrow.go to my house, please. right now.amador: i'll be there. brigida: who was it?amador: alonso wants me to go to his house.brigida: why? what for? amador: i don't know.rodrigo: is everything okay? who called so late?brigida: alonso gaxiola, he wants to meet your dadright now. rodrigo: mom, what's going on?brigida: i don't know, but your dad's been actingstrange since he got back from work.[knock] marcelo: what do you need?rafaela: i just wanted to tell you that your mother is worried.i'm sure she knows something's going on.marcelo: yes, i know, that's why i talked to danielafor her to take her away as soon as possible.rafaela: and you think she'll do it?marcelo: it's the only solution because as soon as i talkto lucia, things will come out into the light and i don't wanther here when that happens. rafaela: maybe you should tellher why you came to puebla, i think you should tell heryou found the woman who was going out with your brother.remember federico was her son too.marcelo: you might be right, but when she finds out it'slucia's aunt, i can't imagine what could know what she's capable of. rafaela: things being as theyare, nothing can stop what's coming.and even if you send your mom away, she'll find outeventually. marcelo: enough, don't pressureme, go rest, it's almost dawn. rafaela: oh, kid, what's comingfor us! magdalena: all this isa nightmare. i can't believe this happened.mario: you should have called me right away.magdalena: i know, but i was in such a shock, i didn't evenrealize there was things missing.mario: like what? sara: some things in the dinningroom, she says. magdalena: and the entrance doorlock was broken. sara: we believe someone brokein. that trini saw them andso this happened. magdalena: what do you think?mario: i guess it's possible. you'll have to tell all thatto the police. magdalena: i can't, i don'thave all the information. nazario was the one who foundtrini and i don't want them to upset him with so manyquestions. mario: don't worry, i'll makesure they don't do that. [siren]sara: they are here. mario: i'll be right back.good evening. juarez: good evening,i'm chief juarez from judicial police.mario: come in, please. >> excuse me.mario: come in. [doorbell]teresa: i'll get it! rebeca: what do you mean shedied? nora: that's terrible.alonso: sara said she was choked.rebeca: right, sara. do you know who did it?alonso: no, we're hoping the police can find out.rebeca: you're very tired, dear. lucia: yes, if it wasn't forsara, he would have stayed there.rebeca: sara, our great friend always looking after you, right?teresa: come this way. rebeca: let's go to bed,you're too tired. amador: hello, good evening.rebeca: good evening, amador. alonso: let's go to my office,i need to talk to you. rebeca: can you tell me what'samador doing here at this hour? lucia: i don't know,dad wanted to talk to him, i don't know what about.nora: yes, but what did he want? lucia: i don't know.i don't know. rebeca: what are you hidingfrom me, lucia? is there something i don't know?something you won't tell me? lucia: i'm not hiding anythingfrom you, aunt. isn't it enough that mygodmother died? amador: that's unbelievable,i can't believe it. alonso: yes.this is a tragedy. amador: my god,well, thanks for trusting me enough to tell me.what i don't get is why you asked me to meet here,when you could have told me over the phone.alonso: i wanted to ask you not to dare show up at trini'sfuneral or burial. amador: why not?alonso: because nazario thinks you're responsible for herdeath. amador: what?is he crazy? why would he think that?alonso: i thought you knew why. amador: i don't know,why would i? alonso: did anything happenbetween alonso and you that i don't know about?amador: we had a silly fight in the morning, that's all.nothing serious. alonso: are you sure?that's all? amador: that was all.what are you implying, alonso? when that woman died,i was in the factory, i have witnesses.alonso: i never told you at what time she died.for the simple reason that i don't know at what time shedied, so i couldn't have told you.amador: me neither, but it must have happen some time at night.because of time you're calling me at and what you're tellingme. i'm just saying lalo saw meuntil late at night working. alonso: don't justify yourselfto me, i'm just letting you know.just for you to know what to expect during the investigation.because i assure you i'll do everything in my powerto find who was responsible for trini's death.amador: and you're doing the right thing.nora: lucia? lucia, are you in there?lucia: [sobs] marcelo: hello.>> bye. marcelo: what do you mean?where are you going? what happened, lalo?why is everybody gone? lalo: haven't you heard?marcelo: what? lalo: trini died.marcelo: what? lalo: i can't believe it either.marcelo: what happened? lalo: i don't know if it's true,but it seems someone broke into her house last nightand she was chocked or something, i'm not sure.marcelo: why didn't anyone tell me sooner?lalo: i just found out too. alonso called me to stop theactivity at the factory and let people goto pay their respect to trini. i know we all feel terrible,i'm really sad, i know she wouldn't hurt anyone.vinicio: here i am, boss. what can i do for you?amador: you'll have to go away from here really soon.vinicio: why? what happened? amador: the police is working onit already, and they'll find you soon.vinicio: no, if i leave just like that, they'll getsuspicious. look, let's just play along,they won't be able to link me to it.amador: the old man already has. vinicio: what?i didn't say anything that could link me to it.amador: i don't know how you can be so calm.vinicio: i'm not, it's just that if i leave, they'll suspectand they'll catch me. and they'll get you too.amador: no, no, no, i won't go to jail,that's no place for me. vinicio: who knows?we're together in this. we are saved or we both go down.amador: how could i be so dumb to trust you?vinicio: you better keep trusting me.that is, if you want to get away with this.amador: you won't tell me what to do!you'll get out of here as soon as everything goes backto normal. first, you'll quit the factory.i don't want you close to me, did you hear me?daniela: you wouldn't believe why he called me in such a beg me to take you away. it's obvious he doesn't want usclose. milagros: what was the reason?daniela: he said he's going back soon too.milagros: he mentioned that to me yesterday.daniela: and did you believe him?honestly, i didn't. and you know what he saidto try to convince me? milagros: what?daniela: that bad things are about to happen that might hurtyou. and that's why he wants you outof puebla, because he doesn't want that on his shoulders.milagros: maybe there is something going on.i've been having the feeling marcelo is keeping things fromme. important things he didn't wantto tell me. daniela: like what?milagros: i have no idea. but something's for sure,there's no way i'm leaving now. what could hurt me morethan losing one of my kids? daniela: couldn't that thinghe's hiding have to do with federico's death?[doorbell] rebeca: teresa!can't you hear the doorbell? rebeca: what's your problem?marcelo: you're a thousand times worse than i thought.rebeca: i don't know what you're talking about.marcelo: trini, of course. will you deny it was convenientto you for her to die right now? right after she caught you.rebeca: in any case, the same goes to you,don't you think? marcelo: of course not,you and i are not the same. at least i have no deathson my shoulders. rebeca: what the hell are youtalking about? marcelo: don't play dumb,you know exactly what i'm talking about.[music] [music]marcelo: at least have the courage to admit your conscienceis not clean. rebeca: i don't know what claramight have told you, but... marcelo: who's clara?alonso: marcelo, i'm glad you're here.marcelo: good morning. i just heard about triniand i don't know what to say. alonso: don't worry,right now words are unnecessary. marcelo: do you have any clueof who could have done it? alonso: magdalena just seems someone broke into the house and she caught the person,so they did what they did. on the other hand, what wethought happened was confirmed. trini choked to death.marcelo: i can't believe something like that happened.alonso: yes, i'd say it's terrible.marcelo: how's lucia? alonso: you can imagine,why don't you go upstairs to see her?marcelo: up to her room? alonso: yes, i think she's stillawake. marcelo: i'll go, excuse me.rebeca: have you seen teresa? alonso: no, what do you needfrom her? rebeca: i've been looking forher and i can't find her, i need her.[knock] lucia: come in.marcelo: i'm so sorry. lucia: she was like a motherto me. marcelo: yes, i know.lucia: she shouldn't have died like that.marcelo: don't think about that right now, okay?nora: marcelo! thanks for coming.we're all so sad! i know she wasn't my godmother,but i was shocked by what happened.marcelo: yes, i can imagine. well, when and where'sthe funeral? lucia: they will take her bodyto the cemetery's chapel. nora: do you know where that is?marcelo: yes, sure, i'll go put on something moresuitable and i'll meet you there.nora: sorry, sis. i didn't even give you mycondolences. rebeca: teresa! teresa!where were you? i've been looking for youfor half an hour. where were you?teresa: i went to run the errands, as i do every week,i did the groceries. what do you need?rebeca: i wanted to ask you if clara came back looking for meagain. teresa: what clara?rebeca: that woman that came looking for me a few days ago.teresa: no, not that i know. unless someone got the door.rebeca: are you sure? teresa: yes.i think so, i don't really remember.rebeca: and when she was here, was marcelo here too?teresa: marcelo escalante... no, not that i know.but i can't assure you. rebeca: i have a useless maidthat can't even get me out of doubts.teresa: hey, ma'am? i wanted to ask you forpermission to go to trini's funeral.rebeca: you know what? do whatever you want.teresa: crazy old woman! brigida: i don't understandwhy we are not going to the funeral?amador: because it makes no sense, that's all!why do you want to go anyway? you never really liked her.brigida: no, she wasn't close, but it's polite that we go.alonso will find it odd that you're not there.amador: i don't care what alonso thinks.we're not going. that's it.rodrigo: i'll go, dad. amador: you're the last personthat should be there. rodrigo: she was close to lucia,i just want to give her my condolences.amador: it's just an excuse to be close to her.rodrigo: it's not, i don't need one.a woman just died, and the least we could do is showour solidarity. i don't get why you don't wantto go. brigida: me neither.milagros: what are you doing here at this time of the day?don't tell me! you quit your lousy job?marcelo: no, not yet. i will do it soon.i'll go get changed, i have a funeral to go to.milagros: who died? marcelo: nazario trebiño's wife.rafaela: my god! milagros: who's that man's wifefor him to be so upset? rafaela: as far as i know,that woman was always very nice to your son.the same as nazario, marcelo works with him in the lousyfactory, as you call it. milagros: i hope that when idie, someone gets that upset. nazario: [sobs]thank you. thank you.lalo! thanks.rebeca: nazario, i'm sorry. nazario: thanks.nora: i'm so sorry. lucia: godfather, i knowit's no consolation. but did you see how many peoplecame? we all loved her so much.nazario: not more than me. not more than me.alonso: it's here. [bells toll]nazario: [sobs] [music]rafaela: you feel awful, don't you?marcelo: yes, somehow i feel responsible.rafaela: why you? marcelo: because apparentlysomeone killed trini who broke into her house.but it's odd it happened just now that she had found outwho rebeca murillo really is. rafaela: you think rebeca...marcelo: i don't know. i don't even know what to think.rafaela: i don't want to mortify you, but your mom just asked meif all this you didn't tell her has to do with your brother'sdeath. marcelo: what did you tell her?rafaela: nothing. i played dumb.but it's clear she's about to find out why you came here.and i don't think your ex convinced her of going backto mexico. marcelo: i'll drag her backif i have to. so please, start packing.rafaela: as you say. marcelo: i'll go, i want to bewith nazario as much time as possible.[phone rings] brigida: hello?daniela: hello, is this rodrigo's zuñiga's house?brigida: yes, but he's not here. daniela: at what time will he beback? brigida: who's this?daniela: a friend. brigida: so, you're the famousfriend of my son's? well, i forbid you to bother himagain. i'm his mother and i won't letyou play with him. daniela: ma'am...brigida: don't you "ma'am" me. for your information,we're a decent family and we don't deal with, you better not bother him again.daniela: what's wrong with her? lety: friend, i don't know whatto say, i wanted to go to yourgodfather's house last night, but mom wouldn't let me.lucia: don't worry, being here now is more than enough.lety: sergio said he'll be here a little later because he had todrop some papers i don't know where.lucia: i get it. lety: i know i shouldn't ask,but does marcelo already know? lucia: yes.he's been at the house a while ago.he said he'd come. i hope he doesn't take longbecause my godfather really cares for him.lety: don't turn, don't turn. rodrigo just got here.rodrigo: hello. lety: hello.rodrigo: lucia, i came to tell you i'm with you.i know how much you loved her. lucia: thank you.rodrigo: i'll go give nazario my condolences.lucia: i'll go with you. rodrigo: my most sincerecondolences, nazario. nazario: leave.i want no one of your family here.rodrigo: i just wanted... nazario: didn't you hear me?leave! alonso: i thought...nazario: you thought wrong. lucia: rodrigo!rodrigo, please wait! please, wait up!please! rodrigo: i just wanted to benice. i don't understand why he kickedme out like that. lucia: he's very upset,please understand him. rodrigo: yes, but he talked tome as if me or my family were responsible for what happened.and... that's what it is.that's it, he thinks my dad had to do with his wife's death.lucia: rodrigo, please understand.he doesn't know what he's doing now.but they do know that someone broke into the house.rodrigo: whatever, it's not nice for someone to imply your dadwould kill someone. lucia: i know, wait.lucia: he just came to give me his condolences.marcelo: i can imagine. i'll do the same.[music] samuel: you took the personi loved the most. it was your will,so let it be so. my consolation is that youwelcomed her with the embrace of your mercy.and that one day, not far away, you'll unite me with the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit,amen. nazario: goodbye, my nice oldlady. amador: somebody had to work.rodrigo: now i know why you didn't want to goto the funeral. tell me the truth,did you have something to do with what happened?amador: what? why do you ask that?are you crazy? of course not.rodrigo: nazario thinks you have.and last night you were very nervous.and when i asked you what was it, you said you were in so muchtrouble, only god could help you.amador: don't think that about me, son.i swear on the most sacred thing i have in life, which is you,that i had nothing to do with her death.rodrigo: then tell me why you were so upset.if it wasn't for that woman's death, what was it?amador: a personal matter, that even if you're my son,i can't tell you about. rodrigo: that's is. amador: it's important to methat you believe me and trust me.rodrigo: i swear i want to, but i can't.magdalena: go rest, alonso, mario and i will take nazarioto his house. alonso: thanks a lot,thanks. where's lucia?nora: i have no idea. alonso: i'm sure she alreadyleft with someone else. rebeca: i don't know,let's go. let's go.nora? what are you waiting for?lucia: wherever you are, i know you're together.i thought you had left. marcelo: i couldn't leavewithout saying goodbye. i'm going back to mexico.lucia: why? marcelo: it's time for meto go back. first, i have to tell you manythings. lucia: no,i have to tell you many things. it's not true,what i said about rodrigo is not true.i said that because i wanted to push you away,because i was scared this would happen.marcelo: what? lucia: i'm in love with a fool, i fell in love with you.marcelo: lucia, i... lucia: i know you don't believeme because i've behaved like a child with you.but i swear it's true. you're the only man i believein, the only one i want to be showed me i can trust you, and that you'll never deceiveme. don't go, please.marcelo, if i lose you, i'll die from sadness.[music] [music]

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