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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 43

Nazario está a punto de suicidarse, pero Magdalena lo salva. Sara les dice a Alonso, Nazario, Lucia y Magdalena que Trini fue asesinada.
1 Jun 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents... rafaela: lucía.lucía: yeah? rafaela: your aunt rebecaisn't a good person. don't ever trust her.ever. trinidad: could i pleasego in for a bit? priest: do you need to talkto the lord so urgently? trinidad: a storm is coming.i want to be ready. it'll crush many.i won't be long. please.priest: since that's how it is, go ahead.trinidad: thank you. i won't be long.priest: don't worry. i'll wait here.trinidad: our father in heaven, hallowed be your name.your kingdom come, your will be done.[door opens] nazario: that guy,amador zúñiga, really upset me.he said so much nonsense i even hit him.when i tried to talk to norma,she started crying and ran off.are you listening? marcelo: yeah, sorry.i was trying to imagine how that happened.nazario: well, look... you're a young understand about these things.could you tell me if normita really..?do you think..? i'm embarrassed to say it.marcelo: you shouldn't be. if it's true,it's not your fault. nazario: not at all.i feel really uncomfortable because i've known normafor so many years. my wife knows her too.they're friends. they exchange giftsin christmas and all. if my wifefound out about what amador zúñiga said,she'd kill normita and me.marcelo: no, i don't thinkshe'd do that. your wifeis a very sensible woman. she's very understanding.i know that very well. nazario: yeah.i have no idea how to handle this give me some advice.marcelo: i'm sorry, but i really needto talk to lucía. i don't want to be late.nazario: do you have to tell her something so important?marcelo: it's very important. i want to tell you too,but i want lucía to know first.excuse me. waiter: good evening.lucía: good evening. waiter: would you like a table?lucía: someone is expecting me. waiter: please tell methat person's name. i can tell youif that person is here. lucía: marcelo escalante.waiter: he isn't here yet. lucía: well, pleaseassign me a table. waiter: of this one okay? lucía: yeah, sure.waiter: go ahead. please.lucía: thank you. waiter: would you liketo drink something while you wait?lucía: no, i'm fine. thank you.waiter: at your orders. trinidad: help!there's a thief in the house!dear! >> shut up.shut up. shut up!shut up, shut up. trinidad: [mumbles]>> shut up! trinidad: let go of me.>> shut up. calm down and shut up.calm down. you have no reasonto be like this. you have no reason to ms.[gasps] [gasps]lucía: [drops glass] waiter: be careful, miss.lucía: i'm sorry. waiter: are you all right?lucía: yes, yes. waiter: i'll bring youanother glass of water. lucía: yes, i'm sorry.[ambulance] [cars honking]marcelo: just what i needed. could you give mecafé miro's phone number? 2-22-2-80...thanks. [busy line]unbelievable. amador: about timeyou showed up. oh, how are you?what brings you here at this time?lalo: it's nothing. i came to checkthe oven had been turned off. i saw the lights were on,i thought someone forgot to turn them offso i came to do it. amador: yeah.i'm not done yet. i have stuff to do.don't worry. i'll turn them off and all.lalo: okay, see you tomorrow. amador: see you tomorrow.lalo: it's strange that the guardhasn't come yet. he's supposedto start working at 8:00. amador: yeah, but...he called and said he was late.something about his family. don't worry.i won't leave until he gets here.lalo: let's hope he's here soon.amador: let's hope so. get some rest.waiter: at your orders. good evening.would you like a table? marcelo: no, someoneshould be waiting for me. waiter: marcelo escalante?marcelo: yes, that's right. waiter: there was a ladywaiting for you here, but she left.marcelo: when did she leave? waiter: about 10 minutes ago.marcelo: did she leave a message?waiter: no, she didn't. marcelo: thanks.i won't be staying. could you get me my car?>> hey! [phone rings]tere: hello? marcelo: i'm marcelo.tere: how are you? marcelo: fine, lucía there? tere: no, she went out.not for nothing, but she looked gorgeous.marcelo: i can imagine. did she have her cell phone?tere: i don't think so. she hasn't used itin a while. marcelo: yeah, i know.can i ask you a favor? tere: of course.marcelo: lucía must be about to get there.please, tell heri'm on my way there. tere: okay, sure.i'll let her know. bye.marcelo: thanks. nora: what do you haveto tell my sister? tere: somethingmarcelo asked me to. nora: i know that.what do you have to say to her?tere: he told me he was coming here,that lucía should wait for him.nora: don't worry. i'll tell her.tere: [whispers] yes. nora: now get out!go do your work. come on.i'll tell her. tere: as you wish.nazario: you left the door open, trini.where are you? why aren't you answering?i'm home. trini?what happened? trini!answer me! trini, please.for the love of god, answer me.trini... why won't you answer me?i'm talking to you. [cries]god... trini, no![cries] nora: what a long face.don't tell me you were stood up.lucía: yes, nora. you must be glad.nora: i won't deny it. what makes me happyis that you realize you're not as importantto marcelo as you thought. tere: is your sister here?nora: yes. don't worry.i told her marcelo's get out. lucía: [sighs][sighs] amador: you're a moron.a moron! and i'm a bigger moronfor trusting you. >> i told you.i told you! it was an accident.that woman started screaming. i wanted to keep her quiet.i don't know how i overdid it.amador: you're absolutely sure that..?>> yes. amador: i asked youto make nazario disappear for a few days.i never told you to kill an innocent woman.>> please, believe me. it was an accident.the lady showed up when i was about to fixthe lamp from the room. it's...she screamed. amador: did you evenfinish your job? >> of course know what? now that i think about it,it's better this way. now nobody else knowswhy i went there. amador: [sighs] that doesn'tmatter anymore. do you realizewhat you've done? you killedan innocent woman!she had nothing to do with it.>> no, no. i didn't kill anyone.don't say it again. it wasan accident. don't think i'm happyabout what i've done. amador: did this mess happen..? >> there's no mess.nobody will be suspicious. nobody.just say we were here together.just like that. amador: for your information,lalo was here, asking about you.i told you'd called saying you'd be late.nazario: why are you doing this to me?why are you leaving me alone?we said we'd go together. remember?[cries] trinidad: you betterbe strong. when alonso finds out,i don't think he'll be understanding.your daughter either. rebeca: don't involvenora in this. sheis my only treasure. you better not say a wordbecause you don't know what i'm capable of.trinidad: i do know what you're capable of.but don't worry. i won't say anythingsimply because it's not for me to do it.but sooner or later, these things alwayscome to light. when that happens,you won't have anywhere to hide.waitress: good evening. are you aloneor will you have company? rebeca: i came aloneand i'll leave alone. waitress: i understand.would you like a drink? rebeca: anything.waitress: is a martini all right?rebeca: yes, it's fine. whatever.[cell phone rings] waitress: i understand.i'll be right back. alonso: hi, can i come in?nora: yeah, come in. alonso: excuse me.dear, have you heardfrom your mother? i'm worried.i'm calling her cell phone and she isn't answering.nora: i've no idea. alonso: what are you looking at?nora: i'm... i'm alsowaiting for mom. i'm worried.alonso: don't worry. she's probably with brígidaor some... friend. nora: yeah, probably,but... i thinki'll wait for her. alonso: okay.i won't be with you because today i've been...pretty tired, so... i should go to bed.nora: okay. alonso: sleep tight.nora: what a coincidence, marcelo!hi. marcelo: hi.can you tell lucía i'm here?nora: lucía? she's not here.she left a while ago. marcelo: yes, i know she left,but i'm sure she's returned. nora: she hasn't come here.maybe she went somewhere else. maybe to meet rodrigo.marcelo: what makes you say that?nora: i'm just guessing. because since i lost the baby,he's been looking for her often. marcelo: you don't say.nora: look, why don't i call rodrigo to seeif she's with him? okay?marcelo: it's not necessary. i'll meet her later.lucía: [cries] sergio: i don't understandhow i could obsess so muchover nora. she's nuts, and...and she's twisted. you have no ideahow she acted last time i talked to her.and... you aren't listening,are you? leticia: hey,do you know who is mr. hernández'sgirlfriend? sergio: his girlfriend...he has a girlfriend? leticia: yeah.sergio: i don't know. leticia: well,he told me so, but... i don't know her name.since you get along with don't know? sergio: no,i told you i don't. besides,i don't like meddling in other people'sprivate lives. leticia: look...mario hernández isn't just anyone.he's our boss. we should knowwhat's going on with him. sergio: what do you care?besides, why do you want to know about this?i don't get it. leticia: i'm just curious.i want to know if that womanis worth so much that a professional bachelorlike him would considerthe possibility of marriage. whatever, it doesn't matter.bye. thanks forwalking me home. sergio: get some rest.leticia: yeah. why are you alone there?>> i was waiting for you. leticia: hi.>> did you just get off work?leticia: that was hours ago. i just went outwith sergio for some coffee and we talked for a while.>> sit down for a bit. leticia: why?>> i want to ask you something.leticia: what is it? >> would you have liked itif i'd gotten married? if you'd had a father.leticia: of course i would've liked to have a father.but mine, not a step father.>> that means you wouldn't have agreedif i'd redone my life. leticia: mom,what's the point? don't tell meyou have a suitor and you're considering marry-->> no, no, of course not. no, i juststarted wondering what my lifewould've been like... and yours,if we'd had a man by our side.a good man. leticia: mom,you're being weird. [sighs]hey, don't be offended, but...don't you think it's too lateto think about that? i missed the boat a long time ago.mario: impressive, isn't it? magdalena: sorry, what?my head is somewhere else, sorry.mario: [chuckles] i can tell. where is it?if it's okay for me to ask. magdalena: i was wonderingwhat alonso's life would be like if he'd marriedwith a woman different from my sister.mario: you never agreed with him marrying herout of all people. magdalena: no.the truth is i never agreed.i can assure you i have my reasons.mario: what are they? if you don't mind telling me.magdalena: i'll tell you something i've nevertold anyone because... it's very delicate.mario: okay. magdalena: rebeca.rebeca has always been in love with alonso.even when adriana was aliveand when she was about to have lucía.mario: that means... right whenshe was my girlfriend-- magdalena: i'm sorryto tell you this, seriously,but rebeca never cared about you.she only used you to keep up appearances.mario: i always knew... i wasn't for herwhat she was for me. that...magdalena: did it hurt to confirm it?mario: no... not was so long ago it isn't worth itto even remember it. what i care aboutis the present. see?should i take you home, madame?magdalena: sir mario, would you mindhaving dinner another time?mario: okay. magdalena: i'm tired.i have to wake up early tomorrow.mario: i'll take you home without dinner.magdalena: [chuckles] thanks. nazario: why are youleaving me alone? you're the love of my life.i can't and don't want to live without you.[music] [music]nazario: we'll be together. magdalena: good evening,mr. nazario. what are you doing?nazario: i want to go where my wife is.magdalena: give me that knife. nazario: i want to go to her.please. magdalena: give methat knife. nazario: no, it's... no...magdalena: give me the knife. nazario: let go.magdalena: no! [panting]what nonsense where you about to do?!nazario... nazario: don't you understandi want to go to my wife? [cries]rafaela: how did it go? marcelo: i couldn't meet lucía.rafaela: but why? marcelo: i was earlyto the place where i'd meet up with nazario called me to ask me to meet with himbecause he wanted to tell me something.i thought i could go and come back, and i couldn't.when i got back, she wasn't there.rafaela: what did that man want to tell you?don't tell me your wife told him he saw you with--marcelo: no, no. he wanted to tell mesomething else. the thing isi wasn't able to see lucía. rafaela: you have to keep at have to meet her and tell her everything.she shouldn't hear it from someone else.milagros: don't be quiet. i want to knowwhat my son has to tell that girlso urgently. marcelo: nothing,'s personal. milagros: i understand.that's exactly why i'm interested.what's more, i demand that you tell mewhat's going on. marcelo: the last thingi need right now is that you pressure me.milagros: don't leave. marcelo.marcelo! do you havesomething to say? rafaela: the same thingyour son told you. it's's not my place to talk about know i'm good at keepingother people's secrets. milagros: insolent woman.[door opens] rebeca: [closes door]hello. i thoughtyou'd be sleeping. alonso: i was worried.[phone rings] rebeca: you wereworried about me? alonso: yes.[phone ringing] rebeca: that's surprising.alonso: rebeca... [sighs]i can't understand you. you say solvingour couple problem is what worries you the most.yet you do and say[phone ringing] the opposite.rebeca: it is like that. i justwasn't feeling well. alonso: yeah, you said thatat noon. you leftwithout saying anything. look at what timeyou came back. rebeca: i'm sorry.[phone ringing] i needed some fresh air.alonso: rebeca... is there somethingi should hear about? rebeca: about what?what do you mean? alonso: i'm the oneasking questions! [knocking on door]nora: dad, open the door. rebeca: nora?nora: [knocks door] alonso:what is it? nora: didn't you hearthe phone? rebeca: who is it?nora: my aunt magdalena. she's cryingand i don't know why. alonso: i'll answer it.i don't think your mom wants to.magdalena, what's wrong? magdalena: she died.trini. she died.alonso: what did you say? magdalena: that she's dead.trini is dead. alonso: but... but... how?what happened? magdalena: i don't know.i have no idea, but... please come nazario is really depressed.alonso: yes, yes. [sighs]i'm on my way. rebeca: what did she say?alonso: trini died. nora: what?what happened to her? alonso: your aunt...couldn't explain what happened.i'll tell your sister. [sighs]nora: what could've happened to her?rebeca: i don't know. lucía: what's wrong?[clears throat] are you feeling sick?alonso: no... i'm fine. lucía: then who isn't?alonso: it's your godmother, trini.lucía: what happened to her? alonso: i'm so sorry.lucía: no...! [cries]dad, no!! tell me it's not true.alonso: i wish i could say-- lucía: no..![cries] alonso: [sighs]lucía: but i... i saw her this morning.she... she was just fine.what happened to her? alonso: your aunt magdalenacalled to tell us the news, but she didn't knowanything else. lucía: it's not fair.she was a very healthy woman.she could have... lived much longer.alonso: yes, dear... i know thisis really painful for you, but you have to be need to be there for your godfather.lucía: i won't be able to... alonso: yes, you have to.he needs you. he needs us.your godfather will need you so much.[mumbles] get changed.i'll come get you so we go to his house, okay?lucía: okay. alonso: i'll be right back.[music] [music]brígida: you're home. i was just aboutto call your cell phone. amador: what happened?brígida: i'm really worried about rodrigo.i think he went out again with that strange girl.and just for a change, he turned offhis cell phone again so we can't find him.i think at this point we hire someoneto find exactly where-- amador: brígida, stop it.shut up. stop saying nonsense, please.brígida: you think it's nonsense that i'm worriedabout our son? amador: your sonis old enough to take care of himself.okay? brígida: okay, but let go of me.that's no reason for you to be like this.amador: i'm sick of you. if you keep complainingover nonsense, i swear i'll kick you out,so you have an actual reason to complain.i'm tired of you. ligia: thank you.rodrigo: you're welcome. you won't ask meif i want to come in? ligia: i'm not alone.i still have someone over. rodrigo: isn't it thatthat person is a lover and you don't want themto realize you're with me? ligia: are you nuts?i told you. i'm a womanwith no strings attached. rodrigo: you know,sergio and i talked about youthe other day. ligia: is that so?rodrigo: yeah. we were saying it's strangethat a woman like you is alone.ligia: i haven't always been fact, i just ended a pretty conflictiverelationship. rodrigo: why?ligia: he's married and he doesn't wantto break up with his wife for me.rodrigo: what a moron. anything is worth leavingif it's for you. ligia: i've forgotten me tomorrow? rodrigo: sure.with some luck, that someone will be gone.daniela: you aren't going to introduce your friend to me?ligia: sure. she is my cousin, daniela.and... he... well... he's...rodrigo: rodrigo zúñiga, nice to meet you.daniela: no way. aren't you lucía gaxiola'sex-boyfriend? rodrigo: yes, that's me.ligia: rodrigo, thanks for walking me home.rodrigo: no problem. excuse me.ligia: bye. daniela: nice to meet you.ligia. [...]you said you didn't know him very well.ligia: that's right. i don't know him.daniela: then why were you with him?ligia: we met by chance. he kindlybrought me home. we talked for a bit.daniela: i didn't see you talking.on the contrary-- ligia: we were talking.remember i told you we work in the same place?daniela: yeah. i remember.ligia: is there anything elseyou need to know? daniela: for example--[cell phone rings] ligia: answer it.daniela: [sighs] hello?marcelo: i'm marcelo. i'd like to meet youto talk. daniela: now?it's almost midnight. marcelo: yes, i know.can you do it? daniela: yeah, sure.where should we meet? i know where it is.see you in... 20 minutes?okay. see you.see you later. ligia: don't come backfor me. [sighs]magdalena: thank god you're here.alonso: what happened? magdalena: i don't know.i don't know anything. i don't knowif it was a heart attack, or a respiratory arrest...but when i arrived, trini was on her bed.nazario was by her side with a knife in his hands.he tried to... lucía: tried to..?magdalena: yes, he tried to kill himself.[panting] alonso: [sighs]what did nazario tell you? magdalena: the poor thing isn'tin condition to explain. all i could think ofwas calling sara to see if she couldtell us what happened. she must beabout to get here. alonso: where is nazario?magdalena: in his room with trini.he doesn't want to be apart. alonso: i'll go be with him.magdalena: i'm really scared of him being alonebecause... i don't want him to dosomething so foolish again. lucía: i'll go my dad. magdalena: i'll stay hereand wait for sara. alonso: lucía, pleaseleave us alone. nazario: why is thishappening to me? she was all i had.[cries] lucía: [sighs][cries] magdalena: [cries]i know how much you loved her.and how much everyone loved her.[music] nora: i admit triniwasn't my cup of tea,'s not nice when people die.what about you? you haven't said a word.don't you feel anything? rebeca: of course i do.this gets to me. but there isn'tanything that can be done. i'm as shocked as youand everyone else. nora: it's so shockingthat she died like that, out of nowhere.what could've happened? rebeca: i don't know.your father will tell us when he comes back.nora: she never loved you. she always thoughtyou weren't at adriana's if it was your fault that she'd died.rebeca: shut up already. nora: why are you like this?why are you so upset? rebeca: because sometimesyour comments annoy me. you said it's not nice for anyone to die.why are you standing there? tere: i'd like to knowwhat happened to ms. trini too.rebeca: all right. when alonso comes back,he'll tell us. in the meantime,go to your room. you have no reason tolisten to conversations that have nothing to do with you.tere: yes, ms. nora: calm it's like you're the onewho's most affected by this. rebeca: you know what?i'll go to my room. magdalena: sara is here.alonso: thanks for coming. sara: don't mention it.magdalena: i think it'd be best to leavesara alone with trini. nazario: i won't budge.alonso: it's only for a bit. let's go tothe room next door. we'll be right back.nazario: [sighs] alonso: we'll be right back.lucía: [cries] alonso: sit careful. slowly.magdalena: i'll make some coffee.lucía: [cries] alonso: dear...take care of your godfather. i'll call homeso they know what's going on. lucía: godfather, i isn't much use to tell you this now, but...i really love you. nazario: i can'tlive without her. [cries] i can't,dear. lucía: if i lose you too,i'll die. daniela: that's the only reasonyou wanted to see me? to ask me to takeyour mom to mexico with me? marcelo: i need youto take her with you, but it has to be now.daniela: i told you i can't do anything.she wants to be near you. what do you want me to do?marcelo: i already told you i'll be in mexico's pointless for you to be here.daniela: why do you suddenly want to leave?weren't you excited about your new joband your new conquest? marcelo: don't mock me.i assure you that will be part of my past any time now.daniela: you know what? i don't believe you at all.i'm sure what you really wantis to get rid of your mom and meso you can live your life however you want.marcelo: daniela, i'm telling you the truth.i just don't want her to be here right now.daniela: why? marcelo: i can't tell you now.all i can tell you something that might hurt heris about to happen. i don't want to bearthat responsibility. daniela: marcelo...i've known you for years. i've never seen youlike this. what's wrong?marcelo: please, listen to me. help me with that, okay?do it... for what there once wasbetween us. alonso: it's been a lucía still with nazario?magdalena: yeah. she won't leave him alone.she's out. what happened?sara: everything points to... death by suffocation.alonso: are you sure? sara: yes.we have to call the police. magdalena: why?sara: it's clear ms. trini's deathwasn't natural. alonso: that's ridiculous.are you trying to say trini was killed?sara: i'm afraid so. alonso: come on.who would want to do that? nazario: amador zúñiga.i'm sure he killed my wife.he's the only one who could've done it.

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