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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 41

Daniela le dice a Milagros que cree que Nora está interesada en Marcelo. Trini ve a Rebeca besando a Marcelo.
28 May 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents... vinicio: [chuckles]the only thing i'm interested inis keeping my job and prove thati'm a loyal person. amador: are you?vinicio: you know it. the fact thatthe warehouse's issue didn't turn out as we wanted,is not my fault. mind you,if you'd need it again, i'm at your service, boss.amador: good night. rafaela: [gasps]milagros: be careful with what you do.what the hell is going on with you?rafaela: i'm sorry, i'm sorry. milagros: why so stressed out?rafaela: no, i'm fine. milagros: yeah, chance, does that shaking has to do with my son?rafaela: why do you ask? milagros: before going to churchyou were already nervous... when i met yougossiping with marcelo. rafaela: i'm nervousabout what you and i talked of this morning.i said i don't want to need telling marcelo about his dad.milagros: why do you tell me so now?rafaela: just in case. i go for something to clean.excuse me. marcelo: [sobs]alonso: excuse me, what's your name?marcelo: marcelo escalante, nice meeting you.alonso: alonso gaxiola. thanks very much for worryingabout my daughter and bring her here.rebeca: what's wrong? marcelo: that you'rethe last woman i desire. rebeca: come desire me as much as desire you.marcelo: i can't. i thought i could, but no.i'm not capable. rebeca: why, because of lucía?marcelo: among other things, but yes.specially because of her. rebeca: marcelo,you can't leave me like this. marcelo!damned lucía. you won't stay with him.i assure you so. alonso: well, at lasti find you. lucía: what do you do here?alonso: i stopped by your room to kiss you good night.i didn't find you. so, i came out for you.lucía: the doctor said you have to be resting.alonso: don't exaggerate. it's good to strecht a bit.tell me, what do you do? lucía: nothing.alonso: honey, you're sad. you were crying. tell me.lucía: no. alonso: some times, is betterletting it out. why don't you tell mewhat's going on? lucía: it's about marcelo.alonso: i thought you cared about that guy.tell me, what happens with him? lucía: all this timei did all to get him away, and today i realizedit was foolish. alonso: why did you do that?lucía: out of fear to suffer again, dad.but above all, because of nora.nora is obsessed with him, and i don't want her suffering.i don't him to be another conflict between her and i,not after all that has happened. alonso: what i'll tell youisn't good, sweetheart, but nora isn't fine.she needs help. and you can't stopmaking your life, to be with the person you love,and put everything aside because of you get what i'm saying? lucía: yes.but, it's already too late. i was very rude with marcelo,and i don't think he'll forgive me.alonso: but at least try it, look for him, talk to him.later on, you'll see what happens.but, don't let nora be an obstacle in your life...please. [phone rings]rodrigo: hello. ligia: hi, do you already knowwho am i? rodrigo: yes, are you? ligia: well, quite behaved too cold yesterday when we met in the afternoon.rodrigo: i know, i'm sorry. i was with sergioand i had to be discreet. ligia: i see.and, i couldn't ask you, how was it last night?rodrigo: the truth? wonderful.ligia: if you want, we can meet again.rodrigo: it could be. it could be.ligia: the visit in my apartment is about to, you can come visit me whenever.rodrigo: that's perfect. see you later. bye.amador: what's the matter? where you talkingwith your mysterious pal? rodrigo: why mysterious?amador: that's how your mom calls her.according to her, you're with a snakewho will take advantage of her little son.rodrigo: mom's occurences... amador: [chuckles]hey, i think it's fine to let it outwith whom you please. but, how serious is it going?rodrigo: it's nothing serious. you're talking, like mom,as i already had something very formal.and she's just a friend with whom i went out one night.i may not see her again. amador: really?didn't it work? rodrigo: no. actually, not.amador: why not? rodrigo: i just didn't.give this a look. it's an advanceon what you asked me. amador: fine, i just wantedto see this with you. trinidad: divorce?nazario: well, easier said than done.trinidad: well, actually, i'm not surprised.since the beginning you and i knew that alonso and rebecaweren't made for each other. nazario: i think he justthinks about it, but do it? destroying a lifelong marriagemust be hard. how nice that you and ihave always got along well. trinidad: you're the best manin the world. nazario: and youthe most wonderful woman. look, i bought you a gift.trinidad: for me? but it's not my birthday!nazario: it doesn't have to be your birthday to give youa gift, if you're the woman i love.trinidad: oh, my love! nazario: do you like it?trinidad: it's lovely. let me tell you something.i wanted it since last year, but i couldn't find it anymore.i don't know what happened. they sold out like hot bread.where did you get it? nazario: i don't tell you that,just that when i saw it, i thought of you immediately.trinidad: do you like how it looks like there?nazario: perfect. trinidad: oh, my love.i won the lottery with you. nazario: and i with you.trinidad: you're the most handsome man in puebla.both: [chuckle] daniela: ligia.ligia: what? daniela: can i come up?ligia: come. daniela: did i wake you up?ligia: no, don't worry. do you need anything?daniela: i wanted to ask you, what was the name of the guywho stood up lucía gaxiola? i don't remember.ligia: rodrigo zúñiga. why do you ask?daniela: i'm interested to know why he left a sisterfor the other. ligia: how do you want meto know? daniela: i thoughtyou knew him well. ligia: we were close onlythe days he worked at the office, that's all.daniela: tell me something, at he handsome? ligia: let's say he's hot.both: [chuckle] ligia: why so much asking?daniela: i'd like to know him. ligia: i said he's not my i have no idea where he lives or where to find him.daniela: what a pity. ligia: excuse me,but i'm already quite sleepy. daniela: oh, yes.i leave you. rest well.ligia: good night. daniela: good night.rafaela: what happened? marcelo: nothing,nothing happened. rafaela: god be blessed!marcelo: i'm a coward. i hate that woman with allmy soul, but i couldn't do anything because she's the wifeof the man who has given me all his trust,and i can't let him down. i can't let down lucía either,though she wouldn't care. rafaela: i'm sure she cares.marcelo: why so sure? rafaela: because she wasat your brother's mass. if she wouldn't care,she wouldn't have bothered. marcelo: how do you know,if you don't know her? rafaela: of course, i do.i went see her. marcelo: what for?rafaela: to get to know her. i wanted to know the womanwho is stealing your sleep. marcelo: that's not good.rafaela: don't rush. i didn't say anythingthat could bother you. [door opens]rebeca: what do you do here? alonso: if you want,i go back to the guest's room. rebeca: no, of course not.hi. alonso:'ve been drinking. rebeca: i drank a glass of's the only way to bear brí you mind? alonso: no,it was just a comment. is anything wrong?rebeca: nothing. i lost one the earringsyou gave me for our anniversary again.alonso: well, don't worry. it'll appear.rebeca: of course, i worry. they're important for me.lalo: are you leaving? vinicio: shift is over. lalo: i rememberedwhere i saw you. vinicio: where?lalo: here, arguing with amador, way before you startedworking at the factory. vinicio: arguing?no. perhaps we were talking like friends do.lalo: are you really his friend? vinicio: we've known each otherfor many years. well, i have to go now.see you. nazario: good morning.vinicio: good morning. lalo: what do you thinki've just found out? nazario: what?lalo: that guy has known amador zúñiga for ages.nazario: i already knew it. lalo: and don't you fearthat he'd have the same tricks of the boss's partner?nazario: that guy, as you say, is just a watchman.why so worried? lalo: i don't know,but i don't trust him at all. nazario: don't make a fuss.let's go prepare the mixer so it's readyfor when they guys come. lalo: it's very weird to me...woman: mrs. i'm not use to do this,but i'll let you come in. rebeca: thanks very much.i can't lose that earring my husband gave me.wouldn't it be here? woman: no, madam.i didn't find anything. rebeca: what if you liked itand kept it? woman: i'm not a thief.why would i want only one earring?rebeca: it has to appear. woman: then, look for it.too many clients, like you, pass by here,and anyone could've taken it. milagros: wouldn't you haveto be off to work by now? since when do you have the gun?marcelo: they gave it to me at the general's attorneyalong with federico's belongings.milagros: why did you keep it? why did you bring it?you should've gotten rid of it. marcelo: it belonged to my's the only thing i have from him.milagros: please, to it away very well, hide it.i don't even want to know where you have it.daniela: look at that. i'm glad you savedmy bothering to knock. lucía: how can i help you?daniela: i guess, it's high time we talked clear.lucía: i'm not interested in talking with you.daniela: but i do, so you'll have to hear have to know that marcelo and i hada serious relation, until you got in his life.lucía: oh, really? how weird, i got thatwhen he came here, you weren't together anymore.daniela: on the contrary. we've agreed on a simple break,and you took advantage of it. lucía: you're verybadly informed. i didn't even know you existed.daniela: you must've been desperate because your boyfriendstood you up to go with your sister, so you got tohand on to what you could. as marcelo was there,closer than any other, you hung onto him.what was your boyfriend's name? rodrigo, right?lucía: where did you get that from?daniela: marcelo told me. and yes, we might not betogether now. but the confidencebetween he and i isn't easy to break.we're very committed. nora: i'm glad you came down.that means, you feel better, right?alonso: yes. nora: and mom?alonso: i don't know. when i woke up this morning,she wasn't in the room anymore. nora: did you sleep together?alonso: i decided going back to my room.thank you. maid: you're welcome.excuse me. nora: that's great.i'm so glad about it. my mom adores you,and if she made all those mistakes, it was because of me.i feel awful for all the harm i caused.alonso: sweetie, mellow out. it's good to admityour mistakes, try not to them again,and that find your path. nora: yes, in fact,that's why i wanted to talk with you.i already have a plan. alonso: tell me, which one?nora: i want to work at the factory.alonso: why that? why that decision?nora: i don't know... i want to learn.i feel like being productive. alonso: that's fine,but i don't know if now-- nora: uh! you beg lucíato participate at the company, but when i want,you simply don't give me the chance?alonso: i'm not saying no. i just have to seewhich position you could fit in or what you want to do.let me think about it, and then we talk.i promise i'll think of it. nora: ok. that's fine.thanks, dad. alonso: you're welcome.nazario: go ahead. marcelo: nazario,could i with you? nazario: of course, tell me.marcelo: i wanted to tell you that i'm leaving.nazario: how come you'll leave? marcelo: because i cameto puebla with a goal that i'm not achieving,and i think the best is going back to mexico.nazario: jeez. does my goddaughterhave anything to do with this? marcelo: in a way, yes,but she was something i met hereand i wasn't looking for. nazario: and what wereyou looking for? marcelo: we've talked about itseveral times. get rid of the load i bear.nazario: but why don't you let it out with meand tell me what's that load? marcelo: it's worthless,let alone now that i'm already changing my plans.nazario: yes, but it's at a moment when you were goingto support me until alonso would be back.marcelo: yes, but don't worry. i'll wait till mr. gaxiolais back to talk with him, and you find a replacement.i just wanted to tell you before, so it doesn't take youby surprise. nazario: i appreciate it,but it was a surprise, and not rather pleasant.teresa: madam, a woman came for you.rebeca: what woman? teresa: i don't know.she didn't say her name. rebeca: how was she?teresa: how do i say it? like your age, but a bit older.but, my style. well, a bit thinner.just a little bit. and her hair was--rebeca: stop it! that doesn't clear anything.what did she want? what was her name?teresa: i don't know. she didn't say anything.she only asked for you, and when i said you weren't,she left. rebeca: can't even take a message, or even ask a name.trinidad: oh, dear. what a surprise.what's wrong? what is it? lucía: i was going to gofor him, but i regretted. trinidad: go for whom?lucía: marcelo. i was thinking all night longif i'd go see him or not to clear things up...and in the end, i don't know what to do.trinidad: i go to the market, and you tell me all on the way.what do you think? now tell me all calmlyso i get you. clara: trini.trinidad: sorry, do i know you? clara: don't you recognize me?i'm clara. i was working at the gaxiola's,when mrs. adriana died. adriana: shut up.i don't want to hear you. rebeca: you will,though you don't want. both: [yell]adriana: [screams] [loud clatter]clara: madam, madam, please. answer me, madam.[sobs] trinidad: holy lord,it's you, clara. lucía: did you know my mom?clara: your mom? so, you're the childshe was expecting. lucía: yes, i'm lucía.clara: lucía... yes, that's how your momwanted to call you. you must not know it,but i was in the house when your mom fellfrom the second floor. lucía: does that meanyou were with my mom when she fell?clara: no, but i know well what happened.trinidad: what happened was that you didn't carehow she was. you took advantage thatwe're all with adriana at the hospitalto steal her all you could. clara: i swear i didn't meanto take anything. i admit thati let other people do it. lucía: what are you talking of?trinidad: this woman is thief, that's what we're talking about.what do you do here? why are you backafter so many years? clara: i swear i wouldn't dareto bother you, if it weren't because i have a very sick son.and i'm alone, and broken. trinidad: and you pretendthat i help you, after what you did?clara: please, trini... i'm in a huge need.trinidad: solve it as you can, and may god help you.let's go. let's go, please.leticia: i put all the info in the, if you need any detail about a client, you just haveto search for the file, that's in alphabetical order,and open it. mario:'re learning fast. leticia: because i havea very good teacher. mario: but the best teacherwouldn't be anything without a good student,and you have a knack for it. leticia: [chuckles]i love the things you say. mario: i think you're tryingto get a pay raise, right? leticia: no way.i say it because i truly think so.and something else, i'm very happy to work here.mario: i'm glad. leticia: can i make youa personal question? mario: yes, sure.leticia: is it true that you never got married?mario: yes, exactly. leticia: i can't believea man like you hasn't a couple. mario: no, i do have.perhaps i took me a long while, but i'm sure i foundthe right woman. leticia: does that meanyou're thinking about marrying? mario: with all due respect,i don't have to talk about my private life with you.leticia: no, of course not. i'm sorry for being so nosy.excuse me. mario: go ahead.sara: hi. magdalena: why didn't youtell me your daughter works with mario hernandez?sara: pardon? magdalena: why did you hide it?sara: i didn't. it simply didn't come out.magdalena: but why? there were many chancesfor you to tell me. sara: what's wrong?magdalena: i'll be clear. yesterday, we talkedabout my relation with mario. we also talkedabout your frustration, and according to your words,you like putting your eyes in committed men, right?sara: so? magdalena: i want to knowif that man is mario hernandez. sara: what?magdalena: i ask to know where i am, because i don't wantto have silly ideas in my mind. sara: indeed, that'snot only a foolish idea, but totally absurd.look at that. i didn't think you weresuch an insecure woman. magdalena: yes, i am.i'm a very insecure woman. and if it's not mario,i'll really thank you to tell me what man you're talking about.sara: his name is alonso gaxiola.satisfied? magdalena: who?sara: what you heard. he's the man i'd have lovedto have as a couple. but, don't worry.i know perfectly well he's married.and as if it were nothing, he's married with your sister.besides, i'm not the kind of women who use to stealthe other's husbands. above all, because i'd beincapable to do the same they did to mewith my daughter's dad. excuse me.lucía: i did think you were too hard with her.trinidad: she's a thief. she had no shame at allto do what she did, while your mom wasin the hospital. good morning, juanita.juana: how are you? good to see you, go ahead.both: thank you. lucía: but she saysshe didn't take anything. perhaps, someone forced her.trinidad: why do you defend so much a woman you don't know?lucía: because it really moved me when she talkedof her son. maybe, he is very sick.trinidad: if that would be the case, what do you care?lucía: it isn't nice seeing a woman really surprises me that you're not moved.trinidad: well, i'm not because i don't believe her.lucía: look into my eyes. if she dared looking for youafter so many years, knowing that you'd complainfor what she did, it's because she must bevery desperate. don't you think?trinidad: will we keep on talking of sara,or will you tell me about marcelo?in case you don't remember, you went for me because of that.woman: how did you do? clara: bad.i couldn't get the money. woman: oh dear, i told youto tell roberto. clara: what can he dofrom jail? i don't think he's been so long since he abandoned his son.woman: so, what are you going to do?clara: i'll look for a person i couldn't find today again.someone who can't tell me no. woman: i don't mean to get youmore worried, but i hope so because i think your soncan't resist anymore. clara: i know.woman: i have to go now. benito is asleep.clara: thanks for staying with him.woman: we're here for that. [music][music] rebeca: well, at lastyou appear. as you don't answer your phone,one can't find you. where were you?lucía: at my godmother's. why? do you need anything?rebeca: i just wanted to tell you that your dadwas looking for you. lucía: so that i'd go with himto the doctor, surely. rebeca: yes, but don't worry.i'll do it. lucía: anyway, i'll tell himi'm here. excuse me.hey, do you know clara? rebeca: clara what?lucía: no idea. i just know she worked herewhen my mom lived. rebeca: where did you getthat name from? lucía: i met her a while ago.rebeca: where? lucía: at my godmother's.she went for her because she has a very sick son.why so pissed off? rebeca: because that womanis a thief. lucía: yes, i godmother already told me. rebeca: what did you see?clara: i was in the kitchen, and i heard shouting.i got out and i suddenly saw the lady falling,the handrail breaking, and you, up were arguing with your sister, right?rebeca: no. i wasn't arguing with her.i went out when i heard noises, just like you.clara: no, they weren't noises, they were shouts.rebeca: please, if someone asks you, don't say anything,or give details. i won't do it either.i won't talk with anyone until my sister wakes upand she'll tell us what happened, ok?teresa! teresa!teresa: i'm coming. rebeca: clara,was her name, clara? teresa: what?rebeca: the woman who came for me, was her name clara?teresa: i don't know. she didn't say her name.rebeca: but she must've told you when she'd be back,where i could find her... teresa: no, she didn't sayanything. she only asked about youand left. rebeca: well, if she's back,ask her information and you only tell it? teresa: what if she's backwhen you're not here? rebeca: you asked her phoneor something, but you only tell me. got it?alonso: i'm ready. is anything happening?rebeca: no, nothing. i was giving teresasome indications. let's go to the doctoror we'll be late. daniela: what do you think?milagros: it's not bad at all. and it's already furnished.daniela: for me, the best is that is closeto marcelo's apartment. milagros: i'd actually lovethat he'd leave that place. daniela: why?milagros: because the owner is our dear friend lucía.and the less they have in common,a thousand times better. daniela: by the way,i went seeing her. and i told her clearlyi won't let her stay with marcelo.milagros: do you think it worked at all?daniela: i don't know. but there's something elsei'm worried about and i haven't told you.milagros: what do you wait to do it?daniela: by chance i met lucía's sister,and talking i got the impression that she's also interestedin marcelo. milagros: do you really care?daniela: of course. if she was capable to stealher own sister's boyfriend, she's capable of's clear she's a dangerous girl.therefore, i have to take care. nora: hi.marcelo: hi. again here? nora: i came to give youa very good news. marcelo: to me?nora: uh-huh. i was talking with my dadand i told him i want to be a productive person.guess what? i'm going to workat the factory. aren't you super glad?marcelo: yes. i'm very glad for you.nora: as i told you yesterday, i need someone believing in believe in me, right? marcelo: what matters is thatyou believe in yourself. you don't have to do thingsfor anyone else. nora: yes, sure.i know. amador: nora,how nice having you here! i haven't had the chanceto tell you i'm really sorry about your baby's lost.nora: thank you. amador: what brings you here?you're getting used to come visit were here yesterday too. nora: yes, from now oni'll be here pretty often because, as i was tellingmarcelo, i'll work here. amador: really?nora: yes. amador: great.doing what? nora: i don't know yet.that's why i came to give a look at the different areas.marcelo, nice meeting you. see you later.marcelo: goodbye. nora: goodbye.amador: be well, dear. it's super clear that you havea very close relation, not only with one,but with the two daughters of alonso.marcelo: no, don't think so. not so much.alonso: what did you think about what the doctor said?rebeca: it was fine. alonso: are you worriedabout anything? rebeca: no, no.i was thinking about what the doctor said.alonso: sara, how are you? sara: hi.did you see doctor alfaro? alonso: yes, i'm comingfrom his office. sara: how did he see you?alonso: more or less well. he said i need more restand take it easy, but i'm fed up, really.rebeca: you can't complain. we only pamper you at home.alonso: yes, that's true. sara: well, i leave you.i have to see a patient. alonso: step by the house.lately, you've abandoned me. sara: i've had much work.alonso: yes, i imagine. but, at least, give yourselfsome time to visit friends. sara: i promise, i will.alonso: thanks. both: goodbye.rebeca: do you like her? alonso: no, why do you say so?rebeca: because you're extremely kind with her.and you shout to see her. alonso: don't talk nonsense.sara is a friend, and not only mine,but all the family's. rebeca: she's actuallynot mine. [music][music] trinidad: how are you, madam? lalo: they're looking for you.nazario: and you? what do you do here, uh?trinidad: i brought your meal. nazario: no.why did you bring all that? trinidad: i don't want youeating all the time on the street.nazario: well, let's go somewhere else.trinidad: if there's some leftovers, lalito...make him invite you. rebeca: do i help you get out?alonso: no, i'm convalescent, but i can walk on my own.rebeca: so, you don't need me going to the house with you.alonso: no, i can on my own. where do you go?rebeca: to the market. i go buy some thingsfor the meal that teresa needs. alonso: all careful. trinidad: i actually don't knowwhy you're so pissed off with my bringing your meal.nazario: no, it doesn't. i'm just deeply've never done it. trinidad: well, i justhad the idea, i felt like to. so what? don't tell meyou're ashamed because the guys see that i pamper you.nazario: yes, a little bit. but, besides, don't give methat you just brought the meal for nothing.trinidad: you're right. i'm urged to tell you this.i couldn't wait till tonight. nazario: gosh.has anything bad happened? trinidad: i don't know if bador good, but i'm worried. nazario: come on, let it out.i'm all ears. trinidad: remember the girlwho worked with adriana when she died?clara, the one with the lock of hair.nazario: sure. what happened with her?trinidad: she came for me at the house.nazario: my goodness. and that?teresa: come in. the sir is at his office.amador: how kind. thanks a are you? working at home?alonso: no, i'm just checking the mailing.take a seat. amador: thanks.i wanted to steal you some minutes, just to tell youthat i talked with nazario this morning,and in very good terms. we'll work well, together,and in a team. alonso: it's great that yousee it like that. thanks very much.amador: no, thank you. and i also saw noravery excited. she wants to workat the factory. alonso: yes, she asked mea job, but i told her we'd see if it's possible.amador: well, i saw her very excited walking aroung,looking for where to fit in. alonso: i think she's rushing.amador: i think that excitement has a name.i hope i'm not imprudent, but the excitement's nameis marcelo escalante. sure, he gives her wings.clear this up, wasn't escalante rather interested in lucía?alonso: yes, he told me he's very interested in lucía.but so far, there's nothing between them.amador: sure, that explains all. i rathersee him very interestedin any of the two. the guy surely wantsto assure his future. alonso: you can't cometelling me that, when your own sonmessed with my two daughters. amador: i see you're stillupset with rodrigo. anyway, i just wantedto warn you so you'd pay some's just a friend's comment. just that.i go back to work. have some rest.[phone rings] marcelo: what do you want?rebeca: i need talking with you. i'm behind you in my truck.rebeca: do you have my earring? marcelo: which earring?rebeca: one i had last night. i went back to the room,i checked everything and i didn't find, you must have it. marcelo: why would i wantan earring? rebeca: i don't know.but i have to find it. it compromises me.marcelo: i sincerely hope you do find itbecause it compromises me too. rebeca: no, wait.marcelo: what? rebeca: last night you askedsomething i want to answer. yes, it's true.i've already lived a situation like this.but now is different because i really care about you.[music]

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