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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 40

Daniela le dice a Adrián que quisiera que fueran amigos. Nora le confiesa a Lucía que le gusta Marcelo. Lucía va a la misa de difuntos del hermano de Adrián.
27 May 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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... announcer: televisa presents...amador: though you convinced alonso to place you as manager,you won't get rid of me easily. nazario: i didn't convinceanyone of anything, and i don't wantgetting rid of nobody. i'm just doing my job.amador: well, i warn you. this won't remain like this.nazario: ...don't forget it, take it to the cashier soi pay it to take it to trini. both: all right, then.lucía: hi, how can i help you? rafaela: i'm lookingfor miss lucía gaxiola. lucía: yes, it's me.rafaela: i'm rafaela ozuna, marcelo's nana.i couldn't wait to meet you, so the building's managergave me the address. lucía: if you come to attackor insult me-- rafaela: no, on the contrary.i come to tell you that i thank god marcelo had met you.lucía: i don't know what information you may have,but he and i-- rafaela: i know, i know.i know you don't feel the same he feels for least, that's what he told that true? lucía: yes.rafaela: you just don't know him well yet.i assure you he's a good guy, the best.his brother's death hurt him too much, so much sothat he's gotten tangled in a bunch of nonsense.lucía: sorry, why are you telling me all this?rafaela: because you are the only one who can save him.lucía: what from, madam? rafaela: to ruin his life.lucía: i'm sorry, madam. i'm not getting anything.rafaela: never mind. anyway, i neededto tell you so. excuse me.marcelo is right, you're very pretty.norma: marcelo! mrs. rebeca is waiting for youin alonso's private. she wants you to go thereas soon as you'd arrive. marcelo: thank you.norma: you're welcome. marcelo: hi.rebeca: close the door. marcelo: i see you're upset,but something important came up and i couldn't make it.rebeca: what's your game? marcelo: this isn't a gamefor me. i couldn't make it.rebeca: i don't know what kind of womenyou're used to deal with, but i won't put up with this,let alone that you send your mom and your ex-girlfriendto interrogate me. marcelo: pardon?rebeca: it turns out they could make it to the date.i want to know why. marcelo: i'm sorry,i swear i don't know. rebeca: well, find outbecause i won't tolerate being stalked,let alone being judged. rafaela: you know what.i'll tell marcelo how his father died.and let's see who ends up chucked out and despised.milagros: what are you insinuating?rafaela: don't play dumb. you and i know that your husbanddied in a very strange way. milagros: what's weirdwith his having had a heart attack?rafaela: that he had never been heart sick, and overnighthe had a heart attack right when you knew thathe was going to leave you for another woman.i'm sure that marcelo doesn't know anything of it.or, did you already tell him? milagros: if you dareplotting against me, i swear you'll regret it.rafaela: i have nothing to lose. so, if you want my mouth shut,then let marcelo do his life as he please.marcelo: please, leave me alone with my mother.rafaela: excuse me, madam. mario: start by checkingthose documents. if you have any doubt,ask sergio. it's important to--are you hearing me? leticia: i'm sorry.there's something in my mind that doesn't leave mein peace. mario: i assure you,we all have things in our minds, personal problems,but we leave them outside the officeto concentrate in work. leticia: yes, but when i wascoming i had no problem at all. on the contrary, i was happy--ops, sorry. i don't have to tell youmy things. mario: no, you excuse me.tell me, any row with someone of the office?leticia: no, no, no. it was with my best friend.i'm very sad, it's the first time we fight.mario: whose fault was it? leticia: actually,it's my fault. trying to help her,i messed it up and she got angry with me.mario: well, look for your pal and apologize.leticia: i think she won't even see me.mario: if she's truly your pal, i assure you, she'll do it.leticia: do you think so? mario: of course.leticia: i've needed a dad who would talk to me like this.mario: well, i was telling you to check well the documents.if you have any doubts-- leticia: yes, i ask sergio.don't worry. again, thank you very muchfor the advise. mario: no, there's nothing to...milagros: i already told you. by chance, i found the paperwith your date's address. but i never imaginedit'd be with that madam. marcelo: anyway,you shouldn't have gone. milagros: i was worriedabout you. don't you get it?i thought if you were seeing someone at a hotel out of town,it couldn't be good at all. marcelo: what did she saywhen you saw her in that place? milagros: she said you hadto see a client, but i actually didn't believe her.marcelo: and what do you think? why i was supposed to seethat woman in that place? milagros: i don't know.but i tell you something. i don't like that woman.for a reason i can't explain, i don't trust her.marcelo: i said you don't have to worry at all.between that woman and i there's only a work relation.mind you, she's my boss's wife. milagros: let's forget it.and i'm sorry for having meddle where i shouldn't.marcelo: it's not that easy. you still don't tell mewhy you hid that daniela is still here.milagros: i didn't think you'd care, as you don't wantanything to do with her. marcelo: don't try to fool me.if you hid it was for something. what are you plotting, uh?milagros: nothing. why do you always thinki'm plotting against you, if i'm your mother,not your enemy? marcelo: well,you act as if you were so. milagros: it's clear, you and iwill never get each other. marcelo: yes.with my deepest sorrow, i hope you leaveas soon as possible, so at last we stop fighting.leticia: how much time do we have to eat?sergio: two hours, enough not to be late.leticia: don't worry. they're looking for you.sergio: what do you do here? rodrigo: my mom saidyou came for me yesterday. i wanted to know what for.sergio: nothing in special. i wanted to know how are you,nothing else. rodrigo: well, i'm here.and you? sergio: well, you know.busy with work issues and all that.did you get anything to do? rodrigo: i'm on it.sergio: i'm going out. what about going to eatto catch up? rodrigo: really?let's go. ligia: hey.don't play dumb. won't you greet old friends?rodrigo: i wanted to, but i don't think licentiatehernandez would've liked it. bye.good to see you. ligia: you too.bye. brígida: despite i asked himhis new girlfriend's name, he wouldn't tell me.don't you think it's too weird? amador: why weird?i think it's great that rodrigo would go out with one, two, tenor as many friends as he pleases.sure, as long as they aren't sisters gaxiola.brígida: i'd actually feel much better knowingwho is going out with my son. what if she'd be a snakewho wants to take advantage? amador: do you know?i don't care with whom rodrigo goes you know why? because neither you nor himcare about my problems and my worries.brígida: why that sudden upset? amador: no, not sudden.i'm fed up to be the only one who has to scratch himselfwith his own nails. brígida: what's wrongwith him now? lucía: she said her namewas rafaela something... that she had beenmarcelo's nana, and let out a bunch of very weird things.trinidad: such as? lucía: she said she thanked godi had appeared in marcelo's life,that i was the only one who could save himand who knows how much more. trinidad: dear, maybe that ladywas a bit insane. lucía: [chuckles]no, it'll sound contradictory, but she seemed to mea very sane person. like those peoplewho transmit lots of peace, just like you.that's why i'm telling you this, in case you can help meclear up something. trinidad: i actuallydon't know her, i wasn't therewhen she told you all this. what's clear is thatshe loves marcelo very much. and for some reason,she's worried about him and thinks thatyou can help him. lucía: what with?trinidad: i don't know. why don't you ask him?lucía: godmother, marcelo is an enigma for me.a part of him makes me distrust him, as if he'd behiding something from me. trinidad: something like what?lucía: i don't know, but i thinkit has to do with his brother, the one who died.what could it be? trinidad: i don't know.daniela: surprised to see me here?marcelo: no, actually. i was talking with my momabout you and your decision to remain puebla,which i frankly don't get. daniela: i asked hernot to tell you anything. so, don't be hard with her.marcelo: why did you do it? daniela: i was very upsetwith you. i didn't want you to knowanything about me. marcelo: still upset?daniela: let's say i already gave up, i can't force youto love me as i do. marcelo: believe me,i don't have a great time knowing that you're like thisbecause of me-- daniela: don't say anything.after all we've lived together, do you think i wantto end up in bad terms? of course not, on the contrary.i know it won't be easy, but maybe with time,we could end up being friends. marcelo: do you mean it?daniela: i swear i'm willing to reach that.unless, you don't care, sure. marcelo: no, of course,i'm interested. what's more, could i ask youour first friend's favor? daniela: sure, tell me.marcelo: take my mom to mexico. daniela: no, you can't ask meto do that. i can't. how would i get her awayfrom the only son she has left? as living with heris a nuisance for you, i'll deal with, don't worry. marcelo: that is?daniela: i'm already looking for an apartmentso we'd live together. marcelo: here in puebla?daniela: i want to stay here for a mexico i feel very lonely, and without you,, i have a cousin here, your mom is here.everything will be better. everything seems to sign thatwe'd be meeting here, right? i leave now.see you. marcelo: see you.nora: you're daniela. marcelo escalante's ex.daniela: that's it. and who are you?nora: nora gaxiola. the day you went to my housenobody introduced us. daniela: so, you'relucía's sister, the one who stole my boyfriend.nora: the very same. good you know it,so you're acquainted with what to expect.daniela: are you threatening me? nora: take it as you wish.daniela: it's clear that all women in your familyare cut with the same scissor, starting with your mom.nora: don't meddle with her. daniela: better tell hernot to meddle with what's not hers.nora: what do you mean? daniela: go and ask your mommy.nora: cat. rebeca: hi.i was at a travel's agency. i brought some leaflets.where would you like to go? alonso: now, i'm in no conditionfor any trip. rebeca: i know, but you'll feeland get better soon, and making a tripall together, your daughters and us,it's a good chance to share as a family.don't you think? alonso: yes, it'd be good.but i think there're other priorities, for instance,nora's health. rebeca: again with the same.alonso: yes, again. and if you don't want to getinvolved, don't worry. i'll do it alone.i'll find someone to help her. rebeca: first you'd haveto convince her. you know the problem that wasto do the other screenings. and there were useless.alonso: do you think they're useless?rebeca: give her time. let her take her own steps,and above all, prove that you trust her.alonso: and if she doesn't answer?rebeca: we go back to the issue. well, let's go back to the you want me to start organizing it?alonso: first, i have to see what's sara's opinion.rebeca: why would she have to give her opinion?alonso: because she's my doctor, and she could tell meif i'm ready for a trip. rebeca: sara is not your doctor!and we don't have to discuss with her our plans.alonso: mellow out, why so bothered?rebeca: because it's way too much that you put so muchobstacles to all i propose. above all, that you won't seeall my struggle to keep your family unitedand above all... to get you back.alonso: [sighs] nora: where on earth didyou get that scorpion from, uh? marcelo: pardon?nora: i've just stumbled upon your girlfriend or ex,whatever. and she dared talking badabout my mother. she dared insinuating that my--marcelo: finish. nora: no, i'm very ashamedto repeat it. how could you be with sucha stupid, harpy, liar? marcelo: i don't thinkshe's worse than you. enough.nora: like everybody, you think i'm think i betrayed my sister, that i deserve the worse.but nobody knows how i feel, nobody cares.nobody knows that i regret for what i did,that i deserve the chance to prove it.don't you think so? [sobs]marcelo: mellow out. nora: i need that someonebelieves me. i need that someone does it,please. please.leticia: hi. lucía: what's the matter, leti?leticia: i come to apologize. i admit i messed it up,but i swear i did it with my best will.i only wanted to help you. lucía: i know, you goof.forgive my having yelled at you. leticia: does that meanwe're still as close as always?lucía: yes, of course. but i don't want youto that again. learn to respect my decisions.leticia: yes, yes, yes. i swear it.lucía: come on, you exaggerated. what are you doing here?you'd be at work. leticia: i know, but i havesomething to tell you. lucía: what?leticia: i'm delighted with licentiate hernandez!lucía: how do you mean? leticia: he's very friendly,very nice, and he's not ugly at all.besides, he's single. lucía: oh, you want him for your mom. leticia: yes, yes, sure.what did you imagine? lucía: [chuckles]i don't know. but, he's already out.leticia: how come? who has him out or what?lucía: don't be nosy. what do you care?leticia: uh- huh. well, i go now.lucía: go, run. leticia: bye.[music] [music]magdalena: good morning. sara: it seems you got upin a very good mood today, uh? magdalena: yes.sara: can i know why? magdalena: i have a boyfriend.[chuckles] sara: really?magdalena: yes. sara: can i knowwho's the lucky one? magdalena: mario hernandez,do you know him? sara: of course, i do.magdalena: he's a super guy! sara: congratulations.i really envy you. magdalena: i'm so excitedbecause i never imagined that, at this time in my life,this would be happening to me, i'd have another chance.what about you? tell me. after leti's dad, haven't youever had another relation? sara: no.i was very busy with my girl. and now that she's a womanand does her life, i'm very committed with my work.magdalena: a work that lets you meet lots of people, come on.sara: yes, but at my age, is hard finding uncommitted men.then,one puts her eyes where she shouldn't.magdalena: how come? is that happening to you?sara: of course, not. i was just saying it.magdalena: you can trust me. i assure you, that by now,i don't get scared with anything.sara: if i'd let it out with you,i'm sure you'll get scared. so, better forget it.nurse: doctor, come, come-- sara: see you!magdalena: yes... lucía: here they are.alonso: thank you. sweetie, you don't have to behome all day long caring for me. lucía: i'm not locked up.besides, i love having you. alonso: my love,once the doctor discharges me, what are your plans?lucía: if you mean the idea to leave puebla, don't worry.i won't leave. alonso: that's great.i don't want to pressure you, but the factory has much work,design-- lucía: no, dad. thanks, but alonso: fine, i won't insist.but you've always been very active,and you shouldn't remain stuck because of what you've lived.lucía: yes, dad... you're totally right.i'm like stuck. i have to find somethingto stop thinking nonsense. alonso: what kind of nonsense?lucía: there are things i'd like to be different.alonso: i thought you had already overcome what happenedbetween nora and rodrigo. lucía: rodrigo is notthe only man in the world, just as....alonso: whom else isn't? lucía: i better bring youmore water because there's almost nothing.[phone rings] marcelo: hello.rebeca: did you already put your mom in place?marcelo: don't worry. everything is under control.rebeca: so, does that mean we can make new plans?marcelo: i'd love to. rebeca: what about tonight?marcelo: tonight is a bit complicated,i have a family commitment. rebeca: can't you postpone it?marcelo: that's a bit hard, but i'll do all i canto be free early. rebeca: that's not guarantee.marcelo: all right. 9 pm, i'll be where you tell me.rebeca: same place, and poor youif you let me down again. marcelo: don't worry.i'll be there. rebeca: i'll be waiting for you.alonso: who are you meeting with?answer, with whom do you have a date?rebeca: do you really want me to tell you?alonso: that's why i'm asking you.rebeca: all right. you asked for it.i'll meet another man, a man who's willing to give mewhat you've always denied me. satisfied?alonso: how do you mean? rebeca: isn't it clear?i need to be with a man who'd make me feel a woman.alonso: if you want to make me feel bad,you're getting away with it. rebeca: what would happenif it were true? alonso: i'd like you to be braveto tell me so. i tell you now, i wouldn't beany obstacle for you to start your life againwith whomever you please. rebeca: you know perfectly wellit's not so. i'd never have a relationwith another man. you've always been,and will be the love of my life.but stay calm, my appointmentis with brígida. she's been wanting to see mefor a while, and i've been playing dumb not to see her.alonso: if you'd been avoiding her,why did you tell her, "poor you, if you let me down"?rebeca: because last time she insisted on meeting up,she stood me up. but if you want i tell herto come. alonso: no.don't bring her here. i'm not in the moodto put up with her. rebeca: i imagined it.alonso: i came to tell you i've been thinking of the trip,and i agree. choose the place you like most.rebeca: i'll tell the girls. alonso: do what you think best.nora: lucía. i'm coming from the factory.i went to see marcelo. lucía: oh, yeah?what for? nora: to see what he thinksof me after all. lucía: and?nora: how do i explain you? he was so nice with me,so understanding, even tender.lucía: why do you tell me all this?nora: so then you don't say i do things on your back.if we're going to treat each other like sisters,there has to be confidence and sincerity.don't you think? lucía: yes.and as we're talking with so much clarity,i'd like to know your intentions with marcelo.nora: i'm fascinated with him. i already told you.and i say it openly because you said you don't wantanything with him, and that you don't wantseeing him again. or did you change your mind?lucía: no, no, no. he's completely yours.nora: well, i still need him to look at me.oh! do you know whom i met with him at the factory?his ex-girlfriend. maybe they're back together.then, i have even less chances to be with him.magdalena: hi, father. i've been wanting to apologizewith you for days. priest: what for?magdalena: the dinner mario organized the other night,where you were invited. i think it was very rudehaving stood you up. priest: not problem with me.mario felt bad with it. you know how.sit down. magdalena: yes, i know.thanks. but i already apologizedand we also made peace and something else.priest: i'm already acquainted. mario already told meand i'm very happy for you two. i mean it.magdalena: thank you. priest: you made a good choice.mario is a man with great qualities.magdalena: yes, i think i found a treasure.priest: don't exaggerate. he also has his'll get to know them. magdalena: don't scare me.well, i go now. thanks, father.excuse me. priest: yes, have a nice day.magdalena: thank you. can i ask you something?priest: yes, sure. magdalena: last night,by chance, i saw a young man calledmarcelo escalante with his mom. they came to leave heresome ashes. did they put them here?priest: no, they'll do it today after 7,30 mass,that will be said in memory of a young man called...give me second. a young man called...federico valdivia. magdalena: valdivia?i thought it was marcelo's brother.priest: as far as i know, he is. maybe, just on his mom's side.nazario: can i come in? amador: yes.nazario: i want to talk with you about my newresponsibilities here. amador: there's nothingto talk about. alonso knows what he doesand why. nazario: certainly.but i'm afraid this decision could cause problemsbetween you and me. i know this isa temporary situation, that when alonso will be back,everything will be back to normal.but, meanwhile-- amador: meanwhile, what?nazario: i want things to be perfectly clear.i don't want that during this period we measure strengthsto see who can more. the thing is, that each oneworks where his place is, for the company's sake,to make it walk. amador: do you think so?nazario: yes, i want to be in peace, and work in team.amador: well, i agree with you. there's no need to make you say, the best would be working in teams,so when alonso will be back, he finds the company welland in order. nazario: is it a deal?amador: of course. nazario: well, sir.i have nothing else to say. excuse me.amador: go ahead. nasty old man...marcelo: are you ready? rafaela: your mom is finishingto get ready. i'm making you a sandwich.marcelo: i'm not hungry. thank you.i hope she doesn't take long. rafaela: i heard your fightwith her at noon. it's clear to me thatshe suspects something. marcelo: don't worry.everything is under control. rafaela: how wouldn't i worry?if i got that your mother thinks you have somethingwith that woman. and if that would be true--marcelo: i said everything is fine.rafaela: what are you into? till where will you reach?marcelo: you should better don't know.i just need a favor. tonight,after my brother's mass, please, get stick to my mom.if she leaves or disappears, call me immediately.rafaela: what are you going to do?milagros: what's that gossiping? marcelo: nothing, i wastelling her i'm not hungry. let's go, we're getting late.milagros: when you wish. ligia: hey, are you going out?daniela: yes, i go to marcelo's brother mass.he died a couple of months ago. ligia: by the way,today i met your ex. daniela: where?ligia: at work, he went to see my boss.he seemed a very interesting i get why you don't want to loose him.daniela: you hope you didn't tell him we're cousins.ligia: are you ashamed to have a secretary cousin?daniela: of course, not. i just never mentioned'd be weird for him. hey, by the way, i'm alreadylooking for an apartment. ligia: oh, yeah?i imagined it. i mean, you're not used tothis kind of life and things. i imagined you'd befor a short time here. daniela: no.i'm very pleased here, but i don't wantto intrude your privacy. don't think i didn't noticelast night that you dashed with the guy who came.who was him? ligia: a friend.daniela: just a friend? ligia: just a friend.go ahead, won't you get late to the mass for talking with me.daniela: you're right. i guess, i see you later, right?both: bye. lucía: congratulations.what a good news, aunt. magdalena: i wantedto tell you so personally. you know how people are,and then you'd find out with gossips by who knows.lucía: i knew there was a hidden catwith his inviting you so much. [cheering]magdalena: it wasn't that easy accepting him, actually.but, what's done, is done. lucía: you won't regret it.i'm sure mario is a great guy. leti, at least,is talking wonderfully about him all the time.magdalena: leti, why leti? lucía: she works with him.magdalena: how funny. sara didn't mention it.lucía: she must have skipped it. magdalena: surely.lucía: leti was so impressed with her bossthat she wanted him for sara. for god's sake.obviously, i told her he was already out.magdalena: well, well, well. let's change topics.i got to know today there'll be a massfor marcelo's brother. lucía: who told you?magdalena: father samuel. and he also told me thathis name was federico valdivia. they must have beenhalf-brothers. lucía: like nora and i.magdalena: yes, but just by their mom's side.i go greet your dad. see you later.lucía: aunt, aunt. what time is the mass?magdalena: 7,30 pm. waiter: will you order, madam?brígida: in a short time. i'm waiting for my friend.thanks. rebeca: hi.brígida: hi. i couldn't believe itwhen you called me. i never imaginedyou'd look for me. rebeca: we can't letour sons' conflict destroy our lifelong friendship.don't you think? brígida: i say the same.well, how's nora? rebeca: very sadbecause of the baby. but, there she goes.brígida: and alonso? rebeca: much you want to greet him? brígida: no, i don't wantto bother. rebeca: on the contrary.he'll be pleased. magdalena, will you pleaseput me through with alonso? honey, i'm with brígida.she wants to greet you. i put you through.brígida: alonso? i'm glad to talk with are you? great, let's see if oneof these days i stop by. don't you mind?yes, of course. you too.he sounded very good. rebeca: yes, he's gotten bettervery soon. brígida: well,what are we going to order? rebeca: just a glass of waterfor me. i have to go.brígida: but you've just come. rebeca: i'm sorry.i have much to do. is the waiter around?priest: bothers, before celebratingthe sacred mysteries, let's admit our sins.i confess to god almighty... and to you, brothers,that i've sinned a lot, in my thought, word,action and omission. because of my fault, my fault,my great fault. that's why i beg to holy mary,always virgin, to the angels, saintsand you, brothers, to interece for meto god our lord. god almighty, have mercy on us,forgive our sins... nazario: he didn't rejectany of the things i told him. i suppose, he wantsthings in peace. i tell you for you to knowand stay calm. alonso?you're not hearing me at all, right?alonso: i'm sorry. i was thinking of something happened... nazario: what was it?alonso: do you think she'd be capable to cheat on me?nazario: she's always loved you very much.alonso: yes, she's always repeated so.but, she's not loved the same, and i imagine thather frustration must be huge. nazario: what would happenif you'd find out she's truly unfaithful?alonso: i wouldn't accept it. but on the other hand,i guess, i'd get her. nazario: and would you bear it?alonso: no. no, i would never forgivesomething like that. nazario: then, take careof your woman so that doesn't happen.unless, you'd want to take that as an excuse to divorce,and push her to start it. alonso: well, i don't knowwhat i want. a while ago, i wanted divorcing,but i feel guilty, very guilty.[music] [music]daniela: do you feel fine? milagros: i don't likehaving left my son there, away from me.marcelo: that's the best, mom. milagros: yes, i know.[phone chimes] marcelo: daniela, please.could you take my mom and rafaela to my apartment?daniela: yes, sure. milagros: where do you go?marcelo: i have things to do. rafaela: take good care.marcelo: yes, i will. daniela: i'm sure lucíasent him that message. milagros: why do you say so?daniela: because she was sitting on a church's bench.milagros: how did she dare coming?who invited her? daniela: marcelo, whom else?which means, it's not true that there's nothingbetween them anymore. milagros: what do you wait,rafaela? lucía: [thinks]i'm a stupid. i let him go.and now i'll lose him for good. vinicio: who's there?amador: it's me. i just came to checkyou're doing your job well. vinicio: i was hiredto watch this place at night, and that's what i'm doing.amador: oh, yeah? be careful, what if somepieces get lost? vinicio: [chuckles]the only thing i'm interested in is keepingmy job and prove that i'm a reliable person.amador: are you? vinicio: you know it.the fact that the warehouse issue didn't turn outas we wanted, is not my fault. mind you, if you need it again,i'm at your service, boss. amador: good night.rafaela: [gasps] milagros: be carefulwith what you do. what the hellis going on with you? rafaela: i'm sorry, i'm sorry.milagros: why so stressed? rafaela: no, i'm fine.milagros: yeah, sure. by chance, does that shakinghas to do with my son? rafaela: why do you ask?milagros: before going to church you were already nervous...when i met you gossiping with marcelo.rafaela: i'm nervous about what you and italked of this morning. i said i don't want to needtelling marcelo about his dad. milagros: why do yousay it now? rafaela: just in case.i go for something to clean. excuse me.rebeca: i thought you wouldn't come again.marcelo: i said i had something to do.besides, i went for this. rebeca: do you thinkwe'll finish it? marcelo: are you in a rush?rebeca: no, it's not so. you know, my husband is sickand i have to be back soon. marcelo: what was the excuseto leave him alone? rebeca: that's notyour business. marcelo: i ask because i guessthis is not the first time you do it.rebeca: [chuckles] don't talk nonsense.marcelo: nice earrings. rebeca: come on, shut up!why do you stop? marcelo: i'm here.[music]

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