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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 4

6 Abr 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents... priest: in the nameof the father, the son and the holy spirit,you can go in peace. mass is over.>> i'm so sorry for what happened to is she? adriana: fine.thank you very much. >> goodbye, adriana.adriana: [puffs] trini: oh, darling.for god's sake. look at your face.are you okay? adriana: yes, the thing isi didn't have a good night. trini: why?what happened? adriana: oh, trini.i need to talk to somebody. trini: oh, i am. what--? what's the matter?adriana: my sister rebeca. trini: what about her?adriana: i'm so worried about her.i suddenly find out she's not the personi thought she was. she does thingsthat make me feel confused. i honestly don't knowwho she is anymore. trini: i suppose you referto the call she received and magdalena saysit was ricardo. may god forgive me,but i also have reasons to doubt.adriana: reasons? trini: i thinki shouldn't tell you. well--nazario told me not toand-- i don't want to torment you.adriana: no, trini, please, tell me.whatever it is, tell me. don't be silent, please.amador: so i recommend you to disappear right now.alonso's very angry. it won't be good for youif he starts investigating you because if he does,you'll have a lot of problems. ricardo: i can't risk so much,not even for you. rebeca: and my sister?clara: she left early to go to mass.rebeca: hey. [goes psst]where are you going? come here.quickly. you didn't tell mewhy you were going through my drawers.clara: i've already told adriana i was just leavinga piece of clothing. rebeca: don't be a liar.i looked at my drawers and there are norecently washed clothes. clara: well, i don't knowwhat you're thinking, rebeca, but that was what i did--rebeca: well, you should care about what i thinkbecause i think that if you are looking at them,it's because you're going to steal somethingbecause you're a thief. clara: i didn't steal anything,miss, i swear. i didn't steal anything.rebeca: i didn't steal anything. you know what?i've lost a lot of things. and i thinki'm going to tell adriana, so you shouldn't dare to meddlewhere nobody wants you if you don't wantto be turned out. understood?understood?! clara: yes. yes. i understood--rebeca: now get out of here. adriana: [puffs]ricardo: oh, god. adriana: it's trueyou were hiding here. ricardo: how is magdalena?adriana: how cynical are you to ask that?why? why did you hurt her like that?ricardo: i did it because-- adriana: why?!ricardo: for rebeca! adriana: what are you saying?ricardo: what you've just heard is true.i'm glad somebody finds out the truth.i stood magdalena up because rebeca swore to meshe'd spend a whole life with me!and i don't want to tell you the detailsabout how she convinced me. adriana: [moans]ricardo: what's wrong with you? adriana: it hurts me too much.i think it's about to be born. ricardo: calm down.nothing wrong's going to happen. adriana: help me, please,help me, for god's sake. ricardo: yes, i swear nothingbad's going to happen. tell me. did you come by car?adriana: yes, yes. ricardo: calm down, calm down.adriana: help me, please, help me.ricardo: yes! adriana: [moans]>> [speaks portuguese] nazario: thank you.alonso: what do you think? nazario: oh, what can i say?hey, what time is the meetingwith mr. vieira? alonso: he told mehe would be here in an hour, so we have timeto feel comfortable. nazario: okay.alonso: thank you very much. >> you're welcome.nazario: you know what? i took the libertyof bringing some samples of the designs of "talavera"we make at the factory. alonso: uh-huh.nazario: i mean, like a comparison, a referent.what do you think? alonso: i thinkit's an excellent idea. perfect. nazario: oh, that's great.alonso: why don't you start unpacking?nazario: yes. alonso: i'll try to communicatewith adriana. i promised her i'd do it as soon as we arrived.nazario: oh, well, if she can, tell her to call my wife, okay?alonso: yes, of course. nazario: [clears throat]alonso: good morning. i need to make a callto the city of puebla, in mexico.yes, puebla. p-u-e-b-l-a.rebeca: oh, it's you. mario: hello.rebeca: tell me. mario: as i haven't had any newsabout you and as it's sunday today, well--i decided to comehere to see you to invite you to eat out and then,i don't know, we could-- rebeca: mario, with you i'm notgoing to go out to the corner of my house, ever.mario: don't tell me you're angry with me.what have i done now? rebeca: do you thinkit's not important that you went to see my brother-in-lawat his office to talk about me? listen to me,who gave you permission? mario: um--um--i thoughti had the obligation to--to--tell everybodywhat my intentions with you are because you live in his house.rebeca: you have no right to talk about meand in no way to alonso. i don't want anybodyto know about my love life. mario: all right. all right.i promise you i won't do it again.rebeca: no. i promise you you won't do it againbecause our relationship is that clear? this is over.mario: rebeca. [telephone]rebeca, don't act like that-- rebeca: oh, the telephone!that is important, not like others![telephone] hello.alonso: rebeca, this is alonso.rebeca: hello. have you already arrivedin brazil? alonso: yes, could you pleaseput me through to adriana? rebeca: she's not here.she's at mass. alonso: please, tell heri had to go out and i don't know when i'm coming back,but i'll call her again as soon as i can, okay?rebeca: yes. i--i'll give her your message.alonso: anyway, i'll tell you the hotel contact you have something to write on?rebeca: okay, wait a minute. wait, wait,i have a piece of paper here. let me see.tell me. oh, no. it doesn't work.i'll try with another pen. wait.[laughs] oh, it doesn't work either.we have to buy new pens, okay? oh, hey, now. i'm listening.uh-huh. uh-huh.number? uh-huh.oh, perfect. you need anything else? alonso: yes, tell triniwe arrived and we are fine. thank you, rebeca.rebeca: alonso. alonso: tell me.rebeca: i--wanted-- to tell youi feel so uncomfortable because of the argumentof last night. i don't like the fact that youleft and you were angry with me. alonso: i'm not angry.on the contrary, i'm the one who feels sorryfor making you feel bad. you have the right to be angrybecause you think people don't trust in you.rebeca: but-- you do trust in me?alonso: yes, of course. rebeca: thank you.and don't worry about my sister because i'll take good careof her. alonso: i'm sure you will.rebeca: goodbye. ricardo: thank you.miss, would you do me a favor? >> tell me.ricardo: could you give adriana murillo these keys?they--they are for her car, but above all, it's importantthat you call this number and tell her family she's herein emergency. >> you can use the phone.ricardo: no, no, no, the thing is i'm in a hurryand i don't have any time, but-- but it's importantthat her family receives the message, okay?would you do me that favor? >> all right.i'll call. ricardo: one last thing.could you give this to adriana murilloas soon as possible? this is important.okay? thank you.>> at your service. doctor: did you feel that painagain? adriana: no, thank god,but it was a very strong pain. doctor: it wasn't a contractiondefinitely. on the other hand,your water hasn't broken. that means your baby isn't readyto come to this world yet. adriana: but i'm fine, right?nothing's happened to it? doctor: i can assure youyou have nothing to worry about. adriana: [puffs]so why did i have that terrible pain?doctor: okay, tell me, how has your mood been lately?adriana: well-- i have to tell you i've hadvery difficult days. and i've been so for your own good and your baby's good,you need to calm down, do everything to be calm down.i won't recommend complete rest, but you can't dowhatever you want. adriana: yes, i as you already know, the baby still hasa few more weeks to be born. and it's no goodif the baby comes earlier. adriana: oh, no, imagine husband would kill me. he's okay. rest here for a whileand then ask somebody to take you home,but under no circumstances should you drive.adriana: no, i won't. doctor: okay. goodbye.adriana: thank you, doctor. doctor: if you feel any pain,don't doubt and call me. adriana: yes,thank you very much. hey, doctor, um--the person who brought me-- you know if he's still here,at the hospital? doctor: i have no idea.let me see. you don't worry.adriana: thank you. doctor: excuse me.brígida: amador! amador: tell me.brígida: i've been thinking. i think you should reportricardo márquez to the police. amador: and what am i goingto tell them? i'm pretty surehe's already left puebla. brígida: it doesn't matter.they are the police. they know how to follow the trail.and i'm sure they can-- amador: i'm not going to talkto the police or anybody! don't you really understandthat if they catch ricardo, i can have problems too?brígida: why you? you didn't have anything to dowith that fraud. amador: although i didn't haveanything to do with it, that man can compromise me,above all, if he knows that it was me the onewho reported him. is that what you want?that they send me to prison too and you stay alone with rodrigo?brígida: no. no, no, no, of course god, no. amador: but it's my faultbecause i told you things i should keep for myself.brígida: oh, no. i'm sorry, was just an idea i had. amador: enough, brígida.brígida: uh-huh. uh-huh.>> how are you feeling? adriana: i'm better now.thank you. >> the manwho brought you here asked me to give you this.adriana: thank you. has he already left?>> he left a long time ago, but don't worry.your family already knows you're here.and they won't be long to come pick you up.adriana: yes, thank you very much.>> excuse me. ricardo: "rebeca will wantto manipulate you. beware of her.and don't trust what she says." >> come in, come in.over here. she's over here.rebeca: thank you. oh, adriana.thank god you're fine, but what happened?why are you here? adriana: we'll talk at home.rebeca: yes, but at least, tell me what problem you hadbecause i got really worried-- adriana: i've already told youwe'll talk at home. rebeca: can i help youwith something? adriana: no, i can do it myself.rebeca: alonso called you. adriana: what did he say?rebeca: that he had arrived and was fine and didn't knowwhen he could call you again. oh.clara: ruperto. ruperto.ruperto: [shushes] clara: what happened?what did they do to you? what happened to you?ruperto: they gave me part of what i owe them,that's all. clara: those damn animals.look how they left you. ruperto: did you get the money?clara: no. they almost caught me.ruperto: you have to try again. clara: no. are you crazy?they'll turn me out. ruperto: what does that matter?if then we're going to get married and we're goingto get out of here. clara: understand me,i can't do anything. besides,i'm not used to taking what's not already know that. ruperto: okay, okay.all right. i'll do it myself,but you'll have to help me. clara: me? how?ruperto: leaving the door of the house openwhen everybody is asleep. your boss is away, isn't he?that will make things easier. clara: no, you're crazy.i can't do that, ruperto. what if something happensto adriana because of me? she's pregnant.ruperto: nothing bad has to happen to her.if we do things correctly, carefully, nothing badis going to happen. clara: i've already said no.rebeca: adriana, you've been so quieton the way home. adriana, i'm talking to you.what's wrong with you? adriana: you know who took meto the hospital when i started feeling bad?ricardo márquez. i know everything, rebeca!rebeca: no, i don't know what that bastard told you,but i swear it's not my fault. he made me do it!i wanted to save magdalena! adriana: don't try to fool me!because it's not working could you betray magdalena? she's your sister!rebeca: no, i wanted to help her preciselybecause she's my sister. i knew that man was a bastard,he was just going to make fun of her and i did to help herget away from him. adriana: enough!i don't want any more lies! rebeca: no.i swear for my mother's memory. adriana: shut up!don't talk about our mom now. rebeca: but i don't knowwhat else to tell you. adriana: rebeca,will all the pain in my heart, i want you to leave this house.rebeca: no. no. i don't have anywhere to go.adriana: i don't care. take the moneymy parents left you and live your lifeas you please. rebeca: no, no,, no, i beg you, please-- adriana: rebeca!rebeca, let me go. rebeca: i beg you. i beg you.adriana: i don't know who you are.the only thing i know is that-- i don't want a person like younear my baby. [cries]alonso: "for the most beautiful mom in the worldand the one i'll always love." adriana: [thinks] for god'ssake, don't be long, honey. i need you with me.[telephone] alonso?magdalena: no. this is magdalena.adriana: magdalena. i'm glad you are you? magdalena: you don't haveto worry. i'm at the conventof santa inés. there's no point in giving youmy phone number because i'm aboutto start the retreat and they won't let mereceive calls, but as soon as it finishes,i'll call you. adriana: don't forget to do it,please. [cries] you know?i'm convinced you made a very good decisionto leave. magdalena: are you crying?adriana: a little, because i miss you so much,but i feel so glad you're rebuilding your lifefar away from all this dirt you have been through.i love you, magdalena. magdalena: adriana.>> magdalena, come. we're about to start.magdalena: i'm coming. >> is there anything wrong?magdalena: i talked to my older sister.i think she was very strange, as if somethingwas happening to her. >> do you trust each othera lot? magdalena: absolutely.>> so if something happened to her, she would have told you,wouldn't she? magdalena: i guess so.>> come on, let's hurry or they'll leave us outside.rebeca: [cries] [thinks] i can't get outof here. i can't.adriana, we need to talk. alonso: "for the most beautifulmom in the world and the one i'll always love."rebeca: i won't lose you. nobody's going to separate us.i swear. [cries]adriana: what kind of monster are you?!you stole magdalena's boyfriend but the one you really wantedwas my husband! rebeca: i didn't care at allif ricardo died or not! think! i wasn't going to let magdalenamarry him and be so, so happy as you have been lately!i wasn't going to let that happen!what was going to happen if my sisters were married?adriana: you are sick! rebeca: and what about me?!adriana: you need help! rebeca: no, what i needis alonso to be with me, to fall in love with me!that's what i need! adriana: shut up!stop saying outrageous things. rebeca: they're not outrageous.they're not outrageous. i've always been in lovewith alonso. and if he had known that,he'd have chosen me, and not you. and nowyou wouldn't be pregnant with a baby i--i hate.adriana: shut up, stop. rebeca: and it's not born, listen to it! i hate that baby!you wanted to listen to me, didn't you?!well, now don't complain! and don't gobecause i haven't finished telling you everythingi have inside and i have kept for a long time,but you know what? i don't have anything to losenow. not anymore! adriana: shut up!i don't want to listen to you! leave me alone now!rebeca: you'll listen to me! you'll listen to mealthough you don't want to! adriana: leave me alone now.leave me. [shouts][music] [music]clara: oh! [cries]madam, adriana, madam. please, answer to me.[cries] madam.[cries] she's dead.[cries] rebeca: no.she's breathing. she's breathing.she's breathing, she's alive. because she's breathing,she's alive. clara: let's go to the hospital.rebeca: i'll call an ambulance. clara: [pants][cries] rebeca: hello.hello, hello, please, an ambulance.i need an ambulance, please. please, yes, yes,20 la paz street. please, hurry up.please, it's an emergency. this is an emergency.yes, thank you. clara: [cries]what are we going to tell my boss when he calls?what lies are we going to tell him?rebeca: i don't know. clara: oh, madam.rebeca: i don't know. clara: [cries]>> i'm so happy. it's a pleasure to know youand make business with you. alonso: the same here.>> great. i'll write that contractwith those terms we agreed on and we're going to sign ittomorrow. alonso: i thinkit's a great idea. >> do you want usto take you somewhere, to visit the cityor somewhere else? alonso: thank you very much,but we prefer to go back to the hotel to rest.and don't worry, we'll take a taxi.>> okay, as you please. alonso: thank you.>> you're such an expert. nazario: thank you very much.>> see you later. alonso: see you later.nazario: good luck. well, so--congratulations.the contract is going to be signed.there's no doubt, as they say, every boy is bornunder a lucky star. alonso: i don't doubt that,but i won't take the credit away from you.those samples you brought from mexico were very importantto say what it's convenient to import.nazario: that was about, wasn't it?and now when the contract is signed,it's all done. alonso: yes, but nowlet's go to the hotel. i need to talk to my wife.i want to see if i can communicate with her.nazario: all right. clara: [cries]don't forget to call me as soon as you know something,please. rebeca: i'll call you.clara: but what happened? how did she stumble?rebeca: what was what you saw? clara: i--i was in the kitchenand i heard shouts and i got out and i suddenly saw herfalling down, the handrail breaking down and--and you, upstairs. you were having an argumentwith your sister, weren't you? rebeca: no. no, i wasn't havingan argument with her. i got out when i heard noises,just like you. clara: no, they weren't noises,they were shouts. rebeca: no, clara. no, clara.listen to me carefully. please, if somebody asks you,don't tell anything or give details.i won't do it either. i won't talk to anybody until--until my sister wakes up and tells us what happened,okay? i beg you. i beg you, please.what matters now is that my sister is fine.all right? clara: all right.rebeca: then-- we'll talk then.>> miss, are you coming with us or are you staying?rebeca: no. clara: [cries][ambulance siren] alonso: are you sureyou're dialing the correct number?all right. i'll try later. thank you.there's no way to communicate. the operator saysthe line is busy. nazario: maybe the phone'sout of order. alonso: i don't think was all right in the morning unless it's off the hook.nazario: these things happen. you know.alonso: nazario, why don't you call trini?maybe she can go to the house to see what happenswith the phone or, at least, to tell mesomething about adriana. nazario: okay.i think you're overreacting, but it's okay.alonso: perhaps, but rememberyou told me yesterday that if you were me,you'd be much more nervous than i was.nazario: okay, i'll call trini,so we can calm down. alonso: thank you.amador: stop, rodri. we can play tomorrow. okay?look, calm down, calm down. sleep at once.close your eyes. brígida: every time i see youwith rodrigo, i feel i don't know you.amador: why? brígida: because you'rethe coldest man in the world and when you're so affectionate,i feel it's strange. amador: rodrigo's my son.he's the only one i have. i know all parents say thatabout their children, but-- i know mine's going to bevery special. brígida: special? how?amador: you'll see with time. rodrigo's not going to belike his father. he's going to get so far.i'll make sure of that. brígida: and you thinkhe's going to get further than adriana and alonso's baby?i mean, because they have everythingto give him everything. amador: it's not a questionof money. brígida: isn't it?amador: no. you have to knowhow to raise your children and above all, teach themto have goals and objectives. brígida: yes, goals.[ambulance siren] rebeca:, how's my sister? doctor: i don't know.i'm going to see her right now.rebeca: and the baby? do you think she's lost it?doctor: i can't tell you anything right now.i'll see her and talk to the rest of the doctorsso that they can tell me how she soon as i know something, i'll talk to you.rebeca: thank you. doctor: i think you should callher husband. rebeca: no,but my brother-in-law is not in it's important that you talk to him.he has to be here. rebeca: i'll call him and, miss, try to calm can't support anybody if you're like this.excuse me. rebeca: [cries]no. oh, no. alonso's nevergoing to forgive me for this. [music]clara: an ambulance! trini: please, calm down, clara!i don't understand you anything! trini: oh, god.adriana! adriana!clara: [cries] adriana was urgently takento the hospital. trini: what happened to her?clara: i--i was coming out of the kitchenand i suddenly saw how she was falling down and--and upstairs-- trini: what hospital?what hospital was she taken to?! clara: i think--i thinkit's santa elena. and rebeca went with herin the ambulance. she told me she would call meas soon as she knew something and she hasn't called.trini: the one we should call is alonso.who left the phone off the hook? that's whyhe couldn't communicate. oh, god, tell me i havethe phone number, my god. tell me i have the number.tell me i didn't forget it in my house, please,my god, my god. oh, it's here, thank god.oh, my god. room 402, please.402. 4-0-2.[telephone] nazario: alonso?somebody's calling! alonso: answer, please!nazario: yes. hello.trini? are you in adriana's house?when was that? and how is she?oh, god. yes, sure, i'll tell him,but i need you to go there and tell me what happenedexactly. call me immediately.what are you doing there? go there immediately.[puffs] alonso: what happened?nazario: i was talking to trini. alonso: yes. what did she say?nazario: that adriana had an accident.alonso: what kind of accident? nazario: she fell downthe stairs or something like that.she was taken to the hospital. she's unconscious.alonso: what does that mean? unconscious?answer, please! don't be silent! nazario: wait!calm down! it's the only thing she told me!that she fell down the stairs or something like thatand that she's unconscious. alonso: i'm so stupid.i'm an idiot! i knew something could happen to her!and i left her alone! i'm an idiot!nazario: i know it's too easy to say it,but calm down! maybe it's not so seriousas we're imagining. trini's going thereand she's going to find out and she's going to call usimmediately. alonso: i won't waituntil somebody calls me. i'm coming back to mexicoright now. nazario: remember our ticketis for tomorrow afternoon. alonso: i don't care at all!i'm going to mexico even if i have to walk!nazario: you are right. we have to go back immediatelyno matter what. >> glory be to the father,to the son and to the holy ghost,as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be,world without end. amen. mary, mother of grace,mother of mercy, shield me from the enemyand receive me at the hour of my death.hail mary, full of grace, the lord is with thee,blessed are thou among women, and blessed is the fruitof thy womb, jesus, hail mary, mother of god,pray for us, sinners, now and at the hourof our death. amen. hail mary, full of grace,the lord is with thee, blessed are thou among women,and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, jesus.hail mary, mother of god, pray for us, sinners...magdalena: [cries] >> what's the matter?magdalena: i don't know. i don't's as if-- as if something was pressingmy chest, as if i was feeling so sad.>> you're supposed to be here to find peace,not to get upset. maybe it's not the placethat you need at this time of your life.magdalena: i don't have anywhere else to go.>> you can come back to your house.magdalena: i don't have anything to do in that place.and as my sister told me, this is my new opportunityto start my new life. and that's exactlywhat i'm going to do. >> all right,but this is not a game. you'll stay at the retreatuntil the end. and if you don't,you'll have to find another placeto build your new life. magdalena: of coursei'm staying. i'm sorry for my behavior.>> take your time. and when you're completelyat peace, you can come back.magdalena: [cries] [music][music] [ambulance siren]trini: excuse me. where can you give mesome information about a patient?>> over there, madam. trini: tha--thank you.miss. rebeca.i came as soon as i could. what do you knowabout your sister? rebeca: nothing.nothing because the doctors don't say did you find out? trini: alonso called meto tell me he couldn't communicate with herand to ask me to go to your houseto see what happened with the telephone.and that's where clara told me. rebeca: what did she tell you?trini: almost nothing. the poor girl was so nervous.she just told me that-- that she had fallen downand that when the ambulance arrived,she was unconscious. do you know if she's come round?rebeca: no, because when we arrived here,she was still unconscious. trini: oh, my could that handrail break? do you know something?rebeca: oh, trini. trini, i'm--i'm so scaredfor adriana. [cries]trini: calm down. calm down. your sister's going to be fine,and her baby too. we have to have least, alonso already knows. rebeca: what?alonso knows? trini: yes.and--and i told them i'd call them againas soon as i knew something about adriana.[cries] clara: no, please,ruperto, get out! no! don't look at me like that!understand, i don't want to haveany problems after all that happened.ruperto: okay, what happened? clara: adriana fellfrom the floor upstairs. and the least i want is that--there are some problems and-- what if she loses her baby?[cries] ruperto: did you have anythingto do with that? clara: no, of course not,but in the middle of such thing, the least i wantis a burglary in this house. ruperto:, it's late for you to regret, pretty, look what i've found.[laughs] i'm sure they'll give mea lot of money for this. clara: no, no!no, ruperto, no, please! leave that!ruperto: clara, stop! stop! don't make thingsmore complicated! it's for our own good.alonso: how do you want me to explain it to you?i need to go back to mexico urgently. it's an emergency.receptionist: i understand you, but there are no more placesin that flight. you have to wait until tomorrow.alonso: no, you don't understand anything!i have to take that plane. my wife had an accident.and i need to be with her. receptionist: but there areno more places in that flight. i suggest that you askin another airline and maybe you geta connecting plane that-- that leavesfrom another country. alonso: of course i'll do that.nazario: i'm sorry, miss, but he's so desperate.receptionist: yes, i could see. nazario: is it possible to geta ticket at least? i could travel tomorrowor any other day, but he has an emergency.receptionist: yes, but i have the waiting listand i can't do that, understand? but--look,if there's a seat cancellation, that place is yours.nazario: and when can we know that?receptionist: in a couple of hours because the planeisn't here yet. i'm just starting to askfor the documents. nazario: sure.receptionist: okay? nazario: thank's been kind of you. receptionist: thank you.ruperto: first thing in the morning tomorrow,i'll see how much they'll pay me for all this.[laughs] clara: i shouldn't have openedthe door for you, ruperto. i'm so stupid, you know?ruperto: [laughs] if you feel so bad,then come back to your bosses' house.clara: uh-huh. and how? i'm sure they'll say i'm guiltyand i'll even go to prison for burglary.ruperto: [laughs] stop crying. look, think that thiswe took from them is like-- like pulling out a cat's hair.okay? it's nothing for them,but for me-- clara: for you?ruperto: no, for us. look. look, honey--clara: ruperto, stop. ruperto: what's your problem?you're going to be like this? this is the end!clara: i'm worried about adriana.i don't know anything about her. ruperto: look,first thing in the morning tomorrow,you take a public phone, dial the hospital numberand ask about her. okay? you don't have to say your name.your madam, adriana. [laughs]rebeca: doctor. can you tell us something now?doctor: yes. we assessed mrs. gaxiola's caseand we performed a c-section to prevent risks for the baby.trini: oh, could you save it? doctor: fortunately,adriana gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.trini: oh, thank god. and she's fine, isn't she?she hasn't got any problems? doctor: apparently,despite the fall, the baby girl is perfectly fine.anyway, we're going to keep her under observation.trini: i'm so glad, doctor. rebeca: doctor,and how's my sister? doctor: unfortunately,her situation's not so encouraging.she suffered a very serious brain contusion.she's in a coma. and honestly speaking,she has almost no chance to get better.

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