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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 39

Alonso le reclama a Rebeca por no decirle que Nora trató de suicidarse. Rafaela le dice a Milagros que deje en paz a Marcelo o le dirá la verdad sobre la muerte de su padre.
26 May 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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... announcer: televisa presents...alonso: marcelo was here a while ago.lucía: yes, i saw him. alonso: it seems you don't care.i thought you're interested in that guy.lucia: well, no. alonso: what a pity.he'd have been a good couple for you.lucia: marcelo and i have nothing in common.alonso: fine, as long as you don't tell me you still lovemiserable rodrigo zúñiga... [knocking on door]nora: can i come in? alonso: yes, honey. come do you feel? nora: so-so, and you?alonso: fine, happy to have my two daughters with me.i'd give anything so you'd leave rancor aside,and would see each other as what you're,two true sisters. lucía: i'd love that too.alonso: nothing to say? nora: of course,i want us to be a happy family too.alonso: what happened? did you get hurt?nora, nora. lucía, what happened to nora?explain me. lucía: please, forgive me.i swear i didn't mean to hurt you, had to know it. alonso: thanks for telling, please, leave me alone. lucía: yes.alonso: [sighs] what have i done wrong?my god, what have i done wrong? [sighs]nazario: well, i'm glad you saw alonso better.i hope he's soon at the factory. marcelo: i hope so.but he'll need some more time, and he trusts you'll dealwith everything. nazario: [chuckles]well, with your help, don't forget it.marcelo: of course, you count on me.talking about alonso, how's his relationwith his wife? nazario: well, that's notyour business. marcelo: i know, and i don'twant to be indiscreet. but today i visited himin his house, and he was staying at the guest's seemed weird because he's not very well'd be logical that his wife would be in charge of himmorning, afternoon and night. nazario: yes.i don't know how's that relation currently, but it must bedeteriorated because of lucía and nora's problem.though... marcelo: what?nazario: well, since the beginning that marriagewasn't fine. alonso has always given rebecaher place, but she knows that deep down he's trulyin love with his first wife. marcelo: lucía's mom?nazario: yes, and that's a great frustration for rebeca,a great failure. marcelo: but that doesn'tjustify her. nazario: how do you mean?marcelo: the way she treats lucía.sorry, but i have to go. i owe you the beer.nazario: what's the matter with this guy, for god's sake?milagros: so, my son's date was with you...daniela: i demand you to tell me what kind of relationyou have with marcelo. milagros: answer.daniela: as they well said, silence gives made me believe you'd-- rebeca: hold on, girl.i won't let you disrespect me, let alone talk to me like that.milagros: you yourself are disrespecting you,when married, you have a date with a younger man at a hotel.rebeca: yes, i have a date here with your son,but not for what you think. it's a business issue.milagros: oh, sure. rebeca: yes, sure.i had to meet marcelo here to see a client who iscoming from guadalajara. my husband is convalescentand can't see him now. milagros: all of your clientscome to this kind of hotels? rebeca: my husband's factoryis five minutes from here. but i won't give explanations.excuse me. [car starts]your son never showed up. tell him it's a totallack of professionalism. daniela: did you believe her?milagros: i don't know. one thing is clear,marcelo didn't show up, and she's furious about it.rafaela: marcelo. marcelo: rafaela,what are you doing here? rafaela: how are you?marcelo: what happened? rafaela: why would i stayalone in mexico, doing anything? then, your mom told meshe wouldn't go back for a good while.marcelo: yes, it seems she'll stay in puebla.well, i'm glad you're here. why haven't you gottenyour things in? rafaela: i've been callingand nobody opens. marcelo: how strange.when i left, mom was here. rafaela: she must've gone out.who knows where. marcelo: come in.rafaela: i take it. marcelo: don't worry.brígida: what do you do? rodrigo: something dad asked me.brígida: what's that? rodrigo: why do you want meto explain if anyway you won't get anything?brígida: son, don't treat me as if i were a retard.rodrigo: well, i actually don't get it.and now i don't have a mind to get concentrated.brígida: yes, that's logical, with so muchyou've been through. but think it's not the endof the world. you have a whole life ahead.rodrigo: i don't see clear. all doors are getting closedfor me. brígida: you have to makeyour part too. start going out, have some fun.rodrigo: where, who with? i have no friends anymore.i'm alone. brígida: don't say have your dad and i, and we'll always be with you.rodrigo: really? have you put on my shoesand do you get how i feel? brígida: perhaps,you don't notice it, but your dad and i have alwayswanted the best for you, honey. rodrigo: that's the problem,i don't notice it. lucía: he looked so bad,so defenseless, that for a moment i was moved.leticia: i hope you're not so fool as to fall in his games.lucía: of course, not. the only thing i feelfor rodrigo is pity. although i told marcelo that--leticia: what? lucía: nothing.leticia: come on, what did you tell him?lucía: i told him i was still in love with rodrigo,that as he and nora wouldn't marry anymore,i could keep on thinking of him. leticia: you're really insane.lucía: why nobody can get i don't want more problemsin my life? leticia: what problems?lucía: for instance, with marcelo's ex,daniela. i don't want more clasheswith nora. do you know she's veryinterested in marcelo? leticia: i'm sorry for her,because he likes you. lucía: how do i explain you?i don't want repeating rodrigo's story.i don't want to be away from nora anymore, no more.leticia: and to please envious nora, you'll losethe man of your life? lucía: excuse me,but you're the least suitable person to give me love don't know what's to feel jealous, rage or don't know. leticia: yes, i don't, i don''s clear that in my 24 years i'm a spinsterwho knows nothing. lucía: no, no, no, you fool.forgive me. i'm just very afraid.leticia: and do you think that telling marcelothat you still love rodrigo you'll get over your fears?talk with him and tell him the same you're telling me.lucía: he won't listen to me. would you've seenhow indifferent he was with me when he came to see my dad.leticia: by the way, my mom already took too longwith your dad. it was going to be a fast check.lucía: yes, they must be talking, as latelythey get along very well. leticia: i see.lucía: i love you. leticia: me too.sara: good afternoon. rebeca: and what do you do here?sara: i came to see alonso. i wasn't at easewith his eagerness to leave the hospital.rebeca: thanks a lot, but we have the cardiologistnumber for when we'll need one. sara: why can't you bear me, uh?rebeca: no, it's not so. i'm just a bit tiredof so much doctors in my house. sara: i didn't come as a doctor,but as a family friend. rebeca: well, when we'll needyou as a friend, we call don't need to bother so much.leticia: are we leaving? sara: yes, we've botheredenough. see you.lucía: thanks for coming. leticia: bye you fool.bye. lucía: why sara said so?rebeca: i don't know. you ask her.lucía: aunt. dad asked me why norahad her wrists bandaged. rebeca: what did you answer?lucía: the truth. milagros: who told you to come?rafaela: well, i-- marcelo: i called herto accompany you. milagros: who said i needed so?you go back to mexico right now. got it?rafaela: i go for my things. marcelo: you didn't have totreat her like this. mind you, rafaela has brought meand my brother up. she's been part of the family.milagros: don't get confused. she's just a reliable maid, yes.but, in the end, a maid. marcelo: for me, she's beenway far more than that. it's way too much thatyou treat her like this when she's been with usin good and bad times-- milagros: well, well, i know.but she has become too's clear you don't have to put with her morning,afternoon and night. marcelo: why impertinent,because she tells you the truth? don't play dumb, know well you need her. unless that, for a reasoni don't known, she's a nuisance for you now.milagros: i won't argue. marcelo: me neither.rafaela stays with me, period. milagros: as you wish.i said i won't argue, let alone for a maid.let me know when you have time to go seeyour brother's ashes. alonso: what nora did wastoo delicate, i had right to know it.rebeca: how would we tell you if you were in intense therapy,unconscious when it happened? alonso: for god's sake,i've been in my five senses for a long seems that lately you got usedto hide things from me. rebeca: oh, yeah?why do you only blame me? magdalena, lucía,your adored sara knew it too, and am i the only one to blame?alonso: yes, i'm sorry. i feel powerless.i have no right to take it against you.rebeca: come, sit down. alonso: what nora did was bad,very bad. i'm her dad, and i don't knowhow to help her. rebeca: get it, nora has beenunder too much pressure. she felt guilty,even about your heart attack. she was desperate.get that. alonso: for god's sake,open your eyes. nora needs professional help.rebeca: uh, and who gave you that excellent idea,your adored, sara? alonso: no!we've talked about this before. nora needs helpfrom a psyquiatrist! rebeca: i'm sorry,but i won't treat my daughter as a mental patientjust because she went through a bad time.alonso: it wasn't only a bad time.first, she tried to kill herself, and then she blamedher sister for trying to kill her.rebeca: well, i'm not so sure that lucía hasn't beenguilty for what happened. but, sure, as you're blindedwith her, you won't see beyond your nose.rafaela: [sobs] marcelo: don't cry.please, don't get like this. you'll stay here with me.don't listen to my mom. you already know how she is.rafaela: yes, but it hurts's better if i go back to mexico and look outfor the house there. marcelo: no, please.i need you here with me. rafaela: yes, i know you needsomeone in charge of your mom, but i already reached my limit.marcelo: i need you. you're the only one i trust,and here i can only talk with nazario, but i can't tellhim anything about... rafaela: what can't youtell him? marcelo: you know what.rafaela: don't tell me you haven't even talkedabout it with your girlfriend? marcelo: i've told youmany times lucía isn't my girlfriend.she's not and never will. rafaela: how come?marcelo: i don't want to talk about it.the only thing i can tell you is that lucía isn't in my lifeanymore. rafaela: so,why are you still here? let's go all to mexico.marcelo: i can't yet. rafaela: are you backwith the nonsense to avenge your brother?for god's sake, forget that. i said it won't bringanything good. what do you want to do?how will you avenge that woman? marcelo: i can't give youdetails, but i'm already starting to do it.nora: did you talk with rodrigo and his dad?rebeca: no. i didn't find them.i'll look for them later. are you going out?nora: yes. didn't you say i have tostart my life again? rebeca: i thinkit's too soon to go out. you should restat least one day more. nora: i feel good, i mean it.i'm fed up with being locked. rebeca: you go nowhere.nora: i just go to gloria's. rebeca: tell gloria to comesee you here. you stay.nora: why so mad? what, does my dad still talkabout divorce? rebeca: do what you please.i just hope you won't regret it later.nora: i swear i won't. rebeca: [snorts]she's so stubborn. [doorbell rings]ligia: jeez, what a good surprise.rodrigo: you said i could come when i'd need a friend.ligia: but i never imagined it'd be so soon.rodrigo: can i come in? ligia: why don't we bettergo somewhere? rodrigo: why?ligia: with the face you have, i prefer you to get distracted,locked up here, you'll get more depressed.wait for me. rodrigo: that's fine.rodrigo: barefoot? ligia: never mind.i put my shoes downstairs. let's go.daniela: ligia. who was it?ligia? priest: you can go in peace.mass is finished. lucía: is anything wrong?magdalena: no, i'm fine. let's she marcelo's mom? lucía: yes.magdalena: and whose ashes is he carrying?lucía: i guess, his brother's. marcelo told methat he died recently. he committed suicide.magdalena: my goodness, lord. and why didn't he greet us?lucía: no, he didn't want to greet's obvious that he can't see me at all anymore.magdalena: wait. [doorbell rings]nora: is marcelo in? rafaela: no, he leftwith his mother, but i don't thinkhe'll take long. are you lucía?nora: no, i'm nora. thanks god, my sister and iare very different. rafaela: sorry, do you wantcoming in to wait for marcelo? nora: no, thanks.i'll be back some other time. [music][music] priest: sorry, but whydo you want to leave your son's ashes here,if you say you'll stay just temporarily in puebla?milagros: because i want them close to me and my other son.when we'll go back to mexico, we'll take them with problem then. do you have spare niches?priest: yes, we still have some. will you leave the ashesjust like this, or would you like us saying a mass?milagros: what do you think, son?marcelo: what you decide is ok. milagros: a mass would be fine.priest: fine, just give me a second to go for the agendato check the date. excuse me.milagros: you're leaving it all to me.marcelo: i'm sorry, i'm just thinkingof something else. milagros: your dear lucía,i guess. i'm glad she didn't greet us,and you didn't greet either. marcelo: don't worry.lucía won't steal my sleep or yours anymore.decide what you want for the mass, i agree.i wait for you outside. priest: ready.let's see what's available. sergio: thank you.lucía. lucía: i'm sorry.have you waited for too long? sergio: no, not at all.i'm just coming. no worries. anything to drink?lucía: no, not now, thanks. sergio: i was actuallysurprised with your call. lucía: when you'll knowwhy i called you, you may get even more surprised.i need asking you something very important.sergio: sure. anything, tell me.lucía: look for rodrigo. he's too lonely, he needs you.sergio: yes, what you ask is rather weird,that you defend him. lucía: i feel too much pitywith all he's going through. sergio: get this,all that's happening to him, and all he's suffering nowis because he alone looked for it.lucía: yes, i know... i do know, and i also knowall the grudge you hold against him, above allbecause my sister was involved. sergio: yes.i won't deny it hurts too much. it hurt too the way, how is she? lucía: just as rodrigo,paying all her mistakes too hard.sergio: i really doubt nora had learned the have to watch out for her very much.she can hurt you again. lucía: don't worry.and please, look for rodrigo. he's too lonely.rodrigo: cheers. ligia: cheers.i love this place. rodrigo: why?ligia: because here we started being friends.rodrigo: thanks for putting up with me.ligia: it's nothing. i'm please with it.what's more, if you want i can give you a magic recipeto cheer someone up. rodrigo: what is it?ligia: this. what, why that face?are you afraid of women? i'd invite you to my apartment,but i have visits. rodrigo: it's notthe only place where we can go. ligia: let's go.thanks. trinidad: really, blond matter how much i think of it,i don't get modern girls. why do they escapefrom good, decent men? nazario: [chuckles]do you say so because of lucía? trinidad: also for she got in her head that she can't be with mariobecause of their age. nazario: that's nonsense.she's too young yet. she has many years to live.trinidad: even if she'd be old. there's no age for love,is there? nazario: that means thatwhen you'll become widow you'll look for another couple.trinidad: please, blond man. stop the and i have a deal, and we'll leave this worldtogether. haven't you forgotten, have you?nazario: of course, not. trinidad: and i want to say,that i at least, have no intention to die.what about you? nazario: me neither.trinidad: lucky me. cat's eyes, why do youbother me? nazario: because you're lookingfor another couple... [doorbell rings]magdalena: forgive me for having dashed out from herelike a little girl. mario: that's logical,above all, if what i said seemed so ridiculous.magdalena: no, i was the only ridicule here.but, please, let me explain you. mario: no, you don't have toexplain me anything. things are as they are.end of story. and i already got it.magdalena: no, you don't because there's somethingyou don't know. since that happened to mewith ricardo, i was never againinvolved with someone. that's a part that i deniedcompletely in my life. and i got nervous.but now that i find you-- mario: you realized you're notinterested in me as a man. magdalena: no, on the contrary,now that i find you, i realized i'd be foolif i'd keep denying myself the chance.mario: [hums] what do you mean?magdalena: [clears throat] that...i'd like us to be something else.that is, something more than friends.mario: [clears throat] do you mean it?magdalena: yes, pretty much. i'd lie if i'd say i'm in love,and i don't know if that would eventually happen, but...what i do know is that you're a great man,and you're very worthy, and i want to try it...and-- mario: enough.don't say more. i'm willing to take riskof what could happen. magdalena: really?mario: really. both: [chuckle]rafaela: did you finally find where to putyour brother's ashes? marcelo: yes.rafaela: why are you like this? did you fight with your mom?marcelo: no, not at all. any news here?rafaela: yes. nora gaxiola came for you.marcelo: nora, what for? rafaela: i don't know.when i saw her at the door, i thought she was lucía.she didn't like that at all because she said thatthanks god, she and her sister are very different.marcelo: yes, thanks god they're very different.lucía is noble, strong, transparent. rafaela: and if she's so,why are you letting her go? marcelo: because she preferredanother, but the worse is that he's totally worthless.rafaela: oh, i see. you're dying of jealousy,and that's leading you to take silly decisions.instead of going on with your vengeance,you should fight for that girl. marcelo: i don't want anymore.besides, that silly decision, as you call it,has nothing to do with my relation with lucí know that's a goal i had already set.i'm just taking it back. rafaela: think things over,please. marcelo: don't tell me, if you don't agree with what i'll do,you'd better go back to mexico. i'm not chucking you out,but i don't want you to be my accomplice in somethingi'll do. so, make up your mind.rafaela: now, less than ever i'll leave you want to jump into a cliff, and i still i have the hopeto catch you before you do it. marcelo: anyway, you won't beable to do anything to stop me. brígida: where were you?rodrigo: i was with sergio. brígida: that's not possiblebecause he came for you a while ago.rodrigo: really? brígida: yes, i even triedto call you on your phone, but there wasn't a wayto reach you. rodrigo: it switched offand i didn't realize it. brígida: didn't you do iton purpose? come on, tell me at oncewhere were you. rodrigo: i went outwith a friend. brígida: what friend?rodrigo: why do you want to know her name, if you don't know her?you were the first one advising me to go outand get distracted. brígida: yes, but i'd liketo know who are you getting distracted with.rodrigo: it doesn't matter. she's a friend with whomi don't have and i'll never have an important relation.good night. brígida: at least,did you have a good time? rodrigo: it wasn't bad.[music] [music]leticia: good morning. ligia: good morning.leticia: can you tell licentiate hernandezthat i'm already here? i don't know where to start.ligia: he's very busy. if you want, you can waitin sergio's office. as soon as he's available,i let you know. leticia: fine.marcelo, what a surprise! what do you do here?marcelo: hi, i had a date with licentiate hernandez,and you? leticia: i work here.marcelo: i didn't know. that's great.leticia: yesterday, i met lucía. marcelo: oh, yeah?leticia: aren't you curious to know what we talked about?marcelo: no, not actually. i'm not interested to knowanything at all about your pal. leticia: how weird you should sit down to clear things up.marcelo: there's nothing to clear up.leticia: well, if you say so. will you stay for a long whilewith licentiate hernandez? marcelo: i don't know.why? leticia: i'm just curious.see you later. marcelo: see you.sorry, good morning. ligia: good you're famous marcelo escalante.marcelo: yes, why? ligia: i heard lots about you.i'll tell in a second licentiate you're here.marcelo: thanks a lot. ligia: you're welcome.excuse me. marcelo: go ahead.ligia: oh, sorry. i didn't offer anythingto drink. would you like anything?marcelo: no, nothing. thanks. leticia: do you mindif i use the phone? sergio: no.[phone dialing] [phone rings]lucía: hi. leticia: great, you answered.please, come. i need you to come see me.lucía: what for? leticia: i can't tell youon the phone, but i swear it's important.lucía: you fool, don't scare me. tell me what do you have?leticia: don't ask more. please, come.i'm in my work. lucía: fine, i go now.mellow out. leticia: don't take long.sergio: what's the matter? any problem?leticia: yes. marcelo escalante is hereand i want him to meet lucía. sergio: what's that guydoing here? marcelo: nice meeting you.mario: it's my pleasure. take a seat, please.marcelo: thanks a lot. sorry to bother you,but mister gaxiola sent me to check nazario treviño'spowers. mario: it's no fact, i was waiting for you. here's the draft, check it,in case i skipped something, please.marcelo: there's nothing to're the expert. mr. alonso is eager for it.mario: tell him not to worry. today i take itwith the public notary. marcelo: thanks a lot.amador: i'm glad to see you better.when are you back working? alonso: as soon as the doctorallows me. amador: well, to keeptaking care. how's nora doing?alonso: all in all, quite good. amador: what can i say?we're actually dismayed for her and the baby, rodrigo above all.alonso: no need to tell you that rodrigo and noradon't need to marry anymore. amador: perfectly gotten.don't worry. among so many misfortunes,i can give you a good news. alonso: which one?amador: i'm about to close a deal with a new clientfor the factory. it's a company that suppliesrestaurant's chains. to start with, the wantour dinner service. alonso: really?amador: of course they want a good price on the first order,but don't worry. i'll deal with it.alonso: that's perfect. before closing any deal,please, check everything with nazario.amador: sure. why?alonso: i won't be able to go back,so he'll deal with everything. amador: he...will deal with everything. alonso: yes, i couldn't tell youbefore, but i'm telling you now. amador: he's your employee,i'm your partner. alonso: yes, but he'san employee with lots of experience and the onewith more years in the company. amador: why do youdo this to me? alonso: i'm not doing anythingagainst you. on the contrary, i think thisis very good for the business. instead of creating a conflict,i think you'll be able to work as a team.amador: i'm really sorry that our sons bad relationhad deteriorated so much ours. alonso: don't think like that.amador: no, don't worry. keep getting better.everything will look as you wish.don't worry. there we are.leticia: is marcelo still with the licentiate?ligia: yes. leticia: i hope they take put much perfume, right? mario: thanks for coming.nice meeting you. marcelo: you too. thanks.excuse me, see you. mario: leticia, see you now.leticia: yes, don't worry. are you leaving?marcelo: yes, why? leticia: don't you feel likehaving a coffee? marcelo: no, thanks a lot.i'm in a hurry. leticia: i walk you to the car.if the licentiate asks for me, tell him i won't take long.marcelo: excuse me. leticia: don't you wantto go to a café nearby? marcelo: no, i can't now.leticia: just a short while so you tell me how you're doingat the factory. i won't take you much time,please. i thoughtyou wouldn't make it on time. lucía: on time for what?leticia: to meet marcelo. you have to tell himall you told me yesterday. marcelo: what do you haveto tell me? lucía: nothing, nothing.i don't know what leti means. leticia: don't play's your chance to clear things up.lucía: well, i just-- marcelo: don't struggle.i really don't care what you had told your have your own interests and i mine.leticia: what's the use of my doing all i can,if you won't cooperate? lucía: that's why you brought mehere, uh? to meet, face to face,a man i don't want to see and who obviouslydoesn't want to see me either? leticia: i just wantedto help you. lucía: no, don't help me.when i'll want your help, i'll ask for it.leticia: don't get mad either. lucía: yes, i do.what you've just done is an stupidity.leticia: well. please, forgive me.lucía: do me a favor, don't meddlewhere you shouldn't. [music][music] nazario: like this,all the same. lalo: what's up, fierros?look, one of the talavera crosses we made last year.nazario: i thought we had sold them out.lalo: well, no. do you want me to take itto the exhibition room? nazario: no, trini liked itand wanted to keep one. i take it.lalo: then, it's all yours. nazario: what?take it to the cashier and there i'll pay for it.lalo: you're from the house. how come you'll pay it?nazario: precisely, we have to start respectingat home. lalo: well, yes.amador: hey, nazario, i warn you.though you convinced alonso to place you as manager,you won't get rid of me easily. nazario: i didn't convinceanyone of anything, and i don't want to get ridof nobody. i'm just doing the production.amador: well, i warn you. this won't remain like this.lalo: was that a threat? nazario: his barkis worse than his bite. don't forget it, take itto the cashier so i pay it and take it to trini.both: all right, then. lucía: hi, how can i help you?rafaela: i'm looking for miss lucía gaxiola.lucía: yes, it's me. rafaela: i'm rafaela ozuna,marcelo's nana. i couldn't wait to meet you,so the building's manager gave me the address.lucía: if you come to attack or insult me--rafaela: no, on the contrary. i come to tell you thati thank god marcelo had met you. lucía: i don't knowwhat information you may have, but he and i--rafaela: i know, i know. i know you don't feelthe same he feels for you. at least,that's what he told me. is that true?lucía: yes. rafaela: you just don't knowhim well yet. i assure you he's a good guy,the best. his brother's death hurt himtoo much, so much so that he's gotten tangledin a bunch of nonsense. lucía: sorry, why are youtelling me all this? rafaela: because you arethe only one who can save him. lucía: what from, madam?rafaela: to ruin his life. lucía: i'm sorry, madam.i'm not getting anything. rafaela: never mind.anyway, i needed to tell you so.excuse me. marcelo is right,you're very pretty. norma: marcelo!mrs. rebeca is waiting for you at alonso's private.she wants you to go there as soon as you'd arrive.marcelo: thank you. norma: you're welcome.marcelo: hi. rebeca: close the door.marcelo: i see you're upset, but something importantcame up and i couldn't make it. rebeca: what's your game?marcelo: this isn't a game for me.i couldn't make it. rebeca: i don't know whatkind of women you're used to deal with,but i won't put up with this, let alone that you sendyour mom and your ex-girlfriend to interrogate me.marcelo: pardon? rebeca: it turns outthey could make it to the date. i want to know why.marcelo: i'm sorry, i swear i don't know.rebeca: well, find out because i won't toleratebeing stalked, let alone being judged.daniela: what did marcelo say about the date with that woman?milagros: we haven't talked about it yet, but i guessrebeca will update him. complaints will come soon.daniela: what will you tell him? milagros: don't worry about it,i'll think of something. now, it's more importantto talk about lucía gaxiola because as far as i could tell,my son's relation with her got frustrated.daniela: really? milagros: it seems so.what i mean is, it's a really good time for you to get closeto marcelo again. he must be needing youmore than ever. daniela: i see.milagros: i have to go. i call you later.rafaela: you don't really get that you shouldn't meddlein your son's life, right? milagros: stop telling mewhat i have or haven't to do. and don't feel so surebecause marcelo defended you. i still can chuck you out,and even kick you out, if i please.rafaela: do you think i shake with it?listen well to me, either you leave your sonin peace once and for all, or i'll start speaking up.milagros: what about? rafaela: you know.i'll tell marcelo how his dad died,and let's see who ends up chucked outand despised. [music]

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