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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 38

Milagros le dice a Marcelo que se quedará en Puebla. Rodrigo le confiesa a Lucía que la ama y que se siente solo.
25 May 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents... alonso: don't ask me to keephaving the same relationship we had, as a couple,because i lost all my trust in you.i need to get it back, i don't know how longit'll take, or if i'll ever be able to.rebeca: i understand. alonso: i'm going to the guestsroom. rebeca: i'll help you.alonso: no, thanks. i remind you i can walkon my own. rebeca: [thinks] you always tookme for granted. always.[cell phone] marcelo: hello?rafaela: sorry to bother you, marcelo.marcelo: what happened with mom this time?rafaela: i can't find her anywhere.marcelo: don't worry, she must have gone to see danielato plan something out. rafaela: do you think it'snormal she took her suitcase? marcelo: what?rafaela: i just realized that part of her clothesare gone and a suitcase too. marcelo: stop going in circlesand tell me what's on your mind. rafaela: that she went backto puebla, she did it really quietly.because she knew i didn't agree. i'm telling you so that youknow. marcelo: at what time do yousuppose she left? rafaela: not a long time ago,but it's been a while. marcelo: thanks for letting meknow. mom?mom? federico?[cries] why, federico?why? why?daniela: i thank you so much for coming.milagros: you sounded so desperate, i took the first bus.daniela: what did marcelo say when he saw you?milagros: he doesn't know i'm here yet.when i went to the apartment to leave my things he wasn'tback from work yet. that factory...but since the owner is that girl's father,he gets so silly. daniela: i don't really knowwhat she sees in that peasant girl.milagros: me neither. but don't worry,together we're going to make things change.daniela: i haven't told you. we're not alone in this,milagros: meaning? daniela: to my surprise,lucia's stepmother is on my side and she wants to help meget marcelo back. milagros: that's odd,don't you think that's odd? daniela: yes, i'm a littlereticent, but on the other hand, what would she get by trickingme? milagros: i have no idea,but we have to be careful. what's that woman's name?daniela: rebeca murillo gaxiola.milagros: rebeca murillo gaxiola.marcelo: why don't you show your real self?rebeca: you fool! how did you knowi'll kiss you back? marcelo: because i know youbetter than you think. rebeca: please!what could you possibly know about me?marcelo: for example, that you're a woman who can'tlive without feeling wanted. and that you like provoking.[door opens] milagros: good evening.rebeca: good evening. marcelo: hello, mom,let me introduce you to rebeca murillo gaxiola.she's mr. alonso's wife. rebeca: my pleasure,my husband spoke well of you. milagros: a pleasure.rebeca: i'll leave. excuse me.marcelo: good night. milagros: what was that womandoing here? marcelo: why don't you bettertell me what you're doing here? why did you come back?ligia: what took you so long? i was worried.daniela: why? ligia: it's really late and youdon't know your way around the city.daniela: i went to see my mother in law.ligia: your mother in law? daniela: aha, marcelo's life long boyfriend and who i'm going to get married to.i was going to when he decided to come work to pueblaand everything got complicated. ligia: so you came after him?daniela: i came to get him back, which is not the same.i would have done it already if he wasn't interested in somegirl from this town. ligia: what girl?daniela: some girl called lucia gaxiola or something.ligia: what a small world! daniela: do you know her?ligia: just saw her a couple of times.but i do know her ex-boyfriend. therefore, i know all her story.daniela: what story? come on ligia, don't play!what story? ligia: i'll tell you,but first you go downstairs, make me a sandwich and bring it.go. daniela: okay.milagros: i told you, i came to bring your brother's ashesso that together we can find a place for him.marcelo: why would you want to leave them here?milagros: because since you have no intention of going backto mexico, at least we're all together.marcelo: so, you're planning to stay here with me?milagros: no, don't worry, i can go somewhere else,so i won't bother you. i know i was always a nuisanceto you, that you've always seen me as a burden.marcelo: you're no burden, but we agreed it was bestto keep a healthy distance. milagros: well, your brothernever needed that. marcelo: my brother and iwere very different. milagros: yes, that's obvious.don't worry, i said i'll look for my own place so you'realone. marcelo: i don't understandwhy you want to come over here and leave your house in's not worth it, i don't know how long i'll bestaying here in puebla. milagros: you can't ask meto leave. you're my only son.and whether you like it or not, i'm your long as it's possible, i want to be close to can't forbid me to do that.marcelo: no, i can't. milagros: i'm glad youunderstand. you didn't tell me why yourboss' wife was here. marcelo: she came to ask me tosupport her husband at the factory while he gets betterfrom his heart attack. milagros: i'm sure you saidyou'd do it, right? how could you miss the chanceto get even more involved with that family?magdalena: you're finally back. rebeca: i told you i was goingto get some medications for alonso.magdalena: yes, but you took over an hour.rebeca: yes, i couldn't find them.i went to many pharmacies before i could find are alonso and nora doing? did they ask about me?magdalena: no, nora fell asleep as soon as we got back.rebeca: that's good, she'll rest.well, i'll go check on alonso. excuse me.magdalena: he's asleep too. rebeca, may i ask why he'ssleeping in the guests' room? rebeca: because he thinks he'llbe more comfortable and rest better.but i'm sure he'll go back to our room as soon as he's better.don't worry. magdalena: i'm not worried,you should be the one that worries, don't you think?rebeca: thanks for taking care of them both.good evening, magdalena, rest well.magdalena: good evening. brigida: does that meanyou're not getting married? amador: i didn't discuss it withalonso, but it's obvious there will be no wedding.brigida: oh, i was so excited about the babycoming. norita must be really in pain.rodrigo: don't worry about her, i assure you she's happy aboutnot having that baby. and so am i.brigida: you're so insensitive. rodrigo: maybe, but it's thebest thing that could have happened to all of us,specially the baby, it would have been hell for it.brigida: i don't want to keep listening to you.amador: now more than ever, we need to speed up our plans.without that baby, the relationship with gaxiola...rodrigo: i know, dad. you don't need to explain.amador: get to work then. rodrigo: i am, but i have manyother things to take care of, don't pressure me.amador: what, for example? rodrigo: for example, lucia,although you'll never understand.amador: stop fantasizing about her, you'll never get her back.rodrigo: don't underestimate me, you could be surprised.amador: i really hope you do, i don't think you will,but i really hope so. turn off the light.[knock] lucia: come in.magdalena: you're still awake. lucia: it's not that late.magdalena: i heard what happened to your sister.and there's also her version. lucia: aunt, nora can't surpriseme at all anymore. it hurts that my dad believedher. magdalena: of course he didn' all. don't get things in your head.i have good news for you. your dad is home.lucia: what? he was in delicate state.magdalena: you know him. he's so stubborn, no one couldmake him stay in the hospital. lucia: no!what was he thinking? magdalena: yes, have you givenit a thought? will you go back home?lucia: i will. i promise dad i was goingto stay with him, and i'll do it,besides, i want to take care of him.magdalena: but nora is there too.lucia: i know my relationship with her will be a lot moredifficult, but i made a decision, and i won't takeit back. magdalena: that's good,because that's your house too, your dad lives there,and that's your home. trinidad: so good you're back.magdalena: why, did anything happen?trinidad: no, it's just that mario came, he invited youfor dinner and you stood him up. and he waited for you morethan an hour out there. magdalena: oh, mario!samuel: i'm sure she got scared when you said i was coming too.she must have thought i'll marry you.mario: she has no reason to. she and i are just friends.samuel: but you'd love it if you were something more than that,right? mario: and you insist!samuel: stop pretending, no one gets so sad just becausea friend stands him up. mario: okay,i admit i'd love it if were more than just friends.samuel: why don't you just tell her?mario: no, she'll get scared. i don't want her to think...samuel: what? mario: that i'm getting close toher just because of what happened with her sisteryears ago. samuel: and, is that the reason?mario: of course not. samuel: well, there's a reasonwhy you thought of it. mario: let's see,don't try to confuse me, i said that becauseof magdalena, not me. i don't want her to think...samuel: you've told me many times that rebeca isin the past. but if for some reason,you're still thinking of her, something's not right.mario: who told you i'm still thinking about rebeca?samuel: it's obvious, you brought her up.look, think it over, and whatever it is, solve it.once and for all. thanks for dinner,it' was all very good. think about it.rebeca: you fool! marcelo: that woman will payfor what she's done to you. i promise.lucia: good morning! alonso: hello!what a nice surprise. lucia: don't think that justbecause you're not in the hospital, you won't be takingyour medications on time. alonso: what an efficient nurse.i'd love to have her full time. lucia: guess what?i brought my things, because i'll be with youall the time, as i promised. do you mind?alonso: of course not, i'm really glad.lucia: the thing is that with me back here, nora and i mightstart having problems... alonso: dear, first of alli want to tell you that i never believed what she saidat the hospital. if i gave you the wrongimpression, i'm sorry. lucia: it's okay.alonso: she was very upset about losing her baby and she neededto blame someone. lucy: you don't have to justifyher, i know how she feels. and why she feels like that.alonso: i also know how you feel about her and you have everyreason to feel that way. lucia: well, believe it or not,i forgave her. alonso: you know?i think your aunt rebeca is right about something.we have to try and be a family again.lucia: were we ever a family? alonso: well, in the past,i think so. can i count on you?lucia: yes, of course. alonso: thank you, dear.lucia: i'll go unpack right now. alonso: yes, dear.lucia: i love you. what are you doing hereon a sunday? teresa: everyone's sickand i can't just leave. lucia: thank you!teresa: don't thank me. maybe once you hear whati just did, you might get mad at me.lucia: what did you do? teresa: i was sweepingthe porch floor, and rodrigo arrived.i wasn't going to let him in, but he insisted so much,that he convinced me. so i let him in the backyard,so your dad wouldn't see him. lucia: well, it's okay thathe wants to check on nora. teresa: he doesn't want to seeher, he wants to see you. lucia: no, no.teresa: what do i tell him? that you'll meet him downstairs?or do i just kick him out? nora: why did you let herreturn after what she did to me? rebeca: because i had no reasonto oppose. nora: it's so obvious you don'tcare what she did to me. she killed my child.and as if it wasn't enough, i could have died too.rebeca: it's not that i don't's just that i still doubt she's the one who did it.nora: you think i'm lying? rebeca: you should be thankfulto her, because thanks to her, you won't have the child youhated so much. and you won't have to marryrodrigo. and you'll be able to startover. nora: i'm still doomed for life.rebeca: you say that because it's too recent, but sooneveryone will forget about what happened.and sooner than you expect, you'll have a million mencourting you. nora: you think marceloescalante could set his eyes on me?rebeca: again with him? can't you see he's not for you?why don't you forget about him? nora: why?and don't say it's because i always want what my sister hasbecause i liked him first. rebeca: because it's not justlucia, there's also daniela. marcelo has a very complicatedlife, why would you look for more trouble?nora: i don't mind the trouble. rebeca: but i're way too used to me solving everything for you,and i'm not willing to anymore. so, you better forget him.did you understand? lucia: what do you want?i don't think it's right for you to come to my house,when my dad is still delicate. and my sister's in bed.rodrigo: i needed to see you. lucia: what for?rodrigo: i know you're in love with that guy, but i have totell you how i feel. lucia: i don't care.rodrigo: you still have to listen to it for the love you once felt for me.lucia: [sighs] okay.rodrigo: i know that what i did to you is unforgivable,but realize i already paid for it.and i paid a high price. in a way, we all did.lucia: yes. rodrigo: i also know you'llnever love me again, but at least acceptmy friendship. lucia: no, no, you're insane.rodrigo: please, i beg you, listen to have no idea how depressed i've been.everyone turned their backs on me.i have no friends, not even sergio.and i feel lonely. lucia: what you're askingis impossible. rodrigo: i know,but help me, please. i need to hold on to somethingso i don't sink any deeper. and you're the only onethat can help me. teresa: young man,alonso says you can come in, he's waiting for you in theguests' room. marcelo: the guests' room?teresa: yes, even before he got sick, he was already sort of madwith mrs. rebeca. and when he got back home,he requested a separate room directly.marcelo: it's not right for an inside person like you to betelling people about your bosses' private lives.teresa: but you asked. marcelo: i just asked wherethe room was, i didn't know my way around the house.i've never been to the second floor.teresa: i screwed up. please don't tell my boss.or they'll fire me. marcelo: don't worry,where's the room? teresa: go up the stairs,first room to your right. marcelo: thank you.teresa: young man? marcelo: yes?teresa: that way. marcelo: thanks.excuse me. teresa: go ahead.[doorbell] magdalena: hello.mario: hello. magdalena: may i come in?mario: come in, please, sit down.magdalena: thanks. i'm here to apologize forstanding you up last night. mario: don't worry.samuel made it, so it was all worth it.magdalena: please, forgive me. the thing is alonso was releasedfrom the hospital and we had a serious problem with nora.mario: i said it's okay. magdalena: you're really angryat me, aren't you? mario: why would i be?it's obvious anything is more important to you than i much more important, you didn't even call to sayyou weren't coming. magdalena: okay, mario,forgive me, will you? why don't we go out tonight?anywhere you want, my treat. come on!let me make it up to you. mario: it's useless.magdalena: why? mario: i don't want to keeppretending. magdalena: why do you say that?mario: you really don't know? can't you imagine?magdalena: no, i have no idea.mario: i don't believe you. i don't believe you haven'tnoticed how i feel about you. [music][music] magdalena: what you just didis ridiculous. mario: no-- magdalena, don't--don't go, please. forgive me.[door slams] [knock]rebeca: come in. teresa: hello, i wanted to seewhich of mr. alonso's things i could take to his room.rebeca: who told you to take them?teresa: the master. i guess he doesn't want to comehere every time he needs something.which things can i take? rebeca: none!his things are staying here. teresa: you tell him now thathe's done talking to marcelo. rebeca: marcelo's here?teresa: yes, they've been talking for hours.excuse me. alonso: i asked hernandezto make a power of attorney for nazario.i want you to look through it before the notary leaves.marcelo: i'll take care of that first thing tomorrow,don't worry. alonso: thanks, help me goto the couch. marcelo: careful.alonso: there. thanks.alonso: i'll also ask you to support nazario in everythingreferring the company. that's what he wants,i hope you don't fail him. he trusted you in little time.well, so have i. marcelo: don't worry, there willbe no complains. at least not regarding business.alonso: and what could i have complains with?do you mean my daughter? marcelo: there's nothing andthere will never be nothing between me and her.alonso: but you said you liked her.marcelo: she was clear with me, and i won't beg her.i already started reorganizing my life, let's say i have otherpriorities. rebeca: i didn't know you werein such good company. marcelo: good morning.rebeca: good morning. do you want anythingfor breakfast? alonso: no, thanks,lucia took care of that. marcelo: i'll leave,do you need anything else? alonso: no, marcelo,thanks for your visit. marcelo: excuse me.rebeca: i'll walk you to the you need anything else? alonso: no, thanks.marcelo: excuse me. rebeca: did alonso asked youto come? marcelo: no, i came on my own.i really wanted to see you. rebeca: really?marcelo: after what happened last night, i'm surprised youdoubt it. rebeca: we need to talk.marcelo: okay. rebeca: but not here,we need a more comfortable place.marcelo: anywhere you want. i'll wait for you here at 2 p.m.marcelo: i'll be there. i hope your husband is notsleeping in a separate room because of me.rebeca: no, it has nothing to do with you.marcelo: that's good. see you.excuse me. rebeca: don't tell me youargued? lucia: we didn't argue or madeamends. we're nothing.nora: how do you dare come back after what you did to me?lucia: i did nothing to you. it was an accident.nora: an accident you caused. lucia: think whatever you want,my conscience is clean. nora: really?lucia: really. nora: that's odd, because so ismine. so we're even.i owe you nothing and neither do you.lucia: if that's the way you want to see it, fine.i just hope we can get along, at least for dad, because thelast thing he deserves right now is to be in the middle of fightsand arguments. nora: you should have thoughtof that before you returned. lucia: whether you like itor not, this is also my house. so this is where i'll stay.nora: well, i'm sorry for you. lucia: would you let me finishunpacking? nora: are you in a hurryto leave? are you going to meet marcelo?is he coming to get you? are you meeting him somewhere?lucia: no, he won't do any of that.for you to be at ease, i'll never see him again.nora: don't tell me he's back with his ex? what's her name?daniela? lucia: would you leave me alone?nora: you're very sensitive today.[music] daniela: the groom left thechurch and left her there without a clue of what was goingon, totally embarrassing. no one knew what happened untilthey found out that rodrigo left because he was sleepingwith her sister. milagros: how did you hear aboutall this? my cousin told know, in small towns everyone talks about otherpeople's lives. you know what they say aboutsmall towns. milagros: by the way,where does that relative of yours come from?daniela: i told you, she's a friend of my mom's daughter.when she was alive, we had some sort of relationship, but itstopped when my mom died. milagros: to be honest,i'm surprised you have that kind of family.because this has nothing to do with your parents or you.daniela: maybe, but i needed a place to stay, right?milagros: maybe we should hurry and look for a place for us tomove in together. because marcelo already told mehe doesn't want me in his house. daniela: does he know i'm stillhere? milagros: no, all in good the way, i met lucia's stepmother last night.she was with marcelo when i got to the apartment.daniela: why was she there? milagros: i don't know,he said something i honestly didn't believe.we have to be careful with that woman.who knows what she wants and who's side she's on.ligia: hello! daniela: hello, ligia.ligia: dani? sorry.daniela: let me introduce you to milagros, my mother in law.ligia: my pleasure, sorry i can't shake your hand.milagros: that's okay, daniela, i'll see you later.excuse me. daniela: don't you want me todrive you home? milagros: that's okay,stay and help your cousin with the bags.ligia: why did she rush to leave? she didn't like me?daniela: no, she's just like that, don't worry.ligia: what, you won't help me? daniela: yes, sure.ligia: take this one, it's really heavy.samuel: go in peace, mass is over.>> to the lord we thank. what happened?why are you sitting there? mario: i told you,she got scared. that's exactly what happened.samuel: you mean magdalena? mario: i followed your wonderfuladvice. i was honest with her and do youknow what she said? "you're ridiculous."samuel: i don't know what to you may understand i'm not very experienced in the field.mario: me neither, no one would believe it.but at forty years old, i don't know how to treata woman. samuel: won't you do somethingabout it? maybe she reacted like thatbecause she doesn't know how to deal with it either.or because she's scared. maybe she's just defendingherself. mario: anyway, i'm too old to bechasing ladies. i've been alone all my life,i have no problem staying alone. it's okay.magdalena: out of the blew he said i couldn't be so silly asnot to see how he feels about me.and just like that... trinidad: what?magdalena: he kissed me. trinidad: you say it as if itwas something bad. magdalena: to me it was.i thought he was a good, respectful friend and honestly,he let me down. trinidad: what are you so scaredof? falling in love again?any woman would kill to be in your shoes.magdalena: i'm too old for that! and so is i feel out of place, ridiculous, and no...trinidad: you say it as if you were an old hag.haven't you seen yourself in the mirror?magdalena: yes, that's why i say this.trinidad: that's nonsense, you look're doing the same stupid things lucia're taking yourself the chance away to be happywith a good man. magdalena: no, my case isdifferent. trinidad: what's differentabout it? why don't you follow the sameadvice you give lucia? the same.why don't you treat this guy a little different,and time will tell. magdalena: no, it's not thateasy. trinidad: of course it's not.we have to take chances in life. or what?do you want to be a bitter old hag?hysterical and totally unbearable?magdalena: of course not. trinidad: then listen to me,what i'm telling you is what your mother would be telling youif she was still alive. really.enjoy what's happening to you. magdalena: okay.nora: where are you going? rebeca: i have to go see amadorzuñiga and his wife. nora: what for?rebeca: to tell them the wedding is off.someone has to tell them. and also to warn rodrigoto stay away from you. do you want to come with me?nora: of course not. i don't want to see them everagain. rebeca: me neither,but as long as amador is still your dad's partner,we'll have to deal with it. nora: hey, you're wearing toomuch perfume. and you're very well dressed.rebeca: now more than ever, i have to do anything for yourdad to notice me. take good care of him.nora: me? lucia is always with him.rebeca: you should do the same, i know what i'm saying.marcelo: what am i doing? where were you?milagros: oh, i went to get the newspaper, i need to finda place to stay. marcelo: don't worry,there's no rush. milagros: the sooner the better.we'll have less problems. marcelo: as you wish,i can give you a hand. milagros: no, don't bother,i know you're busy. before i move out,i'd like to leave your brother's ashes in a safe get that off my head. unless you want them here.marcelo: no, they will be safe in a church.milagros: that's true. by the way, there's a niceparish near by, why don't we go ask if they have alcovesavailable? marcelo: right now?milagros: do you have something else to do?marcelo: actually, i was just leaving.milagros: where to? marcelo: it's personal.we can go anywhere you want when i get back.milagros: [thinks] "carretera cordoba."alonso: marcelo was here earlier.lucia: i saw him. alonso: i can see he'sindifferent to you, i thought you were interested in him.lucia: well, i'm not. alonso: too bad, he would havebeen good to you. lucia: we have nothingin common. alonso: okay, as long as youdon't tell me you still love that bastard of rodrigo.nora: [knocks] may i?alonso: yes, dear, come in. how are you feeling?nora: more or less. and you?alonso: fine, happy for having my two girls have no idea what i'd give for you to stop fighting.and you could see each other as what you are, sisters.lucia: i'd like that too. alonso: don't you have anythingto say? nora: sure.i also want us to be a happy family.alonso: what happened there, nora?did you get hurt in the accident? nora?nora: no, it's just that... alonso: nora?what happened to nora? tell me![music] [music]lucia: dad, please forgive me. i swear i didn't want to hurtyou, but you had to know. alonso: thanks for telling please leave me alone. lucia: yes, dad.alonso: [sighs] where did i fail?god, where did i fail? nazario: i'm glad alonsois doing better. i hope he can come back soonto work. marcelo: i hope so, but it willtake a while and he's sure you'll take care of everything.nazario: with your help, don't forget.marcelo: sure, count on me. and speaking of alonso,how's his relationship with his wife?nazario: that's none of your business.marcelo: i know and i don't mean to intrude.but today i noticed he was staying in the guests' room.and that seemed odd to me, because he's not that well,so it would be logical that his wife takes care of himall the time. don't you think?nazario: yes, i don't know how therelationship is doing right now. but after lucia and nora'sthing, it must have gotten worse.although... marcelo: although what?nazario: well, that marriage was never right in the firstplace. alonso always respected her.but she knows that deep inside, he only loves his first wife.marcelo: lucia's mother? nazario: right.and that's a frustration for rebeca.a great failure. marcelo: that doesn't justifyit. nazario: what do you mean?marcelo: i mean the way she treats lucia.sorry, nazario, i have to go. i owe you one beer.nazario: what's wrong with this kid?rebeca: you won't play with me, you damned kid!milagros: so the appointment my son had was with you?daniela: i demand you to tell me what kind of relationshipyou have with marcelo. milagros: answer.[music] [music]

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