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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 3

3 Abr 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents... brígida: this is what i getfor being good, but what about brígida? no one caresabout brígida. trinidad: oh, good morning.brígida: there's nothing good about it.amador: what are those pieces for?nazario: we're going to take them to brazil.amador: okay, okay, alonso is going to cut a dealwith mr. beira, not to make them a present.nazario: well, but i don't think it's too much to show themwhat we do here, huh? amador: i suggest that youdon't stick your nose in other people's business.i'm the manager of this factory, so you'd better do your workhere, in the factory. nazario: i'll explain somethingto you, amador. amador: mr. zúñiga, please.nazario: oh, excuse me, mr. zúñiga.i see that you don't like me much and, unfortunately,we'll have to see each other's face every day.amador: as you've said, unfortunately.nazario: then we'd better avoid hard feelings.let's do it for the factory, for alonso's relief.and i don't want to take your position as a manager,i'm thinking of other things, mr. zúñiga.excuse me. adriana: i just can't, trini,i can't accept her decision. trinidad: oh, leave her's obvious that she's looking for a way to let her pain go.adriana: but why does she have to do it this way, lockingherself in a convent? trinidad: but you've just saidthat she's only going on a retreat.adriana: i'm scared. i fear that i won't see heragain, i fear that this is her final decision and that shewon't be back. trinidad: look,when you're confused, you make decisions that aren't alwaysthe appropriate ones. but remember that nothingis final in this life, just our death.adriana: i'd like to be as confident as you are.trinidad: you know what happens? that you've taken to heartyour role as the mother of your's enough, get rid of that blame, that pressure.they're grown-ups and you-- well, you'll have a babyvery soon, and you'll have a lot to do.adriana: i don't know what you do, trini, but you have a talentfor making me feel better. i couldn't talk to you,but alonso and i want to ask you and nazario to be our firstbaby's godparents. trinidad: are you serious?adriana: oh, of course! i'm sure that you'd be the bestgodparents for him. well, just in case somethinghappens to alonso and me. trinidad: don't talk nonsense.this baby will have his parents for many years.and, well, what is the name of my godson or goddaughter?adriana: if it's a boy, alonso like his father, of course.and if it's a girl, lucía, like my mother.trinidad: she'd have been very proud.what's this? what's this?it seems that someone ripped them out on purpose.but, who could it have been? [telephone rings]rebecca: hi? ricardo: you should have beenhere long ago! if you're not here in halfan hour, i swear that i'll go for you!magdalena: ricardo, is it you? answer me!why did ricardo call you? why did he say that he's comingfor you? rebecca: i don't know whatyou're talking about. magdalena: i heard you, i heardit when he said that if you don't go, he'll come for you.why, rebecca? what do you have to dowith ricardo? rebecca: hey, mario called me.adriana: why are you yelling? what's going on?magdalena: ricardo called rebecca, he said that he wascoming for her. adriana: what?rebecca: no, no, that's not true, that's not true.mario called me, and she's confused.why would ricardo call me? magdalena: you explain thatto me, come on, speak! speak!rebecca: what do you want me to say?my boyfriend called me, my boyfriend, not yours!magdalena: don't be a liar! [yelling]adriana: please, calm down! calm down, please, magdalena!magdalena, it's okay, stop. stop, please!rebecca: you're crazy, crazy! magdalena: you're playingwith me, i'm sure it's him! adriana: calm down, magdalena,please, let's go to the garden and tell me what happened.magdalena: you don't understand, i'm sure it was him,i heard his voice. rebecca: oh, i'm so ashamed,trini, i'm so sorry that you have to see my sister's scandal.adriana: think about it, magdalena, what you're sayingisn't consistent. magdalena: i swear it wasricardo! no one knows his voice betterthan i do! adriana: perhaps you'reconfused, rebecca doesn't need to lie and ricardo--why would he call here to say that?magdalena: i swear that i listened to them!when ricardo heard my voice, he hung up.if it was mario, why would he do it?adriana: well, i don't know, i don't know.i can't think of any explanation now.magdalena: the only explanation is that it was ricardo!i'm totally sure! adriana: perhaps you were toonervous and, i don't know, you imagined--magdalena: adriana, i'm not mad! adriana: i'm not sayingthat you're, but it's obvious that your emotional conditionis not good now. magdalena: and how can i be goodafter all that happened to me? adriana: oh, magdalena, look,i've been thinking that perhaps you should go on the retreatyou want to go, because they'll help you findthat calmness you lost and you'll be awayfrom everything that hurts you. magdalena: i swear that i can'tbear it anymore, adriana. i can't do it anymore, sister.nazario: what time do we have to leave to mexico?alonso? alonso: excuse me?nazario: where is your mind, dude?alonso: it's just that i've been thinking and i feelthat this is not a good time to go brazil. besides, i don't wantto leave adriana on her own with magdalena's problem.nazario: well, but she's not alone, rebecca is with her.alonso: i shouldn't say it, but i don't think that rebeccais helping, she's very immature. yesterday, for example,something happened that disturbed me.nazario: what? alonso: well, last night,rebecca got home very late. and she said it happened becauseshe was with her boyfriend. but later, mario himself told methat it was not true, that he walked her to the church to letthem know that the wedding had been called offand then he left. nazario: well, that's reallystrange. alonso: it's not important,but that's why it surprises me that rebecca lied.nazario: why don't you talk to her?ask her directly, so you clear up any doubts.>> mr. nazario, excuse me, can you come with me, please?nazario: yes, sure. excuse me, huh?adriana: [knocks on door] rebecca, please, open up.i need to talk to you. rebecca![knocking on door] rebecca, please, open up.[knocking on door] rebecca, open up, please!i need to talk to-- rebecca: you also think that itwas ricardo who called me, huh? adriana: i haven't said that,but you have to understand, magdalena's argumentwas convincing. she made me doubt it.rebecca: sure, sure, it's easier to doubt what rebeccadoes or says. why?look, i know, i'll talk to mario, i'm sureyou'll believe him. he'll tell you if we talked--adriana: rebecca, please, it's not necessary.rebecca, please, that's not necessary.rebecca: you have no idea of how much it hurts that youdoubt me, why? adriana: i don't doubt you.look, if i came here it's becausei have something else to talk about.magdalena is going on a retreat, to mexico city.rebecca: well, i think it's actually a good idea.when is she leaving? adriana: i guess thatin a couple of days. i just hope that she's backby the time my baby is born. rebecca: no, but don't worry.if she's not here, i'm going to be with you and i'll help youwith everything you need, with your birth, with you.adriana: hey, by the way, speaking of the baby, i wantedto ask you something. i found one of the ornamentsbroken in the bedroom, and i wanted to ask you if you knowwhat happened. rebecca: and why do you ask me?adriana: well, you've been there in the morning, do you remember?rebecca: sure, i'm so stupid. that's why you ask me, becauseevery time something bad happens in this house, it must bemy fault. but have you realized thatmagdalena spends all day in that bedroom and that she isthe one that's going crazy? have you thought about it?it's not me, it's not always my fault.adriana: rebecca, please, don't get like this, rebecca.rebecca: move! adriana: [sighs]clara: mrs. adriana. adriana: what's up, clara?clara: it's just that i've been trying to talk to you.adriana: oh, yes, tell me. clara: it's just thati'm in a tight spot and i wanted to know if you can lend mesome money. adriana: oh, look, i'm so sorry,but i don't think it's a good moment.clara: i know, i know that i've been working for youfor a short time, but i really need mother is ill. adriana: what does she have?clara: i don't know, that's why i want the money, to take herto a good doctor, so he can tell us what she has.adriana: look, it's just that my husband is about to go on a tripand i don't think i'll have enough time to talk to himbefore he leaves. but, give me the chanceto talk to him once he's back. clara: alright, thank you.oh, ma'am. adriana: yes?clara: i have something else to tell you.adriana: what's that? clara: it's just that yesterday,when i went to see my mom, i think i sawms. magdalena's boyfriend. adriana: ricardo?where? clara: near the park.but the truth is that i'm not sure if it was him.that's why i didn't want to tell ms. magdalena,i didn't want to hurt her. adriana: yes, yes, it was a gooddecision not to tell her. please, don't you say a word.clara: yes. trinidad: well, magdalena swearsto the saints that the voice she heard belonged to ricardo.but rebecca is sure that magdalena is wrong and thatthe voice she heard belonged to her boyfriend.nazario: and what do you think? trinidad: well, i don't know,dear. rebecca doesn't needto lie to us. but, on the other hand,i can't help but thinking that last night you and i find herout of the hotel. nazario: and what does one thinghave to do with the other? trinidad: everything,'s supposed that rebecca went to see what she could find outsomething about ricardo at the hotel.but, as you've said, it's pretty strange that she asked usnot to tell anyone that we saw her there.nazario: what are you thinking? trinidad: well, perhaps,now i'm badly about people. but what if rebecca went to seethat bastard? nazario: and what do you think?trinidad: honestly, dear, my doubts don't leave me alone.what can we do? you are about to go on a tripwith alonso, and i think that someone should find outif ricardo was at that hotel or not.nazario: oh, i know what you're won't find anything out, nor are you going to call anyoneon the phone, nor will you get yourself involved in you get it? trinidad: oh, yes, i was justthinking. well, i'll make sure that you'vepacked everything. rebecca: i can't believe how youcould do that! you're so stupid! you almost ruin everything!ricardo: don't you change it, i've told you that you were notgoing to play with me. rebecca: save your warnings,because we're done. ricardo: no, no, won't get rid of me that easily.if you don't remember, or if you forgot about it,i'll remember you that i stood your sister up for you, for you.rebecca: don't you play dumb, you didn't stand my sister upbecause you were in love with me, but because you'vealways liked me more than her. and you thought that you couldhave with me the same you have with her.ricardo: oh, really? and what's that, according to you?rebecca: what you've been looking for all your life,a good social position. ricardo: you're mad.but no matter what, you'll marry me.rebecca: [laughs] oh, my god, i'm serious.i'll never marry you. don't you see that i don'tcare about you and i won't care either?ricardo: i don't get why you pressured me to leaveyour sister, why? rebecca: that's a matter betweenmagdalena and i, excuse me. ricardo: don't you thinkthat i'm the one that's going to lose.magdalena, adriana, your beloved brother-in-law, and all pueblais going to know who you really are.rebecca: most of all when everybody knows that you abusedme. ricardo: come on, nobody willbelieve you. rebecca: do you want to see?because in the same way i convinced you that i was crazyabout you, i can also be convince them when i say thatyou're a bastard that abused a girl.ricardo: where do you think you're going?rebecca: no, let me go! let me go, please, help me!help me, he's crazy! ricardo: you'll regret it,i swear. magdalena: adriana, i'm leaving.adriana: now? magdalena: yes, i calledthe place where i'm going to host my retreat and they saidi can get there whenever i want. in fact, they're waiting for me.adriana: i don't care if they're waiting for you,you're going too fast. you can leave tomorrow, huh?magdalena: i can't wait any longer, i need some distance.i need to do it. i can't lose my temper againas i did a while ago. adriana: at least wait untilalonso and rebecca are back, right? so you can say goodbyeto them. magdalena: you can say goodbyeto alonso for me, right? and i don't want to see rebecca.that's another thing i want to deal with in my retreat.adriana: look, my husband will go to mexico in a while.wait and you can go together, he'll leave whenever you want.magdalena: i want to leave on my own, adriana.i already called a cab, it's waiting for me and it'sgoing to take me to the bus station.adriana: i won't keep insisting. at least, give me the telephonenumber and the address where you're going to be.magdalena: look, i promise you that as soon as i get thereand settle in, i'll call you to give you the information, right?[sobs] adriana: i'm going to miss youso much. magdalena: i can't help anybody.but never forget that i love you very much, never.adriana: you neither. alonso: where are you off to?out there there's a cab that says that he came for you.magdalena: adriana will explain it to you.[sighs] thank you for everything,alonso. take care of my sister, right?alonso: adriana! clara: [tsk]hi! no, no, wait, wait,they'll see us. hey, what do you think?i talked to my boss and she's going to lend us the money.>> really? clara: yes.>> oh, my love, i knew that you wouldn't fail.clara: it's just that we'll have to wait some time,my boss is going on a trip >> hey, i can't wait a singleminute more. i need that money.clara: hey, what's wrong with you, ruperto?hey, if you don't want this, you'll go for another chance.ruperto: no, you're not understanding, clara.listen carefully, i promised it, i have to give them the moneyjust today, or i'll get in big trouble.clara: what are you involved in? ruperto: it's business,i've already told you. it's just that i made a promiseand i have to pay the money. clara: what if you talk to themand ask him for some more time. ruperto: they can't waitanymore, clara, please. for god's sake, i need youto help me. if not, you'll loseyour husband. clara: but you're notmy husband, ruperto. ruperto: come on, darling.didn't you realize that i want to marry you?that's why i need to solve his problem first.clara: but i can't do anything. ruperto: yes, you can, you's just a matter to work a little harder on it.alonso: why didn't you tell me what was going on?adriana: because i didn't know that she was leaving just today.i was going to tell you as soon as you're back from the factory.alonso: it's easy to say it, because she's not my sister.but, perhaps, all this matter is good for magdalena.adriana: trini said the same, somehow i think the same.but--but i can't help but feel this sadness.i feel that-- i feel that i'm never goingto see her again. alonso: come on, adriana,don't talk nonsense. adriana: i don't know why, but ifeel like i'm not going to see her never again.alonso: you know what i'll do? adriana: what?alonso: i won't go on my trip to brazil.adriana: no, don't even think about it.alonso: yes, i can't leave in peace if you're like this.adriana: i know that it's not helping to see me crying,but, look, i'm really going to be fine, i promisethat i'm going to be fine. alonso: but--adriana: no buts. you have to go on that trip,it's very important for you and you've told me many timesthat now, more than ever, we have to thinkof our baby's future. ricardo: amador.amador: ricardo, everybody's looking for you.ricardo: i know that. amador: what are you doing here?ricardo: i need to talk to you. amador: i don't thinkit's a good idea. ricardo: don't turn your backon me now, amador. amador: alright, but not here.i'll meet you at 9 o'clock, you know where.ricardo: you'd better not make me wait.alonso: are you sure that you're going to be fine?adriana: yes, my love, don't worry.what time will nazario come for you?alonso: in a while. we want to have plenty of timeto get to mexico. we'll leave the car at theairport and we'll get it back when we're back.adriana: will you call me when you reach the hotel?alonso: of course i will. of course, i'll call youevery day. but i don't want you to lie.if something happens, just tell me, alright?adriana: yes, sure. but i don't want you to be thatworried about me either, you won't be able to focus onthe things you have to do there. can you promise me that?alonso: oh, no, no, i can't promise you perfectly know that i can't stop thinking about you.adriana: come here, i want to give you you are. it's going to protect youwhile you are away. alonso: you're forcing meto give you something i was keeping until our son's birth.adriana: really? alonso: uh-huh.adriana: what's that? alonso: wait, wait.adriana: what's that? alonso: wait!adriana: give me a clue. alonso: you want it or not? adriana: yes.alonso: but you can't open it now, right?open it when i'm gone, when you miss me the most.right? adriana: and why then?alonso: because i want to. don't do it now.adriana: wow, so mysterious. but at least you can give mea tiny clue, so i can-- alonso: no, my love, no.adriana: i won't see it, i won't open it.but can i wear it? can i eat it?alonso: i won't say anything. adriana: does it look tasty?does it smell good? alonso: i won't say anything,i want you to keep it-- adriana: come on, tell mesomething, please. alonso: no, no.adriana: what are you doing, clara?clara: ma'am, i-- adriana: no, you tell me whatyou're doing in my sister's drawers.clara: it's just that i've come to bring her clothes hereand i found this. adriana: what's that?clara: here's your husband's handkerchief.and the other things that were missing.adriana: are you done with your work?clara: yes, yes, ma'am. adriana: leave me alone, please.clara: excuse me. [sighs]magdalena: yes, adriana, rebecca is crazy about alonso.[music] [music]rebecca: are you going on a trip?alonso: yes. i'm going to brazil.i have to cut a very important deal.rebecca: and when are you leaving?alonso: in a while. rebecca: today?alonso: nazario is coming for me and we'll go to mexicoto take the plane. by the way, take careof your sister. most of all, now that magdalenais not here anymore. rebecca: magdalena is gone?she didn't even say goodbye to me.alonso: don't take it to heart, rebecca.she almost didn't say goodbye to me you may see, she was in a hurry to leave here.rebecca: i see. alonso: rebecca,your boyfriend went to see me to the factory.rebecca: mario? what for?alonso: let's say that he tried to make it clear that hisintentions are good. rebecca: oh, and did he saysomething else? alonso: not much, but duringthe talk he told me that he walked you to the church,to let them know that magdalena's wedding had beencalled off. rebecca: uh-huh.alonso: and once there, he left. what means that he didn't stayedwith you until the night, like you told adriana.rebecca: you're treating me as if i was a criminal!alonso: of course not! it just calls my attentionthat you lied. rebecca: well, i swear that ididn't do anything bad. alonso: i didn't say that youdid it, but i insist. if you didn't do anythingout of the ordinary, why don't you tell me where you've been?rebecca: i went for that wretched ricardo márquez.alonso: where did you go for him?rebecca: where i could, but of course i didn't find him.are you happy now? alonso: and why didn't you telladriana about that when she asked you?rebecca: i didn't want to torment her.but it was useless, everyone here doubts me.but what hurts me the most is that you also doubt me.adriana: can you explain why you have my husband's stuff?rebecca: i've never seen those things,i don't know what that is. where did you get it?adriana: it was in one of your know? i'm starting to thinkthat everything magdalena said is true.rebecca: sure, sure, i know what happened,magdalena put it here, so you doubt me.sure, that's why she left without saying goodbye to me.of course, she doesn't dare face me.adriana: magdalena is incapable of doing something like this!rebecca: oh, but you think i am capable to havesuch a sick feeling for someone that's like a father to me.really? adriana: i swear that i don'tknow what to believe. alonso: adriana!my love! rebecca: come on, run,tell him what you think about me, tell him!alonso: my love, where are you? rebecca: what are you waitingfor? go tell him. go get me in trouble with him.that's what you want, huh? go.alonso: adriana! adriana!i was looking for you. nazario is here.adriana: let's go, i'll go with you.alonso: no, no, no. i don't want you to go upand downstairs all the time. are you feeling well?adriana: it's just that i was talking to rebecca.alonso: huh. adriana: about magdalena,it's just it still-- it still affects methat she left. alonso: it's only that?adriana: yes, let's go. you're going to be late.alonso: alright, don't worry and take care of each other.right? adriana: alonso,i love you very much. alonso: not more than i do.[music] [music]alonso: i'm sorry for the delay. nazario: did something happen?alonso: i still think that this is not the best momentto go on this trip. but well, may god's willbe done. nazario: did you talkto rebecca? alonso: yes.she admitted that she lied and she said that she wentfor ricardo. nazario: but did she saywhere she went for him? alonso: no, but that's notimportant. rebecca got very offended aboutthe questions i asked her last night.i feel that she's right, we're all suspecting her, as we wereall waiting that she does something wrong.and that's not fair, is it? nazario: but you've said it,she's very immature and she makes many mistakes frequently.alonso: it doesn't mean she's a bad person.maybe she's immature and stubborn, but i'm surethat she's a good person, don't you think?nazario: well, i don't know her much, but if you say it,she must be so. adriana: don't worry, my love,your father will be back soon. [sighs][bells ring] brígida: but i'm sure thatthere's no one in the factory, except the's saturday night! amador: well, the watchmanand all those people working overtime.we have to deliver an order on monday morning and nowthat alonso isn't here, i have to be there to make surethat everything is fine. brígida: that's the last straw.first, he didn't take you to brazil.then, he makes you work on a saturday night.will he pay you more? amador: okay, that's notimportant, i just do what i have to and that's all.besides, it's likely to take some time, so don't wait for me.brígida: hey, haven't you heard anythingfrom magdalena's boyfriend? amador: no, as faras i'm concerned. brígida: well.[knocking on door] rebecca: adriana, can we talk?adriana, open up, please. adriana, i beg you, we haveto talk, please. adriana!thank you. i brought you this box,none of these things is mine and i have no reason to have it.adriana: thank you. rebecca: you believe me,don't you? the most important thing to meis that you don't doubt me. adriana: look, rebecca,i'm too tired right now. if you want, tomorrow we cantalk about whatever you want. rebecca: alright,i won't insist. what were you looking for in mybedroom when you found the box? adriana: clara found it whenshe was folding your clothes. she knew that i was lookingfor alonso's missing stuff, so she gave it to me.rebecca: then if it wasn't magdalena who put it there,it was clara that didn't want you to blame her--adriana: hey, rebecca, if clara had stolen those things, theywouldn't be in this house long ago.rebecca: no, we don't know that. she's a maid.adriana: stop it, stop it! i said stop!i don't want to talk about this today, right?i need to rest, we'll talk tomorrow.rebecca: how can you believe it? amador: you're so had a safe future and suddenly you threw it let it go, as a moron. ricardo: yes, yes, i know.amador: it's just that no matter how much i think about it,i don't get why you stood magdalena up at the last minute.ricardo: because i'm stupid, what else?i lost my mind for a woman that i thought was a thousand timesbetter than her. and now you see, i'm likethe dog with the two tortas. amador: who's she?ricardo: it's not necessary to tell you who she is.she's a very dangerous young woman.and the truth is that i don't want it anymore.amador: well, if the case is that serious, i don't wantto know more about it. then, will you tell mewhy you needed to see me? ricardo: yes, i need you to helpme get magdalena back. i don't know, any argument,any excuse. amador: it's just that whatyou've done to her has no explanation.then i highly suggest that you disappear.alonso is very angry, and it's not convenient for you to getinvestigated by him. because if he does so,you'll be in problems. ricardo: no, we both will be.don't you say that you don't fear that your friend realizesthat you also have secrets. amador: i'll remind you thatmy name doesn't appear anywhere. and at least, against me there'sno arrest warrant. ricardo: yes, but yourconscience is not very clear. i mean, you ran away to pueblato hide yourself, and when i got here you did as much aspossible to pretend you didn't know me.amador: listen to me, ricardo. for your own good, forgetabout magdalena and disappear.[music] mexico city.nazario: take that look off your will be just a couple of days.alonso: i can't avoid feeling uneasy, although there are somedays left until adriana gives birth, i don't know, ifear that she delivers earlier. and if that happens,i'd never forgive myself. nazario: i don't blame you,if i was in your shoes, i'd be ten times more nervous.but god didn't let me become a father.announcer: passengers of flight 115, destination los angeles,please, head for the door 3. alonso: but you can be agood godfather. nazario: what does it mean?alonso: i don't know if adriana talked to trinidad, but we wantyou two to be our baby's godparents.nazario: nothing would make me feel more proud.alonso: i'm proud too, nazario. you know that you've always beenlike a father to me. announcer: passengers of flight315, destination rio de janeiro, please, head for the door 7.nazario: it's the last call, you decide if we travel or not.alonso: adriana is going to be fine, she repeatedit many times. there's no reasonto be different. let's go?nazario: let's go. brígida: no, i know nothingabout that ricardo. i think that he wanted to conthat poor magdalena murillo, because she still has the moneyshe received-- what's wrong with you?amador: i told you not to talk about this with anyone!brígida: hey, don't yell at me! you'll wake rodriguito up.why are you so upset? amador: because it's my faultthat ricardo met magdalena. do you get it now?brígida: what are you saying? amador: i mean, i didn'tintroduce him to her, but he used me to get closer to her.brígida: so you're that ricardo's friend?amador: no, he's just an acquaintance.a workmate when i lived in the north.there was a fraud and he seemed to be responsible for it.he never came back to the company and no one heardfrom him again. and i came across him again,right here, in puebla. brígida: why didn't you tellmagdalena about it? or alonso, at least!amador: because i didn't want anyone to connect meto that guy. brígida: but alonso have knownyou during all his life, he'll never suspect you.i insist, you should have told can still tell him. amador: no, one can know it. brígida: what?amador: you, brígida, for god's sake, don't say it again.if i'm telling you this it's because i want you to stoptalking about ricardo márquez. if you don't do it, you'll makethings worse for me, for yourself, and mostlyfor our son. brígida: oh, no.amador: do you get it? brígida: yes, yes.priest: in the name of the father, and of the son,and of the holy spirit. amen.the mass is over. >> i'm so sorry for whathappened to magdalena, how is she?adriana: fine, thank you. >> goodbye, adriana.trinidad: oh, darling, look at your face.are you okay? adriana: yes, it's just thati didn't have a good night. trinidad: why?what happened? adriana: oh, trini, i needto talk to someone. trinidad: oh, darling,here i am, what happens? adriana: it's my sister rebecca.trinidad: what's up with her? adriana: i'm very worried.i suddenly discover she's not the person i thought.she's confusing me. i don't really know who she is.trinidad: i guess that you are talking about the callshe received, that magdalena says it was ricardo.may god forgive me, but i also have reasons to suspect her.adriana: reasons? trinidad: i think thati shouldn't tell you this. well, nazario told me notto tell you, and i don't want to torment you.adriana: say it, trini, please, say it, no matter what it is,say it. don't stay silent, please.amador: so i suggest that you disappear.alonso is very angry, and it's not convenient for you to getinvestigated by him. because if he does so,you'll be in problems. ricardo: i can't take the risk,not even for you. rebecca: where's my sister?clara: she went to mass earlier. rebecca: hey, hey, come here.quickly. you didn't tell me what you weredoing in my drawers. clara: i've already toldms. adriana that i just went to take your clothes there.rebecca: don't be a liar. i've searched in my drawersand there're no clean clothes. clara: i don't know whatyou're thinking ms. rebecca, but that's what i--rebecca: you should care about what i think, because i thinkthat if you're looking into the drawers, it means that you'relooking for something to steal. because you're a thief.clara: no i didn't steal anything, miss.rebecca: "i didn't steal anything."you know what? i've lost many things,and i think i'll tell adriana. so you'd better not stick yournose in other people's business. if you don't want to end upin the streets, do you understand?do you understand? clara: yes, i understood.rebecca: get out. >> no, there's no one herewith that name. trinidad: could you, please,check a couple of days ago? >> of course, ma'am.let me see it. no, no, it's not here.adriana: oh, thank you very much, you've been so kind.trinidad: thank you. >> i'm at your service.trinidad: oh, darling, i'm so ashamed for thinkingbadly about rebecca. although, i'm glad that i waswrong. adriana: no, don't apologize.sometimes, i don't know what my sister is capable of.trinidad: nazario told me not to meddle in this matter.he'll tell me off. adriana: no, don't worry,no one has to know that we've been here.trinidad: oh, my queen, i'll tell him.nazario and i have never had secrets, never.adriana: do you want me to take you home?trinidad: no, i'd rather walk. i want to do some shopping.adriana: alright. trinidad: my queen, youshouldn't drive with this belly. take care of yourself.adriana: oh, trini. everybody treats me as if i werea disabled person. trinidad: well, but i'd you needsomething, now that your husband is not here, call me.adriana: thank you very much. [sighs]ricardo: damn. adriana: it was true that youwere hiding here. ricardo: how's magdalena?adriana: and you even ask! why? why did you hurt her?ricardo: i did it for-- adriana: for what?ricardo: for rebecca! adriana: what are you saying?ricardo: what you've just heard is true, i'm glad that someoneknows the truth. i stood magdalena up becauserebecca promised to spend the rest of her life with me.and i don't want to tell you the details of what she didto convince me. adriana: [moans]ricardo: what's wrong? adriana: oh, it hurts so much!oh, i think he's about to be born.

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