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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 27

Lucía sabe que siente algo por Marcelo, pero se niega a aceptarlo. Rebeca ve a Lucia y Marcelo besándose y se molesta.
8 May 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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rebeca: there's really not much to say,just that nora doesn't want to continue with the tests.sara: did she tell you why? rebeca: no, she's just likethat, she changes her mind easily.sara: you just came to tell me this?you could have done it over the phone.rebeca: yes, but i wanted to tell you personally please notto tell my husband. sara: he'll find out sooneror later. rebeca: yes,but i'd like to give nora more, she thinks it over, and finishes with all these tests.i don't want to get her in trouble with her dad.he's very interested in her getting them done.sara: if he asks me directly, i can't lie to him.rebeca: i know, and i'm not asking you to.just don't tell him. i really want nora to thinkabout this and get it done. she's been stressed out lately,i don't know why. sara: i get it.rebeca: do you have yesterday's results?you said you'd have them. sara: yes, i have them.rebeca: and? do you have anything i can tellmy husband? sara: i rather have them allso i can evaluate them. hoping nora to come around,of course. rebeca: i hope she does.sara: sorry, to ask you to leave, but i have to seea patient urgently. rebeca: sure, thanks,see you. sara: bye.lucia: why does your mom say you're not available?marcelo: because she'd love it if i wasn't.she'd love it if i was married, with children.but that won't happen until i'm really in love.and... that might happensooner than i thought. >> watch it!lucia: sorry. what am i doing?[thinks] what's wrong with me? why do i care what he doesor doesn't do? sara: see you later.magdalena! magdalena: hello!sara: hello. a lot of work?magdalena: no, more or less. sara: how's nazario doing?magdalena: a lot better. a lot better.although he's tired of being in bed.the good thing is he's never bored because he gets visitorsall day long. sara: did rebeca and herdaughter go see him too? i mean, i'm asking becauseneither of them came to see him when he was hospitalized.magdalena: it's just that rebeca doesn't get along with nazarioand trini. it's not that bad,but they rather stay away. sara: i guess nora does the samething. magdalena: sort of.sara: and how do you get along with your niece?magdalena: not that well, in fact i moved out of the housebecause i had an issue with her. sara: how much does nora trusther mother? magdalena: oh, she trusts hercompletely, i'd even say rebeca is heraccomplice in everything. everything.i shouldn't be saying this, but i think most of nora'sproblems have to do with rebeca. she gives her everythingshe wants, everything. sara: sounds logical.magdalena: what about you? why are you asking me all this?sara: just curious. magdalena: okay, i'll go seebilly. see you.sara: yes. magdalena: billy.nora: give it, give it! lucia: no, wait up!now i know why you're not feeling well.because you're pregnant. whose it from?whose baby is it? answer me!nora: i'm not pregnant, or having anyone's baby.lucia: that's a pregnancy test, and it says it's positive.nora: this is not mine, do you see my name on it?lucia: whose is it? nora: gloria parra's.lucia: why do you have it? nora: she gave it to me,because she trusts me, she didn't want her parentsto find out. lucia: and that's why you hideit under the pillow? nora: i just forgot it wasthere. lucia: nora,i don't believe you. nora: what else do you want meto say? gloria came to me becauseshe's desperate, okay? and i won't turn my back on heras sergio did. lucia: sergio?nora: yes, sergio, sergio is the father.why do you think i broke up with him?i thought there was something going on between them andyesterday gloria confirmed it. i hope you don't tell anyone.gloria is my friend. she trusts me,she'd never forgive me. rebeca: don't tell me you'rearguing again. nora: no, not at all.i was just telling lucia i spent all day with gloriayesterday. lucia: that's right.see you. rebeca: you weren't reallyarguing? nora: why do you always thinkthat? we don't always argue.rebeca: right. mario: come in here fora moment. ligia: i'm coming, sir.>> ligia, take care of these. by four.ligia: sure, i'll have them ready for you.sir? mario: who did this?ligia: rodrigo. mario: ask him to come here,i want to talk to him. ligia: he just went to there a problem? i'm asking because i correctedthem and printed them myself. mario: these are not theproblem, rodrigo is. ligia: he's new here,give him some time. mario: you get along with him,don't you? ligia: sort of,the same as with sergio. mario: yes, sit, i want to talkto you. look, i don't want to meddlein your personal life. but i'll give you a pieceof advice. stay away from amador zuñiga'sson. i don't think it's prudent norconvenient that you're so close to him.keep your distance. ligia: no, i don't knowwhy you're telling me this, don't worry, we're not thatclose. mario: okay.ligia: in fact, he's just another co-worker.that's all. mario: okay.ligia: excuse me. mario: go ahead.nora: did you go see dr. ezquerra?what for? rebeca: to ask her please not totell your dad you don't want to continue with the tests.nora: did she say anything? rebeca: no.she should have? nora: no.i mean about the tests i got done.rebeca: no, no. it seems she wants to have themall before she evaluates them. she hopes you finish what youstarted, and you'd better. nora: don't pressure me,you and i had a deal. rebeca: okay, i won't force you,but at least let me give you my opinion.nora: i'll get them done later. but i don't want to get themdone now, that's all. rebeca: i warn you we won't beable to hide this from your dad for long.nora: i know. rebeca: you get me in suchtroubles. marcelo: lalo, here's the orderauthorization. lalo, i'm talking to you.lalo: i heard you. i've been thinking aboutthe fire, i swear i closed the doorbefore i left. marcelo: i said i believe you.lalo: thanks, but that's not the issue here...can i already call you by your name?marcelo: yes. lalo: as i was saying,that's not the issue, i'm sure of what i did.and if i closed the door, that means someone went backand opened it. marcelo: that's obvious.lalo: who the hell did it? when i left, everybodywas already gone. marcelo: why don't you tell meexactly what you're thinking? lalo: isn't it obvious?someone was here doing who knows what before nazario arrived.and as i told him, the only ones that have a key are us two,alonso and amador zuñiga. marcelo: he has a key too?lalo: sure! he's the boss' partner.i ruled him out at first because he had been firedthat day. but he was so angry that maybehe came back to get back at nazario or about that? marcelo: those are justsuppositions, and you better don't go around saying thisbecause you'll get yourself an enemy.and if amador left the door open, it still doesn't meananything. lalo: yes, but i'm sure...marcelo: not another word. you can't just say thingslike that if you can't prove them.lalo: okay, i'll be quiet. but let's hope he doesn't makeus all explode in here one day and he's all happy about it.amador: why a night guard? alonso: we never had anyproblems before, but after what happened, i think we shouldhave surveillance. amador: okay, but what happenedwas an accident, and it would have happenedwith or without a guard. alonso: okay, but if we had hadone, he could have called someone.we could avoid the whole factory to go down in flames.amador: better be safe, right? alonso: do you mind if i askmarcelo to look for the right person for it?amador: why him? alonso: well, i'm sure you havea lot more important things to do.but if you want, i'll leave that to you.amador: no, thanks, i do have more important things to do.but answer me this, why do you trust this guy somuch? alonso: i just do, that's all.amador: isn't it possible lucia is putting in a good wordfor him? alonso: not at all.she can't stand him. at least she didn't untilhe saved nazario's life. amador: that's odd,i thought there was something between them.alonso: not at all. and let me tell you, if therewas, it wouldn't bother me at all.amador: yes, that's clear. lucia: tere, i'm going over mygodparent's house, i'm sure i'll stay there for lunch.teresa: i'll let them know, say hello to nazario for me.lucia: sure. teresa: i'll go to the kitchen,i forgot the beans on the stove. gloria: hello.they let me in. where's nora?lucia: in her room, go ahead. gloria: she's impossibleto trust. she's terrible,but she'll hear me. lucia: gloria?gloria: what? lucia: i really hope everythinggoes well. gloria: what are you talkingabout? nora: i'll explain.why don't we go to the backyard so we can talk?gloria: that's convenient, now you want to talk?marcelo: do you want to put an add or should i look for someonepersonally? alonso: whatever you thinkit's best. once you have the candidates,let me know and i'll decide. marcelo: perfect, i'll take careof that today. alonso: okay, see you.marcelo: sir? alonso: yes?marcelo: i didn't tell you lucia came to see me this morningand she gave me the catalogue for me to see it.i was wondering if i could come over to your house tonightand tell her what i think. if that's okay with you.alonso: sure, you're still invited to long as your mother doesn't mind.marcelo: she went back to mexico.alonso: so soon? marcelo: yes, se needs herspace, let's say she wasn't comfortable.alonso: i'm sorry. i'll tell my wife you're comingto dinner tonight. marcelo: thanks.alonso: about lucia, someone told me something todayand i'd like to clear that out with you.marcelo: what is it? alonso: they said there'ssomething special going on between you that true or is it just a rumor?marcelo: it's a rumor, of course.alonso: i figured. see you later.gloria: i can't believe you're such a bad friend!i've been waiting a long time for you like a fool,don't touch me! i've been calling and calling,and the little princess wouldn't answer her phone.nora: i fell asleep, sorry! gloria: don't you have a betterexcuse? nora: i swear.i've been feeling bad lately. gloria: really?nora: yes. i'm getting a bunch of testsdone, ask lety's mom. gloria: i don't care,you should have told me you weren't coming.i don't even know why i tell you this.nora: why did you want to see me so urgently?gloria: you know why. i wanted to know if it was truethat you broke up with sergio. nora: yes, he's all whatever you want with him. gloria: don't be silly,why did you break up? nora: i realized i didn't lovehim. gloria: that you didn't love himor that you loved someone else? nora: something like that.gloria: who's the lucky guy? nora: don't get ahead,you'll know in time. gloria: by the way, what's thatyour sister said to me about? [alert message]nora: i guess she was talking about sergio, what else?gloria: why would she care? nora: i don't know.hey, i have to go. gloria: no, nora.nora: it's from the lab. make yourself at home, bye.gloria: this is too much. trinidad: i'll put this on youso you don't get dirty. nazario: i can do it myself.trinidad: let me! i told you, he's beingimpossible. i'll leave you alone with him.lucia: [chuckles] why are you like that with her?nazario: she makes me nervous, she treats me like a child.changing the subject, have you seen marcelo?lucia: aha. nazario: what kind of answeris that? do you still think the sameabout that poor boy? lucia: i really thank himfor all he did for you, but i don't need to adore him,do i? nazario: you don't trust himyet? lucia: i don't know.nazario: what is it you don't know?lucia: it's just that sometimes i feel he's really honestwith me, and sometimes i don't know if he's telling methe truth. nazario: what truth?lucia: well, his personal life, for instance.nazario: why do you care about his personal life?lucia: because he works for my dad, and i want to make surethat people that work with him are to be trusted.nazario: sure, your dad's safe. he'll be fine with marcelo.and so would a girl like you. lucia: why are you telling methis? nazario: i just thought.both: [laugh] lucia: i'd better feed you.nazario: like a kid. lucia: let me pamper you.nazario: oh! the enchiladas look good.marcelo: i thought i was clear when i asked you to go backto mexico yesterday. milagros: i know, but i didn'twant to leave without saying goodbye.marcelo: i guess we did that last night somehow.milagros: no, we just argued, and i admit it was my fault.i feel so bad. marcelo: really?milagros: yes. please forgive me.i promise i won't meddle in your life again.marcelo: the only way for that to happen is by keepingdistance, excuse me. milagros: marcelo!don't say that. you're the only son i have left.and i need to be close to you. for the love of god,let me stay, at least for a few days.marcelo: it's useless. milagros: you think it's uselesstrying to start over? don't you think i deservethat chance at least? marcelo: okay, you can stay.but try to respect my privacy so that we can get along.milagros: you'll see, you'll hear no complainsfrom me. nora: is that what you asked meto come for? to tell me you know nothing?rodrigo: nora, i have no expertise on this.i don't know where to start. nora: me neither.rodrigo: why don't you ask lety for help?her mom's a doctor. nora: are you crazy? preciselybecause she's a doctor, she won't do that.she could go tell my parents. rodrigo: she could stilltell them afterwards. nora: i know, but...[footsteps] in any case, i rather have themfind out when everything is already solved.rodrigo: this is all your fault. you planned all this and youdon't know how to solve it now. nora: i didn't plan anything!rodrigo: when we slept together, you said it was perfect timingto get pregnant. and that's why you did it.nora: i said it just to scare you!rodrigo: be quiet! god damn it!nora: we have to do something, for both of us.we can't be the only ones in this situation in this city,someone has to know who we can turn to.[music] [music]alonso: what do you mean she didn't get the ultrasound done?rebeca: it seems the machine broke down.and she got another appointment. alonso: is it the only placein puebla to get that done? rebeca: what's the rush?alonso: end this once and for all.rebeca: sara already knows the tests will take a littlemore time. alonso: okay, by the way,marcelo escalante is coming over for dinner tonight.rebeca: why? alonso: he'll come to talk tolucia about the catalogue. rebeca: oh, the darn catalogue.i didn't know they were working together.alonso: they weren't, but i asked him for help.rebeca: i see. alonso: you think that boyis interested in lucia? rebeca: why do you ask that?alonso: because amador told me something today that got methinking. and maybe i was the only onewho didn't see it. rebeca: no, i see nothing eitherbut for the way you're saying that, i guess you wouldn't mind.sorry, but i disagree. alonso: why?rebeca: we know nothing about him, where he comes from,who he is, where he came out of. alonso: that's odd.i thought you liked him. rebeca: i do, but i also likedricardo marquez and look at what happened with him.lety: did your dad like the new catalogue?lucia: he said he did but he still wants marcelo to goover it. i don't get it.lety: don't you like him now? lucia: yes, but i ratherstay away from him. i hate my dad is making mebe close to him. lety: you complain aboutsuch things. i'd like to have a dad i couldargue with all day. lucia: the same goes for youwhen you complain about your mom.lety: i know it's no competition but at least you know whoshe was. you have pictures of her,you know what her name was. lucia: dear,your mom never told you who your dad is?lety: it's something you can't talk about with her.i don't even know if he's alive. if he's here or not.i know nothing. lucia: it's odd she didn'teven tell you his name or something.lety: all she said is that he wasn't worth it.i never told you this, but when i was a kid i found this letterin her drawer. and i can almost swear it wasmy dad's. lucia: why?lety: because when she saw me with it, she got nervousand tore it, and started crying.lety: i was scared to see her like that, and i never wantedto ask her again. but i'll never forget what thatletter said. or the name of the man who wroteit. his name was ricardo.magdalena: ricardo? ricardo who?tell me his full name. lety: i don't know.magdalena: are you sure? lety: i don't even knowif he was my dad. i assumed, but my mom neverconfirmed. magdalena: and you didn't ask?she didn't even tell you what your dad's name was?lucia: she said she doesn't know.magdalena: oh, sorry, it's not of my business.sorry. lety: don't worry, i'm leaving.magdalena: lety, lety. lucia: what's wrong?why did you talk to lety like that?she barely speaks about her dad, and you scared her.magdalena: do you know what's the name of the man who wasgoing to marry me and stood me up?lucia: please, how many ricardos are there?magdalena: many, but i was surprised about the coincidence,that's all, sorry. lucia: you just said was just a coincidence. alonso: lucia... magdalena,i didn't know you were here. magdalena: i came to say helloto lucia before going to the hospital.i'm leaving. alonso: you can stay as longas you want. magdalena: thank you,but i have to go. alonso: have a nice day.magdalena: the same. alonso: i wanted to tell youmarcelo is coming over tonight to discuss the cataloguewith you. lucia: tonight?alonso: yes, is that a problem? lucia: no, not at all.alonso: that's good. marcelo: i'm leaving,see you at night. >> marcelo?thanks. marcelo: what for?>> for accepting her apologies and letting her stay.marcelo: i confess i'm not sure i did the right thing.>> i told you, she's your mom and even though she makesmistakes, she loves you. marcelo: and even if she doubtsit, i love her too. i hope this new her lasts long.>> you'll see it will. marcelo: by the way,where is she? >> she went to the pharmacyto get some things. marcelo: why didn't you gowith her? >> i can't be next to herall day. she needs her space too.don't worry, she learned the lesson.she won't bother your girl again.marcelo: she's not my girl. >> i know.but she will be soon. marcelo: the way, i forgot to mention i won't be here for dinner,i'm dining at my boss' house. >> at lucia's house.marcelo: [chuckles] please don't tell mom.>> i won't, don't worry. marcelo: thanks, bye.>> there you go. milagros: thanks.>> anything else? milagros: yes, do you havea phone card? >> yes, is this one okay?milagros: i guess, is it long distance?>> yes, all across the world. you can even use our phone.milagros: thanks, that's all. >> that would be 450 pesos.good. milagros: something else.could you dial this number for me?>> sure. it's ringing.milagros: thanks. >> you're welcome, bye.milagros: hello, daniela. sorry, i left you talkingby yourself the other day. but the call got disconnected.ligia: rodrigo! hey, the boss is looking foryou. there's something about thepapers he didn't like. rodrigo: don't say?i don't know where's my head at lately.ligia: why don't you tell me? i might be able to help you.rodrigo: thanks, everything's fine.i do have a problem. well, not me, a friend of mine.maybe you... ligia: maybe i what?rodrigo: i shouldn't be telling you this.ligia: don't worry, one of the qualities of beingthe assistant is discretion. don't be shy,you can trust me. lucia: nora?nora: you scared me. lucia:'s gloria doing? nora: as anyone with sucha problem would be. you're incredible,you almost told her you knew. you're not supposed to know.and you went and told her that. lucia: sorry, i just wantedto be nice. nora: really?i'll never tell you anything again.lucia: what's wrong? nora: what?lucia: you are acting funny. nora: yes, i'm worried about myfriend, okay? that's all. but i'm sure she'll get ridof it soon. lucia: wat do you mean?she's thinking about... nora: i don't know!lucia: you should advise her not to do anything crazy.nora: she knows what she's doing, okay?so, respect her and stay out of it.[music] magdalena: sorry to bother you,but i ran out of the ointment for nazario's leg.and i wanted to ask you for a prescription.sara: sure, come to my office. magdalena: i saw your kid at myniece's house a while ago. sara: that's odd, she spends allday there. magdalena: yes, and i heardthem talking about lety's dad. sara: they were?magdalena: yes. sorry to intrude, but is ittrue she doesn't know what his name is?sara: right, i never told her. magdalena: may i ask you why?sara: it's not worth it talking about him.not with her or anyone. magdalena: you and i havesomething in common. you were abandoned with a child,and i was abandoned about to get married.sara: you never heard of ricardo marquez again?magdalena: no, never again. as if he had vanished.sara: something like that happened with my child's dad.he vanished. let's get your prescription.magdalena: yes, let's go. rebeca: brigida, what a miracle!want something to drink? brigida: no, thanks.i just came because if it depended on you, you'd donothing. we said that despite whathappened between rodrigo and lucia,we'd still be friends. rebeca: and we are,i just been busy with some things about my daughter.brigida: so, cute! i have so much to thank her.she's the only one who didn't turn her back on my son.rebeca: really? why do you say that?brigida: i know they still see each other.she came home yesterday. rebeca: oh, i didn't know.brigida: you don't mind that they are friends, do you?rebeca: no, no, nora is an adult and i can't interferein her decisions. her sister won't like it though.brigida: i don't think lucia will mind, we all know she'svery into her knew acquaintance. rebeca: you mean marceloescalante? brigida: who else?rebeca: no, that's just gossip. she's still very much in lovewith rodrigo. how could you think she'd beover him so soon? have you eaten yet?brigida: no. rebeca: it's okay, i'll bringyou some of that sweet wine you like so much.with ice, remember? the oporto.i won't be long. ligia: maybe this personcan help your friend. rodrigo: thanks.ligia: as i said, anything you want.sergio: hello. ligia: hello.sergio: what was that? rodrigo: she just gave me a handwith some papers for hernandez. sergio: that's good,you two get along, don't you? rodrigo: she's nice andefficient above all. sergio: and she's hot.rodrigo: i don't know what you're thinking but...sergio: nothing, come on, she's a lot older than's just weird a woman like her is not married with kidsor has a boyfriend or anything. rodrigo: yes, that happens.sergio: yes, but it's odd. is it it goes. she's dating a married man.he has many children and that's why she doesn'tsay anything. rodrigo: i don't know,and i don't really care, she can do whatever she wants,don't you think? sergio: yes, you're right.rebeca: why did you go looking for rodrigo?nora: i didn't see him. he wasn't there.rebeca: that's not the point. you went looking for him,tell me why? nora: okay,i'll tell you. rebeca: i'm waiting.nora: the thing is... i was really worried becauseof what he told sergio. i just wanted to make surewhat he had in mind, if he was going to tellmy sister or something. rebeca: please, if he wanted totell her, he would have done it a long time ago.nora: i don't know that, take my place for a second.rebeca: i am taking it! that's why i'm worried aboutyou. let's see if you stop thisnonsense. nora: i promise i won't do itagain, okay? are we done?rebeca: are you sure you're not hiding anything from me?nora: i'm not, i swear. rebeca: i hope so.i hope you're not lying to me. i was always on your side,and i supported you in, don't let me down. nora: i know.i know you're the only one i can trust.rebeca: close the door. i'm glad it's clear.and you should know marcelo is coming overfor dinner. he has something to checkwith your sister. i hope you can control yourfeelings in front of him. nora: don't worry, i won't comedown for dinner. i don't want to see the wayhe stares at her. rebeca: don't be sad,nothing will happen between them.lucia: what am i doing? teresa: lucia,your dad's here. with a guest and all.lucia: thanks, i'll be right down.teresa: i'll tell your sister and your aunt.lucia: yes. [music][music] brigida: oh, you're home.amador: yes, a while ago. where were you?brigida: i went over to rebeca's house.guess what? she said lucia is not datingmarcelo. amador: alonso told me the samething. brigida: how come rodrigo sawthem kissing then? no way he made that up.amador: who knows? brigida: i think it's true.amador: what is? brigida: that she's stillin love with rodrigo. and if she is, there's stillhope she might forgive him. amador: don't get your hopesup, that ting is over already. brigida: well, i honestlydon't know, but rebeca assured me that she's still in love withhim. amador: who knows why she toldyou that? i can assure you that even ifthey are not together now, lucia and marcelo,he won't stop until they are. he had to be a fool to let herslip away. lucia: hello.marcelo: hello. you look beautiful.lucia: thanks. where's my dad?marcelo: i think he went to his office looking for something.i went through the catalogue, do you want me to tell youwhat i think? or should we do that later?lucia: as you wish. marcelo: i'll tell you now.lucia: shall we go to the backyard?marcelo: let's go. alonso: marcelo, i'd like you totry this wine... rebeca: did you lose something?alonso: no, i just wanted marcelo to try this wine,but he's in the backyard with lucia.where's nora? rebeca: she went to lay downfor a while, she's not well. alonso: that's why she hasto finish with those tests. rebeca: she will, i told you,what's the rush? alonso: right.trinidad: what are you thinking about?magdalena: about ricardo marquez.trinidad: just like that? magdalena: sometimes thingshappen that make me think of him.trinidad: what happened? magdalena: something silly.i overheard lucia and lety talking, misinterpreted it,thought whatever i preferred and here i am, thinking ofricardo. trinidad: there you are,really upset. magdalena: i just thought thatmaybe his reasons for leaving me had nothing to do with himnot loving me. but something more serious.trinidad: something like what? magdalena: maybe there wassomeone else and he didn't have the nerve to tell me.trinidad: oh, dear, don't you think that if he did love youhe wouldn't have told you? magdalena: you're right.i'm being a fool. [doorbell]i'll get it. mario: are you ready?magdalena: for what? mario: what do you mean?we agreed to have coffee one of these days and talk.did you forget? magdalena: no, of course not.the thing is trini made dinner...trinidad: don't worry about me, i'm glad to see you, mario.mario: the same here. trinidad: it's okay,go have fun. mario: shall we?magdalena: well, yes. i guess.mario: okay, i'll bring her back in a while.trinidad: don't worry. bye, dear.go have fun. see you, mario.mario: well... magdalena: let's go.mario: let's go. marcelo: i didn't know you wereso good at this. lucia: [laughs]well, not that good. because you said yourself therewere a few things you didn't like.marcelo: i didn't say that, i just said there was somethings to improve. but you're the expert.lucia: i think my dad asked you not to be that hard on me,right? marcelo: no, why would he?lucia: because no one can get it out of my head that he offeredme this job so that i'd get distracted and not thinkingabout rodrigo. marcelo: you can't get over him,can you? or get him out of your system?lucia: i don't want to talk about that.marcelo: if you would just let me help you.lucia: help me with what? marcelo: help you forget him.lucia: how could you help me?marcelo: i think you know how. 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