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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 26

Nora le dice a Rodrigo que está embarazada y que no quiere tener al bebé. Lucia descubre que Nora está embarazada y le pregunta sobre el padre.
7 May 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents... marcelo: now yes,it's already clear to you. rodrigo: you couldn't haveforgotten me so soon. lucía: you see, i've done it.when something is worthless it's very easy to forget.marcelo: i just wanted to be convincing.ouch. lucía: just rememberingi died of anger to have been so fool and have trusted him.i was a stupid. >> hi.don't you want me to invite you another drink?rebeca: please. don't you realizeyou talk with a ma'am? leave, please.>> excuse me. marcelo: ma'am, i knowi'm getting where i shouldn't, and before hand i apologize,but i could swear that the flowers thatgot to your house that night, weren't for anyof your daughters, but for you.rebeca: what do you mean? marcelo: it was got too nervous. rebeca: you're wrong.those flowers weren't for anyone, but i'll daretelling you something. i'd loved that they were for mebecause that would mean i'm important for someone.marcelo: and you are, very much. rebeca: really?marcelo: yes, for your husband. rebeca: my husband.that's a story that, maybe, i eventually dare telling you.but it flatters me to think that despite i'm an olderwoman than you and married, you could think i'm stillattractive for someone. thank you.waiter: your bill, ma'am. rebeca: thanks.nora: why don't you stop beating about the bushand tell me what i have? sara: you're pregnant.nora: what? sara: yes, you'll have a baby.nora: no... no, that's not true.there has to be a mistake. sara: here's the test's result.nora: my name is not there. sara: but it is on the folderof the complete tests. the pregnancy test,wasn't considered. but when they gave methe results of the tests they ran on you in the morning,i realized that your hormone levels were alteredand i asked that this test would be included.nora: no, you don't have right to do should've asked me first. sara: anyway, the pregnancywas going to be evident in the ultrasoundthey'll run on you tomorrow. nora: please, don't tellanything to my mom... and much less to my dad, ok?sara: precisely for that, i wanted you to come alonebecause i think it's your duty to talk with them,and of course with the baby's father.nora: i have to go. rodrigo: ligia.could you hand this to licentiate hernandez,please? ligia: sure. i make sure.just let me check it has no mistakes.rodrigo: i'll appreciate it. [phone rings]hello. nora: i--i need to talk to you.rodrigo: it's the wrong number. nora: [grunts]rodrigo: does it have mistakes? ligia: i'm not done yet.oh, it's so hot. [phone rings]won't you answer? rodrigo: it must be the sameperson, i said she's wrong. ligia: it seemsshe didn't get it. rodrigo: let's seeif she does get it. ready.nora: [grunts] ligia: it's all very good.rodrigo: will you hand them? ligia: yes.rodrigo: thank you. ligia: you're welcome.rebeca: i said clearly that you shouldn't let come inmy sister magdalena, nevertheless you did it.tere: how could i leave her outside, being your sister?besides, miss lucía adores her. rebeca: i don't give a damnabout it. i'm the one who gives ordersin this house. lucía: excuse me, aunt,but this is also my house. and my aunt can comeas much as she pleases. tere, you have my permissionto let her come in when she comes.rebeca: don't meddle. lucía: i have every rightto do it. a thing is thati had to swallowed it when you chucked her out,and another is that i'd agree on that she won't everput a foot on this house just because you say don't know how it hurts me seeing how you loatheyour own sister. rebeca: no more thanwhat you loathe nora. lucía: you're very wrong.i love nora above all. i'd give my life for her.and though you doubt it, it really hurts methat we can't have a good relation.rebeca: hearing you saying that really surprises seems you'd be capable to forgive her anything.lucía: of course, she is my sister.rebeca: i'm very glad to hear it.where's my daughter? tere: i don't know.they called her and she went out.rebeca: let me know when she's back.tere: yes, ma'am. lucía: tere,put off that face. nothing is going to happen.tere: do you swear it? lucía: i do.nothing. [doorbell rings]brígida: esperanza, don't you hear they're calling?they are never there when you need them.hi, baby. what a miracle.what are you doing here? would you like somethingto drink? nora: no, i'm fine. thanks.brígida: are you sure? you look very you feel fine? nora: yes, i'm fine.could you tell rodrigo i'm waiting for him, please?brígida: he hasn't come back from work.nora: is he working? brígida: yes.nora: where? brígida: at licentiatehernandez's office. nora: oh, yes. sure.sergio had told me. brígida: his dad didn't agreevery much with his taking the job because he thinksis too little for rodrigo. but he was so desperateafter your dad fired him, that he had no other chance.nora: yes, sure. i see. brígida: do you want meto tell him something? or why don't stay for a drink?nora: no, i'm fine. it's nothing important.could you tell him-- no, i look for him.thanks for all. brígida: yes, baby.bye! alonso: are you leaving?marcelo: almost. i was about to say goodbye.alonso: i'm leaving too. i wanted to ask youif you feel like coming for dinner to my house,as my wife invited you. marcelo: thanks very muchindeed, but my mother has just come and i haven'tstopped by my apartment all day, i think i have to give her some time.alonso: that's good. you must be happyto have her nearby. marcelo: let's say,i'm not so sure. alonso: don't be so far as i know, you're her only family.she must be happy to have her only son nearby.i'd like to meet her some day. marcelo: of course.alonso: rest well. marcelo: you too, sir.both: see you. alonso: good night, normita.norma: mr. gaxiola. this morning i knewabout nazario and i wanted to know how is he doing.alonso: thanks god it was only a big fright,but he'll have to rest for a while.norma: but he'll come back to work with us, right?alonso: nazario dies if he doesn't come back.besides, we need him very much. norma: please, send himmy greeting and say i hope he gets better very soon.alonso: yes, but you can also go visit him or call him.norma: i don't want to be imprudent.alonso: don't worry. i'll give him your message.norma: thanks. alonso: rest well.norma: you too. lalo: i'm glad to see you well,but it's not fair that nobody had told actually hurts me because we're supposedto be friends. nazario: and we are, we are.lalo: then, why the wickedness? nazario: well, that daythey took me to the hospital and put me an oxygen would i let you know with that mask on?lalo: yes, but neither trini nor alonso happen to call me.nazario: that day was too busy, they didn't think of it.but when there wasn't danger anymore...maybe, they're afraid to worry you.lalo: i worried more when i got into the warehouseand saw it all burnt down. nazario: well, will you acceptmy apology or will you declare me the ice law?lalo: no way. but let's don't repeat it.nazario: no way, man. do you think i enjoyed beingthere without breathing well waiting for some light?lalo: i still can't get how something like thatcould have happened. nazario: me neither.are you sure you closed well the warehouse that saturday?lalo: i swear it! nazario: whom else havethe warehouse's key? lalo: only you, me, alonsoand amador... they have keysof the whole factory. but there's no wayhe'd have opened it. that very same daythey boss fired him and he left throwing foamout of his mouth? the bad thing is thathe's already back. rodrigo: well.what will we do? sergio: take care.rodrigo: you too, and cheer up. i told you it's uselessto keep thinking of nora. sergio: i know.well, see you. nora: why didn't you answerthe phone? rodrigo: last time we met,i told you i didn't want to talk with you anymore.nora: i'm pregnant. i've just gotten to know it,and i thought you had to know. rodrigo: how do i knowi'm the father? i know i wasn't your first man.nora: don't be coward. you know you're the dadand you have to help me... [sobs]because i won't have this child and i guessyou don't want him either. rodrigo: of course, not.nora: then, you have to help me get rid of him.rodrigo: what do you want me to do?nora: i don't know. we have to do can't leave me alone! rodrigo: calm down.nora: it's clear that you don't have him inside.rodrigo: we'll do something, but give me time.i have to think. when i'll have a solution,i call you. nora: [sobs]you should better really do it. ligia: hey, how hotis your girlfriend. rodrigo: she's notmy girlfriend, she's just a pal. i have to go. goodbye.ligia: take care. lucía: dad, good to see you.i need to tell you something. alonso: how are you?is anything wrong? lucía: it's nothing serious,but i rather tell you so before it gets bigger.alonso: please, tell me. lucía: my aunt magdalenacame today and your wife went mad just because terelet her in. i just want to knowif you agree with it. alonso: of course,i don't agree. lucía: just wanted to knowthat i have your support. alonso: yes, honey.lucía: and please, don't tell it to my aunt rebeca.i don't want a mess with this. alonso: sure.lucía: dad! i want your opinion with what i've donewith the catalog. alonso: i like it very much,but i don't know much about design and marketing.i think marcelo has to see it. lucía: why him?alonso: he knows more about it than me, and he gave methe idea to update the talavera catalog.lucía: why? i don't thinkhe might know more than you. alonso: are you havingproblems again with that guy? lucía: no.i just didn't see the point. alonso: well, i do.see it with him, will you? goodbye.milagros: you can't treat me [knocking on door]marcelo: good evening. manager: good evening.your mailing. marcelo: thanks very much.manager: excuse me, did your mom find miss gaxiolaaddress at last? marcelo: pardon?manager: yes, gregorio, the manager of the morning,told me that your mom asked if he knew her.she said she was the apartment's owner.he asked her address and phone. i think they wantedto fix something. i don't know what.marcelo: can i talk with gregorio?manager: he left at noon. but if you want,i give you his number. is there any problem?marcelo: no, everything is ok. thanks.manager: excuse me. [door closes]rafaela: oh, god! marcelo: where's my mom?rafaela: in the room. marcelo: do you knowif she went somewhere during the day?rafaela: yes, she went for a walk.and i worried because she took a good while to come back.marcelo: she had many reasons to be late.rafaela: what's wrong? marcelo: i'll talk with my momand you stay here, and no matter what,don't meddle. so, you went to see lucía.milagros: i should've supposed that damned kiddowill tell you the gossip. what did she tell you?marcelo: lucía didn't tell me anything at all.i got to know by chance. milagros: anyway, i don't carebecause i didn't do anything i should regret.marcelo: why did you go for her? milagros: i was curious to knowthe woman for whom you left daniela and threw awayyour work of so many years to became an employeeat a store that's not even worthy.marcelo: i already told you that lucía has nothing to dowith what i do or don't. i came here for other reason.milagros: oh, yeah? which? tell me, so you convince methat i'm wrong. marcelo: it's somethingpersonal. milagros: you won't trick me.i know perfectly the only reason why you're hereis that haughty girl. marcelo: i don't carewhat you think of her. milagros: don't talk to melike this. i'm your mother.marcelo: and i'm your son. the least i expect is thatyou respect my life. sara: hi.leticia: oh, you're here. sara: what did you do today?leticia: i was at lucía's, and before you tell meyou're fed up with seeing me doing nothing, like nora,i tell you at once that i was looking for a job.sara: mellow out. i still haven't told youanything. don't get so defensive.leticia: but i'm sure you thought of it.sara: talking of your pal's sister, do you knowif she has a boyfriend? leticia: she waswith sergio mondragon, but she already split up with him.poor him, he's still pretty in love with her.sara: why's that? didn't she love him?leticia: nora doesn't love anyone, but herself.but, why so interested in her life?sara: no, not at all. i just brought her upto have something to talk about. leticia: nora is notsomething to talk about. sara: do you want dinner?leticia: no, i already did. thanks.brígida: don't you see there's no more break.bring more. esperanza: yes, ma'am.brígida: you haven't told me how you did.amador: what about? brígida: back at the did alonso welcome you? amador: fine, he saidhe regretted having mistreated way. he doesn't regret enoughas to get rid of miss escalante. brígida: what a pity.[door closes] it seems rodrigo is back.son, won't you have dinner? rodrigo: no, thanks.i go to bed, i'm too tired. amador: so early?rodrigo: i said i'm too tired. what's the matter with it?brígida: i don't have to forget telling you, norita camelooking for you this afternoon. rodrigo: nora.who knows what she wanted. good night.amador: norita gaxiola? did she say what she wanted?brígida: no. but she looked too weird,too pale, too nervous. amador: ask hera mineral water. brígida: bring the sira mineral water. [phone dialing][phone rings] daniela: hello.milagros: it's milagros. daniela: what's the matter?milagros: you have to come back to mexico have to do it if you don't want to losemarcelo for good. marcelo: it's clear thatyou won't respect my life. you and i can't be, with all the pain of my heart, i'll ask youto leave right now. i don't want you to be here.i don't want you close to me. [music][music] milagros: you can't treat melike this. remember that i'm your mother.marcelo: stop repeating you're my mother, thatwon't change anything at all. milagros: why the nuisance?marcelo: you know perfectly well.i've repeated you a thousand timesnot to meddle in my life and you keep doing it.milagros: what did i do now? i just call danielato greet her. not because you don't want tobe back with her, i'd stop seeing her.marcelo: nobody is asking you to do's obvious. don't play the didn't call just to greet her.milagros: it's not fair that you take that attitude.marcelo: i won't discuss it with you anymore.milagros: you can kick me out as if i were a maid.marcelo: i won't discuss it with you.i ask you to leave tonight. rafaela, please,help her pack up. rafaela: as you wish.what did you do now? milagros: [sobs]rodrigo: last time i saw you i told you i didn't wantto talk with you anymore. nora: i'm pregnant.i've just gotten to know. i thought you had to know it.rodrigo: how do i know i'm the father?i know i wasn't your first man. nora: don't be coward!you know you're the dad and you have to help mebecause i won't have this child, and i don't thinkyou want him either. rodrigo: of course, not.amador: still with the light on. weren't you too tiredcoming to sleep? rodrigo: yes, i was aboutto go to bed. amador: is anything wrong?rodrigo: no, nothing. i'm just a bit tired.amador: more than tired, i see you tense.hasn't it anything to do with nora?rodrigo: why do you say so? amador: i could hearwhen your mother said she came for you.what did she want? rodrigo: i don't know.i go wash my teeth. amador: calm down.i had warned you not to get involved with that girl--rodrigo: dad, i didn't look for her, i swear it.amador: i hope you're sincere and honest with me.if i get to know that you're getting tangledor doing any stupidity with that girl,i withdraw my support, totally, for good.i swear it. i swear it.nora: [thinks] you can't be can't. what are you doing here?good night. i didn't hear you coming.what time did you come back? nora: a while ago.rebeca: tere told me you got a call and went out.where did you go? nora: to-- to a caféwith gloria. time flew just chatting.rebeca: did you really go with gloria, or did yougo again for marcelo escalante? nora: i said i went with gloria!rebeca: all right, mellow out. don't get like this.i believe you. good night.i love you. remember tomorrow we're goingto the ultrasound test and at noon we're going--nora: no, no, i won't go. rebeca: what?you agreed with your dad you'd run all the tests.nora: no, i don't want to go. with the today's testswas enough. rebeca: what am i goingto tell to your dad? nora: never mind about that.never mind. rebeca: is something thati have to know happening? nora: no.nothing happens. i just don't want to runthe tests. ok? it seems absurd to me.i don't want to, period. rebeca: all right.i'll see what i make up with your well. rafaela: marcelo.marcelo: are you ready? rafaela: no.your mother locked herself up in the roomand it seems she's crying. marcelo: this timeher blackmailing won't help her. rafaela: she's can't chuck her out just like this.marcelo: did she already tell you what she did today?rafaela: anyway, she's your mother and toughshe might be wrong, she does it thinkingit's the best for you. marcelo: please,don't defend her. rafaela: it breaks my soulseeing her like this, because though you doubt it,she's suffering. marcelo: i swear i don't enjoyseeing her like this either. but precisely to avoidthose kind of confrontations, i decided to move on my own,to be away from her control. rafaela: i get what you feel.but i don't think it's worthy that she'll leave right aftera row with you. you'll feel bad,so will she. marcelo: what do you want meto do? rafaela: to think things over,just that. you'd do it,if she offers you an apology. marcelo: for god's sake.she'd never do that. she's too proud as to do so.besides, that wouldn't change her way to act.rafaela: its clear that, despite i speak up,you won't change either. marcelo: really, i can't haveher close to my now. rafaela: all right, as you wish.but wait, at least, so we leave calmly's too late to take a bus. don't you think?marcelo: yes, you're right. i can't be so intransigenteither. but i really hope that you leavetomorrow morning. i don't want to be backfrom work and see her here. rafaela: don't worry.i'll make sure of it. but, mind you,i don't agree. [music][music] alonso: i wanted to see youbefore going to the factory. how are you today?nazario: i feel very good. i don't know why you insiston treating me like a creep. and don't give me thati have to be patient. alonso: you stolethe words from my mouth. nazario: i don't knowwhy you can't get that i can't stand being inactive.i like my job. alonso: don't worry.the workshop won't fall. i assure you it'll be theretill you're back. nazario: did they clearthe warehouse, at least? alonso: we're on it.nazario: did they hand you any report on what happened?alonso: yes, it seems it was an accident.the short-circuit started the fire and happened what it happened. nazario: is that all?alonso: do you think they omitted any important detail?nazario: no, i just asked. lalo told me that amadoris working at the factory again. alonso: any problem with it?i thought it's what you wanted. nazario: as long as youagree with it. alonso: regardless his affronts,i must admit he's a devoted worker.nazario: no doubt about it. alonso: well, i'm off to work.oh, normita sends you greetings and said she's caringfor your improvement. nazario: how kind.give her thanks. alonso: i'll tell her.take care. marcelo: good morning.norma: good morning. excuse me!by chance, have you seen nazario after the accident?marcelo: yes, i went to visit him yesterday.norma: and how is he? marcelo: i guess well,he's still complaining all day long.norma: i imagine what poor trini is going through.marcelo: i think she's more than used to it.excuse me. norma: mr. escalante.lucía is waiting for you. marcelo: lucía?norma: yes, alonso's daughter. marcelo: thank you.hi. don't worry.lucía: my dad asked me to show you the catalogi'm re-designing it to have your opinion.marcelo: i knew my mom went to see you.why didn't you tell me when i saw youat your godparent's? lucía: i didn't thinkit was worthy. marcelo: i'd have likedgetting to know all the details through you.lucía: didn't she tell you? marcelo: no.i just knew she went to see you, and i imagine she told yousomething you didn't like. that's why you changedyour attitude with me. what did she tell you?lucía: something petty. marcelo: no matter what it is,please, i want to know. lucía: your mom thought thatyou and i... it's a folly.why would i tell you so? marcelo: the idea thatyou and i...bothers you so much? lucía: what bothers me isthe idea that they relate me with a committed man.marcelo: i have no commitments. it's true, i had a relationfor several years, but it was never as importantas yours with rodrigo. lucía: don't mention him now.marcelo: i'm just giving it as example for you to seethat what i had with her wasn't as importantas what you had with him. lucía: but why does your momthen says you're a man with much commitments?marcelo: because she'd love that i'd have mother'd love seeing me married, with children.but that won't happen till i'd be truly in love.and luckily, that would happen before than i imagine.lucía: very good for you. i leave you the catalogfor you too check it and later on we comment on it.uh- huh? marcelo: lucía.don't worry about my mother. i'll make sureshe won't bother you again. lucía: thank you.milagros: what do you do? rafaela: your son was too clear.he doesn't want to find us here when he'll be back from work.milagros: he'll have to put up with itbecause i won't please him, and much less that young girl.rafaela: don't be stubborn. you can't stay hereafter he sent you away. milagros: i'm sure he did itbecause he was very upset in that moment.i'm his mother. he won't dare chuck me outto the street. rafaela: don't count on it.i think that marcelo already reached his limit.milagros: don't lecture me. if can't wait to go backto mexico, do it. and leave me alone.i won't move from here, and much less with thingsas they are. rafaela: at least,do an act of contrition and admit thatyou've been messing it up, and stop doing follies.but above all, be brave, and ask marcelo forgiveness.milagros: i don't have to apologize with him!that's the last thing i missed. rafaela: i just tell you,you'll win more being good. but, it's up to you.rodrigo: hi. nora: do you already knowwhat we're going to do? rodrigo: i'm on it.nora: you should better don't take long.i forgot telling you yesterday. leticia's mom already knowseverything. rodrigo: why?nora: because she gave me the news.for now, i convinced her not to tell anything to my parents,but i'm not sure if she'll do it.rodrigo: no one can know. no. nora: do you think i wantto publish it? rodrigo: i call you later.sergio: won't you go in? rodrigo: yes, let's go.sergio: start being late and you won't last one day.who did you talk with? rodrigo: with my mom.sergio: were you fighting with her like this?rodrigo: yes, you know how it is.sara: come in. take a seat.rebeca: thanks. sara: in a way,i expected you to come. rebeca: oh, yeah? why's that?sara: i thought you wanted to talk alone with meabout your daughter. rebeca: no, i actuallydon't have much to say, just that nora doesn't wantto finish with the tests. sara: did she tell you why?rebeca: no. but she does change her mindeasily. sara: and you came to see mejust to tell me this? you could've done iton the phone. rebeca: yes, but i wantedto tell you personally, please, don't tell itto my husband. sara: sooner or later,he'll find out. rebeca: yes, but i'd likegiving nora some more time to reconsider and finishall these tests. and not causing her a problemwith her dad. he's the most interestedin her to run them. sara: if he asks me directly,i can't lie. rebeca: yes, i know.i'm not asking you so. just, that you won't talkwith him to keep him updated. i really want norato reconsider it, and finish with all this.she's been too tense lately. i don't know why.sara: yes, i see. rebeca: you already have the results of the test they ran yesterday?you said you'd get them yesterday.sara: yes, i got them. rebeca: so?do you have anything i can tell to my husband?sara: i'd prefer having all togetherto do my evaluation, hoping that nora reconsiders.rebeca: i hope so. sara: well, sorry to say bye,but i have to see a patient urgently.rebeca: yes. thanks. see you.sara: see you. [gasps][music] [music]lucía: ...but then why does your mom says you're a manwith much commitments? marcelo: because she'd lovethat i'd have them. my mother'd love seeing memarried, with children. but that won't happentill i'd be truly in love. and luckily, that would happenbefore than i imagine. woman: watch out!lucía: i'm sorry. what am i doing?what's happening to me? what do i care about whatthat guy would or wouldn't do? sara: magdalena.both: hi. sara: too much work?magdalena: no, more or less. sara: how's nazario?magdalena: much better. though he's already fed upwith being on bed. the good thing is he doesn't getbored because he's having visits all day long.sara: have rebeca and her daughtergone visit him too? it's weird that none of themstep this place while he was hospitalized.magdalena: rebeca doesn't have a good relationwith nazario and trini. they don't get along bad either,but they prefer keeping some distance.sara: and i guess, nora imitates her mom?magdalena: there's something of it, yes.sara: and how do you get along with your nephew?magdalena: more or less. in fact, i had to leavemy sister's house because i had a problemwith her daughter. sara: and how much does noratrust her mom? magdalena: absolutely.i could almost swear that rebeca is nora's accomplicein almost everything. it's not good to tell you so,but i'm sure that a great deal of nora's problemsare because of rebeca. she spoils her in everything,everything. sara: sounds logic.magdalena: and you? why do you ask me all this?sara: just curiosity. magdalena: well, i go with vir.see you later. my dear.lucía: who's that for? tere: your sister didn't wake upwell at all. she didn't have breakfast.i'll give her a juice. lucía: does my auntalready know it? tere: she told me to send it.lucía: no, i'll take it. tere: as you wish.lucía: thank you. can i come in?nora? [knocks on door]nora? do you feel fine?nora: i'm coming out. nora: give it to me.give it to me! give it to me!lucía: no, wait. now i know why you feel bad,because you're pregnant. who's that child's father?who's the father of the child you're expecting?answer! [music]

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