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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 25

Lucía va a visitar a Nazario para ayudarlo a recuperar la memoria. Sara le dice a Nora que está embarazada.
6 May 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents... rebeca:in the kitchen. alonso: [sobs]your mother will always be with us.magdalena: and time passed by, they got married and youbecame the most beautiful woman. lucía: [sobs]magdalena: what happens? don't you like what i told you?why are you sad? lucía: no, no, i'm not sad,aunt. your words make me feel better,because-- magdalena: why?lucía: aunt, i thought that i could trust marcelo,but i was wrong. marcelo: hi.rafaela: i'm glad that you're home, marcelo.marcelo: hi, rafaela. where's my mother?rafaela: oh, she's in a bad mood, she's in her it's as silent as a tomb. marcelo: if you think that i'llbring happiness, you're wrong. rafaela: and can i knowwhy are you so upset? it's because of your crazy ideaof taking revenge, right? your stubbornness is destroyingyour soul. marcelo: no, that's not reason.rafaela: of course it is! you can't fool me.forget about that, drop it. marcelo: i've just told thatit's not reason, rafaela. but i won't back out of my plan.rafaela: why? marcelo: you know how muchi loved federico, he was my only brother.but, at least, tell me who she is.federico: she is-- she is the most wonderful womani've ever known. her name is adriana,adriana murillo. and i'd do anything for her,i'd even kill. if someone tries to take heraway from me, i'd kill. i know, don't start picturingcrazy things, i'll introduce her to you.marcelo: okay, perfect. federico: today, i'll havedinner with her. do you think we can meet youat 11 pm in your apartment? marcelo: perfect, i'll bewaiting for you there. marcelo: federico...[moans] [sobs][sighs] i can't go back to mexicowithout doing justice to my brother.that's why i came to puebla and i won't go back untili destroy the woman that caused his death.rebeca: [yells] [screams][cries out] nora: what happens?mom, what happened? rebeca: [pants]nora: what happened? rebeca: i had a terriblenightmare. i think that i can't be isolatedanymore, i'll go out. i have to go out.nora: what happened? rebeca: nothing.nora: do you want me to go with you?rebeca: no, no, you stay here, my love, i have to see brígida.nora: as you wish. rebeca: i'll be back later.i'll go for my bag. nora: sleeping beauty...rebeca: let me go, federico. let me go!federico: no! trini: oh, alonso,this can't be happening, my husband can't be losinghis memory. my whole life is fullof memories, details-- it's just that if he loses hismemory, he's everything to me. i'll be empty.alonso: trini, calm down. what's happening to nazariois temporary, as sara said. i think that this is justthe result of the fire. nazario will get well.trini: god willing. in the end, only god knowswhat's going to happen. alonso: your love storyis wonderful. trini: [tsk]alonso: you are always giving each other love, affection.what i would have given to have a relationship like yourswith adriana. trini: i know how much you lovedeach other. alonso: i loved her so much.i can't love rebeca like that. sometimes i think that i madea mistake when i married her. trini: i'll tell you something.nazario always wondered why you married rebeca.nazario: don't play the fool, we never understoodwhy they were together. trini: oh, nazario.i've told you a thousand times that it was obvious.alonso was young, he had a newborn girl,he needed help, company. nazario: alright, but rebecawas his former wife's sister. trini: perhaps that's whyhe chose her. he expected rebeca to resembleadriana. nazario: may god forgive me,but adriana's shoes are too big for rebeca.trini: oh, come on, stop, cat's eyes, and help me--and we thought that you did it to give lucía a mother,to have a family. oh,my husband and i would have done everything to have children.and you see, alonso, you were so lucky, you had two beautifulgirls. alonso: yes, two beautiful girlswith huge problems. i think that nora got offendedwhen she found out that adriana was the love of my lifeand that's why she's jealous of lucía.haven't i told you about the scene she made when i took herto the restaurant downtown? nora: you'll start telling methat i'm useless. alonso: no.nora: that i'm worthless, that i should be like my sister,that she earned a degree, that she graduated with honors!alonso: i'm not complaining! nora: admit it, dad,you think that lucía is a thousand times better than me.alonso: no, no, that's not true. i don't know when you got thatidea, since you were a child you've always said the same.nora: perhaps it's because since childhood everybody has madefeel less important than her. everybody excepts for my mother.alonso: and on the other hand, lucía fell in love with rodrigo,she wanted to have a family, and her dream was destroyed.trini: don't think about that. alonso: yes, yes, i'm heretelling you my problems and the one that needs our help is you,trini, i'm sorry. trini: no, alonso,just that contrary, i really thank you for comingand i perfectly understand. after all this, our emotionsare all exposed. alonso: yes.[sighs] brígida: you have no idea,my friend, of what i'm going through because our son'swedding was called off. well, we're now at a restaurantand the villa francas are speaking ill of rodrigo,blaming him for everything. when we reached here, theydidn't even say hello to us-- what's wrong with you?amador: stop talking to your friends about the wedding.brígida: it's just that you don't understand that i haveto listen the insults almost every day, we're the jokeof puebla. amador: look, brígida, you'reonly starting new rumors. if they reach alonso's ears,we'll get in trouble. brígida: you caused thosetroubles when you convinced rodrigo that a lucía was goodfor him. i always wanted him to bewith norita, so it's not my fault.amador: well, i just wanted the best for our son, that's all.brígida: you didn't achieve it. amador: hey, bríg--rodrigo: can you see what a stupid thing you did?rodrigo: i had no option, dad. nora threatened to telleverything at the wedding. amador: and you believed her,stupid? she doesn't have the guts!rodrigo: i'm sure she does! amador: lower your voiceor your mother will hear us. rodrigo: nora came to see mehours before the wedding to warn me about that.then she sent me a letter during the mass, what was she doing?amador: she was only trying to scare you, that's all.rodrigo: didn't you see what she did when the priest was aboutto marry us? she dropped the rings on purposeand then she got closer to whisper to me if i wasready for that scene. amador: nobody was going to makeany scene! that girl only set a trap foryou, that's all. and you fell in the trap.rodrigo: i would like to see you in my shoes, and let's see whatyou'd have done. amador: what i would have done?i would have married lucía gaxiola to go over the headof that family, that's what i'd have done.rodrigo: well, but i didn't do it, right? i didn't get married.let's see what you do now. amador: no, you will have to seewhat you do now, because not only you ruined yourrelationship with lucía forever, but you also threw away a futurethat you will hardly achieve with any other woman.and, of course, we're not taking into account what i'll losefor you. trini: darling, look who cameto see you. nazario: oh, lucía, my darling,i'm glad to see you here. lucía: no, no, no, don't move,godfather. hey, you didn't left thehospital and you want to be a gentleman?no, no. nazario: oh, look, it's justthat i can't get rid of a problem that i have another one.i guess that you've been told what's happening to me.lucía: yes, godfather, that's why i've come to see you.i'm sure that we love each other so much that you have all ourmemories in that head of yours. and if you don't, i'll make surethat you remember them. nazario: i know that not allof them are nice. at least, not for you.trini told me something about that rodrigo.lucía: godfather, let's talk about anything else, right?nazario: no, lucía, i've been thinking about that a lotand i'd like to know what you liked about that stupid guy.lucía: well, i think that i'll feel better if i talk about itwith you. trini: well, i'll leave youalone so you can talk. i'll cook something very tasty.nazario: tell me, why did you fall in love with rodrigo?lucía: well, because at the very beginning it was nice to bewith him. he did a lot of things to makeme like him and it happened little by littleuntil we decided to get married. during that phase, godfather,i swear that i was very happy by his side.what are you doing here, rodrigo?rodrigo: well, i knew that you'd be here now and i couldn'tkeep myself from seeing you. lucía: [moans]rodrigo: do you love me? lucía: i love you morethan my own life. what about you?rodrigo: do you want to know how much?lucía: everything was beautiful, godfather.until i started to receive those scented anonymous letters.nazario: anonymous letters? what are you talking about?lucía: yes, i received the first one some days beforethe wedding. lety: it's stupid.lucía: no, let me see-- lety: no, lucía, it's stupid.lucía: let me see what it says. your boyfriend is cheatingon you with another woman. nazario: lucía, darling,how could you go on with your wedding?why didn't you pay attention to the anonymous letters?lucía: i did, godfather. i broke up with rodrigoafter i found out that my bed, the one rodrigo boughtfor our apartment, smelt of the anonymous letters.rodrigo: they were fast, huh? lucía: what's that smell?rodrigo: it's like perfume, huh? it smells of perfume.lucía: exactly. it's the same perfumeof the anonymous letters i've been receiving.rodrigo: hey, have you been receiving new letters?lucía... lucía: you're a cynic!you're a bastard! rodrigo: what's wrong with you?lucía: you brought a woman to our apartment?did you dare bring her to my bed?rodrigo: hey, lucía, you're imagining things,calm down. i swear that--lucía: look, shut up, i don't believe you!but before sending you to hell, i demand to know who she is.i want to know her name. don't stay silent,tell me who she is. nazario: but if you broke upwith him, how did he run away from church and stand you upat the altar? lucía: well, it's just thatrodrigo convinced me to get back together with him.he told me that he loved me, that someone was tryingto separate us and i believed him, godfather.with all my love for my future wife...rodrigo: if you still want to become my wife.i recorded in this cd all the songs we've listened totogether, and do you know why? because since we are together,you've become the woman of my you really think that i'd lose this dream for a stupidaffair with someone else? lucía, i love're everything to me. marry me.♪ stay here with me side by side ♪lucía: and that's how i believed all his lies.nazario: i'm sure that i didn't know that.if i had known it, i'd have never, listen carefully,never let you marry him. nora: gloria, i've already toldyou that i'm on my way, right? i just have to get dressed.don't be annoying. yes...well, if you keep talking i'll get to your house even later.bye. tere: ma'am, here'sthe blouse i ironed. nora: [sighs]tere: oh, that blouse is so'll look very nice. i'm sure that you'll finda boyfriend no matter what. nora: oh, i don't havea boyfriend because i don't want to, right?tere: as long as you don't find someone like rodrigo.oh, that guy turned out to be such a bastard.nora: yes, he was a bastard. rafaela: but you know what?god exists, and the tramp that took him away from lucía willpay dearly for that, i'm sure. that woman must be a tramp.nora: yes, sure. rafaela: well, but the worldis full of those women. so, if you have a boyfriend--nora: oh, stop, shut up! you're making me sick!why don't you go to tidy up the you want to know the truth? rodrigo: tell me.nora: you were right, i was jealous of my sister.most of all because you-- rodrigo: because i what?nora... nora: because you chose her.rodrigo: what? i don't get it.nora: let's see if this makes things clear.rodrigo: nora, don't do this to me, please.nora: don't play the fool. you know that you want as muchas i do. tere: nora, do you want meto take it to the laundry? nora: oh, i don't know,do whatever you want. [telephone rings]give it to me. tere: here you are.nora: hi? now?no, it's just that i was about to go to see a friend.okay, alright. i'm on my way.[music] lucía: and that's howmy wedding day came, godfather. i was sure that it was going tobe the beginning of a life full of happiness, but i was wrong.nazario: i can hardly remember that day, but it's so blurry.lucía: there's nothing bad about those memories, it's just thateverything was blurry that day. no one expected that.i was in front of the altar, excited.priest: lucía, do you take rodrigo to beyour husband, to love him and honor all the daysof your life? lucía: yes,i do. priest: and you, rodrigo,do you take lucía to be your wife, to be true to herin sickness and health all the days of your life?nora: oh, i'm sorry. i'm sorry.are you ready? priest: i'll ask you again,rodrigo, do you take lucía to be your wife, to be trueto her all the days of your life?rodrigo: no, i don't. nazario: but why, lucía?why did that bastard do that to you?lucía: i don't know, godfather. i swear that i don't know.but one day the truth will be known and that day i'll knowwho the woman that stood in our way is.who could she be, godfather? who?rodrigo: what do you want, nora? nora: i've already told you,i don't want you to marry lucía. rodrigo: i've already told youthat i'm going to marry her. i'd be stupid if i don't.nora: you won't be alone. i'll be here to comfort know what you'll have with me.rodrigo: go away, please. i don't want to be seenwith you. nora: alright, my love.i'll just tell you something, you have 24 hours to get ridof that damned wedding. otherwise, you'll have to facethe consequences. nazario: i remember it clearlynow, lucía. how much you suffered.lucía: but it's in the past now, godfather.and now i'm happy because your memory is getting betterand that's the most important thing now, huh?oh, i must go. but i can leave at ease, becauseyou're fine. and, please, take care.after the scare of the fire you need to rest, huh?i love you. nazario: i love you more.trini: oh, darling, thank you for giving us so much love.lucía: oh, no, thank you. goodnight.nazario: rodrigo zúñiga, you're a bastard.trini: well, i guess that she told you everythingthat happened in the wedding. nazario: yes, but she said thatshe got over that. do you believe it?trini: well, look, darling, i think lucía is capableof everything. she's a very strong woman.lety: so you know it now. you'd better be ready, gloriawill stalk you in every social media you own, she'll send youmessages-- sergio: why did you tell her?why? lety: well, she was goingto know it anyway. you know that rumors herespread so fast. sergio: yes, but it's becauseof you. lety: [groans]why did you invite rodrigo? sergio: he works with meat the office. rodrigo: hi, lety.lety: the environment got ruined, i'm leaving.rodrigo: hey, lety, don't be like this, i needto hear anything about lucía. i'm worried about her.lety: oh, you want to hear about lucía.the one you stood up at the altar for being a coward?answer me. rodrigo: yes.lety: what do you want me to tell you?that she's sad, crying her eyes out?no, she's very happy. do you know what she did whenyou stood her up at the altar? she told everyone that we hadto celebrate because she got rid of someone like you.rebeca: we beg all of you to forgive us, we didn't expectthis. thanks for comingand, as you may guess, there won't be a's over. lucía: no.there will be a party, you're all invited to celebrate withme, because i didn't marry that know where it is. i'll be waiting for you.lety: lucía, wait. lucía!and one more thing, she told me what she did withthe expensive ring you gave her. [giggles]bus driver: ma'am, your ticket? lucía: i have no money, sir.bus driver: you have to pay. won't i be accused of robbery?it must be worth a lot of money. lucía: to me it's worthless.rodrigo: she hates me, right? lety: you wanted to hear abouther, huh? oh, and that's not all.sergio: lety, it's enough. lety: then she went homeand celebrated, she enjoyed her party, she danced for hourswith her father. alonso: daughter, wherehave you been? we were worried.lucía: i'm fine. why aren't you partying?why didn't anyone come to celebrate with me?alonso: my love, don't make it more difficult.lucía: don't go, play something. aren't you hearing?play something! alonso: daughter!lucía: please. [band plays "canon in d"]dad, dance with me, please. alonso: my love, don't hurtyourself. lucía: dad, please,don't reject me too. rodrigo: i'm happy for her.lety: yes. rodrigo: well, sergio, i'll goto have lunch somewhere else. i don't want to bother you.excuse me. sergio: perhaps he deserves it,but you went too far. you went too far.lety: very good, let him suffer. and yes, he deserves it.[music] [knocking on door]marcelo: come in, it's open. rafaela: i guess that youhaven't eat anything, huh? marcelo: oh, thank you very muchrafaela, you shouldn't have bothered.rafaela: it's no bother at all. you know? i didn't want youto be mad at me. i'm just trying to help you,give you advice. marcelo: alright, i don't wantto talk about that. my head's already a mess.rafaela: well, then let's talk about something else.marcelo: what do you want to talk about?rafaela: tell me how you met lucía.marcelo: i met lucía by chance. when i get to puebla,the first one i met was lalo. excuse me.i could hear that you've lived here all your life.lalo: oh, yes, sir. marcelo: and do you know manypeople? lalo: oh, i know everyone.marcelo: do you happen to know someone called adriana murillo?lalo: adriana murillo? oh, aren't you mistaken?marcelo: no, why? lalo: well, it's just that asfar as i'm concerned, the only person i know with that namethat lived in this city was my boss's first wife.marcelo: lived? lalo: yes, it's just thatunfortunately mrs. adriana died more than 20 years they are celebrating her daughter's wedding,ms. lucía gaxiola murillo. so i went to the church andi saw her for the first time. when i saw her, i thought thatsuch an innocent woman couldn't be the woman that messedwith my brother. rafaela: but you didn't getclose to her, did you? marcelo: no, i did it later.i wanted to know more about her, i went to her house and she wasabout to drive away. i followed her and we got here.i realized that i meet her at the most vulnerable momentof her life. [yelling]marcelo: lucía, what the hell are you doing?lucía: drop it, stop! [coughs]marcelo: are you okay? lucía: why are you here?who are you? marcelo: marcelo escalante,nice to meet you. rafaela: poor girl.and how did you realize that she wasn't the woman that had arelationship with your brother? marcelo: when mr. alonsoinvited me to have dinner at his house, i discovered a lotof things. alonso: to the most wonderfulwoman in the world. nora: from rodrigo.alonso: no, it's signed by federico.rafaela: marcelo, won't you tell me what you're thinking.marcelo: i'd rather not talk about that.thank you very much for the meal.rafaela: won't you eat something?marcelo: no, i'd rather eat later.nazario: trini! trini!woman! trinidad!trini: oh, my love, what's up? are you feeling bad?nazario: just the opposite, i'm feeling better.dr. sara was right, i remembered something and ididn't anyone to tell me. trini: oh, i'm so happy,my love. nazario: i remembered whenalonso hired marcelo. i clearly remember that day.i can even hear what we were talking about.did he specifically asked for this job?alonso: no, no, he came to ask me about lucía and her mood.and well, we talked and he told me that he wanted settle downhere, in puebla. and, well, it was easy to offerrodrigo's position to him. nazario: well, those thingshappen by chance. but if you have any doubt,don't hire him. alonso: it's just that the morei see his experience the more i convince myselfthat he can be a very important element for this company.nazario: well, hire him temporarily and you can try him.oh, agustín, look, i want to explain to you--when i remembered that alonso didn't trust him, reminded methat lucía didn't trust him either.and i felt that i also had my doubts.and then i remembered what lalo told me, it's that stupid guy'sfault that i didn't trust marcelo.trini: [giggles] lalo: who's that manwith the boss? nazario: he's going to replacerodrigo zúñiga. lalo: i know him, but i don'tremember where i've seen him. nazario: no, i don't think so,lalo. he's a stranger, he has justgot to puebla. marcelo: good morning.nazario: i was waiting for you. marcelo: mr. alonso sent meto see you. nazario: what do you knowabout talavera? marcelo: honestly, not much,but i'm ready to learn whatever it takes.nazario: alright, come with me. lalo: i remember!yes, you were at the hotel. the one that asked meabout the boss's wife, ms. adriana murillo.nazario: so it's you. go for alonso immediately.come on, don't stand there. go for the boss!and you'll explain to me who you really are and what are youlooking for here. i was so suspicious of that manand now i owe him my life. we were so wrong.alonso, lucía and i. trini: oh, cat's eyes, i don'tknow, but i think that lucía still doubts him.[music] lucía: and didn't they tell youwhere they were going? tere: you know how your auntrebeca is, she never gives any explanation.and then, someone called your sister, nora, who knows whoit was, and she rushed out. hey, don't you want me to cookanything? lucía: no, thank you, tere.[telephone rings] i'll answer.hi? lety: oh, my friend,i'm glad you answered and not your sister.guess what, i've come to eat with sergio to a restaurant nearthe office and i came across have no idea, i told him that you were very happyand he got so angry, you had to see his faceafter i told him. lucía: i don't care.lety: oh, well, let's change the subject.hey, did you find out what commitments marcelo has?lucía: no, i don't want to know either.i can't trust him either. but i should have suspected itsince that stupid kissed me that day using the situation.marcelo: leave her alone. rodrigo: who are you?marcelo: that's not important. it's only important that lucíadoesn't want to be with you. rodrigo: lucía, tell this moronthat it's none of his business and, despite everything, youstill love me as much as i do. marcelo: is it clear now?rodrigo: i don't think you forgot me that easily.lucía: now you see i did. when something is worthless,it's too easy to forget it. marcelo: i just wanted to beconvincing. lucía: the mere memory of thatmakes me angry, i can't believe i was so stupid to trust him.i'm stupid. [sighs][electronic music] >> hi, don't you want meto buy you another drink? rebeca: please, don't you seethat you're talking to a lady? leave me alone, please.>> excuse me. marcelo: look, ma'am, i knowthat it's none of my business, and i apologize beforehand,but i'm sure that the flowers that you received at your housethe other day weren't for your daughters, they were for you.rebeca: what do you mean? marcelo: that it was obvious,you got very nervous. rebeca: you're wrong.those flowers weren't sent to us, but i'll tell you something.i wanted them to be for me, because that meansthat i'm important to someone. marcelo: you are,you really are. rebeca: really?marcelo: yes, to your husband. rebeca: my husband.perhaps someday i dare tell you that story.but, well, i like to know that despite of being older than youand being married, you still think that someone likes me.thank you. barman: your check, ma'am.rebeca: thank you. nora: hi.receptionist: hi. nora: dr. ezquerra called me,she wanted to see me. can you tell her i'm here,i'm nora gaxiola. receptionist: yes, sure,but you'll have to wait a few minutes, because the doctoris busy now. you can take a seat, i'll callyou when she's available. nora: thank you.receptionist: good afternoon, mr. marcelo escalante?oh, i'm calling on behalf of dr. ezquerra to knowhow your arm is. nora: marcelo...marcelo: hi. nora: are you marcelo escalante?marcelo: you're right. who are you?nora: i'm nora gaxiola. marcelo: nice to meet you're also mr. alonso's daughter.nora: yes, i'm also mr. alonso's daughter.i met that marcelo escalante. why did you tell me that he'sworthless? rebeca: oh, because he'sstranger, we know nothing about him.nora: oh, i think he's very interesting and very handsome,don't you think? rebeca: yes, he's handsome.receptionist: excuse me, did you say that you're noragaxiola? nora: yes.receptionist: i'll announce you in a second.[telephone rings] sara: yes?yes, let her in. nora: good afternoon.sara: good afternoon, nora. take a seat.nora: it called my attention that you called meand not my father or my mother. sara: i thought that it wasbest to see you on your own. you're of age and only you canmanage what i'm going to tell you.nora: is there something wrong with me?sara: not really, but in your situation, it may worry you.nora: why don't you stop beating about the bush and tell me whati have. sara: you're pregnant.nora: what? sara: yes, nora,you'll have a baby.

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