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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 22

1 May 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents... nora: but it annoys methat i was there, asleep, while lucía was with marcelo!rebeca: oh. now i understandwhy you're so annoyed. nora: makes me feel so angry, specially because i knowhow nice marcelo has been to lucía.rebeca: nora, you and i saidyou were going to forget that boy.nora: i didn't say anything. i like marcelo.i like him very much. and neither lucía nor anybodyis going to steal him from me! rebeca: you're talking about himas if he were already your boyfriend.nora: he's not yet, but i swear to youhe will be soon, no matter how many peoplelike it! rebeca: understand it at can't think about another manuntil you solve your problem with rodrigo.nora: you can't tell me what i can or i can't do.understood? rodrigo: is there anythingabout the fire on the paper? amador: yes, a column,but you know? it doesn't mention it was me the one who caused it.rodrigo: sorry? amador: that's what your motherand you think, don't you? that i had something to dowith that. rodrigo: no, dad,the only thing i said was that i thought--amador: look, rodrigo, yesterday was oneof the worst days of my life. instead of having supportfrom my family, what i get is your you really think that i had something to dowith that? rodrigo: no, no, of course not.and i'm sorry if i said somethingthat offended you. amador: okay.let's stop talking about it. rodrigo: my mom told methat things with alonso gaxiola are getting better.i'm glad to know that. amador: we just talked a little.i won't leave him alone in a moment like thisto deal with the fire himself. rodrigo: yes, and if he calledyou, that means something, right?amador: yes, although we can't be sureabout anything. i told your mom what happened.i'll ask you for something, please.don't do any stupid things and stay away from lucíaand nora gaxiola. don't screw it up again.rodrigo: don't worry, dad. i wasn't planning to do that.amador: okay. i hope so.marcelo: look, madam, i know i'm meddling in thingsi don't care, and i offer you an apologybeforehand, but i could swearthat those flowers sent to your house that nightweren't for any of your daughters,but for you. rebeca: what do you mean?marcelo: it was obvious. you got so nervous.rebeca: [laughs] you're wrong.those flowers weren't for anybody,but i'll dare to tell you something.i would have liked those flowers to be sent to mebecause that would mean i'm important to somebody.marcelo: you are. and very much.rebeca: seriously? marcelo: your husband. rebeca: [laughs]my husband. that's a storythat maybe one day i have the courageto tell you about, but, well, i am flatteredif i think that despite the fact that i'm a womanolder than you and that i'm married,you can think that i'm still attractiveto somebody. [whispers] thank you.nora? nora: i'm sorryfor the interruption. rebeca: nora!nora, wait, please! nora!nora! don't leave me speaking alone!did you hear me?! nora: i don't want to talkto you. rebeca: well, i do!i want you to explain to me what it means: "i'm sorryfor the interruption". nora: it means that i know nowwhy you don't want me to have anything to dowith marcelo because you want him for want to get involved with him and be with him!rebeca: oh, don't say stupid things, girl!nora: they aren't stupid things! what's more,now everything is so clear. rebeca: don't offend me.nora: i saw you, mom. i saw you kissing marcelo!rebeca: i wasn't kissing him, i was just saying goodbye to himas anybody else does! what's wrong with that?!nora: nothing! if you weren't married!rebeca: stop, nora! don't disrespect me!nora: come on, tell me, why did you come?why did you come to talk to marcelo?rebeca: i came to talk to him about you.i'm so worried. you're obsessed with himand i want to know which his intentions are.nora: why do you think you have the right to do that?!rebeca: it's the right i have for being your mother!don't you understand, honey? i'm so worried about're stuck on marcelo and i don't want youto get hurt! i don't want you to do another stupid thingas the one you did with rodrigo! nora: [snorts]i'm fed up with you reminding me about rodrigoevery five minutes! i've already told youhe's a past story to me! now the only one i care aboutis marcelo. rebeca: he's not interestedin you! stop harassing him!nora: understand that i'm fed up with youtelling me what i have to do! magdalena: good morning, father.father samuel: good morning. magdalena: do you remember me?father samuel: yes, of course. how can i help you, magdalena?magdalena: i'm sorry, father, i know you're aboutto start mass, but-- i wanted to ask youfor a very big favor: to offer itfor nazario treviño's health. father samuel: is he sick?magdalena: no. no, the thing is there was an accidentin my brother-in-law's factory and he got really hurt.he's at the hospital right nowand he's really very delicate. father samuel: oh, god.well, i'll offer him mass with pleasure.i guess you'll stay to listen. magdalena: i'd love to,but i can't. i have to go backto the hospital, but of coursei'll come back later to another mass.father samuel: why the haste then?magdalena: oh, father, because i think it's importantto tell god to work as soon as possibleso that nazario can get better, don't you think?father samuel: yes. magdalena: i mean, i knowthere are too many people who don't believein these things, but-- i do.father samuel: so do i, obviously.magdalena: well, thank you. good morning. excuse me.father samuel: god be with you. magdalena: thank you.mario: magdalena. hello.magdalena: hello. mario: [laughs] how are you?magdalena: fine, fine. hey, as i can see,apart from being a confirmed single man,you're also a follower. i'm glad.mario: well--um--yes and no. i mean,the one in charge of the parish churchis a friend of mine, so he threatens meto prevent me from stopping coming on sundays.both of them: [laugh] magdalena: father samuelis your friend. mario: yes.yes, we've known each other since we were little children.we were born in the same village,you know? magdalena: oh, okay.mario: uh-huh. magdalena: hey,i don't want to waste your time, you should enter the churchat once before somebody comes and pulls your earsfor arriving late. mario: okay, but--aren't you staying? magdalena:, i'll come later. now i have to goto trini and nazario's house to get some things.mario: well, i'd be glad to drive you there.what do you think? magdalena: no, thank youvery much, honestly, mario, but--i mean, i don't wantto feel responsible because you stop complyingwith your christian obligations. mario: well, i'm surei can comply with my obligations later.i can attend mass later. please.magdalena: all right. you win.let's go. both of them: [laugh]mario: thank you. please.magdalena: hey, do you remember anis's grandmother?mario: yes. magdalena: well, i hada very embarrassing moment because i asked herwhere she had the breasts implants.she was much more beautiful and she's gorgeous.mario: she's my cousin. magdalena: no, i'm not talkingabout your cousin. mario: yes, because--magdalena: no, i'm not talking about your--[beeping] alonso: can we come in?trini: come in, come in. alonso: how's he doing?trini: the doctor came here a while ago. she saidhe was just the same, but-- but i think he's much better.i know him. sit down.alonso: thank you. and magdalena?trini: she went home to have a showerand to bring me clean clothes. lucía: trini, you should goand rest too. i'll take care of him.trini: oh, darling, how many timesdo i have to tell you that i can't go,that i have to be here when he opens his eyes?if he doesn't see me, you won't want to seehow he'll react. no, he's used to--nazario: [stammers] lucía: did he say something?trini: yes, he's been like this all morning.that's why i know he's better, but i don't understandwhat he says. nazario: [stammers]lucía: water? trini: what?lucía: did he say water? nazario: water.trini: yes. he said water. lucía: yes. he said water. yes.nazario: i'm thirsty. lucía: he's thirsty.trini: he's thirsty, he's thirsty.nazario: bring me water, water, please, bring--lucía: yes, yes, yes. yes, nazario--nazario: that's all! why do you put me--?alonso: it's so good to listen to you grumblingagain, nazario. [laughs]trini: i told you he was much better.i know him. nazario: where am i?where am i? alonso: calm down.trini: at the hospital. calm down.nazario: why am i--? trini: no, no, please,don't be stubborn. nazario: it's uncomfortable.trini: don't take it off, please.nazario: [stammers] [broken glass]nora: [cries] it's not a whim,it's not a whim, it's not a whim.he is interested in me. he is interested in me.he is interested in me. [cries]he is interested in me. he is interested in me.[cries] marcelo: lucí's your godfather? lucía: much better.he's woken up a while ago and-- and then he askedfor some water. marcelo: i guess that meanshe's out of danger. lucía: i guess so.would you like to see him? marcelo: no, no, no.i don't want to make him feel uncomfortable.lucía: after everything you did for him,you have more right than anybody to see him.marcelo, i'll never get tiredof thanking you for this. marcelo: sothat means that what you told me last night is true?that you changed your opinion about me?lucía: yes. and my apologizewas really honest too. marcelo: and can we be friendsnow? lucía: yes.[snorts] alonso: lucía.what happened with the water for your godfather?he's desperate. lucía: yes, dad.alonso: i guess lucía's already given you the good news.marcelo: yes. you don't know how glad i am.alonso: i've pulled myself together.i invite you a coffee. okay? marcelo: let's go.alonso: let's go. over here.magdalena: thank you, mario. that's been kind of you.mario: you're welcome. it's a pleasure.hey, i'm really sorry about nazario.i hope he gets better soon. magdalena: i'm surethat the favor i asked father samuelwill help him so much. mario: yes, i'm sure.i'm sure of that. magdalena: well, i'll hurry upbecause i want to go back to the hospital.mario: yes, okay, but i can see you to the door,i won't get tired. just a few steps--magdalena: [laughs] all right.mario: would you mind? magdalena: sure.mario: hey, can i ask you a question?magdalena: yes. mario: why do you live hereand not with your sister? magdalena: let's saythat rebeca and i have a better relationshipif it's long-distance. you understand me, don't you?mario: yes, yes, i do. she's a bit--special.magdalena: [laughs] what can be done?mario: what can be done? both of them: [laugh]magdalena: oh, but you know? she must think the sameabout me. mario: yes, i'm sure.both of them: [laugh] magdalena: well, i'll go now.thank you. mario: it's been a pleasure.magdalena: thank you. mario: hey,if you want, i can wait for you. i can take you to the hospital.magdalena: no, of course not. no. i won't leave youwaiting here, outside, as if you were my, no, no, you've done enoughby driving me home. thank you. mario: it's been a pleasure.magdalena: honestly, thank you. mario: um--magdalena.magdalena: tell me. mario: do you--do you thinkthat--i don't know, that we could meet another daysomewhere, but not precisely in samuel's parish church?magdalena: well, i don't know. yes, maybe--mario: no, i mean, after all, so many single people our agein puebla. um--magdalena: [laughs] okay, yes. well, enough.we can talk about it. mario: could we have a coffee?magdalena: maybe. mario: okay.magdalena: i'll go now. goodbye. mario: okay.magdalena: goodbye. thank you!mario: thank you. magdalena: have a coffee?[sighs] nazario: i'm tiredof this thing. trini: put up with it,blond man, until the doctor says--nazario: it's uncomfortable here--trini: please, put it on. put it on, please.lucía: here's the water. nazario: how can i drink itwith this? trini: okay,just for that little while. lucía: [laughs]alonso: see who i bumped into out there.i had to drag him here because he didn't wantto come in. trini: come in, darling.nazario will be glad to talk to you. just for a while, okay?marcelo: [laughs] hello, nazario. how are you?nazario: i'm fine. thank you very much.marcelo: i'm so glad. nazario: thank you.marcelo: no, you don't have anything to thank me for.nazario: of course i do. you're so modest,but despite being dazed by the smoke,i realized everything. marcelo: don't speak anymore.we can talk as much as you want in another moment.nazario: thank you. alonso: i think i should go.there are too many people here. are you staying, darling?lucía: yes, yes, for a while. trini: okay, i'll go out tooto call magdalena and tell her the good news.alonso: if you want, i can lend you my cellphone.trini: no, no, thank you very much. i don't like that.lucía: [laughs] alonso: look--trini: no, no, seriously, no, no, i prefer the old way.i don't like that. lucía: [laughs]trini: i don't like them. alonso: okay.marcelo: you have a very beautiful smile.i hope you don't lose it again. well, nazario, i'll go now.i'm glad to see you're better. nazario: goodbye and thank you.marcelo: excuse me. [beeping]lucía: [clears throat] nazario: we were wrong,weren't we? lucía: yes, nazario, but youshouldn't speak anymore, please. you have to rest.i'll put it on again-- nazario: again?lucía: nazario. nazario: you've learnt--lucía: [laughs] rest for a while. come on.amador: are you ready? brígida: are we goingto eat out? amador: no, we're goingto the hospital to see nazario. brígida: seriously?amador: yes, brígida. we have to show solidarityin a moment like this. brígida: hey,don't you think it's a hypocritical gesturecoming from you? i mean, somehow this manhad to do with the argument you had with alonsoand i don't-- amador: listen,i won't bear him any grudge, he's an old manwho's already got his days you want to come with me or not?brígida: no, no, yes, sure, sure. i'm your wifeand i'll support you with everything you tell me,but i'll retouch my mouth, okay? amador: just don't take an hour,please. brígida: no, no.alonso: [knocks on door] nora, darling, are you there?nora? nora, honey, can i come in?honey, what happened?! why are you in bed?what's this? nora: i'm not feeling so good.alonso: honey, what's the matter?nora: it's that pain i always feel in my head.alonso: that's it, honey? or there's something else?honey, there's something else?nora: [cries] you don't know, dad.i do everything wrong. alonso: are you saying thatbecause of your relationship with sergio? but, honey, realizeyou didn't give yourself enough time to know him.nora: what?! you told meto break up with him! you told me--you told me to--to-- to break up with him![cries] you told me so! alonso: honey, calm down.calm down, calm down. don't shout, honey, calm down.nora: i'm not feeling good, dad. i'm not feeling good.please, i just want to be alone.please, leave me alone. alonso: no, look, look,i propose you something. why don't you changeand dress yourself up a little? i invite you to eat outwherever you want. okay? nora: no. i don't want to.i just want to be alone, please. alonso: all right.whatever you say. if you change your mind,you already know where to find me, okay?i love you. nora: [cries][music] [music]alonso: hello. rebeca:'s nazario? alonso: fine. thank god.he's getting better. rebeca: i'm glad to hear that,but why aren't you calm? alonso: i'm worried about nora.rebeca: why? alonso: it's not okaythat she has so many ups and day, she's happy and another day she's depressed,in bed. rebeca: honey,you already know she's very sensitive.and she gets really upset about anything.and with everything that happened with rodrigo,with nazario--well, there are much more sensitivepeople than other ones, right? alonso: rebeca, don't be blind.there's something that doesn't let norabe an ordinary girl. she needs help!rebeca: what do you mean then? that my daughter's crazy?and that i have to take her to see a psychiatrist?alonso: i don't know who has to help her!but it's not okay that she has those headachesall the time and i don't knowhow many other pains! don't you think?rebeca: well, there are people who are more sensitivebut that doesn't mean that she's crazy or--alonso: generally, parents are the last oneswho realize that their children have problems!and it's obvious that nora has a big problem.rebeca: and what do you suggest? alonso: i don't knowwhat to suggest now, but--we need to do something about nora, don't you think?both of them: [laugh] lucía: i laughed so muchwith that damn oxygen mask. my godfather takes it off,my godmother tells him off and he puts it on again.magdalena: oh, but that's great news. that meansthat he's better now. lucía: yes.magdalena: i knew god wouldn't abandon him.hey, and has your dad already come to see him?lucía: yes, we arrived together, but he's already left.magdalena: uh-huh. lucía: auntie,marcelo was here. magdalena: was he?lucía: yes. and when my godfather saw himand thanked him, his voice trembled.[laughs] you couldn't expect less.magdalena: oh, life has many twists and turns,right? lucía: why?magdalena: because yesterday you were complainingabout that guy and today all you can talk aboutis him. lucía: no, no,'s true that i don't think that marcelo's very annoyinganymore, but all i can talk about?no. magdalena: okay,whatever you say. okay, okay, but i can seeyou don't distrust him anymore. lucía: auntie,he's a complete stranger to me. i don't know--what if he has a wife and children or--or--?i don't know if he has a familyas everybody does. magdalena: and why don't youask him? of course,if you're interested in him. lucía: be honest, i don't care. magdalena: yes, sure.[laughs] milagros:'ve finally arrived. marcelo: mom,what are you doing here? milagros: isn't it obvious?i've come here to spend some dayswith the only son i have now. marcelo: how did you getmy address? milagros: i asked lorena,your former secretary. and i don't understand why,but she didn't want to say it. marcelo: and because you'reso persuasive, you managed to convince her, didn't you?and ho--how did you enter my flat?milagros: i told the doorman that i was your mom.obviously, he didn't dare to leave me in the street.marcelo: [snorts] milagros: what?you're annoyed because i came to see you,aren't you? marcelo: no, no,but i'd have preferred that you had called meand you wouldn't have waited for me.milagros: i wanted to give you the surprise, but as i can see--[snorts] i always do things wrongwith you. marcelo: well--honestly, i'm glad to see you and--although you doubt it, i've missed you a lot.and you too, rafaela. rafaela: we've missed you too.marcelo: ouch. milagros: what?what happened to you? marcelo: i burnt.milagros: how? marcelo: it's a very long story,i'll tell you about it later. and have you already installed?milagros: obviously, we haven't. i was waiting for youso that you could tell me which bedroom i can take.marcelo: oh, come in, please. here, here, at the bottom,on the right, come in. i'll help you with this.rafaela: um--um--i'll help you. marcelo: yes.sara: you don't need this anymore.nazario: there you are. you see?trini: okay, but she said so, not you.nazario: [laughs] that's great. sara: how are you feeling?nazario: well, much better than how i look,but can i go home now? trini: look, don't startbeing stubborn, okay? you'll go home when the doctorsays so, not when you want to. nazario: listen to her.trini: she hasn't said so. sara: actually, there'sno reason for your husband to go on being here.he got better, and the dangerof the respiratory depression is over now.trini: oh, that's great, but she said so, not you.lucía: [laughs] sara: but you have to restfor a few days. okay? and you have to take great careof that leg if you don't want to haveany more problems. trini: you heard her now, have to rest, rest.nazario: all right. okay. just for a few days, right?magdalena: [laughs] and is thereany particular indication to take care of his leg?sara: i'll give you the indications in i'll give them the order to release youas soon as you can. nazario: thank you very much.lucía: i'll tell my dad. nazario: give this ladythe indications. trini: why her, blond me?what about me? nazario: because you don't knowabout these things. trini: well, she's devotedher life to-- brígida: again,i don't know if it was a good idea for us to come here.amador: don't start, brígida, if you wanted to stay at home,you should have stayed. and that's it.hey, what's up? how are you? doctor,we're so glad to see you. how is nazario?sara: really fine. in fact, he's about to go home.amador: [sighs] that's good news.can we see him? sara: of course. come can go. amador: thank you.sara: excuse me. amador: sure.brígida: wasn't he dying? amador: [shushes] shut up.don't even dare to mention this when we get into the room, okay?brígida: to be honest, i prefer to stay here.amador: oh, that's a great idea. shut up and sit down there.trini: let me help you, nazario. magdalena: slowly, slowly.trini: nazario, don't be still have this-- nazario: i don't need itanymore. amador: [knocks on door]hello. can i come in? magdalena: oh, come in, amador.amador: thank you. excuse me. i'm so glad.the doctor's just told me that you're getting bettermarvelously. nazario: thank you.magdalena: that's excellent news.nazario: apparently. amador: the best one of the day.i'm so glad, you know? don't even worryabout the hospital charges. i'm already dealingwith everything so that the factorycan pay for them with the insurance we've got.nazario: thank you very much. amador: well--magdalena: [laughs] you're going home, home.that's good. nazario: well--ready.sara: everything's here. and your aunt magdalenamust know very well how this cleansing is.lucía: yes. oh, sara,you don't know how much this means to've been with us on a saturday and on a sundayand i know how lety reacts when you work at weekends.sara: oh, don't worry. there are a lot of thingsyour friend doesn't like, but i'm not going to stopdoing them because of that. see you soon.lucía: [laughs] thank you, thank you.sara: you're welcome. brígida: lucía,can we talk? lucía: yes, sure.brígida: i just wanted to tell youthat when rodrigo knew about the fire,he got really worried about you. well, he was almost dying,he thought that something could have happened to you.lucía: fortunately, i'm fine and so is my godfather.he's out of danger now. brígida: uh-huh.rodrigo wanted to come, but his dad didn't let himto avoid complications, you know?lucía: he did well because he stayed at home.brígida: you can't stand him, right?lucía: what do you think? brígida: yes,'s logical. it's logicalbecause you're interested in another man.are you thinking about getting married soon?lucía: oh, brígida, it's none of your business!excuse me. brígida: oh,she's so vulgar. rebeca: now that you're calmer,i'd like to talk to you. nora: i don't want to talkabout anything. rebeca: but i's very important to me to know if you really believein all those stupid things you saidabout marcelo escalante. nora: forget it, okay?rebeca: nora, honey,please, look me in my eyes, okay?honey, look me in my eyes. do you really thinkthat i'd be capable of being unfaithfulto your father like that? and specially,with a man younger than me? nora: [cries] no,, i'm sorry. rebeca: oh, honey.[music] rebeca: have you toldyour father something about it? nora: [cries]no, of course not. he asked me what the matter was,but i didn't say anything. rebeca: he was really worriedbecause of your attitude. nora: why?rebeca: i'll tell you at once so that it doesn't surprise youlater. your father thinks that you havetoo many emotional changes and that you need help.nora: what does he mean? rebeca: preciselywhat you're imagining, so it just depends on have to show him you're a sensible girl.did you understand me? alonso: rebeca!rebeca! rebeca: yes, honey,here i am! alonso: here you are.rebeca: yes. alonso: lucía's called me.they've just released nazario at the hospital.i'll pick him up to take him home.rebeca: that's great, honey. do you want me to go with you?alonso: no. no, no, i preferthat you stay with nora. i'll tell youas soon as i finish. and i'll ask teresato come pick this up. rebeca: sure.thank you. alonso: goodbye.rebeca: i think the best would bethat when your father comes back,he finds you out of bed. don't you think?marcelo: i'd have guessed that you'd have let me know.why didn't you do that? rafaela: i was going to,but i didn't have any opportunity with your mom.marcelo: there's no point in complaining now, but--has she already told you how long she's staying?rafaela: no. and i understand the factthat you're not happy because we're here.marcelo: no, honestly, i'm glad to see you, but--i think it's not the best momentfor you to come here. milagros: [laughs]why do you shut up? were you talking about me?rafaela: of course not. i was telling marcelo that--that his new flat is very nice. and he bought some furniture,and then when it's decorated and--and with plants,it will look great, don't you think?milagros: it's not wrong. [telephone]marcelo: don't worry, mom. i'll answer.hello. who is this?no, no, not at all. all right. see you then.milagros: who was that? marcelo: it was lorenato let me know that you had called herto ask her about my address. well, i have to go.goodbye. milagros: where are you going?marcelo: i'll buy some food so that rafaela prepares ussomething delicious for dinner because there's nothing you likein the fridge. well, goodbye.milagros: i could swear to you that that wasn't lorena,but i'm sure it was a woman, you know?rafael: you're always doubting your son's word.brígida: i think it wasea to go to the hospital.nazario wasn't even so seriously hurtand we had to wait for alonso for hours!amador: brígida, i had to start the procedureto make sure that the factory insurancepays for the hospital charges. that was what i had to do.brígida: well, to be honest, i don't thinkthat that old man deserves all those kind gesturesyou've had with him. amador: i know why i do it.brígida: yes, sure. i won't argue with you,but guess who i was talking to while you were havingthat meeting with nazario? amador: i don't know.who? brígida: to lucía.and because of what she told me, i realized that the affairwith that one called marcelo is moving know what? i convince myselfmore and more every day that i did very wellwhen i smacked him. amador: you did what?brígida: yes, just as you've heard.i went to see that guy, i told himeverything i thought about him and then i smacked himfor everything he did to you and my son.amador: who told you that i need youto stand up for me? who?!and much less with that puppet of escalante!who?! brígida: [cries]i was very worried because-- because you were no longera partner of the factory and-- amador: listen to me.stop crying. listen to me's the last time, the last timethat you do such a stupid thing like that.the last time! did you hear me?brígida: [cries] amador: that's the last thingi needed, it turns out that i have to hidebehind my wife's skirt. right? that's all i needed.brígida: [cries] magdalena: carefully, carefully.nazario, don't get hurt. your leg.nazario: it hurts. magdalena: oh, well,stop complaining. trini: two angelsare helping you. nazario: yes.oh. thank you very much.there's no doubt that the best thingis to be at home. alonso: well, but i hopeyou stay at home because you are capableof getting up early tomorrow to go to work to the factory.[laughs] nazario: i think he's right.trini: look, i'll make sure that he stays here.and if you don't listen to me, blond man, i'll tie youto the bed at once, what do you think?lucía: [laughs] nazario: if i let you do that.alonso: you had too many visits today.the injured one has to rest. right?[laughs] magdalena: i'll attend massbecause there are too many thingsto thank god for. lucía: i'll go with you, auntie.nazario: see you. lucía: i love you.trini: goodbye. nazario: thank you.trini: i won't see you to the door, darling.alonso: no, no. i'll drive's on my way. trini: thank youfor everything. magdalena: let's go then.lucía: have a good sleep! alonso: goodbye.trini: thank you. magdalena: goodbye.nazario: sit down. sit down. trini: oh, blond man.did you think at any momentthat i could--? trini: [shushes]don't even say it. don't say it, blond man.nazario: but you thought that? trini: well, i pretendedto be strong in front of everybody, but--but i was really scared. i didn't want anybodyto realize that, specially you.nazario: why specially me? trini: because i didn't want youto worry about me. i wanted youto use all your strength, all your energyto fight and get better. that's why.nazario: you know what? when i was there,in the middle of those flames and with all that smoke,the only thing i was thinking about was you.i wanted to get over all that and get out of thereto see you again, to be with you.trini: honey. my pretty blond cat's eyes. i love you, blond man,i love you. and--and you see?god has listened to you, you see?nazario: yes. trini: and he's going to let usbe together, together forever, for much more time.nazario: forever. waiter: good night.your wine list. rebeca: thank you.waiter: excuse me. marcelo: thank you.rebeca: i wanted to thank you for accepting to come here.marcelo: you haven't told me why you wanted to see me.rebeca: well, to clarify what happened this morningwith nora, in your flat. i don't wantany misunderstanding. marcelo: don't worry about me.what should worry you is that your daughterdoesn't have a wrong idea. rebeca: because of your tone,i can see that you consider me to be a woman who's usedto infidelity, am i right? marcelo: i don't know youthat much to give my opinion, but--as i've already told you, although you're marriedand you have a daughter, well-- you're the kind of womananybody could be interested in. rebeca: [laughs]and you, marcelo? would you get involvedwith a married woman? marcelo: to be honest,i've never done that. i guess that's because i wouldn't liketo have any problems when there aretoo many single women. rebeca: yes, sure.lucía, for example. i asked youif you were interested in her this morningand you evaded my question. tell me something, marcelo.are you interested in my husband's daughter?marcelo: lucía has just been through a very deeprelationship disappointment. i don't think she's preparedto be wooed by me or anybody. rebeca: yes.maybe you're right. >> come on, stop laughing.focus. this is important. swear to me, swear to me, lety,that sergio and nora have already broken up.lety: i've already said yes, but don't build your hopes upbecause he's still deeply in love with her.>> listen, haven't you heardwhat they all say? a new worrytakes your mind off the old one. hey!have you listened to me? lety: yes, a new worrytakes your mind off the old one. >> and why didn't yousay anything? answer to me. lety: because i don't thinkthat sergio will pay attention to you just like this.>> but, listen, tell me what he said exactly--[music] hurry up.mass is about to start. [gasps]what happened? lucía: i can't do it, auntie.magdalena: you can't do what? lucía: i can't enter the church.i feel as if i were reliving my wedding day, i can't do it.magdalena: i understand you, lucía, but love is somethingyou'll have to get over. lucía: yes, auntie, i know,but now i can't. i'll wait for you here.magdalena: all right, as you want. i won't be long.rodrigo: hello. lucía: what are you doing here?as far as i know, you don't come to masson sundays. rodrigo: i know you comeat this time and i wanted to see you.lucía: what for? rodrigo: to tell youthat i'm glad that nothing happened to youin the fire. lucía: oh, thank you.your mom had already given me your message.anything else? rodrigo: lucía, i knowthat i've already lost you as a wife,but could we go on being friends at least?lucía: [laughs] i'm sorry,but what a stupid question. who do you thinkyou're talking to? rodrigo: to the woman i loveand to the one i lot because-- lucía: because?what were you going to say? say it!rodrigo: i can't. i'd lose any hopeof you forgiving me. lucía: you can startlosing them because what you did to meis unforgivable. and the least i deserveis an explanation. rodrigo: i can't give it to you.what really matters here is that--i was a coward. rafael: oh, give it to me.i'll tidy all that. marcelo: no, don't worry.any my mom? rafaela: she's fallen asleep.she's really tired. and we're goingto take this opportunity to talk about you know what.could you finally find that woman?marcelo: yes. rafaela: and?marcelo: i didn't dare to do anything.rafaela: [snorts] marcelo: i haven't even told herwho i am or that i know what happenedbetween her and my brother. rafaela: i knewthat would happen. you're not the kind of manwho looks for revenge although you've saidover and over again that you wanted to make herpay for federico's death. marcelo: you were rightwhen you told me this wouldn't lead meto anything good, specially because that womanis married and i don't have the rightto destroy her family. rafaela: oh.marcelo: she's married to the man that has openedhis house doors for me, the man who has offered me a joband who has trusted in me. and, well--besides--rafaela: besides, what? marcelo: don't pay attentionto me. what are we having for dinner?rafaela: remember you can trust in me.marcelo: all right. i'll tell you.i'm starting to feel something i've never felt before.rafaela: what thing? marcelo: i thinki'm falling in love. rafaela: oh.with the same woman your brother was in love with?marcelo: no, no, no, rafaela, how can you think that?with her husband's daughter. he's the manwho's trusted in me. rafaela: oh.and what's that girl's name? marcelo: her name is lucía,lucía gaxiola. she's the most beautiful womani've ever seen in this world. milagros: i knew.i knew that all this urgent idea to come to work in pueblahad to do something with a can you do this to daniela? how can you throw her awayas if she were an old piece of clothafter she's waited to marry youfor so many years?

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