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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 21

30 Abr 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents... rebeca: i thinkit would be a good idea if you talked to amador.i think that's the least he deserves after so many yearsof friendship, don't you think? alonso: yes, yes, i'll do that,but i don't want to talk about it anymore.can we have dinner? rebeca: of course.i'll tell nora and lucía to have dinner.alonso: um--lucía's not here. she left with nazarioto the factory to check i don't know whatin the catalog. rebeca: oh, the catalog.well, let me tell you that i still don't agreeon the fact that lucía works with you.alonso: oh, that again? rebeca: yes, that again.tell me something, alonso! are you thinking aboutleaving your business to lucía? alonso: why do you ask that?rebeca: because i want to know where nora would be standingif something happened to you. alonso: your distrustoffends me! lucía, nora, and youwould be really protected! rebeca: okay, okay, stop, stop!you shouldn't react like this! you're so upset about should solve that at once. [cellphone]alonso: hello. marcelo.yes, yes, tell me. lucía: nazario,i think you should have a watchman for the factory.nazario: we had one years ago. he died because he was old.and your dad decided not to hire another fact, he was right because it wasn't necessary.lucía: luckily, but the truth istimes have changed. nazario: yes, you're right.hey, what--area is exactly the one you want to see?lucía: actually, i don't know, but something niceto take pictures for the catalog.nazario: okay, all right. let's see.and we can decide there. you don't know how glad i ambecause you've finally decided to work with your dad.lucía: oh, no, nazario, but it's just temporaryuntil i find something else. nazario: why?do you think all this is too little?lucía: too little? i think it's too much, nazario.nazario: look, your dad needs trustworthy peoplein the factory, specially now that amador zúñigais leaving. lucía: what?nazario: yes, there was a problem right herethis morning that forced him to leave.look, um-- we were arguingabout an inventory that wasn't made, um--i gave him my opinion, he didn't like that,he went aggressive and who do you thinkthat defended me by giving him a good punchin the face? lucía: who?lalo. nazario: [laughs]marcelo escalante. lucía: seriously?nazario: seriously. well, i'll turn the lights onhere, in the yard so that you can seewhat you want to take pictures of.wait for me here. [clears throat]oh, lalo. lucía: nazario!nazario! nazario!nazario, get out of there! [explosion]nazario: [moans] lucía: nazario!nazario! nazario!nazario! nazario: lucía.there's a fire extinguisher on the wall on your right!bring it! lucía: [coughs][grunts] [gasps]nazario: [coughs] lucía: [coughs]nazario: [coughs] [explosion]nazario! nazario: get out of here, honey.lucía: no! nazario: [coughs]for god's sake, get away from here!lucía: no! nazario, i don't wantto leave you here! nazario: get out of here,please! lucía: i'll ask for help,nazario! nazario: [coughs]lucía: [gasps] no!no! [shouts][explosion] nazario: [shouts][moans] lucía: [gasps]no! [shouts][grunts] [gasps][explosion] [gasps]marcelo: lucía. lucía: marcelo!help me, please. marcelo: what happened?lucía: there's a fire at the warehouse.and my godfather's burning! [gasps]nazario: [moans] [coughs]lucía: please, take care! marcelo: nazario!nazario: [coughs] marcelo: nazario!lucía: answer, please! marcelo: nazario!lucía: get him out of there! marcelo: there has to bea fire extinguisher over here. lucía: i've already used it,but it wasn't enough. marcelo: nazario!lucía: please, please, save him. marcelo: take the firemen and an ambulance!lucía: [gasps] [coughs]marcelo: what are you waiting for?!the fire's expanding! lucía: [coughs]hello. miss, there's a fireat gaxiola's talavera factory. yes, yes, yes.1230 madero boulevard, please! there's a persontrapped in the fire. you have to send an ambulance![gasps] what are you going to do?marcelo: stay here. don't you dare to go in.lucía: god, save him. amador: hey.brígida: oh, i'm sorry. i didn't mean to scare you.amador: what? why do you wake me up?brígida: alonso's in the living room.he says he want to talk to you. will you receive himor do i tell him to go? amador: no, no.i'll be there in a minute. lucía: [coughs]nazario. marcelo: [grunts][gasps] nazario.lucía: nazario. marcelo: nazario.lucía: tell me he's fine, please.tell me he's fine. marcelo: it's all right.lucía: [gasps] marcelo: [gasps]nazario. lucía: nazario.marcelo: nazario. nazario.[gasps] nazario: [coughs]lucía: nazario. nazario, can you hear me?why doesn't he answer? why? marcelo: i don't know,i don't know! [ambulance siren]lucía: [cries] nazario. i'm sorry.amador: i was told you wanted to see me.alonso: yes. i'm here to offer you an apologyfor the way i treated you. amador: oh.well, you humiliated me in front of all the staff.i don't know if an apology is enough,no matter whether you want to dissolvethe partnership or not, i think we've been friendsfor a lot of years and-- you treated me like a criminal.alonso: yes, yes. i feel so bad about that. and i'm not herejust to apologize. i'm also here to ask youto come back to the factory. amador: [snorts]look, alonso, to be honest, i don't know if that's worth it.i mean, if any puppet like marcelo escalantecan treat me like that, i think nobody in the staffwill respect me at all. alonso: look, i don't wantto talk about the details, but i remind you it was youwho disrespected nazario. amador: i know,but he provoked me. alonso: look, amador,i think there's no point in finding outwho's more or less guilty! but--i want to tell you that i assume the responsibilityfor losing control and treating you the way i did.amador: well, i recognize you're offering me an apology.alonso: and not just that. i'm willingto correct my mistake no matter, are you willing to forgive me,to go on supporting me like you've done so far?[cellphone] i'm sorry.lucía: [gasps] dad?!alonso: what is it, lucía? lucía: dad, there was a fireat the factory! alonso: a fire? are you okay?lucía: yes, i am, but-- dad, they're taking my godfatherto the hospital in an ambulance. alonso: what hospital?calm down, honey. i'll be there in a few minutes.amador: what happened? alonso: there was a fireat the factory. amador: a fire?alonso: yes, yes, yes, i don't know how.i don't know how big the disaster is.the only thing i know is that lucía was thereand she told me that nazario is hurt.amador: but what were lucía and nazario doing there today?alonso: i'll tell you later. i have to go to the hospital.i'll go the factory later to see how things are.amador: no, no, no. i'll go to the factory,i'll take care of everything. go to the hospitaland as soon as i can, i'll call you or--you'll call me, i don't know. alonso: thank you, amador.amador: yes. alonso: thank you very much.nora: [grunts] rebeca: what's wrong with you,nora? nora: and you're asking me?i'm really scared because this timeeverybody will find out about what happenedwith rodrigo! my head hurts, my stomach hurts,everything hurts! rebeca: okay, nora, calm down!you won't win anything if you behave like this!nora: it's so easy for you to say that, isn't it?!because they won't point at you with their fingers!your dad won't stop loving you! they won't tell youthat you're a--! rebeca: enough! stop!don't get even with me! it's not my faultif you slept with rodrigo just to bother your sister!nora: oh, don't pretend! you don't like her either!although you try to insist that you're a great mother,i know that you don't like her! rebeca: oh, stop sayingstupid things, nora! you don't knowhow desperate i get when you behave like this.nora: but i'm scared, mom. i'm so scared.rebeca: okay, okay, okay. it's okay.everything will be okay. calm down. you're not matter what happens, i'll be with youbecause i'm your mother, you understand me?magdalena: hello! ye--yes, lucía, i'm listening.what?! oh.oh, my god. um--yes, don't worry.i'll tell her and we'll be there soon.trini: has something happened to lucía?magdalena: no, she's fine. trini: why that face then?magdalena: it's about nazario. trini: nazario?what happened to him, magdalena? please, magdalena, tell me.what happened to my blond man, magdalena? tell me, please.marcelo: here you are. it'll make you good.lucía: thank you. what were you doingat the factory at that time? marcelo: i forgot my computerat the office and-- i called your dadto see if there was somebody at the factorywho could let me in and-- he told me nazario and youwere there. i didn't imaginewhat i was about to see. lucía: i can't believe's like a nightmare, you know? marcelo: but--what happened? lucía: i don't know.i don't know. i--was at the factory with my godfather.suddenly, i heard an explosion and--and i turned and-- and there were flamesand my godfather was there. [cries] and i shouted at him--[cries] marcelo: tell me later.calm down. lucía: but it was my fault.all of this is my fault. marcelo: why do you say that?lucía: because it's the truth. [cries]i asked my godfather to go with me.and he's such a good person and he was there with me and--[cries] if i hadn't insisted so hard,everything would be fine. [cries]marcelo: okay, okay. you'll see nazario will be fine.lucía: he could have died. you know?marcelo: come on, calm down. alonso: darling.lucía! lucía, how are you?how's your godfather? lucía: how are you, dad?alonso: honey, how's your godfather?lucía: i don't know. lety's mom's examining him.alonso: what happened? where did the fire start?lucía: at the warehouse. alonso: how could that happen?lucía: i don't know, dad. i don't know.[cries] rodrigo: a fire, mom?brígida: yes. alonso gaxiola was here,at home, with your dad when lucía called him.rodrigo: lucía? brígida: yes,apparently, she and nazario were at the factorywhen the fire started. and this old man had to be takento the hospital. rodrigo: but lucía's fine,isn't she? brígida: i guess sobecause your father just mentioned nazario.and he told me, please, that under no circumstancesdo you dare to see that girl right now, darling.rodrigo: why? tell me why. what's wrong with that?brígida: because your dad and alonso are tryingto sort things out. and he doesn't want youto ruin everything again because of your stupid things.rodrigo: things are getting better now, mom.let's see if the damn factory isn't just rubble now.brígida: no, don't make fun of it.what happened is a real tragedy, darling.rodrigo: a real tragedy. don't you think it's curious?brígida: what? rodrigo: that just todaywhen my dad said that alonso gaxiolawas going to regret that, there was a fire at the factory.brígida: [shushes] don't you dare to repeat that,not even as a joke. okay?fireman: everything is under control.amador: yes, it's horrible. how can these things happen?thank you. fireman: it wasn't the worst.luckily, we could put the fire out on time.if it had expanded, it would have been much worse,specially because we could see there area lot of flammable materials. amador: sure. sure.and do you have any ideas about what could cause the fire?fireman: apparently, it was a shortthat there's in a lamp at the warehouse,but of course, we have to run an investigation.amador: yes, sure, of course. that's what we want.fireman: as soon as we can, we'll talk with the witnesses.and then we'll try to contact the owner to--give him a report. amador: yes, of course.well, um-- i'm the co-ownerof this business, so-- please, don't hesitateto call me to give me the report.fireman: all right, sir. it's been a pleasure.amador: it's been my pleasure. thank you very much.fireman: good night. amador: good night.fireman: time to go, guys! let's go![music] [music]alonso: have you already called your godmom trini?lucía: i called my aunt magdalenaand she would tell her. they must be coming here.alonso: okay. calm down.i'll call your aunt rebeca. i want to her to know about itat least, but i'll go outside because there's no good signalin here. lucía: yes, dad.alonso: as soon as doctor ezquerra comes,let me know immediately, okay? lucía: yes.alonso: marcelo, thank you very was a lucky thing that you arrived at the factoryjust at that moment. marcelo: i did what anybodywould have done. alonso: no.don't think so. not anybody.thank you very much. marcelo: i didn't knowthat nazario and trinidad are your godparents.lucía: yes, my mom decided thatbefore i was born and-- i think it was the best giftshe could have left me. marcelo: i totally agree.just today i met trinidad and-- i think she's a wonderful woman.lucía: she is. she's much more than that.i can't imagine how she got when--my aunt magdalena gave her the news.she and my godfather love each other so much.marcelo: easy. you'll see nazario will be fine.lucía: i hadn't realized. please, let's go,they have to examine you-- marcelo: no, no, no,'s nothing. lucía: no, don't make me feelworse than i already feel, please.marcelo: all right. i'll go see a doctorso that you can stop worrying. lucía: thank you.marcelo: i won't be long. trini: thank you.good night. magdalena: thank you.alonso: yes, you don't need to come.i'll keep you up to date. goodbye.trini: [gasps] magdalena: there was no taxiand we didn't know how to come. trini: where's my husband,alonso? alonso: calm down, trini.they're already examining him. trini: tell me the he seriously ill? alonso: i hope he isn't.the only thing i know is what lucía and marcelotold me. apparently, he inhaleda lot of smoke and he arrived unconsciousat the hospital. magdalena: but he isn't burned.alonso: i don't know that. we're waiting for sara's report.trini: please, alonso, i have to see nazario,i have to see my blond man, please.magdalena: you'll see him, trini, i'm sure you will, but--you need to calm down first. trini: yes.magdalena: yes? trini: i don't want himto see me like this. alonso: calm down, calm down.calm down, calm down. trini: [cries]oh, alonso. nazario's always beena healthy man. he's never been at a hospital.alonso: calm down, calm down. he'll be fine.trini: nobody explained anything.we just received a call to come here.alonso: it was an accident. calm down, please.trini: but explain. i want somebody to tell mewhat happened. alonso: they'll tell you then.trini: oh, darling. darling.[cries] lucía: trini, please,forgive me. trini: oh, darling, but--why should i forgive you for? alonso: nazario wentto the factory with lucía to check certain thingsand she feels guilty because of what happened.trini: please, honey, don't say silly things.i know how much you love your godfather.magdalena: and marcelo? i heard he was here.lucía: yes, i told him to see a doctor because he hada burn in his arm. trini,he got my godfather out of the warehouse.trini: that man has become like--like his guardian angel. please, tell me he's fine.alonso: he'll be fine. he'll be fine.trini: who brought him here? who brought you here?alonso: sara. how's nazario?sara: he has a serious burn in his leg,but if he takes due care, it'll heal without problems.trini: oh, thank god. sara: i'm worriedabout another thing. magdalena. what--? what thing?sara: we ran some tests on him and we found he hasa high level of carbon monoxide in his lungs and blood.this is causing him a seriousrespiratory depression. trini: what does that mean?sara: that means we have to waitand see how he is later. trini: but--tell me the truth, doctor. can nazario die?sara: as i've just said, we have to waitand see how he is later. sometimes there are consequencesand sometimes-- trini: answer to me.can he die? yes or not? sara: that's a possibility.yes. trini: [cries]i'll lose my husband. i'll lose my blond man.magdalena: no, no, trini, please, don't say that.nazario's a very strong man. we have to have a lot of faithin god, he'll be fine. trini: i want to see him,doctor. i need to see him. sara: come with me.trini: [cries] [beeping]trini: [cries] sara: i'll be outside.trini: [whispers] thank you. [beeping]nazario. [cries]my blond man, don't you dareto leave me alone. you and i have a deal.we've been together for so many years and--and we'll leave this world together.[cries] so--don't you dare to give in. did you understand me,my blond man? if you go,i'll die from sadness. my blond man.honey. honey.[cries] marcelo: any news?alonso: we've just been told that nazario inhaledtoo much carbon monoxide. we just have to waitto see if he can get better. marcelo: and does his wifealready know? magdalena: she fact, she's with him right now.marcelo: i don't know what to say.alonso: neither do we. as magdalena says,we just have to trust in god. magdalena: and your arm?how is it? marcelo: fine.everything's fine. i just saw a doctorbecause lucía asked me to. i didn't want to discuss.lucía: does it hurt you? marcelo: a little, but--[cellphone] nothing i can't put up with.[cellphone] alonso: this is amador.let's see what news he has about the fire.hello. hello.amador, yes. yes, yes, what happened?amador: alonso. yes, look, luckily,they could control the fire. the only thing that was burnedwas the warehouse. it's completely destroyed.alonso: at least, it was just that.amador: yes. and how's nazario?alonso: bad. so bad. we don't knowif he can get better. amador: don't tell me that.alonso: i'd like to tell you another thing, but--that's the truth. amador: well,you don't know how sorry i am. if you need anything, please,you know can count on me. okay? alonso: thank you, amador.thank you very much. amador: keep me up to dateabout everything. i don't care what time it is,of course. thank you.vinicio: oh, boss. have a's on me today. amador: no, thank you.vinicio: i was still near the factorywhen i heard the sirens and all the racket.that means everything was a success.amador: no, not everything. vinicio: why do you say that?amador: there's an injured. that wasn't part of the plan.vinicio: what did you expect? i was supposed to burnthe place, wasn't i? amador: of courseyou were supposed to burn the place,but i didn't expect to hurt anybody.there's going to be an investigationand we could have consequences. vinicio: it's all right, man.they won't find anything. a short can happen anywhere.what can we do about it? amador: i hope you're right,for our own good. vinicio: i've already told younot to worry. come on, boss.and, well, i've already done my you just have to do yours. amador: yes, i be honest, i didn't expect the workto be done so fast. as you can see,i can't get the money at this timein the middle of the night, but don't'll have the rest on monday. vinicio: uh-huh.and i imagine you're not forgettingwhat i need so much, are you? amador: i've just told youthat i'll give you your money on monday.don't try to contact me. i'll contact you.all right? vinicio: whatever you say, boss.amador: good night. lucía: dad,i don't understand why you make me go.i won't sleep at all anyway. alonso: darling,don't be stubborn. you've already listened to sara.your godfather's situation won't be solved soon.there's no point in staying here, at the hospital,to spend the night. lucía: okay, but why canmy aunt magdalena stay and i can't?alonso: because she has more experience.and whether you believe it or not,she's the most calm of all of us.and that will help your godmother very much.lucía: but, dad-- marcelo: i'm sorry to interrupt.i know i don't have to give my opinion,but i agree with your dad. it's not beenan easy day for you and you need to rest.alonso: i promise you i'll bring you to the hospitalfirst thing in the morning tomorrow, okay?marcelo: please, if you know something else,i'd like to know. alonso: yes.of course. you have the right to.and again, thank you very muchfor everything. marcelo: good night, alonso.alonso: good night. lucía: [puffs]i'm sorry for misjudging you.thank you. marcelo: [laughs]lucía: [laughs] both of them: [laugh][music] [music]brígida: well, but-- if the warehousewas the only room that got burned,then why did you take too long to come back?amador: we had to wait to check that the firewas completely put out and that there was no riskfor the fire to start again. brígida: well, in the end,how's nazario? amador: according to alonso,he's very bad. brígida: oh.and would you like him to die? amador: nazario?why do you say such a stupid thing like that,brígida? how can you think that?one thing is that i don't like the old manand another different thing is that i wish death on him.brígida: oh. well, look, to be honest,i hope to god that he doesn't dieor otherwise, this will be on your conscience.amador: on my conscience? what? on my conscience?brígida: well--nothing. it's nothing.amador: no, come on, tell me why you said that.brígida: well--rodrigo told me a few things and i've beenthinking about them-- amador: what did rodrigotell you? brígida: that it wasvery strange that alonso's factorygot burned just today, the day he fired you.amador: that means that my wife and my sonthink that-- this is the last thing i god. brígida: oh, no, was just a comment. amador: a pretty stupid comment,brígida. how could i have something to dowith that if at the moment of that accidenti was precisely here, at home, with you two, with alonso?brígida: yes. you're right, honey, but, look,it wasn't my intention-- amador: no, no, no.i perfectly know what your intention was.believe me this hurts me much morethan the way alonso treated me this morning.brígida: no, honey. oh, honey.rebeca: good night. alonso: rebeca.are you still awake? rebeca: of course.i couldn't sleep at all. oh, lucía,i'm glad you're fine. lucía: i'm fine,but my godfather isn't. good night.both of them: good night. alonso: rest a little.rebeca: poor girl. i imaginewhat he went through. alonso: yes,it was terrible. rebeca: what happened?alonso: well-- apparently, nazario sawthe door of the warehouse open. he went there to close itand, well, at that moment, there was a shortand the fire started. rebeca: i'm glad the firemencould arrive on time to help nazario.alonso: no, no. the one who got him out of therewas marcelo. luckily, marcelo arrivedat the factory at that time to look for a computerand i don't know how he did it, but he got nazarioout of the fire. rebeca: well, apparently,that man has turned out to be a jack of all trades.alonso: yes, he's a great person on so many ways,but-- rebeca: were the damagesvery serious? alonso: no. according to amador,the only thing that got burned was the warehouse.rebeca: amador? alonso: yes, yes.he took care of the fire when i was at the hospital.rebeca: oh, that's strange. to be honest,after the argument you had this morning,i thought he'd react in a different way,but as i can see, he reacted very well.alonso: yes, yes. amador reacted very wellwith this situation. i'm too grateful to him,but, well, please, let's go to rest. okay?i'm not feeling so well. rebeca: of course, honey.alonso: has nora slept? rebeca: yes, yes.i didn't want to wake her up to avoid worrying know she's very sensitive and gets so frustratedwith these things. let's go to sleep, come on.i'm glad you're back. come.lucía: i'm sorry for misjudging you.thank you. marcelo: [laughs]lucía: [laughs] both of them: [laugh]lucía: [sighs] [beeping]magdalena: [whispers] trini. trini.trini: what time is it? magdalena: it's daybreak.why don't you go home and have a showerand rest for a while? i can stay here with nazario.trini: no, honey, thank you. i can't go.magdalena: but you're tired, trini.besides, we don't know how long it can take him.trini: i know, but--i can't go. i have to be herewhen nazario opens his eyes. you don't know him.if that happens when i'm not here,he'll never forgive me for that. he'll reproach me for thatforever and-- and i don't wantto give him that pleasure, you know?magdalena: you don't know how much i admire you, trini,how much i admire your strength, your serenity.trini: well, i don't have a reasonthat prevents me from being calm.i've already talked to nazario. magdalena: oh.trini: he knows we have a deal. and he won't let me down.magdalena: of course he won't. [beeping]nazario: [stammers] trini: did you hear that?magdalena: yes. trini: he said something, right?magdalena: yes, yes. i'll tell sara.trini: please. magdalena: yes.trini: cat's eyes. here i am, honey.lucía: lety, you don't know how horrible it was,but, well, this hell won't be overuntil my godfather gets better. lety: oh.hey, is it true that that stupid mansaved you? lucía: yes,to be honest, marcelo arrived as if he had come from heaven.if it hadn't been for him, my godfather would have beenthere, trapped in the fire. oh, no. i don't wantto talk about that anymore. lety: no, no, no.well, but-- i imagine that after all this,your opinion about him has changed. don't tell meyou still think he's pompous and self-confident and--lucía: oh, stop, silly, stop. come on, don't make me feelworse. lety: just tell me knowing him worth it now? lucía: why are youso interested? lety: i don't know.i feel so curious about knowing who he isand now more than ever, i mean, who was the herowho risked his life to save a poor old mantrapped there, in the flames? lucía: [laughs] oh, come on,stop saying silly things. well, but that's true.yes, that's true. what marcelo didis something that can't be paid with anything.besides, he was too nice to me. lety: oh.lucía: [laughs] he went to the hospital with meand he was with me all the time until my dad arrived.what's more, he didn't even want to seea doctor to examine a burn he had in his arm.lety: oh, no, that's so romantic.lucía: [laughs] oh, yes, it is. [music]nora: can you tell me why nobody told methat there was a fire at the factory last night?rebeca: because you were asleep, honey, and i didn't wantto worry you. nora: you could have woken meup, mom! rebeca: oh, nora, come on,please, don't shout. let's see,what could you have done? nora: i don't know,but it annoys me that i was there, asleep,while lucía was with marcelo! rebeca: i understand why you're so annoyed.nora: yes. it makes me feel so angry,specially because i know how nice marcelo has beento lucía. rebeca: nora,you and i said you were going to forgetthat boy. nora: i didn't say anything.i like marcelo. i like him very much.and neither lucía nor anybody is going to steal him from me!rebeca: you're talking about him as if he were alreadyyour boyfriend. nora: he's not yet,but i swear to you he will be soon,no matter how many people like it!rebeca: understand it at once. you can't thinkabout another man until you solve your problemwith rodrigo. nora: you can't tell mewhat i can or i can't do. understood?rodrigo: is there anything about the fire on the paper?amador: yes, a column, but you know? it doesn't mentionit was me the one who caused it. rodrigo: sorry?amador: that's what your mother and you think, don't you?that i had something to do with that.rodrigo: no, dad, the only thing i saidwas that i thought-- amador: look, rodrigo,yesterday was one of the worst days of my life.instead of having support from my family,what i get is your doubt. do you really thinkthat i had something to do with that?rodrigo: no, no, of course not. and i'm sorryif i said something that offended you.amador: okay. let's stop talking about it.rodrigo: my mom told me that things with alonso gaxiolaare getting better. i'm glad to know that.amador: we just talked a little. i won't leave him alonein a moment like this to deal with the fire himself.rodrigo: yes, and if he called you, that means something,right? amador: yes,although we can't be sure about anything.i told your mom what happened. i'll ask you for something,please. don't do any stupid thingsand stay away from lucía and nora gaxiola.don't screw it up again. rodrigo: don't worry, dad.i wasn't planning to do that. amador: okay.i hope so. [doorbell]marcelo: [puffs] rebeca: hello.are you leaving? marcelo: yes.i was going to the hospital to see how nazario woke up.rebeca: do you mind if i come in?i promise you i won't be long. marcelo: no. no, come in.rebeca: i'll go straight to the point.i want to know if you are interestedin my daughter nora. marcelo: why are you asking methat? rebeca: because you aren'tsilly. and you've already realizedshe's not indifferent to you. marcelo: and that worries youobviously. rebeca: yes,because i don't want her to end up hurt,so if you're not interested in her,i ask you to let her know so that she doesn't buildany hopes up. marcelo: don't worry, madam.i'm not the kind of person who's used to playingwith other people's feelings. rebeca: that makes me feelso relieved. and now that we're talkingabout that, why don't you tell meabout your relationship with lucía?are you interested in her? marcelo: as i can see,you're so interested in your two daughter'ssituation. rebeca: well,lucía's not my daughter literally, but my sister's.i imagine you already know that, but i love them the same.and yes, i make sure both of themare fine. marcelo: and you make sure tooto be a good partner for your i right? rebeca: why do you say that?marcelo: look, madam, i know i'm meddling in thingsi don't care, and i offer you an apologybeforehand, but i could swearthat those flowers sent to your house that nightweren't for any of your daughters,but for you. rebeca: what do you mean?marcelo: it was obvious. you got so nervous.rebeca: [laughs] you're wrong.those flowers weren't for anybody,but i'll dare to tell you something.i would have liked those flowers to be sent to mebecause that would mean i'm important to somebody.marcelo: you are. and very much.rebeca: seriously? marcelo: your husband. rebeca: [laughs]my husband. that's a story that maybeone day i have the courage to tell you about,but, well, i am flattered if i think that despite the factthat i'm a woman older than you and that i'm married,you can think that i'm still attractiveto somebody. thank you.nora?

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