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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 20

29 Abr 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents... rodrigo: what's with you now?sergio: nora broke up with me. rodrigo: thank god he tookthat burden away. sergio: why do you always speakill of nora? i know she's not the best woman,but i like her, why can't anyone understandthat? rodrigo: relax, don't getlike that. why did she break up with you?sergio: do you want to know why? because i'm your friend.and because i got you a job. because she says she can't bewith someone who helps the person who destroyed hersister's life. that's why.rodrigo: is that what she said? that woman is...sergio: hey, don't talk about her like that in front of me,i told you already. rodrigo: let's see if you stillthink the same when i tell you why i dumped lucia.sergio: what the hell does that have to do with anything?rodrigo: everything, nora was the reason why.i slept with her three days before the wedding, see?three days, and she threatened me to tell everyone if i didn'tleave lucia. that's why.sergio: that's not true. rodrigo: of course it were always good to me, and the least i can do is bethe same with you. sergio: you're a...rodrigo: hey! relax, sergio.sergio: let me go! rodrigo: i know i suck.but what happened between nora and i happened before you wentback together. sergio: but you knew i lovedher! rodrigo: it was a mistake, okay?you know i've paid for it. and it cost me.lucia: hey, here you are. a while ago lety came by.she told me about sergio. i didn't know.nora: it wasn't a big deal. lucia: maybe it's not but we'resisters. and i hate not knowing anythingabout your life. nora: sorry,i do know about yours. for example,i know you finally took dad's job.lucia: yes, and does it bother you?nora: not at all, i think it's good that you getdistracted with something. so you can't get your mind offwhat stupid rodrigo did to you. lucia: yes, it's not easy.specially not knowing why he did that.hey, sergio never said anythingto you? they were always close.nora: no, he didn't tell me. and i don't think he willbecause i won't see him again. lucia: why did you break up?nora: i realized we were going nowhere.specially because i realized the one i want to get somewherewith is marcelo. lucia: i figured you liked him.take care of yourself, you don't know know nothing about him. nora: oh, you're the worst togive that kind of advise, i mean, you've known rodrigoall your life and look what he did to you.amador: where are you going? i'm talking to you.marcelo: i won't allow you to treat nazario like that.amador: what? get out of here now!alonso: you're wrong, the one who's leaving right nowis you. amador: you don't mean that,this insolent hit me... alonso: don't justify yourself,everything has a limit and i have reached mine.i'm sorry you have to leave this way.but i don't want you here anymore.get to work. nothing happened here.nazario: thanks for defending me, but it wasn't necessary.>> it's cool not having to see father or son'll have to be very careful. you have a very poisonousscorpion on your back. lucia: are you sureshe's fine? magdalena: yes, i talked to yourdad and he said your aunt is fine.stop it. lucia: well, at leasti'm at ease. magdalena: yes, drop it.lucia: yes. magdalena: you know who i sawwhile leaving the factory? lucia: who?magdalena: marcelo escalante. lucia: don't say?magdalena: i don't understand why you don't like him.i think he's charming. lucia: why is everyonefascinated with him? even nora is crazy about him.magdalena: is she? lucia: yes, this morning shetold me she's willing to get far with him.really far. magdalena: you seem to bejealous. lucia: please!i couldn't care less, i don't even despise him,he means nothing. look, i'll better go get thecamera to take the pictures of the catalogue.bye. nora: hello.marcelo: hello. nora: i'm here because i feelbad about last night. marcelo: why did you kiss me?nora: i know you won't believe me, but since the first timei saw you, i knew you were the love of my life.marcelo: your boyfriend won't like that,i understand you have a boyfriend.nora: i had. but last night,before i went to see you, i broke up with him.for you. marcelo: you shouldn't have,you know nothing about me, you don't know who i am,where i come from, you know nothing about me.nora: i have all the time in the world for you to tell meabout you. marcelo: i don't know what youwant, but i swear...nora: no, no. i want nothing from least not for now. i just want you to knowwhat to expect from me. see you.rebeca: hello. mario: hello.rebeca: did you wait long? mario: no, i just got here.want to order something? rebeca: no, i'm good, thanks.thanks for meeting me here. i didn't want to bother youat your office again. mario: there's still troublebetween your husband and amador zuñiga?rebeca: no, that's settled, although i wouldn't be surprisedif something new came up. it's something a lot moredelicate. something i can only tellsomeone i fully trust. mario: i'm at your orders.rebeca: it's about my child, i just want to make surealonso protects her. you understand, don't you?mario: sure. although that depends on whatalonso decides in his will. and i don't think he'll leaveher out, don't worry. rebeca: neither do i.i just want him to be fair. he has a shameless favoritismfor his child lucia. he even got her to work in thecompany and i'm sure he'll put her in charge when the timecomes. what?mario: it must be hard for you to live with your sister'swidower. specially knowing he loved herso much. rebeca: why are you tellingme this? mario: it's clear that your maininterest in who he leaves the assets to is not nora,it's you. and you're terribly jealousof your niece. rebeca: you're the only onejealous here. because you could never forgiveme for leaving you and marry alonso, right?mario: that happened so long ago, i don't even remember.rebeca: you know what they say? that you're alone because youcould never forget me. mario: i'll give you a piece ofadvise. don't think you're thatimportant. the world doesn't spin aroundyou. not even your husband's worlddoes. rebeca: i can see it wasa mistake to come to you. [shutter]marcelo: i didn't know you were here.lucia: i didn't know i had to tell you i was coming.would you excuse me? i'm working,would you leave me alone? marcelo: i would, but the thingis i'm working as well. so, if you don't want to bewhere i am, you'll have to wait until i'm done.lucia: you're unbearable. and of course i won't leave.i'm staying. marcelo: i'm putting all thisin the inventory. lucia: don't bother me,i'm working! you know what?i'll rather be back some other time in which i don't haveto run into you. i don't see the pointof having to put up with you. magdalena: hello, trini.trinidad: hello! i'm glad you came early we can all eat together. magdalena: i didn't go to thehospital. i went to the factoryto pick up alonso because rebeca wasn't feeling well,and then i spent some time with lucia.trinidad: what's wrong with your sister?magdalena: nothing, fortunately. i think what makes her feel badis knowing alonso never loved her as he loved adriana.and that makes her sick. trinidad: i agree,pass me that plant. magdalena: sure.trinidad: and to think that your sister could have marriedany man she wanted to. magdalena: she always wantedto marry alonso. trinidad: why do you say that?magdalena: i don't know. pay no attention to me.hey, guess who i ran into a few days ago?remember mario, rebeca's boyfriend?trinidad: sure, i run into him sometimes and wetalk. he's always pleased to see me.magdalena: he was really kind to me.i was glad to see him. but i was surprised he never gotmarried. trinidad: look,people say he's still in love with your sister.magdalena: oh, sometimes i pity her because although she triesto pretend she's happy, i know she's not.trinidad: i agree with you. why don't you get closer to her?magdalena: i don't think it'll work out.trinidad: i know she hasn't been nice to you,but blood is blood. and even if she doesn't say so,she needs you. and you need her.brigida: look what he did to you!amador: enough, it's not that bad.brigida: i can't believe alonso, who's supposed to be yourfriend, took his side. amador: it's not just that,he also kicked me out of the factory like a dog.brigida: don't even tell me. so?won't you say anything? rodrigo: what do you wantme to say? we knew this was coming.amador: what do you mean? are you a fortune teller now?let me tell you you're the only one to blame here.if you didn't come up with that silliness, that fool,marcelo escalante would have never showed up.rodrigo: dad, don't pretend. your problems with alonsogo way back. because you always resented could never deal with him being successfuland you having to work for him. amador: don't ever talk to yourfather like that. brigida: no,calm down. rodrigo: i guess i deservedthat, but you know it was the truth.amador: where are you going? get back here!brigida: please, you can't lose control like that.amador: be quiet. be quiet, please!neither of you know how i feel. alonso humiliated me,and i can't take that. marcelo: sorry, i'm there anything else? alonso: no, have a nice weekend.marcelo: thanks. do you feel bad for firingmr. zuñiga? alonso: it's more than that.amador had been my friend for years.and i'm sad it ended like this. marcelo: i confess i feel badfor what happened because either way, i was involved and i thankyou for supporting me. alonso: i was supportingnazario, i saw what amador did to him.i can't allow it. marcelo: it was really bad.maybe you're mad at him because of what his kiddid to lucia. alonso: i don't know,you might be right. lately things with amadorweren't good at all. and he was a negative influencefor the company. marcelo: you should know,thanks again, and you can count on me unconditionally,i guess that now that he's gone, you need some help in theadministration area. alonso: yes, it will be hard.i'll see what i can do. i'll figure it out.thanks for your offer. marcelo: excuse me.alonso: go ahead. excuse me, did normita leave?marcelo: i think so. alonso: too bad,she mentioned nora was here, but with all that happened,i didn't pay any attention. it's okay, i'll ask herwhat she wanted when i get home. marcelo: excuse me.alonso: go ahead, see you. >> miss, sergio is waiting foryou in the backyard. nora: tell him you don't know atwhat time i'm coming back and convince him to leave, okay?>> i did tell him that. but he said he wouldn't leaveuntil you came back. nora: he's so stubborn!don't you understand or what? i don't want to be with you.i don't. sergio: i talked to rodrigo.i know everything. nora: i don't know whatyou're talking about. sergio: of course you do!stop pretending. i know everything that happenedbetween you two. and i know about you were goingto do if he married lucia. nora: he's crazy!he doesn't know what to say to justify what he did.sergio: he wouldn't have made that up.nora: you believe him and not me?this is outrageous! sergio: of course!it all makes sense. even the envelope you gave mebefore the wedding. nora: you know? whatever!sergio: hey, that's why you wanted to take me that no one would suspect of you and link you to him.nora: let go! sergio: people were right.i don't know how i could fall in love with a snake.the fact that you used me is not important.but that you hurt your sister like that,is unforgivable. lucia: hello, sergio,how are you? sergio: fine, excuse me.lucia: did you come to see my sister?sergio: yes, i just saw her and i don't feel like seeing herever again. lucia: i'm sorry you broke up.sergio: it's nothing compared to what you went throughbecause of... lucia: so you know why rodrigostood me up? sergio: no...lucia: if you do, tell me. sergio: ask your sister.she must have more details than i do.lucia: why did he say that? why?nora: i don't know. lucia: answer me,what is it you know? nora: nothing, i told you!lucia: get back here! nora![music] [music]trinidad: stop, cheer up. it's not like you have committeda crime. nazario: i just feel bad aboutwhat happened today. trinidad: you never liked amadoranyway. nazario: and i still don't.but alonso fired him for something i caused.and that makes me feel guilty, very guilty.trinidad: and you know why? because you like to pretendyou're strong, unreachable, but you're soft.nazario: no, that's not it. i just know when things arenot fair. and this was not fair at all.trinidad: did you tell alonso? nazario: no, but i'll have to.i don't want to make more trouble.trinidad: it couldn't be worse. nazario: to end a partnershipis not easy. besides, amador is a resentfulguy, i fear what he could do to alonso.trinidad: or to marcelo escalante.because even if you don't trust him, you have to admit he stoodup for you without anyone asking him to.nazario: he shouldn't have. trinidad: no, dear.i'm glad he did it. nora: i told you,he's upset because i blew him off.and he wants to take it out. lucia: how's that related to me?what would he get out of telling me something like that?nora: don't you get it? he wants us to fight!lucia: swear to me you know nothing.swear me you don't know why rodrigo stood me up.please! nora: i swear,all i know is that they left you some unsigned lettersbefore the wedding and then, that happened.lucia: maybe he was referring to the woman who wrote thembecause you know who that is. nora: i said no, leave me alone!rebeca: what's going on here? nora: she's convinced i know whyrodrigo stood her up. but i don't.lucia: it didn't just popped into my head, sergio told me toask her because she knows why. and there's a reason why he saidthat. rebeca: are you insane?how could you doubt your own sister?lucia: i just want to know the truth.nora, i need to know. rebeca: you won't find outthrough her and stop blaming everyone for what he did to you.lucia: i'll believe you. but listen.if i ever find out you knew and you didn't tell me,i'll never forgive you. never.rebeca: would you tell me what happened?nora: rodrigo told sergio everything.everything. [music playing]brigida: please open the door, rodrigo.rodrigo: what do you want, mom? brigida: i want to talk aboutwhat happened with your dad. brigida: turn the music downand open the door. rodrigo: i know what you'll say,that i was disrespectful and that i deserved the slap.brigida: yes, that's what i'll say, but you have to knowhe felt bad for what he's done. rodrigo: i don't think so.brigida: try to understand him. don't take it so seriously.he's upset and very nervous, we both know that factoryis his life. even if his participationas partner is not much, it's his life.rodrigo: i know, and i also know none of this would have happenedif i'd married lucia. brigida: well, yes,your dad is right about that. even if i'll never understandwhy you decided not to marry her, it doesn't matter anymore.what matters now is that your dad feels bad,i'm so worried, i fear he'll do something silly.rodrigo: where is he? brigida: i don't know,i didn't ask him where he was going because i don't wantto pressure him. >> hey, boss.amador: hey. >> may i?i was glad you called. that means you have something.amador: i've been recalling, i think i remember you.>> i knew you would. what can i do for you?amador: last night you said you'd do anything.what did you mean exactly? >> anything you just have to try me. amador: well, pay attentionbecause i have something delicate to ask'll get the other half once the job is done.>> don't worry, tell me what i have to do.rodrigo: darn. good afternoon, mrs. rebeca.rebeca: not that good, i'm here to tell youyou're a coward. only a sleaze like you wouldtell people about what happened with my that how you'll try to get lucia back?rodrigo: we won't be back together, i was stupid enoughto get involved with your daughter and i'm paying for it.rebeca: now she's to blame? as i said, you're a coward.rodrigo: whatever, it doesn't matter now.rebeca: yes it does. as it matters that you wantjeopardize nora's reputation. so find the way of shuttingyour friend up. otherwise, when all thisblows up, you'll be the most damaged.rodrigo: what else could happen to me?i already lost lucia anyway. rebeca: you don't know whatcould happen to your family if my husband finds out.he won't hesitate to kick your dad out on the streets.rodrigo: i guess you weren't updated.your husband fired my dad from the factory today.excuse me. lucia: i know it's horriblenot to trust my own sister. i can't help it.lety: i wouldn't trust her either, because if what sergiosaid wasn't true, he wouldn't have told youjust because. lucia: yes, but if nora knewsomething, she wouldn't have a reason to keep quiet.don't you think? lety: i guess.unless... lucia: what?lety: nothing, forget it. i'm sure you'll get mad,so i rather not say it. lucia: tell me, lety,unless what? lety: unless she had somethingto do with it. i mean, she's involved somehow.brigida: i'm glad you're back, i was worried, where were you?amador: at the bar, is that a problem?brigida: by yourself? amador: yes.i lost the only friend i had today.and my son doesn't care about my problems.but don't worry, alonso will regret humiliatingme. brigida: you drank too much,you don't know what you're saying.why don't we go lay down? amador: i'm not drunk.i don't need baby-sitters, or anyone's pity,i'm well aware of everything. brigida: my god, what willhappen? [music][music] [phone rings]milagros: hello? marcelo: hey, mom, how are you?milagros: are you on your way home?marcelo: that's why i called, i won't be able to be therethis weekend. i got some things, bought otherthings here and i need to get the apartment in shape.milagros: you never came back since you started working.marcelo: i know, but i promise i'll be there next weekend.milagros: i feel lonely, son. ever since your brother is gone,it's even worse. i need him.marcelo: i can imagine, but please, don't be sad.i'll be there next saturday no matter what.milagros: okay, i'll be waiting. marcelo: [thinks] i miss mybrother too. i swear i do.[doorbell] brigida: you must be marceloescalante. marcelo: right, what can i dofor you? brigida: you must be happy,you took my son's job, you got his girl and hisapartment. and last but not least,you made my husband lose what he worked for so hardto get. marcelo: are you done?brigida: no, i still have to say i damn the day you showed upin our lives. but you'll pay for everything,everything. rebeca: is it true you firedamador? alonso: news run fast.rebeca: yes. so it seems.what happened? alonso: you know that latelywe weren't getting along. and something happened todaywhich i couldn't ignore and i made the decision.rebeca: i never thought that time would come.alonso: me neither. rebeca: can you fire him justlike that? what about the partnership?alonso: i'll have to get a lawyer to annul it.i was thinking of mario hernandez.rebeca: why him? alonso: he's hard working,polite. rebeca: so they say.nora: dad? alonso: yes, come in.nora: nazario is looking for you.alonso: here? nora: aha.alonso: i'll go see what he needs.nora: did you go see rodrigo? rebeca: yes, but it won't helpus much. nora: why?rebeca: so that you're ready for what may happen.rodrigo: i figured you'd be here.sergio: better here than home alone.rodrigo: waiter, the same for me, told nora, didn't you? sergio: sure, i had to.rodrigo: i guess she denied the whole thing.sergio: how could you and nora...?rodrigo: i told you, it was stupid.i can't blame it all on her, but i feel as if she had set mea trap and i fell for it like a fool.sergio: why would she do that? rodrigo: so i wouldn't marryher sister. sergio: why?rodrigo: out of resentment, envy.because she couldn't see lucia happy.sergio: i don't really think nora is that mean and that...rodrigo: thanks. when i told you about nora,i gave you a ticking bomb, so handle it wisely, please.sergio: sorry, but the ticking bomb is already ticking.rodrigo: what? sergio: i ran into luciaand i told her to ask her sister if she knew what had happened.sorry, mate, but i ran into her and i couldn't help it,she asked me right away. alonso: knowing you the wayi know you, i understand you feel guilty.believe me, you have no reason to.nazario: you don't know how things went down.i provoked him. alonso: whatever, it was thestraw that broke the camel. you know we weren't gettingalong. nazario: are you happy ofhow you fired him? alonso: of course not.nazario: you're still in time to make it right.alonso: it's weird that it's precisely you the one whodefends him so. i have to say marcelodid the same. nazario: i don't know why he didit, but i do because what happened today doesn't seem fairto me. alonso: stop feeling guilty.nazario: for better or worse, amador is your friend, and asmuch i despise him, i have to admit he helpedthe factory come afloat. and you should admit it too.don't get carried away by emotions.think about what i said. [doorbell]marcelo: now what? trinidad: sorry for comingunannounced. you don't know me, i'm trinidad,nazario's wife. and lucia's godmother,good evening. marcelo: good evening,please come in. sorry for the mess.trinidad: i know you're getting settled.marcelo: right, anything to drink?trinidad: i'm fine. i brought you this's an african violet. i hope you find a good spotfor it. marcelo: please, take a sit.thank you, why all this? trinidad: it's a way to thankyou for standing up for my was about time someone stopped that guy.marcelo: i just did what i thought was right.trinidad: nazario is a man of few words.but i'm sure he'll never forget what you did for neither will i. marcelo: at least i earned thisnice plant. trinidad: it needs a spot withsunlight and water once a week. marcelo: don't worry,i'll take very good care of it. trinidad: i won't waste moreof your time. marcelo: that's okay.trinidad: thank you. marcelo: thank you.trinidad: i can see you'll need a woman's help might find a good girl here. marcelo: [chuckles]trinidad: a pleasure. marcelo: the same here.trinidad: don't forget, water it once a week.i cultivated it. it's from my own garden.marcelo: it's really beautiful, thanks.trinidad: i was pleased to meet you.marcelo: me too, thanks. trinidad: bye.nazario: please don't just ignore what i told you.alonso: i promise i'll consider it.lucia: good evening. nazario: so good to see you.lucia: how are you? nazario: i'm fine, thanks.lucia: dad, i need to go to the factory and check out moreplaces to take pictures for the catalogue.alonso: now? lucia: yes, why not?alonso: it's night time, the place is deserted.we don't even have a night guard because we never needed one.lucia: that's good i'll bother no one.alonso: dear, are you okay? you seem nervous.lucia: i'm fine, i just want to move along with what you askedme. alonso: it's saturday,you should be having fun with your friends.lucia: i don't want to have fun.i just want to get distracted, that's all.nazario: i could go with her. alonso: it's absurd that shewants to go now. nazario: she wants to move onwith the pictures you asked her. alonso: okay, i'll never getwomen or pampering godfathers. nazario: i'll bring her back.lucia: thank you. see you later, dad.alonso: see you, dear. thanks.nazario: are you really okay? i agree with your dad,you're acting strange. lucia: no, i argued with norabut i don't want to tell dad because i'll just worry the end, it's my problem and i'll have to fix it myself.nazario: tell me in the car. if you want.lucia: thanks for coming with me, i need to do somethingto stop thinking about silly things.nazario: yes, sure, let's go. [music]rebeca: what did nazario want? alonso: to defend amador,he doesn't agree with my decision.rebeca: oh, so he doesn't agree with you breaking upthe partnership either? alonso: either?who else doesn't agree with it? rebeca: well, i was thinkingit's not right that you fire amador, not like that.alonso: maybe you, nazario and everyone else is right.i got carried away and made a rushed decision.rebeca: yes, you should talk to amador, it's the leasthe deserves after all those years of friendship.don't you think? alonso: i will, but let's dropthe subject, could we have dinner?rebeca: sure. i'll go tell nora and luciato join us for dinner. alonso: lucia left.she went with nazario to the factory to checksomething out for the catalogue. rebeca: oh, the catalogue.let me say i still don't agree with lucia working with you.alonso: again? rebeca: yes, again!tell me, you want to leave the businessto lucia? alonso: why do you ask that?rebeca: i want to know what would nora's place beif something happened to you. alonso: you're offending me!lucia, nora and you will be protected.rebeca: okay, don't get mad. you're upset about this amadorthing. you better fix it.[cell phone] alonso: yes?tell me, marcelo. lucia: i think you should geta night guard. nazario: we used to, he died,he was old. and your dad decided not to hireanother and he was right because we never really neededone. lucia: fortunately,but times have changed. nazario: you're right.which area exactly do you want to check out?lucia: i don't really know, but a nice area i could takepictures of. nazario: okay, let's go seeand we'll decide in there. i'm so glad you decidedto finally work with your dad. lucia: it's just temporarywhile i find something else. nazario: why? isn't this enough?lucia: enough? it's too much!nazario: your dad needs people he can trust in the factory,specially now that amador is leaving.lucia: what? nazario: yes, something happenedthis morning right here that made him leave.look, we were discussing this inventory that wasn't done.i gave my opinion, he didn't agree, he got violentand guess who stood up for me and hit him really hard?lucia: who? lalo. nazario: [chuckles]marcelo escalante. lucia: really?nazario: really. i'll turn on the lights for youto see what you want to take pictures of.wait here. oh, lalo.lucia: godfather? godfather!godfather! get out of there, godfather!godfather! godfather![music]

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