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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 19

Nora va a casa de Marcelo y lo besa. Alonso le confiesa a Magdalena que no ama a Rebeca. Amador empuja a Nazario y Marcelo lo golpea para defenderlo.
28 Abr 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents... lorena: oh, before i forget,i wanted to tell you something. marcelo: yes, tell me.what is it? lorena: when i was in your flat,waiting for them to pick up your boxes,a woman came asking about your brother.marcelo: did she tell you her name?lorena: no, look, when i was about to ask herthat, she disappeared. marcelo: and what did shelook like? lorena: she was about 40and she was very pretty and very much alike.marcelo: and what information did you give her?lorena: i told her your brother had died some time ago.she told me she'd like to offer the familyher sincere condolences, so i wrote downyour phone number, your name so that she couldcommunicate with you directly. marcelo: did you tell hermy name? lorena: no, i couldn' i've just told you, she disappeared out of a suddenjust when i was about to give her the piece of paperwhere i wrote your details down. marcelo: it doesn't matter.she'll probably find me anyway. lorena: do you know who she is?marcelo: perfectly. thank you very muchfor everything, lorena. we keep in touch.sergio: it's so good you could get the job.rodrigo: you took too long. i've been waiting for you.sergio: oh, come on. stop complaining.besides, i'm going to pay. marcelo: rodrigo,what a surprise. rodrigo: i wanted to see you.sergio: hey, hey. what's wrong? marcelo: at your can i help you? rodrigo: i don't knowwho you are or where you came from,but you're not taking lucía away from me, you understand?marcelo: i'm not taking anything away from left her yourself and-- rodrigo: i don't carewhat she told you. she loves me.marcelo: it's obvious that she doesn't,don't you think? she's already shown you that.sergio: hey! rodrigo, wait!marcelo: you're never going to get her back!sergio: calm down. marcelo: so you shouldleave her alone. rodrigo: where are you going?!stupid idiot! sergio: hey!calm down. you're being ridiculous.rodrigo: i won't let this moron take what's mine, understand?what's mine. sergio: listen to me.he's not taking anything away from let lucía go yourself. lucía: oh, come on, lucía,you can't go on acting as a fool.tere. tere: yes.lucía: do you know if my dad is still in his bedroom?tere: he's just left. lucía: oh, i'll seeif i can get to him. thank you.tere: you're welcome. lucía: [snorts]godfather! it's been a long timesince i last saw you! nazario: hello, are you? i'm glad to see you.lucía: nazario, if you came to see my dad,you're very late because he's already goneto the factory. nazario: oh, but no,i didn't come to see him. lucía: oh.nazario: i came-- i came to the downtownto see some suppliers and, well, i was near hereso i came to see you. lucía: oh, me? why?nazario: to tell you that i love you very much.lucía: nazario, i love you too. nazario: and that you can counton me for anything you want. lucía: well, well,why are you telling me this? nazario: well--i--it's been a while since i wanted to--honestly, tell you that i'm here for you.lucía: i know that, nazario, i know.and you didn't need to come here to tell me that. okay?[laughs] nazario: [laughs]but--can i do something for you? lucía: nazario,your support and your love is much more than enough.[laughs] nazario: [laughs] darling.lucía: well, now that i think about it, yes.nazario: what? tell me. anything.lucía: take care of my dad. nazario: take care of him?lucía: yes, i'm really scared that his new employeecan take advantage of him. nazario: you don't like himat all, do you? lucía: well, let's say that--he doesn't inspire confidence in me at all.nazario: no, neither in me, but your dad's not silly.if he could deal with your exboyfriend's dad,this boy's nothing for him. both of them: [laugh]lucía: you didn't like amador at all, did you?nazario: oh, to be honest, now that he's no longeryour father-in-law, no, i didn't.not even his name. lucía: [laughs]nazario: amador. lucía: amador.both of them: [laugh] lucía: i love you.amador: [snorts] oh, god.brígida! brígida: are you sureyou don't want anything else? ligia: no, no,that's kind of you, madam. i'm fine, thank you.brígida: okay. amador: it's really late.why didn't you wake me up, brígida?brígida: [clears throat] oh.amador, it's so good that you're here. look,i want to introduce you to-- oh, i'm sorry.your name was? ligia: ligia.brígida: oh. ligia: ligia cervantes.nice to meet you, mr. zúñiga. brígida: this womanbothered to come and bring some documentsrodrigo needs to fill so that he can start working.amador: where does he want to work?ligia: at mario hernández's lawyer's office.rodrigo had an interview with him today,but he forgot to take the forms and, well, i brought them to himso that his hiring wouldn't delay.brígida: oh. ligia: what a nice houseyou have, madam. brígida: thank you very can come when you want. ligia: thank you.that's very kind of you. well, excuse me, okay?goodbye. amador: i--i'll see youto the door. ligia: thank you.amador: how do you dare to come here, ligia?ligia: my boss sent me. i couldn't say no.amador: i perfectly know you, ligia. tell me what you want.ligia: i don't know why you act like this, amador.after all, i'm doing your son a favorso that he can have his contract as soon as possible.amador: my son's not going to workat that small lawyer's office. ligia: i saw himpretty much excited about it. in fact, if you want,you can ask him because there he is coming.[laughs] amador: get out. go.get out of here, but quickly-- ligia: calm down, honey.i was leaving anyway. rodrigo: hello.ligia: hello. rodrigo: excuse me,what are you doing here? ligia: oh, i've cometo leave you those forms you have to fillfor your contract. rodrigo: oh, okay. thank you.ligia: i left them to your mom. rodrigo: thank you.excuse me. ligia: bye.amador: goodbye! can you explain to mewhat stupid thing that is that you want to workat that small lawyer's office? rodrigo: it's nota stupid thing, dad. they offered me a position thereand i accepted. amador: well, you'll call themright now, thank them and tell them you don't acceptthat position. rodrigo: i'm old enoughfor you to tell me what i have to's been long time since i stopped being a child!amador: rodrigo. don't make me shout at you,rodrigo. rodrigo, come here!i'm talking to you! rebeca: do you like it?nora: i love it, but why are you giving mea present if it's not my birthday?rebeca: because i wanted to. and besides, because i want youto forget about the argument we had yesterday.nora: oh, yes, that's great. i felt so bad tooand then i felt worse because my dad told meyou had gone to mexico to see the doctorbecause you weren't feeling well and--and i didn't even know. rebeca: well, i didn't wantto tell you to avoid worrying you, honey.nora: but you're fine, aren't you?rebeca: yes. apparently,it's all a consequence of all the tensioni've been going through for the last couple of days.nora: why have you been so tense?rebeca: do you think it's not been enoughwith all that happened to your sister?nora: oh, so i caused you thatbecause of what happened with rodrigo. it's about that!rebeca: look, among other things,but actually, what's done is done and--there's nothing else to do. let's stop talking about that,okay? nora: yes, yes.hey, my dad's really worriedabout you. he told mehe couldn't contact you and that you didn't call him.rebeca: yes, well, my cellphone battery was dead.that's why i couldn't call him. nora: well, but if i were you,i'd call him at least to tell himthat you're already here. rebeca: i'll see him.okay? rodrigo: dad,i don't know why you're against me.amador: i'm not against you, rodrigo!okay? but i'm against you workingas an administrative assistant at that small lawyer's office!you change your job to get a better one!and what they're offering you is a position much lowerthan that you had at the factory!rodrigo: i don't care if it's lower, dad.i have to start somewhere. and apart from that,i'm very satisfied because i got it myselfwithout anybody's help. amador: oh, rodrigo,don't be naive, please. haven't you told me yourselfthat it was sergio the one who recommended you?rodrigo: well, yes, but-- nobody's doing me the favorof hiring me like alonso gaxiola.i've always felt he had given me the positionfor being his daughter's boyfriend.amador: no. and because your fatheris the co-owner of that factory too, rodrigo.rodrigo: well, you already knowthat wasn't worth it at all. amador: well,you won't work there, okay? that's all.rodrigo: why not, dad? amador: because i don't feellike it! that's all! rodrigo: okay, well,i won't listen to you! okay? deal with your things yourselfand i'll deal with mine! amador: rodrigo.rodrigo: thank you. amador: damn it!i can't negotiate anything with you, man.brígida: i'm sorry, amador, but to be honest,i don't understand either why you don't want himto work there. amador: because i don't thinkit's a good place for his professional that so difficult to understand, brígida?brígida: well, but he has to startwith something, as rodrigo says.besides, as far as i know, mario hernándezhas a good reputation as a lawyerand i can see he treats his employees very well.look at that detail of sending his own secretaryto bring rodrigo some documents. amador: brígida,i won't argue with you and that's all,for god's sake. i'll clean my teeth,i'll go back to my office to work.alonso: normita, i need you to take these documentsto mr. zúñiga for him to sign them.normita: he hasn't come at all in the afternoon.alonso: did he say why? normita: no.he hasn't called at all. alonso: okay,it doesn't matter. give them to himtomorrow morning, please. normita: of course, alonso.excuse me. alonso: thank you.[puffs] operator: dear user,the number you've just dialed is offor out of service. tha--alonso: [puffs] marcelo: are you okay, alonso?alonso: no, no. no, i'm just tryingto communicate with my wife and--well, i can't and i'm starting to get worried.marcelo: if i had a woman like yours,i'd get worried too. alonso: excuse me?marcelo: i mean, with all due respect,your wife's a very pretty woman and--well, i can imagineshe's a very good life partner. that's why you've been togetherfor such a long time, right? alonso: yes. yes,we've been together for a lot of years.i had forgotten to tell you that i have already gotthe person who's going to renew the company's catalog.marcelo: who? alonso: my daughter lucía.marcelo: lucía? i didn't knowshe was a designer. alonso: yes.yes, she graduated a few days before the weddingwith-- well--there's no point in talking about it.marcelo: [laughs] there's no point, right?alonso, i wanted to ask youif it's okay if i leave a bit earlier todayto receive a few things in my housebecause i have to be there, in my flat.alonso: sure, sure, it's okay. deal with your things.marcelo: thank you very much. excuse me.alonso: goodbye. marcelo: goodbye.alonso: [puffs] marcelo: hello.lucía: hello. marcelo: have you givenyour dad's wife the earring? lucía: yes, she has it now.don't worry. marcelo: and did she tell yousomething when she knew it was me the one who found it?lucía: [snorts] i didn't even mention you,you know? believe meyou're not so important to talk about you.marcelo: yes. that's clear to's also clear to me what you think about me,but you know what? i'm getting sickof the fact that you treat me as if it had been methe one who stood you up at the altar.lucía: your comment is out of place, you know?but, well, what can be expected of a man like you who--?marcelo: if you hate your exboyfriend so much,go and get even with him! my name's not rodrigo.and therefore, i don't have to put upwith your rudeness. i've tried to be nice with you,but i swear i got sick of it. lucía: nobody asked you to.marcelo: it's a pity. such a pretty womanbut with so much bitterness in her'd better take that bitternessout of you at once. otherwise,you'll end up drowning in it. sergio: hi, are you? nora: what are you doing here?we said we were going to meet at 8:00 pm.sergio: yes, i know. i finished work early.nora: i can see that. sergio: i was at the officeuntil 4:00 pm, i was finishing a million thingsi had to do and then i went outto have lunch with rodrigo to talk about his new joband we stayed there for a while and--nora: what? what job?sergio: well, at the office they needed a personfor the administrative area and i told mariorodrigo didn't have a job and he's very good.and he gave him the chance. nora: it's too much, sergio.sergio: what--what's wrong? nora: you and i can't dateanymore. sergio: what--?why? nora: because i can't datethe person who supports the guy who destroyed my sister's life!sergio: no, no-- no, no, no, beauty,but it wasn't like that. one thing doesn't have anythingat all to do with the other one. i just--he's my lifelong friend and i can't turn my back on himjust like this. nora: no, no, no.the one you're turning your back onis me and my family.sergio: hey. hey, wait, wait, please.just explain to me what's going onbecause i don't understand anything.nora: the only thing you have to understandis that you and i are over.sergio: what? nora: so i want you to go.i don't want to see you again. sergio: no, listen, wait--nora: please, go. go, please!don't you unders--? get out!alonso: i'm so glad you have accepted.when do you think you can have a proposal?lucía, honey, i'm talking to you.lucía: mm? alonso: what's wrong with you?lucía: oh, nothing. nothing, dad, i'm sorry. i'm--i'm thinking about the catalog and--but--what were you telling me? alonso: honey, look,i don't want to force you to work with me.if you don't want, tell me. it's okay.lucía: dad, you're not forcing me.on the contrary, i'm really happy and--dad, i need to do this to keep myself busywith something. alonso: that's'll see you'll feel good to work with me.lucía: i know i will, dad. both of them: [laugh]alonso: rebeca, it's so good you're here.i was worried about you. how was your appointmentwith the doctor? rebeca: can i talk to you?alone? alonso: yes.lucía: i--i-- i was about to leave.excuse me. alonso: honey,take care. lucía: yes, dad.alonso: see you later. is there something wrong?have you got a problem? rebeca: my only problem is youand your damn irresponsibility. we had said you weren't goingto give a job to lucía. and what's the first thingyou do? alonso: no, i didn't say that!i've always wanted lucía to get involved in this factory!rebeca: and where the hell is nora?alonso: nora can come whenever she wants!well, if she really wants to work.the doors of this factory will always be open for her!rebeca: who do you want to fool? you prefer lucía.alonso: please, don't say stupid things!rebeca: come on. deny it. you prefer lucíabecause she's your great love's idolize her just like you idolized adriana!alonso: that's right. lucía's the only thing lefti have from adriana. and every time i see her,i can't help remembering her. rebeca: that's a pitybecause you're still in love with a dead one.and you don't realize what you have in front of you.[pants] adriana.adriana, it's always about adriana.teresa? teresa!tere: did you call me, madam? rebeca: i want to knowif you put these earringsin my jewelry box. tere: what?rebeca: i lost one of the earrings a week agoand now it turns out that the two of them appearthere like out of the blue! i want to knowif you found them and when and where!tere: um-- i don't remember, madam.every time i find something-- rebeca: i don't care about that!what i want to know is when you put these earringsin the jewelry case! tere: i've already told youi don't remember. rebeca: [pants]pick up what's on the floor. magdalena: you wentto pick me up from the hospital, you were really nervousand now you don't want to tell mewhat's wrong with you. lucía: auntie, it's not with me,but with my aunt rebeca. magdalena: okay, sit down.lucía: look, maybe i'm hallucinating,but i think she has a very serious health problem.magdalena: what kind of problem? lucía: i don't know, auntie.look, this morning she went to mexicoto see a doctor because she was feelingreally bad. i was at the office with my dadwhen she came back. my dad asked herabout her appointment with the doctorand she asked me to, please, leave them alone.magdalena: what? you didn't knowwhat she told him? lucía: no,i don't know anything. i wanted to stayuntil they finished talking, but it's obviousthat my aunt didn't want me to listen to her.magdalena: oh, my god. lucía: look, auntie,i'm telling you this because despite everything,she's your sister. magdalena: you did well, lucía.of course that worries me. she's my sister.although i don't have a good relationship with her,i'll always be worried if she has a problem.may god want it's not something serious.lucía: i wish so. auntie,when i was going to the hospital today,i was thinking about horrible thingsand i realized that there are more seriousthings in this life than the ones i'm going through.magdalena: there are always more serious things, but--the things that happen to us is what hurts us more.lucía: auntie, tell me the you think i'm bitter? magdalena: why do you ask methat? lucía: because somebodytold me that today and-- maybe that person's right.i wasted my life with a man who's not worth it.magdalena: well, it's true that your character's changed.yes, but it's logical anyway, but i'm also sure that soonerthan what you imagine you'll be the same one again.and do you know when that will happen?when you fall in love again. lucía:, auntie. i'll never fall in love again.[music] [music]alonso: you look so gorgeous. are you going out with sergio?nora: no. i followed your adviceand i've broken up with him. alonso: don't you thinkyou rushed to make that decision?nora: oh, listen to you. you told meit was not good for the poor boy to go on building his hopes up.alonso: yes. yes, yes, okay. and where are you goinglooking so pretty? nora: i'm going to the cinemawith gloria. alonso: [laughs]and did you do yourself up so much to go to the cinemawith your friend? nora: hey,you never know where or when you'll meet the loveof your life. alonso: well, take careand don't be back late. okay? nora: no.hey. alonso: yes.nora: has marcelo already moved to lucía's flat?alonso: he must be waiting for the removal van there.why are you asking me that? nora: just curiosity.bye, dad. alonso: goodbye.honey, is your mom in our bedroom?nora: i think she is. i heard her shout at teresaa while ago. alonso: [puffs]lety: oh, no, no, no, i don't know if i can tell youbecause i don't want to be a gossip.>> tell me. nobody will know.lety: well, first we should ask herand--i don't know-- oh, go upstairs.i'll be right there with you. >> okay.lety: oh, why that face? what's wrong with you?sergio: nora's just broken up with me.lety: i didn't know you were going out with her again.sergio: well, yes, but that good thing to melasted very little, right? lety: but you're so silly.she had already dumped you once. you didn't learn your lesson.sergio: oh, lety. when you're in love,you can't learn anything. lety: the worst thingis that i don't understand why you like nora so much.i mean, it's true that she's pretty, but that's all.sergio: but i don't understand what happened either.she was the one who wanted to be with me.and out of a sudden, just like that--she regretted. why? lety: because she gotanother one. that's why. sergio: you think so?lety: no, i don't know. it's just an idea.oh, i think i should go because i'm making youfeel worse. good luck.[doorbell] marcelo: come's unlocked. nora: hello.marcelo: hello. nora: i heardyou were installing yourself and i came to seeif i can help you with something.marcelo: thank you very much, but i'll tidy all thislittle by little. nora: oh,but i don't mind doing it, you know?i mean, i don't have anything to do.marcelo: i've already said no. thank you.nora: you don't like me very much, do you?marcelo: i repeat you what i told you that night.i don't know you. nora: however, you thinki'm a terrible sister, which means you defend lucía,who you don't know either. do you?marcelo: no. i don't know her,but let's say that i know a bit more about her.that's all. nora: the story of my life.everybody thinks my sister's the good oneand that i'm the bad one, but they don't realizethat i'm just the loneliest womanin the world. if only you believed me...marcelo: and why do you care so much what i think of you?nora: i'll tell you why. [whispers] i'm sorry.i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry.i'm sorry. amador: ligia.come. ligia: oh, what happens, amador?amador: come. shut up. we have to talk.get in the car. ligia: i know you're annoyedbecause i went to your house, but i swear to youthat my boss sent me. do you thinki could be so cynical to go to your house--?amador: you'll call him right nowand you'll resign. call him.ligia: why? amador: because my son'sdetermined to go on working at this damn lawyer's office.i can't let him be near you. ligia: in caseyou haven't noticed, i depend on my job to live,amador. amador: i already know that.i'll make sure that you have everything.please. ligia: oh, thank you very much,but i don't mean to be your full-time lover.although you don't believe it, i still have some dignity.amador: and what do you want then?ligia: you already know. i want you to leave your wifeand marry me. amador: i've already told youthat can't happen and is never going to happen!ligia: well, i won't leave the only thing i have for surefor anything, you heard me? amador: hey, hey.what are you trying to tell me? are you breaking up with me?ligia: that depends on you, amador.let me go. amador: ligia.lucía: hi, dad. alonso: hi, are you? lucía: well,i'm really worried about my aunt rebeca.i'd like to know what the doctor said to her.alonso: no, she didn't tell me. i didn't ask her either.we talked about other things. lucía: what things?alonso: our things. lucía: so you didn't ask herabout her health? dad, weren't you really worriedabout her? i imagined the worst thingmyself. i even told my aunt magdalena about it.alonso: why did you tell her? you're making a scandalabout something that won't be anything, i guess.lucía: and how do you know if she didn't even tell youwhat she talked with her doctor? alonso: i knowwhat's wrong with your aunt. lucía: and why you don't wantto tell me about that, dad? alonso: i'm sorry,but it's very difficult for me to talk about this with you.[snorts] rebeca,you didn't tell me about your appointmentwith the doctor. rebeca: i don't thinkyou care about it. alonso: why do you say that?of course i care about it. rebeca: all right.i'll tell you about it. he told methat i have to see a psychologistto help me share you with a ghostbecause that's what adriana is, isn't it?a ghost between you and me. and don't tell me i'm crazybecause you were very clear about that a while ago.alonso: look, you always knewthat she was going to be very important to meand that i was never going to forget her.however, you-- rebeca: yes, yes, yes!one thing is knowing that and a very different oneis living with that for 20 years!alonso: rebeca, what do you want me to do?rebeca: to give me my place. alonso: i've always given youyour place! rebeca: yes, sure.before the society, before everybody,we're the perfect couple, but herei'm just another ornament! alonso: don't say stupid things,rebeca. please, don't exaggerate.rebeca: i'm not exaggerating! think about it.when was the last time you touched me?when was the last time we made love?alonso: i've had a lot of problems lately.i've been under a lot of pressure,you know-- rebeca: yes, yes, i know!but you don't let me help you overcome me that you care about me. alonso: you're very importantto me. rebeca: then show it to me that you really enjoy being with me.vinicio: amador! good night, amador.amador: good night. vinicio: do you remember me?amador: actually, i don't. vinicio: i'm vinicio garrido.we worked together in the north. well, it's just talk,i was just a messenger and you were oneof the important ones. amador: how can i help you?vinicio: i need a job. amador: oh, well, you foundthe wrong person. i can't offer you anything.vinicio: as far as i know, you're a partnerof a very big factory here, in i right? amador: how do you know that?vinicio: ricardo márquez told me do remember him, don't you? amador: ricardo márquez.vinicio: uh-huh. amador: when was the last timeyou saw him? vinicio: a long time ago.i saw him in guadalajara a lot of years ago.he told me that if i needed a job one day,he was sure you'd help me. amador: i think he sent youwith the wrong person. i'm so sorry, vinicio, right?vinicio: anyway, let me give you my details.i mean, in case you need something one day, okay?i can do everything. maybe my nameisn't important to you, but-- if you jog your memory a bit,you'll remember i'm a trustworthy man.excuse me. and again,good night. amador: good night.[music] [music]alonso: hello, normita. have you given those documentsto mr. zúñiga as i asked you?normita: yes, he has them, sir. alonso: thank you very much.normita: alonso. alonso: yes?normita: magdalena's waiting for you at your office.alonso: thank you. normita: you're welcome.alonso: magdalena, i'm glad to see you.what a surprise. sit down.magdalena: thank you. alonso: what are you doing here?magdalena: well, i'm sorry, alonso,for coming and bothering you, but--i'm worried about my sister's health.alonso: i know lucía told you, but your sister's okay.don't worry. magdalena: lucía told methat she went to méxico to see a doctorand that when she came back-- alonso: the only problemrebeca has is me. magdalena: i don't understand.alonso: i think you do. both you and rebeca knowwhat adriana meant and means to me.that's the problem. magdalena: alonso,i've never dared to ask you this, but--why did you marry rebeca? believe me. i'm readyto listen to anything. alonso: when adriana died,i was shattered. i couldn't do anything,i couldn't take care of lucía. and, well, rebecadevoted herself to her. magdalena: and i guessshe did that to you too. alonso: yes.yes. there were dayswhen i was dying with pain, and she was there,cheering me up, supporting night i was about to go crazyand i found refuge in her, i swear to youthat i don't know how it happened,but in the end, we were sleeping together.magdalena: and i guess that made you feel engaged.alonso: and even more when i knewshe was in love with me. i don't know.maybe i was selfish, i was a coward and--and i thought that--well, i could rebuild my lifewith her. magdalena: tell me something,alonso. do you really like her?alonso: yes. yes, yes, i like her very much, but--but i don't love her. and i feel so guiltyand i sometimes think that wherever adriana isshe must be reproaching me for having marriedto her sister. magdalena: i'm sure that adriana wouldn't have liked youto be alone, alonso. alonso: do you thinkshe would have agreed that i married her own sister?rebeca: nora, wake up! nora.nora: no, let me sleep. my head hurts.rebeca: listen, do you want me to bring you a pill?nora: no. i've already taken oneand it doesn't work. this pain's very differentfrom the one i always have. and don't tell mei have to see a doctor because you knowthat i hate doctors. rebeca: all right, all right,but at least try to pay attention to mefor a second. come on. nora: okay then. what?rebeca: listen. do you already knowthat your sister's going to start workingat the factory with your dad? nora: when?rebeca: now, but don't can do it too. nora: no, mom.i'm not good at anything. okay?i haven't studied a whole degree courselike the talented one, lucía. rebeca: okay, but don't can learn while you practice.nora: no. my dad would end up feelingdisappointed by me and i would feela thousand times worse. rebeca: you have to makean effort. if you don't get ready,your sister will take you everythingand she'll end up having everything.nora: no. no, no, dad wouldn't let that happen. rebeca: don't be so sure,so think about you. and listen to me about this.marcelo: such a pretty woman but with so much bitternessin her soul. you'd better takethat bitterness out of you at once.otherwise, you'll end up drowning in it.lety: boo! [laughs]what are you doing, silly? lucía: [laughs]i'm redesigning the catalog of the new pieces of 'talavera'of my dad's factory, silly. lety: that meansyou've already accepted to work with him?lucía: but only until i find something else.lety: and you don't care about bumping intothat stupid man? lucía: i don't have to see him.i mean, i'm going to work here, in my house.lety: oh, no, so i won't have any excusesto visit you at the factory. and i'm so excited about meetingthe famous one, marcelo. lucía: lety,he's not that important. lety: hey, hey, hey.guess who i found that was about to cut his veins.lucía: who? oh, come on, silly, tell me.who? lety: sergio mondragón.he's really depressed because your sisterbroke up with him. lucía: what?i didn't even know they were together again.lety: oh, well, you see, they were together againand she broke up with him again. lucía: lety, you don't knowhow sad it makes me feel for not knowing anythingabout my sister's life. it's as if we weretwo strangers. lety: oh, thank godbecause with that sister it would have been betterif you hadn't had any. lucía: stupid.lety: what? it's true. alonso: thank you very muchfor coming and visiting me. magdalena: it was greatto see you. take care. alonso: take care.magdalena: normita, i'm leaving now. thank you.normita: goodbye, magdalena. a pleasure to see you.magdalena: thank you. a pleasure to see you too.normita: goodbye. magdalena:'re marcelo, aren't you? marcelo: yes, that's we know each other? magdalena: yes,i'm lucía's aunt. um--we met the dayyou took her to her house, remember?marcelo: oh, yes, i remember now.magdalena: well, that day my niece was so badthat she didn't bother to introduce you to me.marcelo: that day and always because i have never seen herin a good mood. magdalena: [laughs]no, lucía's an amazing woman. she has a cool she's going through a bad time, but--she'll be better with time. that's all.nice to see you. marcelo: nice to see you.magdalena: take care. marcelo: you too. goodbye.magdalena: goodbye. marcelo: um--excuse me,you didn't tell me your name. magdalena: magdalena murillo.marcelo: so you're alonso's first wife's sister.magdalena: yes. and the second one's too.marcelo: what? magdalena: adriana, rebeca and iare sisters. see you.marcelo: goodbye. [music][music] rodrigo: hello.ligia: hello. rodrigo: i brought the documentsfor my contract. who do i have to give them to?ligia: leave them to me. i'll deal with it.rodrigo: and thank you again for bothering to go to my houseto leave them for me. ligia: hey, i didn't bother.i did it with pleasure. to be honest,it makes me feel sad that all this is causing youproblems with your dad. rodrigo: and how do you knowthat? ligia: oh, the thing isthat when i went to your house to leave these documents for youi realized your dad didn't know you were goingto work here. and it was obvioushe didn't like it at all. rodrigo: well--he can thinkwhatever he wants. could you, please, ask sergioif he's not busy so that i can see him?ligia: listen, first of all, don't talk to me so seriously.[laughs] i'm not much older than you,okay? rodrigo: i agree.ligia: you can go in. he's not busy.rodrigo: thank you. hey, what a nice perfumeyou're wearing. ligia: thank you.rodrigo: what's wrong with you now?sergio: nora broke up with me. rodrigo: [laughs]thank god. that's such a weight off your mind.sergio: hey, why do you all have to speak badly about nora?i know she's not the best woman in the world,but i like her. why does nobody understand that?rodrigo: easy, sergio, you don't have to act like this.come on, tell me why she broke up with you.sergio: do you want to know why she broke up with me?because i'm your friend and because i got you a job.because she says she can't be with somebody who supportsthe person who destroyed her sister's life.that's why. rodrigo: did she tell you that?sergio: yes. rodrigo: no, no, no,unbelievable. she's such a [...] sergio: don't speak about herlike that again and much less in front of me!i've already told you that! rodrigo: let's seeif you think that once i tell youwhy i stood lucía up. sergio: what the helldoes that have to do with this? rodrigo: it has to do with it,sergio. nora was the reasonwhy i stood lucía up. i slept with herthree days before the wedding. do you understand me?three days before. and she threatened meto tell everybody at the church if i didn't leave lucía.that's why. sergio: that's not true.rodrigo: of course it is true,'ve always been too honest with me and the least i can dois to be just the same with you. sergio: why are you such a--?rodrigo: hey, hey, hey! easy, sergio.sergio: let me go, idiot! let me go.[pants] rodrigo: i know i'm disgusting,but what happened between nora and mewas before you were together again.sergio: but you knew i loved her!rodrigo: sergio, it was a mistake.okay? you perfectly knowthat i've been paying for it. lucía: hey, here you are.hey, lety came here a couple of hours ago.she told me about you and sergio.i didn't know anything. nora: oh,it's not so important. lucía: well, maybe it's notso important, but-- nora, we're makes me feel horrible because i don't know anythingabout your life. nora: oh, i'm sorry,but i do know about your life. for example,i know that you've finally accepted to work with my dad.lucía: yes. and does that annoy you?nora: not at all. on the contrary,i think it's great that you keep yourself busywith something so that you can forgetwhat that idiot of rodrigo did to you.lucía: yes. yes, no, no,it's not easy at all. and it's worse because--well, i don't know why he did that.hey, nora. sergio didn't tell you anythingabout it? i mean,because he and rodrigo have always beenvery good friends and-- nora: no, he didn't tell meanything. [laughs]and i don't think he will because i don't thinki'll see him again. lucía: and why did you break up?nora: because i realized our relationshipwasn't going anywhere, but above all,because i realized that with the onei want to get really far is with marcelo.lucía: yes, i-- i had already imagined that--you had set your eyes on him. nora, please, take care, okay?you don't know him. you don't know anythingabout him. nora: oh,you're the worst one to give that kind of advice.i mean, you've known rodrigoduring all your life and look what he did to you.marcelo: and this part of the process,what's its name? lalo: it's called hatching.and it's a pure sketch. marcelo: that's interesting.i met alonso's sister-in-law a couple of minutes ago.i had a feeling that she's a very simple and nice person.lalo: oh, sure, magdalena. she's very good.marcelo: and alonso's first wife was older or younger than her?lalo: adriana was the oldest and the prettiest one.marcelo: and do you know how she died?lalo: of course. an accident.she fell from the stairs of her housewhen her daughter was about to be born.marcelo: you mean lucía? lalo: sure.she could be born, but the poor girl, adriana,couldn't get better. she didn't even have the chanceto meet her daughter. amador: for god's sake, nazario!when did we say that the warehouse stock listwas going to be ready?! where is it?!nazario: it's going to be ready! the thing is we have hada lot of work. those men had been very busy!amador: i don't care at all if those workers are busy!rodrigo asked for that inventory how much time ago?!nazario: and i don't care what rodrigo asked forbecause he doesn't work here anymore, you know?amador: neither you nor anybodyspeaks like that about my son! okay?!where are you going?! where are you going?!i'm talking to you! marcelo: i won't let youtreat nazario like that! amador: what?!lalo: nazario! amador: get out of hereright now. quickly! alonso: you're wrong, amador!the one who's leaving this factory right nowis you.

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