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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 18

Nora le dice a Lucía que está interesada en Marcelo. Rebeca va al departamento de Marcelo para investigar sobre Federico, pero huye al ver la mancha de sangre en la alfombra.
27 Abr 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents... nora: i'm sorry, it's justthat i argued with my mother this morning and i'm notin the mood. sergio: why? what happened?why did you argue? nora: women stuff.sergio: alright. well, i can take you home,so you can rest and feel better. nora: yes, let's go.sergio: yes? nora: yes, let's go to my house.[chattering] >> oh, wait.hi! nice to see you.sergio: hi, what's up? how are you?>> well, not as fine as you are, but i'm fine.what are you doing here? were you going to ride the staror what? nora: no, we were just leaving.>> what a pity, we could have ridden it together.let's do it some other day. bye, sergiobye, nora. sergio: take care.nora: do you mind if she sees us kissing?sergio: if she sees us? no, no, not at all.nora: i'm glad. well, let's go, seriously.i'm getting tired. bye!>> bye! lucía: is it a fact thatmarcelo escalante will occupy the apartment?alonso: yes, today he went to see it, he liked itand we closed the deal. lucía: well, you know what youdo, and when will he move? alonso: i guess that right now.little by little he'll furnish it.lucía: i don't know if there's something mine still there.alonso: well, if there's something yours, you'd bettergo and check before marcelo occupies it.lucía: well, yes, i'll go. alonso: will you go now?lucía: yes, didn't you say that your new employee needs itright now? alonso: my love, but you have nokeys! how have you been?rebeca: better, thank you. i'll tell you at oncethat i'll go to mexico. alonso: to mexico? what for?rebeca: to see the doctor, isn't it what you wanted?alonso: yes, but why do you want to go to mexico if you cantake medical tests in puebla. dr. sara ezquerra can see you.rebeca: no, no, i don't doubt her ability, but i've beenrecommended this doctor and i've just made an appointment,and he's said to be the best. alonso: well, alright.i'll go with you. rebeca: no, no, why wouldyou waste your time? you're very busy.i can go on my own. alonso: well, if i'm very busy,i can ask nora to go with you. rebeca: no, no, no.i don't want to worry her, she's very sensitive and allthis makes her very nervous. alonso: well, at least, i'll asklalo to go with you-- rebeca: i don't need anyoneto go with me! it's not the first i drive allthe way to mexico on my own! i'm fine!alonso: alright, calm down. it seems that you'rethe sensitive one. calm down, it's okay.rebeca: i'm sorry, it's just that i don't want to bea bother or make a fuss about this, that's all.marcelo: good evening. your father told me that i couldstart bringing my stuff. lucía: why do you have this?marcelo: is that yours? lucía: no, it's not belongs to my father's wife. why do you have it?answer me! marcelo: i found iton the floor. lucía: where?marcelo: where do you think? lucía: well, maybe at my house,because last night you were there.what i don't get is... why did you keep it?marcelo: because i've been very busy with the mysteryof the flowers and i forgot to give it back.thank you for telling me who it belongs to.please, give it back to your father's wifeand send her my greetings. lucía: you're unbearable.marcelo: yes, i know that you don't like anything i do or say.lucía: i'm glad that you are aware of it.well, enjoy your apartment. marcelo: if you don't want meto be here i can talk to your father thank himfor the offer and look for another place.because after all that's happening, i'm sure that iwon't stay here for long. lucía: i don't know why you saythat, it's the same to me. oh, by the way,i'll tell you that this is a very quiet community,you don't need a gun to be safe. unless, of course, you're afraidbecause you did something. marcelo: her father's wife.alonso: it's very curious, last night this table was fullof people. and today it's just you and the way, where's nora? rebeca: she's outwith her boyfriend. alonso: does she havea boyfriend? rebeca: you'd know itif you talked to her. alonso: alright, who's herboyfriend? rebeca: sergio mondragón.alonso: oh, sergio. she's back together with him.he's a good guy. and, at least, nora is gettingexcited about something again. rebeca: uh-huh.alonso: the only thing i don't like about that relationshipis that sergio is rodrigo's best friend.rebeca: i can't see what's wrong about the way, why isn't lucía having dinner with us?alonso: she went to check the apartment to make sure thatshe didn't leave anything. because i'm going to lease itto marcelo escalante. rebeca: oh, what a good idea.i liked that guy. alonso: at last somebodyagrees with me! because, i don't know why,but nobody trusts him. rebeca: why do you say that?alonso: oh, maybe it's just that fake prejudice we hold againststrangers. tere: may i clear the table,ma'am? rebeca: take his plates, can leave mine. alonso: what happenedto the bunch of flowers you received last night?rebeca: oh, it turned out that they made a mistakeand it was taken away. perhaps that's why we didn'tknow who that federico is, who signed the card.alonso: it's strange that they made a mistake, huh?father samuel: excuse me, it's time to close the doors.magdalena: yes, father. i'm sorry, i was about to leave.father samuel: can i help you? magdalena: no, thank you,i'm fine. father samuel: then, why are youcrying? magdalena: well, these are tearsof sadness, yes. father samuel: i've never seenyou here before, have i? magdalena: well, i used to comevery often when father santiago was here.father samuel: unfortunately, he died, but i hope you didn'tstop coming to this church because i've taken his place.magdalena: no, no. the thing is that i'm not livinghere anymore. 24 years ago i ran awayfrom puebla. father samuel: ran away?from what? magdalena: from myself.but it's time to stop doing it. father samuel: that's whyyou're crying. magdalena: yes, because of thatand because i've been far from my family and all throughthese years i've been so busy helping other people and so on,that i've forgotten that the most important thingis my own family. father samuel: well,if that's your worry, it's never too late to makeit right. magdalena: [giggles]exactly, that's what i'm trying to do, but i hopethat it's not too late. father samuel: no, it's neverlate. magdalena: thanks for listeningto me, father. you've wasted so much timelistening to my nonsense. father samuel: it's notnonsense. besides, that's why i'm here,to listen to everyone that needs help.i'm father samuel, by the way. magdalena: nice to meet you.magdalena murillo. i assure you that you'll see mehere very often. good night and thank you again.father samuel: good night. magdalena: excuse me.father samuel: may god be with you, daughter.magdalena: thank you. [girl singing]mario: magdalena? magdalena: yes?mario: don't you remember me? i'm mario, mario hernández.magdalena: of course! how are you, mario?mario: fine, fine, and you? it's been a long timesince i last saw you. magdalena: well, the truth isthat i don't come to puebla very often, but i'm staying here,i hope, for a long time. i was just talking aboutthat with father samuel. mario: good, i hope that i seeyou more often, huh? magdalena: i'd love to.well, tell me about you. did you marry?did you have children? mario: no, neither one thingnor the other. in fact, i'm a bachelor,a confirmed bachelor. magdalena: really?mario: yes. magdalena: no.mario: that's the truth. magdalena: well, some of uscan't deal with marriage. don't you think?mario: well, finally someone understands me.thank-- magdalena: nice meeting you,mario. mario: nice meeting you too.magdalena: good luck. mario: same to you.magdalena: girls, can i play with you?uel!mario: sam father samuel: give me a second,i'm putting it in its place. done.mario. mario: huh?father samuel: are you okay? what's up with you?mario: yes, i'm sorry. i've just came across a personi haven't seen or centuries. it was something likea regression. father samuel: was it magdalenamurillo? mario: yes.she's rebeca's sister, do you remember that i've told youabout rebeca? father samuel: yes, of coursei remember rebeca. she's been the love of yourlife, she was like the greatest love of your life.mario: oh, don't exaggerate. no, no, was, let's say, just a puppy love.father samuel: if you say so. mario: you know what?let's have dinner, i'm starving. don't be cruel, come on,i've been waiting for you-- father samuel: what a boringlife you've got, mario. i can't believe you had to lieto a priest just for a meal. that doesn't speak well of you.mario: don't complain, the dinner is on me.please, come on. father samuel: oh, sure,the dinner is on you. mario: i'll go ahead, to see--trini: what are you doing? nazario: nothing, i'm justworried because magdalena isn't home.trini: oh, darling, it's not late.nazario: no, but she's always on time to have dinner and todaysshe's not here. i'm worried.trini: oh, come on, magdalena isn't a girl anymore.and let me remind you that she's been taking care of herselffor many years. and, please, don't control'll overwhelm her and you'll make her rush out of here.nazario: i'm not controlling her.i'm just worried because she's not here.trini: the more time passes, the more i see that you neededto have a child. nazario: here we go many times have we talked about that?if god didn't give us any child, there must be a good reason.besides, he gave us a wonderful goddaughter.trini: i don't think so. nazario: why do you say that?trini: because i haven't seen you get close to her, hug her,tell her that you love her. you always talk aboutyour goddaughter, but those are only words.nazario: well, it's just that alonso told me that she doesn'twant to talk about it, and i don't want to make heruncomfortable. trini: oh, come don't need to talk. just go to her, hug herand that's enough. nazario: [giggles]see? i would have been a bad father.trini: oh, come on, honey. cat's eyes.nora: i think that they're sleeping.since i'm home that door has been closed.lucía: then, we'd better not disturb them.nora: hey, no, wait. you're upset because i toldmy father to lease the apartment to marcelo, right?lucía: nora, no offense, but i don't want to talkabout the apartment, that guy or anything related to him.nora: then, don't you like marcelo?lucía: no, no, i don't like him. where did you get that?nora: i just wanted to be sure. lucía: but, apparently, you'revery interested in him, huh? nora: does it bother you?lucía: no, if it's up to me, you can go with to the endof the world, if you want to. [cell phone rings]marcelo: hi? lorena: hi, it's lorena.i know it's very late, but i wanted to tell you that theeverything's ready to move. tomorrow it will all be takento puebla. marcelo: thank you very much.i don't know if it's worthy, though.lorena: why? marcelo: because i don't thinkthat i can rent the apartment i've been offered.lorena: and so? do you want me to call it off?marcelo: no, you know what? send them anyway.only god knows. lorena: as you wish, i'll callyou as soon as it sets off. good night.marcelo: good night. [knocking on door]lucía: aunt! can i come in?aunt? aunt rebeca![sighs] tere, do you know where my auntrebeca is? tere: she went to mexicovery early. lucía: mexico?why did she go there? tere: i don't know that she never says anything to me.but she told me that she'd take her cell phone with her, in caseyou need something. lucía: it's not that important.thank you, tere. mario: sergio, the assistantof the administration department told me that he's going to quit.i'm telling you in case you know someone that can replace him.sergio: yes, sir. oh, sir, of course i knowsomeone. rodrigo zúñiga.mario: no. no, forget it.sergio: why not? he's got a lot of experience,he's perfect for this position. mario: rodrigo zúñiga isn'tuseful, that's all. keep working on your tasks.sergio: i'm serious, look, sir. he needs this job and he's good.he's going to do it very well. mario: sergio, listen to me,but pay attention, please. i don't think your friendis a reliable person. the chat is over.sergio: you say that because of his girlfriend.mario: that's an example. sergio: yes, but his job hasnothing to do with his personal affairs, you taught me that.mario: exactly, then, why has he been firedfrom his previous job? sergio: well, that's simple,his ex-father-in-law was his boss.after what he did to his daughter, can you imagine himworking there every day? mario: anyway, i don't thinkhe should work here. the chat is over.sergio: okay, look, sir, we'll do what you're the boss and you're in charge,but just tell me one reason, apart from what happenedwith his girlfriend, to prevent rodrigo from working here.mario: alright, tell him to see me, but stop it, please.and it doesn't mean that he got the job.sergio: of course not. mario: let alone you.and get out, please. sergio: just today i'll tell himto see you. thank you very much.mario: yes, you're welcome. go ahead.nora: i didn't know you were so lazy.rodrigo: nora, what are you doing here?nora: you know, the maid thinks i'm a member of the familyand she let me in. rodrigo: what do you want?nora: i just wanted to know how you're doing.sergio told me that you're feeling blue.rodrigo: i don't think you care. nora: believe it or not,i do care about you. most of all because i feelvery guilty. rodrigo: oh, yes, guilty.don't make me laugh, nora. nora: i'm serious.after all, you're like a dog with two tortas.although i think that you still can get my sister back.but if i were you, i'd hurry up. if you take long,it may be too late. rodrigo: get out of here,i don't want to listen to you, get out.nora: did you know that she has a new lover?no offense, but he's very handsome and he's betterthan you. rodrigo: shut up.shut up. nora: oh, stupid!rodrigo: get out of here right now or it will get worse!nora: let go of me, stupid! rodrigo: get out.[cell phone rings] hi?oh, sergio, it's you. no, no, nothing, i was justarguing with the maid. [music]>> see you, normita. norma: see you.marcelo: normita, may i talk to mr. gaxiola?norma: he hasn't come yet. marcelo: oh, can you tell himwhen he's here that i want to talk to him, please?amador: what do you want? marcelo: i have somethingto tell him. amador: you can tell me,i'm also the owner of this business.marcelo: it's a personal affair. amador: i don't know what youdid to win alonso's trust, but don't count your chickens.because you need much more than that to keep your job.marcelo: i know. to keep a job you need to beefficient and productive. amador: oh, and do you thinkthat you have those virtues? marcelo: if you doubt me andit's obvious that you can't stand me, why don't you fire me?if you're the owner of this business, just like alonso,i think that you can do it, can't you?amador: yes, but i won't do it when you want, but wheni decide it. marcelo: thank you very muchfor your warning. and i swear that when ithappens, i'll be really sorry, because i couldn't learnthe secrets of this business while i was working next toan experienced person like you. excuse me.amador: you may go. where is alonso, normita?norma: i don't know, he didn't say anything to me.alonso: [sighs] you don't know how much i neededyou. lucía: i also needed her, dad.alonso: i know daughter, i know. lucía: the important thing isthat we still have each other, huh?alonso: even though we argue sometimes?lucía: but we always argue about nonsense, dad.nothing and nobody will ever break the love we have, right?alonso: only if i'm dead will i stop loving you.lucía: just like only dead would you stop loving her,right? alonso: yes.lucía: [groans] alonso: but, please, don't tellanyone that you saw me here. lucía: i wasn't going to do it,don't worry. alonso: thank you, my love.lucía: hey, dad, tere told me that my aunt rebeca wentto mexico, is that true? alonso: yes, she wasn't feelinggood and she went to see a doctor.lucía: but why did she go there? alonso: only she knows.mexico city. rebeca: good morning.>> good morning, ma'am. [doorbell rings]rebeca: good morning. lorena: good morning.rebeca: i'm sorry, i think that i made a mistake, it's just thati only came once and-- lorena: who are you looking for?rebeca: i'm looking for a young man called valdivia?lorena: federico valdivia? rebeca: yes, that one.lorena: federico died not long ago.rebeca: oh, i'm so sorry. i'm sorry, i didn't know.lorena: yes, it's a pity. well, in fact, he wasn't livinghere. this is his brother's apartment,but he's not here right now. rebeca: oh, what a pity.i'd have liked to give him my condolences.lorena: well, in fact, he's not here either.he moved to the outskirts for work.but, look, if you want i can give you his name, his cellphone number and you can talk to him directly.rebeca: thank you very much. lorena: come in, please.rebeca: thank you. [phone rings]lorena: excuse me, it must be the men coming for the boxes.give me a minute, please. rebeca: federico, please.federico: listen carefully, it's our last chance.either you stay with me or it's over.rebeca: i beg you, please, federico.[yells] lorena: i beg you to do itquickly, please. yes.alright, i'll wait here. thank you.excuse me, why don't you tell me your name?so i can tell mr. escalante who came--alonso: hi, normita. norma: good afternoon,mr. alonso. i thought that you weren'tcoming, at least not before having lunch.alonso: and that was my intention, but i rememberedthat i have to sign some letters i need to send.norma: here they are. alonso: oh, thank you very much.let's see. didn't my wife call?norma: no, do you want me to find her?alonso: no, she'll come when she needs something.any other thing? norma: mr. escalante wantsto talk to you. by the way--alonso: yes, tell me. norma: no, it's not important.alonso: please, tell me. norma: i mean it, it's notimportant. alonso: normita...norma: well, you know that i don't like being gossipy, but ithink that you should know it. alonso: please, sit down.brígida: hi! you arrived very early, huh?amador: hi. yes, i guess that i can comehome whenever i want, right? brígida: yes, sure, but i'd wantyou to do it in a good mood someday, because lately you'rein such a bad mood. amador: perhaps, lately i haveno reasons to be in a good mood. brígida: oh, yes.most of all, because today i had a quarrel with that marceloescalante. brígida: oh, what happened?amador: it's not important, brígida.the thing is that he's getting more and more was enough with mr. nazario and his rumors, and now i haveto deal with that stupid guy from mexico city.brígida: why don't you talk to alonso, huh?amador: brígida, please. as if you didn't know thatmy relationship with alonso is worse than ever,since our son ruined everything. [cell phone rings]amador: hi? ligia: hi, my love, i'm sorryfor bothering you. but i wanted to talk to you.i've been very uncomfortable since the last time we met.amador: i'm about to have lunch to eat with my family.i can't and i don't want to talk about business right now.thank you. brígida: was it fromthe factory? amador: you've already heard it,brígida, what else? brígida: if you want you cankeep answering your calls, huh? anyway, your meal isn't ready.amador: please, don't you tell me what i have to do.take what you've bought and prepare our meal, huh?brígida: yes, my love. amador: i'm hungry.where's rodrigo? brígida: i don't know.he told me that he was going to see sergio.rodrigo: hi. ligia: hi!rodrigo: i'm looking for mr. hernández.i have an appointment. ligia: oh, give me a second.rodrigo: thank you. sergio: well, you're finallyhere. rodrigo: as soon as you calledme, i came here. do you think that he'll give methe job? sergio: first, your words haveto be very convincing. but he's a very'll do good. rodrigo: i hope so.ligia: you can come in. rodrigo: now?ligia: yes, this way. rodrigo: thank you.sergio: good luck. please, can you tell me whenhe's out? ligia: sure, i'll tell you.[music] marcelo: to be honest,it's not that serious. normita is exaggerating.alonso: i don't think so. most of all because it's amador.but i'll talk to him. marcelo: no, no, why would youmake a fuss of it? you've once told me that i'm notthat kind of person that gets scared because someone looksdown on me. alonso: alright, i'll respectyour decision, i won't get involved.and why did you want to see me? marcelo: i wanted to ask youwhere do i have to deposit the rent money.alonso: oh, don't worry. i'll tell normita to give youmy account number. marcelo: mr. alonso.alonso: yes? marcelo: i wanted to tell yousomething about this catalog i found in one of the drawersat my office. alonso: tell me.marcelo: i was looking at it and i think that you can changeit to make it look more modern. alonso: do you have anysuggestion? marcelo: well, it's notmy field, but we could call a designer.alonso: i think it's fine. well, i'll go home to bewith my daughters. because i don't think thatmy wife will be back from mexico on time to eat with us.marcelo: did she go to mexico? alonso: yes.yes, i've always wondered why that city calls her attention.but i think that she must get bored with me and from timeto time she goes there. see you later.sergio: ligia, ligia, what happened?didn't he come out? ligia: oh, no, not yet.hey, sergio, will your friend work here?sergio: i hope so, yes. ligia: he needs his father'sapproval. sergio: his father?why do you say that? ligia: apparently, he's a veryspecial person. sergio: you know him?ligia: no, of course not. i've just seen him,sergio: hey, what happened? rodrigo: i got it.sergio: [giggles] very good!i'm so glad! i told you, i told you thatyou'd get it. rodrigo: thank you.sergio, the truth is that i don't know if i deserveyour help. sergio: why are you saying that?rodrigo: because i haven't been a good friend.sergio: look, don't be fool, right?and we have to celebrate it. so give me five minutesto finish some tasks and we can go out, huh?don't go. ligia: congratulations.rodrigo: thank you. alonso: look.lucía: what's this? alonso: the catalogof my new line of talavera's pieces, what do you think?lucía: well-- the images are pretty good,the information is clear, but, dad--alonso: it's a bit old, old-fashioned.lucía: to be honest, it is. alonso: do you think that youcan help me to make it better? lucía: dad, i thank you verymuch your efforts to get me involved in your business,but i'm serious-- alonso: oh, i'd be very happyif you work on it. i need to put my new lineon sale. and you're not busy, are you?lucía: you know that i'm not. alonso: well, it's no big dealto check it and make your suggestions.and i don't want to pressure, but i need it.thank you. i'll go for your sister, becausei have to go back to the, let's have lunch. nora!nora! nora, can i come in?nora: yes, come in. alonso: i'm sure that yourboyfriend won't pay attention to your look, you'll lookbeautiful anyway. nora: yes, but my opinion is theimportant one, isn't it? alonso: yes.why didn't you tell me that you were back togetherwith sergio mondragón? nora: because i thoughtthat you didn't care. alonso: everything that has todo with you is important to me. and i'm very glad to see youcrazy about that guy. nora: i don't think it'll last.alonso: then why are you back with him?nora: because i don't want to be alone.alonso: i don't think that's a good reason to get backtogether with someone. nora: you know?i always thought that you married my mother because youdidn't want to be alone. alonso: i married your motherbecause she's a great woman, and because i knew that she wasgoing to give me a wonderful daughter.but, back to sergio, why don't you get to know him?i think that he's a good guy. nora: oh, i swear thati'm trying, i swear. but he's not enough.i need another kind of man. alonso: another kind of man?like who? tell me. nora: i don't know, someonedifferent, someone special. and i don't know why i havethe feeling that i'm about to meet him.alonso: well, i hope so. but you'll have to talkto sergio, so he doesn't get his hopes up.nora: i swear that i'm going to do it, what kind of woman do youthink i am? alonso: you're a beautifuland honest woman. now let's eat, i'm hungry.and i have to go back to the factory.nora: no, dad, i'm not feeling well, i have a stomachache.i won't eat. alonso: and why didn't you gowith your mother to mexico. she went to see a doctor.nora: i didn't know that my mother was ill.alonso: she isn't feeling well lately, but i'm sure that it'snot serious. but it calls my attention thatshe hasn't called me yet to tell me how she did.nora: why don't you call her? alonso: i've been calling her.but she seems to have her cell phone off.mexico city. >> hi.rebeca: hi. >> do you want a drink?rebeca: i don't think that my husband would like it.>> so you're married. rebeca: happily married.>> then, why are you here so alone?rebeca: because i'm celebrating that i got rid of a manlike you. and what do you think?i won't make the same mistake twice.marcelo: thank you. [cell phone rings]what happened, lorena? lorena: i wanted to tell youthat your boxes are on the way. i'm sure that they'll arriveto puebla by 6 o'clock. marcelo: thank you very much,i don't know what i'd have done without your help.lorena: you know that i'm at your service, sir.oh, before i forget, i wanted to tell you something.marcelo: yes, tell me, what is it?lorena: when i was at your apartment, waiting for the boxesto be taken, a woman came to see your brother.marcelo: did she tell you her name?lorena: no, look, when i asked her name, she disappeared.marcelo: and what did she look like?lorena: well, she was about 40 years old and she was beautifuland elegant. marcelo: and what did you tellher? lorena: i told her that yourbrother died some time ago, and she said that she wanted to givethe family her condolences. so i wrote in a paperyour phone number and your name so she can call you directly.marcelo: did you give her my name?lorena: i couldn't do it. i've told you that she suddenlydisappeared. just when i was about to giveher the paper where i wrote your personal information.marcelo: never mind, she'll find me anyway.lorena: do you know who she is? marcelo: perfectly.thank you for everything, lorena, we're in touch.sergio: i'm glad that you got the job!rodrigo: why did you take that long, huh?i was waiting for you. sergio: stop complaining,our lunch is on me. marcelo: rodrigo,what a surprise. rodrigo: i wanted to see you--sergio: hey, hey, what's up? marcelo: at your service, whatdo you want? rodrigo: i don't know who youare and where did you come from, but you won't take lucía awayfrom me, do you get it? marcelo: i'm not taking anythingaway from you, you let her go. rodrigo: it doesn't matter whatshe said, it's obvious that she loves me.marcelo: it's obvious that she loves you not, don't you think?she proved it. sergio: hey, rodrigo, wait!marcelo: you'll never get her back!so you'd better leave her alone. rodrigo: where are you going,imbecile? sergio: hey, calm down, you looklike a fool. rodrigo: i won't let thatbastard take what's mine, do you get it?what's mine. sergio: listen to me, he's nottaking anything. you let lucía go.lucía: oh, come on, lucía, you can't keep turninga deaf ear. tere!tere: yes? lucía: do you know if my fatheris still in his bedroom? tere: he's just gone.lucía: oh, i'll see if i can catch up with him.tere: run, the house is frozen! lucía: godfather!long time no see! nazario: how are you, darling?nice to see you. lucía: godfather, if you cameto see my father, you're late. he's already goneto the factory. nazario: oh, but i didn't cometo see him. lucía: oh.nazario: i've come-- it's just that i came to thetown to see some suppliers and i was near here, so i cameto see you. lucía: oh, what do you wantme for? nazario: to tell youthat i love you so much. lucía: oh, godfather i love youtoo. nazario: and that you can counton me if you need me. lucía: hey, godfather,what's going on? nazario: well, look, some timeago i wanted to tell you, sincerely, that i'm with you.lucía: i know it, godfather. i know it and you didn't haveto come here to tell me this. [giggles]nazario: it's just that-- is there something i can dofor you? lucía: godfather, your help andyour love are more than enough. [laughs]well, i've thought it through. nazario: what is it?tell me, no matter what. lucía: take care of my father.nazario: take care of him? lucía: yes, i really fear thathis new employee can take advantage of him.nazario: you don't like him, huh?lucía: well, let's say that i don't trust him at all.nazario: no, i don't trust him either.but your father isn't a fool. if he could deal with the fatherof your ex-boyfriend, this guy isn't a threat.lucía: [laughs] you never liked mr. amador,right? nazario: oh, well, now that he'snot your father-in-law anymore, no, i don't even like his name.amador. lucía: amador?[both laugh] oh, i love you.amador: [tsk] brígida!brígida! brígida: are you sure that youdon't want anything else? ligia: no, you're so kind,ma'am, i'm fine, thank you. amador: it's very late, whydidn't you wake me up, brígida? brígida: oh, amador, i'm gladthat you're here, look. i want to introduce you to--oh, sorry, what's your name? ligia: ligia.ligia cervantes. nice to meet you, mr. zúñiga.

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