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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 17

Alonso le confiesa a Nazario que nunca olvidó a Adriana. Lucía entra al cuarto de Marcelo y encuentra una pistola y el arete de Rebeca.
23 Abr 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents... amador: who did you talk with?rodrigo: with a friend, in case he knew about a job.amador: do you think that's the way to find a job?rodrigo: what else can i do? sergio is right.i need using my time. amador: by the way,today i met escalante. rodrigo: so? what did you think?amador: nothing of the other fact, i got the feeling that he'll work for a very shorttime at the factory. rodrigo: why?amador: because i'll make sure that's so.rodrigo: hey, dad. do you know or have any relationwith licentiate hernández, sergio's boss?amador: no. why? rodrigo: because today i visitedsergio at the office, and the secretary asked meif i was your son, as if she knew you.amador: no, i've never stopped by there.who knows why she asked. [doorbell rings]nora: i open. it's for me.tere: as you wish. marcelo: good evening.nora: are you coming for my sister?marcelo: no, your dad invited me to dinner.can i come in? nora: yes, come on in.marcelo: thank you. alonso: marcelo!how good you felt like coming. you already met my daughter,nora. nora: yes, we metat the factory. alonso: come this way.[doorbell rings] alonso: daughter.nora: i open. feel at home.sergio: hey, are you ready? nora: i'm very sorry,but i won't make it. sergio: what?nora: no, i'm sorry. sergio: why?nora: my dad have guests for dinner and asked me to stay.sergio: but you don't have to be here.i already bought tickets for the movie and--nora: hey, wait. don't make me feel guiltybecause i have to stay. sergio: a coffee, ten minutes--nora: i said no! i have to stay, ok?see you tomorrow. sergio: ok.nora: thanks for being so understanding.i love you. bye, bye! sergio: have a nice dinner.goodbye. alonso: don't you reallywant anything to drink? marcelo: no, thank you sir.alonso: who was it? nora: nobody.well, a forgetful who got the wrong address.rebeca: hi. alonso: sweetheart,now i'll introduce formally marcelo escalante.marcelo: nice to meet you, ma'am.rebeca: nice to meet you. alonso: he'll stay for dinner.rebeca: that's great. go to the table when you wish.alonso: and lucía? rebeca: i don't thinkshe'll come down. she doesn't feel very good.alonso: then even more, she has to come down.i'll be right back. excuse me.nora: my poor sister can't raise her head.i don't know if you are acquainted with what happened.marcelo: i've heard something. rebeca: nora.weren't you going out with your boyfriend?nora: no. sergio had a work issueand canceled our meeting. ligia: i love that you comeso soon! what's wrong, honey?amador: i won't put up with your tryingto be too clever by far. ligia: what do you mean?amador: why the hell did you tell rodrigo that you know me?ligia: i swear i didn't say anything.i just commented on something. amador: you don't haveto comment anything with my son. if he knows anything about us,this is over, for good. got it? ligia: don't exaggerate.what i said was petty. amador: it does matter for me.ligia: what do you fear, that he gets to knowyou don't love his mother? rodrigo is quite a manas to get many things. amador: you're no one to tell meif my son is man enough to know whatever he has to knowor not. you're warned.tere: sorry. rebeca: who are those for?tere: i don't know. they boy who brought themdidn't mention it. nora: they must be for lucíafrom rodrigo, to apologize. lucía: if that's so, tere,please, get rid of them. tere: what if they aren't.the card doesn't have a name. alonso: let me see that card."to the most wonderful woman in the world."nora: from rodrigo. alonso: no.alonso: it's signed by federico. rebeca: [gasps]i'm sorry. alonso: didn't you get hurt?rebeca: no, no, i'm fine. tere: ma'am, leave that there,won't you get hurt. i pick up the glass.nora: who did you say were the flowers from?alonso: a so called federico. does anybody know him?nora: no, but he's surely another candidate of my sister.lucía: i don't know no federico. alonso: it must bethe wrong address. marcelo: do you feel fine,ma'am? rebeca: yes, thanks.i'm a disaster. i go change.but, please, start having dinner.alonso: are you fine? rebeca: yes, yes...alonso: teresa, after cleaning there,will you, please, serve dinner. tere: yes, of course.rebeca: he's alive. he's alive.where did i put the other phone? >> ma'am, do you want meto put the meal away or will you keep waiting?brígida: put everything away and go to sleep.>> as you wish. good night.[door opens] amador: brígida, i'm here.i want to have dinner. brígida: i'm sorry.the maid is already gone. amador: i don't give a damn.i'm hungry. serve me dinner. brígida: help yourselfor go to a restaurant. amador: [chuckles]what's wrong? why are you upset?brígida: because you disappeared without telling me anything.when i realized it, you weren't there anymore.can i know where did you go? amador: i went to solvean issue. brígida: what issue?amador: what do you care? brígida: do you know?rebeca murillo is right. when you don't tell mewhat happens it's because you surely hide something.amador: can i know why the hell rebeca murilloknows about our issues? brígida: she's my best friend.i have to let it out with someone.amador: be very careful with what you do.rebeca murillo is nobody's pal. brígida: don't change topics.i want to know where you went and with whom.amador: what do you want to hear, that i cheat on you?brígida: no, that's not true, right?amador: of course not, but you're treating meas if it were. do you really think myselfcapable of something alike? brígida: no.actually, no. amador: well...then, stop thinking follies. you know i'll never putour marriage in risk, much less the stability of this family.i love you. brígida...taquitos? brígida: yes, taquitos.alonso: how weird that your mom hasn't come down.nora: she must not feel good. alonso: anyway, it's weird.marcelo: are you always so serious?nora: on the contrary, my sister is the soulof the party at home. but lately she doesn't havemany reasons to be happy. alonso: nora, let's don't touchunpleasant topics. marcelo, a little more wine.marcelo: no, thanks very much. i've had enough.nora: you didn't tell me what you think about the ideaof marcelo moving into lucía's apartment.alonso: nora, nora... lucía: which apartment?nora: they one you'd share with rodrigo, which other?lucía: enjoy the meal. alonso: lucía.nora: come on! did she get upset?alonso: lately, everything having to do with her weddinggets lucía pretty bad. it wasn't prudent to mention itin front of her. nora: as usual, i can't doanything fine in this house. alonso: nora.[gasps] the intention was that you hada pleasant moment, but you see. marcelo: don't happens in every family. you should see one daywhat's to sit at the table with my mother.alonso: maybe it does. i hope, at least, thatyou liked the dinner. marcelo: it was delicious.thank you very much. i guess, i say goodbye.alonso: i walk you to the door. marcelo: don't worry.thanks for all. alonso: you're welcome.see you tomorrow. rest well.marcelo: you too. nora: hi.marcelo: hi. nora: i wanted to apologizefor that scene. i don't want you to thinki'm a cross kiddo. marcelo: i don't know you,so i don't think anything. nora: anyway,i don't want you to leave with a bad impression about me.marcelo: the only one i had is there isn't a good relationbetween you and lucía. nora: why do you say so?marcelo: you can tell. it's a pity that you can't valuewhat's having a brother. nora: why do you say i don't?i love lucía very much. marcelo: really?a true brother supports the other you do that? nora: indeed, you don't know me.marcelo: that's how the talk started.i don't know how or in which way you've gotten involvedwith what happened to your sister.only you know that. good night.alonso: honey, why did you get so upset with the apartment?you said you didn't want it, that i could dowhatever i want with it. lucía: yes, i know.but why lend it to that guy? alonso: i still don't decideif marcelo will be there. but i won't lend it any case, i'll rent it. lucía: it's exactly the same.i don't want to talk about it anymore.alonso: why do you loathe that guy so much?don't say you think he's an opportunist.lucía: i don't get why you trust so much someone you don't knowwho the hell is. alonso: i asked referencesat his former job and they gave me best.he's always been very kind and educated with me.lucía: that's it. so much kindnessand good willingness, that's what bothers me.alonso: why? lucía: i feelthreatened by him. alonso: how come?lucía: he makes me feel uncomfortable.alonso: wouldn't it be that because of what happenedto you, you're refusing to have a new relation.lucía: [gasps] the only thing that i wasmissing, that you think i could have a relationwith that-- alonso: honey, i don't meana romantic relation, but a friendship.lucía: let's better leave it like this.lately, we've been fighting because of your new if he were a great thing. alonso: alright, i agree,let's do that, but stop giving it importance.well, the issue is over. i go see why your auntdidn't join us for dinner. think of what i've told you.lucía: [grunts] this is too much!alonso: honey, why didn't you come back?we're waiting for you. rebeca: i didn't feel good.alonso: but you were fine. rebeca: but when i cameto change clothes, i didn't feel good anymore.maybe, the wine got me sick. alonso: you barely tried it.rebeca: then it was something else, i don't know!alonso: well, stay calm, don't freak out either.rebeca: i'm sorry. i say i'm not fine.alonso: lately, you haven't felt good.when you came back from mexico,it happened the same. i insist,we have to see a doctor. rebeca: yes, maybeit'd be the most convenient. alonso: i leave you to rest.rebeca: thank you. did you know who was thatfederico who sent the flowers? alonso: no.definitely, they got the wrong address.rebeca: yes. it must've been that.nazario: marcelo asked lalo about adriana.trinidad: i already heard you. but despite i think of it,i find no reasons so that he had lied to you.nazario: me neither. anyway, the thing is weird.trinidad: please, stop spinning around it.we've already talked of it and we, actually, don't knowpuebla completely. there're coincidences,two people can have the same name.nazario: yes, but it's not only the name, it's allthe circumstances that lead him to end upworking at the factory. trinidad: come on.when will you stop being so distrustful.nazario: whatever it is, but i'm always right.trinidad: some times not. please, don't start givinga bad name to that guy and don't tell anythingto magdalena. you'll predispose her.nazario: now you treat me as if i'd be a loose tongue,gossiping all over. why do you defend so muchthat marcelo you don't even know?trinidad: you neither. you've barely seen him.nazario: enough to have a concept, and you will see,in the end, that i'm right. trinidad: come on, help me.leave it pretty neat. marcelo: so, his wife's nameis rebeca? >> uh- huh.don't you remember, the other you stumbled upon herright here? marcelo: yes, i remember.i didn't know she was the second wife.did you know the first one? >> yes, sure.a charming girl. marcelo: so, isn't rebeca so?>> she is...very special. alonso: "to the most wonderfulwoman in the world." nora: from rodrigo.alonso: no. it's signed by federico.rebeca: [gasps] marcelo: mrs. rebeca...[knocks on door] rebeca: come on in.tere: good morning. mr. alonso told methat you don't feel good and asked me to bringyour breakfast. rebeca: leave it there.tere: excuse me. rebeca: teresa.who brought the flowers last night?tere: a young guy. rebeca: he didn't saywho they were for? tere: no, he just gave themto me and ran away. mr. alonso says they surely gotthe wrong house. rebeca: yes, i heard so.tere: don't you want me to ask the neighbors if someonehas a boyfriend, candidate or lover called federico?rebeca: no, no, no. i don't want anything.haven't you seen my phone? tere: let me help you...look! here it is, take it.rebeca: no, not that one. i changed it some days ago.i'm looking for the other. tere: don't you want meto help you looking for the other one?rebeca: i don't want anything. thanks. you can leave.tere: excuse me. alonso: i'm quite worried.lately, rebeca hasn't felt good at alland i'm a bit unquiet about it. nazario: haven't you seena doctor? alonso: i've told herto see one, but do you know? i think rebeca's problem is me.nazario: why you? alonso: i can't hide anythingfrom you. though, i've been marriedwith rebeca, i couldn't get adriana out of my mind.nazario: though your wife won't tell you so openly,she knows it just as everybody. alonso: i imagine she mustsuspect it, but it must not be pleasant beingat the background. nazario: why do you thinkall this nuisance has come up precisely these days?alonso: i think it's because of what happened to lucía.these days, more than ever, i've had adriana present.i repeat, i think rebeca has realized it.nazario: rebeca is a smart woman.i don't think this is why she'd fake being sick.alonso: i don't think she's faking,she does it unconsciously. you know i can't give herwhat she deserves. nazario: have you talked aboutthis with her, openly, as you're doing with me now?alonso: no. that would worsen'd be as rubbing in her face that she'll never takeher sister's place. nazario: but it's the truth.alonso: i feel so bad, so guilty because in the endshe's been a good wife and a wonderful mother.nazario: yes, but not a good sisterand we both know why i say so. [music][music] lucía: so, my aunt alreadystarted working at the hospital? trinidad: yes, dear.she left very early. she seemed so happy.lucía: i'd have loved seeing her to talk for a while.trinidad: you're still too sad. lucía: i can't forget rodrigo.trinidad: it's soon to get him out of your mind.lucía: yes, but days go by and instead of feeling betteri feel worse. no matter how hard i try,i don't get a thing. and on top, my aunt rebecatoday told me things i can't get out of my mind.trinidad: what? lucía: she asked mewhere's the woman for whom, supposedly,rodrigo stood me up. why he is not with herand why still looks for me to tell me that he loves me,and if he does, why did he do that.trinidad: your aunt is right. lucía: maybe, i made upall this story in my mind and that womandoesn't even exist. i don't even know what to think.trinidad: did you already face rodrigo? did you ask himwhat happened? lucía: no.once he tried to tell me something, but i didn't let him.i just wanted him to disappear. trinidad: perhaps it's timeyou talked with him. never mind that what he'll saywill be too hard, knowing the truthwill always leave you calmer. >> hey, pal.i'm so glad to see you again. nora: no, it's my pleasure.i couldn't believe it when you called me.i haven't known about you for ages.>> i've been traveling all over. i missed outon your sister's wedding. i already know what happened.poor her, truly. nora: don't remind me of it.>> why rodrigo did her something like this?nora: we have no idea. >> wouldn't sergio know?they're such close friend, i guess that...i say so because i already know you two are back.nora: oh, you know. >> yes. those news flyand more in city like this one. anyway, congratulations.i'm very happy if you're happy. nora: really?you died to be with him, right? >> yes, but life is like this.he preferred you and not because of itwe'll lose a long-standing friendship.nora: of course, not. hey, by chance,don't you know a federico? >> federico what?nora: i don't know. that's why i ask.haven't you met anyone around?>> it doesn't ring a bell. why?nora: for nothing. hey, we have to order, right?>> i invite you today. nora: how cute.tere: they brought clothes from the laundromat.rebeca: so? tere: they gave me was in one of the pockets of the suits you sent to clean.isn't it the phone you're looking for?rebeca: yes, give it to me. take the clothesto the room, please. [answering machine][phone rings] milagros: hello.rebeca: good morning. am i callingto federico valdivia's house? milagros: who speaks?rebeca: a friend. can you put me through?milagros: who are you? tell me, who are you?[shouts] tell it to me! tere: the flowers they sentyesterday were for you, right? federico, the young manyou asked for, sent them to you.rebeca: i don't know what you mean.tere: the flowers they sent yesterday.i heard you on the phone and you asked about a federicoval...who knows what? rebeca: i didn't knowyou have the bad habit to watch people.tere: i wasn't. i heard by chance.rebeca: i'll explain you because i don't want youto go gossiping around. a long time ago, my sistermagdalena had a boyfriend called federico.when they brought the flowers last night,i thought it was him. i called, but it wasn'tthe number i had. tere: but it's too weirdthat they send flowers to magdalena here.she hasn't lived here for a long time.rebeca: everyone knows she came to lucía's wedding.tere: yes. but the fact they send herflowers, seems too-- rebeca: enough!i don't have to give you explanationsof what's not your business. i forbid you to tell anythingto nobody. got it? tere: yes, ma'am.rebeca: watch out with loosing your tongue, because i firedthe last maid i had for being nosy.tere: don't worry. i'm not like this.rebeca: did you tidy my room? tere: no.rebeca: what do you wait? have you seen the time?tere: yes, ma'am. excuse me.[knocks on door] alonso: come on in.marcelo: at your service. alonso: have a seat, please.i've been thinking what my daughter, nora,said last night about her sister's apartment.would you be interested in renting it?marcelo: yes, of course. but would you do iteven if your daughter, lucía, doesn't agree?alonso: don't worry about it. later, you can ask laloto take you to see it, in case it convinces youand we reach a deal. marcelo: perfect.[phone rings] excuse me.hello. milagros: blessed be god,you answer me. marcelo: what happened?milagros: a woman has just called on the phoneasking for your brother. marcelo: did she saywho she was? milagros: no.when i asked her name, she hanged up.marcelo: mellow out, don't get like this.i'm busy, i call you later, ok? yes, yes, goodbye.alonso: any problem? marcelo: no, everything is ok.alonso: sorry to meddle where i shouldn't,but i'm struck by the fact that being single,and having your mom as your only family,you won't live close to her. marcelo: let's say thatmy mother is a complicated woman, it's bestto keep some distance with her. i'm sure that if i'd have herclose, she'd be arranging my life all the time.alonso: i see. rafaela: why do you bothermarcelo with those things? milagros: he has to know.rafaela: know what? milagros: what has justhappened. rafaela: what's weird of it?there must be lots of people who still don't knowthat your son, federico, died and don't be surprised thatthere might be more calls like that.milagros: i don't know how to explain you,but there's something in that woman's tonei didn't like. there wasn't a reasonfor her to hang up. rafaela: of raved, shouting who she was. milagros: that was no reasonto leave me speaking alone. rafaela: what are you imagining,that she's the same woman federico was with?milagros: i say i don't know, but i swear if i have herin front one day, i'll destroy her.though, you don't believe me. rafaela: i do believe you.i know what you're capable of when you hate.i still remember how you got even with marcelo's dad.milagros: shut up. why do you insist onreminding me about it? after all, marcelo's dadis dead and buried. instead, that damned woman,who killed my son. is free around there.[car engine starts] amador: that's why,for you to be a good client, i need that you write downthe order and i'll deliver it. written.that's it, thank you. alonso: i need you to askrodrigo the copy of the apartment's keysi gave to my daughter. probably, i'll rent it.amador: surely, i'll be pleased. can i know to whom?alonso: yes. marcelo escalante. amador: oh! not onlyyou offer that guy a job, but you also rent himthe apartment. soon, you'll want himmarried with lucía. [chuckles]alonso: i won't marry her with no one, but if thatwould happen, i assure you it'd be a much bettercandidate than your son. amador: it's clearyou're very upset with rodrigo. you're totally right.but offering all those privileges to a foreigneryou barely know... i think he doesn't deserve it.alonso: let's clear up things. i know you're botheredbecause he's replacing your son's position.but i remind you that rodrigo alone threw it all away.marcelo had nothing to do with it.amador: i see perfectly that one thing has nothing to dowith the other. alonso: i do thinkthey have to do. so, let's manage things calmly.regardless of personal dislikes, this company has to keepworking. haven't you repeated metill exhaustion that you have too many interests here?amador: that's it. don't worry.right now i get you the apartment's keys.alonso: it's not urgent. amador: no,but you'll have them today. [music][music] lucía: how have you feltat the hospital? magdalena: fine! i'm happy.lucía: oh, i'm glad. i need to find something too,but there's nothing worthy and i won't acceptmy dad's offer. magdalena: why?i do think you should do it. lucía: i don't want himhiring me just because i'm his daughter.besides, i haven't the least experience in sellingand manufacturing talavera. i don't know anything.magdalena: you get experience through practice.your dad is right about the need to prepare a personfor the business's future. lucía: well, that's not me.besides, i don't want seeing marcelo's face daily.magdalena: are you bothered with his replacing rodrigo,right? lucía: i don't care.magdalena: lucía... you don't have to pretendyou're strong with me. i know you well and i knowthat rodrigo is still a very important person for you.lucía: i can't lie to you. despite my trying, i can'tget rodrigo out of my mind. my godmother told me somethingthat left me thinking. magdalena: what was it?lucía: that, maybe, i should ask him an explanation.magdalena: [clears throat] that's something, lucía,that only you have to decide. i'll share something with youthat i never told anyone. i'd have liked that ricardotold me why he didn't marry me. nora: dad said you felt bad.but if you went out, that means you feel good, right?rebeca: yes, i feel better. how did last night dinnerend up? nora: so-so.rebeca: why? nora: i happened to tell dadto rent lucía's apartment to marcelo and lucía got mad.she stood up and you can imagine.rebeca: how awful. nora: i thinkmarcelo does like lucía. instead, he can't stand me.rebeca: why do you say so? nora: when he say goodbye,he told me very strange things. rebeca: such as?nora: things having to do with the relationbetween lucía and i. i don't why but i felt likehe knows what happened with rodrigo, or at least,he has the intuition. rebeca: for god's sake!how could he know it? nora: i don't know,but that's what i felt. i don't want him seeing melike the movie's villain. rebeca: tell me like that guy very much, right?nora: no, i don't like him, i'm mad about him!rebeca: what did we say? you have boyfriend.nora: i don't give a damn about told me i had to be with him.i'd send him to hell anytime. rebeca: what for, to go behindmarcelo escalante? nora: what if i'd do it?rebeca: don't you see it's your life's story,always behind lucía's shadow? that will only harm you,and even worse, you'll end up full of frustrations.nora: do you say so out of experience?marrying your sister's husband turned out too frustratingfor you? rebeca: do you know?i don't want to keep on talking with you anymore.out of here. nora: lately,you're really too hysterical. marcelo: the building is new,right? lalo: uh- huh.marcelo: how many apartments will it have?lalo: who knows? marcelo: you distrust me too?lalo: the sheer truth, yes. even so, i prefer having youworking at the factory than rodrigo zúñiga.marcelo: so, you dislike him even more than me?lalo: who can like such a vain guy and less after what he didto poor miss lucía? she's so cute.marcelo: we agree on it. she's a pretty cute girl,though she has her character! lalo: no, man!would you have seen rodrigo's face,when by lucía's order, i gave him backthe wedding room and the mattress all roasted!both: [chuckle] marcelo: i imagine.lalo: what's strange is that you're keepingrodrigo's position and now, also his just need to keep the same girlfriend.but that seems harder, because i see that miss lucíanow is not thinking of... well, i leave you.there are the apartment's keys. then you deal with the boss.marcelo: thank you. lorena, i need a big favor.rodrigo: what do you do? brígida: uh-- nothing.good you're here, honey. your father asked methe keys of the apartment where you were goingto live with lucía. it's urgent.i'm looking for them, and i can't find them.rodrigo: what does he want them for?brígida: i'll tell you, because you'll find out seems that alonso is going to give or lend--i don't know-- the apartment to lucía's new boyfriend.rodrigo: the last thing i was missing.tell dad not to worry. i'll deal with the keysand i give them personally. brígida: no, no, dad asked me to give them. he told me, that under nocircumstance, you'll think of going to the factory.rodrigo: i don't mind what my dad has said. ok?i'm fed up with getting his orders, his partnerand everybody's. brígida: wait, rodrigo.lucía: i want you to tell me why you regretted marrying mein the last moment? rodrigo: what for?if it didn't take you a week finding someone to forget me?sincerely, i don't think that now you're interestedto know why i stepped back. lucía: your pretending dignityis too much when it was you the one who sent me to hell!rodrigo: it doesn't matter anymore.what matters is that now you're immensely happywith an idiot with whom you're surely going to shareour apartment. lucía: think whatever.i don't know why i came here to humiliate myselfasking you explanations. rodrigo: here are your keys,so you give them personally to your prince charming.[door closes] [music][music] sergio: nora...nora...nora! wait, what's wrong?nora: i'm fed up. i want to leave.i'm hot. sergio: hot? it's freezingand see how you... let's walk so you cool down,feel better. let's go to the star,there you'll feel better. nora: no, these shoesare killing me. sergio: you're wearinghigh heels, that's why. i know, let's go for dinner.i know a restaurant-- nora: i'm not hungry.sergio: then, what do you feel like doing? tell me.we're supposed to be back to retrieve our relationand you don't contribute at all. nora: don't exaggerate either.sergio: no, i'm not, but it's the truth.yesterday, you canceled me because you'd see a friendof your dad that i don't even you don't want to do anything.nora: i'm sorry. i had a row with my momthis morning and i'm not in a good mood.sergio: why, what happened? nora: women's things.sergio: ok. well...i take you to your house so you restand feel better. nora: yes,let's go to my house. >> hi, good to see you.sergio: hey, what's up? how are you?>> not as good as you, but fine.what do you do here? will you ride the star?nora: no, we're leaving. >> what a pity.the three of us together could've ridden it.maybe, next time. goodbye, sergio.goodbye, nora. sergio: take care.nora: does it bother you that my friends see us?sergio: no, not at all. nora: great.i mean, let's go. i'm hot.bye. >> bye.lucía: is it already a fact that marcelo escalantewill take the apartment? alonso: yes, today he wentto see it, he liked it and we closed a deal.lucía: you'd know what you do. and, since when?alonso: i imagine since now. little by little,he'll get it furnished. lucía: i don't knowif i still have things there. alonso: if that's so,go check it before marcelo occupies it.lucía: yes, i'll go. alonso: are you going now?lucía: yes, don't you say your new employeeis urged to occupy it now? alonso: honey, but you don'thave keys! how have you felt?rebeca: better, thank you. i tell you at once,i go to mexico. alonso: what for?rebeca: to see the doctor. didn't you want that?alonso: yes, but why that rush to go to mexico if here,in puebla, you can run tests? doctor sara can check you up.rebeca: no, i don't doubt her capacities, but the doctorthey recommended me and i already have anappointment with, it's known as a eminence.alonso: fine. i go with you.rebeca: no, why do you lose all your day?you're too busy. i can go alone.alonso: well, if i have too much work, i ask norato go with you. so, you're more comfortable.rebeca: no, i don't want to worry her.she's too sensitive and gets bad with allthese things. alonso: at least, i'll tell laloto go with you-- rebeca: i don't need anyonetaking me. as if it were the first timei drive alone to mexico! alonso: well, well, mellow seems you're the sensitive. mellow out.rebeca: i just don't want bothering anyoneor make a fuss with this. that's all.[sighs] marcelo: good evening.[door opens] your father told mei could start bringing my things.lucía: why do you have this? marcelo: is it yours?lucía: no, it's not mine. it's my dad's wife.why do you have it? answer me.[music]

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