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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 16

Magdalena le dice a Rebeca que sabe que ella siempre amó a Alonso y que odia a Lucía. Rebeca recibe unas hermosas flores de Federico y se pone nerviosa.
22 Abr 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents... lucía: i have nothing to hide.the only part of my life i wish i could hide,the most painful, you already know it.marcelo: forgive me. it was a very stupid wayof reacting to your aggressions. lucía: if you don't want meto attack you, stop meddling in my life.brígida: hi. you have an aa's book.i guess, you're surprised seeing me here.but i want to think that, despite things happened,you and i are still friends... right?rebeca: of course. but i don't think you botheredcoming all the here just to tell me so, did you?brígida: no. i come to ask you an advise.rebeca: an advise? what kind?brígida: how can i tell you? well...alonso and youget along very good. your communication is very good.i guess, you tell each other everything, right?rebeca: exactly. so? brígida: i want you to tell mehow do i do so amador and i will be like you.i'm sorry to tell you, but amador doesn't tell meanything. and when he does,he tells me half of it. and it's like nothing.rebeca: then, i think that's because he has somethingto hide from you. brígida: do you think so?rebeca: i can't assure anything. that's what i think.if i were in your place, i'd get much more on the alert.brígida: i don't think it's so. i feel thatmy husband is very discreet and opening up is hard for him.rebeca: then you have nothing to worry about.couple's relations flow or doesn't.there's no recipe for it. brígida: yes, sure.the one with no problems at all to communicate with her couplesis lucía, right? rebeca: why do you say so?brígida: for her new boyfriend. the guy alonso has just hired,with whom she's kissing all you know him? rebeca: yes.i know perfectly well who you talk about.amador: you must be the very famous marcelo escalante.marcelo: i don't if famous, but that's me.with whom do i have the pleasure...amador: amador zúñiga, partner and friend of alonso.i don't know if they explain you, your areawill depend on my direction, so you'll have to report meall you'll do. marcelo: i didn't that case, at your service. amador: very good.alonso: excuse me. good you already metmarcelo escalante. amador: yes, i've just gottenthe pleasure. we've introduced ourselves.excuse me, i leave you. alonso: see seems that amador didn't like seeing you here.amador is rodrigo's father. for obvious reasons,he might dislike that some else takes his son's position.marcelo: yes, that's logical. alonso: tell me, how did you dowith my daughter at the attorney's office?marcelo: good, it's merely a formality.but the accident was too strong and the car won't be saved.alonso: i don't think lucía would want that.i'll ask you to go to the workshop.before starting to work, i need you to understand wellall we do in this company. nazario will explain,and if you have any doubt or question, he can answer it.should we go? the workshop is at the'll find nazario there. marcelo: thank you.norma: mr. alonso, please. i already asked you three timesto sign this. alonso: oh, yes.i'm sorry. why would i always forgetsigning the payroll? lalo: i remembered!you're the hotel's guy, the one who asked meabout the boss's wife, mrs. adriana murillo.nazario: so, it is you, uh? go for alonsoand bring him immediately. come on, don't stand still.go for the boss and bring him immediately.and you'll explain me who you truly areand what you want here. marcelo: i don't know what youwant me to tell you. nazario: there're too manycoincidences with you. first, you appearout of the blue asking for alonso's wife.then, you meet his daughter and take her to the housewithout knowing her. now you're here,employed on his business, in less than a week.marcelo: you're right. all these has happenedin a very curious way. believe me,i'm the most surprised. nazario: that's notan explanation. marcelo: then, you tell me.what am i supposed to be looking for?nazario: your hands are in something very murky.first of all, you'll tell me where did you getadriana murillo's name? marcelo: with my brother.nazario: what? marcelo: my brother hada girlfriend called adriana murillo,whom i never met. the only thing i know of her,is that she lived in puebla. what i'm not sure aboutis whether she lived in the city of pueblaor in the country. nazario: why do you wantto reach her? marcelo: i'm new hereand she's the only reference i had of someone living here.i don't mean mr. alonso's wife, don't even doubt about it.nazario: how do you mean? marcelo: as far as i know,that woman died some years ago. you may excuse me,but if you base your distrust just on that detail,it seems absurd to me. lalo: i swear it's very urgent.norma: i heard, but i can't interrupt mr. alonso.he's in a long-distance call. lalo: but this is more importantthan any call. nora: it seems he hanged up.i'll tell him. lalo: don't bother yourself.i'll tell him personally. norma: wait!lalo: mr. alonso. alonso: what's the matter?lalo: nazario wants you to go quickly to the workshop.alonso: is there any problem? lalo: let him explain you.alonso: let's go. you worried me.tell me something, at least. lalo: it's about the guyyou've just hired. alonso: marcelo escalante...amador: what's going on? norma: it seemsthere's a problem with mr. escalante.chapulín, go to the patio and find outwhat's happening. run.chapulín! don't let them see you.marcelo: i have no problem with repeating all thisto mr. gaxiola and clear up any doubt he might haveabout me. nazario: let's leave thingsas they are, for now. alonso: what's wrong?why did you called me immediately?nazario: nothing. it was a folly.alonso: how come? lalo almost pushed me out of the officeto come immediately. lalo: the thing is this man--nazario: lalo, go to work. lalo: as you wish.alonso: can anyone explain me what's happening here?marcelo: i will. nazario has reasons to thinkthat i'm not a reliable person. alonso: which reasons?nazario: mister escalate doesn't know anythingof the business. alonso: i already know it,that's why i asked you to teach him.marcelo: maybe nazario is right and i'm not the most suitableperson for the position. excuse me.alonso: i really don't get your attitude.nazario: i stayed thinking what you said the other's no coincidence that the guy had come right then.alonso: yes, i remember well what i told you and alsowhat you told me, to investigate him.but you also said that things happen, and i followedyour advise. i investigated himand hired him temporarily. nazario: well, forget it.alonso: a question. have you talked with lucíalately? nazario: yes. why?alonso: because she also thinks that marcelois an opportunist. and, by chance, you too.nazario: as i said, forget about it.sara: did you arrive long ago? magdalena:, ten minutes ago. sara: come, let's go drinksomething outside. excuse my asking youto come here. i barely have free time.magdalena: don't worry. how did you reach me?sara: the woman who answered me gave me your number.i thought you were staying at your sister's.magdalena: i was there only for some, i'm at nazario and trini's. sara: oh, yeah.well, i called you because i already got seems they need help at the elderly's wing.are you interested? magdalena: of course!when can i start? sara: tomorrow, if you want.magdalena: i love the idea! do you know who will be happy?lucía. when i'll tell her that i have something to doand that i won't leave soon. sara: haven't you mentioned itto her? magdalena: no, for a thingor another, i hadn't had time. sara: leti must have comeearlier, uh? magdalena: could be.i'm glad that lucía has such lovely people,like your daughter, around her. i know that letiis a lovely girl. sara: yes,my daughter is lovely with the rest of the world.marito, a pair of coffees. thanks very much.leticia: are you in a better mood today?lucía: more or less. leticia: don't tell me thatyou had another romantic meeting with marcelo.lucía: stop it. i don't want to talkof that idiot. leticia: fine,i didn't say anything. lucía: i'm sorryabout yesterday. i didn't knowwhy you went for me. leti: just to tell you that--crowd: wow! leti: come on!oh, yummy! can i have an apple?thank you. lucía: why did you go?leticia: to tell you that your aunt magdalena saw my momso she would help her getting a job at the hospital.i imagine you already know it. lucía: no, i didn't.what kind of job? leticia: those jobs people dojust out of pleasure. my mom wants me to workno matter what. lucía: it's high're is way too cool with you. leticia: uh- can tell you don't have a mom putting you to workday, afternoon and night. lucía: i would give anythingto have my mom bothering me all day long, eveyday.leticia: anyway, you have a dad who spoils youand doesn't bother you to get down to work.lucía: but i will do it. leticia: what?lucía: work. i already went to a companythat's looking for designers. my dad offered me to workat the factory, but obviously i didn't accept,and now less than ever. leticia: why not?lucía: because i don't want to see marcelo's facein the morning, afternoon and at night. that'd suck!leticia: you brought him up again!lucía: no, no, no. leticia: [chuckles]lalo: i really don't get it. why didn't you tell anythingto the boss? nazario: there was nothingto say. lalo: as plain as the noseon your face, one could tell you fully distrusted marcelo.and you're never wrong with people.nazario: well, i do. lalo: you'll excuse, but--nazario: my goodness! you kill a donkeyby pinching it, for god's sake.lalo: i was told so. but don't get upset either.nazario: no, i don't. but promise me thatunder no circumstance, you'll tell the bossthat this guy asked for a woman with the very same nameof his wife. lalo: it's too much coincidence,don't you think? nazario: the world is fullof coincidences. but i don't want you to talk,as you use to, of what you don't know.lalo: what's wrong with it? nazario: it's not know alonso loved his wife very much.what would he feel if he's told that now there's a womanin puebla with her same name? lalo: i got the chillsjust to think of it. imagine him.i guess it's not worthy getting him sad and melancholic.nazario: that's why. don't say anything about it.well, let's get down to work. lalo: let's go.rafaela: i don't like that at've never told lies or deceived anyone.marcelo: no, i'm not lying. i just didn't tell themi'm federico valdivia's half-brotherand that i'm trying to find the woman who was with him.rafaela: hiding things is like telling can tangled yourself alone and end up feeling too bad.marcelo: i can't carry on with this.norma: mister gaxiola will reach you.marcelo: could i talk with alonso?norma: i think so. i think she's available now.marcelo: thank you. [knock on door]alonso: come on in. marcelo: i wanted to thankall your attentions, but i won't work here anymore.alonso: why? marcelo: because nazariois totally right. i have no experiencein this business and i can't help you as you expect.alonso: take a seat, please. let's speak clear.i don't think you're quitting because of your lackof experience, but for the mistrustwith which you've been treated by people like nazario,amador zúñiga and my own daughter.marcelo: but you don't trust me i wrong? alonso: i can'ttrust someone i barely know. that's why you're on trial.i don't think you'll take my factory over in three monthsand leave me on the street. marcelo: why would i take overa business i don't know even know how to manage?i repeat, i have no experience whatsoeverand i don't know anything about manufacturing talavera.alonso: you won't have to manufacture it.i'm hiring you because of your management skills.that's what your resume says. you're pretty good at it.or did lie with it? marcelo: no, of course not.alonso: it surprises me that you dash out, better said,i don't think you're the kind of people who dash outwhen they get a bad face. i think you're a decided personwho knows well what he wants. but think about it.i can't keep you here by force either.rebeca: lucía. can i talk with you?lucía: what's the point? magdalena is alreadyat my godparent's-- rebeca: i don't want to talkof my sister, but of marcelo escalante.lucía: i have nothing to say about that guy.rebeca: brígida was here and told me somethingthat i refuse to believe. lucía: what was it?rebeca: that you forgot rodrigo and now you're that guy'sgirlfriend. is it true? lucía: no, of course not.i could never be with a man like him.rebeca: she says you gave a clear love demostrationoutside the factory. lucía: it wasn't so,it was a performance so that rodrigo would getthat i don't ever want to see him.rebeca: does your dad already know?lucía: no, he doesn't have to. rebeca: he won't get to knowwith me. it can be a secretbetween you and i. lucía: aunt, between you and ithere has never been trust to tell each other secretsand i really doubt there would ever be.nora: what secret were talking about?rebeca: nothing relevant. nora: well, but i want to know.tell me what you were talking about, at least.rebeca: marcelo escalante. it seems you were rightand your sister already has a new candidate.nora: how fun, a new candidate for my strange. rebeca: don't already have boyfriend and marcelo is notsuch a great thing. ligia: i have no time for it.mellow out, come on. rodrigo: excuse me. hi.ligia: hi. rodrigo: i'm looking forsergio mondragon. ligia: who is looking for him?rodrigo: rodrigo zúñiga. ligia: you're sonof amador zúñiga, right? rodrigo: that's it.ligia: come in. rodrigo: thank you.ligia: you don't look alike. look, that's sergio's office.he's not busy. go ahead, if you want.rodrigo: thank you. excuse me.ligia: you're welcome. sergio: rodri.rodrigo: how are you? amador: how's everything goingaround here? nazario: everything is fine.why do you ask? amador: i heard there wasa problem with the new employee. i wanted to know what happened.nazario: there was no problem, but if you're so curious,why don't you ask mr. alonso? amador: i'm asking you.nazario: no, there was no problem with mr. escalante.amador: say the truth, do you trust him?nazario: i don't know him enough to have an opinion.amador: who recommended him, where the hell did alonsogot him from? nazario: he broughtvery good references, and as it was neededoccupying the vacant your son left, he hired him.rodrigo: sorry to bother you in your work shift,but i had to talk to someone. my dad only cares abouthis factory's issues, my mom's always know. sergio: that's why friendsare there, right? rodrigo: thank you.sergio: take a seat. tell me something,is it true lucía is already with another?rodrigo: she's doing it just to botherand get even with me. she couldn't have stoppedloving me so soon. sergio: i'll tell you something.what you did to lucía, is enough for her to hate youin this, and the next life. rodrigo: lucía can't hate me.sergio: i don't get you. you say you love herand then you send her to hell. rodrigo: i already saidit's better that you don't know the reason. ok?i myself want to delete that part of my life.sergio: you should delete lucía too. there's no way should get a job as well to stop thinking of it.rodrigo: but who's going to hire me in this damned townwhere everyone is known? a person capable to dowhat i did, can't be reliable to anyone.sergio: please, stop throwing yourself to the floor.a thing has nothing to do with the other.rodrigo: it's easy for you to say it because you are notwearing my shoes. sergio: thanks god, i'm not.i'm in something else. guess what?rodrigo: what? sergio: i'm back with nora.rodrigo: why did you do that stupidity?i told you not to do it. you don't know the kindof snake you're dealing with-- sergio: it's the second timeyou talk bad about nora and now you'll tell me you know anything or what? rodrigo: ok.realize it on your own. marcelo: hi.marcelo escalante? marcelo: yes.with whom do i have the pleasure?nora: nora gaxiola. marcelo: nice meeting, you are mr. alonso's daughter too?nora: yes, i am. sorry to invade your office,but i'm waiting for my dad. marcelo: i think he's not busyanymore because i'm just coming from talking with him.nora: ok, i go with him. i've heard a lot about you.marcelo: i hope it was just good things.nora: a little bit of everything.what matters is that my dad already found someone to replacethe stupid of rodrigo. marcelo: that's me.nora: yes. well, see you.marcelo: see you. nora: i'm glad to meet you.marcelo: me too. goodbye.norma: ...but bring the shoes catalogue.great, bye. amador: nora, dear.nice seeing you. nora: ouch.what's the matter? amador: i've been wantingto talk with you for a while. nora: what about?amador: you know well. nora: no, i don't knowand i don't have time to talk with you.ouch! amador: i'd love to knowwhat did you pretend. nora: let go of me.amador: you haven't answered. what did you pretendseparating your sister from rodrigo? uh? answer.[music] [music]amador: you must have had a reason, right?tell me. come on, tell me.alonso. i need you to send a mail, please.thank you. norma: yes, of course.nora: daddy! alonso: honey!what do you do here? i didn't know you were visiting.nora: i came to greet you. are you busy?alonso: i'm never busy for you. let's go to my office.marcelo: normita, i need hand these papers to mr. alonso,it's my personal documentation. norma: oh, yes. thank you.marcelo: i didn't know mr. gaxiola had two daughters.norma: yes, lucía is the older, he got her with his first wife.she died years ago. and nora, is the youngest.he had her with mrs. rebeca. marcelo: so, his wife's nameis rebeca? norma: uh- huh.don't you remember you stumbled upon her the other right here?marcelo: oh, i remembered. i didn't know she washis second wife. did you know the first one?norma: yes, sure. such a lovely girl.marcelo: so... isn't mrs. rebeca so?norma: she is...very special. [doorbell rings]magdalena: i'm coming. i'm coming.i'm coming! rebeca: i see you stayedin puebla. magdalena: that's itand you can't forbid me so. rebeca: that's it.but i can forbid you coming to my house.i don't want you lurking around. so, if you want to see lucía,please, do it somewhere else. magdalena: why are you afraid?i'm no threat for you. am i?rebeca: i'm not afraid of you. i just want you awayfrom my daughter. magdalena: why don't we starttalking clear. nora was just an excuseto chuck me out of your house. actually, you didn't want methere and you've never liked having me close.why? rebeca: because you're a've always plotted against, you're warned. magdalena: if that was true,years ago, i would've told so many thing to you know what's one of it? that you've always beenin love with him, even when adriana was alive.rebeca: that's not true. everything happenedafter she died. he was devastated, he neededsomeone to help him bring up his daughter--magdalena: relax, you don't have to fake with me.that speech of your supposed motherly instinct for lucíahas been a fake. you hate heras you always hated adriana. and i don't think that you'll beto forgive yourself eventually for all the hate, poisonand schemes you felt for her. facts are such stubborn things,right? rebeca: you're totally nuts.magdalena: if alonso doesn't know what you're truefeelings for lucía by now, i be very careful with how you treat her.tere: you have to do the garden and please, do it wellor they'll blame me. nidiyare: you've alreadytold me, you really seem a record machine.tere: can i ask you something? lucía: yes, tell me.tere: won't your aunt be back? lucía: i don't think so.tere: i liked her so much. she's so differentto your aunt, rebeca. lucía: i know,they're totally opposite. do you know what i think?that magdalena is more like my mom was.tere: i don't really get how your dad married herinstead marrying-- i better shut up.lucía: [chuckles] tere: what if she fires mefor spilling the beans. lucía: come!don't worry, i won't tell anyone.tere: thank you. i know i'm nobodyin this family, but i wanted to tell you i'm really sorryfor what happened with rodrigo. lucía: thank you.tere: don't get sad, you're so pretty,you're such a good person. i'm sure you'll finda very good man who'd truly love you.i let you read, i leave now. amador: what did you pretendseparating your sister from rodrigo, uh?answer. nazario: i brought youworkshop's orders, so you get used to them.marcelo: do you still think i'm not reliable?nazario: only time will tell so. marcelo: why didn't you tellmr. alonso the reasons you have to doubt me?nazario: because i'd have had to explain him that you knowa woman with the very same name of his first wife.i didn't think it prudent. what's more, i'll ask younot to mention anything to him. marcelo: why?nazario: i shouldn't have to explain this, but i'll do itso you understand. adriana murillo wasalonso's greatest love, to the point that her name alonegets him low. he could never overcomeher death and i wouldn't want to bring all this i explain myself? marcelo: i think so.nazario: it may seem a folly to you, but it's the best.marcelo: no, it doesn't seem so. it's clear that adriana murillowas very important for him. nazario: and she'll remain sotill he dies. nora: where did you?rebeca: to see my sister. nora: is she still in puebla?rebeca: yes. she settled at nazario'sand it seems she has no intention to leave.nora: your mood tells me you argued...and because of me,right? rebeca: yes, among others.but nothing important. where were you?i looked for you before leaving. nora: i went to the factory.rebeca: what for? nora: i was boredand i went to greet dad. by the way,i met marcelo escalante. why did you say he's worthless?rebeca: he's a foreigner we don't know anything about.nora: he seemed very interesting to me...and super handsome. don't you think?rebeca: he's attractive. nora: do you think he hasintentions to date lucía? rebeca: oh, come on.nora: yeah, yeah, yeah, i know. i don't have to envy my sisterand i have a boyfriend who sucks.anyway, i go dress up because my prince charmingwill come to pick me up. [music][music] gloria: sergio!sergio: what's the matter? how are you?gloria: hi. sergio: what a surprise.i didn't expect seeing you here. gloria: i've just come backand i couldn't wait to see you. sergio: ok.gloria: i also wanted you to tell me wedding's gossip.i can't believe i missed out on it.sergio: there's actually not much to must already know all. gloria: you must knowanother detail, your soul friend must have told yousomething more. sergio: though youdon't believe it, he didn't. gloria: what a pity.what are going to do? are you done working?sergio: yes, i was picking up to leave.gloria: perfect, so you can take me out somewhereor we do something. sergio: i can't, i'm sorry.gloria: any other commitment? sergio: yes.i'm back with nora. gloria: with nora? but i thoughtyou and i were dating. sergio: i never gave youreasons to think anything. you know i still love her.gloria: i don't know what you see in her.sergio: come on, will you also tell me, like everybody,that i'm getting into a drag-- gloria: read my thought. don't you see she doesn't care?sergio: no, and why is she back with me?gloria: she'll surely use you, but you're such an idiotthat don't even realize it. marcelo: good evening,i leave now. norma: good evening.marcelo: by chance, do you know about a goodrestaurant to have dinner? norma: you're stayingdowntown, right? marcelo: yes.norma: there are many there, very good ones.right in front of the park, there's a delicious the cathedral, a block to the right,there's a wonderful one. marcelo: that would bemuch better than having dinner at the hotel's cafeteria.alonso: if you feel like to, i invite you to have dinnerat my house. marcelo: i don't wantto abuse. alonso: it's not you wish. you already know where i's better having a good dinner accompanied,than a bad one alone. both: good night.norma: mr. alonso is right. they say he has a great cook.take advantange. she was brought up by nunsand you see nuns are fat because they cook deliciously.marcelo: good night. norma: i leave youor you'll go for breakfast. rest well.marcelo: you too. lucía: [sobs]rebeca: what is it? you still love him, right?lucía: yes. i can't stop loving himovernight. rebeca: why don't youforgive him? everyone has right to be wrongand have a second chance. lucía: not him.not him. do you realize he cheated on meand stood me up at the altar? rebeca: and why don't we knowanything of her? where is she, who is she?why does rodrigo still want you instead of being with her?lucía: who knows. the only thing i knowis that he destroyed my life. [sobs]and i don't know if i'll ever forgive him,although i love him so much. rebeca: you're right.forgive me. rodrigo has no rightto your forgiveness. just a last thing,i hope you forget him soon and stop suffering.rodrigo: thanks, sergio. ok.if you know anything, let me know.bye-bye. amador: who did you talk with?rodrigo: with a friend, in case he knew about a job.amador: do you think that's the way to find a job?rodrigo: what else can i do? sergio is right.i need using my time. amador: by the way,today i met escalante. rodrigo: so? what did you think?amador: nothing of the other fact, i got the feeling that he'll work at the factoryfor a very short time. rodrigo: why?amador: because i'll make sure that's so.rodrigo: hey, dad. do you know or have any relationwith licentiate hernández, sergio's boss?amador: no. why? rodrigo: because today i visitedsergio at the office, and the secretary asked meif i was your son, as if she knew you.amador: no, i've never stopped by there.who knows why she asked. [doorbell rings]nora: i open. it's for me.tere: as you wish. marcelo: good evening.nora: are you coming for my sister?marcelo: no, your dad invited me to dinner.can i come in? nora: yes, come on in.marcelo: thank you. alonso: marcelo!how good you felt like coming. you already met my daughter,nora. nora: yes, we metat the factory. alonso: come this way.[doorbell rings] alonso: daughter.nora: i open. feel at home.alonso: welcome... sergio: hey, are you ready?nora: i'm very sorry, but i won't make it.sergio: what? nora: no, i'm sorry.sergio: why? nora: my dad have guestsfor dinner and asked me to stay. sergio: but you don't haveto be here. i already bought ticketsfor the movie and-- nora: hey, wait.don't make me feel guilty because i have to stay.sergio: a coffee, ten minutes-- nora: i said no!i have to stay, ok? see you tomorrow.sergio: ok. nora: thanks for beingso understanding. i love you. bye, bye!sergio: have a nice dinner. goodbye.[music] [music]alonso: don't you really want anything to drink?marcelo: no, thank you sir. alonso: who was it?nora: nobody. well, a forgetfulwho got the wrong address. rebeca: hi.alonso: sweetheart, now i'll introduce formallymarcelo escalante. marcelo: nice to meet you,ma'am. rebeca: nice to meet you.alonso: he'll stay for dinner. rebeca: that's great.go to the table when you wish. alonso: and lucía?rebeca: i don't think she'll come down.she doesn't feel very good. alonso: then even more,she has to come down. i'll be right back.excuse me. nora: my poor sistercan't raise her head. i don't know if you areacquainted with what happened. marcelo: i've heard something.rebeca: nora. weren't you going outwith your boyfriend? nora: no.sergio had a work issue and canceled our meeting.ligia: i love that you come so soon!hey... what's wrong, honey?amador: i won't put up with your tryingto be too clever by far. ligia: what do you mean?amador: why the hell did you tell rodrigo that you know me?ligia: i swear i didn't say anything.i just commented on something. amador: you don't haveto comment anything with my son. if he knows anything about us,this is over, for good. got it?ligia: don't exaggerate. what i said was petty.amador: it does matter for me. ligia: what do you fear,that he gets to know that you don't love his mother?rodrigo is quite a man as to get many things.amador: you're no one to tell me if my son is man enough or notto know whatever he has to know or're warned. rebeca: and lucía?alonso: she won't take long. rebeca: what a pitywith marcelo. he must be starving.marcelo: don't worry about me. i'm fine.rebeca: how kind you are. i hope puebla's peopleare you treating as kindly. marcelo: that's it.i, actually, can't complain. rebeca: do you live aloneor with your family? marcelo: i live on my fact, i live at a hotel. in fact, i'm looking fora more comfortable place to move in.[doorbell rings] rebeca: tere.nora: dad, why doesn't marcelo move in to lucía's apartment?rebeca: good you're here. we were waiting for you.lucía: i didn't know we had guests.alonso: does that change things at all?lucía: no, of course not. thank you.rebeca: why don't we toast to have marcelo with us?marcelo: no, i don't think i'm as important.alonso: for me it is a special night because very few timesthere's another man sitting at this table.[chuckles] marcelo: you're very lucky.alonso: yes, very lucky. let's toast.cheers. tere: sorry.rebeca: who are those for? tere: i don't know.they boy who brought them didn't mention it.nora: they must be for lucía from rodrigo, to apologize.lucía: if that's so, tere, please, get rid of them.tere: what if they aren't? the card doesn't have a name.alonso: let me see that card. "to the most wonderful womanin the world." nora: from rodrigo.alonso: no. alonso: it's signed by federico.rebeca: [gasps] [music]

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