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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 15

Magdalena le dice a Lucía que vivirá con Trini porque quiere quedarse en Puebla para apoyarla. Nazario descubre que Marcelo es el hombre que preguntó por Adriana Murillo y le avisa a Alonso.
21 Abr 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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narrator: televisa presents... on rodrigo's side.he's just my friend. and you have to understand that.i will never let him down. specially not in this kindof situation. rodrigo is at his worst.i know he loves lucía. i really do.and even though he left her at the altar, you have no ideahow much it pains him to have lost her.nora: and he hasn't told you why he did it?sergio: no. he hasn't said a word.and, even though i try to find a reason,i can't find one. nora: no.i don't have a clue either. sergio: who was the lady whogot into our conversation while we were on the phonelast night? nora: my aunt.the nun. but don't worry.she won't be bothering us any longer.why don't we talk about you and me instead?sergio: um... are you serious?nora: very much so. rodrigo: i imaginehe has not accepted me back at work, right?amador: that remains to be seen. rodrigo: dad, just leave's no use. amador: rodrigo,i'm no conformist. and neither are you.rodrigo: truth be told, i'm not sure i want to go backto the office. amador: [sighs]so what are you going to do? you're just not going to work?rodrigo: that damn factory is not the only placewhere i can work. amador: rodrigo,you know perfectly well that you have no experience.if you had that position and that salary,it was thanks to me. because near me,you were protected. rodrigo: i don't needyour protection or any favor from you.thank you very much. amador: where are you going?rodrigo: to get my things. i want nothing to dowith that ceramics factory. you only need to worryabout your own interests. amador: rodrigo,please be careful. don't do anything foolish.alonso will be there, and you will run into him.rodrigo: i don't care, dad. what needed to be said,has been said. goodbye.lucía: answer me. is it true that you agreedto aunt magdalena leaving the house?alonso: believe me, i don't like any of this at all.but this time, i can't meddlein the conflicts between them. lucía: i justcan't understand you, dad. whenever there is a problem,you never take a step back. you always try to solve reconcile. why aren't you doing anythingthis time? alonso: this time,i can't do anything. lucía: dad...tell me the truth. is there something going onthat i am unaware of? alonso: it's always the same.the relationship between your aunts is not good,darling. lucía: if i asked you, dad,just me--me asking, that this time you supportaunt magdalena so she doesn't leave...alonso: i'm telling you. there's nothing i can do.lucía: fine. fine, don't do anything.this time i will go with her-- alonso: wait a second!you won't blackmail me as well! lucía: it's not blackmail, dad!allowing your wife to kick out her own sisterfrom the house is being on her side.but i understand how things are. you have no idea how sadthat makes me. it's obvious that latelywe do not agree on anything.alonso: [sighs] marcelo: leave her alone.rodrigo: who are you? marcelo: that is not important.what matters is that lucía no longer wants anything to dowith you. rodrigo: tell this idiotnot to get involved. that despite everything,you still love me, just like i still love you.marcelo: now it's clear enough. rodrigo: you couldn't haveforgotten me so quickly. lucía: but i have.when something is not worth it, it's easy to forget.[sighs] marcelo: [exhales]i was only trying to look convincing.[sighs] lucía: [sighs]>> leaving so soon? what did you come for?where have you been all morning? sergio: forgive me.i was taking care of some personal business.>> during working hours, you can't and you shouldn'ttake care of personal issues. sergio: yes, sir. i won't happen again. but this was very important.>> really? sergio: yes, might not be very happy about it, but...i have a girlfriend! both: [laugh]>> really? sergio: yes.>> may i know who the lucky girl is?sergio: i'm not sure you know her.her name is nora. nora gaxiola murillo.>> of course. sergio: you do?>> of course i know her. sergio: it's her.>> how interesting... sergio: what is?>> just yesterday her mom was here to ask about something.sergio: okay. good. so you are a family friend?>> you could say i was... many years ago.sergio: cool. >> tell me, how isyour girlfriend? sergio: not to brag...but she's beautiful. >> yes, she must be.just like her mother. hopefully, she onlyresembles her in that. [laughs]sergio: uh... why do you say that?>> um... forget it. forget it.congratulations on your relationship.sergio: thank you. >> and now, back to work.we have a lot to do. tomorrow we have a citationat court. here is the information.sergio: yes, yes. i'll get into it right now.>> i hope so. i hope so. nora: has my aunt left already?[laughs] rebeca: uh, i don't know.nora: but you said she would leave early today!rebeca: yes, i know. but i'm sure your sisterconvinced her to stay. don't worry.i will make sure your sister does not get her way.nora: it's just like her to defend her.and i know for sure that if she goes crying to dadshe will convince him to make her stay.rebeca: i already told you not to worry.i will take care of it. nora: i hope so.rebeca: let's not talk about it. how did it go with sergio?nora: i suppose it was fine... rebeca: don't see itas a sacrifice. sergio is very handsome.nora: yes, but this bores me. i just hope this whole thingwon't backfire. rebeca: why do you say that?nora: if rodrigo finds out that i'm dating his best friend,he won't like it. i know that he sayshe's in love with my sister, but i know he cares about me.rebeca: oh, darling! no guy can be indifferentto a girl like you. remember...rodrigo will wait for you. so forget about him.alonso: and this will be your office.what are you doing here? rodrigo: i came for my things.alonso: do it fast, then. mr. escalante needsto take this office as soon as possible.rodrigo: yes, don't worry. i'm done.alonso: rodrigo, i'm also going to ask younot to set foot in this office again.and neither at my house. [sighs]i'm sorry you saw that. it must raise questionsthe way i treated that guy. marcelo: i can't be nice to someone who hurtyour daughter. alonso: i see you're up to datewith my family's matters. marcelo: no. but when i droveyour daughter, we talked a bit, and just a while agoi witnessed a scene between her and rodrigo.alonso: lucía ran into rodrigo? marcelo: yes, but don't worry.i assure you she was very firm and crystal clearthat she doesn't want anything to do with him.alonso: oh...good. let's go.i'm going to show you where the administrative filesare kept. over here, please. marcelo: okay.leticia: hi. i've been waiting for you forever.i was about to leave. lucía: getting out of the housewas a mistake. leticia: what a mood you are in!lucía: i'm about to blow up. and all becauseof that idiot guy, marcelo. leticia: who is that idiotmarcelo guy? lucía: he's an opportunistwho wants to take advantage of my father, andnow it turns out, also of me. leticia: wait, explain yourself.i'm lost. lucía: i went to the officeand ran into rodrigo. and then this idiot shows up,and i kissed him just to get rodrigo off my back.leticia: what? you kissed another guyin front of your ex? i can't believe it, my friend!you are my idol! lucía: well, don't admire methat much, because i can't tell you how sorry i am.leticia: but, why? lucía: because the idiottried to take advantage. it makes me sickjust thinking about it. leticia: it can't be that bad.was the guy handsome, at least? lucía: no, not at all.please, leti, let's not talk about it anymore,or i'm going to explode. leticia: okay, calm down.i'm here to talk about something else.lucía: yes. let's change the subject.leticia: did you know that your aunt, magdalena,asked my mom to help her find a job doing somethingat the hospital, and-- lucía: aunt magdalena!leticia: what? lucía: my aunt!sorry, leti. i'll see you later.leticia: really, lucía? lucía: sorry, leti!i'll see you later. leticia: no, no.this is unbelievable! lucía: aunt magdalena?[panting] where's my aunt?tere: where do you think? she already left.lucía: [sighs] but she promisedshe would wait for me. did she tell you anything?tere: yes, she wanted me to tell you that she was goingto mrs. trini's. lucía: [sighs]thank you, tere. trinidad: come in,'s nothing fancy, but i hopeyou'll find it comfortable. magdalena: it looks very nice,trini. really, thank you so much.besides, i'm used to sleeping in much simpler places.trinidad: yes, but also bigger and more elegant your sister's place. help me...grab from there.i'm very obsessive... i want it to be will find towels in the second drawer.pass them over, please. magdalena: trini,you have no idea how bad i feel to come hereand inconvenience you. but i didn't wantto leave lucía alone. specially now.and i don't want to indulge rebeca, either.trinidad: don't feel bad. i'm honored to have you.and nazario will be so happy when he finds out.magdalena: [chuckles] trini, i will not stay herefor free, i promise. i'll-- trinidad: please, you offend me.magdalena: but, trini, please-- trinidad: no buts.why don't we sit down and talk aboutwhat happened with your sister? lucía: nora.trinidad: do you still think she had something to dowith what happened with rodrigo? magdalena: [sighs]i don't know what to think anymore, trini.maybe i am biased against nora just becauseshe is rebeca's daughter. and also, because we've neverbeen able to get along. i really don't knowwhat to think anymore. brígida: all that happened?and i never heard a thing? amador: oh, my god, woman.of course you didn't hear a thing.only god knows what on earth you do all day.brígida: you don't have to take it out on's not my fault that your partnergot so difficult. son.son. amador: judging by your face,i imagine you ran into alonso. i warned younot to go to the office. rodrigo: no, dad.i didn't run into alonso. i ran into lucía.and i wish i hadn't. brígida: why? what happened?rodrigo: it looks like she already foundsomeone to soothe her. amador: uh, rodrigo.never believe a woman who talks like that.even if it's lucía. rodrigo: she didn'tsay anything, dad. she didn't say anything.i saw her with my own eyes. she was kissing some idiot.brígida: for christ's sake! amador: which idiot?rodrigo: some escalante guy. i think he's takingmy spot at the office. brígida: [gasps]amador: escalante was there? rodrigo: you knew about him,and you didn't say a word? amador: i didn't thinkalonso would hire him so soon. rodrigo: well, you were wrong,dad! he kept my job,and my girlfriend too! brígida: [gasps]do you think what rodrigo is saying is true?amador: i don't know. but it's time to call someone.brígida: uh, w--who? amador: someone who will help mesolve this problem. brígida: b--but...amador!ahh... alonso: once the partscome out from the drill, they are left here to rest,in order to avoid fractures. right now,jorge, here, is making a plate. and grouchy albertois making a cup. the black and the white mudare filtered. and these hereare the drainage sinks. as you can see,this is where the mud is fractioned.and then it goes to that section where it's stepped onuntil there are no air bubbles left.marcelo: i never thought it was such a delicate process.alonso: my father was the founder of this company,many years ago. and thank god,we've been able to make it grow. i would like to introduce youto the wisest person here. nazario.please, meet marcelo, the guy i told you about.nazario: nice to meet you. marcelo: nice to meet you gaxiola has told me i have lots to learn from you.nazario: alonso loves to praise me.alonso: [laughs] nazario: but don't believeeverything he says. welcome.marcelo: thank you very much. alonso: okay, let's go.i want to keep showing you what we do around here.excuse us. nazario: of course.marcelo: excuse me. nazario: please, go on.alonso: the ovens are over here. lalo: who is that guywalking around with the boss? nazario: he's the oneto replace rodrigo zúñiga. lalo: i feel like i know him,but i can't figure out where from.nazario: i don't think so, lalo. he's not from here.he just arrived in puebla. trinidad: magdalena?magdalena: yes? trinidad: you have visitors.i b--better go take care of some things i lefton the stove. i wouldn't want them to burn.i'll leave you two to talk. lucía: what are you doing here?we agreed you would wait for me at home.magdalena: forgive me, lucía. [gasps]i don't know what your father might have told you,but i couldn't bare to stay there any longer.lucía: neither could i. and i already told himthat we are going to mexico together.magdalena: what are you saying? are you crazy?lucía: to stay at home would be like beingan accomplice to aunt rebeca. magdalena: some time ago,you told me you would never run awayas i did. what happened with that?lucía: it's just that... this is different.magdalena: no. no, lucía. don't be have enough problems already to add new ones on your plate.lucía: aunt magdalena... i need you with me.magdalena: don't worry about it, okay?i will never leave you alone. i will stay here, in puebla.yes! the only difference is that i'll be living here,with trini and nazario. it's the best for everybody.please, try to understand me. i don't feel good there anymore.lucía: yes. i do understand you, but...[gasps] i will feel very lonely.magdalena: you shouldn't. your father is there.lucía: my father's mind is somewhere else, lately.alonso: lucía! lucía! nora: dad?alonso: nora... nora: dad.alonso: hi. nora: [sighs]thank you. alonso: thank you? what for?nora: for trusting me and for supporting me.alonso: i've always believed you,and i've supported you in everything i could.nora: yes, but it was very important to methat you believed me this time. i was so worriedabout aunt magdalena putting stupid ideasin your head, and-- alonso: honey,it's no use talking about that, okay?i know you are incapable of harming your sister.nora: you have no idea how glad that makes me.alonso: [chuckles] has your aunt left?nora: i believe so. alonso: where is your sister?nora: i don't know. i haven't seen her all day long.alonso: [sighs] the only thing we needis for her to have left with your aunt magdalena.i'll go ask your mother. nora: mom is gone.alonso: where to? nora: i don't know.amador: rebeca! rebeca: here i am.what do you need from me? amador: well, you and me...we made a deal. and not onlydid you not fulfill your part, but also,alonso already hired someone to replace my son's positionat the office. rebeca: really?[gasps] i had no idea!amador: [laughs] rebeca...don't play games with me. instead,why don't you try your best, and make things go backto the way they were? rebeca: i will doabsolutely nothing. i've never interferedin alonso's business. and i'm not about to start now.not for you, not for anybody, my dear amador.amador: you will suffer the consequences.rebeca: come on. i've already talked to a lawyer.alonso is at no risk just because your sonspent a night at the hospital. amador: the one at risk is you.if your husband finds out that you are nora'saccomplice... rebeca: [laughs]we would be exactly at the same risk,my dear amador. because you and iknow what happened between rodrigo and nora.the only difference is, i would not enjoytalking to him about it. but you would losethe only thing you have. i mean...your stakein the factory, of course. amador: [chuckles]don't underestimate me. you don't know me,and you have no idea what i'm capable of.rebeca: i know you much better than you stop blackmailing me and don't threaten me.unless you want me to uncover all your little secrets.amador: oh, come on, rebeca. what do you know about me?rebeca: for instance, that you are much less honorablethan what people think you are. only that you are very cautiousin your actions. amador: i have no cluewhat you're talking about. rebeca: i think you do.see you. [music][music] brígida: hey, is it trueyou saw lucía kissing another guy?rodrigo: i told you i did, mom. brígida: [sighs]it's not true, then, that she's as heartbrokenas she says she is. i even believed herthe other day, at the hospital, when she told meshe was worried sick about you. she even told meshe still loved you. she's such a phony, isn't she?rodrigo: i'm sure she still loves me.brígida: you don't know that. you can't believewhat you can't see. look at her father alonso.he was so in love with his first wife...when she passed away, we all thought he would kill himself.but no. not long after the firstanniversary, he remarried. and to her sister, nonetheless.rodrigo: what do i care, mom? i don't care about that.brígida: i'm just telling you this so you are not surprisedif someday you hear that lucía is planninga new wedding. rodrigo: mom, your commentsdon't help me at all. i'm going to see dad.i'll go to see my father. brígida: he's not here.he went to see-- who knows?you know that your father is never clear.rodrigo: i don't understand how you managed to stay togetherhaving such bad communication. brígida: no, no, you're wrong.just so you know, your father and i built a solid marriage,it's not like one of those that both lead a double lifeand they are together just to keep up appearances.ligia: well, you finally remembered me.amador: no, please, no complaints today.i've been under pressure lately and i just need your helpto relax. ligia: well, you should lookfor help somewhere else. amador: i won't go anywhereelse, because that's what you are here for.ligia: let go of me. amador: no, come here.ligia: let me go. let me go.alonso: rebeca! rebeca: yes?alonso: where have you been? rebeca: i had a coffeewith marilú. why are you so angry, my love?alonso: no, i'm not angry. i'm just worried, because lucíaisn't here. rebeca: have you called heron her cell phone? alonso: she turned it offdays ago. and nora hasn't seen hersince this morning. rebeca: and have you asked tere?alonso: she's not here. she went to get somethingfor dinner. rebeca: oh, no, my can't get like this because she's left for five minutes.alonso: it's not just five minutes!this morning she went to the factory and she saidthat if her aunt magdalena goes back to mexico,she'll go with her. rebeca: well, if she goes,what's the problem? alonso: i don't want herto leave this house like that! rebeca: don't you seethat you're blackmailing her? i know that she's been sufferingall these days, but it doesn't mean that she can worryeverybody, let alone hurt whoever stands in her way.alonso: well, don't exaggerate! rebeca: no, i'm notexaggerating. you should have seen how she gotwhen she was told that i kicked her beloved aunt magdalena out.alonso: her aunt magdalena is her support now!rebeca: then she should go with her, don't you think?huh? i just hope that you don't backdown just to satisfy her every desire.lucía: there's no need to fight for me, let alone yellat each other like this. my aunt magdalena won't comeback to this house, and i won't go anywhere, okay?rebeca: did you see that you had no reason to make a fuss?ligia: you never think of me. it's been a long time since youlast came here. amador: you know?i've been very busy with my son's wedding.ligia: [chuckles] and you didn't even invite me.but well, i don't care. i've been told that it wascalled off. amador: i swear that i justwanted to come here, relax for a while and nothing more.ligia: hey! hey, amador.hey, calm down, my love. don't go, you'll relax.[giggles] nazario: i'm glad to see youat home, magdalena. it's a pity that lucía couldn'tstay, the house would be full. trini: oh, she'll come someother day to have dinner. magdalena is going to stay longwith us, right? magdalena: well, i hopeit's not too long. nazario: come on,it's your house. you can stay as long as youwant. by the way, what happenedwith rebeca? trini: please, don't be's her problem with her sister.magdalena: no, the truth is that i'm better off livingsomewhere else. i just feel sorry for lucía.trini: she's sad. magdalena: today i found outsomething i didn't know. trini: what's it?magdalena: that lucía isn't happy living in her house.she feels really lonely. nazario: lonely in that house?but it's always full of people. besides, alonso gives hereverything she wants. magdalena: yes, but, as shesaid, her father is at the factory all day long,she has never got along with nora, and rebeca had neverknown how to be a stepmother. trini: oh, well, now that shewas going to get married you have no idea of how muchshe helped her. no one was so interestedin the preparations as your sister was, no one.magdalena: i'm sure there was something else she wanted.nazario: why do you say that, huh?magdalena: oh, no, i'm sorry, don't listen to me.i have to stop speaking ill of rebeca.i'm still hungry, can i have another quesadilla?trini: yes, sure, please. magdalena: thank you.alonso: excuse me. my love, i wanted to apologizefor what happened to your aunt magdalena and also thank you,because you haven't gone with her.lucía: dad, i'm not gone because my auntdidn't go back to mexico. and by the way, she's livingin my godparents' house. alonso: that's good.with a bit of luck the problems between her and rebeca will besolved and she can be home again.lucía: i don't think she wants to be back.alonso: i've been told that you met rodrigo out of the factory.lucía: who told you so? alonso: marcelo escalante.lucía: and what did he tell you? alonso: that you were very firmwith rodrigo, that you made it clear that you didn't wantto have anything to do with him. lucía: that's all he said?alonso: yes, that's all. there's something elsei should know? lucía: no, no, of course not.and--and, in relation to the car, tomorrow i'll go tothe district attorney's office to declare that i abandoned it.i mean, so you can be at ease. alonso: no, so you can beat ease. i'm glad that you tell meabout it, i can go with you. lucía: thank you, but i can doit on my own. alonso: apparently, you don'twant anything from me. alright, things will be the wayyou want, excuse me. lucía: [sighs]marcelo: it can't be you. marcelo: hi?alonso: hi, good night, it's alonso gaxiola.marcelo: mr. alonso, how can i help you?alonso: i'm sorry for calling you on your cell phone so late,but it's the only telephone number i've got.marcelo: no, don't worry, i'm at your service.alonso: i need to ask you a favor.marcelo: yes, tell me. yes, yes, it's a pleasure.i'll be there, see you tomorrow. amador: what time is it?ligia: it's almost midnight. amador: really?why didn't you wake me up? ligia: because you were deeplyasleep. why don't you stay hereuntil tomorrow? amador: i can't.ligia: the sole idea of you sleeping with your wife makesme jealous. amador: my love,you perfectly know that brígida can't compete with you.ligia: then, why are you still with her?amador: oh, ligia, we've talked about this a thousand times.i've already told you that we have a family, we've builtour marriage, and that i won't break it.i would be a terrible example for my son.ligia: your example hasn't been useful, huh?because your son stood a woman up at the altar.amador: i know. you have no idea of the problemsthat brought me. well, i'm leaving.ligia: well, by the time you're back, i won't be here.amador: what? ligia: the rent went up,then i don't think you'll find me here.i have to leave it. amador: my love, i know that youlove this apartment. and you know that i like itvery much. tell me the price and i'lldeposit the money tomorrow. ligia: are you crazy?i'll never accept that. you already have a lotof problems, do you think i'll also be a problem?amador: well, you're not a problem to me.tell me the price, i'll deposit the money tomorrow.[giggles] tomorrow morningyou'll have your money. i have to go, it's too late.just one thing, have you told someoneabout this? ligia: of course not.i don't know why you ask me that.amador: i was just asking, that's all.see you. ligia: bye.rebeca: will you come to bed? alonso: in a second.rebeca: what happens? are you worried because lucíais mad at you? alonso: not only that,i have some other things in mind.rebeca: and i can't help you with that, right?alonso: sometimes you can't. rebeca: i wanted to apologize.i know that we're all very nervous, as you've said.but i don't want you to think that i don't love lucíajust because of what i said. alonso: let's stop talkingabout that. and i want to tell you thatyour sister didn't go to mexico. she's with trini and nazario.rebeca: hum. i can imagine what she saidabout me, she has never liked me.alonso: don't say that, they have never been kind to you.rebeca: because they respect you, but you perfectlyknow that they never wanted me to marry you.alonso: here we go again. rebeca: give me that.tell me something. alonso: yes.rebeca: don't you regret having married me?alonso: that would be like complaining about nora,and i would never say something like that.let's go to bed, let's go. rebeca: well, i've been toldthat you replaced rodrigo at the factory.alonso: yes, yes, from now on, marcelo escalantewill take his place. rebeca: oh, apparently that guywon your heart, he's been so kind to your daughter.alonso: that's not the only reason, but--how did you know that i hired another person?rebeca: i don't know, somebody told me.but i don't remember. alonso: let's go.rebeca: yes. [tv]amador: oh, you're awake. why are you crying?brígida: i was just watching a's just that i was worried about you.did you see what time it is? amador: why are you worried?i told you that i was going to see a person.brígida: yes, but you didn't tell me who it is.amador: it's none of your business, brígida.brígida: you know what? rodrigo is right when he saysthat you and i don't never tell me anything. amador: and what's the point?brígida: i'm your wife! and i'd like to take partin your business. amador: but can't see the point.we both know that you have no judgment to help me.brígida: well, perhaps it's because you don't give methe chance. i'm sure that alonso gaxiolashares everything with rebeca. amador: i don't care aboutwhat alonso and rebeca do with their marriage.come on. rebeca: you don't needto mock at me, huh? amador: alright, alright.rebeca: so what? did this person help you?amador: let's say that it helped me relax.brígida: that's great, my love. [tv]lucía: hi, good morning. >> good morning, ma'am.lucía: i'm lucía gaxiola, i've come to explainan accident. >> oh, sure.look, this way, turn right, all the way.lucía: thank you. >> please, go ahead.marcelo: good morning. lucía: what are you doing here?why are you chasing me? marcelo: chasing you?your father sent me in case you need something.lucía: oh, what may i need? marcelo: let me remind you thati know where you parked your car and your father thoughtthat i could be a witness and say that you didn't crash.lucía: this is ridiculous. >> ms. gaxiola, i'm gladthat you're here with your witness.lucía: why are you glad? it's not a crime to parkmy car on the street, is it? >> no, but we found it crashedinto a lamp post. lucía: okay, but i didn'tcrash it. perhaps someone stole itand crashed it, as you've said. marcelo: the lady is right.i was there when she parked her car and i took her to her house.>> okay, but if the car was stolen and no complaint has beenfiled, the owner is responsible for it.lucía: well, but i've told you-- >> don't worry, there wereno victims. the crime is serious,because of the damages. so you'll have to pay a fine.marcelo: she's totally aware of that and she's cometo take responsibility for what has happened.>> very good, come in then. lucía: [sighs]alonso: good morning, normita. norma: good morning,mr. gaxiola. mr. zúñiga asked me to tell himwhen you're here. alonso: is he here?norma: yes, he's at your office. do you want me to tell him?alonso: no, no, i'll go there. thank you.norma: you're welcome. alonso: for a moment i thoughtthat you'd never come back. amador: no, no, i insist.we should set aside personal issues when working.alonso: yesterday you said the same and, you see, we couldn'twork together. amador: well, in fact you'renot giving me many options, alonso.basically, you told me that this is your business,you set the rules, that you made me a favor by offering mea position here. alonso: well, if you see itthat way, it sounds a bit arrogant, even grotesque.but, look, i want to tell you that i really want to preservethe friendship we've had so far. but don't ask me to let yourson work here again-- amador: no, no, believe me,that's over. of course, i'd like to know theperson that has taken his place. what's his last name?escalante? alonso: yes, marcelo escalante.he'll be here a bit later. amador: he's just startedand he's got some privileges. alonso: no, he's gotno privileges. i asked him to do me a favor.i'll introduce him to you later. marcelo: in the end,i helped you, don't you think? lucía: if you expect meto thank you, you're wrong. marcelo: why don't you like me,huh? lucía: do you really wantto know? marcelo: yes, yes, i'd love to.lucía: well, here it goes. i think that you're the mostnarcissistic man i've ever seen. besides, i think that you'rean opportunist, you benefit from everything you short, i don't trust you. marcelo: well, i could saythe same about you. i'm sure you've got secretsyou wouldn't brag about. lucía: i have no secrets.there's only one thing in my life i'd like to forget,the most painful thing, and you already know it.marcelo: i'm sorry, it was a very stupid way of respondingto your attack. lucía: if you don't want meto attack you, stop meddling in my life.[music] rebeca: hi, brígida.brígida: oh. rebeca: what a surprise.brígida: hi, you've got an aa book.i guess that you're surprised to see me here.but i want to believe that even though some things happenedbetween us, we're still friends. rebeca: of course, but i don'tthink that you've come here just to tell me this, right?brígida: no, no, i've just come to ask for your advice.rebeca: advice? what kind of advice?brígida: oh, well, how can i say it?well, let's see, alonso and you get alongvery well, your communication is really good, i guess you telleverything to each other, right? rebeca: that's right, so?brígida: it's just that i want you to tell me, howcan amador and i be like you? it's just that--i'm embarrassed, but amador never says a word to me.and when he tells me something, he tells me just part of it.and it's all the same to me. rebeca: oh, well, i thinkthat if amador doesn't tell you everything, it's becausehe's hiding something. brígida: do you think so?rebeca: well, i don't know, that's what i think.if i were you, i'd stay alert. brígida: no--well, i think that's not the reason.i think that my husband is very reserved and it's hard for himto open up. rebeca: then you have nothingto worry about. relationships between peoplecan either work or not. there's no recipe for that.brígida: yes, sure. hey, the one that has no problemwith her relationships is lucía, huh?rebeca: why do you say so? brígida: well, becauseof her new boyfriend. the guy that alonsohas just hired at the factory, they are kissing you know him? rebeca: yes.i perfectly know who you're talking about.amador: you must be that famous marcelo escalante.marcelo: i don't know if i'm famous, but you're right.who are you? amador: amador zúñiga.i'm alonso gaxiola's partner and friend.i don't know if you've been told that your area will dependon my management. so you'll have to check with meeverything you do. marcelo: i didn't know.but if that's the case, i'm at your service.amador: oh, very well. alonso: excuse me.i'm glad that you've met marcelo escalante.amador: yes, i've just met him. we've already met each other.excuse me, i'll leave you alone. alonso: see you.apparently, amador didn't like to see you here.amador is rodrigo's father. and it's obvious that he doesn'twant anyone else to take his son's place.marcelo: well, it's reasonable. alonso: tell me, how did youdo with my daughter at the district attorney's office?marcelo: fine, it was just a formality.the thing is that the accident was serious, and we can't getthat car repaired. alonso: oh, well, i don't thinkthat lucía wants anything from it.oh, i'll ask you to go to the studio before we startworking. i need you to understandwhat we do in this company. marcelo: yes.alonso: nazario is going to explain it to you.and if you have any doubt or question, he can give youthe answer. may we go?marcelo: yes. alonso: the studio is rightthere, there you'll see nazario--norma: mr. alonso, please, i've asked you three timesto sign the wages. alonso: oh, yes, i'm sorry.i don't know why i always forget to sign the wages.marcelo: good morning. nazario: i was waiting for you.marcelo: mr. alonso sent me to you.nazario: what do you know about talavera?marcelo: well, not much, but i'm ready to learn whateveris necessary. nazario: well, come with me.lalo: i remember you! yes, you're the oneat the hotel, who asked me about the boss's wife,mrs. adriana murillo. nazario: so that's you.go for alonso right now. come on! don't stay there,go for the boss! you'll explain to me whoyou really are and what you're looking for here.

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