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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 14

Rebeca corre a Magdalena de su casa porque ella sospecha que Nora y Rodrigo tienen algo que ver. Lucía besa a Marcelo frente a Rodrigo para que la deje en paz.
20 Abr 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents... besides, i can staywithout doing anything. tere: then, go do your thingssomewhere else because when your sister'll see me lazy here,she'll immediately kick me out. magdalena: have you been workinghere for a while? tere: more or less two months.i tell you something between us. magdalena: what is it?tere: you sister has a very hard a character.they've told me that's why maids don't last in here.magdalena: it must be terrible having her as a boss.tere: actually, i've been quite luckybecause since i came here, she started going to the capitaland i'd stay alone. magdalena: why does she goto the capital so much? tere: i guess, it was forlucía's wedding organization. and you see,what was the use of it? magdalena: wasn't useful at all. lalo: how are you miss?lucía: good morning. dad.alonso: thanks, marcos. honey, what are you doing here?lucía: are you busy? alonso: i'm never busy for you.lucía: i bring you the apartment's keys.obviously, i won't use it. alonso: but that apartmentis not mine, it's in your name. lucía: thank you very much,but i don't want it. so sell it, rent it ordo whatever you want with it. alonso: that's fine.lucía: i took a decision. alonso: which one?lucía: i want to work. i studied a career i likevery much and i want to practice it.alonso: that's very good. you can work here with me.lucía: i don't want to be close to rodrigo.alonso: who said that one will keep on working here?lucía: anyway, i rather look somewhere else.i don't want a position just because i'm your daughter.alonso: honey, you're designer and this a fertile'd come in very handy. lucía: i mean it,don't take it bad, but...i don't want favors.alonso: honey, it's not so. some day i'll be oldand someone will have to deal with this company.i leave it spinning in that little mindand then you tell me, will you? magdalena: do you knowwhere's lucía? rebeca: no.i feel you've become her shadow.magdalena: you can't stand my being here, right?rebeca: not so much, but i'd love knowingwhen are you leaving. magdalena: i don't know,but i'll stay as it's needed. rebeca: that is...magdalena: that is, as long as i fact, i was going to leave today, but she asked meto stay. rebeca: i just warn you,won't you think of scheming against me and norawith alonso. magdalena: it's clearyou don't know me. i'm not the kind of peoplewho enjoy causing troubles. rebeca: i hope so.marcelo: how are you? lucía: what's this guydoing here? alonso: he'll work for me.lucía: what? alonso: yes, i've just seenhis résumé. i couldn't have founda better option to replace rodrigo's position.lucía: i can't believe it. marcelo: it seems your daughterdidn't like the news very much. alonso: lately, lucíadoesn't like anything. take a seat, it says that you work for a very important company.why do you want to change job? marcelo: as i saidin the morning, i want living in the province,at least for some time. alonso: don't you thinkthe change would be too drastic? marcelo: yes, but i think i needthat in this moment of my life. alonso: tell me the truth,are you fleeing from something or someone?marcelo: on the contrary, i'm trying to find myself.alonso: are you married? marcelo: no.alonso: family? marcelo: yes, only my mother.but don't feel forced to hire me just because your daughtertold it to your daughter. if you have any doubt,you have every reference there. alonso: probably i'll askfor references. marcelo: take all the timeyou want. anyway, i have to be backto mexico city to present my resignation.alonso: when are you back? marcelo: soon as i'll be here, i'll stop by so you give mea definitive answer. alonso: perfect.have a good travel. marcelo: thanks very much.excuse me. [phone rings]mario: hello. who?let her in, please. [snorts][clears throat] hi.rebeca: hi, how are you? mario: fine, and you?rebeca: very fine. mario: come on in, please.rebeca: i imagine my visit surprises you.mario: i'd lie if i say no. take a seat.rebeca: thank you. mario: tell me,how can i help you. rebeca: i need some're actually the only lawyer i trust.mario: are you thinking of divorce?rebeca: no, not at all. in fact, alonso and iget along wonderfully. mario: i'm glad.rebeca: but it's about him that i want to talk of.mario: did alonso ask you to come?rebeca: no, he doesn't even know i fact, i think he'd get a bit jealous.mario: why would he? rebeca: as you and i wereboyfriends. mario: i swear you won't regret,i mean it. rebeca: mario!...and you never get married. mario: some peoplearen't born for marriage. anyway, what kind of adviseyou need? rebeca: i guess you already knowwhat happened at alonso's daughter wedding.mario: yeah, i knew something. what about it?rebeca: that's the beginning of the problem.amador zuniga is the one i really want to talk of.magdalena: oh, my! why such a good mood?lucía: because i don't get my dad's decisions.magdalena: why, what happened? lucía: he's just hireda foreigner to replace rodrigo at the factory.magdalena: does it hurt you that he had fired him?lucía: of course, not. i worry that marcelotakes advantage of my dad and he won't realize.surely the idiot wants charging the lift he gave methe other day. magdalena: who do you talk of,the young man who brought you the day you disappeared?lucía: i didn't disappear. i would've come back homewithout problems or asking favors to anyone.magdalena: it seems marcelo left no good impression at all.why? lucía: he's pedant and vain.magdalena: really? lucía: yes.magdalena: how funny. the other day i was with himfor a little while, to me he seemed a nice person.lucía: i can tell you didn't have to put up with himfor a long while in his car. nazario: if you distrust,why don't you call to mexico and ask for references.alonso: i did that and i got the best references.he has an executive position at an excellent company.nazario: so why do you doubt? alonso: it's weird thathe wants such a radical change, knowing that his actual positionis way higher than what i'm offering him.nazario: but he may be tired of the capital.alonso: but doesn't it seem weird that he appearedright now? nazario: let's analyze things.did he come asking for a job? alonso: no, he came to askhow was lucía doing. we starting talking,he commented that he wanted to move in to puebla cityand it was easy offering him rodrigo's position.nazario: those things happen. but if you still doubt,then don't hire him. alonso: but, the more i seehis trajectory, i'm more convinced thathe can be a very valuable element for this company.nazario: then, hire him for a trail period.oh! agustín, look... rebeca: so alonso could goto jail if amador indeed accuses him?mario: i won't deny your husband could have legal problems,but sincerely i don't think that could happen.rebeca: that is? mario: if things are as you say,they can adduce that your husbanddidn't mean to harm the guy. rebeca: i repeat alonsowas furious and more than once he said he didn't knowwhat he could do if he'd be in front of him.mario: those are only words. besides, rodrigo searchedfor alonso and something very important, he didn't havea gun to hurt him. rebeca: so it can be aduccedthat it was an accident. mario: uh-huh.i wonder why your husband didn't look for a lawyerto ask him all these questions. rebeca: he doesn't even imagethat amador could get him in trouble or that he wouldtake advantage of all this. mario: but you do.rebeca: yes, of course. in fact, if he had wanted,way long ago he could've kept my husband's factory.mario: [chuckles] i don't doubt it.rebeca: you sound as if you'd know something.mario: fortunately, i have relation with amador zúñiga.but i can assure he's not the honorable personthat many people think. he's just too carefulwith what he does. sergio: hey, what's up?did you go crazy with the hit? rodrigo: stop it,i'm not in a good mood. sergio: besides that, what?how are you? rodrigo: so-so.sergio: relax, it turned out super cheapbecause with the spite that lucía's dad feels for you,it could've been way worse. rodrigo: i know.i just hope he let it all out and complained all the had to.sergio: surely, he did. besides, all this came in handyto realize the kind of father-in-law i'll have.rodrigo: that you'll have? sergio: yes, i thought it well.i'll insist with nora. i have nothing to lose.if you think of it, there's no reason whyshe wouldn't be back with me. rodrigo: no, don't insist.sergio: why? rodrigo: you can't trust noraat all. sergio: why? tell me.rodrigo: because i know her. ok? that's all.[knocks on door] nora: can i come in?lucía: yes, come in. nora: since the wedding,i felt like talking with you. but i, actually, didn't knowwhat to tell you. i swear it.lucía: i imagine. nora: yes, i mean it.besides, everyone told me you didn't want to talk of it.lucía: i still do. nora: ok, i won't insist.but i want you to know that what rodrigo did to youhurt me a lot. i know we don't get along,but i don't like that they hurt you.lucía: thank you. nora: you're welcome.what are you doing? lucía: i'm looking for a job.i'm checking at the university's job pool to see if i findsomething worthy. nora: are you going to work?lucía: yes. dad offered me a positionat the factory, but obviously i didn't accept.i want looking somewhere else. nora: good luck.lucía: thank you. alonso: can i help you?agent: yes. does miss lucía gaxiola murillolive here? alonso: yes, she's my daughter.who's looking for her? agent: we come fromthe general attorney's office. a car who crashed a street lightwas reported and its documents belong to her.magdalena: good evening, miss. could you tell me where to finddoctor esquerra, please? nurse: yes, of course.look, she's coming there. magdalena: thanks very esquerra? sara: yes?magdalena: i'm magdalena murillo.i'm not sure if you know me. doctor: we haven't treated,but i know perfectly who you are.i have many and excellent references of yours,because of lucía who's a close friend of my daughter.magdalena: yes, i know. that's why i've dared comingto bother you. sara: please, call me can i help you? magdalena: i don't know iflucía told you that i don't live here and i've been dedicatedto do social work for years. doctor: lucía speaksvery proudly of your work. magdalena: it's a lovely work.the thing is i decided staying in puebla and i thoughtthat maybe you, working here, could help me finda voluntary group to join and work there.would it be possible? doctor: that won't be hard.volunteering work is always welcome let me investigate and i'll be pleasedto let you know. magdalena: thank you.i'll be really thankful. sara: it's a pleasure.magdalena: for me too. sara: good bye.teresita, did the tests arrive?woman: yes, here they are. alonso: why didn't you tell methey stole your car? lucía: i didn't know it!but it's no wonder, i abandoned it on the street.alonso: you did what? lucía: what you heard.i didn't want anything reminding me of rodrigo.and he gave me that nasty car. i also got ridof my wedding dress and the honey moon suitcase.alonso: i get that, but abandoning the caris not good at all. lucía: dad! forgive me.back then, i felt too bad. despite how much i spinaround it , i don't get how a person who pretendedloving me so much, hurt me so much.alonso: and why don't you want his replacement at the factory?lucía: it's not so. alonso: what is it, then?lucía: i worry that marcelo may want to takeadvantage of you. alonso: i have reasonsnot to think so. wouldn't it be thatwhat happened with rodrigo makes your distrust everybody?lucía: it could be. i don't trust any men no longer.but it's your factory, your decisionsand i don't have to mess where i shouldn't.alonso: thanks for giving me some credit.anyway, you'll have to go to declare what happenedwith the car you had abandoned. rafaela: marcelo!when did you arrive? marcelo: i've just comeand i came straight here. how's my mom?rafaela: what can i tell you? she has good and bad times.milagros: who do you talk with? marcelo: good evening, mom.milagros. oh my. at last you show up.for a moment, i thought you'd stay for good in puebla.marcelo: that's exactly what i'm going to do.milagros: what? marcelo: i'll move in to puebla.i even got a job. milagros: what kind of job?marcelo: at a talavera factory. milagros: oh, my god.don't be absurd. marcelo: i thought you'd be gladknowing i won't move to spain. milagros: of course, i'm glad.but changing your position to work at a handicrafts storemakes me feel like crying. marcelo: it's nota handicrafts store, it's big and successful factory.why do you doubt my decision knowing thati've always paved my way. milagros: say whatever,but i doubt about that small company.marcelo: who gets you, mom? being in puebla i can comemore often to visit you. milagros: don't make me favors.marcelo: i'd really like seeing you.well, i came to tell you my plans and i already did, i leave. i want to see daniela.milagros: don't you bother. she got tired of waiting for youand went on a trip with her dad. marcelo: where?milagros: do you really care? marcelo: [gasps]good night, mom. rebeca: is it true thatyou offered lucía a job at the factory?alonso: yes, it's true. she wants to workand i proposed her to do it with me.i think it's high time we got someone of the familyinvolved in the business. why do you bother?rebeca: and you still ask! to vary, you only consider lucíaas your only heir at the factory and leave nora aside.alonso: that's not true. don't worry, anyway.lucía didn't accept. i don't know if it wasout of pride, the thing is she won't work with me.rebeca: that doesn't calm me at all.deep down the problem is that you don't consider noraat all and she's also your daughter.alonso: what else would i want than nora would be interestedin the factory or whatever? she, actually, doesn't doanything and that's not positive and much less healthy.rebeca: now you'll criticize her.alonso: no, i don't. nora is my daughter, i adoreand love her with all my soul. i'd lovethat she'd find her way. it hurts me so much seeingthat she's unsatisfied with herself.rebeca: maybe she reacts like this because she doesn'tfeel the same support you give to her sister.alonso: enough. stop getting those foolish ideasin her mind and care for finding somethingshe truly likes doing. maybe, she'll pay attentionto you. [music][music] rafaela: excuse me.milagros: what's wrong? don't say it's nothing.since marcelo left you haven't opened your mouth.rafaela: if that's what you want, i'll do it.though, i'll end up told off for meddling where i shouldn'tand you tell me, "what would i knowhaving no sons?" milagros: please, stop that,will you? rafaela: i think you should carefor your relation with marcelo. you've been always too toughwith him. since his brother died,he's a thousand times worse. milagros: would it be thatsince federico died marcelo is behaving as ifhe'd still be a teenager? i actually can't believeso much irresponsibility. rafaela: why, whyirresponsibility? milagros: isn't it enoughthat he doesn't hear me at all, that he had lead his girlfriendto leave him and now, on top, he wantsto go to puebla to work in only god knows what.rafaela: anyway, you should respect him, at least a bit.he might know why he does what he does.milagros: i don't know why you've always defended marceloand have gotten on his side. rafaela: it could be thatyou've always put your feet on his neckand never liked anything of what your son does.what do you want? making him payfor his father's sins? milagros: don't talk nonsense.marcelo is the only son i have left and i love himabove all things. i simply would like thathe would be different. thanks for ruining my dinner.[phone beeps] daniela: i've tried to reach youall day long, but it seems your phone is me when you can. [voice mail]the call be charged after the signal.marcelo: daniela, it's me. i know you went on trip.i'd liked talking with you personally,but i'll call you later. nora: don't you geti don't want to see you again? no, don't you dare coming know you're not welcome. no.what's up with you? magdalena: you're talkingwith rodrigo, right? you won't fool me anymore.listen to me well, young man. right now, you'll tell mewhat's happening between nora and you?sergio: i'm sorry. i don't know who you are,but i was talking with nora of personal things.magdalena: who speaks? sergio: i'm sergio mondragon.magdalena: i'm sorry. i thought i was talkingwith someone else. nora: you're totally nuts.magdalena: i'm sorry. i thought you were talking--nora: with whomever. you have no right to meddlein my life and my things. rebeca: what's wrong?nora: i can't stand her. i can't stand her, mom.rebeca: i warned you. i told youto leave my daughter in peace. so, right now, you leave.didn't you hear? go away.magdalena: i admit i made a mistakeand i was unfair with nora. sincerely, i offer youan apology. rebeca: i don't give a damnabout your apologizing. what i want is thatyou leave my house. magdalena: no, this is not onlyyour house. lucía lives here too.rebeca: i'm owner and master of this house,whether they like it or not. no matter you're my sister,pick up your things and leave. i won't let you altermy family's harmony. so, you have till tomorrowto grab your stuff and leave. got it?magdalena: perfectly. rebeca: i'll tell my husbandthat you're leaving. nora: so you call the cab.sara: [sighs] hi, dear.leticia: hi. sara: guess who came to see meat the hospital? magdalena murillo,lucía's aunt. leticia: really?what for? sara: it seems she'll stayin puebla for a while and wanted to knowif she could work with some volunteering groupat the hospital. lucía says she's efficient.sara: so they say. leticia: [grumbles]mom, you already know i hate when you grab my food.i better prepare you one. sara: wouldn't you likedoing something like that? leticia: have this.what? sara: volunteering work.while you find a stable job. leticia: i'm notinto those things, besides it doesn't interests me.sara: what does interest you? i'm a bit fed with seeing youeveryday, locked up in here killing criticize nora gaxiola because she doesn't do anythingand you're worse. leticia: no, i'm not worse.i do study a career. sara: well, it's timeyou practiced it. i can't deal alone eternallywith this house responsibility. leticia: you've done itbecause you decided it to be so. if you would've knownholding my dad back, things would be very different.sara: we won't argue for the same think a man's presence solves it all, right?it's incredible, times goes by and you simplydon't get a thing. leticia: no, i don't.sara: worse for you. do me a favor, tomorrowyou go look for a job. rebeca: yes, i chucked her out.i hope this time you do back me up.alonso: regardless how many differences you might have,magdalena's your sister. rebeca: a sister who onlycomes to annoy my life. alonso: i see that with thingsthat passed, we're too sensitiveand the tiniest detail can make you go off--rebeca: and this time, i reached my limit.i can endure everything, but that magdalenamistreats my daughter. alonso: what does norahas to do here? rebeca: i didn't want tellingyou for dignity. but maybe it's timeyou got to know it. do you know what my sistergot in her mind? alonso: what?rebeca: that our daughter has to do with rodrigohaving left lucía at the church. alonso: that's must have misunderstood. rebeca: i assure, i didn' you get why i want to chuck magdalena out of here?alonso: i can't really believe it.rebeca: you should. i just need a favor,not a single word of this to lucía because she's capableto be in magdalena's side and that wouldn't be fairfor nora. [doorbell rings]rafaela: good evening. marcelo: has anything happenedto my mother? rafaela: no, don't worry.she's fine. as she went to bed early,i came to talk here because in the housei couldn't ask you anything. are you having a sausagefor dinner? marcelo: i've been awayfor days, i didn't have anything else.rafaela: oh, dear. that's whythen you have stomachaches. let me see your have nothing. marcelo: sit down.what do you want to talk about with me?rafaela: the woman you went to look for in said on the phone you had already found her.marcelo: i'm not sure. the information i have,makes me think that the woman i met is the one who waswith my brother, but there's somethingthat doesn't make sense. rafaela: what is it?marcelo: let's see if i can explain.when i got her in front of me, she didn't seem the kindof woman who could hurt nobody. on the contrary, she seemeda very innocent girl. rafaela: did you tell herwho you are? marcelo: i just told herand her father my name. yes, her father is the ownerof the factory where i'll work. rafaela: oh, god.i don't like that at all. you've never liedor deceived anyone. marcelo: i'm not saying any lie.i just didn't say i'm federico valdivia'shalf brother and that i'm trying to findthe woman who was with him. rafaela: hiding thingsis like telling lies. you can get tangled aloneand end up feeling too bad. marcelo: i need making thatwoman pay for what she did and i won't rest till i do it.rafaela: don't you see you're throwing awayall you've gotten through all these yearswith so much struggle? and all for taking revengeof a woman, or girl or whomever, who only god knowsto which extent lead your brotherto do what he did. do you really thinkit's worthy? [music][music] nora: what did he say?does he agree on my aunt leaving?rebeca: well, not completely. i had to explain himwhy i chucked her out. nora: wait told my dad that my aunt believes that rodrigo and i--rebeca: but he got mad. he doesn't believe you capableto do something against yours sister.nora: are you sure? rebeca: sure, mellow out.come on, more. harder, tell me, why where you arguing with magdalena?nora: sergio called me and magdalena thoughtit was rodrigo. so, she snatched the phoneand started screaming at him. obviously, sergio asked herwho are you, blessed woman? rebeca: what did sergio want?nora: he's insisting on being back with me.but, i'm fed up with him. rebeca: it wouldn't bea bad idea if you're back with him for a while.nora: no, his mouth stinks! rebeca: buy him chewing you get completely away from rodrigo.nora: what for? if magdalena would be gone.rebeca: do as i say. some times you just haveto do things. nora: how do you know?rebeca: because i was young too. [knocks on door]magdalena: come on in. alonso: we need to talk.magdalena: i imagine. alonso: i've never likedyour relation with rebeca, but i've always respected itbecause i know it has no remedy. this time i can't remain silentbecause your hatred for rebeca is reaching nora.magdalena: i don't hate rebeca. we simply havedifferent ways to see life. alonso: whatever,but it's affecting my daughter and i can't allow it.magdalena: i already apologize with her.i really feel sorry. alonso: where on earthdid you get that-- magdalena: i made a mistake.i'm aware of it. please, forgive me.alonso: what puzzles me is that i think i know youand you're not the kind of person who would let outsuch a comment lightly. if you really have a validreason to suspect nora, please, tell me.magdalena: i don't have it. i repeat, it was a follyof my part. alonso: it was a great follyand i can't let those kind of problemsmultiply in my house. magdalena: i see.i go back to mexico today. alonso: i'm really sorry.lorena: good morning. i didn't know you'd be hereso early. should i bring you a coffee?marcelo: i only came to talk with the general chiefand pick up my things. lorena: did you say you weren'tgoing to spain anymore? marcelo: no. i won't go,but i won't keep on working here either.lorena: so what are you going to do?marcelo: i'm going to live in the province.lorena: oh, i had the hope that you would stay.isn't any chance for it? marcelo: the decision is soon as i'm settled, i'll send you my addressso you send me my personal mailing.would do you me that favor? lorena: it'll be a pleasure.marcelo: it's been a pleasure working with you.lorena: for me too, sir. good luck.marcelo: thanks. i'm going to need it.lucía: aunt! did you already have breakfast?why are you packing up? magdalena: i have to go backto mexico. lucía: but we've saidyou wouldn't leave so soon. magdalena: i'd love staying,but i can't. lucía: why?magdalena: because i can't leave my job at the hospital.that's all. lucía: you're too bad at lying.did rebeca do you anything? magdalena: we argued,that's all. lucía: did he darechuck you out? magdalena: no, of course not.if i leave, it's because i decide's the most convenient for everyone.lucía: you don't know to lie. but i'll solve this.magdalena: what will you do? lucía: talk to her.magdalena: don't meddle, please. wait, lucía.lucía! [grumbles]lucía: i just come to tell you magdalena won't go nowhere.rebeca: that's already decided and i won't discuss itwith you. lucía: me aunt stays. magdalena:'s pointless. rebeca: no matter who likes it,i'm the only lady of this house and i'm the one who decides.lucía: there hasn't been and there will be another lady,but my mom. i'm sure that she'd have neverdared chucking her own sister out the house.rebeca: i don't give a damn about what your motherwould've done or not. she's already, her opinion doesn't count. lucía: but mine doesand my dad's too. rebeca: for you to knowhe agrees with me. lucía: we'll see that.rebeca: lucía can scream, cry or kick,but you do leave. [music][music] magdalena: don't call your dad.lucía: i need talking to him. magdalena: you dad and ialready talked. lucía: so, he agreeswith your leaving. magdalena: in a way.lucía: i can't believe it. i'll talk with him personally.magdalena: please, leave things as they are.lucía: no. i know what i do.just promise me, please, that you won't move till i'm back.magdalena: get me, i can't. lucía: aunt, please.please... i won't take long.magdalena: what do i do? what do i do, my god?[seethes] [door opens]alonso: they told me you've been waiting for mefor a long while. amador: yes, i thinkit's time we talked. alonso: i repeat what i saidin the hospital. i'm sorry for the endof the discussion with your son. amador: apology accepted.i guess, everyone's mood were altered, not only yours,i admit mine too. i think it's fineto solve this like adults and don't mix personal issueswith work. alonso: i totally agree.amador: i'm sure that rodrigo will be very pleasedto come back to work. alonso: i won't let rodrigocome back to work. i don't want and i can'toverlook what he did to my daughter.what's more, i'm already seeing another person to replace him.amador: you can't take such a decisionwithout asking me. we both are partof this company's management. alonso: i decided it to be soand i can also decide to finish our partnership.amador: is it a threat? alonso: take it as you want.i set the rules here and i won't let youor anyone blackmail me. amador: i thought we hada friendship. i was wrong.sergio: i really didn't expect that you'd look for me again,much less after what you told meyesterday. nora: i stayedwith a bitter taste. forgive's not fair that i get even with you for what your frienddid to my sister. but, frankly, i thinkyou're on his side. sergio: it's not so.he's simply my friend and you have to get it.i'll never turn my back on him and much less right now.rodrigo is going through hell. i know he loves lucía.and tough he has left her alone at the altar, it hurts himbadly having lost her. nora: didn't he saywhy he did it? sergio: no, he hasn't told meanything and despite my trying to find a reason,i can't find it. nora: i have no idea either.sergio: by the way, who's the woman who meddledwhen we were talking on the phone last night?nora: my aunt, the nun. but don't worry.she won't bother us anymore. let's better talkabout you and me. sergio: do you mean it?nora: i'm very serious. rodrigo: i guess he didn'taccept that i would go back to work, right?amador: the last word is not said yet.rodrigo: leave it like that. it's useless to insist.amador: i'm not a conformist and you neither.rodrigo: i really don't know if i want to go back.amador: so what are you going to do? won't you work or what?rodrigo: that damned factory is not the only placewhere i can do it. amador: you know perfectlyyou barely have experience. if you had that positionand that wage, it was thanks to me.being close to me, you were protected.rodrigo: i don't need you to protect meor do me any favor. thank you.amador: where do you go? rodrigo: to pick up my things.i don't want anything to do with that talavera alone with your interests. amador: be careful, please.won't you do any folly. alonso will be there,and you'll run into him. rodrigo: i don't care.we already talked about what we had to.goodbye. lucía: answer it true that you agreed on chucking my aunt outof the house? alonso: i really don't likewhat's going on, but this time i can't meddlein their conflicts. lucía: i don't get you.when there's a problem you never look always try to solve, to reconcile.why do you stand still now? alonso: this time,i can't do anything. lucía: tell me the something i may not know going on?alonso: it's the same old thing. there isn't a good relationbetween your aunts, honey. lucía: well, and if i ask youto support my aunt so she won't leave.alonso: i repeat, this time, i can't do anything.lucía: all right. don't do anything,then i'm off with her. alonso: wait a moment.i won't let you too blackmail me.lucía: it's not blackmailing. letting your wifechuck her own sister out of the house,is being on her side. but i already got how things areand it makes me so sad. it's obvious that latelywe don't agree on anything. rodrigo: lucía, lucía, lucía!please. hi.lucía: how are you doing? rodrigo: better.lucía: great. rodrigo: wait, please.lucía: let go of me. rodrigo: you'll neverforgive me, right? lucía: for god's sake,even the question is foolish. rodrigo: don't go like this,please. lucía: i already told youi don't want you to touch me, get close or look at me.rodrigo: i didn't want-- marcelo: you already heard her.leave her alone. rodrigo: who are you?marcelo: it doesn't matter. the only thing that matters hereis that lucía doesn't want anything with you anymore.rodrigo: tell this moron not to meddlewhere he shouldn't and that despite all,you still love me as i love you. [music]

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