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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 12

16 Abr 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents... magdalena: rebeca!rebeca: what's wrong? why are you screaming?magdalena: lucía isn't in her room.rebeca: what about downstairs? magdalena: she's not there.alonso: what's wrong? magdalena: lucíais nowhere to be found. we can't find her wedding dressor her suitcase for the honeymoon.rebeca: please, magdalena. you're making alonso worry.alonso: do you think there's no reasonto be worried? remember that lucíatook god knows how many sleeping pills last night.rebeca: don't exaggerate. you said it yourselfthat she only took one. alonso: i don't carehow many she took. i'd feel much betterif i knew where she is. did you look for herat the garden? magdalena: no, not yet.alonso: i'll look for her there. magdalena: i'll go with you.alonso: right. rebeca: sweetie.nora: my sister tried to kill herselfbecause of me? rebeca: no, no.nora: because of what i did? rebeca: no, baby.she only took a pill. they're exaggerating.nora: it's my fault she tried to kill herself.rebeca: no, sweetie-- nora: she triedto kill herself because of me. rebeca: calm down.please, calm down. nora: [sobs]it's my fault. my sister took those pillsbecause of me, because of what i did.rebeca: no, no. she only took oneto calm down. it's to be expectedbecause of what happened to her. nora: how can you be so sure?rebeca: she said so herself. nora: [sobs]where is she? rebeca: i don't know,but she'll show up. don't worry.nora: what if she doesn't? rebeca: she definitely will.i insist they're blowing itout of proportion. nora: i only wanted herto break up with rodrigo. even if i hate her,she's still my sister. i don't want her to diebecause of me. rebeca: calm down already.nobody's going to die. your sister will be it? nora: i wouldn't be ableto stand it. i wouldn't be able to liveknowing my sister killed herself because of me.rebeca: she's not going to die. she won' it? please, calm down.your dad shouldn't see you like this.nora: i feel... i feel terrible, mom.[cries] rebeca: you have no ideahow well i understand your feelings.please, dear. okay.please. lucía: [panting][sobs] stop that!stop that! [panting][coughs] marcelo: [coughs]lucía: [coughs] marcelo: are you all right?lucía: why are you meddling? who are you?marcelo: marcelo escalante. nice to meet you.lucía: why do you know my name?marcelo: it's a complicated about i tell you outside? i'll take you can't drive in your current state.lucía: no. don't touch me.marcelo: hey, wait. i can't let you go--lucía: let go of me! marcelo: look at're shaking. lucía: that's my problem,not yours. marcelo: you didn't lockthe car, it'll be stolen. lucía: i hope so!marcelo: watch out! [honk]lucía: [panting] marcelo: is that enough nonsensefor today? lucía: don't touch me.marcelo: don't tell me you're afraid of men.lucía: i'm not afraid of any man.marcelo: then let me take you home.lucía: only to show you you're mistaken.where's your car? marcelo: here.alonso: leti, if she goes to your house,please tell her to call me. yes, thank you.magdalena: nothing? alonso: nothing.nobody's picking up at nazario's house,so she's not there either. magdalena: maybe she wentto look for rodrigo. alonso: i don't thinkshe wants to see that bastard's face.magdalena: not to see his face, but she mustneed an explanation. alonso: so do i.magdalena: i've been thinking about must be related to the anonymous messageslucía was sent. alonso: anonymous messages?magdalena: the anonymous messages where she was toldher boyfriend was cheating on her with another woman.alonso: why didn't anyone tell me?magdalena: i don't know. alonso: did rebeca and noraknow about this too? magdalena: i think so.alonso: so everyone in this house knew aboutthe anonymous messages except for me,the head of the family. who's the womanrodrigo supposedly cheated on my daughter with?magdalena: according to her, she has no idea who it much so, she thought the messages didn't matter.alonso: they did matter. a lot.we should've started there. i'll see what elsei can find out. magdalena: where are you going?alonso. where are you going?[door closes] rebeca: dear.come on, dear. please, come on, honey.come here. you should batheso you calm down. come on.alonso: is it true you knew about the anonymous messageslucía was sent? rebeca: yes, why do you ask?and why are you shouting? alonso: why didn't you tell me?!when did she get those anonymous messages?rebeca: before the wedding. alonso: look, come here.sit down. come here.[panting] do you know who could havesent them? nora: no.alonso: but those messages are about a you know who that woman is? nora: n... no, dad.alonso: you must have an idea about it.nora: no, i don't know. rebeca: why would she know?alonso: because lucía and nora have the same group of friends.maybe she heard something. nora: no, i didn'thear anything. alonso: dear,maybe you heard something and didn't pay attention to itat that time. after what happened,it might be important. please, try to remember.we need to know who rodrigo cheatedon your sister with. rebeca: leave her alone.she doesn't know anything. she told you're abusing her. like you did to me last night.nora: [cries] alonso: i just want to knowwhy that bastard humiliated her sister.rebeca: you're wasting your time talking to should ask rodrigo himself.alonso: of course i will.rebeca: have you heard anything from lucía?alonso: no. i hope magdalena is right.i hope she left to go kill that bastard.nora: why did you tell him to talk to rodrigo?now he'll talk to him. rodrigo willtell him everything. they'll find out what i did.rebeca: rodrigo won't say a word.if he didn't do it before, he won't do it now.why would he? brígida: it's about timeyou left your room. can we talk now?rodrigo: mom, why do you want to knowwhy i didn't marry lucía? just be gladi didn't marry her. didn't you tell meover and over again you didn't like heras your daughter-in-law? brígida: no, no,'s one thing that we weren't's another for me to want youto humiliate her, and your father,and me. rodrigo: please don't questionme. brígida: i'm your mother.i have the right to know what happened.besides, i'm really worried about you.please, try to understand. rodrigo: no, are the one who should try to understand me.i don't need you to ask me for explanations.i need you to support me. brígida: all right.for now, i won't ask anymore. but i hope somedayyou can feel comfortable telling me about it.whether you like it or not, i'm part of this affects me. rodrigo: i me, i didn't wantto harm you and dad. i'm sorry.brígida: i'm afraid it's too late for that.for the record, i told youyour relationship with lucía wouldn't end well.if you'd noticed nora from the beginning--rodrigo: don't mention nora! please.brígida: rodrigo... wait.[phone rings] hello.alonso. how are you?marcelo: can i ask you something?why did you set the mattress on fire?does your fit have to do with what happened last night?lucía: look, i don't know who you areand why you know so much about my life,but i have no reason to discuss it with you.what's more, i don't know why i'm here.marcelo: wait, wait. i still haven't told youwhy i know your name and so much about your life.don't you want to know? lucía: i'm waiting.marcelo: last night, i happened to beat the church where you were going to get married.i saw what your boyfriend did to you.just by chance, i saw what happenedat the apartment a while ago and i wanted to help you.that's all. lucía: why did you?what do you care? marcelo: a gentlemanshould help a woman when she needs it.lucía: gentlemen don't exist. [cell phone rings]marcelo: hello. daniela: i've been waitingfor over 24 hours for you to call me and explain,and you can't even bother to do that.marcelo: i'm with someone. i'll call you later.daniela: when? marcelo: i don't know.i'll call you as soon as i can. lucía: do you also knowjust by chance where i live? marcelo: no, i don't know that.but if you tell me, i can drop you offat your front door. rebeca: i understandyou're worried about lucía, but don't take it outon me and nora. alonso: i'm nottaking it out on you. i only asked hera couple of questions. rebeca: that's nothow she perceived it. she's also really worriedabout what happened to her sister,but you only think about lucía. alonso: nonsense.rebeca: how is it nonsense? she's in great painbecause of what happened to her hard is it for you to show her that you love her,that you worry about her? as usual, you only thinkof your eldest daughter. alonso: you clearlyaren't worried at all about what's happeningto lucía. rebeca: you have no rightto complain to me. every timei try to get close to you, you seek refugein magdalena's understanding. alonso: please, rebeca.rebeca: you know what? it's not that i'm jealousof magdalena. i'm only asking younot to forget i'm your wife.don't push me around like you always do with nora.alonso: i think you are jealous. and to be honest,your jealousy is out of place.magdalena, i can't wait anymore.i'm leaving to go look for her. magdalena: it's lucía.let's go, it's lucía. alonso: dear, where were you?we were looking for you. we were worried.lucía: i don't know why you were worried.magdalena: i'll go with her. alonso: yeah.excuse me, i don't know who you areor why you were with my daughter.marcelo: i wasn't with her. i met her at her apartment.i saw she was really upset so i offeredto bring her here, that's all. alonso: what was she doingat her apartment? marcelo: you should ask her.excuse me. alonso: excuse me,what's your name? marcelo: marcelo escalante.pleased to meet you. alonso: alonso gaxiola.thank you very much for worrying about my daughterand bringing her home. i owe you one.marcelo: you don't owe my was a pleasure to meet your daughterand you. alonso: again, thank you.marcelo: see you later. alonso: see you later.magdalena: we called your godparentsand who knows who else. lucía: i told youyou had no reason to worry. magdalena: [sighs]did you go... did you go looking for rodrigo?lucía: no. of course not.he's dead to me. i won't mourn himor cry over him. magdalena: lucí don't have to act strongor hide your pain in front of me.besides, you have the right to cryas much as you need. lucía: i won't cry over himor any other man. magdalena: as i told youyesterday, time healsso many things. you know, i was thinkingmaybe you'd like to go with me to mexicofor a few days. the hospital i'm working atis doing some great-- lucía: all right, all right!i won't run away. i definitely won't hidelike you did. magdalena: right.and... i'm glad you'rea stronger woman than me. i'll see if i can make itin time to the 1 o'clock mass. alonso: did she tell youwhere she went? magdalena: [whispers], and to be honest... she doesn't seem like herself.i swear i don't know her anymore.[music] [music]brígida: it's about time you came home.what took you so long? you said you were onlygoing to buy the newspaper. amador: because i came acrossthe medinas. they kept asking meover and over again the reason forour son's nonsense. i couldn't get rid of them.that's why. brígida: hey,while you were out, alonso called.amador: alonso? what did he say? he must've asked for rodrigo.brígida: no, for lucía. he wanted to knowif she came here because she left earlythis morning in the car rodrigo gave her...rodrigo gave her a car? amador: what does it matter?what else did alonso say? brígida: that's all he said.that lucía was missing. he was really worried,as if he thought lucía would dosomething stupid. rodrigo: when was that?brígida: about an hour ago. amador: hey, hey.where are you going? please, don't doanything stupid that might make thingsmore complicated than they are. rodrigo: what would makethings more complicated? everyone thinksi'm a bastard. they're right.alonso: i'd do anything so you wouldn't have to endurewhat you're going through. lucía: i'm gratefulfor your support, but... i really don't wantto talk about it anymore. i just want to forget him,and if you keep talking about it,i won't be able to do it. alonso: okay, okay.we won't talk about it if you don't want to.but at least tell me why you were in the apartment.the person who did us the favorof bringing you here told me he found you that true? lucía: i justwent to... to get rid of some stuffi don't need anymore. that's all.alonso: okay. i won't make you answer.what matters is that you're here.i'm grateful towards that man,whoever he is, for bringing you home.lucía: i would've come back me. without asking anyone a favor.alonso: anyway, i'm thankful.dear. i love you.don't ever forget that. nora: did she saywhere she went? rebeca: no.tere told me she left with the carrodrigo gave her and come back in another onewith a man i don't know. nora: where did she leavethe car? rebeca: i don't know.what matters is that she came back safeand that you can calm down now.did you see all the colors there are this season?look. nora: lucía must have doneeverything she could to make my dad more worriedand play the victim. rebeca: why don't yougo see her? nora: what for?rebeca: to talk to her. she's sad.say nice things to her. nora: no,i don't know what to tell her.i don't want to stay here to see how lucíagets all the attention, as always.rebeca: you'll have to put up with it.nora: no, not today, mom. i'd rather go outsomewhere. rebeca: [chuckles]okay. maybe you're right.getting some fresh air might be good for might help you gather your thoughts.nora: [sighs] yeah.see you later. rebeca: know i love you, right? if i say something to you,it's because i'm worried about you.even if i sometimes disagree with your actions.nora: yeah, mom. rodrigo: no, no.i can't, i can't. nora: what are youdoing here? if my dad sees you,he'll kill you. rodrigo: i heard lucíais missing. have you found her?nora: how kind. don't worry.she's perfectly fine. don't think so highlyof yourself. she won't kill herselfbecause of you. rodrigo: you're so satisfiedbecause you got away with it. nora: let go of me.rodrigo: let me tell you this isn't'll also pay for what we did to lucía.nora: let go of me! rodrigo: we are notdone talking. magdalena: what do you twohave to talk about? i want to knowwhat's going on here. tell me.i'm waiting. rodrigo: tell her, nora.tell your aunt what we were talking about.magdalena: so? nora: rodrigowants me to talk to my sister so i convince herof forgiving him. i refused to.he began to shout. he went nuts.magdalena: do you really think what you did to lucíacan be forgiven? rodrigo: no, probably isn't. but i'm not the only oneto blame here. magdalena: yes, we all knowyou have another woman in your life.but to lucía, you're the only one to humiliated her and hurt herin front of everyone. rodrigo: i had no choice, would've been much worse-- magdalena: don't explainyourself to me. let me tell you niece doesn't want to know what you have to tell hereither, so... you should leave.she doesn't want to see you again.rodrigo: nora. remember it.don't forget. magdalena: yes, thank you.nora: thank you for helping me.magdalena: wait, nora. i want to talk to you.nora: about what? magdalena: i'm not convincedby the explanation rodrigo and you gave that we're alone, please tell meexactly what you were talking about.nora: i don't know what you want me to say.magdalena: the truth. you knew what wasgoing to happen last night. you were fully awareof what rodrigo was going to do at church,right? nora: of course not.magdalena: you better not be hiding anything.if you are, then you are nowthat hick's accomplice. rebeca: what's going on?magdalena: it's nothing. i'm talking to your daughter,that's all. nora: my aunt is nuts.she wants me to confess thingsi don't know anything about. rebeca: you can get mad at meor argue with me, but i won't let youbother my daughter. magdalena: rebeca.i'm sure nora knows something about what happened last night.rebeca: if she said it's not true, then it isn't.i'm warning you. i won't let youspeak badly of nora to my it? alonso: don't tell meyou're fighting again.magdalena: no. i was telling rebecathat rodrigo came to talk to lucía,but i didn't let him. alonso: i'm the onehe has to talk to. magdalena: wait.rodrigo has already left. please, calm can't lose your mind like that.rebeca: listen to her, dear. my sister alwayshas good advice for you.magdalena: where did that come from?alonso: no, i don't know. don't listen to her.trinidad: where did that mysterious man come from?nazario: i've no idea. trinidad: is lalo surehe asked for adriana, the same adriana we know?because there're probably thousands of adrianas.nazario: yes, but he says he specifically told himadriana murillo. as far as i know,there aren't many adriana you know any? trinidad: well, no, but...look at those girls. well, it's not likewe know everyone. it might be a coincidence.nazario: yes, it might be a coincidence.i agree. but i still thinkit was very strange. trinidad: why didn't laloask that guy his name? nazario: he didn't think of it.instead, he told him adriana died,that she was his boss's wife... well, he told himlucía was getting married that day.trinidad: what's with lalo? why would he shareso much information with a stranger?it's dangerous, considering the way things are.nazario: i think so too, but you know how he is.when he lets his tongue loose, there's no stopping him.[church bell] trinidad: you think we should talk about it with alonso?nazario: no, i don't think so. as you said,it might be a coincidence. why unsettle him?i'll be honest with you. when lalo told me,it made my blood run cold. trinidad: don't say my blood's running cold too. nazario: well...trinidad: how are you? let's go inside, come on.nazario: yeah, that's the third chime.trinidad: you'll take communion this time.marcelo: d... daniela, please, listen to me.daniela: there's no excuse. you leftwithout saying goodbye, and if i don't call you,you can't bother to use the phone.marcelo: i'm doing that, aren't i?daniela: please. could you tell mewhy the heck you're in puebla?and don't say it's because of work, because...i don't believe you anymore. marcelo: if i'm here, it'sbecause of something important. daniela: tell me something.does this sudden trip have to do... with a woman?marcelo: if you're worried i might have someone elsein my life, then no, it's not like that.daniela: can you swear it? marcelo: yes, i swear.daniela: do you still need some time to knowif you want to be with me? marcelo: i need itmore than ever. i'm confused and...there're a lot of things in my headi need to figure out. daniela: don't be surei'll wait for you my whole life.marcelo: dan... daniela. daniela!darn it. nora: i'm telling youwhen i opened the door, rodrigo was already there.then my aunt showed up out of nowhereand saw us argue. rebeca: did he say anythingthat compromised you? nora: i don't know.but... given how she questioned me,i think she senses something. i'm so scaredshe'll tell dad. rebeca: no, no.i'll take care of her. nora: who'll take careof rodrigo? he'll come back.rebeca: you told me he only came to seehow lucía was doing. that you met him by chance.nora: i'm not sure! he's furious.i think he'll keep bothering me.rebeca: well... i thinki'm underestimating him. we'll have to do something.[music] amador: what did i tell you?i told you might make things more complicated.magdalena isn't a fool. by now, she mustsuspect something. rodrigo: i don't careif the issue with nora is found out.what's there for me to lose? you said it yourself.i've lost lucía and my futureis screwed too. amador: maybe not.rodrigo: what? amador: i have to talkto alonso. he's furious,'s risky... i have no choice.rodrigo: please. what could alonso tell you?amador: he'll tell me no matter what i do i won't convince him,but part of that factory is mine too.i have the right to defend my asset.rodrigo: just... remember your partis very small. amador: yes, i know!okay? i also know alonsois furious with you and wants nothing to dowith you. but it can't belike that forever. it can't be wouldn't be good for us. [knocking on door]lucía: come in. magdalena: i just wantedto tell you rodrigo was here a while ago.lucía: what did he want? magdalena: i'm not sure,but i went ahead and kicked him out.i figured you didn't want to see him.i'm telling you this because i thinkyou should know about it. lucía: thank you.magdalena: i also wanted to tell you tomorrowi'll go back to mexico. i thinkit's pointless for me to stay here.lucía: aunt... i'm really sorryabout what i told you this morning.magdalena: don't worry. really, it's okay.i know you didn't mean to hurt me.lucía: if you really believe that, then...please, don't go. i need you here with me.magdalena: really? lucía: yes.nobody can... understand me better than you.[cries] magdalena: then there's nothingleft to say. of course i'll stay.lucía: thank you. [sniffles]alonso: am i interrupting you? nazario: no, not at all.make yourself at home. alonso: must be surprised to see me here,but i needed to talk with a friend.nazario: you're a mess, right? alonso: i'm supposed to bea rather sensible adult, but this has gottenout of hand for me. i can't handle it.especially because of my daughter.nazario: how's my goddaughter? alonso: like any young womanwhose future has been destroyed as well as her self love.nazario: trini left to go and try to talk to probably missed each other.alonso: i hope she wants to see her.lucía doesn't want to talk to anyone.she's acting strange. magdalena was rightwhen she said she's not being herself.nazario: hasn't rodrigo tried to get in touch?alonso: no, but it seemsit's about a woman. nazario: a woman?who? alonso: i don't know.nazario: haven't you asked him? alonso: can i confesssomething to you? i'm scared of havingthat bastard in front of me. nazario: scared of what?alonso: i'm scared i might not be able to control myselfand do something i might regret later.nazario: don't say such nonsense.alonso: nazario, what i love the mosthas been hurt. one of my daughters.i can't let him get away with it.i'm afraid of doing something terrible.alonso: look for rodrigo. he has to explain.hurry up. marcelo: what the heckare you doing? this is absurd.i don't know why i'm here. lucía: you cynical bastard.rodrigo: calm down, what's wrong?lucía: did you bring a woman to our apartment?did you dare bring her to my bed?rodrigo: lucía, lucía. you're imagining things.calm down, i swear-- lucía: shut up.i don't believe you. but before i tell youto go to hell, i have to know who she is.[thinks] i won't shed one more tear for him.i won't. [bell rings]lucía: [grunts] lalo: hi, miss lucía,how are you? lucía: i'm fine.sorry to bother you on a sunday.lalo: don't worry, you know know i'm at your service. how can i help you?lucía: i want you to take...the whole bedroom, along with the mattress,to mr. zúñiga's house. did you bring someonewho can help you? lalo: yes, two of the guyswho work at the factory are waiting downstairs.lucía: perfect. the sooner, the better.please make sure you leave the roomcompletely empty, okay? and... and...make sure you lock the door. lalo: of course.lucía: thanks. lalo: hey, but...who do i give the furniture to? to mr. zúñiga, father,or mr. zúñiga, son? lucía: the son.tell him i said he can do whatever he wantswith them. lalo: i'll be glad to, miss.lucía: thanks. trinidad:'s already dark. i should get going.lucía hasn't come yet. magdalena: she saidshe was going to her apartment to take care of something.i think she'll be here soon. trinidad: she might notwant to see me. to be honest,i wasn't sure whether to come or must be awkward for her to have people talking to herabout the same thing all day, throwing salt on...on the wound over and over again.magdalena: you're right. but lucía doesn't evenwant to talk about it. in fact,she's acting strangely. trinidad: why?magdalena: because she doesn't want to vent.she's... being hard, even aggressive.trinidad: how do you feel? i imagine all thismust have made your memories come back mustn't be easy for you either.magdalena: yes, you're right, but...lucía is the one who matters right now.trinidad: do you really not know what happened?magdalena: not really. apparently,there's a woman involved. it turns out...darn. trinidad: what?magdalena: trini... please don't tell anyonewhat i'm about to tell you. it's a very delicate subjectand i'm not sure of it. trinidad: you can trust me.i won't even tell nazario if you ask me not to.magdalena: okay. i'm under the impressionthat nora is involved with what happened.i'm not saying she's responsible of it.but she knows something. [music][music] alonso: why are youhaving cereal for dinner during the night?nora: there's nothing else. i don't get whywe don't have a maid on sundays.alonso: because anyone who works has the rightto rest at least once a week.dear, i'd like to apologizefor the conversation we had this morningif i upset you. i know there's no excusefor what i did, but latelyi've been really nervous and tense becauseof what happened to your sister. nora: i know.alonso: lucía needs a lot of attention right now.don't let that make you think you're not important to me.both of you are just as important to me.nora: you always say that. alonso: it's the truth.nora. nora.nora! your sister needsto be supported. by all of you, too. can you do that?nora: i doubt she'll want it. alonso: she won't ask youfor it. you have to give it to her.right now, you're much stronger than her.can i count on you? nora: yes.i'll try to be close to her.alonso: thank you very much. i love you.nora: i love you too, dad. alonso: by the way,have you seen your mom? i've looked for her everywhereand i can't find her. nora: i think she left.alonso: where did she go? nora: i don't really know.brígida: i'm so glad you called me to meet have no idea how ashamed i feelabout this matter. rebeca: i can imagine.has rodrigo told you why he did something so foolish?brígida: it's unbelievable, but he hasn't told me's definitely something very serious.rebeca: brígida, i was thinkingit'd be best for you to send rodrigosomewhere outside of mexico for a while.with things being the way they are now,he should leave. brígida: well,rodrigo made a mistake, but... he's not a criminal.rebeca: for alonso, he is. i have no ideawhat might happen. he should leave puebla.otherwise, you'll have to face the consequences.i don't know what might happen even to amador.brígida: to amador? why? rebeca: consideringhow angry alonso is, he could...dissolve his partnership with him.brígida: but... why are we to blamefor what rodrigo did? rebeca: maybe you aren't,but sometimes parents have to face the consequencesof our children's actions, don't you think?brígida: [stutters] well, yes, but...i think right now-- rebeca: don't argue.listen to me, or you'll haveto face the consequences. lalo: be careful, out for the door frame, it's got glass.turn around this corner. take care of the ornaments--rodrigo: hey, lalo. what's going on here?lalo: it's from miss lucía. rodrigo: from lucía?lalo: yes, she sent you this furniturewe got from the apartment where you were going to live.the bedroom. though the mattresswon't be useful, right? rodrigo: did she say anything?lalo: yes. she said you couldthrow it away, destroy itor anything you want. where do i put it?rodrigo: i have to talk to her. lalo: hey, rodrigo,where do i put this? the guys don't have much time.amador: what's this? lalo: good evening, mr. zúñiga.amador: good evening. lalo: here we are.>> no problem. >> it's my pleasure.>> thank you so much. >> you're welcome.>> see you later. >> good evening.are you checking out of the hotel?excuse me. should i prepareyour account? marcelo: no.i came to let you know i'll stay indefinitely.>> okay. [honk]alonso: where are you going? lucía.lucía: why the heck are you here?rodrigo: i came to tell you i love you, lucía.lucía: how dare you say that to me?you cowardly bastard. rodrigo: i know, i know.please, listen to me. i have to tell youwhy i didn't marry you. i have to tell you.i can't stand it anymore. listen to me.alonso: what are you doing here? let go of my daughter.rodrigo: i had to talk to lucía. alonso: but she doesn'twant to talk to you. lucía: dad, please!alonso: get out! get out!lucía: rodrigo. rodrigo.rodrigo! what did you do?rodrigo.

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