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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 101

Brígida le dice a Amador que sabe que él mató a Ligia. Lucía le dice a Nora que Marcelo regresó a la Ciudad de México con Daniela. Milagros descubre que Daniela puede caminar.
18 Sep 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

announcer: televisa presents... nazario: i need you to be thereas a sort of example for them so that they have somebodywho guides them. lalo: you want me to--you think that i-- i want me to be your representative.nazario: more or less. something like that.[ice clinking against glass] lalo: but what will happenif they force me to accept the agreement we rejectedfrom zúñiga? nazario: nothing,you just do it and work on it. i'll see how i stop it later on.lalo: but how? nazario: i'm working on you think i'll let amador zúñiga get his way like that?no, man, come on. lalo: if marcelo were stillin the factory, that man wouldn't feel so confident.nazario: well, yes, but he's not and i don't think he'llgo back to to work. he went back to mexico citytoday. lalo: without saying bye?i thought we were friends. mexico citydaniela: you took very long. marcelo: i had to solvemany things. daniela: marcelo!marcelo: i'm sorry, i'm sorry. was the trip tiring?daniela: not much, but i was a bit nervous.marcelo: why? daniela: because your motherwas carrying federico's ashes. marcelo: and so?daniela: i know rebeca murillo is the woman your brotherwas seeing when he killed himself.marcelo: how did you find out? daniela: i saw the reportthe investigator my father hired made.tell me something. when did you find out?before or after you met lucía? marcelo: why are you asking?daniela: i find it strange that you fell in love with herwhen it was her aunt who-- marcelo: i'll ask you a favor.let's avoid talking about lucía, her aunt or anything relatedto her family, okay? please.i left puebla to leave all that behind.please don't make me think things i don't want to think.daniela: fine. i don't want lucía to bea topic between us either. marcelo: thank you.daniela: come. don't worry.i won't tell your mother. my father explained me whyyou don't want her to know and i'll keep it secret.brígida: i'm really interested in what you're saying.i always had the suspicion you had killed that woman,but now i'm completely sure. ricardo: excuse me.amador: listen, brígida-- brígida: shut up.i asked you once if you had killed that womanand you said you hadn't, you swore to me!amador: you're imagining things that are not true--brígida: you're a coward! when rodrigo was arrested,you remained quiet! you were willing to letyour son pay for what you did. amador: that's not true!i've done many things for rodrigo!i took him out of prison and i was willing to be accusedof it to save him! brígida: don't act dumb!don't pretend you're innocent because i know you're not!pluck up the courage to admit what you did!amador: look, brígida, listen to me, please.brígida: [cries] amador: come.brígida, please-- brígida: let go of me!you're disgusting! i was so blind i did not realizei was married to a worthless man!you're the worst father ever! i don't want to keep on livinghere. i don't want to.amador: listen-- brígida: don't touch me!i asked you not to touch me. move.let go of me! amador: where are you going to?brígida: [cries] rodrigo: mom, what's wrong?brígida: your father's a swine. i can't keep living with him.rodrigo: wait. calm down and tell mewhat's going on. brígida: what i told you.i realized i'm married to a man i don't're right to be disappointed about him.he doesn't deserve you as a son. rodrigo: mom, i'm worried,tell me what's going on, tell me what the problem was.brígida: ask your father to see if he's brave enoughto tell you. rodrigo:, please. brígida: i love you a lot.rodrigo: where are you going to? brígida: i don't know.i need to get away from this place.i'm sorry i gave you that father.leticia: i can't help it. i love you even if you don'tdeserve it. rodrigo: dad, what happened?mom said i should ask you but you don't want to explainme either. amador: there's nothing to say.your mother just imagined things that are not true.rodrigo: about what? i won't leave you in peaceuntil you tell me what happened. whatever it is, i want to know.amador: i'll tell you what happened.your mother thinks i'm cheating on her, that's it.rodrigo: again? with whom?amador: with nobody! i'm telling you she imagined it!rodrigo: dad, if she's so upset it means she's suspiciousof someone in particular. who is she?amador: she thinks i'm cheating on her with rebeca murillo.can you believe it? rodrigo: i'm not spend a lot of time together and i've seen you get onvery well. amador: rodrigo, stop talkingnonsense, please! rodrigo: it's not nonsensefor my mom. amador:'s very important for me that you believe me.i'm not cheating on your mom with anybody.forget about it because i'll solve it with her.the end. rodrigo: do you know whereshe was going to? because she didn't want to tell me.amador: i don't know where to, but i'm sure it won't take herlong to come back. rodrigo: phone her cell phoneat least. amador: i already did.she didn't take it with her. it's in the bedroom.teresa: lucía, lucía, come, please.lucía: what's wrong, tere? teresa: it's not about me,it's about mrs. brígida. she's been cryingsince she arrived. lucía: where is she?teresa: here, in the study. lucía: mrs. brígida,what happens? brígida: i need to talkwith your aunt. lucía: what happened?is your son okay? your husband?brígida: call your aunt, please. rebeca: i'm here, brígida.what do you want? brígida: rebeca,tell me something. do you consider me a friend?rebeca: of course. brígida: i have to ask youa favor, then. rebeca: yes, sure,whatever you want. brígida: can i stay heretonight? i'm sorry i'm bothering you,but i have nowhere to go. rebeca: the thing is--lucía: mrs. brígida, of course you can stay here.this is your house. rebeca: you heard her.this is your house, brígida. brígida: just for tonight,until i organize my thoughts and decide what i'll do.rebeca: sure, sure, but please calm down.brígida: i'm trying, but i swear i can't.rebeca: let's see, let's go to the guest room so thatyou can calm down, change and think things properly.please calm down. brígida: please,don't tell amador i'm here. rebeca: no, no, of coursei won't. come with me.brígida: [cries] sergio: nora, what are you doinghere? nora: as you don't answerneither my phone calls nor my messages, i had to comesee you in person. sergio: did you considerthat maybe i didn't answer because i didn't want to?nora: i knew you'd be mad because i caused you troublewith leticia, i know, but that's why i apologize. sergio: tell me what is thisall about. nora: what?sergio: you're looking for me, you call me every day,you text me-- i don't understand.nora: i told you. i want us to be friends again.sergio: is it just that? because you told rodrigo'smother that you were interested in me again.nora: yes, it's true, i told her so, but i'm not.i just want us to be friends. sergio: why did you lie to her,then? why did you lie? nora: mrs. brígida cameto my house, okay? she wants rodrigo and i--you know the story. i had to made that lie upto get rid of her. but no.i mean. unless you...sergio: what? no!no, no, no. don't dare try anythingbecause you won't succeed. you know why?because the only woman i love in the world is leti.nora: please, forgive me, i feel awful because i causedyou trouble, but look. i'll phone leticia and i'llexplain her everything. sergio: leave that phone.don't dare call her. besides, leti and i broke up.nora: because of me. sergio: yes, you had a lotto do in it. and as we have nothingto talk about, i'll ask you to please leave.nora: ok, but don't get upset. i'm really sorry.bye. mission accomplishedsergio broke up with that dumb happy?mexico city marcelo: lorena, it's marcelo.i'm sorry i'm calling this late.i wanted to thank you for taking charge of the removaland for taking the other furniture to the warehouseand for changing the carpet. thank you very much.i'll go say hi soon. thank you, good night.delete contact lucía: is she feeling better?rebeca: yes. she said she had a big problemwith amador and she doesn't want to see him again.i feel bad, but i don't want her in the house.lucía: aunt, don't be ungratefuland returned her the favor. you used her to make us allbelieve you were with her at the exact moment my fatherdied, so the least you can do for her is to support her now.rebeca: stop it, lucía. we agreed that--lucía: we agreed nothing! don't think that just becausei didn't tell nora i don't think about thatall day long. nora: what didn't you tell me?answer me! what is it you didn't tell me?lucía: that marcelo and daniela moved back to mexico city.even if you don't want anything with him,i thought you should know. nora: is he dating her again?lucía: it seems he is. good night.rebeca: good night. where were you?nora: with sergio. rebeca: nora,brígida had a big argument with amador and she asked meto stay here. nora: why would i care?he can't have gone. it's not true.he can't have gone. operator: the number you dialedis switched off or is not in service.sergio: you spent a lot of time at your parent's.i thought you had moved back with them.rodrigo: no, sergio. now less than ever.sergio: why? what happened?rodrigo: they had a terrible mother even left the house. sergio: do you know why?rodrigo: apparently, my mother realized my father is cheatingon her again with no other than rebeca murillo.[cell phone rings] wait, it may be my, it's not my mom. sergio: answer it!rodrigo: hello. lucía: hello, it's lucía.rodrigo: hi, i'm surprised. lucía: i wanted to tell youthat your mother is at my house and that she'll spend the nighthere. rodrigo: seriously?lucía: listen, i don't know what happened with your father,but she doesn't want him to know she's here.i phoned you because i guessed you were worried about her.rodrigo: i appreciate it. thank you very much.thank you. lucía: that was all.sergio: so? was it her? rodrigo: it was lucía.sergio: and? rodrigo: it seems that my motherwent to her house for help, which means that the argumentwith my father was not for the reason he told mebecause she wouldn't have gone to rebeca's house if rebecawas the problem. sergio: and so?rodrigo: i don't know, sergio, but the problem is clearlymuch bigger. [music][music] clara: come in, lalo,good morning. lalo: god morning, mrs.'s benito doing? clara: he's still sleeping.lalo: oh, well. clara: do you want somethingfor breakfast? lalo: thank you.i just came to tell you i won't be able to staywith your son because i have to go to work.clara: don't worry, i was planning to stay hereall day. after what happened last night,i won't leave him alone. i'll have to tell miss normathat i won't be able to go. lalo: don't worry about it.i'll explain her everything. but before i go,i want to tell you something. clara: sit down, tell me.lalo: last night, teresita phoned me.guess what she told me. clara: what did she tell you?lalo: that she knows a very good doctorand that she wants to see benito.clara: what kind of doctor is she?lalo: the boy's sleeping. i don't know what shespecializes in, but she's a very good friendof the family she works for, who are the ownersof the factory where i work. so i'm sure she's very reliable.clara: but a private doctor will charge us a lotand i don't have money. lalo: don't worry about it,clara, i'll tell you later how we'll do it.i just wanted to give you the news and tell you it wouldbe a pleasure to organize the appointment.clara: lalo! you're an angel!thank you. lalo: shush.don't wake him up. i'm leaving because i don'twant to be late. excuse me.i'm sorry. clara: benito,benito, benito.magdalena: lucía also told me you're not going to the factory,so i decided to come visit you. nazario: thank you for coming,but i'm not silly. i know there's somethingin your head that doesn't let you sleep.sara told me that she had talked with you about your sister'sdeath. magdalena: [sobs]it's true. and who should i talk this withif it's not with you, nazario? nazario: yes, but your friendshould not have tell you about it because she onlyworried you. magdalena: i'm grateful she didbecause i had the right to know.nazario: you're right. but bear in mind that theseare all suppositions and that ricardo márquez was the onewho started talking about this, and we all know that he's nota reliable person. if he hadn't open his mouth,we wouldn't be here talking about this.magdalena: but i need-- no matter how, i have to knowif what sara told me is true. i have to know if my sisterwas capable of-- nazario: listen, magdalena.that's something you'll never know for sure.magdalena: maybe i can, because sara told me that clara,the girl who worked in our house, do you remember her?that maybe she has information that could help us find out.nazario: maybe clara could help you, but we don't know whereshe is nor how to find her. listen, at my age,i've come to understand that we have to be patient.i have a few years ahead and deep inside my hearti know that before i die i'll know who killed my trini.i think you should do the same with your sister.>> why didn't you tell me? i would've run to the hospital.sara: i didn't want to bother you, my friend.and thank god lalo helped us. >> i think that that lalois interested in you. i'm getting jealous.clara: you're talking nonsense. for you to know,lalo has a girlfriend. i don't know her, but benitosays she's very nice. guess what.this morning lalo told me-- oh, god.>> clara rosales? clara: yes, it's me.>> we're officers of court. you have to come with us.clara: where to? >> we'll explain you in the way.benito: my mother is innocent, you can't take her!clara: son! son, take care--benito: godmother, don't let them take her with them!mom! where is she going to?>> keep calm, keep calm. let's see.ramos: do you remember clara rosales?juárez: yes, i remember her. ramos: the woman we wantedto question in connection with mrs. treviño's case.juárez: yes, so? ramos: i got a phone calllast night because a boy whose mother had her same nameentered the emergency room of a public hospital.juárez: so? ramos: her addressis on the records. juárez: why don't you gofor her? ramos: they went for her.i'm sure they'll be here soon. benito: oh, i guess she isat that ramos' office, the one who gave you his card.>> we should get a lawyer, but i don't know any lawyer.can't your friend lalo help us? benito: he's working now,he's not here. >> where does he work?benito: i don't know and i don't haven his number.>> weren't you close friends? benito: yes, we're good friends,but he always comes for me and i don't have his number.>> i don't know what to do. benito: go for her, godmother,find out where she is. don't let them lock her up.>> i can't leave you alone! benito: i'll be fine!if you won't go, then i'll do it.>> no, no, wait. i'll go.where's that card? benito: it's in my desk.>> where? benito: in the drawer.thank you. >> take care.don't dare go out. benito: no, don't worry.mexico city >> anything else?marcelo: no thank you. alfredo: i want a you want one? marcelo: i want an espresso.alfredo: me too. marcelo: breakfast is over.why did you want to see me? alfredo: i want to make youan offer. marcelo: about what?alfredo. as you know, i have many businessesand i can't be in manage them properly because i traveltoo often. i was thinking that maybe youcould be my administrator. marcelo: i'm flattered thatyou're offering it to me, but i'd rather look for a jobsomewhere else. alfredo: i knew that you'danswer that. let's consider itfrom a different point of view. i just have one daughterand sooner or later she'll be in charge of my're the best person to look after her investments.marcelo: to be honest, i don't want to havethat responsibility. alfredo: why?do you think it would commit you more to daniela?remember in puebla you said-- marcelo: yes, i know what i saidin puebla, and i'm doing my best to makemy relationship with daniela work, but we have to do itlittle by little and in our own terms.alfredo: daniela has all her expectations of you.she wants nothing from me. she can hardly see me.i think she's punishing me for all the years i left heralone. i mean,for the relationship to work, you have to support herin every aspect. marcelo: that's exactly what i'mdoing, but i won't do it to get a reward for supporting her.alfredo: let's do something. think about it and answer meat some other moment. but i'll remind you worked for your ex girlfriend's fatherwithout reserve. lalo: i know, but they sentback 14 boxes of dishes so far. so if fierro says it wasyour fault, tell fierro both of you're in charge,but don't put the plates together, it's very simple,don't put the plates together. you're here to work,not to read the newspaper. vinicio: i read it wheneveri want. lalo: if you want to keepyour job, you have to work, okay?vinicio: don't you understand you can't give me orders?lalo: even if you don't like it, when nazario's not here,i'm the one in charge. vinicio: seriously?who do you think you are? you're a poor could a female like tere set her eyes on you?she hasn't met a proper man yet, but she will soon.lalo: i told you not to joke with me, i'm just telling you--vinicio: take your hands off me, stupid!lalo: [pants] lucía: vinicio!get out of here right now! vinicio: why? let me explain--lucía: i don't want you to explain me anything at all!i don't want to see you ever again.vinicio: i'm sorry, miss, but you can't fire me.i'm mr. amador zúñiga's employee.he's the only one who can fire me.lucía: i don't care who your boss is.either you go on your own or you'll be taken out.lalo, are you okay? lalo: don't worry, miss lucía.i'm perfect. i'm glad you stopped the fightbecause i could've ended up killing that man.rodrigo: listen, dad, rebeca murillo can't have beenthe reason because my mother wouldn't have gone to her house.amador: rodrigo, i guess she went to argue with herand then she realized nothing had happened and they made it upand did all that silly things women do.rodrigo: why are you lying to me? what are you hiding?amador: nothing, rodrigo, i swear it's nothing.why would i hide something to you?rebeca: i need to talk with you. amador: sure.would you let us talk, son? rodrigo: excuse me.rebeca: i guess you already know your wife is at my house.amador: rodrigo has just told me.rebeca: can you tell me what the problem was?amador: didn't brígida tell you? rebeca: no, she just railedagainst you, and i find it weird becauseshe's not the kind of woman who keeps secrets,so i can imagine the problem was very serious.amador: i'll tell you about it. brígida has the stupid ideathat i'm cheating on her. rebeca: aren't you?because i remember you had an affair with mario hernández'ssecretary. do you still see her?amador: rebeca, that happened long ago and that woman is deadnow, didn't you know? rebeca: no, i didn't.i saw her two or three times, but i don't remember.i'm sure it hurt you a lot, didn't it?amador: not at all. i had already broken up with herand it was a short affair. rebeca: i see,so brígida thinks you have another lover.amador: yes, she thinks so, but after 20 years of marriage,i would like to. maybe you feel the samenow that you're alone. rebeca: come on, amador.why don't you stop talking nonsense and solve you problemswith your wife to take her out of my house?alfredo: well, don't waste my offer.marcelo: i have a question. did my mother ask youto offer me a job? alfredo: no, not at's something i've been thinking the way, your mother asked me to give her the infoof the investigator. she wants to talk with himin person. she clearly won't forgetabout that topic. marcelo: what did you tell her?alfredo: that i didn't have his information at hand,but she'll insist. marcelo: don't worry.i'll ask mr. fonseca not to give her any information.alfredo: do it, marcelo. your mother shouldn't knowthat rebeca murillo is the woman she's been looking for.marcelo: i'm surprised you're so convinced about it,as if you were defending her. alfredo: no, i'm not defendingher. on the contrary,i'm supporting you. remember you told me you didn'twant your mother to know about it.i have to go. think about it.marcelo: excuse me, could i have the check, please?>> it's been paid, sir. [music][cell phone rings] alfredo: hello?rebeca: i just wanted to know if you were safe in mexico city.alfredo: i'm fine, thank you. did you just call for that?rebeca: no. i wanted to tell you i'm notas prejudiced as you think. alfredo: does that mean we'llkeep seeing each other? rebeca: maybe.alfredo: the apartment daniela rented is still availableuntil the end of the agreement, so it could be an option.juárez: we've been looking for you for very long.clara: i know. juárez: if you knew,why were you hiding? clara: because i know you'relooking for the on who killed trini,but i swear on my son's life that i have nothing to dowith it. juárez: keep calm.we're not accusing you. i just want to if you don't mind, let's start from the you remember the morning you went to treviño's house?clara: yes. juárez: you talkedto the deceased. why did you go for her?what did you tell her? clara: i was desperatebecause my son was sick. although i hadn't seen trinifor years, i thought i could ask herto help me. amador: i was worried about you.brígida: i can imagine. who told you i was here?amador: it doesn't matter. i came for you to go home.brígida: did you tell rodrigo why i left?amador: no. brígida: i knew you wouldn'tdare. you're a coward.amador: shall we discuss it at home?brígida: i will go back with you and not only that.i'll remain quiet. i won't tell neither rodrigonor the police what you did. but i won't do it for you.i'll do it for rodrigo, because i don't want himto suffer. amador: thank you, brígida.thank you very much-- brígida: i haven't finished.i still haven't told you that i'll go back with youwith two conditions. amador: i'm listening.brígida: the first thing is that from now on we won'tsleep in the same bed forever, which means i won't beyour woman again. as i told you,you're disgusting. amador: i respect your decision.which is the other condition? brígida: i'll tell you at homebecause we need privacy. let's go.juárez: it seems they attempted to rob the treviños' house,but even though they didn't steal anything valuable,it seems that mrs. treviño saw the thief and he killed her.clara: i told you i never entered the house.i just saw trini on the morning. besides,why would i rob her if miss lucía gaxiola hadalready given me the money i needed?i'm not a thief! juárez: i have other informationthat says that 20 years ago, you stole at mr. gaxiola's houseand then disappear, when you worked there.and now you disappear right after the robberyat treviños' house. but i took nothing.not even a pin. but i did let my son's fatherenter the house to steal. i'm guilty of don't have to know and you may not care,but that man was the end of me. i've paid very dearlyfor my relationship with him. juárez: i'll be right back.ramos: how did it go? juárez: nothing makes me thinkshe killed that woman. but mr. treviño is rightabout something. ramos: about what?juárez: the way things happened, i'm sure it was a manwho killed her. ramos: yes, it soundsreasonable. i wanted to tell you something.the friend who came asking for her is upstairs.i had the chance to talk to her and she's giving her testimonynow. juárez: so?>> she says that the night of the murder clara rosaleswas with her. that she was very excitedabout a check she had been given to help her with her son'sillness, and that she didn't go outthat night at all. juárez: that woman may be guiltyof many things, but not of this murder.ramos: will you inform the widower we found her?juárez: that's my duty. [music][music] marcelo: rafaela,what are you doing here? rafaela: i came to help youunpack. marcelo: thank you.did my mother let you? she must be like crazy.rafaela: more or less, but now she says yesto anything connected to you because she's so happyyou made it up with daniela that she has to show youyou took the right decision. marcelo: yes, i can imaginehow happy she is. rafaela: what about you?marcelo: about what? rafaela: how do you feelwith that girl? marcelo: i'm fine, i'm fine.i think it's the best decision i made.rafaela: if you're not in love with her,why did you make it up with her?out of pity? marcelo: no, no, was not that. i guess i felt a bit guilty.i broke up with daniela knowing that she truly loved me.i'm very fond of her and-- rafaela: let me tell youwhat i told lucía. it doesn't matter what you twodo to forget each other, your love will never be know why? because we don't rule our heart.marcelo: i didn't know you were here.lucía: and i didn't know i had to let you know i was coming.excuse me. i'm working, could you leave mealone? marcelo: it would be a pleasureto, but i'm also working. so if you don't want to bewhere i am, you'll have to wait until i finish.rodrigo: what are you thinking about?lucía: nothing. rodrigo: i came to thank youfor letting me know my mother was at your house.i'm surprised you did it. lucía: i did it because ithought you might be worried and that was the right thingto do. rodrigo: it was just that.i thought our relationship was moving forward and--lucía: no, our relationship is not moving forwardbecause it doesn't exist. rodrigo,what do you want for me? whatever it is,look at me, it won't happen.i don't know how to make you understand.rodrigo: tell me you don't hate me, at least.lucía: i don't hate you and i don't wish you you said, you're already paying for all you did.look for other options to rebuild your life.i'm not and i'll never be for you.milagros: how does it feel to be back?daniela: not so good. look at me.i'm not the same i used to be. it scares me to be like thisforever. milagros: that won't happen.your legs are just weak and you can solve thatwith physical therapy, so it's important that you startdoing it as soon as possible. daniela: yes, my father isin charge of that. milagros: you have to bepositive and in a good mood. marcelo can't see you like this.daniela: i have the feeling his with me out of pity.milagros: that's not true. he realized that he loves youand that he should've never left you.daniela: do you think he'll want to marry me this time?milagros: he sure will. but you have to do all you canto get out of that chair. change that face!daniela: i promise i'll do all i can.milagros: that's the attitude. i have to go.i have many things to do at was closed for a very long time and it's a complete mess.daniela: thank you for coming. milagros: see you tomorrow.cheer up! daniela: would you pleaseclose the door? milagros: yes, sure.daniela: thank you. milagros: i forgot my're a wonderful actress and also a complete liar.