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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 100

Marcelo le propone a Milagros dejar a un lado rencores y comenzar una nueva vida juntos. Milagros hace un plan para que Daniela seduzca a Marcelo y lograr que él confiese quién mató a su hermano.
17 Sep 2021 – 01:05 AM EDT

insolence! so watch it. daniela: it's evident thatyou're not in this wheelchair. alfredo: the accidentwasn't my fault. daniela: but you abandoned mefor long. alfredo: do me a favor.let's calm down. i think that spendingall the time between these four walls have affected both of us.daniela: what are we waiting for to go back to mexico then?our house is big and you can escape and take care of yourmatters. alfredo: okay.daniela: marcelo's leaving today and i want to go with him.alfredo: we'll go back to mexico, princess.i'll pack my things and then i'll help you to pack.[knocks on door] lucia: come in!tere: i'm glad to see you. i thought you had gone who knowswhere and we couldn't talk. lucia: what's up?tere: i met a friend of lalo's yesterday. he's a kind guy,but he has a weird disease. he can't walk well.lucia: that's terrible. tere: yes, that kept me awakeall night. i've kept thinking about that and i want to ask youa favor. lucia: tell me.tere: i know that leti's mom is a doctor, a very good doctor,right? i thought that maybe she canhelp benito, that's his name. like the cat from the cartoon.[laughs] can you talk to her?lucia: yes, but i don't know if sara's the doctor he needs.maybe he needs a specialist. tere: yes, but she can check himanyway, okay? lucia: of course, i'll call her.tere: thank you, lucia. hey, is she expensive?benito's mom doesn't have money. lucia: don't worry about that.let me talk to sara first, okay? tere: thank you.lucia: you're welcome. tere: excuse me.[knocks on door] lalo: i'm going!i'm going! calm down, i'm going.gosh, what can be so urgent? clara: lalo, please, help me.lalo: what's wrong? clara: benito is sick.he can't breathe, we have to take him to the hospital.lalo: my god, i'll call a cab. clara: i'll go back home.daniela: can you explain why you have pictures of marcelo'sbrother and lucia gaxiola's aunt?alfredo: give me that. it's none of your business.daniela: now i understand. she's the woman federico killedhimself for, isn't she? it's none other thanrebeca murillo. i'll be glad to tell marcelo'smom this. alfredo: you won't tell heranything. daniela: she has the right toknow! besides, why do you havethose pictures? alfredo: because milagros toldme to investigate who was with federico when he killed himself.daniela: when did you get those? alfredo: some days ago.daniela: why haven't you told milagros about this?alfredo: because marcelo asked me not to.daniela: why, dad? why did he cover up for her?why are you doing the same? alfredo: because marcelo'safraid milagros would do something crazy, that's all.daniela: no matter what you say, i won't be your accomplice,okay? alfredo: okay.then talk to her. you may get in trouble withmarcelo and lose him for good. but that's up to you.rafaela: why don't you use the elevator?>> it's fine, ma'am. it's not heavy.rafaela: careful, careful. that's fragile.please, tell your mates to be careful with that has fragile things. milagros: i'm leavingand i didn't find out who's the bastard that killed him.marcelo: mom, why don't you forget about that?milagros: i can't. i need to know who's the bastardthat took my son from me. marcelo: no one did.federico chose to do that. the woman you've cursed so muchdidn't shoot him. milagros: it's the same to me.marcelo: mom, we're going to leave this place. why don't weleave the bitter memories behind too?you and i need to start a new life. i would like to start itwithout hate. milagros: i'll try.marcelo: thank you. milagros: okay, tell them totake this so we leave for good. marcelo: the way, alfredo called. he said they'll come backto mexico city too. i have to do some things too.why don't you go with them? milagros: what do you have todo? marcelo: i have to run someerrands. i'll join you as soon as they're done.milagros: okay, as you wish. marcelo: thanks.rebeca: why aren't you wearing the neck brace?nora: i don't want to wear it. rebeca: hold on, nora.nora: why? rebeca: i hope that afterour talk we would talk quietly. nora: i have nothing else tosay. rebeca: why are you so upset?because i lied or because i went out with a man?nora: both. rebeca: nora, i'm not failingyour dad. he's gone. nora: anyway, i don't like youto date other men. rebeca: so you thinkthat i have no right to rebuild my life if i get the chance.nora: i don't know, don't ask me that.rebeca: nora, listen to me. i care about your opinion.your father never loved me. so i don't have to mourn himforever, do i? nora: you dated daniela's dadbecause you wanted to or because you're already dating?rebeca: no, i promise. besides, you shouldn't worrybecause he's leaving puebla and i won't see him again.lucia: sara, are you sure you can examine him?sara: no, i'll be glad to. just tell me his name, toremember his case when he comes. lucia: i don't know his fullname, i just know he's called benito. if you don't mind,i can ask lalo to call you and tell you.sara: okay. lucia: i really appreciatethis favor, especially because it's for someone else.sara: it's a pleasure. i've known you since you werea little girl and apart from my feelings towards your dad,i've always cared about you. lucia: i didn't tell you, buti would've liked that you and my dad were together.sara: tell me, lucia, why you never lovedyour aunt rebeca? lucia: i have many reasons.i used to love her before. i loved her so that love is gone. in fact, i don't wish herany good. sara: someday she'll payfor everything she's done. lucia: i hope so.okay, i won't take up your time anymore. send leti my love.i hope she feels better today, because yesterday she was reallyupset. sara: yes, she loves to makeher life complicated. sergio's a wonderful manwho loves her. talk to her.i'm sure she'll listen to you. lucia: the problem is thati didn't have luck with love either.i can't advise her. sara: we have that in common,right? lucia: thank you.sandra: goodbye. sergio: won't we talkto each other or what? leticia: i've been thinking itover and i think that we should break up.sergio: are you sure? leticia: yeah. we argueall the time and i'm fed up. sergio: i remind you that we'venever argued because of me. leticia: so it's my fault?sergio: i won't fight with you. if you thought it over andmade that decision, it's fine. leticia: so it's decided.sergio: yeah. leticia: you know what? i'llask our boss another office. i don't want to be with you.sergio: i agree. whatever you want.[doorbell] milagros: well, you've madeprogress. now you even open the door.daniela: i have no choice. my dad left me alone.he said he would be right back, but he's gone for years.milagros: i hope he'll come back soon. rafaela and i will go backto mexico with you. marcelo said that your fatherwould take us there, so he put us in a cab and here we are.rafaela: we left our luggage with--daniela: marcelo won't come back today?milagros: yes, but a little later. he had to take care ofthe move and then he's going to run some errands.don't worry, he'll join us. daniela: i don't know when we'llleave. my dad hasn't come and i haven't finished packing yet.rafaela: do you want my help? daniela: yes, thanks.i can't do anything in this wheelchair.rafaela: i'll do it. i'm glad you're better.daniela: are those federico's ashes?milagros: yes. i couldn't leave them here, especiallyif i'll never come back. daniela: marcelonever told you the name of the woman his brotherkilled himself for? milagros: no, and he wants meto forget all of it, but of course i won't do it.please, daniela, you're close to him have to help me. i asked your dad help,but it seems he couldn't find out anything.i have your support, right? daniela: yes, of course,but i don't think that marcelo would tell me anything.milagros: who knows. a woman always knowshow to and make a man do whatever she you want to drink something? daniela: yes, i think there'scoffee in the pantry. milagros: i'll prepare some.alfredo: finally. i've been waiting for youfor a while. rebeca: come in, please.alfredo: thanks for the coffee. norma: you're you want coffee, ma'am? rebeca: no, shouldn't come here to see me.alfredo: i'm concerned for what happened last nightwith your daughter. i came to know how it ended up.rebeca: don't worry, it's fine. she understood that i can havedinner with a friend. besides, i explained to herthat we were saying goodbye because you're leaving puebla.alfredo: so we won't see each other again?rebeca: i think that's the best. alfredo: are you afraid yourdaughter may criticize you? rebeca: no, but my husbandjust died and my daughter wouldn't understand meif i dated someone as if her dad had never existed.alfredo: it's my understanding that your daughter is a littlementally unstable. at least that's what marcelosaid the day of the accident. rebeca: i don't careabout what he said. my daughter's a little confusedbecause of his father's death. alfredo: it's fine,don't be upset. rebeca: i don't like whenpeople talk about my daughter without knowing you know something? she wouldn't be the only onethat doesn't like this. your daughter too.i know her and i know she doesn't like me.alfredo: i don't care. i'm an adultand i make my own decisions. i thought you do the same,but you don't. you still have many prejudices.goodbye. in case you change your mind,you know where you can find me. thank you. excuse me.norma: go ahead. amador: excuse me, can i helpyou? alfredo: no, thanks.i came to see mrs. murillo, but i'm leaving now.excuse me. amador: go ahead. good morning.what's his name again? norma: alfredo suarez.amador: why did he come? norma: i don't know.why don't you ask her? amador: i'll do that.i just saw alfredo suarez leaving. is he a new client?rebeca: an acquaintance. amador: he the man you're going out with lately?rebeca: none of your business. amador: yes, it's none ofmy business, but it's brigida's. she's a little offended.she thinks you're using her as a coverup.apparently you told nora-- rebeca: i know what i toldmy daughter. amador: why don't you talk tobrigida? she's worried about you.rebeca: really? why? amador: she thinksyou're on the wrong path. brigida can't understand how anelegant, pretty, sophisticated and passionate woman like youneeds to have some fun. rebeca: i don't have to explainanything to you or brigida. if that's why you came--amador: no, actually i came to tell you that noneof the workers have come yet thanks to the so-called unionleader nazario treviño. if you don't put this an end,this will become chaos and that's not convenientfor anyone. excuse me.clara: he was okay yesterday. this morning he didn't feel fineand i thought he was going to choke.lalo: don't say that. luckily, he's with the doctors now.clara: that hasn't happened to him for a long time.he thought he would start to feel better.he said that last night after going out with you.he was so happy. lalo: maybe it's my fault.clara: no, that has nothing to do. he was so happy.he never has fun. lalo: don't you knowwhat's wrong with him? clara: no, he's undergonemany tests and no doctor told me what's wrong with him.i don't have money to keep paying for the treatments.lalo: gosh, benito's dad doesn't help you?clara: he's in jail. we haven't heard from him forlong and he never took care of him.lalo: i'm so sorry. gosh.>> relatives of benito barraza rosales?clara: i'm his mom. >> the patient is stable, butthe doctor wants to talk to you. lalo: can i get in too?just for a while. >> it's okay, come with me.amador: lucia, can i talk to you?lucia: [sighs] sure. amador: can you please talkto you godfather and tell him to consider what he's doing?lucia: no, that's not going to happen. i respect himand i absolutely agree with his decision.amador: i can't understand why you think that i may damagethe factory or get a benefit from that contract.lucia: my godfather and i have a clear opinion about youand it's not positive at all. amador: why don't you like me?is it because i'm rodrigo's dad and he walked out on youon your wedding day or because marcelo escalantedoesn't work here because of me? lucia: neither of them.i can't like someone that becomes ricardo marquez's ally,for instance. satisfied? amador: your opinion about mewill change soon. lucia: i don't think so.[cell phone rings] excuse me, please.amador: sure. lucia: hello.marcelo: i emptied the apartment. can we meet?i have to give you the keys. lucia: where are you?marcelo: at the apartment. lucia: i'll see you there.[music] [music]lalo: benito, how are you?benito: where's my mom? lalo: she's out there with thedoctor. she'll come in a minute. gosh, we were so scared.benito: it happened before. i'm mom is overreacting. lalo: she cares about too. benito: she surely thinks thatthis happened because you took me out.she won't let me go out anymore. lalo: don't worry, i'll makesure she will let you. benito: thank you.lalo: why? benito: for being my friend.marcelo: i didn't hear the doorbell.lucia: it's open. marcelo: here, your can take a look to see it's in order.lucia: that's not necessary. marcelo: all the bills are paid.some of them didn't arrive yet, but i'll pay for them.i don't want to owe you anything.lucia: do you realize that you're talking as ifyou were just my tenant?marcelo: i'm sorry, but i don't know how to deal with this.lucia: and i can? marcelo: i don't know, butwe're sure that we're doing the right thing, aren't we?lucia: you're dating daniela again and i--marcelo: you don't have to say it.from the bottom of my heart i wish you to be happy.lucia: [sobs] vinicio: hello, boss.amador: what are you doing here? vinicio: i came to work,not like the others. i'm loyal. amador: what can i do with that?we can't do anything without people.vinicio: that's true, but i think that you may give meone of those jobs--you know. amador: really? like what?vinicio: like taking care of-- amador: don't you even thinkabout that. vinicio: why? maybe you shouldget rid of that old man. amador: no, it would betoo obvious now. besides, you failed twice.vinicio: well, as they say, third time's the charm.amador: don't do it for now. vinicio: okay, but you knowi'm at your service for anything you want.amador: yes, i'll bear that in mind.excuse me. vinicio: go ahead.nazario: rebeca, it's quite a surprise.rebeca: may i come in? nazario: of course.rebeca: cut this nonsense and go back to the factory.nazario: what if i don't? rebeca: you're a partnerand i can't fire you, but if this goes on,your employees will pay for the consequences.nazario: what do you mean? rebeca: i'll fire that bunch oflazybones without severance pay. nazario: they have rights.rebeca: they abandoned their job. nobody's indispensable andi can find replacements sooner than you think, so think aboutit. nazario: do you want to hearsomething? i don't know why you becameamador's partner. you know that alonsodidn't trust him. rebeca: even so,he knows about this business and has the experience i need.nazario: as you said, nobody's indispensable. you may findsomeone trustworthy. unless you owe him something orhe knows something compromising about you.rebeca: i won't argue over nonsense. tell your peopleto go to the factory tomorrow or they'll be jobless.rafaela: i'll open the windows to ventilate the house.milagros: okay. rafaela: thank you for the ride.excuse me. alfredo: it's you want me to take the luggage somewhere else?milagros: no, don't worry, rafaela will do it.alfredo: okay, i have to go. daniela's waiting in the car andi don't want to make her wait. milagros: first i'd like to talkabout some things. alfredo: sure, of course.milagros: have a seat, please. first of all,please, help marcelo to find a job. i know you have contactsand you may recommend him to someone.alfredo: of course. i'll do my best, but i can'tpromise anything. besides, marcelo is very proud.he knows to do everything on his own.milagros: yes, i know, but at this moment he shouldsettle down as soon as possible. he can't even think of goingback to puebla or somewhere else. please, don't tell himabout this. alfredo: of course.what else do you want? milagros: it's about theinvestigator you hired to find the woman that killed my son.can you give me his contact info?alfredo: why do you want it? milagros: maybe he overlookedsome detail and i want to talk to him personally.i know she's part of gaxiola murillo family and i thinkit's not hard to find out which one is relatedto federico's death. alfredo: i don't have his numberhere, but i'll send it to you. milagros: [sighs]alfredo: okay, i have to go now. milagros: thank you.alfredo: excuse me. milagros: thank you.i'll keep my promise. that bastard will payfor what she did. sara: what's wrong?leticia: it's over, mom. sara: what?leticia: i broke up with sergio. sara: why?leticia: [sighs] he doesn't love me.sara: why do you say that? leticia: i put him to the testand he fell. i said that i was tiredof fighting all the time and that we should break upand he said yes without hesitation.sara: how he could he say something if you pushed himthat way? leticia: don't defend him,'s clear that he doesn't care and i'm just another girl.first nora, then gloria and now me.sara: oh, baby, you're so silly sometimes.i'm sure you'll work this out. leticia: no, mom.sara: what will you do? you'll keep working with him.seeing each other will be hard. leticia: yes, but i won't quit,so from now on our relationship will be strictly professional.sergio: it must be a mistake. nora couldn't have saidthat she was into me. your mom must've misunderstoodher. rodrigo: she didn't.from the beginning i told you that nora was up to somethingand you sent me away. sergio: it makes no sense.rodrigo: anything that nora does makes sense.did you tell leti? if nora's after you,you must warn her. sergio: she broke up with me.rodrigo: what? why? sergio: i don't know.many things happened. i think she realized thatshe doesn't love me and use this as an excuse to break up.besides, i can't force her to be with me.rodrigo: you're a drama queen. sergio: a drama queen? shut you want me to remind you all the times you cried for lucia?rodrigo: that's different. sergio: why?rodrigo: because i lost lucia for nothing, sergio,but now you're making a tempest in a teapot, because you can fixyour problems with leti. sergio: okay, let's change thesubject. let's go out tonight to drown our sorrows.rodrigo: i can't, sorry. i'll have dinner with my you want to come? sergio: no.i pass. rodrigo: why? what's wrong?sergio. sergio: shut up.rodrigo: don't be dramatic. [music][mus daniela: where's the cell phoneyou were going to buy for me? alonso: i'll bring it later.daniela: then give me your phone, i want to knowif he's coming. alfredo: i told you not to pushhim. daniela: and i told youto stay out of my life, thanks. alfredo: then forget aboutmy cell phone. call marcelo from the land line. i won't payattention to your whims anymore. >> the number you dialed isoff or out of the service area. marcelo: from the bottom ofmy heart i wish you to be happy. lucia: i almostran after him to ask him to stay here with me.magdalena: why didn't you do it? lucia: becausei'm sure that the best is to let him go and forget about him.he'll live his life and i'll live mine.magdalena: i'm sorry, i don't know what i can say to make youfeel better, lucia. lucia: just hug me.magdalena: come here. lucia: i needed to ventwith you, aunt. magdalena: i'm glad you came.i can't do much for you, baby. lalo: let me help you.are you okay? benito: yes, thank you.lalo: i have to go. call me if you need something.clara: thank you, lalo. you've done even missed work for us. lalo: don't worry about that.i didn't have work today and it seems i won't have worktomorrow either, so i'll come over, champ.benito: thank you. lalo: cheer up, benito.clara: i'll go with you. lalo: no, i can go alone.cheer up, boy. clara: thank you again.benito: lalo's cool, right? clara: yes.benito: i'm glad he's our neighbor.clara: yes, we couldn't find a better place to live.lalo: nazario, why are you here?nazario: i called you all day, but you didn't pick upand i had to come. lalo: yes, the son of myneighbor got sick and we had to take him to the hospital.i forgot my cell phone at home. nazario: i see. how is he?lalo: he's better, we brought him back already.what do you need? nazario: i have to talk to you.can i come in? lalo: of course.sure. feel at home. lucia: [sighs][cell phone rings] roman: hi.lucia: hi, it's me. roman: i know.lucia: i want to go somewhere with you this weekend.roman: that's good, i'm glad. do you want me to go in halfan hour and plan our trip? lucia: i prefer to do ittomorrow. i don't feel okay now, i'm not good company.roman: i get it. as you wish. i'll call you tomorrow.sleep tight. lucia: likewise.goodbye. [music][music] nazario: don't say anything.the employees have to get back to work tomorrow.lalo: none of us will go until you go too.we're partners, come on. nazario: i'll go later.if you don't go to work tomorrow, you'll be accusedof neglecting your job. you'll be firedand won't get a cent. lalo: who cares about that.nazario: no, you don't get it. you may survive for some timewithout payment. lalo: yeah.nazario: but the employees have families. you can't letthem lose their job. lalo: they won't listen to me.they respect you and you know it, sir.nazario: but i need you to go as a sort of example.they'll see of you as a guide. lalo: you want me to--sure, you want me to be your representative.nazario: right, sort of. lalo: okay, but what if theywant me to accept the contract that zuñiga ordered?nazario: nothing, do your job. i'll stop it later.lalo: how? nazario: leave that to you think that i'll let amador zuñiga get away with it?no way. lalo: if marcelo was at thefactory, that man wouldn't be so trusting.nazario: but he's gone and i think he won't come back.he went back to mexico today. lalo: without saying goodbye?i thought we were friends. daniela: you took long, huh?marcelo: i had to fix many things.[thud] daniela: marcelo.marcelo: i'm sorry. was it a tiresome trip?daniela: not much, but i was a little nervous.marcelo: why? daniela: because your motherhad federico's ashes. marcelo: and?daniela: i know that your brother had an affairwith rebeca murillo when he killed himself.marcelo: how do you know? daniela: i saw the report of theinvestigator that my dad hired. tell me something.when did you find out? before or after meeting lucia?marcelo: why do you ask that? daniela: i can't believe youfell for her when her aunt-- marcelo: please, do me a favor.don't talk about lucia, her aunt and anythingrelated to her family, okay? please.i left puebla wanting to leave all that behind, so pleasedon't talk about something that i want to forget.daniela: okay, i don't want to talk about lucia with you.marcelo: thanks. daniela: come.don't worry. i won't tell your mom a dad explained why you don't want to tell her and i'll keepthe secret. brigida: come on, have another.ricardo: thank you. you're so kind. it's enough.brigida: amador is here. hi, baby.amador: hi. brigida: i'll go checkon the dinner. rodrigo's coming tonight.ricardo: good. brigida: do you want to stay?amador: no way. ricardo hates family reunions. don'tforce him to say yes, okay? brigida: was just a suggestion. feel at home.ricardo: thank you, good night. amador: why are you here?ricardo: to see you. you've been absent recently.amador: i was going to call you to know how's escalante mattergoing. ricardo: i'm on it. how are you?how is the supplier company? amador: what do you mean?ricardo: i heard that you reactivated the contractto sell to a client that i got, so i came to talk aboutthe commission we had arranged. amador: do you think thati want to leave you out of this? ricardo: don't you?amador: of course not. the production hasn't evenstarted yet because of some stupid problems at the factory.ricardo: i heard. amador: you heard everything.ricardo: i have good contacts. amador: well, your contactsare spying on me. ricardo: they aren't. i'm justwatching your steps because i know what you're capable of!and you're capable of kicking me out of this business.amador: let's go out. ricardo: let go!amador: i don't know how you can come here and complain wheni'm the only one who's given you a job since you came backto puebla. ricardo: don't play the owe me. amador: i owe you one favor.ricardo: but it's a big one! i lied to cover up for you,to protect you. i haven't told the authorities,your wife or anyone where you really were on--amador: lower your voice. ricardo: i won't!the night ligia cervantes died! amador: shut up.shut up i said. brigida: don't shut up, ricardo.i really want to hear what you're saying.i always suspected that you had killed that woman,but now i'm sure.