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Despierta América del 11 de Diciembre

Univision12 Dic 2012 – 7:00 AM EST


"despierta america".

i greet you this morning histuesday morning, and well,

precisely the information,forensic doctors have in their

hands what is the definitiveconfirmation of jenny rivera and

which clarifies strange versionsthat she had been kidnapped, or

that she was badly injured.

some of her relatives wereclutching at that vague hopes,

despite that the finding of herbelongings and the accounts from

witnesses affirm that shecrashed in the plane

she was traveling.

we go with the most recentinvestigations, live to the

morgue of monterrey withmaria antonieta collins.

what we do know is that thefamily members that have arrived

have talked from their heart.

here is mrs. virginia aguilar,the mother of the jacobo, the

makeup artist of jenny rivera.

we're going to hear what shesaid and then we're going

to comment.

have they given you any news?

i want to verify it, i want tosee her remains and see and know

it's there...

are you going to take him?


we just want to getout of this, please...

thank you.

the human hope of all thefamily is to find the remains, a

body , the truth is the remainswould be pieces, pieces of the

bodies of their loved ones,because if you read what the

rescue party said, the firstreports say it was a crash

against solid ground, thatalmost made the plane fly in

thousands of pieces.

that's what we have until nowfrom monterrey's morgue, we go

back to the studioswith you satcha.

what a pity, maria antonieta,the family would obviously like

to have the body, as you say, tobe able to give them a christian

funeral but we're going tosee what is that the forensic

doctors inform inthe following days.

thank you for this livereports from monterrey.

and precisely as theinvestigators ratify the demise

of jenny rivera, her voice willbe heard in the radio with the

release this tuesday of her lastrecord "la misma gran señora".

with a single of the same name,the diva shows off, her immense

performance strength and theenormous effort she put into

each one of her performances.

now her fans are still settingimpromptu altars in california

and precisely there we can findjuan carlos gonzalez with the

last information.

go on, juan carlos.

much cold in that zone.

yes, very cold, we'reapproximately at 10-12° celsius

here in the city oflakewood, california.

this is the house, we have beenshowing it, of mrs. rosa, the

house of the mom of jennyrivera, of her brothers

obviously, they were preparedhere for christmas, the lights

are here but now unfortunatelythose christmas have to be mixed

with some others, the ones ofthe candles that have a meaning

that is regretfully really sad,of mourning, because of the

irreparable loss of this greatlady, the diva of la banda, lots

of people have been coming here,and this is precisely the proof

of all the love that now thefans, the followers of jenny

rivera are returning to her ina posthumous way, precisely to

jenny rivera, all the love shegave them, they are giving back

to her, precisely with this.

we're going to keep telling youwhat happens, but for now we'll

be back with you tothe studio satcha.

juan carlos, before we saygood bye, we would like to know

exactly who are in the house ofmrs. rosa, we have information

that the kids of jenny riveraare there, the brothers were

also gathered there, but in thismoment you have information of

who is in that house?

not precisely, in this momentwe only see lights on the

inside, so many people have comein and out, we don't have a

notion or more precisely anexactitude of who is inside the

house, there are many cars thatweren't here yesterday, they

have been coming little bylittle, but a lot of people have

been coming in and out, we knowthe brothers have been here,

even mr. rivera, pedro riverahas been here, but in this

moment we don't see his car, hispickup, we don't think he is in.

well, obviously we're goingto try to confirm who would be

there, it's a very painfulmoment for all the rivera

family, thank you juan carlosgonzales for this live contact,

from lakewood, california.


good morning, indeed, you cansee with adis, if someone knows

the songs of jennyrivera is you, adis...

that's right.

you had the opportunity to bewith jenny rivera very much due

to your job and you told me youknew how to respect her, you

learned to respect her, right?

i learned to respect her asan artist when i saw that woman

sang under the rain, when shesaw that the beer cans flew at

her at the beginning of hercareer and she didn't go out of

the stage.

we were telling you, mates, thatat 5 in the morning, mexico

time, lupillo rivera was gettingto the international airport of

mexico city towards monterrey,he is now flying to this last

encounter, he was with hersister some days ago, and this

last encounter mustbe heart breaking.

he, when he passed, he foundfans and followers who didn't

hesitate, didn't doubt ingiving him the condolences.

that was the trail of lupillo inthe airport of mexico city, and

well, we talked alsoabout la chicuela, alan.

that's right, she was a personthat also knew jenny rivera

intimately and very well ofcourse, also all the other

passengers of this airship, shehad a very good relationship

with them, you had theopportunity to talk to her,

right adis?

in fact alan, friends of"despierta america", i talked to

her the same saturday, the same,the day before last, on sunday,

and on the phone shebroke into tears.

yesterday the journalist talkeda little more but the friend

that lost two lovedones wasn't stopped.

i can't believe it until i seethe body, i can't believe it

until i can directly see it...

i only ask god with all my heartthat if the things were as they

told us, that fall at suchenormous distance, it must have

been at a speed that i hope wasso quick that i hope none of

them had agony or,that thy didn't suffer.

in the social networks, in sucha serious think as this, people

can't mock something sosensitive, so painful.

when i saw the dress of myfriend there, and i had

published the previous nightthat dress...i don't want to see

anything else...i hope that alli've read is a lie because i

can't imagine how chiquisawould feel now if something

had happened.

i read a magazine where themother of esteban, whom i don't

know, wished her that the deviltook her, that death took her,

so well, that's sad, so sad...

she must be regretful, becauseyou have to...there is not a

knife that cuts morethan the tongue.

i still call both of them totheir phones, thinking...

any of them will answer...

if i don't believe it,much less her family.

much less her family.

i am talking to herto her cellphone.

imagine her kids or her mom.

one can see the sadness of anextraordinary friend of someone

that will be missed very much.

and it's like has happened,adis, with blanca and all the

rest, they are still withoutbelieving what is

happening, happened.

i think on one side is gettingto terms with it on one side,

being resigned on other side,and also the strong impact of

this airship in which theremains haven't been found make

us say, well it canbe a miracle, right?

love and hope, joined withthe myriad of speculations that

without a trace of respectregretfully have swam on the

net, and obviouslycatch the family...

it's incredible...

of much hope and uncertainty.

yes, you can't play with thefeelings of the people, of the

family when they go throughsomething like this, i'm really

surprised, i didn't know aboutthe story of the mom of, of

esteban loaiza, just a week ago,mexico published really strong

declarations, that should nowweigh as lead over the shoulders

of the lady that, i'm sure, shenever imagined those words would

now have such a heavy echo.

what did she say?

what did she say, exactly?

i'm going to quote what thelady said, it's even difficult

for me to say it like thisbut she literally said, by

incriminating, what she felt asan unfair accusation against

esteban loaiza, she said, jennyrivera is going to hell...

oh dang...

well, la chicuela dares, shesays these words are poison and

regrettably, i say...

once you talk...

i say one thing, jennyrivera went forgiving.


she went in peace,she went happy.

that's what must matter to us.

right, adis.

thank you very much, it wasextraordinary to talk with la

chicuela and we keep havingthis coverage from mexico city.

thank you alan.

thank you alan, i wantedto make you a question and

reiterating, good morning adistoo, i wanted to make a question

and reiterating too, adis made acomment yesterday, and she did

it again today at the beginningof this live contact from

televisa, adis commented she sawthe beginning of the career of

jenny rivera there in mexico,and that she saw how they threw

full cans to her, howevershe stayed in the stage.

adis, what other memory do youhave of our diva de la banda

that you want to share with ourpeople, taking into account the

closeness between you two.

i want to, raul you giveme goose bumps, to have the

opportunity of sharing this. itwas precisely that day that i

met jenny rivera, thanks to ourfriend arturo rivera, who took

us to that dance day, to thathumble place, and jenny rivera

received those blows that wealso got as reporters, jenny

rivera didn't go down of thatstage, and at the end, the first

question that i as a journalistdid to jenny rivera was, jenny,

why didn't you retirefrom the stage?

jenny answered the following andi quote her, i tell you with my

heart, shaking forhearing these words.

she said: i'm not going fromhere because this audience will

end up loving me as i love it,and i, daughter, that's how she

talked, have received so manyblows that these are nothing.

jenny rivera would receive manymore blows in her life, but the

audience definitely learned torespect her and love her,

of course.

she recovered completely.

an incredible teaching,because in this career, us as

artists, sooner or later we havehad to receive blows and that

has made us big, because theonly thing that has done is to

improve ourselves and be able togrow more in this environment

that is so difficult.


tell me, alan.

look, just to tell you likeadis, i had the opportunity of

conduct an event the 15th ofseptember, the day of the yell,

here in el zocalo, last year,an incredible storm happens, i

don't know if you were there andjenny was the only singer that

was that afternoon and thatnight outside, in front of the

cannon, soaking wet, andenjoying with all her people

with all her songs.

that's it, that's what adis issaying and that's what will be

remembered for ever ofour loved jenny rivera.

gentleman, thankyou, thank you.

thank you very much forbeing here with us, christine.

snow bunny is here!

snow bunny!


speaking of...

they told me that she wascalled like that here, right?


looking at her,you're right, see.


well, let me tell you, talkingabout christmas and all these

beautiful things, let me tellyou in denver, colorado, a race

has been done usingugly sweaters...

aw, ugly?

yes, the thing is in usa thechristmas is many times synonym

with ugly sweaters, tacky, withpeople putting, you know they

always have deer...


corny's more like it, right?

you can say corny, but let metell you all this has a

very good cause.

it happens that, um, the marinescorps have this little program

called toys for tots programwhich make this kind of people

do this race of 5 km and theycan also bring a toy, this is a

toy that will be donated forpeople with less...less...

for christmas!

for christmas, period, for thechildren that don't have a toy,

so they are charged to do thisrecollection, and everyone

brings their ugly sweaters,which in this season is not so

ugly, i mean if you wear it insummer you could say, what are

you doing dressed like this...

it's like a tradition in thiscountry, that generally are the

sweaters, pay attention, itsnot me who says it, it's the

tradition, it's the sweatersthat grandmother,

grandfather wear...


they are generally knit andthey have a christmas motive,

the red nosed deer...

the bell in the sweater...

they are not ugly,they are pretty...

i mean, there is one orother that are a little more

flamboyant, i mean they have agiant candy cane here and a

ball here.

you know that i...

i propose that for christmasin "despierta america", that day

of christmas, you are invitedrodrigo, so that you come here

if you are around; we allbring our ridiculous

christmas sweater.

great, i have one.

or corny.

i have one that is shameful.


but listen to this, if youdon't like corny sweaters and

all, what do you thinkabout nothing, then?


a race where they onlyuse bikinis and thongs.

how can you say thatamong so many men.

oh, but that ismy type of race!

(everyone talks).

you have for all tastes, men andwomen...

no, johnny look.

there was something there.

there was a girl,one girl, one.

i saw two.

this is what they did inboston, imagine the cold of

boston, all this for a goodcause, it all was to get funds

for high school students andthey run in bikini and thong in

icy temperatures,we had like 40!

when this happened, imagine!

i now ask you, guys in thestudio, what do you prefer, ugly

sweaters or knickers.

which one?



which one do youchoose, johnny?

looking at the images, ichoose the ugly sweater.

i also stay withthe ugly sweater.

i stay with theugly sweater, homie.

no, no, no, i agree, let'sget naked and run here...

that's it!

no, no, no...

how do you say that?

and in plural,let's get naked!

it sounds like an arena,like a stadium, no...

it's for a good cause!

we're mates, weknow each other.

look, with coldeverything hides...


even the will togo out in the street.

why suffering?

i am against bikinis,one plays the fool!

it's true...

when you feel comfortable withyour body, everything

is all right.

if you don't wear abikini, girls, go...


a greeting from mexico city inthese december times, the public

houses don't lag behind buttoday i'm going to take you to

one that's very special.

join me.

the date was in the childhospital federico gomez

of this city.

there we got together with manykids and their parents to take

them o their firstpublic house of the year.

it is the party of "aqui nadiese rinde" foundation, that see

to kids with cancer and theirfamilies who don't have the

money to pay the treatment.

to foment the family union,foment that the kids feel

together with their dads theirmoms, so every time we do

events, we invite all thefamily, that they see each

other, get together,that they live together.

as tradition dictates, weasked for shelter, after that we

continued with a good breakfastto continue with many typical

games of a mexican fair, likeeating the donuts without using

hands, softball and marbles,which were alex's favorites,

who is fighting and respondingreally well to his treatment.

i'm with alex, and alex is goingto tell us what he wants to be

when he grows up.

i want to be a voluntaryoncologist doctor.

voluntary because i want to helpchildren and i want to make a

time of their lives happy.

i want them, to talk to themabout how i didn't

surrender and i won againstcancer so that they don't

surrender to cancer either.

the voluntaries of thefoundation work strongly so that

the kids smile and forget theirillness, but it's also important

the support and strength formoms, who are the base for the

treatment of their children.

well i feel really happyof seeing my child running,

enjoying this party very much,and thank god, he's with us, god

saved him for us and i'm reallygrateful with foundation "aqui

nadie se rinde" because my sondidn't surrender and he's a

winner, here he is...

the actor of music comedymauricio martinez who also

suffered from cancer at somepoint of his life was present to

share this happiness inthis moment with the kids.

and to close with a spectacularending, the piñata

couldn't be missing.

full of sweets and fun.

in "aqui nadie se rinde" apartfrom fomenting family union of

the kids suffering cancer, it'smain mission is to get the

economic funds for thebone marrow transplants.

with go back to you, becausethere is much more in

"despierta america".


thank you very much, todaychef pepin is with us to give us

that typical recipe in thekitchen, new year recipes, good

morning, how are you chef pepin?

good morning!

how are you today?

hug me.

oh, we're a little sad.


because we've had some days...

really strong, it's true.

but we have to pull through,we have to be strong.

tell us, pepin.

we going to keep it culinary.


we're going to keep it here,focus on the kitchen to change

the scenery...

i'm doing...

what are we going to do today?

tell me.

well in all latin america inchristmas, we do tamales, pies,

hallacas, all those things,and i'm not going to teach the

granny or that person at homethat knows

how to do pies to do pies.


i said, yum, what do i do?

well, i'm going to work withcorn, because we all eat corn,

and i'm going to make what iscalled "tamal en cazuela".

"tamal en cazuela".

when i say the word "tamal encazuela", i understand you are

going to put a tamalin a casserole.

right there.

really easy.

this is a sauté.

the sauté has oil, garlic,onion, red bell pepper.

it smells delicious.


we're going to take the fatout of this with a little

of dry wine.


when you say take thefat, what do you mean?

as it is fatty, the wine wecook it until the alcohol goes,

and we have saltand pepper here.

that's it, as it should be.

and we also have tomato sauce.

8 bags of tomato sauce.

8 bags of tomato sauce.

this is like thosecasseroles...the little can,


exactly, yes, yes,yes, the traditional can.

i don't cook tomato muchbecause it has a tendency to

become bitter.



i didn't know that, i meani know nothing of cooking.

but you are learning!

little by little with you.

what else are yougoing to add to it?

we're going to do this "tamalen cazuela" with shrimp.

since we're doing it withshrimp, i'm doing a

lobster base.


i upped the ante.

because you know shrimphere has not much taste.


and at least it will give itthat peculiar seafood flavor.

and here we have the shrimpthat we're not going to put in.


what is that?

that little red thingyou have in your hand?


this is a "cachucha"chili pepper.



why cachucha?

it is called like that.


okay, this chili pepper is frommy bush, that my friend the

super lazaro gave to me.

but you are going to haveto put some fertilizer in it

because it has 2 or 3, oryou have taken all of them?

they have took themlittle by little.

this kind of chili is not hot.



i mean, yes.

bite it.


you're crazy.

it has but it doesn't.

imagine in all the cities of theusa where there are hispanic

communities, the fresh corn isalready ground, i want to do it

so that it is done fromalaska to the patagonia.

hail mary!

so, i have frozen corn, 2lb. of frozen corn, i put it in

the processor and after this,with this sieve, i push it.


to take the juice out of it.

to take, to take, here as yousee here, to take that film,

that thing corn has.

that littleenvelope, so to speak.

that's right, what keeps corntogether and we add

4 cups of it.

okay, perfect, you know we'reon tv, so put that over there,


add that to it...



because i have italready cooked.


i have 4 cups of that crushedcorn, and 6 cups of water.

look at it here.


i have it like a jelly!

the magic of tv.


what we do is that we add thesauté, wow, wow.... voila!

and we're goingto make it red.


from white to red.

how do you know?

look at the consistency, thisreally takes more or less 45

minutes to become thick, cornand water, we cook it at a high

flame continuously stirring, wenow cook it, at a fire less...

less strong.

less strong, lower and welet it become like jelly.

that automaticallybecomes like this, right?

oh, you are almost psychic.

then in the end...

in the end we add...

we add the shrimp, really wellrinsed so that it doesn't

water down.

the shrimp doesn'tneed to be cooked.

once the shrimp changescolor, set the dishes!


in this holiday season when weeat and drink in excess, surely

one accumulates extra fat in thewaist, but don't worry because

today we have claudia "hot mama"molina that will tell us how to

eliminate that fat faster.

hot mama.

we are all really sad by thedeath of jenny rivera, but we

have to raise the spirits, andi'm sure she would be just like

us, rememberingwith much happiness.

she had a good attitude and wehave to continue like that.

and we're going to go withgood attitude, why is it that us

men have so many problems withthis fat here,

the same as women.


because of genetics andhormones, but we have to burn it

this way.

let's start, i like this.

we're going to start tin thisposition, you flex and go, 1, 2,

but you are going to do it ata fast pace, this is a waist

exercise, but aerobic, and i dorecommend it that you do it with

a little weight, 5lb. , 3lb.

depending on your strength,apart from burning, we're toning

the zone.

you do this 30 timeson each side...

30 times?

i am in, like, 25.


you are multiplying.

tell me, what elseare we're going to do.

we're going to do another onei love, you are going to use the

elastic band.

you are going to be in thisposition, you are going to step

on it with your knee, thisleg will be straight...

that's right.

we're going to go up...


to the side and down.

1, 2, come back.

1, 2, come back.

this is a somewhatpainful exercise.




because the elasticband produces resistance.

my hip is goingto be displaced.



stay here.

1, 2, stay here a little minute,lets go, all the repetitions you

can, burn, burn and burn.

luckily for me we don'thave a minute, come here.



you are going to do that,of course in both sides.

yes, let me do oneon this side at least.

the next exercise.

okay, the next, come on.

we're going to put ahand in front of the other.

i like this.

i know.

and the hip goes where the handwhich is further in front is.

let's go.


when it goes up,boom, it goes up.

now, let's go, let's go down.

and up.

each time...

she definitely looksbetter doing this than i do.

each time we go down with thehip to touch the floor, there is

a muscular tension in this zonethat is the one we have to burn.

pay attention to the clothes,don't use tight clothes that

shows your fat and careful withthe underwear also that also has

to be soft so that the skindoesn't hang and the fat

doesn't hang.

you know it already, the onlything you have to do is doing

this exercises and not usingtight underwear so that fat

doesn't show.


claudia, hot mama thankyou, give me another kiss.

i love you so much, butyou make me suffer so much.

but you like it, you like it.

i like it...i like it,beat me but don't leave me.


first i want to thank you forallowing us to be in your house.

i thank you very much forbeing here in our house.

it is difficult that anartist opens her house.

thank you very much jenny forreceiving us here in the comfort

of your home where there must bemuch memories of many things,

especially where theborrowed jewels are born.

yes, here there aremany borrowed jewels.

i treasure much of them in thishouse, the most important are my

children, they are jewels godhas lent me, for which i work

very much, and for whom i dowhat i do with the intention of

making them pull through.

thinking about those jewels wasthat i thought about producing

the record borrowed jewels,which is what will be released

for sale soon.

now what songs, i understandthat you have a pop album and a

banda album.

what songs did youinclude and why?

it's a totally banda album,because it is what i have

dominated a long time, the bandastyle, but each of these songs

gives the opportunityfor a pop song.


so instead of having manyversions, sometimes artist

release a song and then a popversion, or a mariachi version

of 3 or 4 songs.

i said, all give the opportunityand i set to produce the pop

album, because as i told you, ithad the opportunity for each of

these songs to belistened well in pop.

the topics, why?

the topics because these aretopics that i carry inside of me

for a long time.

i sold records in what in mexicois called tianguis, here in los

angeles are the bazaars, andbasically my parents put on a

musical stand, which stand was alittle table with, in that time

they were cassettes, and thenthey were cds, as the time

passed, and the songs i playedwere rocio durcal, lupita

dalezio, valeria lynch, rociojurado, isabel pantoja, the

years passed and thesestands became music stores.

stores where we solddiscs at that time.

then my father also had hisrecord house, and i got to know,

understanding more in the recordhouse, working with him in

sales, as a receptionist,working in the legal department,

i was an odd job woman, my dadmade me work in everything.

but every time those songsstayed in me when i worked in

those stands, i played thatmusic, so that i sold, to call

the attention, andthey stick on you.

i was a young woman, yearspassed and i started listening

to marisela, yuri, dulce and onesong of each was staying with me

and i went selecting some ofthese borrowed jewels of some of

my favorite artists, and somethat i could relate more with.

didn't you think aboutdoing a duet with them?

i'd love to, i'd love to, i'vetalked a little with yuri and it

would be an honor for me torecord something with her, i

admire her andlove her very much.

with marisela, i'd love to.

with rocio, i obviously can'tbut with her daughter sheila,

i'd love that too.

yes, i'm fascinated to dofusions and collaborations with

other artists.

now that you talk about yourstart in music, when you started

to have contact with music, howhas the story of jenny

rivera been?

let's see...

because jenny rivera got tothe usa in a very special and

particular way.

yes, i shouldn'thave been here.

i shouldn't have been here.

my mom and dad crossed theborder from hermosillo, they

came to cross the border asimmigrants, illegally, and my

mom came pregnant with me.

she didn't know, but shecame pregnant with me.

so she comes to this country,to the state as so many other

mexican families, to lookfor a better future for their

children, they had two children,pedro and gustavo, and she and

my dad came here to fight tolook for something and the least

they wanted was another baby,and boom my mom was pregnant

with me, and she says she didn'twant to, she said that what i

wanted was make my otherchildren pull

though and i didn't want another

baby, you see many times womendrink tea or homemade remedies

or try to find a way or otherto not have the baby, but since

then, i think i was a fighter.

i said i'm not going to bethrown out, i'm not going to be

thrown out, and here i am.

here i am.

here i am, and now my mom, ididn't know about that story

until 2003 and she told meyou're always going to pull

though with everything, you area survivor of life, she told me

the story and that gave mestrength, it gave me strength

for every time i have a problem,a difficulty, i trust in those

words, that i am here from thestart, even though they didn't

want me and i stayed here.

and you were born here.

that's how...

in long beach.

in los angeles, i was born inlos angeles, and then i moved,

my dad, they took us all thecrowd of children they had then,

and we fell in long beach,california and we were

raised there.

you have always talked, allthe conflicts you have had, you

have shared with your audiencealso, but you have talked about

this courage you havesince you were a girl.

how was that childhood, how didyou grow up, what were your

first experiences with life?

i can tell you, mara, that mychildhood was one of the most

beautiful thingsthat i've lived.

apart from the stage i live now,i'm happy, i feel fulfilled,

whole, my childhood, i was avery happy, i was the only,

i was the first woman and for awhile, the only woman among 4

men, so there you can explainwhy i'm strong,

because my brothers wouldn't letme play as a girl.

i had to be strong i had toplay baseball, karate, marbles,

fights, they didn't let me havedolls, my mom bought them to me

wanting her girl to be a tendergirl, feminine, not a man.

i took the pigtails off, i hadmy hair loose, and i beat my

brothers at marbles, i playedcars, i loved baseball and they

made me strong, my dad alwaysdemanding much love to me.

my brothers had to love me, hadto adore me because i was the

queen of the house, so i think iwas growing like that, with much

love and care from my brothersand also from my father.

when i grow up, when i grow up,i was the ugly duckling with my

school friends...


i don't know!

my brothers, i think i lookedugly because my brothers wanted

me to look like a little man,so i liked to get together with

pretty girls at school, i was areally good student, i studied

much, i had excellent grades,while they were the couplers,

boys liked them at school, andi was, you could say, the nerd,

the studying one.

i was always obeying.

even if it doesn't show, even ifit doesn't show,

i like study much.

did you have privationin your childhood?

yes, we had privation, but youdon't know you have privations

till you grow up and youconquer other things.

for me, the life my parents gaveus was really normal, it was

really normal not having alwaysmeat to eat, with beans, cheese,

tortillas, that made us happy.

what i can tell you there was aneconomical lack, but music was

never lacking.

music was never lacking, mymother says that when i was

born, we lived in aneighborhood, there were many

apartments, many people and shesaid i'm going to take my girl

to live there, and there is muchnoise, i want her to get used to

sleep with noise, and my mom putin a horn my crib, and through

that horn the music ofvicente fernandez played.

she said, while i slept, shesaid "so that she's used to the

noise and when the neighbormakes noise outside, my daughter

doesn't wake up.

so the music of vicente wasthe first thing i heard.

and like that, it went into myblood, vicente, lola beltran,

pedro infante, javier soliz,chayito valdez, and i grew with

what mom and dad listened,despite i was raised in the usa.

since, my first language wasspanish, after i went school i

studied english, but mexicanmusic was deep inside me.

so there might have been muchlacking, but music never.

and it's such a blessing tothink it was like that,

because i live of that.

my children live of that, ofthat teaching of my parents that

i didn't lose our culture, ourroots, our mexican pride and

obviously our mexican music too.

now, jenny, you say you wereugly, that you got together with

pretty girls, but your encounterwith love was really young.

yes, and because ofthe same reason i think.

i think that at 14-15 years oldwhen someone finally likes you,

well, it's easyto make a mistake.

so the first boyfriend i had wasthe father of my daughters, and

my first husband, it wasan 8 year relationship.

that relationshiplasted 8 years.

really married?

uh, you know that wesupposedly got married but the

innocent inexpert me neverregistered the documents, the

license, so when i went to getdivorced they told me you are

not married, you neverregistered the wedding act, so i

thought i wasmarried, but i wasn't.

you had your two first babies.

i had 3.



and later you find love againand you have other babies.

and after there was, afterthere was domestic violence for,

do you remember iwanted to study?

i, it was impossible for me thati was pregnant at my 15 and he

didn't want me to study anymore.

and that i wasn'tanything else in life.

and i was like, how, i, mygrades, and i'm going to be

doctor, nurse, teacher, lawyer,i'm going to be something.

that was what my mother said, mydad was always "you are going to

be a singer", no, i'm going tobe what my mommy says, so i

said, not because i'm pregnanti'll stop studying, and the

problems started because thestrong girl they taught me to be

wanted to get her way andwhen that happens with a male

chauvinist man,the beatings start.

beatings that ididn't receive calmly.

that was what iwanted to ask you.

how did the other one ended up?

well, yes, i have a very gooduppercut to the liver.


so there it startedbecause i wouldn't let him.

and that relationshiplasted for 8 years.

8 years.

and you never sued, never...


in one occasion.

when finally we left each otherin 1992, it was because of that,

because it was the first time isued him, and he felt offended i

had sued him and that i hadn'tallowed him to touch me

physically, that hedamaged me physically.

at 23 years old this happened,in 1993 i started going out with

my friends, i realized whatdances were, i didn't go out, i

was locked in my house with him,for years, studying, being a

mom, and, because i finallygot my way of keep studying, i

graduated from high schoolwith honors, i had the best

qualifications with 8scholarships to go to the

university, so ikept on studying.

finally in 1992 i leave him forthat reason and in 1993 i go out

with my friends to a dance placehere in carlson, california, it

is called, and they gave me sometequilas, i didn't know what

tequila was either, that nighti discovered many things.

i had some tequilas and theydared me to go on the scene to

sing, i did it, i sang a song bychalino sanchez, "las lluvias de

enero" in the dance floor andthe people applauded

me very much.

and i liked it.

i liked that that ball ofdrunks had liked my music.

and then, my dad already had therecord house, i had access to

musicians, the studio,everything, and i obviously

worked in the record house, parttime, so i had access to all

this and i prepared my firstalbum as a surprise for my

father, who always wanted me tobe a singer, i showed him my

record the day of his birthdayand each year after that, he

wanted the same gift.

that happened for 6 years, i didan album for my dad, i wasn't

dedicated to my artistic career,because for me it wasn't one,

despite him compiling my musicalcatalogue without me realizing

it, he just asked me for a ifand i gave him another record.

um, in, then i was a bachelorin real estate, i had studied

company management, and isold houses here in the...


we saw that first part of theinterview in which jenny talks

about her beginnings, also aboutthat tormented past where she

was in a way...beaten, domesticviolence and now we're going to

see this second part, reallyjenny again, like few times

happens, opened her house, thiswas in 2011, and really she said

things that got to our house andshe makes us feel as always, as

she was, a great queen a greatdiva, the diva de la banda,

jenny rivera.

let's see this second part ofthe interview of mara patricia

castañeda to jenny rivera.

so you graduated and youstarted selling houses here in

los angeles.

i started selling houses, iloved it, i have always loved

chatting and i liked helpingpeople, so for me it was really

nice for a family of immigrantsor people that was fighting,

being able to give them thehouse of their first house.

i felt dreaming, i love, istill love the business of

real estate.

so that's what i did when in1999 my music started being

played here in the area of losangeles, in the "que buena"

radio station, i startedlistening one day, see that i

was precisely taking someclients to see a house, when the

car gets hot, the carburetor,the radiator, i don't know what

it was, the thing is the cargets hot, i stopped in the

middle of the street withclients and they pushed the car!


and i, i was driving it, pullingit over, and i had the radio on

and i listen to my voice.

in the radio.

it's me!

but first i said, where doesthat voice come from, it was me.

and i was really surprised thathours later, the girls talked

that they wanted that song.

we want to hear that song, theydidn't know who it was, they

didn't know the name, butthe interest started there.

and 2-3 weeks later theclubs in los angeles started

communicating with me to mydad's office to ask me to come

to sing to their places.

what is that?

"el parral" or "el farallon"want you to go to sing and they

pay you for presenting.

presenting what?

no, you just sing, theyare going to pay you.

how much?

100 dollars.

ah, with that i can buy milk,cheese, tortilla and i fill a

bit my children's fridge.

then i was a single mother.

and you had your 3 children.

i had my 3 children.

and then you find love again.

in 1995.

i met juan, the father of mysecond two children that was my

second husband.

i did married that one and themarriage was registered

and everything.


i had more experience then.

i had 2 children with him, i hadjenicka and johnny that now has

14 years old, herand 10 years old him.

in 1995, in 1997 we got marriedand we also divorced in 2003.

it's like i last 8years with each one.

and there also was, therewere problems with him.

yes, there were problemswith my husband, again.

sorry, the cable unplugged.


that's it, okay.

with juan, with juan i wasmarried since 1997, and there

were, there were infidelities.

i have lived a little bitof everything, and we were

separated because of that, wetried again, from 1999 to 2003

and when my careerstarted...when i started to

dedicate to my artistic careerfrom 1999, it was working,

little by little it was workingand he didn't assimilate what

was happening to her woman, andthere were many problems that,

make believe i came to aninterview with you and in the

road there was a fight, aproblem, he didn't understand,

he didn't get the idea that hehad to support me and finally in

2003 i sued for divorce.

how, how does jennyrivera sees love now?

i have always been open tolove, despite i have done very

bad, i suffered from domesticviolence, the father of my

children abused of my children,my second husband cheated on me,

i paid the shall support, ialways said, i'm not afraid of

falling in love.

it's something really beautiful,besides, i love men, it's the

most beautiful that god has donein life, on the earth,

so i never closed myself,i never closed myself.

the thing is when i met esteban,i had lived much i worked much,

i was doing well, i was happywith my career, satisfied, and a

man comes who, who is alsosuccessful, who for 19 years

played in the major leagues inthe usa, professional baseball,

so he doesn't feel intimidatedwith who i am, how much i do,

how much work, how much successi have and that was what i

needed, and we are mature now,of the experiences i had in my

first and second marriage, youlearn better the relationship in

my third marriage now.

and i think thatit's the definitive.

do you want to havechildren with him.

he wants to, my husbandwants to make me a home run.


and it's just strikes,i said i don't want to!

no, poor thing, my beautifulhusband, he wants us to have a

baby but i have many projects,i'm really inquisitive, i have

always liked tv much, apart frommy musical career, i want to be

like oprah winfrey, it's whathas been like my real desire,

almost not a dream, i aspire, ilike to aspire, i aspire to be

the mexican oprah winfrey, butwithout wanting but wanting it i

became a singer and thoseprojects i have of radio and tv,

my line of clothing isabout to be released...


jewelry, my fragrances,my cosmetics, my hair

products...i'm a businesswoman,that's what i studied, company

management, so i think aboutthat, and all the love i want to

give to my 5 childrenand my granddaughter.

but esteban is so in love withmy granddaughter that calls i'm

"welo", he's "welo", i'm "wela",jeyla that is 2 years old, so

esteban wants to have a baby.

i'm there, i say if it's doneit's done and i don't have a

problem, i would like to, youknow, i'd like to make my

husband happy giving him thechance that a creature of the

two of us exists.

but we'll see, god always knowswhat he does, he knew my 5

children were going to be born,that jeyla my granddaughter was

going to be born too, so if itcomes, i don't know a jenicia,

or a little esteban,we'll receive him.


and apart from being singer,businesswoman, a voice of the

radio you are also mom and ahousewife and you like to cook

and take yourchildren to school.

how is that partof jenny's life?

that is what i enjoy the most.

i enjoy waking up early, mycoach comes, we exercise, i tell

him i have to cook, i like it,i'd like to have time to prepare

breakfast for my children everyday, take them to school myself,

those 15 minutes from here toschool are very important to me.

to talk with my children, clownaround, i try to be really

caring with them and being ableto make them some dinner to my

children and tell them i madeyou these enchiladas, these

roasted meat, these"frijoles caldudos".

what are the"frijoles caldudos"?

"frijoles caldudos" are asonorense dish, they are not

completely mashed or whole, theyare in between the two, and they

have "chili toreado" with cheeseand tortilla, flour or corn,

and those are the"caldudo beans".

what else do youprepare in your kitchen?

um, i am of treats, i likedoing golden tacos, i like doing

enchiladas, burritos, mole, thatkind of food i like to prepare

to my children.

they love it, that their mothermakes them, today i made them

some green beans with onion,tomato, serrano chili, scrambled

eggs, and i did an egg and hamsandwich to the boy too, so

before we say good bye, beforegoing to school, they go to my

room and they tell methank you for the food.

so that, for me is the best.

my career as a mother isthe most important thing.

that's why i make changes in mycareer because i've accomplished

much, my audience has made meaccomplish many things, so now i

want to focus a little bit moreon my children, on my family.

jenny, what are the momentsyou choose to talk with your

children, for example to talkwith your daughter that gave you

your granddaughter, how did youtalk to her about that topic,

with your son that now you wentto court, how, how did you talk

with them these problems you hadthat are now a beautiful thing

like your granddaughter.

yes, of course.

for example, with jackie theother day we talked about it,

remembering that in march 2009,i always wake up early, at 6 in

the morning or 7 i'm up, so itwas 8, 8:30 and mommy didn't

wake up.

they went and knocked the doorto see why mom was asleep if mom

always wakes up early, and inthat occasion, jackie came in,

and i heard her and the big onepushed her and told her

"tell her, tell mom".

so i sat on the bed and she saidmommy i want to talk to you.

she said "mom, i'm going to havea baby", she had 19 years old

and i watch her and i say "okay,and what are you going to do?"

no, she told me"mom, i'm pregnant".

those were her words.

and i told her "whatare you going to do?"

and she said "i'mgoing to keep my baby".


then i thought "i'm goingto be a grandmother!"

"i'm going to be a grandmother!"

do you know why icouldn't nag her?

how could i?

i had become pregnantat 15 years old.

they waited, she had her firstchild at 20, and my oldest

daughter has 26 years old andshe has no babies yet, so i

wasn't there to nag her.

i was more, jacqueline wasmy rebel daughter, she was

rebellious, very independent,angry, so i thought "this girl

will help her change",it will help her mature.

this baby, we didn'tknow it was a girl.

so i thought, it's youropportunity of growing as a

woman, it's your chance to seelife differently and

become responsible.

and that was how we dealt withthe jayla stuff that was born

the 17th of november of the2009, and that has been a world

of happiness to me.

she's a sweet.

i don't want to say she's what ilove the most in life, because

my children get jealous, and itsimply is a really

different love.

it's a love that's mine, butit's not mine, it's hers.

so i'm the one who checks her,the one that disciplines too,

but it was, they werecomplicated moments, i was in

her birth labor, all the hourwhen she gave birth, and i told

her you are going to have an 8hour labor, this baby will be

born at 7 in the night, and youare going to breath 3 times per

contraction, and i was likethat with her, and breathe, and

breathe and she was born at 6:58that 17th of november, so mom

knew what she was talking about.

and the father of the girl?

the father of the girl, inthat moment, they have a good

relationship, they are not, theytried to be in a relationship

for a while, it didn't work,they don't think it's the

moment, but she is, part of theweek there and part of the

week here.

but my daughter is blessed inthat she has the father of her

daughter who is reallyresponsible, she takes care of

her, disciplines her, becauseit's a lot easier, i think it's

a lot healthier tohave a mom and dad.

and with your son,how was the talk?

oh my god, with mike, that'sanother one that killed me

because, i have lived manyscandals that are true, that

aren't true, my fault or not,whatever, but i can deal with it

because it's me and i don't letmy children see any of that.

my children i don't, theydon't see all that happens.

so, so that itdoesn't hurt them.

first so that it doesn't hurtthem, also so that it doesn't

affect them, and also so thatthey don't necessarily see

who their mom is.

so mom goes to sing and shecomes back, and i don't want to

any of what is said in themedia, good or bad,

affects them.

but, when the michaelthing happened i suffered.

i suffered like a mother, a lot,because i remember that day 15th

of october of 2010...

you have such a memory.

yes, i remember importantdates, and that day i was

working in mexico, i had likea month and a week of being

married, and i wantedto talk to michael.

son, where are you?

i went out mom forcorona, to a party.


and who gave you permission?

he said "it was easy for meto come, mum" and i told him,

michael, when you do thosethings and you don't ask

permission to your parentsis when things happen.

i don't know if it had happenedor not, but the case is that

night, which was when he hadrelations, consensual, with a

girl that was younger than him,he was 19 and she was 16, 3

years, but in this countryshe has to be 18, so, so time

passed, i got there, he didn'ttell me a thing, i arrived, and

i took him to dinner a thursdayand i saw friends called him,

they called him ad they told himthings, i said "son, is it that

call very important?

why are you afraid?

you look frightened.

no mommy, everythingis all right.

that night we got home and hetold me mom, i made a mistake.

i had relations with a girl thati've been talking to, her mom

knows we have been talking, ihave been to her house, i mean

they all knew of thisrelationship but me, the mom

knew, the girl knew,my son knew, everyone.

the thing is he had relationswith her, and he said and the

mom realized this, andshe wants to talk to you.

okay, let her talk tome, there is no problem.

and i tell him, did you knowmichael she has to have certain

age so that you havesexual relations with her?

did you know?



you'll pay for your mistake.

because i, even if it hurts whatmight happen, you have to learn

the lessons in life.

ah, but until then, i won't letthem blame you for something

that is not true, and i feltwhat was going to happen,

finally her mom communicateswith my daughter, well this

happened, and the other thinghappened, and we're traumatized,

and my daughter said, "why areyou traumatized mrs.? because

your daughter has beencommunicating with my brother

and she is even happy with whathas happened, and i don't know

what you are traumatized about".

she said we can solve thisproblem if you release my

daughter as a singer.

and, well you help methat she is famous.

"oof, she said, knowing mymother, she's going to go mad".


knowing my mom, i don'tthink she's going to do it.

she would want my brother tolearn a lesson and you too".

so my daughter talks to me andtells me how this woman will

want to cover thisup with a record?

that's selling thebody of her daughter.

and i said, tell her i said no,that she does what she has to

do, but that iwon't be extorted.

and if they realize, if themedia realizes, i don't care

i'll pull through.

but as we hadn't agreed to theproposal of this woman, she did

it big time.

but i trusted, what i could dowas to trust god and justice.

as always, i said, my sonhas to pay for what he did.

he was foolish and he didn'ttake measures, knowing he

shouldn't have relations with agirl, but don't tell me he did

these other things, knowinghimself what we had lived with

the father of my daughters, mydaughters then with

their own dad.

so, thank god, those texts thathe saved were of much use in

court and in court, the judgelistened to the girl, that

according to him was very muchaffected for what has happened,

and he said, well in these textsyou say you are very happy,

joyous, didn't you write this?

well yes.

well, then we don't believe whatyou're saying, that that boy did

all that to you.

and instead of giving him 3-4years in prison, they gave him

59 days of arresthere in our house.

from here he could do hisstudies, he could do his time,

in prison, and that washow we came out of that.

trusting god.


are you afraidof death, jenny?

i am afraid of death, mara,not because of me, um, for my

children, since i have been somany years, i was so many years

alone with them, they still livewith me, that close we are.

my daughter is 26 years old,and she lives with mommy.

she says i won't go from heremom, until i get married.

jackie that has her daughter, mygranddaughter also lives

with mommy.

michael who is 20 and is in theuniversity also lives with mom

because what we lived wasreally strong, so we feel happy

together united in thisnucleus, in this world of ours.

so, i am afraid that i could bemissing, what will happen with

my children?

i don't know.

or my mom, my dad.

i am not afraid for me.

i feel that at my 42 yearsi have lived so many things

already that i came out ofpoverty, i made my children pull

though, i lived all thedifficulties i've lived, but i

feel satisfied, i feelfulfilled, i feel happy.

i could die and that it says,here rest jenny rivera.

for her ovaries.

there she is.


and when you look at the mirror,like that big one you have

there, what is the reflectionyou see of yourself?


i find the reflection of animperfect woman but a woman that

has never given up, sincei was in my mother's womb.

i don't give up, and now i seein that reflection that woman in

which so many otherwoman see inspiration.

in which so many women, somany woman feel identified and

connected and sayshe is like us.

she, she is real.

that's what i see.

i see that woman that wantsto do changes, that wants to

mature, wants to be better, shewants to be a better example

because i didn't enter in thiscareer to be anyone's example, i

just lived my life, i livedmy life and all that happened

happened and without wanting iti became an example for them and

now i see that i say i want tobe a better woman in the same

way as i suffered with my firstmarriage, my second marriage,

all that has happened, and theni find the prince charming that

everyone talks about,they can also find him.

if i found him,you can find him.

jenny, of your new record"joyas prestadas" which is the

song that most memoriesbrings you back.

because all of them must havea special memory for you, but

maybe there is one that has a...

many, there are many, mara.

the songs of marisela that hasbeen my favorite artist, rocio

durcal that i listened since iwas a girl, the rocios, rocio

durcal, rocio jurado, isabelpantoja, enita nazario, olga

tañon...there is a song thatlucha villa recorded, which is

the borrowed jewel composed byjuan gabriel, and it was sang by

lucha villa and i can't imaginesinging that song live because

my parents are passing through adivorce, and that song says,

"so now i am worth nothing toyou after i gave you my life

in body and soul"

♪ you leave me and you go youdon't care about me anymore .

after i gave you all my life.

look ♪.

and she tells him "i knowshe's younger and she's pretty

and you'll have her love now",it says, "but don't be stupid,

she won't love you as i do.

she wants you for your money,don't believe that

it's for love".

so that's somethingthat happens to us!

when are we're going to listento you jenny, are you going to

tour with "joyas prestadas"?

yes, of course.

the record will be released the22nd of november, it comes with

the songs "basta ya" from olgatañon, from anita nazario "a que

no le cuentas", "a como tumujer" by rocio durcal,

"¿a cambio de que?"

by maricela, "me gusta morir"by dulce, "asi fue" by isabel

pantoja and "resulta...

"detrás de mi ventana"?

"detrás de miventana" by yuri.

oh my god they're so many songs.

it will be released this 22nd ofnovember, and well i think as

soon as it is released i'm goingto start singing it, 3 or 4 live

presentations, so that youlisten to them, to see

what you think.

when do you finishworking this year, jenny?

i finish my work in the middleof december and the last half of

december i spend buying gifts,making the christmas buying,

decorating the house, beingwith my children, my mom, my

brothers, meaning, what i can'tdo all year, i like to do from

the middle of december onwards.

jenny, what will you tell theaudience of "joyas prestadas".

to my audience of "joyasprestadas", i promise you are

going to like it, you are goingto love it, um, i did it with

much passion, much love,remembering, most of the songs

the times when i worked behindthe counter in the booths,

selling music, and what ablessing that the music i

listened to i can record now andi can offer it to all of you.

thank you for the incrediblesupport you have given me, for

being with us in the good andbad moments, for loving me,

supporting me, forgiving meand being with me always.

my children and i thankyou with all our hearts.

do you want toadd anything else?

thank you for your time, ithank you for being here, your

house in los angeles,thank you all.

astonishing interview.


wonderful really.



alan tacher, we listenperfectly to you and we see you,

tell us.

friend, thank you, this is tosay good bye with this special

transmission from mexico, withall we did, you know it, you

talked about it, the life jennyrivera lived of ups and down,

but she was a complete woman,and as she said, with ovaries.

and that is how we're going toremember, with strength, spirit

and of course what she wantsis that the show must go on...

right alan.

we're going to continue withthis show, go on jenny, and all

of those that arenot with us anymore.

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