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Aquí y Ahora - 30 de mayo, 2021

Los restos de una joven y el bebé que llevaba en su vientre fueron encontrados en una maleta debajo de un puente, sin embargo las víctimas no pudieron ser identificadas por más de cuatro décadas.
31 May 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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>> for me it was very painful. mostly, if you idealizing somuch. >> the protagonists of "si nosdejan" speak of their private lives.this and more next on "aqui y ahora."♪ >> patience is needed to solvecrimes. the next case committed morethan that. it kept authorities working forover four decades. patricia: good evening andwelcome to "aqui y ahora." angie sandoval brings us thestory of evelyn colon, a young woman who, thanks to theperseverance of a couple of people, was discovered after sheleft without a trace. angie: two things hurt as muchas uncertainty. >> she was happy.she was always happy. always good to other people.angie: 45 years have passed since her sister was seen forthe last time. since then, she has said she waswaiting. >> i was very close to mysister, evelyn. i would miss her very much.angie: evelyn and her three siblings grew up in jersey city,new jersey. in this house in a working-classneighborhood. like the rest of the city in the1970s, it was plagued by crime and unemployment.>> i was the oldest. we were always together.angie: according to her brother -->> i would reprimand her. i would say do not do does not like that. angie:?? she would pay attention to you>> she would. angie: not in every way.evelyn began dating a man five years older than her when shewas 14. did you like him?>> no ilia:. angie: he was not only one.>> my father saw her with him and he told my mom, look, idont want that man with evelyn. you can tell he is a bad man.angie: her parents disapproved of the relationship so much thatthey moved to another house so they would not be 1976, the couple continued going out and she ended up.from that moment forward, no one could separate them.evelyn left school and went to live with him.this was a decision she later regretted.>> he was jealous. when he went to work, he did notwant her out of the house. she told my mom that ifsomething happened to her, she should look for him.that is when my mom said, ok, there is a problem here.angie: at the beginning of december, 1970 six, evelyn, whowas eight months, called her family.>> she told my mother she did not feel well.please come back. bring her some soup.angie: they all went to see her, and when they arrived, theyfound a neighbor. >> she walked out and asked, whoare you looking for? we said, we are looking forevelyn. she said they did they move? angie: incredulous, he went upto the apartment to verify that. >> when i went up, i thought,that is so weird, they moved and they left the baby carriage.angie: they had disappeared. >> my mom was very worried.she said, how would evelyn leave without telling me anything?angie: not far away, the new jersey police were looking for a15-year-old girl who was under the care of the state.her name was maggie cruz. she was hispanic and alsopregnant. >> she was a teenager in fostercare. she lived in massachusetts andshe and another girl decided to escape to new york.her friend returned, but maggie never went back a -- home.angie: she is the director of forensic services for missingand exploited children. according to her, maggie cruzcalled her friend a few days later asking for help and money.but when she wanted to know more details -->> she hung up. we never found out what happenedto maggie. angie: meanwhile, in jerseycity, the colon family was deciding it was not necessary togo to the police. evelyns departure had only oneexplanation. >> she was about 14 at the time.she fell in love with him. angie: at that moment, everyonewas convinced the young woman would return in a few days.>> knowing my sister, she always comes back to us.always. angie: the following christmas,there was still no sign of the girl.according to a detective, evelyn colon became victims.>> everything was different back the u.s. the technology was different andsociety was different. when the police had a suspicionthat someone had left voluntarily or that there was aboyfriend involved, there was nothing same kind ofinvestigation like you would probably see in todays day andage. angie: around that time,authorities had a more complicated case in their hands.they were looking for a serial killer.he had killed at least three young, dark-haired women.>> when we return, december 20, 1976.police are led to the banks of this river.>> we did not have the technology to find fingerprints.>> at the same time, in jersey city, the♪ >> a macabre discovery under abridge led people in pennsylvania to thank the serialkiller had attacked once again. angie sandoval tells us thatevelyn colons family was about to receive news of her daughter.a letter that was as clear as it was suspicious.♪ angie: on december 20, 1976,next to the lehigh river in pennsylvania, while a boy wasfishing, he had a scare of his life.he found three opened suitcases. when he approached, he found outthey contain human remains. days later, they discovered theywere the remains of a woman who had about to be giving birth.she had been strangled, raped, and disposed of.>> she did not respect the life of the baby she was carrying.angie: he is the president of a forensic association.he says he is convinced the killer did everything possibleso neither he nor the victim could be identified.>> it shows us the intention to make it so that the victim couldnot be identified. he also cut off the handles ofthe suitcases. angie: the community ofwhitehaven was determined to give the remains a burial.they were buried with the name beth doe.the colon family received a letter.>> when my mom opened the letter, it was in spanish.angie: a month after she left, they finally had news aboutevelyn. >> it said she was fine.that she had a boy. angie: for her brother, theletter with no return address seemed suspicious.>> it said please do not look for us.when we are ready, we will come by with the baby.angie: the discovery of these remains unleashed a nationwideservice -- search for a killer. they received clues from allover the country. but at that time, there was nodna testing. the lehigh case remained closed-- cold for over three decades. >> we speculate that person whodumped the suitcases did so from that location.we speculate that his intention was they all into the water, butthey fell on the riverbank. angie: this investigator hasbeen on the case for a long time.he says it had challenges from the very beginning.most homicides are resolved during the life of a, there was no starting point.angie: the only clues until the beginning of the 1980s werepages from a new york newspaper that they had found in one ofthe suit is. -- suitcases.and a small blanket. the modus oeperandi of thekiller reminded them of someone they had just arrested, richardcoming him -- cunningham, the torso killer.>> there was a similarity to the way disposed of the victimsbodies. at that time, it was believedthere could be a similarity. angie: the 33-year-old computertechnician had been arrested in a new york hotel when he wasabout to attack a girl he had kidnapped.he was convicted of killing five women and sentenced to life inprison. but detectives never found anyevidence that linked him to the discovery at the 2007, with forensic science advancing rapidly, pennsylvaniastate police decided the only way to find new clues in thebeth doe case was to exam her body.>> one thing that is true is you do not know what you will find.angie: according to him, these were submitted to a secondautopsy. part of a femur was sent to alaboratory to be genetically analyzed.>> that took us nowhere. angie: at that time, the dna didnot coincide with anyone in the database of people who werelooking for lost relatives. but the work was not in vain.>> some experts thought she was of hispanic ancestry.angie: based on these results, the national center for missingand exploited children began to create a series of pictures ofbeth doe, each one better than the one before thanks toadvances in technology. >> when they saw the composite,what crossed your mind? seeing the girls face finally?>> it always gives us pause. we think, we can see the victimlooking at us. we can connect with her on amuch deeper level. and work for her.angie: throughout the years, the beth doe sketches prompted manycalls to the center. among them, one woman.>> she recognized maggie cruz. the pregnant girl who hadescaped her foster home could be beth doe.>> if you have questions about maggie cruz or beth doe, calledthe police. angie: according to authorities,it was a good time to get more clues and solve the jersey city, the absence of evelyn was like a wound thatwould not heal. >> perhaps my sister changed hername, i dont know. it is odd that she never lookedfor us. angie: her siblings had residedthemselves to living without her.but her mother could never get over her departure.>> when your mother died, did she say something to you?>> she said that week she keep looking for be helpful. to keep looking for.i still remember because she was very close to my mother.angie: in 2019, the detectives have been assigned to thebethdoe case. this officer had not even beenborn when the remains of the young, pregnant women have beenfound beneath the bridge. but he took on the case with thesame determination as his predecessors.he had to make a phone call no one else had to do.>> i called her and verified she was alive.>> when we return, the investigation in the beth doecase takes an unexpected turn. and after 45 years of waiting,the colon♪ >> for decades, the colon familyhope that evelyn will return. at the end of last year, theobsession of a young man and the investigation of detectivesfinally bore fruit. angie sandoval tells us howafter 45 years, they determined the young mother was closer thanthey had imagined. angie: there are family tiesthat defy time and distance. >> why did she leave?lashing out here -- why is she not here?angie: outside of houston, texas, he has spent 30 days ofhis life hearing the story of an aunt he never met.>> she was very pretty, beautiful.i grew up hearing she was somewhere out there.angie: she decided to leave with her boyfriend to start a family.she would come back when she was ready.when the time was right for her. according to him, there wassomething about that story that didnt make sense.>> i always thought it was odd that she never wanted to contactus. angie: in december of 2017, hehad an idea. >> i could upload my dna tomultiple sites to find out where i come from but also to findcousins. i knew she was pregnant at thetime. angie: genealogy can helpreconstruct not just a family tree.>> today it is the biggest advancement that forensicscience has. angie: according to experts, dnacan be used to find missing people and solve the golden state killer in 2018, 30 years after his firstcrime. he was arrested for killing 13,raping 50, and committing 120 crimes.he was sentenced to life in prison.>> for cold cases, it is a huge benefit to investigators.angie: in pennsylvania, he considered this option.but according to him, he needed to make a phone call to verify aclue. >> i called her.i could verify she was alive and doing well.angie: on the other side of the phone, maggie cruz, the youngwoman who according to authorities was buried in thebeth doe grave. she was about 50 and lived inthe northeast of the country. >> it is frustrating, but allyou can do is follow the next clue.angie: the uncertainty as to who was reallybeth doe drove him tosend a portion of the femur to a laboratory in texas.thanks to new techniques, they were able to extract a geneticprofile in a database to identify potential familymembers. >> that his has to be evelyn. angie: they have found the rightclue. >> i found out mine aunt wasbeth doe when i was notified by pennsylvania state police.they told me the dna coincided with a victim of a homicide inthe 1970s. angie: what was your reaction?>> i dont remember half the conversation i had with theofficer. he called and said, i have totell you something. you should become.angie: for the colon family, the uncertainty made way for pain.>> i cried out, that cannot be possible.i dont want to hear that. i would hope i would see heralive. angie: according to her, thenews was even more devastating. she had been living inpennsylvania for 21 years, not knowing that her sister had beenburied within minutes from her house.>> how was i to know that my sister was so close to me?this many years. i think it was a miracle fromgod. angie: after 45 years, beth doehad finally uncovered her true identity, evelyn colon.>> he would help the police remembering the last words ofhis sister. >> she said, look for him.he was the only one who was with her.he was the last person who saw her.they lived together. angie: colon was referring toher boyfriend and father of her baby.the man who the family had water -- warned her about so much.>> i told her he was very jealous.i said, find him. it was him who did that.angie: in march of this year, the trooper found him living inthis house in queens, new york. he was 63 and made a livingdriving a school bus. >> he initially denied knowingevelyn colon. angie: detectives did notbelieve him. >> through further interviews,he admitted he knew her, they have been together, and that shehad become pregnant with his child.angie: those admissions were not enough to arrest that moment, he asked him about the family letter.the letter that evelyn could not have written, because she haddied a month four. >> he did admit to writing theletter. based on some inconsistencies inthe testimony, we found probable cause to arrest him.♪ >> imagine, all this time.>> on april 28, over four decades over evelyns death, hersiblings came to this courthouse in whitehaven, pennsylvania, toface the man who, according to them, stole part of their lives.>> why did you do that? this is evelyns you remember me? >> two you see how he walked in?that is what i am talking about. angie: instead of answers, theyfound more pain. >> i was so angry.i remember when i was nine years old.i did not think he would do something like that to mysister. it hurts me to note that he didsomething like this. angie: after the trial, she wentto the cemetery that she had seen so many times from adistance. >> i know my sisters soul willnot rest in these. angie: she promised her sistershe would never go away. from that point forward, theywould find justice. >> incredible.they say whoever perseveres, reaches for their took 45 years to solve this case.sierra declared himself not guilty and is awaiting trial.since the crime accord -- occurred in 1976, he is facinghomicide charges for killing evelyn colon but not killing thechild she was carrying. we will be back.>> after a break, the odyssey to make the european cup possible.♪ >> in 2014, there was anannouncement that the uefa championship would celebrate itsanniversary. this dream became a nightmare.cristina: the union of european football associations wasplanning on celebrating the european cup in 12 countries.but in march of 2019, the world entered uncertainty.caused by covid-19. we think that delaying the cupis the only opportunity we have. to finish their competitions.♪ cristina: this is the newbeginning for soccer. >> nobody could imagine howcomplicated it would be. to get european soccer back ontrack. >> it was like preparing a partyfor three years, and with the guests are about to arrive, theparty is canceled. you still have to clean and younever even have a party. uefacristina: it was somethingcompletely different. the first time soccer stoppedentirely. >> postponing the events was noteasy. they had to do it properly.they also had to reinvent as an organization.>> we are an organization that likes planning in advance and weknow far in advance when matches will take place and when eventswill happen. cristina: the first achievementwas the return of the champions league.the world was looking at a soccer field once do so, uefa had to work with countries that had other thingson their minds. >> the hardest thing was andremains the border closures, restrictions, and gettingplayers from different countries to play.cristina: with the return to stadiums, uefa became experts inunknown areas, learning about medicine, ventilation, safetyprotocols, and a number of other processes associated with thisnew normal. >> it is as if you have a bunchof lego pieces in front of you and you have to put themtogether in a way that makes sense, but not necessarilyaccording to plan. cristina: it is clear that theorganization knew this was an adapter or die challenge.but how was uefa able to adapt so quickly?>> our way of solving challenges is to some cases we are able to use standard processes likedisinfecting locker rooms. we had to empty the area.we looked at our safety protocols and we have one wherewe would clean an area and the authorities would check to seeif there were any explosives. we applied processes like that.cristina: what they had to guarantee was the safety of allparticipants, not just the teams and referees but everyone whowas involved. the crew at the stadium,journalists, everyone. >> this correspondent witnessedhow european soccer reinvented itself.he had to adapt to new challenges.bringing european soccer to american audiences.>> i think, to the end, this is an example of how to handlethis. it was surprising for a lot ofcompanies to see that you could have new content despite thelimitations. cristina: to protect the healthof all, uefa was very strict with protocols, testing peoplewith symptoms and people who are helping.they have administered over 165,000 tests so far.98% of matches have gone on with no problems.>> this is our mission became possible thanks to the fact that we worked withnational associations to explain our process.cristina: on april 20 7, 2021, uefa confirmed the 11headquarters that will host. places like dublin and bilbaodisappeared because they could not guarantee having an audiencein the stadiums. >> you have to enter into thesediscussions with them in a very open way.cristina: uefa did not succumb. they proved that in soccer, theonly team is not on the field. you have to work with others.for organizers, it was perfect. europe had returned.>> it will be a great celebration.the european cup will begin in room on june 11 -- rome on june11. it will last one month and thematches will be broadcast on tudn as well as univision.we will be back with more "aqui y ahora.">> when we return, revelations from the stars of "si nos dejan." >> mans infidelity toward womenhave been♪ >> it is a story that deals withrelationships as well as stigmas and prejudices that society andsometimes ourselves bring upon ourselves.we spoke with the stars of and they told us the characters theyportray in the new telenovela, "si nos dejan.">> good morning, family. >> she is a 50-year-oldhomemaker. she has the perfect family andis married to one of the most respected and recognizedjournalists in mexico. they have three children andthey are social icons. this is how the plot begins,until she discovers a terrible secret.♪ >> describe him in one word?>> basic. >> why?>> because he is driven by his ego.he thinks what is most important in life is having.he has different journalism awards.and he has another life with his lover.he has these adventures. >> she asks her mother foradvice. >> i foundsergio with anotherwoman. >> what a relief, i thought youwould say you had cancer. >> she represents a traditionalwoman. >> she was raised in a veryconservative way. that is what it was like forthem, right? it was like, this is what it islike. and you have to put up with it.your husband is your husband until death.>> taken on a trip. >> she has other interests.she supports her son-in-law. >> she wants her to remain withhim because he has talent and money.eva does not want to lose that. >> what are you doing here?>> nothing is further from how she was raised.>> my mother separated from my father when i was very young.she had that idea that as a woman, you have to be strong.>> her character is the exact opposite.she has no independence in life and she does not value herself.>> for me, it seems very painful.especially if you tend to idealize people.>> she forgot about her dreams. about her needs as a humanbeing. to focus on her family.and see everything is failing. everything has been a big lie.>> to portray sergio, alexis ayala has found things he shareswith his character. >> what do you like and dislikeabout your character? >> i dont like anything aboutsergio. >> how can i explain im goingto venice without her? >> how can you explain youregoing without me? >> i like it when he hasrealizations. we have something in common.had a heart attack. it is the only time you know youare dying. >> he only identified with othertopics. >> we have children in reallife. >> miranda is the name of hisyoungest daughter. >> i told her, if you ever seethis so pop rest, every time i use that word, i was thinkingabout you area >> he also confessed there was a connectionbetween his other daughter and the telenovela.>> i had her when i was very young.i could not be a father that i should have been with her.i was always a good provider. but it is not the same thing tobe a provider as it is to be a father.if you are a father, you have to be present.>> you remind me of your mother in that dress.>> during the development of the telenovela, alicia begins toshine. he shows her that she canfulfill her own dreams. >> he arrives to remind her howwonderful it is to live, laugh. >> do you think the agedifference, especially when a woman is older, it is difficultfor latino women to accept? >> i have heard people say thatis gross. yes, they do fall in love.a young man can follow with an older woman.♪ >> we are a great couple.>> when they see an older man with a younger woman, that isaccepted. it is applauded.a mans infidelity is completely normal and accepted.but an unfaithful woman is punished severely.>> do you think the metoo movement has helped women becomemore independent? >> i think it forces us to speakmore carefully. i think men will think twicebefore doing something like this.and women also feel like we can speak out and be heard.>> you told me you were coming to dinner.>> you know this is a priority. im sending you a kiss.>> for both actors, this new production sends a universalmessage. >> i have to ask you forpermission as a society. the only person i have to ask ismyself. >> i want to know thatregardless of what happens, this is your place.>> i need to live freely and fully.that is the struggle that all of the characters in the storyexperience. it becomes a story that cantranscend. >> what advice would you givewomen who are undergoing an experience like your character?>> you cannot blame yourself. if he is going to be unfaithful,he will do that regardless of whatever you do.this idea of someone being unfaithful because his wifewould not do something or because she was busy, are unfaithful because youre going to be unfaithful.>> you cannot miss it. they have told us they have notseen the final product, and they are eager to see the telenovelajust like any other viewers. thanks to the dedication ofactors, crewmembers, and writers, the story will hook youfrom its first episode. this and other stories nextweek on "aqui y ahora." that brings us to the end.thank you for watching. ♪

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