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Aquí y Ahora - 28 de febrero, 2021

1 Mar 2021 – 12:00 AM EST

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one of the most feared cartels in mexico.she was never afraid that she would be arrested.>> she was with him at his trial.>> emma coronel understated how cameras work, how media works.>> emma coronel is now at the center of an investigation.she is a possible accomplice in drug trafficking.>> the charges are severe. they involve heroin, cocaine,marijuana, and methamphetamine. >> the reaction in sinaloa tothe arrest of el chapos wife, considered to be untouchable.>> what good was all of that money they make killing people?i have no idea what they were doing.>> a woman who became a symbol, celebrity, and entrepreneur nowhas to face justice. >> i think she wanted to feedthe myth of being el chapos wife.>> the fall of emma coronel. >> while the wife of el chapowas looking for visibility on social media, drug agents wereoccurring testimony and evidence for her arrest.>> good evening and welcome to "aqui y ahora"."her life changed when she was 17.el chapo noticed the young woman who was in a beauty a small town in durango. he made her his queen.we now hear how this young woman became the first lady of themost wanted man in the world. >> el chapo could go frominterrogating enemies of his cartel one-day who might end upbeing executed and the next day he might be dedicated to anothertype of attack. like what he did to a mexicanwoman who denied him her love. >> she would hide from him.>> he attacked her with flowers to try to convince her to go outwith him. as was described by one of hisparty mates. >> it was hard to convince is not easy to love a man like that.he is in a lot of danger. >> the bombardment of roses didnot work. he kidnapped her and ended upmarrying her. this was just one of thousandsof stories of passion and violence that preceded his storywith emma coronel. a journalist covered the trial.>> el chapo was said to have raped one of the witnesses.we know he is violent, a misogynist.>> he loves women. how do you handle that?>> like any woman. it is not something we like.>> what do you tell him? >> i have always been veryhonest with him. telling them what i is a situation that no woman likes.>> in 2016 in sinaloa, coronel spoke about her relationshipduring a long interview. she was born in this houseenduring a. -- in durango.she was surrounded by drug traffickers and her family.>> what i hear people say about my brothers or father, my father, when my husband was arrested, he was punished.when he came back, he was punished.>> guzman met coronel when she was a contestant in a beautypageant. >> at the age of 17, peoplecount the votes. whoever has the most votes getscrowned. >> it is a small town.he is admired. she is this young girl whosefamily is also involved in drug trafficking.she is very pretty. >> how did he win her over?>>s way of speaking. we had a nice friendship.>> he is a man who has a lot more experience, power,authority. he is also 30 years older thanher. >> the couple married in july,2007. the united states was offering$5 million for the capture of guzman.he arrived at the ceremony with 200 was a very modest ceremony. >> very intimate.just my family. >> whether or not this was alegal marriage is something that has been the topic ofspeculation. >> your wifes name?>> the woman i am married to is alejandra salazar.>> what? >> the woman i live with is emmacoronel. >> in 2016, emma coronel saidshe did not know about the illegal activities of guzman.>> everything he is accused of are things i do not knowanything about. >> she suffered the consequencesof being the wife of one of the most wanted men in the world.>> i think she became close to his lifestyle.she learned where the arms were hidden.>> she came to our interview on time and without bodyguards.we covered many topics, including the escape of guzmanshe is accused to being an accomplice of, to her opinion oftrump. >> did he explain what theescape was like? >> of course not.>> why not? >> it is not something i want toknow about. for my own good and the good ofmy children. >> mr. trump says guzmanthreatened him with death. what do think about that?>> i think he is giving himself too much credit.he would not hurt sunday like that.>> this content is exclusively. >> we recorded a film regardinghis life. his voice messages made it clearthat he was smitten with her. >> would you like her to playyou in a movie? >> it would be an honor.for a woman that with that kind of career.>> what was the best gift he gave you?>> he gave me two gifts, my daughters.they are the best thing i have. >> with the twins, this was herfirst experience with american agents.>> at 6:00 a.m., we heard the doors get knocked down.that is when i heard voices identifying themselves.that is when the arrests took place.>> your attorney said there were american agents there.>> my eyes were blindfolded. i did not see them.i heard they were speaking english.>> on february 22, 2021, she was arrested.>> do you think the american government might negotiate withher in exchange for information on the drug cartels?>> i think they would like that. i think when she arrived frommexico, that was the proposal that the american government hadfor her. she said she did not want to doit. >> the problem is she is notjust one more lover or wife. who did not have a publicprofile. she is somebody who is knownthroughout the world as a beautiful, young, beauty queen,wife of the most wanted man in the last few years.>> when we return, details into the investigation.>> she would send messages saying, we need a clock with gpsto find out exactly where el chapo is.>> >> emma coronel always said shewas innocent. she said her husband lived offthe sale of beans and corn. >> emma coronel did not hide herappreciation of the united states.>> what do you like about it? >> the lifestyle.people are more organized. >> she thought it was a countrywho would offer her daughters a better future.they were born in this hospital in san diego, california.>> i think the u.s. is a good choice.i need them to be where i am. >> the situation was a possibleextradition of guzman to the u.s..coronel told us that she did not know how the american justicesystem work. >> i dont know not -- muchabout the justice system. >> now she will have to learnfirsthand how that justice system works in a country shelikes so much. to defend herself against them.>> and fbi agent signed the order.she was an accomplice to her husband drug traffickingactivity. and to his prison escape in2015. this is where the tunnel thatguzman escaped from, the land was bought by agent says he received a million dollars as an advance.coronel says she did not have much of the time.>> we did not have much. >> he thought nothing wouldhappen. >> he was never afraid that shewould be apprehended. it never crossed her mind.>> coronel did not seem to be a priority.>> my impression was she is supportive of her husband.we know she would visit him. >> after the escape, and as aresult of the u.s. sanctions, the mexican government went intoher bank accounts. her fathers accounts were alsofrozen. >> we added them to the list ofpeople who were blocked on both sides of the border.>> guzman was arrested once again.>> el chapo tried to escape a third time.>> and 2019, a correspondent for univision said he planned toescape again. >> there was a sign that worriedus. sounds in the towers.they were sounds that we heard in the first escape.>> now the accusation affirms that coronel had paid $2 millionto mexican officials so they would allow a third escape.el chapo was watched day and night in the present.authorities were so worried he would escape again that theywould leave videos recording even in the most intimatemoments with coronel. according to a source, coronelnever stopped visiting guzman when he was in prison.she launched a campaign to accused the government of humanrights abuses. >> he has high blood pressure.we are very worried. they have not let him sleep.>> the federal government alleges that, in addition to thehumanitarian visit, she was transporting messages regardinghis drug trafficking business. in one, he gives instructions.he says, tell him to increase production.the first part has to be my part.the investigation identifies coronel as a participant in thedrug trafficking. >> the charges are serious.they involve marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine,heroin. she faces a minimum of 10 years.and a maximum of life in prison. >> who ended up giving up emmacoronel? she was accused of participatingin her husbands business. >> they met three times between2014 and 2015. ml would send messages.she would say, we need a gps to figure out exactly where hiscell is. we also need to buy some landnear the prison. >> this is how she remembers it.she wrote a book about it. >> emma was there during thetrial. you could tell she was tense.>> what might be the consequences of the attorneystestimony? >> she may be a co-conspirator.>> how can you explain that she was a witness but didnt doanything about it? >> lawyers told her not to hide.she was exposed and could be arrested.>> when we return, why the arrest of emma coronel >> >> didnot surprise people. there are things we cannot say.>> in mexico, the arrest of emma coronel did not provoke as muchsurprise as was expected. if anything, it generatedindifference. we look at what happened in theland that gave birth to joaquin guzman loera after it wasannounced that coronel was arrested in the u.s. and how maypeople have chosen to remain silent.>> julio con -- cualiacan looks like one more city on thepacific. but there are differences.the voluptuous women, the cars, and the people who are mostwell-known. when emma coronel was arrested,the spotlight was aimed here. >> the big surprise was thatnothing happened. he found out that emma coronelhad been arrested. >> others preferred not to givean opinion. >> you never responsible she mightve been.>> there are things that cannot be is a difference that can be marked.when he was arrested for the final time, protests occurred.when the army tried to arrest his son, hundreds of peoplefilled the streets. he saw this vehicle shot up.he was assassinated last year. he does community servicebecause he does not want more children to end up like heated.more women are questioning emma coronel.>> she had a lot of money, but now shes in jail.what good was all of the money they make killing people orwhatever they were doing? >> what they had not figured waspeople in the cartel threatened civil society.he works for a university. he says that attacking societyat large could affect el chapos children.>> if they dont do an intelligent reading of what ishappening, they will continue making mistakes.they will end up facing arrest warrants.>> el chapos oldest sons are known as the heads of thecartel. 15 men were murdered.people say all of the victims belonged to a rival gang.a convoy was ambushed with powerful weapons.five military officers were murdered.a group of 12 came to support them.>> they heard no one was supporting them.>> what they did not know was the criminals had orders toleave soldiers alone. >> emily police officers fromthe group are alive? >> no one is still alive.three are disappeared. the other nine were killedleaving work or arriving at their house.there is no one who can say i was there, this is whathappened. >> she is a founder of warriorbloodhounds. 500 women looking for theirloved ones who have disappeared. over 7000 are missing.they have been shot at that they continue working.they have found over 150 bodies. many mothers have come to heroffice. >> they tell me their son wentwith him and now they are disappeared.they are young. teenagers.>> that is why she does not have hope that there will be peace insinaloa as a result of the arrests.emma coronel absence here seems like a the reduction of a sentence has revived a hatred.>> i think the beehive will be disturbed again.>> since he found out about her capture, the mexican presidentwashed his hands of the topic. >> it is something that wasdecided in the u.s. >> that is why many people askthemselves if coronel will betray horse -- her stepsons.or if she will say where he is. for those who believe peopleswords, it looks like all they have left his faith.people continue visiting this chapel.the patron saint of drug smugglers.♪ >> today, many people in sinaloaare no longer willing to protect anyone.>> it is not that all of us are drug traffickers.♪ >> this could leave peoplebetween a rock and a hard place. after the break, we hear from anobserver at his trial. someone accused herself.>> she is the archetypical drug trafficker wife.>> throughout her life, emma coronel learned to be a queen.she was a beauty queen and during a -- in durango.she never imagined that one day she would have a starring rolein court. a court filled with judges,attorneys, witnesses. we hear how emma coronel was forseveral months a queen in court. ♪>> it could be said that since november 2018, emma coronelenjoyed every entrance and exit to a courthouse in brooklyn, newyork. what she did not imagine andwhat no one imagined was that the woman who in social medialooked like a modern queen would herself be accused.>> did she seem like a queen in the courthouse?>> i think she looked like a queen.she behaved like a queen. sometimes, she wanted to soundlike a queen. >> everything around emmacoronel drew attention. >> she understood how cameraswork. how media work.and how a silence can say a lot. >> during the almost nine monthsthat the trial took place, she observed her carefully.>> she handled the enigma that she caused.she entered very well dressed. made is hard to be that made up. >> she dressed to draw attentionto herself. she treated it as her her own red carpet. >> we knew she was was like she was a famous actors.>> she was followed from the moment she arrived to the momentshe left. she walked with her exclusiveshoes. >> she was at her best could tell she enjoyed walking down that runway filledwith photographers, cameras, reporters, people trying to getany comment from her. >> even if she did not have acape and a crown, that court was her kingdom.>> we have seen emma coronel walking with snow, under thesun, under the reign. rain.>> did she like that attention from the media?>> yes. one night, i remember there wasa group of about six young mexicans awaiting.they said to her, we follow you on instagram.would you take a picture with us?and she accepted. she took a picture with them.and she started talking to them. >> inside the courthouse,coronel had other priorities. he interviewed her and coveredthe trial. >> she was on the bench behindme. she was a was asking aboutthings she did not fully understand.her english, at least at that time, was not good enough tounderstand. >> what you think her role wasin the courthouse? >> i think she was in anemotional support for him. even though communications waslimited to her facial expressions.nothing beyond that. but i think she fulfilled thatrole farewell. >> she spoke with her in thebathroom. >> she was obsessed with herhair. at one moment, a young womansaid to her, i like how your hair is so shiny.she said she uses a shampoo that costs $150 a bottle.and it is made exclusively in mexico.>> she was proud of her hair. she touched it during the trial.according to journalists, she touched it to serve -- sootheher nerves. >> witnesses were saying thingsthat involved her. she would touch her hair thisway. >> emmas clothing was somethingoriginal. >> these were not copies.they were not knockoffs. they were time, we mentioned it to her in the bathroom and she saidthey were famous and expensive brands.but that she bought them at discount stores.>> from november to july 2019, not all conversations weretrivial. >> she would tell us about herdaughters. she would say things thatmaintained this human connection.>> they would eat at the courthouse cafeteria.she was looking for juicy details.coronel what only drink water and eat saltines.he remembers her differently. >> just like el chapo did notbetray any emotion when hearing witness testimony, she alsoremained stoic, taciturn, and indifferent.despite the content of the accusations that oftenimplicated her directly. >> her association with herhusband made her dress a certain bothered her when bailiffs would undo her combinations.>> her husband was facing 200 years of jail.for her, it was very important that he where the close that sheselected for him. >> that day that her husbandsalleged mistress testified, she and el chapo wore the samecolors. >> he wore the clothes i wantedhim to wear that day. i asked, is there a message?>> yes, we are living this together.>> what do you remember from that day the courthouse?>> she lost a bit of her composure.>> she appears in the courthouse drawings because she was next toher when el chapo was found guilty.>> i asked, how you feel? she reacted by saying, one has died here. in a fraction of a second, shewent from being disconcerted to completely cold.>> after the sentencing, she was prohibited from visiting him inprison in colorado. only his daughters could seetheir father. >> is there something about thisthat surprises you? >> yes.there is something i cannot is it possible that this woman who heard the witnessesthat were implicating her during the trial, how did she decide toremain in the united states? to do business in this country?>> only she has the answer. the next time she is in a u.s.courthouse, it will be without the glamour that until monday,february 22, 2021, she was so used to having.>> young and with a business instinct, emma coronel designedher own image. >> we are not talking about awoman who is el chapos wife. we are talking about emmacoronel.>> she began her relatio with the leader of the sinaloacartel. she kept a low wasnt until the trial that, surrounded by journalists andphotographers, she took on her new role.we learned about her path to creating her own identity.♪ >> she is ostentatious.she uses designer clothing. >> there is this concept ofwomen who are with drug lords. >> she could be a mistress, awife, a lover. >> we see the kardashians withfull lips. they want that.>> he is a journalist for a magazine.>> she has had surgery. her resemblance to a celebrityhas given her the nickname of kim kardashian.>> emma had more of a presence when her twins were born in2011. >> it was after the drug lordwas captured in 2015 that she gained was not until the trial in brooklyn, new york, at the endof 2018 that the rest of the world noticed emma she entered the federal courthouse.>> how do you feel? >> she treated it like a see how cameras surrounded her, asking her how she was.>> she changed during those months of the trial.>> she became more of an empowered woman.a model who knew she had power. she went to social media andopened in instagram account. >> she was try to show her ownindependence. >> he says that journalistsfollow the first lady of the sinaloa cartel.>> it is emma coronel who has this personality.>> she felt more secure. her public appearancesmultiplied. >> she would share pictures oninstagram. on her facebook account.immediately she would connect right lots of people. >> then her complaints began.>> some pictures began to be leaked.>> she started making demands. >> she would ask people toleave. when that would not happen, shestarted her own account. >> there were false accounts.she asked that instagram verifier account.she officially became a public figure.some followers criticized instagrams decision tolegitimize emma coronel as a public figure because itelevates the drug lord lifestyle as a model to follow.we asked instagram representatives to comment onthe topic but we did not receive a response.>> do you think emma coronel is a public figure?>> i think so. at the end of the day, we arewaiting to see what she does. is she a role model?i think that ethics and morality are another topic.>> while she made her life more public, in march of 2019,coronel tried to patent the name el chapo guzman.her attorney appears as a contact in the paperwork.>> we know she was trying to position herself.and then we saw her on television giving someinterviews right after the trial.>> the journalists thinks that merchandising under the shadowof her husband was probably not her final plan.she was competing with one of el chapos daughters.>> if she had followed that path , we would not be looking at elchapo clothing but rather emma cornells clothing.>> with increased visibility, some of her messages werereinterpreted. some said she was inside thetunnel which her husband used to escape.angry, she left social media and went on television participatingin a reality show. along with other drugtraffickers family members. this is not seen well by some ofher closest relatives. >> many people near emmadisagreed. she made her own decisions.part of her participating in this reality show was about hershowing the situation of an empowered woman within acriminal organization. >> at the beginning of 20/20,she returned to social media, this time with a different tone.>> she defined herself as a was her birthday. she had a photo session formothers day. >> recently there was a photosession in december. coronel wore a dress designed bya mexican designer. she wanted to establishherself as an influencer. she promoted a beauty shop and aboutique. her fame was probably adouble-edged sword. >> her celebrity status probablydid not take her to jail. but we will see the position shehad within the sinaloa cartel. >> aside from social media, emmacoronel is waiting to appear in court once again.>> she could face up to life in prison.there are people who believe that emma coronel may be offereda deal to collaborate with authorities.>> we will have to see what happens.that brings us to this addition. >> we will see you soon.

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