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Aquí y Ahora - 26 de septiembre, 2021

La crisis humanitaria en la frontera continúa, muchos inmigrantes aseuran sentirse atrapados entre las deportaciones y el bloqueo de las autoridades.
27 Sep 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

>> tonight on "aqui y ahora," the humanitarian crisis on theborder continues. many migrants feel trappedbetween deportation and the blockade from the authorities.>> things are better, we cross. we are searching for life.>> a case of this girl is an example of the explosion ofcovid cases among minors. >> they told me to find anotherhospital, that they did not have space.>> infections and homes, schools, and pediatric hospitalsaround the country. china is running out of fish.>> china has a policy of global maritime expansion.>> that is why they are exploring without followinginternational maritime laws. the judge of nuestra bellezalatina has the time of her life. >> you have to be authentic.>> this and more next on "aqui y ahora."♪ >> it looks like nothing canstop the flow of migrants. deported into their countriesand a blockade. >> we also say hello to someonewho has been reporting from the border this week.>> hello, good evening. welcome to "aqui y ahora."the stories we have witnessed have been devastating.juan carlos aguiar has been following the situation ofseveral families in the middle of this humanitarian crisis onthe border. ♪>> the images that scandalized so many reached marriott throughher cell phone and she was angered.>> seeing how they were treated, we saw that they were going tobe hit. >> she thought about the pain ofthose migrants and immediately remembered what is the realityfor many people in the city of acuna in the mckissick -- themexican state of coahula -- coahuila.>> we all have family members in the united states and we dontwant them to go through what they are going through.>> she moved towards action and her small kitchen, with what shehad, she prepared tacos. a friend came to help her.>> as long as we can do something, among all of us, wecan do our small part. as long as we can help, we willhelp you or to kilometers away from mrs. salgados home,thousands of patients are made uncomfortable, not knowing whatto do. ask im here with my child withnothing. we sleep youre on the ground.>> joseph left poverty in haiti after the 2010 earthquake.he arrived in chile looking for a better future that he did notfind. >> things in chile are not is not easy. we came here.>> these stories of an almost silent immigration that fewpeople knew until a few weeks ago.patients seeking to help their families in the caribbeanisland. >> my father is not rich.we dont have money. if i dont send money, they wantbe able to eat. how can they live?>> this person has been away from haiti from over 10 years.he arrived in ecuador, then brazil.that with the pandemic, everything collapsed.>> we are working, eating, sending money to your have no way of saving. >> will little -- what littlecities they had were finished on the way to the united states.>> we dont have any money. >> the haitians crossing inmassive groups, in just a few hours to del rio, texas, caughtthe united states government by the beginning of the week, it was estimated that 10,000 peoplewere living under the international bridge in texas.a flow of migrants has substantially diminished in thelast few days. but this rope that is tied fromone end of the river to the other helps dozens of people tocross from the united states to mexico to find is easier to find food here because of donations.maria joined that because, helping those who remain on themexican side or those who return searching for food.>> that is why we need to give. even if it hurts us, we need togive. >> what arrives at thiscampground is food prepared from the residence -- prepared by theresidents of nuestra belleza latina.-- the residence of nuestra belleza latina -- the residenceof acuna. >> they are youth to other kindsof food. >> all of them, withoutexception, await the arrival of these charitable souls to supplytheir most basic needs. >> people bring food.all the food i have here was given to me.>> long lines under a hot sun with a temperature exceeding 100degrees fahrenheit. searching for food, clothing,and hygiene supplies. >> people bring food.>> little by little, in families or groups of friends, theysettle here hoping that the situation would change.>> if things are better, we will cross over there.we are searching for life. that is what we are looking for.>> a better future. >> a better future.>> ronnie munro was on the texas side with his wife and daughterunder the bridge until he heard news that made him go back tomexico. >> they wanted to send peopleback to haiti. that is not what we want.>> the youngest want to continue their lives.>> our child wants to play. >> fortunately, children alwaysfind a place to play, a way to amuse themselves.the adults resign, also want some normalcy in the middle ofthe difficulties. ronnies wife cleans herclothing items in a bucket. others cut their hair.>> who wants to live like that? roaming from one place toanother with their children. those pregnant women, shoelesspeople, they dont have a place to bathe.>> the edges of the rio grande have a sharp contrast.on the american side, a show of force, and in mexico, groupscamped out together. >> we are looking for a betterlife not just for me, but for all of us.>> helicopters patrol from the air to have a better perspective. haitians insist they are not adanger. >> they are not going to steal.they are going to work. >> the water in the river hereis not very deep. but the water can betreacherous. as a migrant who had to berescued proved. >> the currents can be strong.better to stay here with your family.think things through. >> in the last few hours,american authorities said they had evacuated the people who areunder the bridge, a place where at least 10 babies were born injust a few days. life will always find a way.>> so far this year, about 19,000 haitians sought refuge inmexico. that is over three times thenumber in the last few years. in panama, the government saidthere are around 3000 migrants arriving every week.we will return with more from the border on "aqui y ahora.">> later, giselle blondet, judge on nuestra belleza latina, sayswhy she feels like a better human being in the last fewmonths. but before, many parents areworried about the risks their children are facing at t♪ >> the new school year broughtor something that even pediatricians did not expect,the exponential rise in covid cases among children.hospitals seeing -- seem to not make do.some parents whether they should send their children to school.angie sandoval tells us about a mother and her daughter.[cheering] >> for stephanie lopez, thebirthday of her daughter a few days ago in houston, texas wasalso a celebration for having cheated death not once, buttwice. >> it was special for me becausei never thought that my daughter would leave the hospital.>> on august 6, the 22 euros mother was at home --22-year-old mother was at home when the daughter began to feelill. she tried the wording hertemperature, but nothing worked. >> she began to travel --tremble. her eyes began to roll into theback of her head. she was biting her lip.>> aba, at 11 months, was experiencing convulsions.>> we went to the hospital. >> for both has, there was notime. >> when we got to the hospital,she was not breathing, she was not moving.>> inside the lyndon b. johnson hospital, she got the diagnosis.her daughter had been infected with coronavirus.>> i felt my heart sank to the ground.i was asking god to keep her alive.>> according to the last report from the academy of pediatricsin the united states, unvaccinated children are theones who are getting coronavirus the most.>> there are over 200,000 cases in the united states.>> in miami, florida, dr. alberto is a spokesperson forhis organization. the most recent study indicatesthe virus is finding another way of spreading.>> what we imagine is because there are more adults who arevaccinated, the virus starts looking for more susceptiblepatients. >> while in houston, abasdiagnosis was not the only thing that surprised her mother.this was the second time that coronavirus was threatening thelife of her daughter. the first time occurred almostexactly one year ago, when she was about to be born.>> they told me i had covid. in that my daughter was about tobe born. >> during the birthing process,she feared the worst. >> i was afraid i would diewithout my daughter would be born with covid.>> according to the has, nothing happened to aba, but now withher daughter on the brink of death, she worried that her luckhad run out. >> they told me i had to findanother hospital. >> all of the medical centers inhouston were filled to capacity with patients and doctors gaveher only one option. >> told me the only choice i hadwas temple, texas, which was three hours away from houston.>> minutes later, stephanie lopez accompanies her daughter,who is connected to an oxygen tank, to the helicopter thatwould take her to temple, texas. >> my heart sank because i couldnot go with my daughter. i did not know if she wouldarrive well. ask for this mother, -- >> forthis mother, it was the longest 130 miles of her life.max i was crying the entire way there.-- >> i was crying the entire way there.>> the delta variant has challenged health authorities inways that the original strain never did.according to the pediatrics academy, more than one out ofevery five infected people is a minor and more than 30,000children last month had to be hospitalized as a result of thevirus. >> when you see a city as largeas houston that needs to fly children to other cities to getcare for covid, you know there is a problem.and it is a problem nobody saw coming.>> dr. joseph baron is the head of the covid unit at the unitedmemorial medical center in houston.according to him, this is a pandemic unlike anything he hasseen in his 40 years as a doctor.>> i do not see a light at the end of the tunnel.>> according to doctors, the record number of pediatricpatients is due largely to children returning to school.ask the delta variant is very contagious.the other variant, you could get the disease after spending 15minutes with somebody who is that can happen in one minute.>> according to authorities, a teacher who was unvaccinated andhad symptoms of covid, she got half of her 24 students infectedin less than a week. >> it is completelyirresponsible to take off your face mask in a closedenvironment where there are children that cannot bevaccinated. >> is happened in may but it wasrecently revealed by the centers for disease control andprevention, the school rejected our interview request.according to some parents, the school implemented rigorouspreventive measures but they are worried.>> nobody can usher us that our children will be well.sooner or later, they will become sick.if it were up to me, they would learn by zoom.>> from miami to california, the war against coronavirus has notstopped. >> whenever i think cases arestarting to drop, we see another surge and that happens becausepeople begin to care less about covid.>> although that is not the case with stephanie lopez.>> i never thought that she was going to get better.>> in addition to celebrating every compass meant of herdaughters, she also promotes vaccination against coronavirus.she says it almost took the most important thing in her life.>> how wonderful that aba is full of life.the fda could approve the coronavirus vaccine amongchildren between five and 11 month.this week, pfizer announced that its clinical trials indicatethere is a strong protection against coronavirus amongchildren. >> when we return,♪ >> in china, they are runningout of fish. that is why their fishing fleetsare coming to this confident to exploit what they dont have inthat side of the world. there are factories on the highseas, cities that never sleep, as part of a collaboration withthe associated press and univision, a team of journalistsled by joshua goodman took an adventure in the pacific oceanin nobodys water. >> it appears that we are onfirm ground but the truth is we are 300 kilometers west of thegalapagos island. >> we are surrounded by lights,we arrived at 3:30 in the morning.there are about 37 ships in a small space.>> these ships sometimes as long as 60 meters long, our fishingcloser and closer to the american continent.they are in waters that nobody monitors.the fishing -- the overfishing of chinese ships has beenhappening near asia and africa for a long time.a recent of element -- it is a recent development in america,and courted to this investor. >> last year, what we saw, youhad 350 chinese ships fishing by the galapagos was a wake-up call for the region.>> juan carlos aguiar is also worried.>> china has a policy of global maritime expansion.>> he is worried about the overfishing.>> the fleet has grown from 2012 with 256 registered ships to 600last year. >> this allows them to capturelarge volumes never before seen. >> between 250 and 300,000 tonsper year. >> turning china into thelargest producer of squid in the world.>> there is no one country that can have constant monitoring ofthe ocean. the initiative needs to comefrom the international community.>> to meet these ships, we went on an 18 day excursion.the trip began in peru, where we spoke with artisanal fishermen.>> to lopez, he began fishing at the age of 18.a port surrounded by desert, he has lived by the sea ever since.the current situation worries him.>> why do you think these foreign ships are taking thefish? >> there is no maritime controlthat will defend us. >> he has been a first-handwitness of the ships' activities.>> when you see fishing boats taking more than their quota, ihave taken a lot of evidence to the authorities and nothing hashappened. >> experts acknowledge this.>> there has been testimony from fishermen.we estimate that approximately 3000 or 3500 boats with five orsix people aboard work near peru.every one of the 500 tons is raised by these people.there is nothing mechanical. >> louise vasquez, a commanderin the ecuador navy, says that china is flouting rules.>> they need to have an automatic identification systemon these boats. we can monitor via satellite thelocation of these ships. >> chinese laws also indicatethat ships should have a monitoring device, but thesesystems are easily manipulated. >> i can turn it off, turn itback on. there is no sanction.what might happen is that they turn off the signal, they comein, they operate within peruvian waters, then they leave.>> in 20, ecuador -- in 2017, ecuador arrested people on aship that had 5000 frozen sharks aboard.>> fishing, you go two or three days, then you come, with these boats, we go to the limit.>> the boats dont have lasers like the competitors, so theyhave to take tons of ice with them.>> you have to take five to six tons of ice that you can bringback your catch. >> their work is not always feelcompensated and sometimes they risk their own lives.>> there are a lot of risks. there are three boats right nowthat our boss. we dont know where they are.>> for peru, supplying the chinese fleet has become abusiness. >> you can see when a shipleaves the group, comes to the peruvian port, and returns tothe other ships. we reduce our costs.>> according to authorities, 212 chinese ships have visitedperuvian port since 2019. >> for chinese sailors, it iseasier to pay here than to return to china.that makes their profit margin greater.>> you can meet up with these chinese ships.we boarded the ocean warrior. in 2010, there were about 100chinese ships fishing for squid in the pacific.last year, the number increased to is possible that they are fishing more than what theyreport. that is why organizations comehere when there is no maritime authority to verify that theyare fishing legally. after leaving lima a few daysago, we met up -- we could meet with a chinese fleet at anymoment. >> when we return, we discovereda message from help from a bottle.>>♪ >> a team of associated pressand univision went on a trip as a tract chinese fleets as theyfished off of the latin american coast.joshua goodman tells us what they found on the high seas inthe cities that never sleep. ♪>> we did not know what to expect.>> we are navigating about 200 miles from the coast ofgalapagos to meet the chinese fleet that is fishing squid.we think there are between 1 -- between 300 and 600 ships.>> she left her career as an attorney to work on this seeshepherdson since 2015. her connection to the ocean isdeep. her father was a lighthouseoperator. >> we have 15 people aboard.we are from different continents, different countries,different cultures. >> a few years ago, china ranout of fish on its coast, and now it is looking for fisheverywhere else. peter is the director of theexpedition. the trip coincides withimportant negotiations that began in 2018 to create a newbiodiversity observation agreement on an internationallevel. >> this is like the wild one country is responsible for enforcing laws.>> these ships are not invisible.many do not respect maritime borders.argentina sink a ship in its waters.others have fled. >> when these fleets fish, thereis no way to control what they are doing.>> all commercial ships are supposed to have their automaticidentification systems on. it allows them to trace themovements of large ships. that is why their use raisessuspicion. part of see shepherds missionis to track inconsistencies. >> the objective is to transmitthis information to interested governments.♪ >> after almost a week, wearrived at our destination. at 3:30 in the morning, theocean warrior enters what appears to be a city above theocean. it is a series of chinesefishing ships with large lights that draw the squid from thedepths of the sea. the following morning, we getcloser and we began to notice some irregularities.this boat is transmitting two different electronic is being used by five boats here and 55 boats around theworld. we saw this boat on was transmitting two identification signals,something completely illegal. as we got closer, they fled andturned off one of its signals. >> about 24 ships that weobserved has had some irregularity.the chinese fleet does not always comply with the rules.>> as we travel across the hemisphere, it is one of thethree greatest threats that ministers of defense andsecurity mentioned to us. it is a threat to the economy,to security, to the environment, anti-tourism.>> the sea shephard continues making discoveries that extendbeyond maritime violations and include serious labor abuses.>> this man from indonesia, someone meet them at the otherday, he said he missed his family, that he wanted to goback home. fearing reprisals against hisfamily, we decided not to reveal his identity.he tells us he has been on this ship for over two years.for him, coronavirus is but a rumor.>> we are giving him a bottle with a pencil and paper so hecan bite a message for his family.we consented by email or call them so they can reach theirloved ones. ♪>> we are going to call, say that we saw him, and that hewanted to go home. >> as can be expected from alarge superpower, china defends is not want to be seen as someone who is exploitingnatural resources. >> a lot of people talk aboutchina as being the bad guy when it comes to overfishing.but we have to remember that china came to this industrylate. they started in 1985.europeans have been doing it for a long time before that.>> several weeks have passed but before returning home, we hadone other surprise. we met with the ocean ruby, a285 meter tanker that rides diesel for the chinese belongs to a company accused of sending -- of selling fuel tonorth korea, violating un sanctions.>> what we are seeing right now is an extraction of sabotages the economy and security of many countries.>> solving the problem is on everybody.part of the solution might be found in technology.>> what are the consequences if we do not attack the problemnow? >> the oceans control ourclimates, they generate the majority of the oxygen thathumans breathe, and any element in the chain that we affect fromalgae to to not to sharks will affect -- to tuna to sharks willaffect the ecosystem. they die, we die.>> that chinese fleets are not the only ones involved inillegal fishing, but they are the largest, according to a, around 90% of fishers herbs around the world are beingoverfished illegally, and in terms of the employee that senta message to his family, they were happy to hear from us andthey pray for his well-being. >> when we return, challengesrecently faced♪ >> tonight, a new season ofnuestra belleza latina premiers. actors and host giselle blondetreturns as a judge. teresa rodraguez talk to herabout the challenges she faced this year and the lessons shelearned, lessons that giselle blondet says makes her feelgrateful. >> giselle blondet returns as ajudge in a new season of nuestra belleza has been one of the hardest years of her april, a week after giving birth, her oldest daughterandrea suffered a heart attack. it was then when giselles daddid something that probably saved her life.>> lupita tries to wake up her father.he comes over and he sees her, she says.that she was losing consciousness.but she lost her eyesight. >> she was sent to the hospital.giselle said she could understand what was happening.>> i spoke with somebody at the emergency room and i heard hersay something about her heart and i think, that is see, im right. youre it is not a heart is about her cesarean. she has to be transferred.>> and yet was not at that hospital, she had been takensomewhere else. does our members or desperationwhile she tried to figure out where her daughter was.>> i called dr. suarez, who is like a brother to me.he spoke with the emergency room and he said, giselle, she is notdoing well. i began to cry and to scream.i did not want anything to happen to her.i said, i would die if something happened to my daughter.>> in a successful emergency procedure, doctors implanted twostents and were able to stabilize andreas condition.andrea was connected to a machine that pumps bloodthroughout her body for five days.>> she never complained. she was always calm.>> she was close to death. >> one understands how she is still alive.i think because it was so hard for my daughter to have herbaby, i think that she clung onto life.>> giselle says that doctors cannot say for certain whetherthe heart attack was due to the fertility treatments.andrea will have to have periodic checkups going forward.>> i am here with gabby, who brought me here to get my covidvaccine. >> after surviving thatexperience, giselle never imagined that there would beanother medical situation awaiting august, she got covid, despite having been vaccinated.while the symptoms worsened, fears increased.>> i have rheumatoid arthritis. it is a situation thatcompromises my immune system. so i was concerned.but i am used, in my life -- i learned this from my mother --if there is something i cannot control, ive got to see how tosolve it. that is what i did here.>> she went to the hospital where she got an antibioticcocktail that allowed her to recover without having severesymptoms. she does not know how she gotcovid. >> i always take care of myself,i always wear my mask, i dont go out much.the people i meet with our people i trust.>> she wanted to feel better to be able to devote her time andenergy to a project that is close to her heart, nuestrabelleza latina. they are using a new motto, the360 degree woman. tonight, the new season ofnuestra belleza latina premiers. it has a cast of well-knownfaces and new faces. amara le negra will be reportingfrom the mansion. gabriel coronel will report onwhat is happening behind the scenes.alejandra espinoza will be the host.daniella alvarez and adal ramones will be among the judgesalong with giselle blondet. how do you feel about returning?>> i feel very happy. nuestra belleza latina is likemy baby. >> giselle was the host for thefirst seven seasons and she reappeared in 2018 as the mainjudge. april that will not exist thistime around. -- a role that will not exist attime around. that is not the only change.>> they will have all of the necessary tools so that whenthey leave, they are ready to work in the television medium.i cannot tell somebody to get vaccinated or not and iunderstand people who are afraid, but in the end, idecided to do so. >> she said she decided to shareher personal testimony on social media to serve as an example tothe public and to inspire the young participants on nuestrabelleza latina. >> what advice do you have forthe contestants? >> the same piece of advice igive myself. you have to be authentic.sometimes we worked so hard trying to find perfection andperfection does not exist. she also describes the judgesthis season as the perfect combination.>> jomari brings fashion and beauty and he has a great lifestory. daniela, we know she is atraditional beauty queen and she has turned her life into anexample of perseverance. >> she is a warrior.>> yes. then there is adal ramones.he has been backing of reality shows in mexico for a long time.>> are you nervous undertaking a roll like this?>> always. i still have butterflies in mystomach. >> it is a responsibility thatneeds to be taken seriously. we will see you tonight.the new season of nuestra belleza latina starts next.dont miss it. as a result of what giselleentered >> this and other stories nextweek on "aqui y ahora." we return now to the border.thank you for joining us. >> that is right, this brings usto the end of "aqui y ahora." until next time.