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Aquí y Ahora - 25 de abril, 2021

26 Abr 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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ivisionhelped immigrants. but many people end uppenniless. >> the conflict inside thepolice are far some being solved.>> we will -- what are the plans for our children for summervacation. >> it becomes a the beginning, they were exo tic pets.>> only two of them finished. >> the grades and why i recordedthe video is for people to see the reality>> this and much more on "aqui y ahora".">> and then. hi, my name is teresa rodrãguez.welcome to "aqui y ahora"." >> my name is ilia calderon.>> he has calmed many people. many other immigrants for years, we have been livingundocumented in the u.s. illegal.the family was pursuing help. >> my cousin, when we arrived tohis home, he was there already. he said, you know, i can getyour work permit and your drivers license.he promised a green card in two years.>> he said, this is my family. this is my church, this is mycommunity. >> he presented, he introducedhimself as the person of trust. >> he came from puerto rico.>> and he told us, well, you have to pay $2500.>> she pretended to be a lawyer and a priest.he said his business was selling houses.and that he was helping the community.>> someone who knew her invited her to meet him.>> he showed up. he was very nice.elegant. >> he told me, he quoted me$6000. >> i received -- they receivedthe payment. >> we told him we do not knowhow to read english. he said, well, you just have tosign in, write your name down. >> when they were ready to go tothe immigration office to get the fingerprints -- we neversigned any paperwork. he never asked us any questionsabout that. >> after several months, theydecided to ask -- whats happening?>> he threatened them. to report them to immigration.>> he said, well, dont worry. just be patient.>> in our social media, and then on may, 2019, the news showedthe truth. on univision.he was claiming that he was -- hwe started to receive dozens ofcalls. and all of them there saying thesame things. >> they started to follow thecase, and -- undercover. >> this, that was only thebeginning. >> then all the chargesstarted since 1988. >> when i found out the truth iwas in shock. >> i saw the face -- i wasparalyzed. >> i said, im going to try.>> they tried to confirm him. im going to sue you.because you are wrong. i am going to sue you.he started to complete a request, pretending he was alawyer. >> we didnt qualify forpolitical asylum. >> there was, they had the rightto get a license to drive in florida.>> many people received their drivers license through a falselawyer. those were the rumors.but in the middle of the case, many families were affectedbecause the case was closed in the middle of the process.>> he used to change his address.the address was wrong. so, no information .was received by the families. many of them were determined tosue reyes. on may 10, 2010, the firstlawyer was under the end, he was a free man. but -- responsible for thecharges. >> you -- showed up.>> he got the opportunity. he didnt say anything.20 years and nine months in jail, that was the sentence.he was so happy. we never expected that sixvictims were stuck together and sued to him.but the powers to be organized as a community made that happen.>> is there satisfaction? we accomplished it.justice was served. >> we are talking about partners. they work the whole day for justa little bit of money. that man was --took advantage of their dreams. immigrant services told themthere was no quarantine even though they got here.>> there were other cases that m any people will get much to save some money into end up like order to avoid the situation happening to others, manyorganizations are working together in order to giveorientations to those immigrants.we will be right back. coming up next.they recorded everything when >> he asked to be a lawyethey were crossing the border. >> no♪ >> this week, the former policeofficer derek chauvin was convicted of all the charges.for many, this is just the start.but the question is what is going to happen after thesentencing? >> we are going directly to hearthe verdict. for many weeks, this familyfollowed the case very close. now the members of the jury willread the verdict. >> many heard the verdict.>> we found guilty. >> many felt that justice wasserved. >> now, this is a victory.but they have to pay for their actions.>> elizabeth baragan immediately reminded, remembered.>> you know, at the beginning i feel very sad.everything started -- in 2020. george floyd died.and the country, in the middle of the pandemic, started to getou t in the streets. >> im calling because i saw aguy that needs help. >> a call for a possibleburglary. >> get on the ground!get on the ground! >> when they got there, -- thepolice were then. >> 27 minutes.the first 27 minutes was the last one of the night forelizabeth. >> you know, he was not armed.>> he was 37 years old. although he was not able tomove, the police kept holding him on the back.>> i, while th othere with the taser.>> daniel rivera died because of a heart attack according to theautopsy report. >> it was a one should be treated that way, not even an animal.>> that case, as the george floyd case and many others, havebeen happening for decades. >> today, the verdict, after theverdict, president joe biden requested the congress toapprove the george floyd act that prevents certain practicesby the police. >> -- who represents the familyof daniel rivera, it is necessary to take away from thepolice their -- practices. >> according to studies at theuniversity of ohio, many people died under these circumstances.>> now the police have been just because political matters.this is going to have consequences.>> we waited for more than 30 -- >> what is the response?we have to prevent this situation.we know the police are on still on the retreat, so now theyare afraid ath wethat we are not going to take action.>> during the years more than 100 asians have died in the lineof duty. this video shows they ha realitythey have to face every day. >> new mexico.agents stopped this truck because their windows were down.>> this is for your safety. >> he found out that the driverhas a rifle. he was verifying his documents.but instead of following orders, hein just a few seconds the driver shot 11 times. shot the officer 11 times.>> when they going to call day know it could cost them theirlives. >> now people are comingtogether to have a dialogue. the only way to solve thissituation is to understand the police work.>> what i am looking for is justice for my son.>> no, no. >> her goal is to, all theagents involved in her sons death will pay for it.>> they are just looking for justice.>> the family of daniel rivera sued the los angeles that chauvin is under you, he is facing more than 40years in jail. >> more than that, i justthinking about going on vah@♪ >> many families are desperateto go on vacation, but the question is where?>> parents are vaccinated but not the children.we will talk with some experts. they will give us some optionsin order to enjoy dear family. -- with your family.>> in california. she started at 5:30 a.m.>> one of my daughters works at 6:00 breakfast. she serves breakfast for herfamily. she takes her children toschool. she has to hurry up at 7 a.m.,she has to come back home to hel p her daughter.>> this is her routine, daily routine.>> this is just about to realize that i have to be clear aboutmy timing. and i have to be energetic.>> on sundays, her only distraction is going toshopping. >> yes, im going to cosco.>> are you -- forgetting -- >> i really need to go onvacation. at least on ce a year we go onvacation, the whole family. >> there is no doubt that goingon vacation in the summer is a way to escape from routine.>> the answer is -- it depends. if you are vaccinated.where youre going. >> but parents are vaccinatedbut not the children. >> -- is the key to getprotected. -- the vaccine is the key.>> the only thing i wanted to do was go to the park.>> this is going to happen next year.iwe have to be protected first. >> beaches are the most popularplaces to go on vacation. 15 million north americans willbe traveling, camping in a national park.>> this family was more creative.they camped in their backyard. >> we have a big, we were thinking about -- to enjoy the space righhtt there.>> plans to go to the house just to use the restroom.>> yes, we were so happy because we planned to do somethingtogether. >> her daughters created a veryfunny plan for the whole family. >> we started to draw somepaintings. >> what did you draw?>> the little one said i wanted to go to hawaii.the other one set i wanted to go to miami.and the other one said she wanted to go to the space.>> the -- the family members camped in the backyard for thefourth of july. >> its going to be somethingdifferent but i think we will love it.>> this doctors family is also thinking about what to do duringthis vacation. >> we usually go to visit yourfamily, but now this is not possible.>> they are considering different alternatives becauseof the risk. >> you know, going to themountains, a close beach in georgia.renting a house where we are isolation. >> you know, the time of playingis not necessarily a risk. the risk is when you go to the,the time you spend in the -- you take a cab.all of those things. >> she said that she deserves arest. and that is why she is planninga trip with all the women in her house who are vaccinated.>> at the beginning, just my mom and my auntie.but now we want to go as well. my siblings.>> what does this mean to? >> yo >> we do not have to clean.we just have to enjoy, have something to drink.>> something that the doctor finds reasonable.after they got their vaccines. they plan to take some days.but it is very important that the get vaccinated.>> now is the moment to tell the children the plan.>> children, we are going on vacation!>> we are going for a vacation but we are going to camp in ourbackyard. >> well, i saw that we were notdoing anything this year but after the news, we are so happy.>> youkno know, i have to tell t family -- just try to becreative. we cannot take our children fora summer vacation, something they are used to.there is always another option. you have to think aboutsomething different. >> it was a very creativeoption. many families are so anxious tomake reservations for their vacations.there are many options on the internet for your familyvacation. but, if you are going to travelthis weekend, try to find a direct flight to yourdestination. well be right back.after commercial break -- n♪ >> in the last three years,puerto rico has faced hurri there is new challenge. lets find out, this animalbecomes a nightmare. >> there are small -- working.many others use the street for something more than working.>> maria -- they were fine but they move around.>> she used to live in a popular area in san juan, but now it hasbecome a nightmare because of the bees.>> they are more aggressive than they used to be.>> close to her we can find thise residence.he is so tired of cleaning up. >> i clean every day, becausethe smell is terrible. >> do you have to use waterevery day? the water is not free.>> what worries her the most is her know, they transmit many illnesses.>> you see they are different because they are coming from thepacific. >> you know, many times theyescape. >> soon, they found out thatthey were big ones. many of those pets.who weigh up to 2000 pounds. and they -- they reproduce veryfast. you know, they have, they canhave between eight and 12 -- >> so, the old -- they didntknow what to do with them so they just got rid of them.>> suddenly we saw six or seven of them on the streets.>> they kept growing and growing.their presence is an invasion.they are all around, everyplace. >> in this neighborhood, thereare many elderly people. we have to be cleaning all thetime. >> the crisis got worse withinthe pandemic. these animals were everywhere.>> this is a problem. this is a health problem andsecurity. there are agencies in thecaribbean in a specific program. they create specific equipmentto capture them. definitely the only thing wewant is to keep the safety of the public health.nevertheless, those animals will be postponed.>> different activities were priorities.>> we cannot forget that, within the last months, thosevietnamese pigs kept growing. >> we have to keep in mind thatthis situation is very difficult.>> they come -- they became parasites.i know so many that are dangerous.>> when many neighbors from different areas, they buildfences in order to capture them and trap them.>> they just need some recyclable materials to get intoan agreement between them. >> most of them dont wantthem around. >> they dont have to go throughpain. that no one wants them around.but many others do not want them to be destroyed.when the neighbors can come back to work, normally.nobody knows the answer. >> they have been around in manycommunities in puerto rico. it has been very difficult tocontrol them. >> when we get back, dashedacross the border, the risk and the advantages.♪ >> there are many stories aboutcrossing the border. many people lost their lives.coming up next, we are going to tell you what happened frommexico to new york city. we spoke with many of them whotold us their experiences. >> alfredo, viewed all theimages, he recorded. his trip across the border wasvery vivid. >> my dad, when i was nine yearsold. >> his dad had to overcome manychallenges. >> i was very mom had to go to the streets to ffe-- to feed us.i remember that experience. from then he promised himself hewould help his mom and his grandmother, with a medicalcondition. >> you know, i wanted to be astoryteller. to document experiences.>> so, you always wanted to be a narrator, to tell stories?>> yes. i want to tell things for you tolearn them. she had different jobs.he completed school. and he becamea contractor.>> alfredo has spent more than a decade working very was never enough. we, he was sent -- for a job.he got in touch with different workers.he found out he was not the only one who didnt have enoughmoney. >> see?they even get more than seven dollars a week.about $100 per week. >> they used to pay between $300and $350. by not think across the river. >> he tried several times withno success. he abandoned his work and hejust went for the adventure. >> in a small -- they give youlife vest, for the small boat. during the day, at night,anytime crossing the border. there is no other way to cross.>> during that trip to houston was the most difficult one forhim. >> when did you start to recordit? >> the reason i started torecord the videos is for the people to see the reality.for them to see it is not easy. you knonw, you -- you know, youhave to go through very difficult dont sleep. you dont have to be well prepared physically and mentally.>> juan, on the other side, he was hiding under the branches.what did you eat? >> just some beans, rice.>> what can you tell us about what happened so we have anidea? >> many insects, snakes.i remember we were onto the -- and we saw a snake.and is said, wake up! wake up!i remember he was released from the hospital after a snake bithim. there are many people who , whodid not have enough clothing. besides all those, all thedanger, they have to escape from the authorities.>> it is tragic. i remember one of them, he worked for four days in a row. and at the end they --i remember one day they caught everyone.17 of them. for alfredo, the days werelonger than he expected. >> you know, you start with anew life. you dont know anyone.>> he was motivated by his family.and this is how he was able to move forward.>> you know, my mother never gave up.>> now he can get an income, more than $100 a he has three -- to accomplish.>> i want to build a company and i want to be the boss.and most of the time to record videos.>> besides, he wants to help his family.after a long trip, he says that he is living -- building alegacy. >> we have something to tell toour granddaughters, grandchildren.>> now he is saying hes able to send money back to his mom.>> and he is thinking about making some documentaries aboutthose experiences. >> and this is the experience iwill show today. we want to do t

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