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Aquí y Ahora - 15 de agosto, 2021

Las autoridades de salud fortalecen las campañas para tratar de convencer a aquellos que no se han aplicado la vacuna contra el COVID-19. El Salvador aprueba el Bitcoin como moneda de curso legal.
18 Ago 2021 – 05:16 PM EDT

>> tonight on aqui y ahora, -- resurgence of the pandemic hasmade many people regret not having gotten experts struggle to convince skeptics -->> i said what and i do it when i could?in this town, bills and coins have been abolished.everything is paid for with cell phones.>> is cash coming to an end? ? -- >> he had a date with deathbut he unknowingly sent a friend to replace him.>> you could see the bodies of two deceased of them was my husband. >> a bullet on a highway endedthe life of a young person. and showed a gap in the securitysystem. >> there is nothing to do.she died. >> this person has lived in aring appeared outside the ring, his life has been different.the ups and downs of a legend in mexican boxing.this and more next on aqui y ahora.♪ >> with the resurgence of thepandemic, most of the infections are coming from nonvaccinatedpeople. many of them say they regret notgetting vaccinated. good evening, i am patriciajaniot and welcome to aqui y authorities have agreed to increase campaigns toconvince skeptics. i talked to people who promotethe vaccine and those who are listening to the last call.>> humans, with his wife and children and has a cleaningcompany. despite the massive vaccinationcampaign that began in march, he ignored the pleas.>> what you want to get vaccinated?>> i have a pharmacy two minutes from my place.i can walk in and get vaccinated at any time.but i just never got around to it.i put my life at risk. and their lives at risk.>>rosario who is the mother of two children was also afraid.>> when you are not well-informed, that is theproblem. i heard people who havereactions whose arms cannot move.people who were in bed. three or five days.>> remain worry was -- her main worry was not be able to work.>> if i dont work, my children will not be able to eat.>> they continued with their lives convinced that the viruswould not affect them. but they were wrong.>> i think -- i went to see a match in arizona.there were a lot of people there.i was among them. >> for rosario, the dramaticnews came from her older daughter who was 13 and gotinfected at school. >> when they tell you your childhas coronavirus, i cannot explain the feeling because youdid not know what is going to cannot say she will be well in a day.>> the worst thing she says was feeling impotent when herbreathe. she would send me text messages.i could not be there with her. i could not be near her.that is the most painful thing. >> in his house, everyone gotsick. >> my wife was vaccinated.but she got sick too. she had mild symptoms.nothing like my mind -- nothing like daughter is 14. she also is affected but not asmuch. the people who were affected themost were my son and me. both of us.>> he was so sick that from his sick bed, he made the followingplea to his friends. >> get vaccinated.i did not do that. that is why am here.-- why i am here. the truth is i dont want thisto happen to you or any relative of yours.>> did you think you might die at any moment?>> yes, i thought so. i got up to go to the bathroom.i could not breathe. i thought, that is it.this is the end. >> he got very ill.>> my head was hurting. the next day, i had pain in mybones, my body. different symptoms.>> according to doctors, the worst of it is felt by peoplewho have not been vaccinated. that is why health authoritieshave joined the crusade to get hispanic communities to getvaccinated. the director of the nationalhealth is the two for minorities insists on refuting bigevidence. >> there is a lot ofdisinformation on this pandemic .the science is clear. we were able to develop aneffective vaccine. vaccine is is a formula so our bodies can produce antibodies.>> and young people are the segment of the population thatconcerns experts right now because less than half of peoplebetween 18 and 30 years of age are immunized.>> if 30 years old, do you think i will get sick, i can getbetter? but we are seeing young peopledie. >> one of the things peopleshould appreciate. health authorities came up withan ingenious idea to speak to young people in their languageand through their favorite platforms.>> your voice matters. they listen to you.>> they ask influencers for help.>> we badly need to get vaccinated not only for your ownsake. >> they sent messages in favorof vaccination and who better than social media personalitieslike a podcaster in colorado. >> what you talk about on yourpodcast? >> i talk about the importanceof getting vaccinated. it is not that my voice is moreimportant than the voice of is that i have a platform and i want to help them haveinformation based on science. >> the long-term benefitsoutweigh short-term symptoms. >> i never imagined having thisplatform and i am happy that it promotes something as good asgetting vaccinated. i sometimes get asked at work,where can i get vaccinated and i saw the information from thehealth apartment. i know exactly where they needto go. ?i dont want that to happen to me again.>> after what they experienced, they have come to a resoundingconclusion. >> why did i do it when i -- whydidnt i do it when i had the opportunity?why didnt i do it? >> he made the decision to getvaccinated this week. >> we decided to get vaccinatedand the truth is i got the first dose yesterday and i feel fine.>> do you regret not having been vaccinated?>> i regret it a thousand times over.lets do it for our family members.lets go out and get vaccinated as soon as possible.right now if possible. if you are sitting on your sofaand you dont have a vaccine, get up.get up. it is your life that is at is your life. >> we never tire of saying this.we need to get vaccinated for everybodys well-being.last month, 98% of covid deaths were among the an effort to raise awareness among children between the ageof 12 and 18, a very vulnerable population, some states andcities are offering influencers a thousand dollars a month togenerate content that encourages young people to get vaccinated.we will be back with more aqui y ahora.>> later, how a boxing legend is -- future champions.but first, they are saying goodbye to cashier.>> having access to a cell phone is not all you also♪ >> can you imagine what aneconomy would be like without bills or coins?el salvador is becoming the first country in the world toaccept bitcoin as official currency along with the dollar.the decision has caused controversy.angie sandoval traveled to a remote village.>> outside of legislative assembly in el salvador were atthe beginning of june bitcoin was accepted as legal tender, aquestion, you know what bitcoin is?>> the truth is i have no idea how we are going to use it.>> many people are experiencing fear and uncertainty.>> i am worried about people wanting to pay with that and iwill not know what to do. >> el salvador is be getting theyear with hope and a new currency.>> 20 years after this country adopted the dollar as nationalcurrency, the bitcoin is about to make its official entry intothe salvatori and economy. alejandra is vice president of acompany that specializes in cryptocurrency.>> people do not understand because it is virtual.they cannot see it. they cannot hold in their is a little futuristic i say .>> before anything else, what is bitcoin?the client is electronic currency that allows people tobuy products and services like any other currency but youcannot see the money or touch buy it through a telephone application and you use anelectronic wallet. >> it is virtual money, notcontrolled by an entity like a government or a is completely free. >> bitcoin works in everycountry of the world. >> the president of el salvadorsays that this currency, which will be used with the dollar,will encourage foreign tourism, will lower the toss deck -- thecost of money being sent to people in el salvador and willallow people who dont have bank accounts to save money someplacesafe. he does not base what he says,the experience of the remote village in el salvador.>> we are driving there now. it is 45 minutes from sansalvador. this is a town that was knownfor its beaches, but as of two years ago, it has become alaboratory for bitcoin. >> in this community with dirtroads and little infrastructure, it is payday.and these workers will receive if they so choose their salarieson their telephones in bitcoin. >> how much did you earn?>> 120 424. >> gustavo is a brick worker.and he got paid with bitcoin. why do you feel safer withbitcoin? >> it saves here.if i have any cash, it is in my wallet and i keep using it.>> we wanted to see what this new economy was like and afterdownloading the app, i have got five dollars.we bought five dollars worth of the only atm in town. her relationship with thiscryptocurrency did not start well.>> we are losing now. we bought five dollars worth ofbitcoin. after commission, we are down tofour dollars and $.20. >> bitcoin can be whateverpeople wanted to be, but for us, bitcoin is hope.bitcoin is a tool for the next generations.>> the arrival of this currency is due in part to jorge phelanso isla and a group of young people who a few years agoaccepted an anonymous donation in bitcoin further socialprojects. -- for their social projects.the only addition according to him was the donation should notbe changed to dollars and the use of bitcoin would beencouraged among the residents. >> according to him, 60% ofresidents use bitcoin on a daily basis and have been able to savemoney. >> it is a dangerousproposition. the value of bitcoin is veryunstable. >> according to an economist,bitcoin is not as safe as people say.>> for those people who have the privilege to speculate withtheir money, that is fine. but in the context for themajority of salvadoreans,, they dont know if they will be ableto pay for goods and services at the end of the month.the risk is too high. >> for her, the volatility isone of its major problems. in april of this year, bitcoinwas at $63,000. in june, it dropped to 32, lost about half its value. the goal of the president isfrom september on, salvadoreans c bitcoin as these workers.they adopt it as they did the u.s. far, he has not been able to convince them.70% of salvadoreans are not interested in thiscryptocurrency and prefer using the dollar according to a pollfrom a university. >> i dont like that currencybecause for small business owners like me, it is notconvenient to accept it >> she and her mother make a livingselling fish. >> many of us dont have asmartphone. we dont have -- we come fromplaces far from civilization. this is for young people.this is not for older people who do not know how to read even.>> taking this project on a national level has a lot ofrisks. >> it requires a lot offinancial education people do not have right now.>> this is a country where according to an economist, only33% of the population has access to the internet.>> you also need money to recharge your cell need a digital wallet. >> many people think they willhave to wait. >>>> we have got to give thebest of ourselves to our country.not abandon it. not cross the border looking forour own dream should >> meanwhile, dora says -->> >> we for -- we are poor. going to be more poor with thatmoney. we will not have money to buy apound of beans. >> to put into practice thisambitious project, the president announced investments to improvetelecommunications in the country and promised to giveevery salvatori and $30 -- salvatori and $30 to downloadthe application and invest that money into bitcoin.we will see what happens. we will be back.>> when we return, it was supposed to be him.but he sent a fh@♪ >> it was a secret mission andeverything was set. circumstances forced alast-minute change. jesse from columbia tells usabout a date with death and a sense of guilt.>> the effect of a large earthquake that affected thepoorest country in america. >> could not believe it.walked through the streets thinking about what might havehappened. he is almost 40 years old.enough to remember times when he began.>> i enlisted at 17. almost 19 to -- almost 19.>> he is a professional soldier who is now retired.>> i was trained by the special forces in columbia and theamerican special forces. >> in columbia, special forceshave to leave after 20 years of service.he had to face a different enemy, unemployment.>> it has been impossible to find a job after a couple ofyears. >> we are experiencing economicproblems. >> at the beginning of the year,juan received an end of -- an invitation that could fix hislife. it was a job offer.>> it was a job in central america.the pay was good. it was 2500 to $3000.they told me i will call you back.>> it seemed fate was smiling on him.>> we were going to go work. >> over 400 former militaryofficers went to the -- responded to the call.over 4000 did. >> i was told about a monthlater, you have got to go. guard the haitian president.>> he was one of the few who knew where the mission would be.>> you will be security for the haitian president and highprofile clients. >> his trip was confirmed.along with about 20 others. he remembers with frustrationwhat happened. >> i was sick when i got thecall. >> covid and not having hispassport in order kept him from getting on the plane.that is when he was asked to recommend someone with hisexperience and who was ready to go.>> he said i am ready. >> notified him on june 2.around 2:30. around 11:30 at night.he hung up and said i am leaving.he did not tell me any more information.>> she is the wife of another retired shoulder -- retiredsoldier. remembers the last time she sawher husband and when he left. >> he said i am leaving.i have a job. i am leaving tomorrow.>> juans dreams were now being lived by his friend,miguel. >> several of his companionsdecided to travel -- >> assassins in port-au-prince.after the incident, they did not hear anything for 24 hours.they found out what happened. >> i saw a picture of him insidea car. there were the bodies of twodeceased people. one of them was my husband.>> she is consumed with pain and consumed with guilt.>> i feel it is my fault. i have a terrible pain in mysoul because of what happened. he was so happy.i was so happy. then i find out he died.he had been killed. i was like, what happened here?i cannot understand what had happened.>> he says the absence is destroying her.>> miguel remains are still in haiti and repatriation is up inthe air. family members are hurt whenwords like mercenary are used. >> it has got a negativeconnotation right now. they are still military officersin their hearts. they have never left behind thatprofession in their heart. >> juan says it was a lie.>> it was a trap. they set a trap for us.believe me,. they would not be willing to dosomething like that. >> he still feels guiltyspending his -- thinking he was helping him.>> i have asked forgiveness. >> after many days of suspense,haiti chose a judge who will investigate the assassination ofthe president according to police officers.44 people are behind bars while authorities look for otherpossible accomplices. well be back with more aqui yahora.>> after the break, a death on a highway.♪ >> melissa gonzales hadgraduated recently and was looking at another degree.her life was perfect until one fighter, their lives changed inone instant. tifani roberts tells us thestory. >> when shayna came to theunited states, her daughter melissa was four.>> she left behind her father in cuba.she loved him very much and would ask about him.>> in short order, melissa did well in everything she did.her good grades allowed her to get scholarships to go tocollege to study psychology. after graduating, she told hermother she had other plans. >> she said i want to be honestwith you. i know you went to be a doctorlike my father but i am going to be a lawyer.>> with that new goal, she would return to school.this time to law school. by then, she had been going outwith julian for several months. he was passionate about musicand they both had a lot in common.>> he liked music just like i did.we both liked learning new things.we like movies. >> what happened on january 3,2020 on this miami highway changed everything.>> that day, i am telling you honestly is the day that hasshaped my life. >> julian says after work,melissa came by to visit her grandfather.they took the highway. at 8:00 p.m. -->> i heard some shots. i thought that rocks werebreaking the glass. >> julian was in the passengerside. >> i saw her collapse.>> julian says he tried steering the shock, he tried anything for help.>> i did not have my phone. i called the police.when the highway patrol arrived, they saw that it was not atypical car accident. >> they saw the victim had beenshot. >> i could not talk.i could not believe it. >> when she arrived at thehospital, her brother was already there.>> my brother said, there is nothing that can be done.she died. >> shortly after arriving at thehospital -- >> i could not.someone said, do you want to go inside?what happened? no one was telling me.i was there until 2:00 a.m. approximately.>> with the crime defined as a homicide, investigations began.the first to be interrogated was the victims boyfriend.>> he was very nervous obviously.>> the detective was working on the investigation.>> we talked to him. he was not giving us muchinformation. some of what he said did notmake much sense at first. >> the first piece of evidencethey were looking for was the security cameras on the highwaybut they had a problem. >> the highway has cameras butthey do not record. >> there are 570 cameras on i-85in florida that transmit live images to supervise the flow oftraffic that they do not record. after several months ofinvestigation, the detectives came to that occlusion -- theconclusion that the bullet that killed melissa was not intendedfor her. >> there was no motive.number two, her wounds and the way the bullet came, it isalmost impossible for someone to have done that intentionally.>> they used a technology called shot starter.>> we were able to determine what area to begininvestigating. near i 95.>> they captured the shots. >> right before the accident.>> with acoustic data, they narrowed things down to, thisera -- this area and this street.they found shell casings matching the bullet that killedthe young woman. >> re-think the casings were --we think we casings were from that same day.months later, the police officers made public thesurveillance video that captured something they think could helpidentify the people involved in the shooting.>> we always thought>> that a car was involved.>> authorities want to know who the man is in this video.>> if you see this video especially behind the car, yousee a person who gets into the the car takes off at a high speed.>> he was able to get money together with some friends toput up a reward for information. >> no one, not even to lie orget the $10,000 have offered. no one has called.incredible. >> what possibilities exist tosolve this crime? >> every day of my life, icannot live anymore. aside from being a mother, ihave become a detective. >> for julian, it has beendifficult to overcome the terrible experience.he is his girlfriend -- he sees his girlfriends mother closely-- mother. >> received a humanitarian visato attend his daughters funeral.the family hopes one day to find out who fired the shot thatcaused so much pain. >> when we♪ >> his life has been in theworld of boxing. he has enjoyed fame, money andsuccess. outside the ring, it has been adifferent story. carmen escobosa tells us the upsand downs of a legend in boxing. >> i was fighting around theworld. i traveled around the world.i was in europe. i was in south africa.i was in south america. any parts of the world -- manyparts of the world. as a 2011, i was named best referee in the world.>> juan jose ramirez is a star who has shown different facetsin the world of boxing. as a boxer, as a referee, as atrainer. >> i think i am the only mexicanreferee to work in vegas. >> he began fighting in hisnative area of mexico. he saved money and was able tobuy a house for his parents. one day, he was asked to refereea match. he hung up his gloves and tookon a whistle. >> the last 15 rounds fight.>> while he was boxing, he met the love of his life.>> i met him on april 4 1979. >> she traveled from tijuana forvacations. juan joses mother introducedthem. >> he was in very good shapebecause he was boxing. he said to me, you are going tobe my wife. he told me after two or threedays. years later, they were marriedand living in tijuana. the couple traveled throughoutthe world. on august 13, 2000, they went toa wedding in ensenada, baja california.>> we had a great time. we danced.we ate. i had to work the next day.>> suddenly, everything changed. >> during that trip, arounddawn, we had a car accident. we flipped over.i get overcome with emotion. my life changed wife broke her back. she used to give dance lessons.she was a very active woman. a hard worker.she was left a paraplegic. she never walked again.>> she had to stay in a hospital for eight months as her spinalcolumn was reconstructed. >> i left everything.>> boxing, referee, trips. everything to support his wifehad also -- his wife who had also lost two babies and thepossibility of getting pregnant again among other have you done it? >> my faith is what sustains me.we have managed to get ahead. >> after the accident, herhusband devoted himself to caring for her.>> i wake her up at 9:30 or 10:00.>> he bathes and dresses her. he leaves everything their business, 20 years have passed.the only thing -- the only time he had with boxing was a gym hehad. but the pandemic ended that.he had to close because of orders during the pandemic.a few months ago, a boy asked him to train him.>> he said, trained me. i said, i dont have thatequipment. i cannot.i thought, i might have some gloves.let me see. i dont have a bag.>> we remembered he had a flat tire in his car.>> we will tie this to a tree and we will use that as a bag.the boy was really happy. >> other people in theneighborhood started coming to his house to be trained.>> tijuana is the most important -- one of the most importantplaces for the world of boxing. it is a launching point.from tijuana, many world champions have come from here.fighters come from here and go all over the world.then, a bag manufacturers sent some tim a.i said, i dont have money to pay for them to he told me, have earned these. someone else came by and said,can you help us train? >> they needed the equipment toturn this space into a professional training center.this young woman is very promising in tijuana.they call her the doll. >> i won this championship in2016. in 2017, i got bronze medal at anational composition in monterey.>> jackie is her inspiration. >> we have a lot oftournaments. >> everyone has a dream here.>> how long have you been training here?>> i feel very happy. i dont spend my day on thephone. >> your parents must be reallyhappy. >> yes.>> what you like most? >> punching the bag.>> who is your idol? >> kinello.>> when he thought he had lost his last link to boxing, lifeopened a new door for him. >> i just asked god to give methe opportunity to keep fighting.i wanted to have her medicine, everything she needs.>> juan jose ramirez tells us he was one on august 13.-- he was born on august 13. he began his career as a boxeron august 13. music says weneed to talk about honduras. >> a special edition of aqui yahora next week. it us to the end of aqui y ahora. we will see you soon.thank you for joining us. ♪