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Aquí y Ahora - 10 de octubre, 2021

México y Estados Unidos están redefiniendo sus programas de cooperación en seguridad a un año de las acusaciones en contra de un poderoso general retirado, quien ha protagonizado uno de los casos más misteriosos.
11 Oct 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

er youeruntil the end. for the admission, you know, ofthe identity of anti-drugs for the -- for the -- really thedanger, the defense, you know, it's a tragedy.he was one of the people that was working in mexico.he knows how much and how heavy has been the work for him.and in between mexico and the united states and all theserelationship that is they have to make in between, he know thatis the most important is not the relationship, of course, butit's also -- he know that is it's the distance being able todefend yourself. it shouldn't be like that.but it is like that. and these, he knows and he saysthat, you know, that they've been ok.since that corporation and important having therelationship with leaders in guadalajara and the cartel ofjuarez in total, it's 594 institution that is they aredoing this. they refused the quantity ofagent that is we had before. and in relationship with thoseagents. those installations they get thenumber to 235 and the most notorious was with was the marine, the mexican marine.and it was a tide collaboration, and when -- and it was relatedto when he protected the age too.and so today, we don't know the reason, but there is people thatthey already did that investigation.and -- and sanifying os -- cienfuegos, definitely it wasvery close to the other one. recruited to the united states,obviously. and it was lopez serrano, lopeznunez is one. it was expanded through the restof the country. in his book, it was accused inthe united states to receive in between other client that is hehad is and genaro garcia luna was one of them.and he said, we just to see who -- to who he was actually goingafter. we never had people in jail.we never had arrested this person.the h-2 was in florida and in the groups of the most searched.and cienfuegos which was what they were more aware of.>> it was with a marine. you know, whiz w these peoplethat we haven't had any confidence the most.if i was you know, cienfuegos, i would love for them to judge meactually. for them to tell me that it wasfalse what they were doing actually.>> well, other people, they -- they get their credit on to thepeople, you know, to the mexican narcotics's something very common in the narcos world.>> what we have to do is create evidence of what these peopleare doing. they instigate in the crime.if there's not -- if there's no war, they don't exist.a quantity of drug that is they confiscateed basically.they explain that to -- to hit some of them, they need toprotect others. they were not aware of the caseof the cienfuegos case. >> they also slained that thereis about 50 agents in the consulate, and embassy.and further more that they are in special missions withoutanybody knowing. you know, mexico know that isthese agents they operate in mexico.they do. along the territory and that'swhy -- it wouldn't have to be a big prize that all these things,they're happening because we know the agents within.>> there is people they generate war against drugs as wellit could be a ricks the collaboration between mexico andthe united states and drug>> a very offense -- diplomatic offense in mexico, in the cityof mexico, one person was accuse ed of trafficking withdrugs. it was in salvador cienfuegos,this is the case. and will tell you guys how ithappened. >> before a team, 2018, thegeneral cienfuegos, he got the medal with his decoration, theywould not know the conduct -- what it would drive was the labor of the general of the mexico in general.>> my first reaction was this is very, very important.this is something very important because it's first time that wegot back to that level. jim chet he's an agent, retiredagent with experience in mexico, colombia and all the countriesin latin america. and he's saying that the d.e.t.,those persons -- and when that happens that leads to that titlethe president manuel lopez obrador, shows in this momentfrancisco gallardo, all the militaries they started doingsome pressure. and then with this timing, thegroup of militaries -- the military that was present, theystarted to to -- to ask for their management of thisliberation. it was in new york as well underthe custody of the general. and it was against the case.and it was against the secretary.marcelo did not accept that interview as well, was lopez obrador, that he got one interview to explain howthings got to the end. >> we need conformity.we need something that tells us that this is ok and this is welldouble >> the president manuel lopezobrador, he was asking his superior this intervention, therevelation that they have of the way along with the happened weeks after. >> and it's a very special factthat we had over here. and it was 1th of november in2020 that he asked a jury to retire tall charges against thegeneral and he ordered that the general would be protected byhis escort. >> let me tell you the truth, doyou think the 750 pay is in evidence?>> yes, it is in evidence. >> we need to know who are thepeople that they're informing. it was that -- the people thatthey were informing they could not pay tax,basically. >> it's a quantity ofinformation that is the 82 and other organizations that theyare involved to this. the director of mexican -->> i think that if he was -- ifer had -- if he had judgedthis properly, the president lopez obrador would have beencorrectly guided. >> this week, the civil workersalong with the security subject and the washington and theministry of justice in washington.they would approve 24 visas to agents.even though he said that there is something here.for me, it's a political really is. it's -- you know, it's --everything against the discipline -- it's the part of-- he really think that is in time it will put everyone intheir place. not just for one person, youknow, if they hurt, they hurt me.and so it's as simple as that. we ask for the interview ofcienfuegos. and in between established,everything that they've been going through and we will t