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Al Punto con Jorge Ramos - 8 de agosto, 2021

México intenta demostrar la corrupción de cinco presidentes. Más de 19 mil niños intentaron cruzar la frontera. La activista Lorena Praeli logra hablar con el presidente Biden en la Casa Blanca.
9 Ago 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

>> lets get to the point. cases are continuing to rise.>> delta variant rises in the country and threatens vaccinatedpeople. the director for the centers fordisease control and prevention tells us how to protectourselves. >> it was something veryimportant, transcendent. >> in mexico, the referendum totry former presidents failed. a journalist tells us what hethinks. last year, over 19,000 childrencrossed the border by themselves.congressman henry cuellar tells us something needs to change.he proposes borders. a journalist prevented fromspeaking to present biden. she tells us what happened.juncker jagger is asking daniel ortega to let her enternicaragua to see and speak with political prisoners.we will speak with her. lionel messi, the best paidathlete in the world, leaves barcelona.we will see where he may go. ♪>> lets get to the point. "al punto" with jorge ramos.♪ >> lets get to the point."al punto." something went wrong.this was supposed to be a summer of happiness.that was the expectation for president joe biden.he wanted a big celebration last july 4.we are now in august, and news about the delta variant is big.hospitals are filling up, and things only seem to be gettingworse. we invite to the program thedirector of the centers for disease control and prevention,dr. rochelle walensky. dr. wilensky, thank you forspeaking with us. lets begin with something manypeople are thinking. without this would be a summerof gratitude and happiness, but that was not the case.what went wrong? >> yes, i did, too.i had hoped that several things happened.not everybody got vaccinated. we needed everybody to getvaccinated. we were hoping there would be agreater acceptance of vaccines. the second thing was the deltavariant. a new variant of this virus thatis much more contagious than the previous ones.we knew that the virus would be opportunistic in areas wherepeople had a lower rate of vaccination.that is what happened with this variant.>> direct question, why are those of us who have alreadybeen vaccinated possibly worried about the coronavirus?>> there are two problems with the was studied in vaccine trials, and it does protect youagainst severe illness and death , does that incredibly well,even with the delta variant. what was not studied in theseclinical trials is if it prevented transmission.our vaccines were very good at preventing transmission with thealpha variants, but not with the delta variant, which is verycontagious. the face coverings are good attransmission -- >> it looks like republicans anddemocrats have different points of views regarding face masks,prompting the confusion. when should we use eight facemask? >> let me be clear, this is notabout politics but about health. my job as the director of cdc isto protect the health of the does not matter what others say.we recommend the use of face masks and to use one if you havenot been vaccinated. if you are eligible for beingvaccinated to do so, we recommend that due to theincrease in contagion with this virus, we recommend people whouse a face covering even if they have been vaccinated in certaincircumstances. >> should we stop traveling?should we not use public transportation methods?>> i would say this is about risk and individual preference.if you are vaccinated and have a face mask, you should be able touse, continue your activities. if you are in an area of lowtransmission, it is less likely you will run into somebody withcovid. in those situations, eating at arestaurant might not be a problem, but all activities aresafer if you are outside, so try to do activities outside,particularly during the summer. >> have you decided if we shouldget a booster shot? i had two moderna shots.when should i get the third? >> we are following upcarefully. we have not seen data thatsuggests people should have a booster shot.we are looking at clinical trials of tens of thousands ofpeople. we are looking at data regardingimmunity. we are taking intoconsideration. as we have information, we willupdate the public to whether there should be a booster shotand when. we are preparing in case that isthe case. >> do you think schools shouldhave in person classes this fall?>> i am encouraging full-time learning in person for children.we have to keep them safe, and there are several ways of doingit. surround them by vaccinatedpeople, and when they are eligible to be vaccinated bevaccinated. we are recommending all schoolsregardless of where they are to teach full-time with face masksand with other prevention strategies to keep childrensafe. >> if things continue to worsen,do you think we will return to lockdown orders?>> you know, i am not advocating that.lockdown orders should happen when the health system faces areal challenge. this is a situation that willhappen at local levels. we can help people byvaccinating them and using the face masks temporarily.what a lockdown should do is help us get vaccinated and helpeach other. >> let me ask a question.what do you do to not be infected by the coronavirus?>> i am vaccinated. my children and husband arevaccinated. members of my family arevaccinated. when i do activities, i try todo them outside. when i am indoors, i use a facemask. >> dr. wilensky, thank you forspeaking with us. >> thank you for inviting me.>> when we return, we will go to mexico.why did the referendum fail, the referendum that was intended totry former presidents, also congressman henry cuellar tellsus something needs to change quickly on the border.president biden meets with unto con jorge ramos to "al puntjorge ramos. ♪/>> last sunday, there was a referendum to ask mexicans ifthey wanted to investigate and try five former president.the question was so complicated that it was never the end, fewer than 80% of voters voted.that was not enough to begin any investigations.there was a need for at least 40% of voters to show up.if president lopez rado wanted to, he could investigatepresence. the president does not want tolose time and political capital on these discussions.>> is he correct? >> yes.>> is that an active question? >> yes.>> if you are president, would you try angelica rivera andenrique peaa nieto? >> i am not going to takeaction. i will not take action as anauthoritarian. there will be rule of law.there will not be any persecutions.>> will you try peaa nieto for corruption?>> no, that will be done judges. >> you are giving themanticipated amnesty. that is what lopez over doorsaid in 2017. journalist epigmenio ibarra iswith us now. i know you as a journalist andfriend for a long time. you are one of the principalpromoters of the popular consultation, which attainedless than a percent participation.this is what president lopez obrador said.>> we are going to bequeath this to new generations.that is why i am happy with the results of the referendumyesterday. also we have never had so manypeople participate in a referendum.>> the president considers this was a success.his critics say it was a failure.what do you think? >> look, i see it from theoptics of our own misery, from those of us who are trying towork on this exercise of democratic participation.we have 7 million votes, 2.7 million -- and we have 7 millionvotes. without a campaign, with onethird of the polling places without any promotion, and witha massive effort to bring down the referendum.people who were asking people not to vote delegitimize thisunique historic exercise, and exercise that is unusual in anydemocracy. why didnt they ask people tovote against it? but to vote, this would allowanybody who wants more democracy to prevail.>> like you i want to know what happened in 1988 with fraudaccusations in 2012, 2006, i want to know happened regardingi/o and the white house and what is the next step?>> these men have the most powerful ring of protection youcan imagine. why is it that throughout latinamerica there are former residents who are imprisoned butnot in mexico? because they are the heart ofthe old regime. because they act with impunitybetween people in the pir, pan, that is the heart of the oldregime. we are talking corruptcharacters. we are not talking about dumbcharacters. they are protected.they hide evidence. others may fall, but theprinciples do not because they continue having an enormousamount of power in the media, traditional organs, touch the untouchables is to fracture the mexican politicalsystem. >> why doesnt amlo dosomething? why doesnt he leave aside thereferendum, which many consider a distraction and just launchedan investigation? he could do that.>> for two reasons. as head of state, you know thereare different positions in a transition of this nature.truth and reconciliation commissions, he has said i donot want to do this. you do it.first off. secondly, the attorney generaldoes not work for the president. there is a division of powers.the attorney general is autonomous.that is why i insisted that it was important to separate apresident who has an opinion and those of us as citizens who mayfeel the urgency of the hour that martin luther king jr.speaks of. that is what the referendum wasabout because no state institution, nor the power, thejudicial power, nor anyone else is going to move with the urgentneed if there is not a popular opinion to break with theimpunity. >> there will be anotherreferendum in march. the question will be whetherlopez obrador should continue in the presidency or leave thepresidency. isnt this dangerous in acountry that has only really had democracy since 2000?>> they say that lopez obrador is a dictator, that he is tryingto get vengeance, but truth is that he is a democrat who issaying, you want to try former presidents, tell me, pushed thestate institutions to do so because i cannot push them anddo not want to push them. he is a democrat who says thereis my head, you tell me whether i continue or not.>> thank you for being here and being with me continuing thisyears long conversation. >> exactly.i appreciate it. i am at your service.>> this week, president and race manual lopez obrador said mexicowould host talks between nicolas maduro and the president ofnicaragua. i asked lopez obrador severalquestions in 2017 in that interview.>> can we call raul castro a dictator?>> no, i would not call anyone. >> it has been a dictatorshipsince 1969. he was put into office by fidelcastro. >> those phobias, those phobias-- >> why not do that with cuba?>> is a journalist, you have the right to ask these questions.i also have a right -- >> i cannot believe you cannotsay that he was a dictatorship. let me ask you about foreignpolicy. do you think nicolas maduro is adictator? >> i will not judge him.i will leave that to those who are listening.>> there are human rights violations.>> that is tragic. >> he dismantled the assembly,the congress. >> i am not in favor ofauthoritarianism anywhere. >> there are politicalprisoners. >> i am in favor of freeingpolitical prisoners. >> is nicolas maduro adictator? >> i do not want to getinvolved. >> why?>> we have principles, foreign policy principles.>> put about the principles of human rights?doesnt that go above that? >> yes, yes, this case we need to respect peoples autonomy.>> he has never wanted to criticize the dictatorships incuba and venezuela. when we returned, somethingneeds to change on the border. that is what a congressman issaying. he belongs to the same party aspresident biden. there is a plan to legalizemillions of undocumented people, and bianca♪ >> something needs to change.this is what henry cuellar says about the u.s. and mexico on theborder. in july, 19,000 children weredetained alone, and many more families, all in one month.congressman cuellar is here to tells what is happening.they queue for being on this we know, it is common to hear republicans criticize what ishappening on the border. it is not so common to hear anydemocrats do so. >> i am just repeating whatmayors, what judges, what people living on the border are saying.that is the most important point.why? because there have beenemergency hearings in places like laredo, webb county,another in it all go county, officers saying they need help.all of us want to see immigration reform.all of us want to see if someone can enter the u.s. illegallythat they do so. what we are seeing is thatduring this pandemic we are seeing a large number of peopleentering. yesterday, 4000 people enteredin the rio grande valley near mcallen.lastly, there were over 22,000 people in the valley alone.two weeks ago, it was 21,000 people.three weeks ago, it was over 20,000 three weeks, we are talking over 60,000 people in just onearea of texas. what my city is asking, and i amjust repeating what i am hearing, is that they need thespace, they need the numbers to go down because the numbers aretoo high on the border right now.>> from your point of view, what vice president kamala harris andwhat president biden are not doing enough, is that why youare proposing a borders are -- border czar?>> i support president biden, but here on the border they arenot handling, in my opinion, or in the opinion of the judges andmayors, the people who live here on the border, they are nothandling it correctly. that is why we need someone withexperience like secretary jeh johnson, who worked under obama.i spoke with him. he says thank you, but he knowsit is a difficult job. we need somebody with experiencewho knows the border, who knows how it can be managed, how wecan have security on the border but at the same time treatpeople with respect, treat the who are entering with respect.>> you think this is a moment, despite what youre describing,do you think this is a moment open the border between mexicoand the united states? right now the border is closedexcept for essential cases. >> what we are seeing is theborder is open, but the bridges are closed.the ports of entry are closed. mexicans who have visas whowould, come, who would come and spend money here, now theycannot come in. if you have a visa, you are notallowed to enter and help the economy and our state.>> i want to ask another know i have to ask you this question.every two years you are up for the last elections come just guess and arrows -- jessicacisneros criticize you saying you were president trumpsfavorite democrat. is this the moment to step asideand allow a new generation of latino leaders?>> what she said was a lie. my votes with the democrats arealmost 97%. this is something that isimportant. with all due respect to her, shewas lying. number two, right now i haveexperience. i have relationships withdemocrats and republicans. right now i am bringing positiveresults. during this pandemic we need aleader who can bring millions of dollars to schools, counties,and someone who has the philosophy that he is not goingto completely open the border for everybody.that is something we need to talk about.that is the big difference between she and i.we are going to talk about differences.>> we will continue doing that on the show.congressman henry cuellar, things for being here.>> thank you. >> we will continue speakingabout politics in the u.s. and immigration.six months have passed since joe biden took office, andundocumented people still have not been legalize.president biden and vice president harris met earlierthis week with several latino leaders in the white of the guests was lorella praeli of community change.she talks with us about why she feels optimistic.thanks for joining us. you spoke with present biden andseveral other hispanic leaders. is this the moment to complain,to say that they have done nothing for us after more thansix months? >> not really, this meeting we discussed important topics like theeconomy, the climate crisis, immigration.we talked about the tax credit that is going to reduce thepoverty rate in the united states for latino children whoare 26% of children in the united states but 41% ofchildren living in poverty are hispanic.they will benefit by this change.i think we are doing well, but these next few months will becritical to see if he will fulfill his promise forimmigration change for millions of people.>> how will this change happened?you and i both know that the senate does not have the votesto legalize 11 million immigrants.a few months ago, you floated an idea, and it looks likepresident biden likes that idea. how would it work?>> well, this idea requires a process known as reconciliation.a legalization not of 11 million people, perhaps 3 million, 4million, or 6 million people can be done through a law thatdemocrats can approve without any publican votes.that is the most important thing at this moment becauserepublicans do not want to negotiate.they do not want to have comprehensive immigrationreform. what are we left with?the reconciliation method that only requires if the democraticvotes at this moment. -- requires 50 democratic votesat this moment. through this tool we canlegalize dreamers, tps holders, farmworkers, essential requires a commitment from the democratic requires a commitment and push from the president and vicepresident. that is the message we took tothe white house on tuesday. it is not enough to is not enough to promise and say you are with have to show it with work. you have to prove that you havedone everything legalize undocumented people in 2021.>> what guarantee do you have? do you have democratic votes?republicans not going to help. do you have enough democraticvotes? >> at this moment we feel wehave 50 democratic votes. there is part of the processthat is difficult. the parliamentarian will hearthe democratic arguments and republican arguments.what we have told democrats is if he says no, you have to haveplan b, if he says no to plan b, you have to have plan c.that means if there is a commitment to see this through,we think we have the votes. we think we have the support ofthe community. that is not all we need at thismoment nor in the future, but it would change thousands of livesat this moment. >> you and i have been speakingfor years. i have never heard you thishopeful before. >> yes.i feel very hopeful because we have developed strategies, and ibelieve in the power of our people.i feel that at the end of the day when you see -- you developthe conditions so that change is possible, doors begin to open.doors are not open for us. we open them ourselves.i feel hopeful because i feel that we will make history, andwe will do so because we believed in this.we pushed people in power, and democrats, and we will make it areality. >> i hope you are right.we will continue following this. thank you.>> thank you. >> when we return, we speak withbianchi jagger, a defender of human rights, about how the♪ >> now to 1979, when dictator anastasio somoza reined in nicaragua,bianca jagger entered the prison to see the situation ofpolitical prisoners. today, she tried to do the samething, but the daniel ortega regime would not allow it.she has been one of the strongest voices againstrepression in nicaragua that has imprisoned over 140 people,including journalists and presidential candidates.she joins us from london. thank you for being with us.let me begin with a general question.what is happening in your country in nicaragua?>> in nicaragua, they are preparing for another round offraudulent and legitimate elections.-- illegitimate elections. while there are seven candidatesfor presidency who have been kidnapped, who are hostages,whose vocation we do not know, we do not even know if they arein prison, two of them are under house arrest and others areoutside the country. in the last two months, danielortega has kidnapped 30 people who are political leaders fromdifferent political parties. they were students.they were farmworkers. they were journalists.they were also members of the private sector.among those political leaders, there are two politicians whoare iconic in the center needs to revolution -- in thesandanista revolution. both of them were instrumentalin freeing daniel ortega when he was in prison.we are also talking about 150 political prisoners today innicaragua. >> what are you asking theinternational community to do regarding the presidentialelections that will take place at the end of this year innicaragua? the government says they aremoving forward. what are you asking?>> i am asking, ever since i testified at the human rightscommission, i asked the international community, notjust the u.s., but the european community and others to declarethe election in nicaragua as fraudulent and illegitimate.there were 30 people in the last two months who have beenkidnapped, who are hostages. seven our presidentialcandidates. we can conclude that innicaragua there are no free elections, that it is a farce.>> bianca, you have asked the nicaraguan government to let yousee what is happening in the prisons.what was the result of that request?>> i have not heard back. i did so during that testimony,and i also asked congressman christmas and congressman jamesmcgovern to be part of a commission, a bipartisancommission that can join us and join reputable human rightsorganizations who are not allowed in nicaragua.i have done so because 42 years ago i did the same thing duringthe sum of servers. -- simosa regime.i called on the regime to allow me in prisons with thenicaraguan red cross, which he reluctantly agreed is it possible that a dictator like somoza allowed usinto the prison whereas today political prisoners cannotwelcome visits from the red cross?they cannot doctor visits or see their lawyers.we do not know what conditions they are in, what is going on,or if they are even still alive. a few months ago, people thoughtnicaragua might return to democracy as happened in 1990.after many changes people think this possibility has can you end the dictatorship in nicaragua?i want to ask you if you think daniel ortega and rosariomurillo are dictators. >> only do i think they aredictators, i think they are dictators who are killers.they are creating a dynasty like we saw with the somozas.there is no possibility for democracy.there is no possibility for free and fair and democraticelections. in nicaragua, we are living in aterror state where nicaraguans are hostages themselves.any person, even if they are members of the same politicalparty, anybody who opposes the president can be detained, canbe a hostage, and end up in jail .how can we think nicaragua would have a democracy?the truth is daniel ortega and rosario murillo have lost theirminds because with the most fear is losing power.having to respond for their crimes against humanity.the truth is in 1979 somoza had somewhere to go.he could get on a plane and go to the u.s. or other countries.working daniel ortega go? cuba, venezuela, iran, russia?>> thanks for speaking with us. >> thank you.>> we contacted daniel ortega and rosario murillo to see ifthey would respond to bianca jaggers request.we invited them onto the show. we have not heard back.when we return, lionel messis>> we need to do it in a year that was not a pandemic withpeople in the stadium. it is a loss for spanish soccerto lose a figure like messi. >> i am sad that people will notsee messi play here anymore. >> it is an end of an era.lionel messi will not play with barcelona anymore.the team says financial problems in the spanish league have madeit impossible to sign a new contract with explain what happened is our next guest.i do not understand why he is leaving.>> he is leaving because barcelona cannot pay him.he has two high a salary. there is no way to pay him.there are several regulations in the spanish league thatbarcelona cannot meet, so it is impossible for him to continueat the club. he had been told that it waspossible. >> hasnt he had a salary cut?how much does he have to earn to stay in barcelona?>> i dont think it is a question of money.he has to earn a lot. he is probably the best soccerplayer in the history of soccer. he is the best soccer player inthe history of barcelona for sure.he deserves turn as much as he is more about poor financial management in barcelona.that is why he is not going to continue at the club.what is the impact his exit will have?barcelona has won 35 titles with him.>> lets remember they lost kris jenner rinaldo, and now lionelmessi is leaving. there are no big names in thespanish league anymore. they are all leaving.the best soccer players are going to england or france,specifically the psg. i think the spanish league losesa lot beyond what barcelonas loss is.>> we are talking about the best soccer player in the world rightnow. >> i think so.i think so because of the consistency that messi hasdemonstrated at barcelona and in the argentinian national team.he won american cup. he has done what he set out todo, to be a champion every year. if you compare messi with otherlegends in the world of soccer, you will see what he hasaccomplished in terms of consistency and titles issomething no one else has accomplished.maybe you can put crristiano renaldo at his level.he is an excellent athlete. >> i am going to get you intoproblems now. messi has not won a world cup.i come from the generation of calle, the marrow donor times.when you compare him to them, where do you end up?>> i want to remind people that when he won in mexico in 1996,when he assisted, that person would score.what i am trying to say is that no one wins a world cup put that responsibility entirely on messi, i think thereare other soccer players that have not been up to the the case of maradona, there were other soccer players thatwere up to it. for me he is possiblythe best player in history. i have always said pelle is thebest in history, but i think his best performance was at theworld cup in mexico. he was older, and he managed towin. i think messi is close.i think to be the best soccer player in history, you dontnecessarily have to win a world do have to win. messi has done so.his career is not over. we are criticizing lionel messiwhen i think he still has some time to go.>> and qatar lies ahead. >> thats right.we have to wait and analyze things after his career ends.>> we will do that. thank you for being here.>> thank you. >> we will move on to somethingelse. you never thought a face maskwould be so controversial, but all of this sounds better withmusic. i will leave you with cesarmunoz. ♪♪ can watch at until next week, "al punto."thank you. ♪