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Al Punto con Jorge Ramos - 4 de abril, 2021

5 Abr 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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♪ >> lets get to the point. al punto.this is how two girls were tossed over a fence so theycould cross the border. we will talk to an agent fromthe border patrol who released the powerful video we saw.march at the longest -- largest number of did the white house respond? jennifer for psyche is with us-- jennifer psaki is with us. -- he advises the pope. god whitlatin music is becoming mainstream.we are entering the zone right now.>> maria antonieta collins tells us the most difficult one ofall. we begin now.>> lets get to the point. al punto with jorge ramos.>> lets get to the point. we begin the program with whatis happening on the border. it is not easy.border patrol says in march over 170 1000 migrants were detained.its the largest amount in a month since 2006.this happens in some of the practices of the smugglersincluding children. this video was captured by theborder patrol. somebody is dropping a three andfive-year-old girl over a border wall in new mexico.there were ecuadorian girls who found and received help assistedby the border patrol. gloria chavez was the first totreat -- tweet out this video. she is here now.before we talk about the immigration topic in general iwanted to ask about the difficult images of these girlsfollowing over a border wall. what did you think?>> for me it was very alarming. when i saw the first body fallonto the ground where there were a lot of rocks.i thought the worst. i thought she may have hurt herhead or something may have happened to her.the next girl landed and i thought she may have hurt herspinal column. something may have happened toher. but when i saw them move alittle i was able to breathe easier but i was veryfrightened. i thought this needs to bereleased to the media so that they understand the risks thesechildren are undertaking one families make a contract withcriminal organizations to bring them to the border.>> we understand that in march 171,000 undocumented immigrantscame to the united states. most of them were deported.what is the message central americans are receiving?>> we are talking about 274 miles of the border from forthancock texas to lordsburg new mexico.we handle the entire border area from the el paso sector.we are seeing a lot of families and a lot of children.almost 700 people in our processing centers.600 of those were children. we are working very hard toprocess them quickly and wait for another agency like healthand human services may make that connection with the familiesthat will take these minor children.>> theres the border patrol and the united states government.are they both prepared? >> many of these children arewaiting longer than 72 hours. why are we not prepared forthat? >> that is a very good question.we have always said we are doing our the border patrol theyre going to respond immediately tothe people we find on our border.we do not control the immigration flow from the world.i know there is a family or group of people that is movinghere globally. on the others the discussion wedont have any control either. health and human services.they also have that responsibility to do that typeof work for us. the only control we have isfinding these families on the border processing them.those images are from our processing center.those children are well cared for.making sure they are clean, they have food, they can watchtelevision, cartoons, movies and that they are you said, the law requires us that these children be onlyin our custody for 72 hours. the problem is that after weprocess these children we are waiting for other agencies to dotheir part to take these minor children and continue theprocess. >> i understand you dont wantto get involved in politics. what is the difference betweenjoe biden and donalds immigration policy?>> i have been this organization for almost 25 years as a borderpatrol official. different administrations havecome in that time in the immigration cycle has changedduring those years. you covered the immigration ofunaccompanied minors. 182,000 people were found situations that we find, we know perfectly well that theplaces of orange -- origin is where the focus needs to be on.those countries need help to develop in a better wayeconomically so that they can support their families and keepthem in those countries. we as the border patrol cannotget involved in politics. it is not our domain.we do not make policy or laws. that is done in washington, d.c.and in congress. i can assure you that our focusis national security and that our humanitarian mission when weare dealing with minors -- minor children.>> the white house has said this is not a moment to come to theunited states. the question is is this messagebeing delivered to central america and mexico?there joined by jennifer psaki. let me start by asking you aboutimmigration. over 171,000 migrants weredetained on the border in the last month of march.this obviously has happened with other you think with more capacity?our focus has been to accelerate and process these children asquickly as possible. where making sure that childrenwho come to the board and have a telephone on them that theyspeak with their families so they can be reunited sooner.we are focusing on solutions. it is undoubtable that we areprocessing beyond border patrol stations.>> is there a plan for vice president kamala harris and joebiden to visit the border soon? >> the focus of vice presidentkamala harris is really on the northern triangle.shes making sure we are working with countries in the region toimprove the conditions and this incentivize this treacheroustrip. children, families and adultstake this trip to the united states.we will be working and communicative with leaders inthe northern triangle. vice president harris will workwith the diplomats. he will focus with the team tomake sure there are additional shelters opened.he meets with his team and encourages them to do more everyday. >> we have noticed thatpresident biden is concentrating on infrastructure.but by doing so, he could be forgetting about immigration.i remember how president palma in 2009 had control with thedemocrats in congress and he lost the opportunity.the same thing is happening now and the democrats controlcongress. his president biden missing --is president biden missing? >> unfortunately we are facing anumber of crises. but with the pandemic and theeconomic recession, 10 million people without a job in thecountry, the president knew when he took offices focus should beto stop both of those crisis. he proposed immigration reformthe first day in office and we are seeing progress withdreamers. this is legislation thepresident will support so our effort is moving on severaltracks at the same time. theres no question that we arenot going to handle the challenge that people face inthe region unless we implement long-term policies to face thembecause we would be in the same cycle.he thinks we need a long-term solution.he is committed to to doing so but he is also facing a pandemicand economic recession and he has been taking action since themoment he took office. >> speaking of infrastructure,mitch mcconnell said the 2.3 trillion dollar plan will nothave republican support food can democrats do it alone?>> technically they could, at 80% of the people in the countrysupport the rebuilding of our infrastructure.this is not a democratic or republican problem.this is impacting communities. low income communities, ruralcommunities. we think people should haveaccess to clean drinking water. we need to replace waterways inplaces like for flint michigan. we are beginning in places wherewe agree. we need to modernizeinfrastructure. we agree with that the questionis how do we pay for it. we think that american companiesdont often pay taxes. many didnt pay taxes in 2019,2018. republicans want americans topay and we are talking about that right now.>> the cdc has reported that people who received -- is thisnot a bad message? >> it is important to explain topeople at the benefits of being vaccinated and what you can dowhen you are fully vaccinated. part of that is the guidance ofhealth experts and doctors who say that if you are vaccinatedand your neighbors are vaccinated, you can all betogether. if you are fully vaccinated, itis safer to travel. we need to communicate that alarge percentage of the population has still not beenvaccinated. people who are trying to protectfamily and friends still need to follow public guidance whichincludes not traveling. we are not saying people shouldtake nonessential trips but rather the benefits of beingvaccinated, which there are many.>> the relationship the trump administration had with thepress was antagonistic to put it one would you describe the relationship of the white housewith journalists? >> i believe part of my job isto recover the faith and confidence of the united states.the role of the press is very important.people see the press conference with an exchange.the job of correspondence is to ask people questions.we need to provide exact information.thats what we are trying to do from here.and i would say that sometimes we have different goals.correspondence do their job. we are also aligned trying tocommunicate with americans and provide the truth.thats what we are trying to do. >> do you think the success ofjob creation and vaccination efforts have created honeymoonlike scenarios with the press and the white house?>> the press has pushed officials and president biden asthey should. they want answers and accurateinformation about what we are doing about covid, how we arefacing immigration. our focus should be bipartisan.they asked questions about russia and the same time there are successes and when the pressreports on these successes, it doesnt mean that they are inagreement with us. we are anxious to have 100million people get the vaccine. thats double what had beenoriginally planned. that is an ambitious goal and itis not biased to say that. theres a difference inreporting in terms of the successes of the administration.its different from having honeymoon period.>> thank you very much for talking to us.>> my pleasure. >> when we return, might thevatican finally be changing? a victim of sexual abuse hasbeen named an advisor to the pope.and the cuban government os his symptoms mild.>> this easter weekend we bring you a story about the catholicchurch and its leader, pope francis.the vatican very seldom corrected its mistakes but itsdoing so now. pope francis has named juancarlos cruz the victim as the head of the council for theprotection of minors. he is joining us from santiago.thank you for joining us. you have critical -- criticizedthe catholic church. this is the first time thatsomeone who is openly gay and was abused by a priest isnominated to the pontifical council for the protection ofminors. should we thank the pope forcorrecting a mistake? >> thank you for inviting me toyour show. thanks to your crew.i have said this before. i believe in pope francis.i try to differentiate between pope francis the person and thevatican. in the end, hes responsible foreverything. but its impressive how forcesare at work and sometimes they dont allow the pope from doingwhat he was. i was blocked a few years ago.two chilean cardinals had their emails released and they said iwas a serpent and they blocked me.and because the pope didnt know me, i was not named.>> what can you do to prevent other people from being abused?>> this is a commission that will be reformed now because fora long time it has been think a little inefficient.thinking about what will seminaries be like in like excuse me, lets not be foolish.the problem is now. what are we going to do now withso many victims who have been abused who havent had justice,who havent had any kind of reparation.what are we going to do about that?its not just minors. also vulnerable adults.its very important to clear that up.there are also vulnerable adults and thats being incorporatednow. before, people would say if youwerent a minor you werent abused.but abuse can happen to children , adolescents.over older people, younger people.there is sexual and psychological abuse.i dont know how the reparation -- reformation will happen.if you ask me i want to keep doing what ive always donewhich is to be at the service of so many survivors who needjustice. >> you have been a very braveman. you have undergone difficultmoments. he said i am a catholic despiteeverything against me. i was abused by a clergy gay. i support women priests and ibelieve celibacy should be optional.>> i believe that moving things is like moving the titanic.its a very slow process. this is how i explained tomyself. i have seen a wall that youcant climb over. but theres been a opened a little bit. if this were a dam he would seewater coming out and i feel like there is increasing pressure andif this wall is not break in my lifetime it will open and therewill be big changes. that is what i hoped for andthat is why im still in the church, to keep fighting.>> something that has bothered you is the recent declarationfrom the vatican about lessing homosexual unions.the vatican said the blessing of same-sex unions cannot beconsidered -- cannot be condoned.this counters what he said about homosexuality when he said whoam i to judge. >> ive spoken to the pope.i know he is very pained by this.there are forces behind this. he did not sign not the popes spokesperson or anything.but thats not the pope that i know and that i speak with.but i will tell you in one way or another this will berepaired. something will happen >> thankyou for being with us. congratulations on your newappointment. it is truly historic.>> thanks for always supporting me.when we return, karla perez is a cuban journalist at the havanaregime will not let her return to the country.♪ >> now we have the story of ayoung journalist from cuba who cannot return to her country.karla perez has been leaving -- living in costa rica after thegovernment did not allow her to return to her country.she was returning home after studying in costa panama, she was told she cannot enter cuba despite havingthe proper documentation. the exterior minister of cubasaid the following. >> this is not the first timethat they have used these tactics to destabilize cuba.they are trying to reinstall her in the country with subversivepurposes. >> that was the officialdeclaration from the cuban dictatorship.carla is with us to tell her story.thank you for being with us. >> thank you for inviting a journalist its important to talk about this reality.>> i want to understand what were born in cuba. you are a cuban citizen but youcannot return to cuba. we are conducting this interviewwith you in costa rica. i cant you return to yourcountry? >> i left cuba 2017.i was forced out to finish my studies in costa rica because iwas expelled from a cuban university and from highereducation in cuba. i could not go to school incuba. it was a definitive i went to costa rica with the goal of graduating with ajournalism degree and returning to in 2020 graduation date was coming.that was december 10. the international day of humanrights. so i began preparing to returnto the island during this pandemic.>> at what point where you told you could not reenter?>> i was told in panama. >> when you were on the plane.>> corrected. -- he came on the intercom and iheard that it was not a legal problem.carla cannot enter cuba. >> you were expelled fromuniversity in cuba because you dissented with communistideology. >> objective had always been to return to cuba and i hadcollaborated with independent cuban media and i have continuedto support dissidents within the island.>> what is happening in cuba now that you mention it?>> we now know a lot of things we did not know before angst tosocial media. young people are creating theirown narrative that is completely divorced from the communistparty. young people believe indifferent things and they are thinking about the future.i think they are thinking about freedom for our country.but on the other hand we also need to think about present andright now the present is all about surviving a little bit.this is a process that will not be fast because there is anindoctrination that happens practically since we are born.very aggressive this indoctrination.there are now other things to my generation is born not necessarily believing in thatrevolution. i think there is hope.theres been more hope in the last few decades.>> at the same time you say they are no longer you think you are being used as an example to other youngpeople to say this is what happened, she was in favor ofdemocracy and freedom of expression so either you selfcensor or the same thing will happen to you.>> i think this is not just a message for people within cubabut people who are residing outside of cuba and who havereturned periodically. it is sending them a messagesaying either you are quiet or you do not return to case is not the first time this is happening but this hasbeen given more visibility. there are hundreds of us havebeen denied reentry to cuba. the message is if you speakagainst us we have complete impunity and not allowing you toreturn. >> and will you now be quiet?>> of course not. i am more active than have their-- than ever. i will continue working andfocusing on a better cuba. >> when we return,singer-songwriter camilo will talk about his new album andgod.♪ >> this is just a portion of asong by camilo, winner of the latin grammy.hes been very active since his first album came out months ago.hes been taking advantage of the pandemic to release a secondalbum. hes here to explain whatshappening with his hands. im going to ask a question youget all the time. are you wearing expensiveclothes? >> im wearing my sunday best.>> that colombian roots and even some reggaeton and me define what you are doing.>> this album of mine celebrates the walls that have fallen in mylife to celebrate the identity of my country.there is a musical diversity in my country that i am very proudof. i try to be as honest aspossible in exploring the sounds and identities of this album.>> at a time when a lot of content is sexualized, i foundin your music perhaps the magic is in saying andidentified with my music. the things im pointing out arepart of everyday life and they were just waiting for the propermelody, the proper excuse to become a part of peoplessoundtracks to their lives. thats part of my identity.the english language mainstream is asking and im thinking aboutyour recent appearance on the tonight show with jimmy fallon.what has changed? >> i come from a generationwhere you had to make a leap to enter the english languagemainstream. >> i think latin music is partof the pop music sound roots and world.i also feel very proud of that. >> like i said before theinterview, perhaps your father-in-law recommended nottalking to me because jorge ramos was going to ask you aboutgod and ive got to ask you about said i am sent by god to make music and you also saidwhen you were talking about the responsibilities of fear songs,you said it is god, not me. i want you to tell us what youare meaning. >> i was created with anintention and purpose. call it what you will.some people call it the universe, some people call itlove. i identify that as god and i amcertain that hes present in everything i do in my life.>> let me finish with something much more not going to ask you about your mustache which resembles myfathers mustache that i want you to explain to me what ishappening with your rings on your right hand.thats what we are seeing right now.>> it looks like i have a thousand rings on that i onlyhave these six. this is my wedding band.i just celebrated my first anniversary of marriage and eachone of my rings have a story. this is a ring i got from mybrother-in-law ricky when i began writing with them and ibegan following my sound and this ring is a reminder of whatmy parents do for a living, be kicking.i want to learn more about that and each ring has its own story.>> thank you very much and congratulations on the album.when we return, how to lose 80 pounds and be happy in theprocess.♪ >> are univision colleague mariaantonieta collins has covered many stories in her career.shes here to tell us her own story.she has just published her 10th book.she talks about how she lost over 80 pounds and became abetter version of herself. shes here to talk about thatwith us. its great to see you here.>> the pleasure is mine. >> why is this book differentand why is this story so difficult to tell?>> this is a result of getting the gastric sleeve.i was already taking medicine for high blood pressure,cholesterol. i was on the road for a spiralthat was going to end up with a bad disease.>> what is the gastric sleeve? >> they take away 82% of yourstomach. its a tube that uses a lot yourstomach. so you are able to eat lessfood. >> four to six ounces of foodfor times a day. >> why did you do something sodramatic? >> it was a matter of life ordeath. i was taking two medicines forhigh blood pressure every day. what was going to happen to me?>> youve got a picture from 2003.tell me about that. >> which one do you want?>> the one in black. >> i was moving toward death,toward failure. something very serious.i was sedentary. i drank eight sodas a stomach had a capacity of 2.5 liters.i was going to fail on any diet the way i did on the over 30diet. i went on during my life.there was a picture from december 2013 and i saw thispicture and i went looking for the producer.i thought she had taken the picture to make fun of me.and then i realized it wasnt her, it was i went to my car and just started crying.the next day in december i went to see a january of the following year i had the surgery.>> you say you are thin again like when you were 15, 16 yearsold. its what youve always wanted.>> yes. i think i improved because i aman athlete on the streets. i exercise.>> i see you on instagram every 5:30. with your tribe.>> yes. the crazy troop.before the sun rises i am exercising.>> something i still dont fully understand is why open up somuch? why share all your secrets?>> one answer could be why not? ive got to help other womenlike me. im about to turn 69 a month anda half. >> but you say that with pride.>> yes. youve got to try to livewithout illnesses or as few illnesses as got to take care of your body and your mind.depression. they say that four miles a daykeeps the psychiatrist away and i agree.>> you are walking four miles a day?>> no. six or seven.youve got other protection. your animals are with you.>> i have one, oreo. he can walk six miles.not the other ones, but oreo can.>> what can people take from this book?its almost a challenge. youre saying can you do it orcan you not do it. >> you say at one point you wereafraid. >> very afraid but i overcamethat fear. now when im on the street imthinking and im always saying, im afraid of being afraid and igo on. the interesting thing is whatyou do with that fear. >> fear can paralyze you or pushyou ahead.week at euphoria on demand. or follow us on facebook,instagram and twitter. until next week when together weget to the point. al punto.thank you.

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