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Al Punto con Jorge Ramos - 30 de mayo, 2021

El alcalde de San José C.A., Sam Liccardo, habla sobre la masacre que vivieron 9 personas mientras viajaban en un tren. Manuel Oliver nos cuenta la frustración que siente al ver los miles de asesinatos que se viven en los Estados Unidos.
31 May 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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>> lets get to the point, "al punto.">> so what is going on in the united states of america?>> nine people dead. manuel speaks on the subject.>> repression in nicaragua. christiana chamorro is accusedof that. >> we speak with a woman whosaid she was threatened by the government.who is responsible for the violence in colombia?we interviewed a senator from there.the government of the united states is preparing a report onufos. our ufos real?we will talk to somebody who believes they are and we willtalk to a skeptic, too. a pediatrician tells us whatpeople -- children can and cannot do because of thecoronavirus. ♪>> what did carlos rivera do to sing with the biggest names inspanish-language music? we begin now.♪ ♪>> lets get to the point, "al punto," with jorge ramos.♪ >> lets get to the point, "alpunto." another masker in the unitedstates. this time, it happened in atrain yard in san jose, california.nine people died before the shooter died by suicide.this is how the mayor reacted. >> it is obvious theres a lotof work to be done to help our families.and a lot of work to prevent this tragedy in the future.>> this is the most recent in a large list of 2020, there were over 600 mass shootings.until last wednesday, there have been over -- there have been 232mass shootings, including two in san jose.a man who has been pressuring for a long time so thatsomething can be done is manuel oliver.his son died in the parkland, florida shooting.thank you for being here. >> thanks to you.>> are you not frustrated? we have been talking about thisfor three years. >> i am very frustrated but notjust because of this shooting. i live in a constant state offrustration because it does not just happen every day, there aremany victims who lose their lives.since walking -- since joaquin was killed,120,000 people have died because of gun violence.>> 120 thousand k people say that, if things changepolitically -- i mean, california has some of thestrictest gun laws, and nine people were that the way to enact change? >> no.things like this can happen -- if the states have differencesin how they -- differences in their laws, people can cross theborder and bring back weapons, and buy them legally, because weare not talking about something happening in a black market orlegally. this is a crime that is backedup i the system -- by the system.>> you were telling me a while ago that you perhaps were naïvewhen it came to politicians. you thought politicians wouldhelp, but nothing happened. >> many people believe, and ivelearned, it is a bit naïve to think that politicians willsolve this, because they have not done it in decades.>> why do it now? >> why do it now -- we have hada red house, blue house, red senators, blue senators, andthere has never been a difference in the desire tosolve the problem. there are many votes in thebalance, a lot of power in the balance.we must approach it from a social point of view rather thana political one. >> you are comparing thepandemic and what we have experienced because of gunviolence. what do they have in common?>> the pandemic affected every country.and immediately, different industries, different people insociety got together to solve the problem.and we did it. it was affecting the lives ofamericans and the economy of this terms of firearms, a lot of lives are lost.if we were able to prepare some kind of a vaccine -- obviously,it would not actually be a vaccine -- but regulationsregarding the acquisition of weapons, it would be a priorityfor us to resolve this. but it is is not because of the political does not affect the country financially.that is the difference between this and the is going to take a while. >> what have you learned?>> i have learned this will not be solved in two years.this will be solved by a generation that is growing.>> it is not my generation or yours?>> know, the one that will take control in the next 10 those 10 years, we have to send a coherent message that isdifferent and does not idolize weapons as a way of being free.that tendency to think that we are free because we have accessto firearms is toxic. we need to change that message.>> let me end with this. how are you?how these last years been for you?>> the pain is the same, ok? that does not son is not with me. he will not be with me until ijoin him. but patricia and i are verystrong. like i said a while back, we arewilling to fight for this until the last day of our lives.>> that is what it is about. >> yes, sir.>> thank you for being here. >> thank you.>> when we return, there is chaos in nicaragua.also, do you believe in ufos? >> i do not think it shouldterrestrials exist, because there has never been evidence ofthat. >> the government is about topublish a report on the topic. we invite someone who doesbelieve and a skeptic. ♪>> and carlos rivera has sung with rafael mancenaro, robertocases were never reported.we return now to jorge ramos. ♪>> in nicaragua, the woman most likely to defeat daniel ortegain novembers presidential elections is being accused ofmoney laundering by ortegas government.cristiana chamorro says the acquisitions are not true andthey are a way of preventing the elections.he has been -- daniel ortega has been in office since 2007.we invited chamorro to the program so she could tell herside of the story. thank you for being here.why is the daniel ortega administration accusing you ofmoney laundering? >> ortega is afraid of thiswoman who has said yes to nicaragua, who has said yes, iam ready to serve nicaraguans, and he has seen that, throughthis woman, we can defeat him in the ballot boxes on november 7.he has created a political trial not just against me but againstjournalists and others. he is trying to intimidatenicaraguans so they will not vote and so that he can retainpower a few more years. >> you think that the objectiveis to prevent your participating in the elections in november?>> not just me. he is intimidating affects me, it affects my followers, but it also affectsnicaraguans who have placed their trust in me.i am at the top of the polls, because i have said yes, i wantto serve, and i want to return democracy and freedom tonicaragua. i want to return to nicaragua afuture of progress and he is terrorized by this. he is afraid of the unity.coming together around crisit tiana.>> let me tell you what they are saying.they are saying there is an investigation into moneylaundering because they found serious financialinconsistencies between reports that were presented and money atthe violeta barrios de chamorro foundation.what is this discrepancy about? >> every year, we have reportsand have received certifications we have audits.there is an audit that says there is no money laundering.this is a fabrication. they are trying to createcharges where none exist. here, there is no, what we have is a political trial.they are trying to intimidate me, and not just me but othernicaraguans. not only that, they want tosuppress freedom of expression. they want to scare the freepress. the violeta chamorro foundation,for the last 10 years, has been backing up institutions so thatpeople can move to the digital transition.its behind modernization in journalism.they are at the frontlines of combat, and they have not backdown. so what the administration wantsto do is silence that press. they confiscated some of theirtools, but that press continues, working creatively tocommunicate using technology. >> you said that the criminalaccusation against you was created by the dictatorship.daniel ortega insists he was elected is he a dictator? >> they were elected in, butsince then, in every one of the following elections, they havecommitted electoral fraud. and they are preparing electoralfraud the next election on november 7.they no longer govern. the ortega administration istotally illegitimate after the masker in 2008 and therepression. all he does is repress.his only strength lies in the armed forces.and ive gotta say something to you, jorge.this is also retaliation against the legacy of violeta chamorro.what the foundation did was take that legacy and put it to workfor nicaraguans, and he cannot stand that memory, that a woman,in 1990 the with the people of nicaragua, defeated him in thepolls. that is what he is afraid of.>> we will see if history repeats itself.cristiana chamorro from -- there are several journalists beingthreatened. according to reporters, this isa campaign of repression against the independent of these journalists is maria delgado, the correspondentfor univision in managua. lets get to the point.why were you summoned by the government?>> we are not quite sure why the attorney general is callingabout 10 journalists or why they are investigating this moneylaundering. we have had several dates, butwe have not been told much. >> you are called as a witness.-- we were called as a witness thefirst time we arrived, we were called as witnesses, and wecouldnt come with our attorneys, so we said no.if we could not enter with our attorney, then it is difficultfor us to go in without an attorney, so we said, no, wewould not testify under those circumstances.we were told that if we were not going to testify, we would beaccused. >> what is the ortega governmentdoing this? is it because of the elections?>> since 2008, since the protests of 2008, they began afrontal attack against independent press, beginningwith the assassination of angel during social protests, socialprotests that daniels government says is a coupattempt, but no international organization has seen that.since then, there has been an attack on the independent press,which has been denouncing the systematic oppression of humanrights in this country, and the government denies this.>> what is the role of independent journalists innicaragua, what should they do? >> on the role of independentjournalists in nicaragua is to report on what is happening innicaragua. as you have always said, we arehere to inform. and we want to inform people onevery side. that is also part of thefrustration. we do not have access to thegovernmental side since daniel ortega return to power.we have requested interviews. >> we have no access to thatinformation, public information is done by rosario murillo.since 2008, journalists have had to listen to her for over anhour to get an official version. >> maria lily, thank you forbeing here. it is important that you knowand we say this publicly that you are not alone.>> thank you very much. i appreciate all the support ireceived from the univision network, and we are here tocontinue informing on what is happening in nicaragua.>> one last thing. our invitation to interviewdaniel ortega and his wife, rosario murillo, still stands.we have been trying to interview them for years.meanwhile, protests continue in colombia.what does senator gustavo petro think?but you janet -- patricia janiot spoke with him.>> the country is in a critical situation after one month ofprotests. what do you think will happen?where do you think the situation will take us, what will theconsequences be? >> i think that, in the longterm, what is going to happen in the country is there will be anew social pact. we do not need a newconstitution. in truth, the currentconstitution can cover us. but it is a new social pact.we are talking about one of the most unequal countries on earthin the last few years. there is an inequality andpoverty that has been made worse by the current administration.>> if you were president of columbia --colombia, howwould you solve the national strike?what agreement would you reach? >> i think colombians haverealized there needs to be a social pact for businesses toeven exist in this country, and that social pact has some veryclear objectives, in my opinion. it is to change the socialpolitics of the last 20 years. social politics that imitate thepolitics of chile, and you know what happened in chile, thathave to do with what they call, in the neoliberal world, thebuilding of markets, where there should be rights, like healthcare, education, including dignifying work.>> do you think this was too much for the country?>> this goes back a long time. ivan duque does not really knowwhat colombia is. he was raised in washington.he had an easy time in washington as a master ofceremonies for cultural activities at the world bank.but he does not understand colombia.what he has done is replace the old administration with his own.>> what do you say to people who think you are trying to takeelectoral advantage to the national strike and protestbecause you think this chaos benefits you?you are accused of fanning the flames.>> it is absolutely the opposite.>> even the president says that. >> who benefits from theviolence in colombia? as has been the case for thelast 20 years, in the 21st century, those who benefit fromfear in society are the people who support the alvaro uribeproject. >> thank can go to the univision facebook page.when we return, do you believe in extraterrestrials?there have been ufos scene. we will talk about that.and what do experts say about vaccinating our children?>> what do you think about unidentified flying objects,ufos? >> for me, it is somethingunknown, because ive never actually seen them.>> they do not exist in my opinion, right?that many people say they do. no one has concrete evidence.>> whatever they see, they immediately say that is a ufoarea that is alive. >> what do you think?next month, the u.s. government will publish a report on ufos,unidentified flying objects. the secretary of defense willcreate a report on what is now called unidentified aerialphenomenon. they said we have objects flyingover military installations. we do not know what that could be a foreign enemy. today, we will talk about ufos.we decided we would speak with luis el azando.he work in the pentagon in a division that studied ufos.thank you for talking with us. >> thank you for having me.>> i have been a journalist for years, and this is the firstinterview what i have discussed ufos.what has changed? >> are they what has changed isthe government finally will be honest with the american will have a sincere conversation on the topic.for a long time, it was a forbidden was a plate for this topic, but the united states governmenthas decided to be more transparent to its citizens.the media are not realizing this is a serious topic.>> i was reading the articles on you.i want to know, what is the precise moment you began tobelieve that something strange was happening?>> yes, early on when i joined the program known as 2008, this was not only real, could be a national securityproblem. so i quickly realize this topicneeded to be treated with respect.>> you worked with a seeker program for the pentagon,assigned to study ufos. what does the government knowabout this? >> well, what the u.s.government knows is that there are technological capacitiesthat are beyond our own. these are capabilities thatinclude instantaneous acceleration, being able totravel through different media. i think you can even callsomething antigravity, to be able to defy gravity.all these things that we associate with aircraft, thesethings do not abide by that, and they are operating in ourairspace. >> how do you know we are nottalking about, for instance, a russian craft or chinese craft?>> well, we dont, sir, with all do respect.they may well be a superior technological advancement fromour adversaries. but that would not be a goodand. the fact that a country couldadvance so much. we have known about it forseveral decades, and they did not want to talk about this.this probably would be an even bigger national security problemif this technology does belong to our rivals.>> what you just mentioned is very similar to what senatormarco said about the possibility that someone or another countrymight be spying on us. do you think that what thesenator said helps? >> i think senator marco rubioscomment is brave. he is a senior public official.the fact that he wants to speak publicly about this says a lot.hopefully, more people in our government will say the samething he is saying. i do think he is looking at thisfrom a national security perspective.until we know what these are, we need to think that these are athreat to national security, especially because they canoperate without impunity in the american airspace.>> we know that you spent years studying this phenomena, butwhat have you personally seen? >> at this point, sir, i am notgoing to respond to your question, only because i do notwant my own personal observation to affect the compilation ofinformation. >> i understand that, what ismost important in this case, is data.but what are we talking about here?simply unidentified flying objects, or are we talking aboutthe possibility that there may be beings from other planets?>> yes and yes. the bottom line is that wesimply do not know what we are facing.we need to gather this information.what we do know is these things surpassed anything we have.we are pretty certain that no other foreign government can dothis. i think we need to keep an openmind in this conversation, so that the facts can dictate whatto do. my job is very job is to gather the evidence and present that to the jury, inthis case you and your viewers. what i think that not matter.what matters -- what i think does not matter pier 1 mattersis what you and your audience think.>> thank you for speaking with us.>> my pleasure. >> we also need the point ofview of a skeptic. not everyone thinks these ufosare real. a journalist and author thingsthere are logical explanations for all of this.luis alfonso, thank you for being wrote a book called the danger of believing.everything indicates that the united states government isabout to acknowledge ufos exists.where is your doubt? >> ufos have always existed.they are unidentified flying objects.i do not think that the u.s. government is going toacknowledge anything else. they have a number of videos onunidentified aerial phenomenon. a more neutral we are talking about something completely different.we are not talking about that big myth from the 1950s andspaceships. >> i am sure you have seen thesame videos that we have seen. they seem real.>> the videos are real. the pentagon acknowledged, inaugust of last year, that these videos had not been manipulated.the problem we have with these videos is they tell us they areunexplainable and people who say they are extra terrestrials andanalysts who know about video techniques, when the analystssay there is nothing here that is on a cleanable, theyunderstand a code that i cannot understand.i have to trust the experts. >> what proof would convinceyou? >> there is a simple evidence.for instance, a fragment of alloy that does not exist on earth.we have not seen anything like that.another piece of evidence that could convince us, all thesepeople who say they have contact with extraterrestrials, thatextraterrestrial tell us something we do not know ashumans. for instance, the cure tocancer, the cure to aids, or if they gave to us clean energy tocombat climate change. we need evidence.but a bit of metal made of metal that cant be created inthe united states would help. but i think what the pentagon isworried about is logical. they are afraid that, behindthese ufos, there may be drones spying on the united states.>> so your conclusion is there are objects we cannot identify.but to jump from there to the conclusion that it is regardingextraterrestrials or objects coming from other universes orplanets is completely false? >> yes, exactly.two things. i cannot identify, for instance,a drone. to me, thats a leap from a ufo to a spaceship from another planet isa big leap. since 1947, ufo believers havesaid that these flying saucers exist.they need to show evidence that is solid.>> we do not have that extraordinary evidence.luis alfonso gamez, thank you for being here.>> thank you. when we return, a pediatriciantells us what children can do during the summer since theycannot be vaccinated. and carlos rivera present♪ >> president biden this weekasked that the origins of the covid-19 virus be investigated.some people believe it was created in a laboratory inchina. meanwhile, things begin toreturn to normalcy. the question now is what do wedo about children and what can they do regarding the vaccine?dr. andras korten -- dr. andrés cotton is here with us now.thank you for being here. what should we do about children-- adults have gotten vaccinated, but what shouldfamilies do? >> hello, jorge, how are you.i think we are in a process of transition.every transition bring some make things clear, we know children below the age of 2should not wear face masks, because they could becomeasphyxiated. between 2 and 12 cannot bevaccinated, so they need to follow the same protocols havebeen following. and children after 12, who havebeen vaccinated with both doses, those children will be able toenjoy the freedoms that the cdc proposes.>> i want to plan public -- several proposals for you paywhat happens when children are in public, for instance aschool? the city of new york has decidedall children will have in-person classes beginning in the autumn.>> i think that is excellent news.we have been working towards that for a long time.i think it is the same thing. children under the age of 12will have to continue wearing face masks, washing their hands,and maintaining social distance. >> what happens in cases wherechildren cannot use a face mask, like summer camps, when childrenare in swimming bowls -- swimming pools?>> like we said, and we have said this many times, contagionoutdoors is very, very rare. i think anything outdoors, likeswimming in a pool or physical activity, does not worry me.what worries me are enclosed spaces.children who have not been vaccinated need to continueprotecting themselves. >> what happens when we arebringing together several generations, thinking aboutsomeone between 12 and 16 and has not been vaccinated, what dowe do? >> it depends on where you are.if you are outside, the risk of contagion is very, very small.two people, one from one side, one from another, cross paths,you know what that possibility of contagion is?0. summer is here.this is what we are recommending.enclosed spaces. if theres a lot of people, weneed to know who is vaccinated, who is not vaccinated, and thendecide. >> i do not know if you haveseen how airports are this memorial day is incredible. i think many of us are going outto vacation for the first time. the question is what is yourrecommendation? should we all be wearing facemasks? >> i recommend everyone in anairport or in airplanes continue using face masks.we do not know who may have is true that contagion rates and deaths in the united stateshave dropped dramatically, but for now, i think we need tocontinue taking precautions. and there are things that willnot change. for instance, i think if you aregoing to the hospital, no one is going to want to go insidewithout a face mask. that will continue.>> doctor, i had the opportunity to return to mexico recently tosee my mother, who is 86-year-old.i had not hugged her in over a me, there are many people who want to see their familymembers that they have not seen in over a year.what is your recommendation? go or not to go?>> if they are vaccinated and have had both doses, after 14days, they can go. that is what we are seeking,science, doctors, we all want that.we all want to embrace our loved ones.i also traveled to argentina and hugged my own father.that is what we are working towards, so people and childrencan get vaccines. that is the only way we will beable to return to freedom. and let me say something.we sometimes think children are adults, but they are not adults.they think differently. we do not know what they arethinking. the emotional damage, we do notsee that. we, here, see lots of children,and that is what i know some of the people are afraid ofvaccines. i recommend that peoplevaccinate their children. i vaccinated my three youngest is 15. he recently got vaccinated.get vaccinated, go visit your loved ones, that gives usenergy. >> thank you for being here.>> my pleasure. >> when we return, carlos riverawanted to sing with the legends of music, and he tells us how hesang with armando♪ >> that is mexican singer carlosrivera with josé luis prathers, singing the famous song.he has a new project. thank you for being with us.i was reading you were about to begin a tour in the unitedstates and mexico, and then the pandemic happened.what happened? >> what happened to a lot ofperformers and people, we had plans that we were not able tofulfill, but we are slowly rescheduling some of theconcerts. in spain, in july, we will dothat, 12 concerts. and planning as well.i think the united states is one of the countries where we may beable to have concerts this year, maybe next, but we are startingto see the light at the end of the tunnel.>> ive heard your music for the last 24 hours, and behind you,you have the names of the greats, like josé luis perales,roberto carlos, -- the greats. is it scary to sing with thegreats? >> it is, but i feel moreprotected singing with them. it is a point of respect.all of these performers, with the exception of those who areno longer here, accepted to sing with me, and that makes me feelloved. it makes me feel awesome toperform their music. often, when these performers arenot around anymore, everyone wants to render tributes tothem, and i want to do this while they are alive, includingwhat i did with armando was the first one i recorded. he sang his heart, sent it back,and said that he sang his -- he snang his part, sent it back,and said when will we able to see each other?but we were not able to because he passed away.but we were able to contribute to each other while he wasalive. ♪>> that is what this album is celebrates the legends of unites their generations with has the power to bring families together.>> let me push you out of your comfort zone a little a mexican, you were born in tlaxcala, right?>> yes. >> how are things going formexico? as a young person, there arepeople like you who have millions of followers, peoplesuddenly realize they have a larger platform than manypoliticians. so i am asking you.>> you know, i see mexico, sadly, as being divided.and if you ask me what does this have to do with this album, iwould say it is about unity. i imagine this album beingplayed at a family reunion, where people hopefully will nottalk about products or problems but rather, while listening tothese songs, that memories that listening to the songs bringthem. as a performer, songwriter, ivealways tried to make using that inspires.i have written songs that can be a little powerful, like one iused trying to send a message that they can take everythingfrom us except for hope. things have to change, becausemusic has transformed people and countries.sometimes, people hear a phrase from a song, and they will thinkyes, for course, this is what we need to do.>> with this idea of music as a form of you can watch our interviewsanytime on until next week, went together,we get to the point, "al punto." thank you.

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