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Al Punto con Jorge Ramos - 27 de junio, 2021

Continúan los esfuerzos por encontrar sobrevivientes en un derrumbe al sur de Florida. La vicepresidenta Kamala Harris visitó la frontera con México. El periodista Carlos Chamorro tiene que huir de Nicaragua debido a la represión.
28 Jun 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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point, "alpunto." a building collapse is in southflorida in an area with a lot of south is a race against time to find survivors.>> our administration, it is important to be clear, isworking to build a fair and functional and humaneimmigration system. >> vice president kamala harrisvisits the border with mexico. many say it is about time.we have two points of view. repression continues innicaragua. carlos fernandez chamorro has toleave his country. they want to prevent presidentbiden from taking communion because of his pro-abortionstance. mexico in the world cup is indanger because of fans use of an anti-gay slur."who killed sara?" we speak with manolo cardonafrom the popular netflix series about what people want to watchon their screens. >> i want to save my daughter,but i cannot do it alone. please.♪ >> lets that to the point, "alpunto," with jorge ramos. ♪>> lets get to the point, "al punto."we begin with the deadly building collapse in northmiami, florida. it is an area with a largeconcentration of south americans, argentinians,uruguayans, colombians, among others.the first day has been a real race against the clock, hopingto find more survivors. all of this before wondering howsomething like this could happen here in the united states.this is the last we know. >> this is when two towerscollapsed on thursday morning. five deaths are official so far,but there are over 150 people who disappeared.the victims could be many more. firemen and aid workers aresearching the collapsed towers. >> the priority continues to bedefined living people. -- the priority continues to beto find living people. >> meanwhile, family memberswait in english for news. this is known as little butosiris -- when osiris -- little buenos aires because of thelarge amount of south americans. this is why this tragedy hasaffected hispanics so much. many of the victims are latinamerican. >> the only hope we have is thatthey are alive, that they are in one of these spaces that existunder the rubble. >> in 2018, a report indicatedthere was structural damage under the pool deck as well aswalls of the parking area. >> why were measures not takenback in 2018? >> thank you for that report.the other news of the week, a vice president kamala harrisvisited the sorter and border. she traveled friday to el pasowith hunter mayorkas -- alejandro mayorkas.president biden designated vice president kamala harris to dealwith the situation in the border.>> we are here today to address and talk about what has broughtpeople to the u.s. border, and again, to continue to addressthe root causes that cause people to leave and often fleetheir home country. >> this trip was a few daysbefore president trumps visits to the border with texasgovernor greg abbott. we are joined by congresswomansylvia garcia. thank you for being with us.>> it is a pleasure. good to see you again.>> thank you. is it fair to criticize vicepresident kamala harris for not visiting the border with mexicofor 93 days? >> no.the vice president has been to the border many times.she is taking this topic very seriously.we know she visited mexico and she visited el paso. >> congresswoman, republicanssay the situation on the border is currently out of control,that there is a crisis, and it is president bidens fault.>> well, it is not a surprise, right?because republicans are always there to criticize thepresident. it looks like they are not goingto let him do anything, because all of his proposals, all of thechanges he has made, they are against.mcconnell has said he will do what he did with presidentobama, he will not him do anything.>> the vice president in guatemala told immigrants "donot come." is that the correct message?i am especially thinking about people fleeing hunger andviolence in central america. >> we know there is a lot ofpoverty, corruption, violence. we know that all of these peoplehave the right to come here and ask for first of all, we have to respect the rights of people whoare comingwhat the vice presiden need to ask her, right?because that is not the message from many people here at thecapital. we are working to reformimmigration, to try to welcome people who want to come to ourcountry. >> what is happening in texas?in a few days, texas governor greg abbott and former presidentdonald trump will visit the border.they say they want a wall between texas and mexico.why? what is happening in your state?>> what is happening is know that one of your colleagues and a friend of mine,anna navarro, says the former president is it seems our government is crazy, too, because all thetopics and proposals and everything donald trump wasdoing against immigrants, now it seems that, since donald trumpis not here anymore, now the governor of texas wants tofollow in the footsteps of donald trump, because he alsohas an election coming up soon. some people have alreadyannounced their candidacy. >> do you think we are tellingcentral americans to come because donald trump is nolonger here and that people will be treated more humanely?do you think the message to central americans is actually tocome here? >> once again, the message hasto be that we are doing everything possible to reformimmigration. we know, for instance, incanada, another neighbor to the north, if someone goes there, ittakes at most six months to make a determination regarding theirvisa, but here in our country, the line is very long, theprocess is very long, and we do not allow people to enter calmlyand with a quick process, so it is very important to implementimmigration reform, first of all, and to continue workinghard, the way the vice president is working hard with our friendsin the americas. >> thank you for being on theshow. >> it is my pleasure.>> now lets hear the republican point of is far more fickle. -- critical.jaime florez is the hispanic spokesperson for the republicannational commission. what are your main criticismsabout biden and harris immigration policies?>> it is a crisis they created and need to resolve.he named the vice president as someone who would find asolution to this crisis. she never even showed up at theborder for over 90 days. she did not us into people wholived there, she did not find out whether difficult situationsare that are faced by people who work on the border.she has not had enough of an interest to resolve this crisis,which they created with and or burn -- an open border policy.>> do you think the solution is a wall?as you know, this week, former president donald trump and thegovernor of texas will go to the border, and they are promotingthe idea of a wall. we often know a wall does notwork a people frequently arrived by plane and just never leave.why a wall, why insist on that now?>> i will give you an example of the area where the vice president was last friday, shedecided to go to el paso. el paso has 131 miles of orderwall. -- border wall.crossings at el paso are substantially lower than otherareas, so to some extent, the wall has helped stop people fromcrossing the border illegally, so people can come to thiscountry in a plane, with a visa, well, they can come to theunited states and do hear what they need to do withinimmigration law, but to cross areas without a wall, especiallysince there are no authorities watching, that is not how yousolve this situation. >> something immigrants tell usis that, from their point of view, the cruelty of the trumpadministration has ended, and we need to only remember thethousands of children who were separated from their families.from your point of view, why shouldnt the united statesprotect people fleeing hunger and virus -- violence?>> it has been, it has been for many years.>> and shouldnt it continue to be?>> no country has as powerful a structure to welcome immigrantsthe way the united states does, but we have to do this within alegal framework. not everybody in the world canfit here. if only they could.but unfortunately, we have to work with the resources that wehave and with the laws that we have, that we need to respect.and the first people who have to respect the laws are thegovernment. >> what would you do?>> i would have a much faster process.the immigration department needs to resolve the situation is muchmore quickly. that is what we need to do, whatwe should be focusing on. that is what we can agree on,republicans and democrats. but it is not just aboutcreating a situation where we ignore existing laws and allowanybody who enters the united states to do so.we need to do this, but we need to do it in an organizedfashion. >> thank you for being here.>> the pleasure is mine. >> when we return, persecutioncontinues from the nicaraguan government, and there is acontroversy between the u.s. catholic church and presidentbiden. and fifa decides to sanction themexican national team because of its fans homophobic slayers.-- slurs.>> independent journalists carlos fernando chamorro has hadto leave nicaragua. he said the police came to hishouse after raiding the homes of people who work with him.he says that he will continue reporting outside of nicaraguato explain -- outside of explain more, lets go to him now.thank you for being on the show. why did you flee nicaragua?>> to preserve my freedom, and that of my is the only way we can continue journalism.i was exiled for 11 months in costa rica.i returned, but i never thought i would have to leave again.i was facing an imminent capture.>> was your home raided, too? >> they did that when i was away. please cap -- police officerscame to capture me, they way they did before.they confiscated our offices, rated my home.we continue our journals and. >> your sister cristiana isunder house arrest. what do you know about her?>> i know my sister is at home. she is doing well.she is serene, community gating -- communicating with herclosest family members, like her children.she is completely isolated. she cannot communicate with theoutside weather except with her family.>> can you explain what is happening in kanagawa --nicaragua? >> daniel ortega has decided toclose the political space there. there are elections november 7,and may 20, when they attacked, over 20 people have beenarrested since. bankers, civic leaders,political leaders, -- opponents. the messages there will not be afree and fair election, nor a competitive one.a reelection without the judy missy is being projected now --without legitimacy is being projected will be a government without any legitimacy.>> who has run nicaragua, daniel ortega who is don -- who wasgone for a month, or rosario murillo?>> it is true or take the disappear from the public, butoppression continued. ortega is fully responsible forthose crimes. that is what he did monday, whenhe reemerged. what he said, basically, is thatthere is a closed political space, and he will be reelectedthis way. >> ortega is saying that he hasarrested criminals trying to overthrow his administration.what is your response? >> that is what ortega saidthree months after an insurrection in 2018.he never said it was a coup détat.he said that later to justify the massacre he perpetrated innicaragua. the only coup détat was done byortega. he is destroying democracy, hasmassacred his people. these are just excuses to try tomaintain his political base, but most of the population ofnicaragua wants a free election. that is not a coup détat, not acrime. >> you said many people wantfree elections. how do you do that when thereare five primary candidates who are under arrest?are there other candidates who are helping ortega?>> we do not know that yet. we do not know who thepresidential candidates will be at.but there are candidates who are collaborating in the opposition,and we still do not know what the results will be, whetherthey will combine civic resistance with other forms ofprotest. >> you, from outside thecountry, would you be interested in being a presidentialcandidate? >> i am practicing journalism inexile. i think that is my maincontribution, to contribute to the truth, denounce violationsagainst human rights. i support liberation ofpolitical prisoners. the five primary candidates andthe 150 other political prisoners.i think there should be political change in nicaragua.>> carlos fernando, thank you for speaking with us.>> thank you. >> when we return, the church considers denying communion to presidentbiden. and mexico is published for itsfans anti-gatey chants, placing >> this is a controversial topicvia the united states conference of catholic bishops isconsidering a plan that would deny coming to public figureswho support the right to an abortion, including presidentbiden. the decision will be made innovember. pope francis has said thevatican does not want communion to be used as a politicalweapon. we invited a father who servedat the diocese of cali in colombia.thank you for being here. lets begin with the basics.can u.s. catholic bishops deny communion to president biden forsupporting a womans right to have an abortion in the unitedstates? >> that is correct.that is true. the conference of bishops cansanction a leader when he is not following the rules of thechurch, particularly when it comes to the defense of life.other presidents have committed abuses in pastoral he a president, senator, if a catholic is not completing -- isnot fulfilling the precepts of the church and are not a goodexample of catholicism -- we have to remember we aredefenders of life. the eucharist is for people whoare in good standing. they have a life that fills therequisites of the church, and the president is not doing that.>> i understand what american catholics want, but i do notunderstand what the popes position is.the one of his cardinals, the pope has said he does not wantdiscord between the catholic church and american catholics.>> that is correct. but one thing is to creatediscord and i think the pope can, to some extent, give aspecial permission if there is another form of the sacrament,but not against -- not going against life.the pope can welcome leaders, and he needs to be a goodexample. i do not think he is going tomake an exception with president biden or with any president.furthermore, there cannot be exceptions because someone is apresident. canonical law stipulates that.>> father, you say this is an attempt against the united states, abortion is legal, completely legal, andis protected by the constitution.women can, if they want, have an abortion.why would a group of men -- catholics, but a group of men --why would they tell a woman what to do with her body?>> this group of men have been consecrated.we represent jesus christ. he was a man.this group has the authority to do so.this group of men, consecrated -- we are priests.not just the catholic church. other evangelical congregationsalso defend life. and so the church, like it ornot, is led by consecrated men, priests, bishops, cardinals, thepope -- >> but it is not your body, itis the body of women. dont women have the right to dowhatever they want with their own bodies?>> if i wanted to cut an eye out of my body, that would not beright. men or women, everybody has totake responsibility for their own bodies, because we cannotdeny life to another being. feminist groups say they can dowhatever they want with their bodies, but the owner of ourlives is god. i think that is amisunderstanding that a lot of these groups have.i know it is controversial and a lot of people do not like it.but the church specs life -- respects life.>> if the church wants to be consistent and wants to denycommunion to biden because he supports abortion, why not alsocriticize all world leaders who support the death penalty?and politicians? we are talking thousandsthroughout the world. >> that is correct.many people who say they are catholic -- i think either youare catholic or you support the death penalty.we need to eliminate the death penalty in many places.we work hard for a long time. we have had vigils.we have launched campaigns. we have protested.but i think the political part is not allow the abolition ofthis tragic thing humanity has. >> i want to end with this.i want to emphasize you were in arlington, you are in colombia for a few years.what are you seeing in colombia? there are a lot of protests.>> we are seeing human rights being violated, especiallybecause protests need to be free.we are also seeing how the military is not respecting life.a lot of peoples lives have been taken.the catholic church is here to insist on the respect of life ofthe protesters. this administration does notwant to listen to the people. they have taken over someinstitutions. there have been a lot of deaths,a lot of violence. the church is mediating.we are here to make sure human rights are respected.>> thank you for being on the show.>> it is my pleasure. >> when we returned, why themexican national team will play its next few games without fans?it is because of its fans. and we speak with manolo cardonafrom the netflix series "who killed sara?"hate has no place in our hearts.that is the best thing we can teach our children.>> why is it hard not to chant that?enjoy the match. if you do not like it, go home.the stadium is a family place, not a place of hatred.i do not understand how we cant establish a new chant.>> you are right. we are an ingenious country, whynot just chant "mexico"? >> players from the mexicannational team asked fans to stop --due to homophobic chants, fifa decided to remove fans from twomatches. they also fined the team morethan $65,000. but fans have been chanting thisfor years, and they are putting in danger mexicos participationin the world cup. thank you for joining have been covering this for a long time.why do fans continue chanting this homophobic chant?>> it is a pleasure to be here on "al punto."this has been seen more and more frequently, those of us whofollow the national team have to be aware of continues to happen because there is a lack of awarenessthat it goes beyond what individuals think the chantrepresents or what this word represents.and that is when fans begin to argue.some people think it is not homophobic.the rule has been established. it is should not happen anymore. this is what it represents tofifa today. >> what are the consequences iffans do not pay attention and continue with this homophobicchant? what might happen to the mexicannational team? >> hello to everyone at "alpunto." the consequences already arethat two matches will be played without any public mexican fans'support. these sanctions could increase,even getting to the point of mexico not playing in the worldcup in qatar. i want to talk about anexperience i had in denver. people told me about this in thekitchen, people who clean rooms. they said that mexicans were nolonger chanting this, that it was being done by hondurans andcosta ricans. but fifa is going to punish themexican team. so now what can happen is thatsupporters of other teams might chant this and mexico will bepublished -- punished. i am just saying that, indenver, fans from other countries were chanting this.>> i want you to watch this video from a player in mexico.>> i want to insist, once again, and ask that we set aside thischant. it does not help us at is affecting all of us. it is affecting is affecting us in the next few set this chant aside, we are asking this.>> apparently, they are not paying this about mckees mom -- is this about machismo, does isonly happen when men play and not with women?>> so far, we see it more with mens matches and when thenational team plays. this begins in 2000 inguadalajara, when atlas played there, they chanted this to theopposing team. this chant then became morepopular. prior to athens, 2004, it wasdone to distract goalkeepers. it was in 2018 when fifa begantaking actions. there has been an awarenesscampaign since then to stop this chant.but your question, the answer is clear.we see this more in matches with male players than femaleplayers. >> what is our responsibility ontelevision with this chant? sometimes, we have censored itourselves. sometimes, we allow it to air.when you are on the air, how do you handle it?>> the truth is that we have to raise awareness throughtelevision, radio, social media, and unfortunately -- i say this,unfortunately, because three or four days ago, i was sending atwitter message. it received a lot of reactions,and unfortunately, there were a lot of fans who say we willcontinue chanting this because fifa will not tell us what todo. these are people who do notunderstand the damage that is happening to is the most important sport in the world, the most importantsport in mexico, but some people are still irresponsible.we need to continue insisting people not chant this, be ithomophobic or not. we need to insist against itsuse. >> my question for both of youis, if this happens in stadiums, should we broadcast this?>> i think it should be chanted -- you cannot hide it.but i insist it needs to be done -- it needs to be stopped.i do not know how that would be done, though.>> what do you think? you have covered this chant foryears, what is the best way to deal with it?>> look, the truth is that we need to face this, we need toraise awareness. what this chant is is a way ofbullying. it is attacking the rivalgoalkeeper. we need to talk about it incommunication media to raise awareness.furthermore, it is complicated not to talk about it during thebroadcast, because often times, the match is stopped.when it is stopped, as reporters, we need to give anexpert nation. commentators -- we need togive an explanation. commentators will ask us.we have to give an explanation, because this is what ishappening with the spectators. this is something that isdiscriminatory. it could cost mexico world cupparticipation. >> thank you both for beinghere. i appreciate it.we will take a break. when returned, "who killed sara?" the number one netflix series isbreaking viewership records. it star, manolo cardona, is withus.sara, things about her past. >> sometimes, the best thing wecan do in life is to let go. >> what we just saw it part ofthe successful netflix series "who killed sara?"it is a file that has been seen by millions of people throughoutthe world, regardless of its language, and it marks adirection in terms of what people want to watch on theirtelevisions and computers. manolo cardona is one of itsstars, and he is with us now. congratulations on "who killedsara?" i understand it is one of themost watched television series in the history of modern cinema.>> thank you. it is a pleasure being with is the non-english language series most watched in netflixshistory. it is the first latin americanseries to reach number one in the world in over 90 countries.>> after participating in a series about drug traffickers,has that been left hind? what is the future of televisionseries? >> i think latin america hasmany more stories than the genres that you mentioned.and i think that we were page and -- pigeonholing ourselves.this is a thriller. it is universal.obviously, it is local. the people in denmark andturkey, germany and france, the united states, where it has beenso successful, people can identify with is about a family that could live anywhere in the stole from our point of view, a latin american point of view,and i think it is a thriller perhaps in the style of agathachristie, with multidimensional characters who draw you in.its a "who dun it?" it has many parallel stories,many stories that had never been told in latin america fordifferent reasons -- fear. broadcasters cannot deal withthese topics. >> this is very true.once i was talking to a tv executive, and he said they donot want to make television series that included sex, insults, politics, or religion. but it sounds like you did thatand -- you heard that and did the exact are talking about class differences, homophobia,mistreatment of women, all of these controversial that the formula -- that is to say not avoid conflict butembrace it? >> yes, completely.i think we should not be afraid to tell our stories.i think latin america, unfortunately, has some verypowerful stories -- there are topics here such as femicide,human trafficking, homophobia -- topics that have always beentaboo in latin america. and i think that if we tellstories as they are, from an honors perspective, i think thatis key. people connect with thosestories. >> manolo, i was thinking,before the interview, to ask a question that i now think isunfair. i wanted to say that we shouldtalk about "who killed sara?" also about who killed so manycolombians in the most recent protest -- i do nothing it isfair to ask that question, but i want to ask, with your platform,how far can you go? how far do you think you can gowhen there is something you do not like clinically --politically? >> i have always been someonewho has been present during difficult moments that havehappened and continue to happen in my country.and i think that these platforms should be used when you aresupporting basic rights like a respect to life, empathy,everything that is happening to us, the lack of opportunities,lack of education. the way that wealth is beingredistributed, not just in our own countries but around theworld. a lot of topics that, when thishappens, we need to talk about them.everything you were talking about, unfortunately.there are many things happening in our countries.the government is not doing much to stop these tragic things inour countries. >> let me end with once said that, after a project, you tend to bury yourcharacters and another character is reborn.who are you burying now and who is being reborn?>> well, i cannot fully bury álex guzmán, because we need tofirst resolve the dilemma we all have.and while i am doing another series now, it is a great,beautiful series -- it is another thriller for apple tv.its called "now and then," a coproduction between spain andthe united states. it takes place in has got a great cast. >> thank you for being here.continue imagining new worlds. we will be watching.>> thank you. >> to end, as you know, we havea shortage of chicken wings. césar muñoz set that to music.♪ ♪♪ >> thank you very end, point, "al punto." ♪

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