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Al Punto con Jorge Ramos - 26 de julio, 2020

27 Jul 2020 – 12:00 AM EDT


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>> lets get to the point.

>> the first few days, they were

in constant crying.

we spent all night crying with


>> two adolescent hispanics from

texas were left without parents.

both of them died because of


their grandparents say there are

no words to express the pain.

>> it is another reminder -- if

i need to remind anyone of the

magnitude, impact, that this

virus has.

another point of how deadly this

disease is.

>> california is the state with

the main number of cases of


we talked to people from public.

health in los angeles.

then, a response of the success

insult -- of the sexist insult

by republican yoho.

>> yoho called me [beep], and

that is not acceptable.

>> what the federal agency is

doing in portland and what

chicago says to the president.

>> how is it possible thatalso,


>> lets get started.

>> lets get to the point with

jorge ramos.

>> lets get to the point.

things are not doing well in the

united states.

we all know it.

right now, more than 4 million

people have been contagious.

there are more than 145,000 that

have died.

within this number, two parents

who have died from coronavirus.

the grandmother of these

adolescents is with us via


thank for being with us in such

a hard time for you.

>> thank you.

>> the first person who got it

in the family was naomi.

what happened?

>> we are not sure how it

happened, because we all got it.

she got it, and then her

husband, my son -- there were

all exposed.

at my job, there are people who

have tested positive.

it up my sons work -- and at my

sons work and at my son-in-law

as well.

she was at the hospital two

weeks before because she had

liver failure.

we were doing plans to be able

to put her in the list for a


so we were being extremely

careful, because we knew that

her immune system was not well.

we were taking care of her.

when we saw the symptoms, we put

her in a hotel immediately.

carlos went to the hospital.

after that, we all started

feeling symptoms.

but she was the one who had the

symptoms -- the very last one to

feel the symptoms.

>> one of the saddest things we

have is when carlos goes to the

cemetery to say bye to his wife,

and he dies.

>> that is right.

she dies first, then we all get


then, three days after we buried

her -- it was a friday.

then on monday, he called and

asked my son and my

daughter-in-law, he asked if

they could come to him.

he had tested positive.

he was already going through the


but i think as a result of covid

, his kidneys started to fail.

he started needing kidney


>> i wanted to ask you how the

children, 12-year-old and

six-year-old children, how are

they doing now?

>> now, they are more

established than the first few


the first few days, they were in

constant crying.

we spent the entire night

hugging, crying with them,

consoling them, trying to make

them feel better.

as a mom -- i loved them.

carlos was like a son.

after four years, married, we

were all together.

as a mother, as a grandmother, i

asked god, give me the right

words to comfort them.

what i said at one point, i

asked god to help me with this.

and i said nathan and andreas,

your dad loved your mom so much.

you know he was really sad when

your mom passed away.

and your mom loved him so much.

they wanted to be together.

take comfort that mom is no

longer alone.

mom and dad are together and

will always be together and they

died in peace, because they knew

that you had a family that will

look out for you for the rest of

your life, that we were going to

make sure there was no lack of


so we are going to cry, we will

suffer for our loss, but god

will be our console meant.

they do not have the opportunity

to be with their parents at the

hospital, to hug them.

with this pandemic, everything

is different.

death is way more tragic.

it is a very lonely death.

our loved ones have to die


but we continue to go forward.

>> god, my family, my pastor, my

grandkids, and all the prayers

from everyone, all the support.

i never in my life have seen so

much love towards our family.

so much love.

so many prayers.

so much help.

god has been so big to us,

despite our pain.

>> thank you so much for talking

to us.

i feel for what youre going

through and i see the shank that

you are taking.

thank you.

>> thanks.

>> after seeing this personal

case, we will see what the

politicians are doing.

states like california -- right

now, they are having a ton of


what went wrong?

the politicians or everyone?

now we are talking to a doctor

who has one of the highest

positions for the department of

public health.

thank you for being with us.

>> thank you for having me.

>> your responsibility is huge.

your job is to avoid, to an

extent, pandemics like corona in

the united states, especially

like the area of california.

what went wrong?

>> i do not think it is right to

say that something went wrong.

i think that, from the moment we

allowed a lot of companies and

businesses in the state to open,

there were not that many cases.

we did not have problems with

hospital capacity.

we did not have many deaths.

>> but we know now that the

cases in california are greater

than anywhere in the country.

the county of los angeles had

record numbers.

do you think we went back to

normal a little too soon?

>> i want to say that we are

following science.

it is really hard to know if

people, when they started

getting out of the house, are

going to follow what we are

asking, to continue to wear

their mask, for example, to

continue to maintain their

distance with someone else.

and also washing their hands


if people are doing these when

they needed to get out for

something essential, i think

that we could have followed with

the curve more stable, lower.

>> do you do now?

do you agree that the city of

los angeles, for example, will

close completely, like months


>> it is possible that we will

have to close some of the areas

that were reopened, like we did

a few weeks ago, to try to stop

this spreading -- the spreading

of the disease of covid into the

city and in the county of l.a.

but i think it is important that

we gave -- give and put our


we need each other to stop the

spread right now.

and staying home unless it is

something essential.

>> thank you so much for being

with us.

>> thank you.

>> lets do a quick rate --


corona is winning against trump.

now he is asking people to wear

their masks.

then alexandria ocasio-cortez

response to the republican who


and then $1200 checks of


now lets get back to jorge


>> masks -- to protect our self

from coronavirus have become a


scientists say they save lives.

others think not using them is a

refection of their freedom.

the president, for a long time,

has refused to use a mask.

but now he has changed, and he

says that people must wear it.

>> i have the mask right here,

and i will be happy to where it.

>> the president wore a mask for

the first time in public since

the beginning of the pandemic.

he also posted a photo on

twitter seeing using the mask is

being patriotic.

he had a response saying being

patriotic -- just like trump,

the president of brazil was

using to be a mask until a

little bit ago, when he was

positive for coronavirus.

also, the president of mexico

had to use it when he flew in a

commercial airline to


the way of using or not the mask

is a political matter.

this person was mad at a store

when asked why he was not using

a mask.

he was yelling, saying he felt

threatened, and he asked the

person filming him to leave.

another woman was yelling and

was throwing her shopping bags

on the floor when asked to wear


a young girl was violently

attacked when working at a fast

food restaurant when she asked

the client to wear that mask.

she says this person grabbed her

by the neck, hit her in the

face, and was screaming racial


mr. gutierrez was insulted when

he was working at starbucks by

another client was refusing to

wear that mask.

many people, like gutierrez,

have collected thousands of

people who have supported them

for doing their job and helping

to defeat the pandemic.

>> please use your mask.

and we will leave this on the

side and we will talk about the

united states and latin america.

we are used to seeing military

and federal agents in the

streets, but not in the united


we did not see it either when

the military were in front of

the white house and they

confronted protesters.

now, the united states are

saying they are sending federal

agents to portland, chicago, and

other places.

to speak about this, we are

talking to a congressman from


thank you for being with us.

let me ask the first question --

you do not want federal agents

in chicago.

the president says this is

necessary because it imposes


why are you not agreeing?

>> my message to the president

is the following -- of these

troops in chicago are not


it is very obvious this is a

political play to distract the

attention of the failure in the

management of the pandemic.

instead of sending troops, we

need to send help to chicago and

other cities.

this is typical of the trump


now we are seeing he is trying

to paint the front of order and

peace, what the president set

up bout sending federal agents.

>> the department of justice

will immediately send federal

law enforcement in the city of

chicago, the fbi, atf, u.s.

marshals service, and homeland

security will, together, be sent


hundreds of law enforcement

officers to chicago to help stop

chicago crime.

>> the president is clearly

insistent on this topic.

do you think he is doing it for

political reasons?

do you think he is trying to do

it to win the election?

two questionnaires says that, in

general, biden is winning over

donald trump.

and among latinos, he is winning

53 over 31, among hispanic


do you think trump is doing the

wrong thing?

>> without a doubt.

he has seen the statistics and

the percentage, how he is losing

in critical states, so at a

certain point, he feels abused,

in his mind, and he is trying to

do and take certain decisions.

the electoral party is trying to

go with him, but people can see

the management of the pandemic

has been a failure in the united

states because of his position

-- we are in a huge recession,

the most in decades, and that is

the stress and desperation the

president feels.

he is risking a majority of

their publicans in the senate.

>> the president of the nice

eight cent order to try to count

that millions of immigrants who

are illegal in this country --

do you think you can do this?

is this unconstitutional?

>> i doubt it.

the constitution says anyone who

lives in the united states,

despite their nationality,

religion, where they come from,

has to be counted.

it is very explicit.

we are taking action in the


we presented a law to stop this


on the other hand, there have

been things that will come out

because we want to protect the

constitution -- this is another

tactic from the president to try

to intimidate our community, to

be counted, so for that reason,

we have to participate in the


let me end with what happened

between ocasio-cortez and the

republican -- this is what she

said after being insulted.

>> mr. yoho called me, and i

quote, [beep].

these are the words that

representative yoho leverett

against a congresswoman.

using that info to the press, he

gave permission to use that

language against his wife, his

daughters, among women in his

community, and that is not


>> those are the declarations of

alexandria ocasio-cortez,

defending herself and accusing

the congressman of a sexist


how do you read that?

>> it is an act that is very

embarrassing that occurred in

the congress of the united


it is lamenting that a colleague

acted in that way against

another colleague, the

representative ocasio-cortez.

it is embarrassing, shane, and

we are trying to work with a

problem that people want us to

take care of.

>> thank you for being with us.

>> thank you.

>> when we come back, a

confrontation against

>> juan carlos cruz started a

fight against the catholic

church -- he was the victim of a

terrible case of sexual abuse by

a priest.

he was able to take his case to

pope francis.

he says things are starting to


he said that in a book where he

and two others, where he said

finally their voices are being


i spoke to him from satellite.

>> thank you for being with us

in the show.

>> thank you for inviting me.

>> the book is called abuse of

power, our fight against the

catholic church.

this book says it is not a book

about sexual abuse and

psychological that we suffered

by the priest.

>> yes, it will start like that,

because there is no expiration

of the abuse and what exactly


it is a story about what people

do not know.

many people -- the fight and the

thing you have to do, we would

not -- we publish this book so

that people would have a path

that they could go through come

all the steps they have been


>> at the beginning, this was an

impossible fight, because the

chapter says when we met him, he

was surrounded by an aura of --

and was adored by thousands.

how can he fight against someone

adored by so many?

>> he was knowingly adored by so

many people, he was also adored

by dictatorships, the

millionaires from chile, the

ones i consider themselves the

good people, even if they were


it was an incredible fight that

we never thought we will be able

to confront them.

>> what changed then?

was it you with your reports,

helped making change?

our was at the people in general

that were changing?

>> i think the persistence of

the two other guys and mine was

to go until the last and find

people who will help us move

forward, especially journalists

that will put light where stormy

people wanted darkness there.

>> i want to ask if what you

accomplished in chile is an

exception, because in the book,

you are saying that your compost

two things.

the first is that the society

would no longer be ignoring

about this.

and also incarceration for the

priest -- is this only happening

in a few places?

>> well, youre right, but as i

told you before in another

interview, it is the snowball

that has been created because of

what happened in chile.

and these wounds that were

formed, obviously, there is not

the justice that there should


not all the countries and the

people and the victims are

seeing justice, but this is a

wound that no one can close, and

the world has been changing.

>> the expedition that many

priest and people in the

catholic church are saying is

that this is about run apples.

others think it is about a

structural problem.

what do you think is the


>> it is a structural problem.

i had the opportunity to meet

pope francis.

i spoke over the phone with him.

he is a church --

he is a person who changed my


i realized i thought maybe a

pope could sign something and

everything would change, and in

fact, he could, because he is

the only one in the world, but i

see how pope francis suffers.

he suffered for the things that

some do, so i think it is a

cultural issue and the priests

that go to pope francis that

tell him of course we will do

this, and they go back and do

the same terrible things.

>> that me ask you if pope

francis was really interested in

confronting these cases, why

does he not publish all the

records of the church that are

still hiding?

>> i tell you that i would do

things very differently from

pope francis.

i think they have accomplished

steps and there is still a lot

to do, and pope francis is

fighting against a mafia that is

really hard to penetrate.

it gives me frustration and


it is so frustrating.

>> the book is abuse in power,

our fight against the catholic


thank you for being with us.

>> thank you.

>> when we come back, why did

they not take proper care of the

soldier vanessa guillen.

we have an interview with three

military soldiers.


>> the killing of the hispanic

soldier vanessa guillen has put

so much doubt for the military.

why didnt they handle this


we have a corresponded who is

able to ask all these questions

to three in the military with

the highest power in the united


this was the answer.

>> thank you for your time.

lets start with the last news.

another body found.

what information can you give


>> we are collecting the facts.

obviously, this is a tragedy.

our feelings are with the

families, but we do have


>> what is the military doing to

avoid these type of cases

happening again?

>> specialist guillen and her

incident was heartbreaking.

it is something that is not


we have announced that we are

going to put together a panel to

do an investigation in texas

with people that will be working

and we will do interviews with

the soldiers and members of the

family, to make sure there are

no systemic problems.

then, after the results, we will

have recommendations that we

will be able to offer, and then

we will bring this information

to be able to do something.

there are a lot of challenges,

and we did not know this, so we

are taking care of it now.

>> we are working with a lot of

soldiers, and they are saying

that program to report sexual

abuse does not work.

what are you doing about this?

>> the fact that any soldier

that is in the military of the

u.s. who was worried about the

program is something that

interests us.

we are studying this deeply,

taking the right measurements.

ive three daughters part of the

u.s. military, and those who are

sending their children to are

not safe environment, if this


>> how important is the

participation of leadership to

make sure that this is working

for these investigations?

>> vicki of the program is trust

-- the key of the program is


we feel now we have lost that

trust, especially in this


we are doing everything possible

to regain that trust.

>> as you know, the family of

guillen is coming to washington

to meet with the president.

are you planning to be at that

meeting or will you join another


>> that depends on the president

and the family.

it is a great opportunity.

and i have to meet with them --

it is a sacred opportunity to

meet with the family and any

family who loses their son or


>> this, without a doubt, is a

time of --

this woman was to be the first

congresswoman in the u.s.,

representing democrats.

i spoke to her.

she told me how she wants to

change history.

>> thank you for inviting me.

>> when i was doing the

research, i realized one in

every four latin people identify

themselves as afrolatino or

afrolatina, and why is there

no afrolatinx to represent them

in washington?

>> this is what i realized -- i

did not realize i would be the

first afrolatinx in washington,

and we need better


we do not see that kind of

representation, and i was the

dob the first afrolatinxa.

the happens to a lot of us.

we have the first afrolatinx,

and i am so --afrolatinxa, and i

am so proud of them, but this

should have happened a while

ago, particularly for all the

latin people, especially the

latinx, representing a country

for centuries.

>> the fight will be hard

because district 24 of texas has

been republican by history.

are you confident you can win?

>> i am very confident we can

win this seat.

we have a government not

responding to the fight that

families are fighting.

when we are talking about

covid-19, latinx, we see

ourselves affected by the virus

and we are in danger when the

government does not impose

measurements to make sure we

have protection equipment, that

we are safe and tested and their

following the protocol.

by not only latinx -- but not

only latinx feels this but all

the small businesses and

communities, and they want

change paired i am working to

represent change.

>> when people think about you,

what do you want them to think


what is that topic you are going

to defend?

>> protect families, most of


make sure they have a roof, that

they can put food on their

table, and to make sure when

their kids go out, they have air

to breathe.

health insurance, the education

they need to -- i always worry

about families, because they are

the ones who move the economy,

our prosperity, and our


>> in your twitter account, i

saw that you wrote that trump is

supporting an atmosphere of

white supremacy.

what do you mean by that?

>> i think he is trying to

distract from his work, that is

not great.

he is trying to distract more

than what he actually does, like

putting his hand in the pocket

of north americans or trying to

hide his horrible work.

racism is the fastest way to get

to everyone, and is -- we have

progress a lot in the last few

decades, and trump has went back

and canceled all this progress.

people are supporting him in the

country more and more who are

working, and there are many

women, and we are working

against this.

>> can you talk to me about how

the movement black lives matter

has changed texas.

texas has gone from red to

purple and probably blue in


>> i think black lives matter

has changed the way in which we

talk about equality.

we saw this movement as we talk

about police brutality.

the american dream is to have

protection, justice under the


this is the model in which other

countries are based on, but we

are not living that right now,

and i do not think we are living

the american dream either.

black lives matter is asking for

this, what we have seen here in

texas, a place where people felt

that they were not in favor,

where they do not have a voice.

black lives matter is giving a

voice to people, participating

in this movement, asking for

justice for themselves or their


i feel so proud of people who

really care and work for our


it has been so

>> we just heard a version of

this song by fonzi.

hes a camera, some person,

producer, and he is promoting

his new song.

>> it is always a pleasure being

with you.

>> what have you learned in this


what would he have been doing

and what are you doing at the

moment now?

>> we were supposed to be in

europe but here i am at home,

situation that is really hard,

trying to do their best and

enjoy my family, doing different


if it were not for these,

probably would not have done

this project.

it is nice to be able to sing

with my kids and do something


>> i also saw you are fighting

to promote the use of masks in

puerto rico.

how is the pandemic there and

how can you help?

>> yeah, throughout my

foundation, i am meeting with a

lot of companies.

we have been spreading thousands

of masks to different places.

the situation in puerto rico

right now, there was a spike.

i am living now in miami.

naturally, there was an

increase in cases, and i know

they are taking action that is

quite aggressive, so i am

wishing everyone the best.

i feel like we can all come out,

i hope.

>> they are saying that maybe at

the end of this year or the

beginning of the next, there

will be a vaccine.

how do you feel about 2020?

>> -- i will not be able to do

anything this year.

virtual concerts are inviting me

to do certain events.

i did what you think, and people

saying from golf carts, that

type of thing, where they are

social distancing.

but there is not much -- they

are talking about 2022.

we still do not have been -- we

still do not know what will

happen in 2021.

i miss being close to my


>> so can we talk about this

a family party.

>> let me ask what do you miss,

what will you want to do as soon

as the pandemic is over?

>> as latinx, we need physical

contact with people, to laugh

and smile.

to not be able to hug people is

really hard.

not being able to get together

with big groups.

i miss that a lot.

>> thank you for the song, and

thank you for helping us to get

our stuff in a different kind of

mood during pandemic times.

>> thank you.

>> we will continue talking

about music now.

says munoz -- cesar munoz

dedicates this to the pandemic

affecting schools.

>> send them to school

or leave them here

or her here

worth it

and youll say

that maybe the schools will


we have to take a position

ill leave him here

maybe he can stay there, go to

sleep, study

youre going to leave, youre

going to stay

the mask, he is going to take it

off, he is going to take it off

i was upset

to see come in the middle of

this pandemic, the schools

wanted to reopen

to go back and do the homework

there night without a rest

>> this is a problem, and during

pandemic, thh@ our interviews

on and you can

also listen to our podcast.

see you next w

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