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Al Punto con Jorge Ramos - 25 de julio, 2021

Un juez federal bloquea nuevas solicitudes de DACA, poniendo el futuro de muchos jóvenes en el limbo. Nuevos casos de COVID se disparan en Estados Unidos. El Presidente Biden anunció nuevas sanciones a funcionarios cubanos responsables de la represión.
26 Jul 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

al punto. a blow to the daca program.a judge blocks new applications, placing the future of manyapplications in limbo. the only hope for dreamers mightimmigration reform. but do democrats have enoughpolitical power to accomplish it?we speak with california senator alex padilla.and might they find any support from republicans?republican strategist adolfo franco response.>> if you are unvaccinated, you are not protected.>> new covid cases throughout the its considered a pandemic of the unvaccinated.why are some people unvaccinated and what is the latest inobligatory mask usage? >> of freedom.>> president biden announced new sanctions against cubanofficials for repression and violating human rights.we speak with the man who advises biden on the bidenpolicy in cuba. los angeles mayor eric r said hehas been nominated to be ambassador in india.his potential successor in los angeles will speak with gael garcia bernal speaks about his new role in thesurprising villain of the film. begin now.-- we begin now. ♪>> lets get to the point, al punto with jorge ramos.>> lets get to the point. im patricia janney out.we begin with the young undocumented people living inlimbo after a federal judge decision in texas.he bought new dock applications, a program that provides -- heblocked daca applications, a program that helps immigrants inthis country. with us as the executivedirector of united we dream, an organization of young immigrantsin the country. she met with vice presidentkamala harris to talk about the subject this week.welcome to al punto. we know youre part of the groupof dreamers who met with kamala harris this week to talk aboutthis decision from a federal court in texas.what did the vice president say to you?>> does a pleasure to be here with you and everybody watching.what we heard from the vice president is a compromise.a commitment to make this campaign of reality.we have been working toward this for over 35 years.working toward a path for citizenship for undocumentedpeople in this country for us as activists and organizers.its about making sure that those words are not in vain andthat it becomes a reality. >> you said you are hoping forlegalization of dreamers and other immigrants this year.what did you ask from the vice president so that you can find apermanent solution? >> what we asked was very clear.she has the power. she is the dividing -- decidingvote in the senate. we will be in a reconciliation,a budget reconciliation process where you only need democraticvotes to pass legislation. so she will be key.what we are asking is that she wrote for us regardless of whatmight happen. united me dream may havesupported the immigration topics in that budget toyreconciliation in the senate. but this proposal still facesseveral challenges before it can be approved.why do you think you may be successful with thisreconciliation? >> it has been 35 years we havebeen working on this project. this is the year we are going towin. ive been working on this for 10years. i was in the senate when thedream act in 2010 failed. as the moment we have beenwaiting for. democrats dont need republicansto win. they have the power in the lowerchamber of congress, in the senate and the white house.we need to place pressure on those democrats who might be alittle bit nervous. this is the year.we are undocumented. we have faced a lot ofuncertainty, a lot of pain. as we mexicans say, we nevergive up. we are going to keep fighting.we are not going to stop. >> and some republicans supportthe plan to legalize some dreamers but not all.what would you be willing to accept to get the republicanvote? >> we dont need republicanvotes. we only need democratic at this moment of course republicans want to give ussomething. but they want more money for iceagents, for people who have our loved ones in cages in thiscountry so we are not going to give them a single cent more.we do not need republicans. all we need is democratic votes.>> what might happen if dreamers cannot be damaged -- if not cap-- if dreamers cannot be legalized this year?>> young undocumented people have a plan a, plan b and plan call the way to plan z. we never give up.if at this moment you might feel the shadow of uncertainty, theni ask that you join the movement.that you take action, call your senators be carried -- becausethis is the moment we have to win and we need you.>> your message is inspiring. never give up.good luck with congress and i hope you will be back on the>> we will be celebrating. >> president biden has committedhimself to protect dreamers, but the decision in the courthousein texas means that there may be a need for legislation for dacato continue in its current form. senator alex padilla is workingfor the past citizenship for dreamers and others in a budgetreconciliation. i want to talk about thisdecision from a court in texas that affects dreamers.youre being asked to find a permanent solution for them.what are you going to do to protect the dreamers?>> to dreamers and the family of dreamers, dont lose hope.biden administration will appeal this decision.this is not the endpoint for this case.but it reminds us of not just the importance but the urgencyfor congress to take action to protect dreamers.these infrastructure negotiations need to includeimmigration reform to protect dreamers, essential workers, tokeep them safe and give them the possibility of citizenship.>> you are talking about this proposal in congress.your party wants to include these benefits in this budgetreconciliation. how would it work and how longwould it take to achieve it? >> we have heard two paths toget to an agreement. to invest in infrastructure inthe country. democrats are clear and is not just important to invest in physicalinfrastructure and the families of this country.theres a need to invest in transportation.but the democratic plan includes support for education and healthprograms and we hope it will include immigration reform aswell. if we are successful it can beapproved in the month of september and take effect verysoon thereafter. there are current negotiationswere at the end of july. in august we hope to take thefirst steps for final approval in september.>> from one to 10 what are the possibilities for theseimmigration reforms including possibly a path to citizenshipfor dreamers, tps recipients and farmworkers.from one to 10 what is the possibility this may be includedin the infrastructure package? >> we have a lot of hope becausethere is precedent to take this kind of action.when republicans had the majority in 2005, use thisbudgetary reconciliation process to change immigration lawsregarding the number of pieces that are allowed every it has been done in the past. we are negotiating with theparliamentarian and the senate to approve this process.>> lets think of the worst case scenario.something we already used two. supposing these immigrationreforms are not approved, what other plans do you have beforethis current session of congress ends?>> we cant stop fighting, so we are focusing not just on thebipartisan negotiations but we havent seen republicans willingto support protections for dreamers without conditions thathave nothing to do with protecting dreamers.they say that they want to keep farmworkers and other essentialworkers safe but they always have excuses and conditions thathave nothing to do with this. we are going to focus on thisbudget reconciliation and we hope to have good news in ashort amount of time. >> thank you once again forjoining us. immigration reform used to be abipartisan issue but that has changed in the last few years.with the republican perspective, we are joined by republicanstrategist adolfo franco. lets talk about daca.beneficiaries of this program hope that congress will find apermanent solution for them. the question is what wouldrepublicans be willing to do for these young undocumented people?>> well, get into a debate about comprehensive reform like wehave said from the beginning. i dont think we can deal withthese topics individually. we have a lot of complicatedissues with the border. i think the political will rightnow with the failure of this current administration at theborder, we have seen how collin has elected a republican mayor.there are problems in del rio texas.its time to deal with this in a bipartisan comprehensive manner.we have seen that democrats are planning to violate the normsand procedures of the senate to include it in packages that havenothing to do with immigration. that would be a failure not justpolitically but also a step back away from bipartisanship whichis the only solution to this problem.>> democrats are planning to include daca and other measuresto help immigrants in the budget reconciliation in order toapprove it in congress. >> the problem is that fromsomeone who has worked in congress, it doesnt work likethat. there are rules in the senatethat dont permit that. they need to deal with thisissue directly and not as part of the packet that is notrelevant to immigration. thats what we are talkingabout. you say undocumented people, isay people who are here illegally.thats amnesty. but as a big topic in thiscountry that needs to be discussed openly, not try toincluded in a package at midnight and force people tovote yes or no. >> some activists say democratsdont need republican votes to approve this kind of law.they had the majority in the house of representatives andwith the vice president support they could approve it in thesenate. the republicans whittling --willing to do in this plan? >> people who say that dontunderstand how the senate works. it requires 60 votes, not 50.unless there is some kind of prior agreement.this has nothing to do with reconciliation which deals withmoney and the budget. so just as recent efforts didnthave 60 votes, it doesnt matter if they have 50 votes.there needs to be republican support in the senate, not justa simple majority. >> but what are republicanswilling to do? >> patricia, to get into adebate like weve done in the past.senator rubio and other republican senators havepresented plans. lindsey graham.>> but give me an example. what would republicans bewilling to do? what points would republicans bewilling to concede? >> whats been done in the was done 7, 8 or nine years ago.unfortunately that senator obama was opposed to it.he was a key vote against those efforts.publicans are open to sitting down and discussing immigrationreform that includes daca and all the other topics thatinvolve border security and the status of people who are hereillegally. >> thank you for joining us onal punto. we will see you next time,adolfo franco. republican strategist when wereturn, the cases of people with coronavirus skyrocket.what is the cause of this increase.medical experts are here to tell us about the causes and somerecommendations to protect ourselves.also what is the united states governmento.we return to patricia. >> if you are unvaccinated, youare not protected. so please get vaccinated now.>> it has been called the pandemic of the coronavirus infections are up an average of 30,000 casesper day. due to the highly contagiousdelta variant. some experts disagree with thecdc recommendations that vaccinated people dont needface coverings. the vaccine may not be aseffective against the delta variant.we have dr. elmer huerta at george washington university andwe have edith from the university of columbia.welcome to you both. thank you for being here on alpunto. to begin with, why is this deltavariant spreading so quickly throughout the country?>> this delta variant has a characteristic, the mutation inthe spike makes it twice as infectious as the originalstrain that appeared in wuhan last year.with the original strain, one person could spread it to one ortwo people. now its many more spreads much quicker. before you needed 15 minutes topass the disease to someone its just a matter of seconds.>> dr., how dangerous is the delta variant for the youngpeople and children who are still not vaccinated?>> this variant is much more infectious and it is spreadingamong people who are not yet vaccinated.there are many children who have not been able to get vaccinatedbecause they dont qualify. this is very worrying because wedont know how dangerous this variant is in children.we are observing that the virus seems to be working about thesame. children dont seem to begetting more sick. but we still dont know, so weneed to take it very seriously and do what we can to getvaccinated. >> how are the tests forchildren under 12 who have not been vaccinated yet?>> we know we are going to have data.we may have a vaccine available this autumn.until we see data, we will not make any kind of recommendation.we need to follow proper procedures to make sure that ifwe are going to vaccinate a healthy child, the vaccine needsto be safe and effective. >> a study indicates the johnson& johnson vaccine is not as effective against thecoronavirus. what recommendation would youmake for someone has received the johnson & johnson vaccine?>> the study is coming out this contradicts another one that was published last month.this is what science is like. data needs to be compared upuntil now. whats been demonstrated is thatthe johnson & johnson vaccine compared to the pfizer ormoderna vaccine produces less antibodies against the deltavariant. lets remember a fundamentalissue. there are two components toimmunity. the production of antibodieswhich is whats being measured with the johnson & johnsonvaccine and the cellular immunity which is much moreimportant than the antibodies. so we have to wait.>> lets talk about the controversy regarding facemasks. the academy of pediatricianssays all children above the age of two should use face maskswhen they return to school. but this goes against the cdcdirectives that say that children over the age of 12 whohave been vaccinated would no longer need to use face masks inschools. what is your opinion?>> i agree. we need to have face masks onall children in schools but also adults.we know this works. we have seen this in studiesaround the world. we know that if we wear facemasks, have good ventilation and separate children, we will beable to have children back in school in person and be able tostay and be able to stay in in person classes.>> thank you for joining us. univision can help you find theclosest places to your home to get vaccinated.go to our webpage or scan this code that appears on yourscreen. you will find where to getvaccinated and youll find the kind of vaccines that areavailable. the united states announces newsanctions against cuban officials♪ >> it was a very special moment,and omas to cubans who are fighting for happened last thursday. the biden administrationannounced sanctions against cuban officials responsible forrepression and violating human rights.president biden is also asking for a review of policies towardcuba. all of this after hundreds ofpeople were arrested during the antigovernment protests at thebeginning of the month. im joined by juan gonzalez,special assistant to the president and senior directorfor the western hemisphere at the white house.thank you for joining us. lets talk about cuba.cubans on the island are facing violent repression as a responseto these massive historic protests.we have seen abuses committed by agents of the regime.there are people who have been arrested.many people have been disappeared.i would like you to see the opinion of the cuban citizen.>> what i want is freedom. thats all i want.i want to be able to buy for my child whatever i can with mywork. i dont want children to gohungry. >> what is your opinion?>> thank you for the invitation. he is completely right.the president needs to do is mobilize the internationalcommunity to put pressure on the regime.we are seeing the failure of communism.we need to do everything possible to provide internet asa right to the cuban people. we are trying to find concreteways to advance that. we need to sanction individualswho are responsible for acts of oppression, repression andviolation of human rights. thats the immediate and clearthing that we need to do. we also need to make sure thataid is going to the cuban people and not the government.>> mario diaz said that it is inconceivable that at thismoment when the cuban people are being massacred, biden has awork group to discuss remittances.thats what he said. >> that is one thing we areproposing. the state departmentsconsulting to see how we can do this better.remittances is just one part of what we need.we need international mobilization.>> some people are trying to blame the embargo for thesuffering of the people. in cuba.we need to make sure that everyone in the internationalcommunity is bringing to light the abuses that are happening atthe organization of american states.we need to continue applying pressure so that everyone keepscuba front and center. we will take concrete stepstowards individuals that we have identified as being responsiblefor these abuses. important thing is thatdictatorships maintain control by controlling information andthrough fear. we need to make sure there isaccess to the internet so that these abuses can come tonightand cubans can communicate with each other.>> there have been at least 590 arrests and disappearances as aresult of these protests. but the cuban government says noone has been arrested or disappeared.well the biden administration do anything to guarantee therelease of these prisoners? >> we will apply pressure forthat. we have heard over 500 peoplehave been arrested. i have friends, cuban-americanswho havent heard from family members who may have beenarrested. many artists have been arrested.performers have been arrested. the patria ev to -- patria yvida song has been mobilized. they said an invasion of cuba isnot an option. >> not to senator menendez butours -- also marco rubio have said that kind of rhetoric, whatdoes is justify the regime to abuse the rights of the cubanpeople. it also takes away the focusfrom people who have mobilized. that should be the focus, notthe political debate we have here in the united states.cubans want freedom. they want to determine their ownfuture. the regime has respondedviolently. we need to continue callingattention to this. >> thank you for joining us.we will see you soon. >> thank you very much.>> when we return, meet nury martinez, who may be the nextinterim mayor for the city of los angeles.>> lets go to the west coast. los angeles.the city government is preparing for an important change.president biden has named eric garcetti mayor of los angeles.if he is confirmed, the president of the city councilwould become the first woman, the first mother in the firstlatina to be mayor of that city. she joins us from the city oflos angeles. thank you for being with us.>> thank you. >> you would become the interimmayor of los angeles if eric our study is confirmed asambassador. what would be your primaryconcerns for the city? where would you begin?>> we have to begin with people living on the streets.we are continuing to build homes.we need to make sure housing continues to be built while alsoproviding help for indigent people living on the streets inlos angeles and begin cleaning the garbage and items throughoutthe city. we need to focus on housing butwe also need to realize the situation we are experiencingnow is not tolerable particularly for immigrantcommunities in los angeles. >> what would be an acceptablesituation for people living on the streets?>> im seeing a lot of indigent people who need help.i need mental help assistance, drug treatment.we are seeing people die on the streets of los angeles becausethey need a different kind of service.the city of los angeles is responsible for building homesfor people. the services come from adifferent part of the government.its not just about housing. it is about services for peoplewho do not have the capability to take care of themselves.>> in los angeles as well as other cities in the country,there is an increase of covid cases as a result of this deltavariant. how would you face and deal withthis new surge in covid cases? you have already implementedmandatory mask wearing indoors. if you consider closing the cityagain? >> i would.we are seeing how many of our own employees have beenvaccinated. i ask the community to pleaseget vaccinated. learn about this new variantwhich is much more contagious than regular covid.we are seeing the number of people who are going tohospitals in the majority, the vast majority of those peoplewho are hospitalized have not been vaccinated.>> another topic. gun is something that worries a lot of latino families.what would you do to deal with this phenomena?>> i am seeing what other cities are doing.the mayor of chicago is talking to the president about reforms.not just seeing violence in major cities like los angelesbut also the trafficking of firearms that happens in ourcommunities. this is not surprising.people have been cooped up for a year.people have not worked. the anxiety our community isexperiencing is at a maximum point.we are seeing this with the use of firearms, the number offirearms we see in our community.people who have been stuck at home for over a year.we have seen an increase in crime and robberies with theseweapons but we also need to see the situation differently.we need to dedicate resources to make sure our children do notend up in gangs or get involved in that kind of violence.>> if you became mayor, he would be the first mother, latina,woman. do you have a plan to helplatina women or mothers in los angeles?>> the recovery from this pandemic is very importantespecially for women and women of color.over 5 million of women have had to leave their this last year the pandemic has simply added moreresponsibilities many of us had to leave our careers.we havent been able to return to work because we dont have aplace to leave our children. childcare is very important forwomen to return to work. especially with the reopening ofschools. we need to acknowledge that whenthere is a crisis in this country, it affects women most.the responsibility of taking care of children is on women.if somebody gets sick, the responsibility falls to women.>> thats an excellent point and good luck if you finally getconfirmed to be mayor of los angeles.>> it is a point of pride to represent the community in losangeles. >> when we return, we will learnabout the new film from mexican actor kyle garcia>> we are connected to something bigger.>> thats part of the new film, old.which premiered in films -- in theaters this weekend.its a suspense film about a group of tourists unable toleave the bg who mysteriously begin aging very has an international cast including golden globe winnergael garcia bernal, who joins me from new york.thank you for joining us on al punto.lets talk about this movie that you starring, old.the film were a group of people go to a mysterious beach andbegin aging very quickly. you portray a father.tell us what appealed to you about this story.>> everything. the idea of this film began fromwhat i heard, was that m. night shyamalan wanted to work withme. he was considering me for amovie and i listen very excited about that.i admire the films he has made and later when i was offered therole, i read the script and everything.everything began to take shape and i started feeling veryenthusiastic about working on this film.>> i understand that every 30 minutes in the movie is a yearof life for the characters in this we see children grow quickly, we see adults age as well.its time the villain of old? >> at the premiere of this film,part of the problem is that time begins advancing quicker and atthat moment, given that time rules our lives, theres nologic that matters anymore. no logic can help us understandwhat is happening. i think that is something thatsgoing to resonate with people who see the film.people will reflect, i hope they will reflect after seeing thisfilm. >> i wonder if having worked onthis film lefty with a lesson that you might not have learnedotherwise. what did you learn from thisstory? >> it was very interestingphilosophically to deal with this topic.i would say that one of the things i appreciate most is thatfrom the western point of view, we see aging as somethingpejorative, something that leaves something obsolete or notworking anymore. and its the word we use forgrowing, for living more. even for acquiring more i think that what has helped me with this film and all of uswho worked on it is to try to subvert that term that gets usedand try to find more positive ways of talking about more, basically. >> at the beginning of theinterview, you mentioned you are interested in working with thedirector of this film, m. night shyamalan.he has made some very well-known films like sixth sense, signs.what do you like about this director and his style?>> i like that he always has interesting structures,contradictory things. he juxtaposes the supernaturalwith the mundane and i find that fascinating.>> hes got all these enigmas and mysteries that promptcuriosity. i didnt recognize you with yourhair dyed landes. what are you new projects?what are you working on? >> im very superstitious abouttalking about what youre doing or what you havent done yet.i dont like talking about what i havent completed.because of my belief in the film i would rather not talk about what i have not yet completed.>> when you are ready to tell us about those projects, the doorof al punto is open to you. thank you for joining us.>> inc. you. >> much success.-- thank you. >> much success.>> in mexico, there is a church dedicated to diego armandomaradona. caesar munoz has prepared atango. ♪♪ and videos on can also follow us on facebook, instagram and patricia janiot filling in for jorge ramos.until next week when together we will get to the point, al punto.