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Al Punto con Jorge Ramos - 22 de agosto, 2021

El presidente Biden asegura que la población de Estados Unidos necesitará una tercera dosis de la vacuna contra el Covid-19. El Papa Francisco anima a todo el mundo a vacunarse. Diego Luna nos habla sobre su nueva serie.
23 Ago 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

♪ >> lets get to the point, "alpunto they are going door by door.afghanistan as the united states as we speak with a reporter whois inside and has witnessed the horrors.president biden says that we will need a third dose of thevaccine against covid. why and beginning when?a doctor answers questions. >> thank god we now havevaccines to protect us against covid-19.>> also pope francis encourages everyone to get vaccinated.we talked about the role of religion in convincing peoplewho do not want to get vaccinated.i talked to the leader of the opposition in venezuela, juanguaido. we also see how art can helpbring about a change in cuba. >> where do you want to be?>> a performer. >> also, the most recent projectfrom actor diego luna is behind-the-scenes this time, andas the title says, everything will be begin now. ♪ -- we begin now.♪ >> lets get to the point, "alpunto," with jorge ramos. we begin with the chaos inafghanistan. this week the taliban quicklytook control of the country, surprising the americangovernment and imposing their drastic practices and the airport in kabul, we saw heartrending as people tried tograb onto the fuselage of an airplane before it took off.but others were not even able to make it to the airport becausethey were not able to get past new taliban checkpoints.someone who has witnessed everything that has happened isthe chilean journalist dr. jorge said.he talks about what happened when it began, when the talibanwere charging in kabul. thank you for being with are one of the few latin american journalist inafghanistan right now. what have you seen?>> it has been a very surprising situation.nobody could have imagined this once again.this was sunday. i went to record a shia, wasdriven by the intuition to go to the airport in kabul.i get to the airport, i see no is a military zone. i present my credentials, andthe military says, jorge, you have got to get away from here.taliban is two kilometers away. we walked out of the car.there were a lot of cash to -- of pashtuns.they are often related to taliban.ethnic minorities. respecting all the ethnicminorities who are frightened. there is terror at this moment.especially among the people who worked in the government.people who are in the interior ministry.they were going door by door looking for people who workedwith the afghani government. especially those who areimplicated in torturing taliban members.>> jorge, let me ask you, the announcement joe biden gave thathe was going to leave afghanistan.we have known this for months. from his political campaign.what did the united states do wrong?we knew -- what could they have done differently?>> the worst thing was the intelligence analysis that wesaw here. i spoke with people from thecia, some generals from the airport.they were giving dates. even until saturday, these arehuge intelligence errors, especially for a country thathad been in the country for 20 years, dealing with themilitary. they still have understood itwould be anywhere from two weeks to three months before talibanmade it to kabul. we are talking about an army of250,000 people. but no one responding to aauthority. the intelligence was mistakenwhen they thought they had achieved loyalty, they had not.the president was accused of corruption.he mishandled negotiations. they had a lot of time tonegotiate. with the taliban for months.gaining more time as it continued to advance.>> what concern outside afghanistan is what will happento women and girls. what have you seen?>> i have seen dramatic situations, because personally ihave interviewed a group of 10 people, one girl, for instance,a soccer champion. a handball champion, who said tome, im going to commit suicide if i have to stop playing sportsbecause they are considered western 18-year-old who played cello for 20 years -- she is 25.she was raised with a president of the united states for 20years in this country. -- a presence in the unitedstates. she is concerned that theinstruments are going to be considered western and she willno longer be able to play the piano, the violin, the cello.thats very power. she said im preparing poisonsto kill myself. they dont know if they aregoing to have a burqa that covers their entire face orleaves open their eyes. >> this is one of the mainconcerns. i end with his question.what were you doing in afghanistan, and how do you planto leave? are you not in a lot of dangerif they identify you as a latin american or foreign journalist?>> the taliban is going door by this moment. i believe that the directorcommunicated with me. anyway, i feel now like thespokesperson of this community, who cannot forget about thesewomen. latin america also has a voicehearing millions of us. we also have some idea abouthuman rights, and these human rights need to be defended inthis country. we cannot return to what we had20 years ago, and ethnic minorities who will be affected.>> i want to thank you. know that your voices beingheard loudly outside of afghanistan.thank you, jorge. we continue with this topic.the exit from afghanistan has been supported by democrats andrepublicans, but both sides have criticized the way the bidenadministration has handled the withdrawal.thousands of american soldiers have died, as well as thousandsof freelancers on the afghani side.many more have died. the cost is over 2 billion doubt$2 trillion. that is $300 million a day over20 years. we will have to deal now withthe physical and mental wins from the war.when we return, the vaccines are not a store -- as strong as wethought. we will talk about thenegotiations between the government and the opposition of>> money being sent -- remittances being sent to mexicohas increased, but there are suspicions being raised becausethey could be linked to drug trafficking and moneylaundering. in morning, i am andrea lyons.after making landfall in mexico, the category 3 has weakened, but there are floods in many cities.hundreds of families that have escaped from afghanistan beganarriving in the united states. from the chaotic airport inkabul. new york city and long islandare in a state of emergency as they await the imminent arrivalof tropical storm henri. we continue with jorge ramos.>> thank god, and thanks to the work of a many, we haveprotection against covid-19. they bring us hope to end thepandemic, but only if they are available to everyone.and if we work with each other. >> what we just saw, popefrancis has encouraged people to get the covid-19 vaccine, as anact of law. the acceptance of covid vaccineshas increased 86% in the united states among hispanic talk about all this, im joined by pastor samuelrodriguez, president of the mission hispanic leadershipconference. thank you for joining said that you and your family had contracted covidmonths ago. how did it go?how are you? >> thank god i had lightsymptoms. my daughter was sick.she gave birth to my first granddaughter and ended up on aventilator in the intensive care unit.i acknowledged that this virus is very serious.>> reverend, what is this connection religion and -- iunderstand a lot of protestants dont want to get the vaccinefor religious reasons. why?>> i want to be clear. im 100% in favor of thevaccine. i think medicine and sciencehelp us survive these difficult moments, like this pandemic.i am 100% in favor of the vaccine, especially forvulnerable groups or older people, people with pre-existingconditions. they should get the the same time, i am 100% against the government forcingus to take the vaccine. for instance, my wife -- i stillhavent gotten the vaccine. even though i have antibodies inmy body. it isnt because of religiousreasons. there is nothing in the bible,nothing, jorge, that says we cannot get vaccinated.there is nothing in the bible that says i should not takemedicine. for instance, with all duerespect to members of our churches, to use the religiousexemption to not get the vaccine , if they say im worried aboutthe long-term effects of the vaccine, thats legitimate.but if they say the bible says not to do it, thats not true.there is no biblical imperative that allows people to usereligion as an excuse for not getting the vaccine.the long-term effects of the vaccine -- i think that is alegitimate question mark that we should talk about.whats going to happen in three to five years with the vaccine,but in terms of religion, that should not be an excuse.>> you said you do not want the government imposing the use ofthe vaccine. the supreme court said statescould impose vaccination under certain circumstances.what you are proposing -- isnt that going against the supremecourt and the laws of this country?>> i am a history student. i used to be a teacher whotaught history in the united states.i was against that supreme court decision, and i think if thatdecision were made today, with the current reality, the supremecourt of the united states i think would offer a differentresult. we have rights.let me give you an example, jorge.the pro-abortion movement says it is my body, i choose.well, if thats the issue, how can the government force us totake a vaccine? once again, i recommend thateveryone get the vaccine, especially if you havent hadcovid, get the vaccine. so that you will not end up inthe hospital. so get the vaccine.but the government forcing us -- thats my concern.i think that is the question mark that a lot of christianpeople have. the duty, the obligation of thegovernment. for instance, the government --doesnt it force us to have a seatbelt, a drivers license toavoid danger? isnt public safety aboveindividual rights? >> correct.a seatbelt, a license, but something in my body issomething completely different, very different from a safetybelt. for instance, i can choose if idont want to wear a seatbelt. i have a car accident, i getwounded, i might die. once again, we need to have thealternative. we need to be able to choose.i tell people they should get the vaccine, but i dont wantthe government telling me, samuel rodriguez, you and yourfamily have to get the vaccine because that is a violation ofmy constitutional rights. that means i dont have controlof my body, that means at the end of the day the government ismy god, that my government controls me.what is going to stop the government tomorrow from tellingme what i have to put in my body?our freedoms cannot die with covid.>> reference ml rodriguez, thank you for joining us on theprogram. >> thank you for having me.>> we continue with the same topic.we know there will have to be a third dose, a third booster shot. >> earlier today, medicalexperts announced a plan for booster shots for everyvaccinated adult american. this will boost your immuneresponse. it will increase your protectionfrom covid-19. thats the best way to protectourselves from new variance that could arise.>> that is what president biden said.the pandemic has expanded among -- including children, and thatface masks and social distancing will not help short-term.we are joined by jose montero. dr. montero, inc. you for beingwith us. many are disappointed becausethey thought that two covid vaccine doses would be enough,and now we are talking about a third.what we are seeing is that unfortunately a large portion ofthe population has not been vaccinated yet.that allowed the entrance of new variance that are moreaggressive. obviously when there is a lot ofvirus circulating, this can affect people who werevaccinated. we have known from the beginningthat the vaccine. a 90 to 92% efficacy rate, witha percentage than under circumstances like this willhave helped cases among vaccinated people.he thought that the -- >> we thought that 60% of thepopulace and being vaccinated we would have some kind of herdimmunity. what happened?>> herd immunity has never been able to be determined exactly.we dont know what the exact number would have to be.this new aggressive variant has come about in the last twomonths. we did not have the deltavariant, now it is the most prevalent one.this is more easily transmissible than the ones wehad before. it is at least twice ascontagious as the one before. we are having a lot of peopleunvaccinated two mus ago, close to 50% of the population.this variant can penetrate more easily.that is the situation we are in now.>> when will we need this third dose?the moderna or pfizer vaccine? >> based on the information wehave now, a month later is the ideal moment to get that thirddose, that booster. that is where we are saying,that by september we are going to start with a national programthat will allow these vaccinations for the populationof the country. >> what about people who got thesingle-dose johnson & johnson vaccine.>> at this moment we do not have all the information.the johnson & johnson vaccine is very effective.but we have to remember, using that vaccine two months afterthe flexing, we had more time to have consistent and concretedata on that vaccine. but based on what we know now,yes, it may require a booster shot.>> at the global level, african director of the world healthorganization is upset adding a third dose.he says we are looking for a third dose in the united stateswhen countries in africa have not received a first dose.>> that is correct, and that is why in the united states we havebeen perverting covax and have donated hundreds of millions ofvaccine doses at a global level, and we continue with thatprocess. we will soon reach close to 500million doses. that is what we are doing now asa country to try to prevent these cases and other is clear that if we are not all vaccinated, the variancewill continue in different places -- the variants willcontinue. to continue protecting others,but unfortunately we are saying in our country, serious deathand illness in our patients, and we dont want to lose ground.>> doctor, we are talking about a pandemic under the vaccinated,that among the unvaccinated come or is it affecting vaccinatedpeople as well? >> both are was mostly a pandemic under the unvaccinated, but today weare seeing the vast majority is under unvaccinated publishers.but this transmission has been so large and that group, we areseeing a phenomenon -- we are seeing it spread among groupsthat have been vaccinated, and we have seen breakthrough cases.the vast majority of breaking cases among vaccinated peopleare not serious and do not require hospitalization.but some do. and we want to prevent that fromhappening. >> dr. montero, thank you forbeing here. >> thank you for having me.>> when we return, venezuela, talks in mexico and with --leaving power, and we see how artists in cuba can supportchange on the island. >> everyth♪ >> and, venezuela.the nicolas maduro regime has begun a serious investigationwith the opposition in mexico. the opposition wants to forcethe did cater ship to accept -- the dictatorship to acceptelections that are wanted by international entities.juan guaido is the interim president in venezuela,recognized by dozens of countries.we got into the program to see why they accepted this dialoguein caracas, venezuela. juan guaido, thank you for beinghere for this interview. let me get to the point thatmany people within and outside venezuela, who think you havefallen into a trap. that the nicolas maduro regimehas laid a trap and that many people refer to you as president, the strength in acknowledging the government of nicolasmaduro. have you fallen into this trap?>> jorge, naturally there is skepticism in this negotiationprocess. we have tried it in the past andit has not happened. i think that venezuela haspushed for this negotiation to end in agreement.there is something important about a result of that process, as the memorandum of understandingstates, we understand that our counterpart is a dictatorship,and it is -- who is usurping power in venezuela right now?>> sure, but under the opposition, maria shot of saidthat with the stroke of a pen the work of many people has beendenied, and this is what the regime is a farce. >> mr. guaido, are you notgiving the dictatorship what they wanted?>> i understand the -- the unitary platform that representsthe majority of venezuela, and the government is backed by apowerful international alliance. the clear objective, it saysright there in the agenda, to recover guarantees that includeif -- a presidential election, and to help victims of violence,victims of the current regime. it is very clear for us, we areowed an election from 20. thats what drags us into thiscrisis in venezuela. individual opinions have to beincorporated, but our objective is very clear.>> if you want to have a presidential election that isobserved internationally, how can you trust the nicolas maduroregime when you know they engage in terrible electoral fraud in2013 and 2018? they have this can you trust another election that they willcoordinate? >> we dont trust them, jorge.that is why we are asking for, and demanding, guarantees.because we dont trust in the regimes good faith.we have worked with norway, the russian federation, thenetherlands. we have a group that we call thefriendly states. we do not trust in the goodfaith of a dictatorship, so we need the internationalcommunity. this negotiation process ishappening with international support because we know that theregime is going to try to invade the accord -- tv the accord,they will try to evade the promises --.>> jorge rodriguez is the president of the current maduroassembly. you know him.and for those who dont remember him, he gave the order toconfiscate our equipment when we were entered in with nicolasmaduro. he gave the order to steal ourtelevision equipping. this is the man negotiating withyou now. do you trust someone like jorgerodriguez? >> he is the person that ourcounterpart defined as being in charge of the negotiations.for us, we have aim -- a mayor in venezuela, that was hiscounterpart. as i said, jorge, there isnttrust. we are not starting with goodfaith. we are trying to find a solutionfor venezuela, trying to start disk -- stop this conflict inour country. like you said, one of the thingsthat jorge rodriguez has ordered -- you saw this yourself -- tofalsely accuse a member of the opposition.>> under what circumstances would you meet with nicolasmaduro? >> for us, this is veryinteresting. have done it this way becausethere is a natural skepticism among venezuelans, so we haveother countries helping us with this process, and we are tryingto reach an agreement. venezuela does not need anotherfailed negotiation. the pain, and you see this inmillions of refugees. you see it in the hunger thatpeople are experiencing. for us, we need to reach anagreement with electoral guarantees, humanitarian aid, aplan to solve the crisis in venezuela, in respect to theconstitution and our country. that is what we are looking for.that is why we have had to go through this took over three months to get to this agenda, to get thismethodology. we need to respect thatmethodology, to achieve the objective.>> juan guaido, thank you for being with us.>> jorge, thank you very much. >> when we return, how to help ademocratic change in cuba from afar.and we talk with diego luna, who is in london filming the mostrecent version>> the united states announced this week new sanctions againstofficials, this after repression against government protesters.many leaders continue to be arrested despite the protestsstarting months ago. our guest is a philanthropistwho has been working to see how artists can promote change onthe island. thank you for joining us.were talking about the event that you are did you think to organize all of these performers?are you putting art and music ahead of politics?>> as you know, jorge, there were several reasons for thisconference. i think the main reason is totalk about the great injustice that is taking place right now,particularly against artists, the repression we have seen, andeventually -- especially in the last few weeks.we wanted artists and performers to be able to express themselvesin an honest way, without fear. it was also very important tolet them know that in miami, we dont all have the same opinionregarding the best way to achieve democracy in cuba, whichi think is what we all want, right?some people have talked about a military invasion, others havespoken about strengthening the embargo.i was one of the people who took obama to cuba, and i thoughtthat this would open relations between cuba and the unitedstates and allow democracy to progress.unfortunately, for reasons that the cuban government wasresponsible for, instead of allowing cuba to be open, theyclosed the island off more. >> to promote democracy in cuba,from your point of view, thro should there be more contact andnot less? is that how you think cuba canbecome a democracy? >> that is the way i think cubacan become a democracy because the cuban government has so manyrestrictions against its people, that unless the united stateslaunches a military invasion, which i am completely against, idont think one country should invade another country, i thinkthe quickest change can come if the cuban economy opens as muchas possible. as happened in europe, right?its happened in europe. then the people, seeing thisprogress, and work for change in -- can work for change in a moreaggressive manner. what were doing right now,opening up the internet, buying as much as possible to establishthese relations once again, i think that is the correct way todo it. >> the event has a lot of humans-- cubans living in the united states, but you also haveartists who are detained in cuba.what do you know about them? we know very little doesnt -->> we know very little. you know from friends who talkto us, who travel in mexico or other places and tell us what ishappening. it is a very difficultsituation. the repression is worse than ithas ever been, and the economy is worse than it has ever been.>> jorge, let me end with this. is this something personal foryou? as a child you live tray whilein cuba. have you returned?what do you expect to see? you expect to ever see a freecuba? >> yes.that is what i would most like. my parents are both cubans.i was born in argentina, and i was raised in cuba.they lost everything in cuba. when people say you have notsuffered, my family has suffered.i have family members who have been killed, family members whohave been imprisoned. they have lost everything, haveleft cuba to start again, but that doesnt mean that we needto put ourselves in a situation that allows a similarrepression. i think the way to continuehelping cuba, the cuban people in the best and most direct way,to open the internet, to continue with travel to theisland, and participation among cultural and artistic programs,economic programs, to bring about that democracy in is a terrible system. i am a capitalist, but i alsohave a bit of social conscience. we need to support withoutpunishing people who have different opinions.>> jorge, thank you for being with us on the show once again.>> thank you, jorge. >> when we return, actor diegolu>> what happened? >> what did you dream?>> divorce. >> i think therapy for this girlis going to be really expensive. >> thats part of the newnetflix series titled "everything will be fine,"directed by diego luna. it takes place in mexico cityand it analyzes love relationships, marriage.diego is in london, filming a star wars movie.but we had him for a few minutes talking about this project.thank you for being with us. first, everything will be fine.when i hear that phrase, i think it is the biggest lie that adivorced couple can say. how this become -- how did thisbecome a television project? >> looked, "everything will befine" is a phrase that predicts that everything will go bad.its like saying, with all due respect, or no know you are going to be offended."everything will be fine" is a phrase u being used now a lot.its loaded with this insecurity that we have as parents, interms of what are we going to give our children?what impact will this thing that we need today have on ourchildren. "everything will be fine" is aseries that tries to create an idea of the modern family thatmeets the needs of our families today, and that response tothese changes that we are seeing .>> how do you face this? you call this a dramedy.cancer questions like how many sexual partners have you had, --to answer questions like how many central partners have youhad, what is your future childs name?why a drameduy? >> i didnt want it to losehumor because i think humor is an essential tool to say thingsthat hurt the most. i grew up in a house where ironyand sarcasm were used as a key to face the most painful things,perhaps, right? and also as a viewer, i need tolaugh. when i see something, especiallya tv series that is going to take four hours of my life, likethis one, i need it to make me laugh.through laughter, i wanted to raise questions.i want a laughter that confronts me that is smart in that way,humor that transforms you. that is what were looking for.>> so what do you want to be? >> an artist.>> what do you mean? not you.>> are your 40s waiting on you? you are 41 now, right?>> because of the pandemic im going to say im still 40because we lost a year. >> i am perhaps part of anothergeneration, but are the years waiting on you come or do youstill think of yourself as a young person?who has had a lot of experiences?>> well, look, a friend today told me that being young isbeing willing to face challenges , and i am young in thatrespect. i dont accept myself as i am.this is not the last version of who i will be.i want to transform and adapt to what this reality is demandingof me. i think that being young isabout being in a constant process of introspection, and myprofession allows me to do that. it allows me to ask myself, am iwhere i want to be? am i surrounded by the people iwant to be surrounded by? am i talking about things thatmatter to me? if i cannot talk about that,which are like, changing projects.this is so i will be happier. >> let me end with this.for people who do not know this, diego and i had a longconversation during the day. we talked about the importanceof having journalists, actors, and artists use their voice todefend human rights. do you think that weight isheavier on you? im tempted to ask you aboutpolitics in mexico, not just about your project.maybe thats it. >> yes, i think it is veryimportant. we all need to exercise ourcitizenship, but those of us who have access to microphones,voices that can be amplified, we need to do something withresponsibility. what we are saying is thatdemocracy requires citizens re- -- citizenry -- that is whyjournalists, citizens understanding things is so vital. we need to be present.democracy isnt something you do once every six years or everytime you have to go vote, it is something you do every day.the world we live in and this pandemic made it requires us to question a lot of things, to reinvent ourselves, and that involves our participation.we had better take it seriously. >> and if we do it, everythingwill be fine. diego, thank.>> i appreciate it, jorge. watch it on netflix.>> thank you. everything will be fine.summer break is coming to an end.every family does what they can to avoid covid-19, but letslisten to -- who tells us what will happen with music andhumor. ♪♪ >> thank you very much.a final note, last week i had the opportunity to talk tomexico boxer saul alvarez. this we can announce through histwitter account he will fight on november 6 against caleb plant.they will be fighting for a belt that will take place in lasvegas, divider. next week when we get to the point, "al punto."thank you. ♪