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Al Punto con Jorge Ramos - 21 de marzo, 2021

22 Mar 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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♪ jorge: lets get to the point."al punto." we have everything on theemergency on the border. many children are crossingalone. congresswomanen tell us more.cristina jimenez tells us what is missing.over 100 million people have been vaccinated in the unitedstates. but when will children bevaccinated? many women in mexico criticizepresident monroe over lopez obrador -- president obrador.she could be the next president of nicaragua.if they are able to oust daniel ortega.and edgar ramirez stars in a new film where parents tell theirchildren "yes" all the time. we speak to him about that andfor tps for venezuelans. we begin now.♪ jorge: lets get to the point,"al punto" with jorge ramos. jorge: lets get to the point,"al punto." today, we have everything aboutimmigration, from the proposal to legalize dreamers andfarmworkers to the undocumented entry of many central americanimmigrants. it could be the largest wave ofimmigrants in the last 20 years. .but we begin with the crisis on the border.with thousands of children crossing alone from mexico tothe united states, there are over 15,000 that have crossedwithout their parents in january and february.this is what we are hearing. >> what country are you from?>> andres. -- honduras.>> who brought you this far? >> no, just by myself.>> did your family pay for somebody to bring you here?>> yes. >> may god bless you.take care of yourself. >> there are many more thousandsat the border crossing alone into the united tell us what is happening on the border, we are joined byrepresentative veronica escobar whose district orders mexico.thank you for joining us. what are you seeing on theborder? >> thank you for theopportunity. what we are seeing is what wehave seen for decades. people arriving at their momentof greatest need to our border. fleeing their country.this time, we are seeing many children.and also families. but also, we are seeing mexicansarriving. the joe biden administration isaccepting children, helping to ensure they are reunified withtheir families. almost half of these childrenhave parents in this country. jorge: congresswoman, the bidenadministration does not want to call this a crisis, but i wantyou to help me find a solution. the mexican government has saidit will close its border with guatemala.when trump asked mexico to do that, we said mexico had becomedonald trumps wall. is mexico now joe bidens wall?>> closing our border is not the solution.that is what we saw under donald is what we have seen in the past.we have to advance permanent solutions.we need to work together, not just with mexico or the centralamerican countries, but also involve canada because all of ushave an obligation to resolve all of this.if we do not do this, we will continue to have thisconversation year after year. i am hopeful that the joe bidenadministration wants to do that, finally work to resolve what ishappening in central america. but we also need to work withour neighbor, our friend, mexico, to advance humanitariansolutions and abandon the policy of cruelty.jorge: president joe biden wants to invest in central america.that will take a long time. do you think things will worsenon the border in your district before they get better >>?we will see more people arriving at the border in the next fewmonths because that is what happens every is part of what we have seen your after year.and yes, it is correct to say things will get more difficultbefore we see a success of long-term plans.jorge: i have one last question for you.when republicans see what is happening at the border, theyinsist this is a crisis. 178 thousand undocumentedimmigrants arrived in january and february.when they see all of this, surely they do not want toapprove immigration reform. maybe they do not want toapprove what you have tasked to help dreamers and you think the possibility of legalizing them is indanger? >> we need to advance the truthwhich is that for decades, we have seen people arriving to ourborder. this is not something new.this is not caused by joe biden. the more time we waste on thisconversation trying to find out whos fault it is or whether ornot there is a crisis, we are not talking about advancingsolutions to resolve all of this.we have a lot of work to do, especially in the senate, toadvance necessary changes. but i am hopeful we will finallyresolve it under the leadership of joe biden.jorge: congresswoman veronica escobar, thank you for joiningus. >> thank you.jorge: because we want to have both points of view, we will nowhear from a republican. congresswoman maria elvirasalazar visited the border this week and she has a differentproposal. she joins us for the first timeon this program. thank you for being with were a journalist your whole life.this week, you went to the border.what did you see? can you describe that for us?>> what i saw was thousands and thousands of children, mostlycentral american and mexican, who were in a detention center.very clean, by the way, very well-managed with three meals aday. 14-year-old children with14-year-old children. 13-year-old children with13-year-old children. they were being cared for.the question is, what happened to the children on the way tothe border? how many of those children arebeing trafficked? how many of them are beingforced to work sexually for others?that is the big problem we have. we can talk about the politicalramifications this has. jorge: perhaps the question is,what is the solution? you voted alongside democrats tosupport dreamers and farmworkers so they can have a legalizedstatus. you proposed a so-called plan ofdignity. what is that?what is that counterproposal? >> it is the art of thepossible. it is to give a status to the 11million people who are here without papers.everybody who has been in this country over five years who haschildren who are american, have not committed a crime, working,paying taxes, they should have dignity for the next 10 yearsand they cannot have their car taken from them or be ejectedfrom the country. you know the proposal joe bidenhas presented does not have enough votes in the house wherei am. if it had the votes, they wouldhave presented bidens plan that he promised on his first day ofhis administration. what we have done is voted fordreamers and people who work on the farms.what about everybody else in between?what happens to somebody that does not have tps, that is not adreamer, that has been in this country for 10 years and isalways under the fear that he or she will be deported and haveeverything taken from them? that is what the dignity plan isfor, to give them dignity now. i just voted in favor ofdreamers and people working in the fields.but there are many people in limbo.democrats are promising something they know they cannotfulfill. that bothers me most becausethey are playing with the false hope of that group of peoplethat you and i serve. and that they know is not true.jorge: would you like a complete wall on the border?in the last election, you supported president donaldtrump. you know for many latinos, he isa racist and against immigrants. would you be in favor of a wallon the border? is that a precondition tolegalize 11 million undocumented people?>> we are not talking about a you said, we went to the border.we are talking about keeping border on the border.whatever the technology that might be, it could be talltowers that detect through infrared how people bring drugsto the border. we are talking beyond that.we are not just focusing on one thing, the wall or trump, we aretrying to resolve a problem for 11 million brothers and sisterswho are giving their lives and always afraid they might bedeported. that is what i am talking about.i repeat, we need to solve the problem on the border soeveryone, including democrats, can understand that we need totake care of the people inside. forget about trump.forget about the past. lets look toward the future.the person picking jalapenos in california is not thinking aboutwhat happened what is going to go in the not be imported, to not be separated from his children, andto not have his cars taken from him.that is what i am getting toward.we need to be humane. we need to create an immigrationlaw, reform it, so that everyone in the market needs can enter.i have said this to my republican colleagues.the people we are talking about will not be doctors andengineers. we need people who can pickfruit, who can clean, who can work in hotels and construction.the market needs to dictate who will enter, what the marketneeds. we need to make sure the asylumsystem is not being abused. we know it is being abused.sometime someone who needs it cannot get it.we need complete reform. until that reform, what are wegoing to do with somebody who is here?my neighbors worker or the man who works in the garden nextdoor. that is why my plan exists.jorge: congresswoman, thank you for being on the program for thefirst time. when we return, a proposal tolegalize dreamers has been approved.but the hardest thing remains. also, how effective are vaccinesagainst coronavirus and what will theirjorge: lets go now to the big victory for dreamers.the house approved a proposal that would legalize their statusand give them a path to citizenship.they still need support in the senate.that will be the most difficult thing.we are joined by cristina jimenez, one of the main leadersof dreamers in the country. thank you for joining again.lets talk about what was approved this is not comprehensive immigration is much smaller proposals. could you give us a summary ofeach? >> yes, there is a proposalcalled the promise act for dreamers and the promise tpsrecipients have received. this proposal creates a path tocitizenship for people with tps and also for young, undocumentedpeople who have daca, and others not able to apply for daca.they also qualify. it is a more expensive versioncompared to other -- expansive version compared to otherlegislation. we also have another proposalcalled the agricultural worker modernization also provides a path to citizenship for agriculturalworkers, many of whom are undocumented who can now applyfor citizenship if the law is approved.jorge: if both proposals are approved, how many millionswould benefit? it would not be the 11 million.but how many do you estimate? >> we are talking about over 4million people, including young people with and without daca,people with tps, and also farmworkers who would qualifyfor this pass to citizenship under these proposals.jorge: very well. you and i have had thisconversation before. what is missing now?it still needs to be approved in the senate.i dont know where they will get 10 votes from republicans toreach 60. what is the strategy now?>> there are two important things we talk about strategy.we need to acknowledge the power of immigrant communities whohave achieved this historic vote in the house of representatives.this has taken over 20 years to get to this moment.that is the power we need to celebrate today.number two, the strategy to follow at this moment is that weknow that republicans have not been a pro immigrant party.we saw they did not even support in favor of the covid reliefbill that was approved in is no secret in washington and outside of washington thatwe cannot count with republicans to gain citizenship for ourcommunity. i hope president biden and thedemocrats are implementing a strategy that will require only50 votes. that can be done the same waythat the covid relief bill was was approved only with democratic votes.this is a tactic to get legislation through congress, toinclude immigration in another big package that i know thebiden administration and congress will be working towardan infrastructure budget, infrastructure package in thenext few weeks. i think that would be thestrategic opportunity that would allow our communities to have apath toward citizenship. that is the push we need to donow with president biden and democrats.jorge: the strategy is youre saying you will not have anyrepublican votes. you will not get 60 votes withthem, so you will try to get all of it through just thedemocratic party? >> that is correct.we need to learn from the mistakes of the obamaadministration. president obama always wanted towork with republicans. that is why he deported millionsof people, a record number in his administration, because hethought the more deportations there were, republicans wouldcome to negotiate. jorge: that never happened.>> that never happened. it was a strategy that was amiscalculation by the obama administration.we have learned from that. jorge: cristina jimenez, thankyou. hopefully, this story will bedifferent this time. when we return, how safe is itto vaccinate children against coronavirus?a doctor tells us what we can expect.and feminists in mexico ask president lopez obradorge ramos>> 58 days into our administration, we will have metmy goal of administrating 100 million shots to fellowamericans. jorge: as we just heardpresident biden say, the administration has already metits objective to distribute 100 million vaccines in under 100days. that is good news.this week, moderna began clinical trials with children.carlos del rio has worked to produce and distribute themoderna vaccine. he joins us.thank you for returning to the show.what are you concerned about? >> >> i am concerned the casesare diminishing in the united states.we are seeing a surge in certain places like new york, newjersey, and michigan. it concerns me because we areseeing these more contagious variants.we have a race between strains and vaccines.we need to win the race. we are going to do it by makingsure not to get infected, using a face mask, maintaining socialdistancing practices, etc. until we get the soon as we can get vaccinated , getting vaccinated.the sooner we get vaccinated, the sooner we get to herdimmunity. then we will be safe.when it is your turn to get vaccinated, get vaccinated.jorge: i want to ask about children.with a moderna vaccine, you are studying the effects on childrenbelow the age of 12. there are children under sixmonths in the trial. when do you expect it to beapproved for children? >> right now, the vaccine isapproved for everybody over 18. for children to the age of 12,probably this summer. for children younger than 12,probably late 202022. -- late 2021 or 2022.jorge: they have said children can be separated by just threefeet. is that enough?are you comfortable with that decision?>> yes. i will tell you why.the cdc published three studies that show low rates oftransmission in schools despite there being high transmissionrates in the community. this is a virus that is nottransmitted much between mostly happens among adults. i think it is important childrenreturn to school. the most worrying thing isteachers need to be vaccinated. lets vaccinate teachers,administrative staff, bus drivers, lets continue usingface masks. lets keep a social distance ofthree feet. i think it is fundamental forthe mental health of children, for the future of the children,but also to open the economy. if children did it is impossiblepeople to return to work. jorge:well? doctors, scientists, but arepoliticians doing their part? we have over 100 miln 100 days.>> i think things are going well.president biden said he would give one million doses to get upto 100 million. we have surpassed that.globally, over 400 million vaccines have been administered.100 million in the united states.what worries me regarding the latin american public, we havean equity -- in equity globally. we need to make sure vaccinesarrive in latin america. theres a huge problem inbrazil. as americans, we need tovaccinate the world. if this vaccine does not end ona global level, it does not end for anybody.jorge: youre saying right now there are vaccines just for richcountry so we need to give vaccines from the united statesto latin american and other countries?>> it is not about giving is a strategy that benefits us as americans.if latin america is healthy because they are not infected,they will buy our products. it is to our advantage to dothis. it is about self-interest.we will get tourism from those countries, etc.the important thing is to see how we can support efforts likecovax from the world health organization to make sure thesevaccines go to the rest of the world in a logical and fast way.jorge: thank you for speaking with related news, hobby or becerra -- have your becerra --javier becerra was confirmed on thursday.he is the son of immigrants pray he is the first latino secretaryof health and human services. it was a close vote, 50 in favorand 49 against. when we return, the president ofmexico has been criticized for not defending women and forsupporting a candidate accused of sexual misconduct.and she wants to be president of nicaragua.she will tell us what she plans to do about danielle ortega.♪ >> activists 10 feminists inmexico are furious because president lopez obrador hasgiven support to a candidate accused of sexual assault.they are also upset at how the administration responded torecent protests. we are joined by a journalistwho wrote a powerful and influential article askingmexican men to break with the patriarchal pact.thanks for returning to the program.>> thanks for inviting me. jorge: the first question has todo with andres manuel lopez obrador, the president ofmexico. he is a politician for goodpolitical instinct. he does not fly in apresidential airplane. he did not get the vaccinebefore millions of mexicans. when it comes to the proteststhat occurred on international womens day, he was not insupport of women. is something wrong?>> you are right. he has got an instinct for thepublic that is effective, but he has also got an outsized ego.he has shown this since his administration began.i think hawhat he does not like is the size of what he isseeing. he sees this as opposition fromwomen against him. it is not that we are here in asmall space of opposition. this is a global is the most important thing in the mexico, we come from all social segments, all ages.we are saying there is a crisis in violence against is so big that i think what was activated was andress mens manuels ego and it is costing him.lets hear what he said. >> we cannot allow politicallynchings. what did you want from me?for me to disqualify, as though i were a [spanish]no, i am a democrat. if there are accusations, thesystem should resolve the situation.jorge: could you explain what the problem is with thepresident supporting the candidacy of felix salgadomacedonio? >> he has been accused of sexualharassment five times. rape twice.these accusations have been presented to the attorneygeneral. but one of these cases tookplace over 22 years ago, so the statute of limitations, we women are calling him an alleged rapist.jorge: this candidate to the governorship.>> that is correct. has an ethical responsibilitywith institutional decency to say something.jorge: i wanted to ask you, you wrote one of the most powerfuland influential articles in the last few months if not asked mexicans, mexican men, to break the patriarchal pact.what are you asking? >> yes, the patriarchal pact isa type of silent pact that has existed in the world, butparticularly in mexico where men know that they can commitviolence against women and their friends, brothers, will not sayanything. they will not stop them.jorge: where are you asking men in mexico -- what are you askingmen in mexico? >> to break the silence.this is not just a topic of gender.this affects the country. it affects the moral nature ofour country. there is an alleged rapistrunning for governor. we are asking men to join us.jorge: do you think you are changing mexico, changing mexicofrom the inside? >> completely.i was at the march on march 8. and younger women and olderwomen, women my age, i am seeing that we are so committed to thecause. we are so organized.spontaneously important pieces we are movingabsolutely. jorge: your voice is being heardloudly. thank you and break the pact.jorge: nicaragua which will havepresidential elections in november.daniel ortega is looking for another term.recently, a law was approved that would exclude many of hisadversaries from running in november.however, cristiana chamorro has been talked about as apossible candidate. she is a journalist and hermother was the only woman president of nicaragua.thank you for being with us. i want to say that i was innicaragua in 1990 when your mother beat daniel ortega.this was 1990. might this be repeated in 2021?>> i think so. it is important people go outand vote again and express with the vote the desire to end thisrepressive dictatorship in nicaragua that we have had underdaniel ortega. this is our third chance innicaragua. we are determined to haveelections and to win on november 7.jorge: i would like to ask the following.daniel ortega is 74. he returned to power in 2007.he ran again in 2011 and 2016. these last elections were rifewith electoral fraud. what makes you think this timeortega will play fairly and will not cheat?>> look, jorge. what we need to do is fight toget to that moment and to have the conditions to vote infreedom. he has been breaking all sortsof norms. but he knows that there need tobe elections in november. we are working at this moment todemand conditions that will allow nicaraguans not to havethat sacred right taken from them.i think if that happens, we will win.jorge: very well. lets clear something the moment, you are not a candidate.what needs to happen for you to be a candidate?what conditions need to exist? >> at the moment, i have saidyes to nicaragua. i said i was ready to servenicaraguans because i had a conviction, a conviction that weneed to live under democracy and in freedom.that response i gave in her log ones -- nicaraguans has receiveda lot of support. i am at the top of the polls atthe moment. how will i formalize mycandidacy? i am proposing and working forthis so that the two legitimate opposition forces can reach aconsensus saying they will be united.jorge: at the international level, when there is adictatorship, it is difficult for them to file an daniel ortega a dictator? >> yes, he is a dictator.he is repressive. he is a monstrous nicaragua, we have experienced something we havenot seen in decades. repression, torture,imprisonments. right now, we have over 100political prisoners. we have thousands.we have 100,000 people in exile. if you bring out a flag and say"long live nicaragua," you get thrown into jail.some of his political opponents are in house arrest.jorge: is it true that when he lost the election, your motherhad to comfort him while he was crying?>> it is true. i was a witness to it.i saw him crying. my mom was comforting him.jorge: you saw it? >> yes, he arrived to my mothershouse. my mother hugged him and saiddont worry, this will get resolved.jorge: i end with this. how is your mother?she is 91 preach she changed the history of is she now? >> she is in delicate condition.she is awaiting her day with tranquility and peace, feelinglike she has accomplished her mission.jorge: thank you for joining us pray we will see if you are ableto accomplish your mission. we go to el is no secret i have been asking for an interviewwith the president of el salvador.this week, the president sent me a message on twitter.he said, tell jorge i already gave an interview to tuckercarlson. we already had an interview in2015 when he was mayor of sent salvador.he told me the following. >> in el salvador, abortion isagainst the law. thousands of women were accusedof having an abortion. are you against abortion?>> yes, i am against abortion. there is a case of 17 womenaccused. they had doctors notes sayingthey had not awarded, that they had had a miscarriage.and these women are persecuted. i think in our country, we needto see the real problems we have.i am against abortion, but our country has such big problems.jorge: you are against abortion under any condition?>> no, not if a womans life is in danger.nayib bukele, --jorge: nayib bukele the invitation is can come to the program whenever you want.can you imagine saying yes to everything your children suggestfor a day? one actor had to do it in amovie.n>> "yes day" -- you cannot ask to get your hair is not about spending money or doing extravagant is about spending quality time.that is what yesterday is about. i think every relationship thatis important in your life deserves a yes could be with your partner, your parents, your workenvironment. we believe that "yes day" can bea therapeutic tool for all sorts of relationships.>> something important is the image we are seeing of anamerican family. it is the torres is a complicated family, will the cultural.this has something to do with the director and with you.this family we are seeing, is this a new american family?>> of course. they live in los angeles.i live in los angeles. i live half of my life inspanish and english. i am surrounded by multiculturalfamilies constantly. it is very important that thereality that we experience, that the world we live in, bereflected in the stories we tell.and obviously for me, as an immigrant, i have been living inthe united states for the last three is very important that the torres family where the motheris american and the father is venezuelan and their childrenare bicultural, that it be a family as californian, asamerican, as any other family from any other origin.jorge: we have been speaking about this for decades,hollywood and in the united states, we dont see latinfamilies. this has been changing little bylittle. we are 20% of the population.should 20% of the movies be about us?>> i think that if we dont necessarily address topics thataffect hispanic communities, there should be hispaniccharacters in a natural and organic way.i think there is a lot of work to do.that is being reflected you say, we are the largest minority in the united is simply a demographic reality.and i think that the work is being done in thatrepresentation will be more equal.jorge: how was the film made? was it before the pandemic,during the pandemic? the film, instead of going to atheater, it is going to netflix. how is the way we are seeingmovies changing? >> there is no better place fora film like this at this moment than netflix.just two weeks after finishing the movie, the pandemic began.for me, from a personal point of view, the film has taken on amore profound meaning than it had when i was filming itbecause basically what you are giving the people you most lovethrough a "yes day" is your time and can spend 10 hours with somebody, but if you aredistracted and not really giving them anything, it is the focusthat can be so difficult. for me, the beginning of thepandemic is very related to "yes day."i think a place like netflix when theaters are not open yetfor a movie that for me is very inspiring that i hope whenpeople see it around the world, i hope they will be able to feelhope. jorge: let me end with somethingelse. the united states has finallygiven tps, temporary protected status, 2000s of venezuelans --to thousands of been as well as in the united states.what message are they sending to the world?>> finally, there is an administration taking seriouslythe topic of human rights. i think that for a long time andduring the trump administration there was a terriblemanipulation. the venezuelan pain was used toget votes in strategic areas, especially florida.and i think in the end, nothing substantial was done to improvethe condition of venezuelans in the country or to help thecondition of venezuelans in venezuela.jorge: i hope to see you soon and in person with a or follow us on facebook, instagram, andtwitter. until next week, when togetherwe get to th

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