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Al Punto con Jorge Ramos - 16 de mayo, 2021

Crecen las protestas en Colombia y el presidente Iván Duque habla sobre la crisis. El demócrata Rubén Gallego y Otto Reich, quien ha trabajado con tres presidentes republicanos, hablan sobre la creencia de que a Trump le robaron la elección.
17 May 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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>> lets get to the point, "al punto."the future of colombia. protests increase as colombianscomplain about the current government.ivan duque eight speaks with patricia janiot about gettingout of the crisis. >> as president, i will continueto fulfill my duties. >> we talk about the big liewhich is that trump had the election stolen from him.we will speak with the democratic and republicanstrategist. also, inflation.prices are increasing. an expert tells us how toprevent savings from evaporating.we speak with olga tañón. she does something shehas never done before pick she is here to explain.we begin now. ♪jorge: lets get to the point, "al punto" with jorge ramos.jorge: we begin with colombia. what began as a protest againstan increase in taxes has become one of the most importantmovements for change in the last few decades within that country.there are many people who have been disappeared or who areinjured. some have died.president ivan duque spoke with patricia janiot about how to getout of the crisis. she asks him directly.>> president duque eight, good morning, welcome to theinterview with univision. thank you for your time.lets begin by talking about this has been 16 days, and there is not a possible question for you is, why have negotiations not begun yet?>> before anything, angela patricia, i want to explain thenational government has sent the national committee theirwillingness to enter into negotiations.that letter was sent days ago. there were many invitations.we had a meeting with the national committee.the u.n. and the catholic church participated.we have said we are willing to take on the construction of anagreement within the space of negotiations.>> speaking of public safety, there are accusations againstthe police force, especially in buga where they have saidmilitary forces have used helicopters with red cross logosand they have landed at educational institutes, whichgoes against international laws. why are red cross logos beingused on helicopters that the military is using?>> i think it is important to talk about this because we havealways worked under the constitution and law to maintainpublic safety. in colombia, public safety has-- abides five principles of decentralization -- abides byprinciples of decentralization. mayors and governors and thepresident handle public safety for the country.we have always seen the police force try to protect humanrights and the rights of the citizenry.when there are cases against the constitution or the law, actionis taken immediately with the help of the attorney generalsoffice. the truth is that fortransportation of medicine or humanitarian material, protocolsare followed. when there have been medicalmissions that have been helped by the military or the police,it is done following those protocols strictly.>> my question was regarding a red cross helicopter that landedat an educational institution. is it true this happened?you saw this. there were logos of thered cross being used. are military operations beingdone through educational institutes?>> you cannot use red cross logos in military operations.that is not allowed. that is not allowed byinternational law or in colombia.>> but the images came out. >> we are investigating, tryingto figure out if medical personnel was being transportedor medical materials were being transported.i asked for transparency into the investigation.>> do you think the leaders of the committees negotiating withthe government represent the protesters on the street?>> i think there is a little bit of everything.i think we need to see things with a great deal of clarity.there are people protesting in the streets peacefully.there are parts of the population that have beenaffected in terms of opportunities and jobavailability. we have to listen and findsolutions. there is a portion that identifywith this national committee. >> i am told it would help ifyou, as the head of government, were to acknowledge the abusescommitted by tens of police have said there are 62 investigations currently againstpublic safety officers. and over 40 people have beenkilled. are you willing to recognizeabuses by police officers? >> angela patricia, i think itis important to point out that we have always done this.whenever there have been acts that go beyond the constitutionor the law, we have always condemned them.we have always sought quitck action from the attorneygeneral. colombians need to rejectviolence categorically regardless of where it comesfrom. just as the conduct of anypublic officer that goes against the constitution needs to beinvestigated, it is also important be investigations interms of the acts of violence against public safety officers.>> can you acknowledge this explicitly?>> we have always done this, angela patricia.>> will you do it now? >> anytime a public officerdoes something against the constitution, we have condemnedit. anything that goes against theconstitution or the law is always categorically rejected.>> what can you say about civilians who fired shots in thestreets? >> let me answer that questionfirst. i want to make this clear.we have a police force that year after year handles over 30million cases. aarere there abuses?yes, that has happened. those abuses are punished.we seek an institutional zero-tolerance.i say this clearly. there is zero tolerance towardsany conduct that goes against the constitution or the law.regarding your question about civilians, in this country, nocivilian is authorized to have a firearm on the streets and touse it against another colombian.i am and always have been a defender of a monopoly onfirearms in this country. the administration that hastaken the most restrictive measures against firearms incolombia has been my, it is very important that in guaranteeing security and orderthe police when required in the military force guarantee justthat, that no colombian will need to or should take out afirearm and use it against another citizen.>> i have an example. if there is a small businessperson in a city where vandals are looting, and that smallbusiness person has a weapon, a firearm, and people are cominginto loot his business, what should he do?>> that is not a question for me to respond to, hypotheticalsituations but colombian law specifies what legitimatedefense is. but that is also subject toinvestigations and processes an analysis to what may havehappened. according to the penal code incolombia. it is not about what i think.>> but business people are saying the country is being runby vandals in certain cities and private property is beinginvaded and destroyed and that no one is being arrested.that is why i am asking you, president.>> quite the contrary. here we have police officerslooking for the interests of the economy of people --colombianpeople. we have seen vandalism.public safety forces are there to defend citizens according totheir protocols. we are not talking about carteblanche allowing people to take out their weapons and facepeople on the streets. legitimate defense exists and itis regulated by the colombian law.>> when we return, what else did ivan duque tell patricia janiot?the second part of the interview .what is the future of the republican party?now to "al punto" with jorge ramos.♪ jorge: and now, the big lie.the big lie promoted by donald trump is that he won the lastpresidential election and fraud got joe biden the white house.congressperson liz cheney was stripped of her leadership rolesin congress but she did not remain silent.>> i think it is an indication of where the republican partyis. and i think the party is a placewe have to bring it back from. we have to get back to aposition where we are a party that can fight for conservativeprinciples, that can fight for substance.we cannot be dragged backwards by the very dangerous lies of aformer president. jorge: that is whatcongresswoman liz cheney said. what trump is saying is a the last presidential election, joe biden got 306electoral votes and trump lost. that is a fact.somebody fighting against this is arizona congressman rubengallego. thank you for being here.tell us what the big lie is and why trump insists on repeatingit? >> the big lie is that trump wonthe election and there was electoral fraud and he should bethe president and not president biden.the problem we have with this is what is happening is it makespolitics harder for us. when i try to talk to my friendswho are republican, they say that trump should be presidentand they do not want to work with democrats and work for thecountry. unfortunately, there are manypeople like this who lived in latino districts who are sayingthis. they are aiding the big lie.jorge: one of the concerns i saw any reuters poll is that six to5% of republicans believe donald trump -- 65% of her republicansbelieve donald trump won the last does this affect democracy in the united states?>> it makes democracy more difficult if people think we donot have elections that are legitimate, then we will havemore people will not be part of our political system or we willfind violence has occurred on january 6.that is why it is important politicians, republicans, andcongresspeople not aid in the big lie.we have congress people human and garcia who voted to rejectthe was also the election. so, they are aiding the big liewhen they go on these radio shows and speak in favor of thebig lie. jorge: can you tell us what ishappening in arizona? republicans want a recount,despite the fact that elections occurred in novemberof last year. they are still trying to recountthe votes. have they found somethingstrange yet? >> no, they have not.we have had three recounts in arizona.and, for example, our election system, especially in maricopacounty, the party that is responsible for the recount isthe republican party. the county republicans saidthere was no fraud. so then, they did another what is happening is the republican party with money thatwe dont know where it came from is trying once again to push thebig lie. jorge: one last you think donald trump may try to run as a presidentialcandidate in 2024? i dont understand whyrepublicans are so afraid of trump.>> i think he will run again. i think they fear him becausethey dont know how to exist without donald the same time, they know that if donald trump does not want torun as a republican, he can start a third party and thenrepublicans will not be in, that is why this party is the party of following onepersonality. they are like the parent east us-- parinistas. it is not the party of goodideas. it is now simply the party oftrump. jorge: congressman ruben gulleygoes, thank you for speaking with us.that is the democratic point of, i want to hear the republican perspective.the ambassador worked under the reagan administration as well asboth presidents bush. thank you for being here on theshow with us. let me begin by asking youopenly, why are there somebody republicans who believe in a biglie that trump won the last presidential election, somethingthat is completely false? whats i do not believe a lot ofpeople think it was a lie or that many people think therewere many strange things that occurred in many states.there are states where recounts are going on now like arizona.but i dont think the majority of the party is following a biglie. i think what party leadershipwants to do is leave behind what happened last year and looktoward the future. but of course, the democratswant to keep the debate open. jorge: but do you thinkpresident trump won the last election?the official results say something different.>> no, i do not think trump won the election.i think trump lost the election. frankly, i was surprised by thenumber of votes he got considering he had all of thepress against him. nobody was reporting what trumpwas saying. they were only reporting whatthe democratic party said. trump almost won.40,000 votes in three states would have given trump thepresidency again. jorge: do you think therepublican party, your party, has been hijacked by donaldtrump? that people who go againstdonald trump are completely left out?>> no. what happened with liz cheneywas an internal conflict. there are polls.i saw a pool today by a group of republicans who are not in favorof trump that shows that 44% of republicans support trump.considering that in november he had over 90%, if i not mistaken,of republican votes, it means that his approval within theparty has dropped considerably. but trump did not just win theelection in 2016 just because of republican votes.he won because he had a number of democrats and independentssupporting him. jorge: you worked with threepresidents, reagan and both presidents bush, who tried toget the latino vote and did so you think with president donald trump there has been abacksliding and now many people think the republican party is aparty that supported a racist? >> no, on the contrary.there were many states with a democratic majority that votedfor trump in 2020 that had not in is very interesting. it is being studied by experts.trump did much better with the latino vote than anticipated orhe did in 2016. jorge: thank you for being onthe program. in just a moment, patriciajaniot continues the interview with ivan duque, the presidentof colombia. >> the country is at astandstill. people are saying you have lostcontrol. have you thought aboutresigning? jorge: in just a few moments,this question is posed to president ivan duque.also, inflation in the unitedto♪ jorge: we returned to the secondpart of the interview my colleague patricia janiotconnected with president of colombia ivan duque.she asked if he was willing to resign as a result of all theviolence that has occurred in his country in the last fewdays. >> president, there is analarming number of people who have been disappeared duringthese protests. one would be too many.there are 168 people who cannot be found, people havedisappeared. there are organizations thatfollow these topics that speak of over 500 who havedisappeared. what official information do youhave? this is terrible.>> there is something very important here.that is a clear instruction, not just from me, but from all localauthorities, and that is collaboration so the attorneygeneral which is responsible in clearing up these things do soquickly. two days ago, the attorneygenerals office issued a report that consolidated says there was no accusation regarding a forceddisappearance. having said this, there arepeople who are currently being looked for.what has been said is that when information is receivedregarding people who are allegedly missing, there aremany people that have been found.but i agree. there cannot be any tolerance orpatience regarding this topic. this topic needs to be dealtwith quickly. what we need to do is contributeall the possible information. and the attorney generalsoffice in its independence needs to make public its results.>> after alberto, now claudia is leaving your administration inthe middle of what is happening in your she leaving because of how she responded to internationalcriticism? >> claudia bloom had aconversation with me that was very frank.she expressed to me that she decided, she had a process inplace, because of her health conditions, she did not feel shecould continue to face all of these circumstances.and she considered that her role had been fulfilled.i respect her decision. not only do i respect it, i saidto her that she could always count on my gratitude.and we will be appointing a new person in the next few days.i also think, and it is very important to highlight this,that we have seen systematic spread of disinformation.for instance, to say that president ivan duque hascommitted genocide. but in my entire life, i havenever shot a weapon toward another human being.i have never hurt another human being in my life.what i have always done in my political career is respect ofthe people. i have defended ideas andrespecting others. i have denounced violence in allforms. what we have seen in the lastfew days is escalation of messages that say that thecolombian government is dictatorial is a light.this is a government that has been trying to respect humanrights to the fullest extent. we need to address thisinformation that has damaged our country.>> it is said the chancellor distributed information inenglish that blamed, among others, nicolas maduro,president of venezuela, of paying people to go into thestreets and commit violence. >> i dont participate in net.lets speak frankly. we have a phenomenon of peacefulprotests that are respected. we also have vandalism and lowlevel urban terrorism that we need to face.we also have blockades, many of which have been induced.and there is evidence of people who have links to criminalorganizations. we need to take action on that.>> do you have information that they are behind the protests?>> i would appreciate it if you would let me finish.there are political interests here to generate chaos and todestabilize. that is nothing new.i will not address who is doing it, who is not.clearly, we have seen in many occasions, particularlyregarding the pressure from different parts of the world,the participation of outside parties such as in the case ofvenezuela. but we cannot generalize.there have been cases. have we seen influence incertain cases? yes, we have.i am not here to speak about talking about the phenomenon we as a country need to face.these are people who peacefully protests to address theirconcerns. secondly, handle any contactthat goes against a lot but always adhering to human rights.>> it was said that 49 foreigners were identifiedparticipating in violent acts. do you know who they are?>> there has been a study from the attorney generals office.they have collaborated with immigration authorities incolombia. we have always said this is acountry that has shown the world generosity to address theimmigration crisis. but any immigrant who is incolombia who is breaking the law will not just be deported, butthey will also face the consequences of the law.yes, we have found foreigners. we found some venezuelans.we found people from ecuador. what we are doing with theattorney generals office is not to segregate or to generatexenophobic feelings. criminality is not measured bynationality. whoever is in colombia as amigrant, legal or not, who is participating in these acts willeither be deported or face the consequences of the law.>> the minister of defense yesterday said in the countrythere were 80 blockades. there is not enough food beingdelivered. garbage is not being collected.several police stations have been destroyed, particularly inimportant cities. the country is at a standstill.many people say you have lost control.have you considered resigning? >> look, angela patricia, i wantto be very clear. this is a legitimate government.this is a government that was elected with the greatest numberof voters in the history of our country.we have always followed the constitution and the law.we have dealt with all of the challenges such as the pandemicwith determination and with a conviction to serve thecolombian people. we are facing a phenomenon thathas occurred in other times in our countrys history.we need to deal with it within the constitution and the law,but understanding that there are people trying to generatecomplications to create lethal conditions.we are working in the regions of our country with localauthorities without a doubt. without a doubt, here and inmany places, there have been blockades that are systematicand have a background to affect the colombian people, to affectthe distribution of food. that is why i will continuefulfilling my duties. >> the last question, president.several times, you have been characterized as a puppet offormer president oribe. >> people say duque needs to bepushed out of office. >> that is why public forceswill continue to fulfill their duties.>> the last question, president. you have been characterized as apuppet of uribe. uribe referred to the regime.>> people say we need to get rid of duque or that he is a puppetin the electoral process. >> how do you feel uribe isreferred to as a puppet? >> with all due respect, i havenever been anybodys puppet. i am the president of colombia.i serve the colombian people. i have never believed inpolitics that come from pressure.we face the biggest migrant crisis in the continent.we have had to face the pandemic.>> the interest we are paying is very low.more dollars are being printed. with the stimulus, the worst ofall is and please do not want to return to work.that has created a monster of inflation.jorge: what happens when somebody wants to buy a house?prices are through the roof. what happened?>> what happened is there is very little inventory,particularly in places like california and florida.they are looking for properties and they are not there.interest rates being solo makes it so people want to buy.sellers are taking advantage of that.prices have increased. they are at a place where peoplecannot buy. >> this is not the time to buy ahouse? >> literally, it is not.but it is for sellers. many people want to have theamerican dream and continue to look for properties.that is why they are willing to pay hundreds of thousands ofdollars more than what a property is worth.>> we are talking about the price of gasoline because ofwhat happened with the pipeline, but that is improving now.other than that, why are gas prices rising?>> since the biden administration is not allowingfor more oil to be drilled in the united states, we have toget it from somewhere else. also, as we come out of thepandemic, people are consuming more gasoline.jorge: tomorrow is the last day to pay taxes.are there benefits for some people, among them latinofamilies? what do you know about that?>> the best thing is to get the tax credits, particularly childtax credits. that credit will benefit alllatino families as long as they have a social security number ortaxpayer i.d.. especially if they get that as adirect deposit. that $250 for children over theage of six or $300 under the age of six will help.jorge: is this a good time to find a new job?>> yes. but you have got to look for as an employee have more options because what employersare looking for now is people who want to work.if you are looking for work, you are going to get better pay.jorge: thank you, carlos. >> it is always a pleasure.jorge: the government expanded its child tax credits because ofthe coronavirus. find out how much you could getvisiting we have all heard olga tañónsing, but we bet you have never heard her sing♪ jorge: we have the best examplethat puerto rican singer oga on is not afraid of change.shes always had an interest in mexican regional music.thank you for being on the show. >> thank is a pleasure to greet you after a long time of seeing you.jorge: at least we are speaking in a virtual listening to your most recent is what most people call ranchero did what scares you. >> 27 years ago, i was onveronica castros show in was the first time i sang with a marriott is a different magic. from that point forward, i didit in a more personal way. jorge: what is it about?reinventing yourself, not falling behind?what is the purpose? why do this?>> because i love singing. why do you ask me that question?jorge: i know you performed in other musical genres.i have never heard you sing mexican regional music.>> yes, what is going on is my essence has always beenbalanced. my first musical opportunity wasperforming marenge. i did not have options.from that point forward, i made a career in tropical music.that was incredible because my whole life, what i really likedwas ballolads. my mom loved ranchero andromantic music. i wanted to do it.jorge: i heard an interview in which you said you were notwilling to continue singing for the rest of your life.i did not understand that. are you considering retiring?>> what is going on is i do not want to be washed up when iretire. right?when i do not have that ease or that flexibility on the stage,i, in all honesty, will be honest with is like when children ask if they did something welcome andyou say, well, i cannot be cruel to you, you did not do a goodjob. i think if i see myselfperformed, the day i do not feel i have the capacity to do so, iwill say goodbye and do so happily and with pride becausethere are other new generations coming in.jorge: we have spoken for many years.i have noticed with many performers, including you, thatare now willing to save political things -- say poeticalthings that before they may have kept to thinking of feminists in puerto rico and yourparticipation in the grammys. do you think your platform,which is often broader than many politicians, is forcing you totalk about things you normally would not?>> i dont feel i am being forced to.i think it is my duty as a woman.i think this hurts a lot of mothers.i have also got to say that any mother who has lost a child thisway, it has been a terrible pain.jorge: and do you feel this is something that needs to betalked about more? i hear these voices strongerthan before. >> i know that we wont be ableto get back time, but we need to keep talking about this,especially when politics continues talking but there areno actions. it is one thing to take to thestreets and say yes, we are doing this, but they need toshow they are doing something. this case of the last two womenin puerto rico, one of them had already gone to court, one ofthem had already told the judge, and she turned her away.jorge: that is incredible. olga, it is great to talk toyou. i hope i can see you in personsoon. >> yes, it was a pleasure asalways. blessings.jorge: we began the show talking about trumps big lie and we endwith césar muñoz dedicating a song to him.>> ♪ follow us on facebook,instagram, and twitter. until next week, "al punto.">> ♪

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