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Ana María sufre por el rechazo de Gavilán

1 Dic 2016 – 05:47 PM EST

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why did you bring our son here? ana maria, why are you doing

this? >> sh!

>> you are just exposing you and him here!

you had everything in that house in bogota, here you have

nothing. >> we had nothing in bogota, you

are not there. that's why i'm here.

>> what are you saying, ana maria!

please! >> what?

>> you have me desperate, ana maria!

>> stop screaming. antonio, there's nothing else to

do, we are already here. why don't we make the most of

this time together, honey? >> no, no, no.

ana maria, no. >> i traveled hours to be here

with you. >> no, no, no.

ana maria, no. >> i missed you.

>> what do you want? huh?

come on! stop!

[ knocking at the door ] come on, respect me!

show some respect! my coronel, i can't do this

anymore. >> can we talk for a minute?

how are you? >> i'm desperate, she gets on my

nerves! she says she wants to stay.

she is so stubborn! just as her mother.

>> we can't do anything now, it's already too late.

she better stay here tonight, it's too risky to get out of

here now. >> that's what i told her,

i have repeated it hundred times but she insists...i'm sorry,

sir. i swear she'll be on a

helicopter going back to bogota tomorrow morning, whatever it

takes. >> i don't know if we are going

to be able to lend you a helicopter.

we'll do everything possible. >> don't worry, that's not a

problem. i'll send her back by plane, by

car, by horse, by foot, whatever but she'll go back!

coronel, one question, what happened to maritza?

>> she'll spend the night in estela's house.

>> are they going to be secure there?

>> i sent two agents with them. poveda is in charge of that.

i'll see you soon.

>> antonio, what are you doing? antonio.

>> i'm going to go to sleep somewhere else.

>> why? >> because i can't stay here, my

son would be very uncomfortable, there's no room for all of us.

>> where are you going? >> to a tent, ok? enough.

>> no, antonio, wait! toño!

just a second, just a second. stay with me here, honey.

please, i miss you so much. >> ana maria, no.

i don't want to. >> i miss you.

i miss you so much. please. >> leave me alone!

you are sick! >> toño.

antonio, let's sleep together. antonio, we haven't seen each

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