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September 11 firefighter identified 18 years later

Never forget.
11 Sep 2019 – 11:38 AM EDT

A hero firefighter that lost his life on September 11, 2001 was finally laid to rest on Tuesday, September 10th. His remains were identified 18 years later. Firefighters of FDNY and loved ones had gathered to mourn the loss of Michael Haub.

Michael's remains were conclusively identified by a medical examiner which is still working on piecing together remains of September 11 victims from Ground Zero.

Those remains closed the case for the veteran firefighter's family which is now at peace. A service for Haub was to provide peace and closure for the family as well as fellow surviving firefighters.

Michael was a 13-year veteran of Ladder Company 4.

In addition, hundreds of firefighters fight for their lives on a daily basis. Many lost their lives due to illnesses linked to their time at working at the World Trade Center after the terror attacks. Those who've been exposed to the elements of 9-11 rubble and destruction have developed cancers that include lymphoma, leukemia and myeloma.