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Kevin Gates Back in Jail

Rapper was serving time in Florida then released and found himself in legal trouble again in Chicago.
Mar 31, 2017 – 12:18 PM EDT

First, Kevin Gates was thrown in a Florida jail for kicking a woman in the chest at his show at a club in Lakeland, FL. On Wednesday, March 29th the rapper was released from Polk County Jail.

Now in Chicago, Illinois Gates found himself in trouble after failing to make a court appearance for two separate gun charges dating back in 2013. The Louisianian rapper turned himself over to the Cook County Sheriff's department. Gates had a show performance scheduled right after his release at the Hippie Hill Festival in San Francisco but it looks like he has to take care of his legal woes first.

Gates is patiently awaiting his court date which is scheduled for April 3rd and is being held at the Cook Count Jail without bond.

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