Charlie Murphy Dead at 57

The comedian died after battling leukemia
Photo: HECTOR MATA / Staff / Getty - Los Angeles, UNITED STATES: Eddie Murphy&#39;s brother Charles arrives for the premier of &#39;Norbit&#39; 08 February 2007 in Los Angeles, CA. In &#39;Norbit&#39;, actor Eddie Murphy, who also wrote the screenplay, portrays three different characters, one of which is female. AFP PHOTO / HECTOR MATA (Photo credit should read HECTOR MATA/AFP/Getty Images)<br/>
Apr 12 | 1:22 PM EDT

Eddie Murphy's older brother Charlie Murphy who is a very successful comedian has died at the age of 57. Charlie Murphy passed away from leukemia on Wednesday (April 12, 2017) morning in a New York City hospital. Charlie has been going for chemotherapy treatment according to TMZ.

Charlie's wife, Tisha Taylor Murphy had passed away in 2009 and Charlie had two children from a previous relationship.

Eddie Murphy did a bit with his brother Eddie Murphy on the Chapelle Show.

WARNING: The video below contains explicit language - viewer discretion advised.

Hours before he passed Charlie posted to Twitter.