Beyoncé hid a secret message for Blue Ivy in her 'Mi Gente' Remix

Listen closely at the 3:10 mark
Photo: Instagram - Beyoncé published a few photos prior to her announcement that she teamed up with J Balvin for a 'Mi Gente' remix.
Oct 2 | 4:12 PM EDT

It turns out we have Blue Ivy to thank for the glory that is the 'Mi Gente' remix.

In case you've been living under a rock, Queen Bey released the remix of J Balvin's hit track late last week and it immediately took off. Along with dropping the music video, she noted that the proceeds from the song would go toward disaster relief for Texas, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands.

In an interview with Uforia Music, Puerto Rican vocal producer Jean Rodríguez, (who worked with Beyonce on the remix) said that one of the main reasons she wanted to get involved was because of her daughter.

"More than anything, she wanted to do it because her daughter loves this song," said Rodriguez, "She wanted to do hide something for Blue on the track."

Rodriguez and Bey worked on the remix for two days at her Long Island recording studio, including practicing her Spanish pronunciation.

On the song, Bey sings "Azul, are you with me?" If you listen closely at the 3:10 mark, you can hear Blue answer "Oh yes I am."

Rodriguez even said that Blue was even with them in the studio while they were recording. "Blue is great. Very hyperactive, very happy."

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This isn't the first time that Beyoncé dabbled in doing a song in Spanish. A decade ago, she recorded a track called 'Amor Gitano' with Alejandro Fernández. She also did a Spanish version of 'Beautiful Liar' with Shakira called 'Bello Embustero'. In 2007, she had also recorded a Spanish version of 'Irreplaceable' called 'Irremplazable'. Rodriguez said that Beyoncé works very well with groups and is very open to ideas.

The two recorded the remix a few days after Hurricane Harvey ravaged through Texas, and right before Hurrican Irma was set to hit the Carribean and Florida.

"We talked about Houston and how her family was," Rodríguez said. "She was very moved by everything that had happened and wanted to be part of something positive and fun." He also went on to say that having the proceeds go toward helping others was very exciting and that is makes it "a part of something much bigger."

"Mi Gente" is the first track Bey recorded after giving birth to her twins Sir and Rumi back in June.