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19 Feb 2021 – 07:54 pm ET

¿Niña o niño? Natti Natasha y Raphy Pina responden detrás de cámaras en Premio Lo Nuestro 2021

Este 18 de febrero, durante la celebración de la edición 33 de Premio Lo Nuestro, Natti Natasha reveló que está esperando su primer bebé con su prometido Raphy Pina. Para ambos se trató de una noche especial, por compartir la futura llegada de su bendición con el público.
9 Feb 2021 – 12:52 am ET

La promesa de Fernanda Castillo a su hijo Liam, un mes después de pelear con la muerte

La actriz de Monarca y El Señor de los Cielos fue hospitalizada de emergencia, pero vivió para contarlo. Recuperada, Fernanda Castillo le hizo una promesa a su hijo y momentos después recibió una curiosa visita.
23 Ago 2020 – 12:37 am ET

A Nathalia Casco le salta el ombligo (literal) y ella dice que por ahí su bebé "saca la nariz"

La exconcursante de Nuestra Belleza Latina se encuentra en la semana 35 de embarazo en espera de su segunda hija. Durante el proceso el cuerpo le ha cambiado y ahora muestra un momento único del aumento de su barriga.
2 May 2020 – 09:38 pm ET

Ya sabemos si el hijo mayor de Ludwika Paleta tendrá un hermanito o una hermanita

El actor Plutarco Haza compartió la gran noticia del sexo del nuevo integrante de la familia. Dentro de poco, su primogénito Nicolás Haza, fruto de la relación que tuvo con Ludwika, tendrá un hermano más a su cargo. Mira la sorpresa que recibió el actor al enterarse del bebé que espera.
11 Oct 2017 – 12:56 am ET

Estas son las primeras fotos de Kate Middleton embarazada

La duquesa de Cambridge retomó sus compromisos oficiales después de pasar una temporada en reposo por su tercer embarazo.
17 Mar 2017 – 06:37 pm ET

Memes, gifs: así parodió internet a la familia del video viral de la BBC

Los adorables hijos del profesor Kelly, conocido popularmente como 'el papá de la BBC' que fue interrumpido durante una entrevista, son la inspiración que internet estaba esperando. Alrededor de las estrellas virales del momento hasta Jimmy Fallon ha hecho una parodia.
9 Jun 2016 – 09:24 pm ET

Baby Styles: An Interview with Kissy Kissy Founder Roxana Castillo

Kissy Kissy’s whimsical patterns and soft, pima cotton fabric, attract parents and babies alike.
5 Abr 2016 – 02:20 pm ET

Starting Your Day Off Right

The small things you do can make a big difference in getting your day started right.
26 Jun 2016 – 08:57 am ET

Ya da sus primeros pasitos: Baby Michelle ya quiere caminar

La bebé de Alan Tacher apenas tiene 10 meses de edad y ya da sus primeros pasitos tomada de la mano de su papá.
5 Feb 2016 – 12:18 pm ET

Bringing Home a Preemie: How to Prepare

This article highlights ways to care for a preemie at home once they’re discharged from the NICU.
28 Ene 2016 – 07:40 pm ET

Potty Training Pit Falls: A Mother’s Tale

I’m so sick of changing diapers. I’m sick of everything involved including the obvious mess and spending good money on them. Besides that, my two year old is showing signs of being ready to make the change from diaper to potty. Hooray! Or am I celebrating too soon? My first son, now seven, showed similar interest right around the same age. I remember running out to get him the best training potty-money could buy. I was a first time mom and every milestone was exciting. It was a bright green froggy potty — hard to clean, but oh so cute. It sat in the bathroom unused for the next few months as my son refused to have anything to do with it. All the bribes and m&ms in the world couldn’t get him to sit on that thing. So what should have taken just a few weeks ended up dragging on for months and months. He simply wasn’t ready. He was only fully potty trained when he was good and ready — not when I was ready. Flash forward to my second son and his interest in the potty. While I’m totally anxious to have a diaper free household, I’m not pushing it. I certainly won’t get a fancy training potty tomorrow (simple and functional for this little guy), and I’m set on forgoing the m&m bribes until we are super serious about the whole thing. Samantha Allen of NYC Potty Training, a service that actually comes to your house and helps you get the kiddos onto the pot and off of diapers, suggest that all parents follow these simple rules when starting potty training. Keep everything fun and stress free. Remember a child can sense his parents stress, so take deep breaths and carry on. Keep track of when your child uses the bathroom. You’d be surprised that most of the time, they do follow a schedule. Keep giving them lots of liquid so you’ll have many opportunities to practice going to the potty. Ditch the diapers and go straight to underwear. Wearing diapers during potty training may give children a false sense of security and mixed messages. Choose your words carefully and make sure you give your child positive reinforcement even when they have an accident. For now we are taking it slow. I’ll let him continue to take an interest and move from there. Like his brother before him, he’ll show me when he’s good and ready. Until then, I’m back to changing diapers. Moms, how did potty training your second child compare to potty training your first?
31 Mar 2016 – 07:01 pm ET

Winter Safety: Do and Dont’s of Coats and Car Seats

  We heard a lot about this issue lately in the news. And now, when the cold weather is really hitting most of the states in the US, we want to remind you how important is to know how to protect your little ones not only from the cold, but from the risks that come with the winter weather when the kids are on the car seats. Allana Pinkerton, Certified Child Passenger Safety Instructor and Global Safety Advocate for Diono Company, shares with us the Dos and Don’ts of Coats and Car Seats during this winter to help our families to enjoy the winter season with less worries and more fun. These are her recommendations and tips: BIG DON’T: Never place a child in a car seat with a thick, bulky winter coat because the harness might not be snug enough to perform as it should during a crash.
28 Ene 2016 – 07:40 pm ET

In the Kitchen: Cooking with Toddlers

Kitchens are often the busiest place in a home. They are where we store, prepare and eat food as well as gather to talk about important matters, do homework and more. Toddlers know how meaningful kitchens are and they want to be part of the action. Why not pull them off the floor, get out a sturdy stool and start cooking with toddlers? Do expect a mess. Procure Cooking starts with finding the food. When in season, buying local is not only fun but helps kids connect food with farms and farmers, not only the grocery. Go blueberry picking. Peruse farmers markets. Visit the local dairy farm. Start a toddler garden. Encourage your tot to choose which fruit to buy, what variety of cheese or which bag of rice. Taking the time to include your little guy in procuring your food will give him more buy in throughout the process. Prepare As a parent, you know how much little kids love water. Start the water in the sink and give your toddler some veggie spray and a colander to wash apples, grapes, cucumbers, carrots and whatever else you’re eating. Help and demonstrate but let her do the bulk of the work. Tots can also mix, dump and maybe even measure with some help. They can retrieve an item from the fridge or pantry and find your favorite mixing spoon in the drawer. Chop – yes, chop
31 Mar 2016 – 07:07 pm ET

Why I Hate “Voting” for Your Baby

I recently received a facebook message from Jennifer, a mommy friend in Miami. “Please vote for Madisyn in this contest sponsored by TushyWushy Diapers,” it said, and included a link to a Web page with pictures of her adorable toddler. All I had to do was click the VOTE icon, type in my email address for a bunch of online promotional coupons, and then voila! my vote for Madisyn as TushyWushy Diaper’s “Adorable Baby 2016” would be cast. I cringed. I just didn’t want to do it. I know how these sites work. Moms and dads from all over the world upload photos of their babies for a chance to win a baby beauty contest; where generally the baby receives a photo spread in a magazine or a national ad campaign with the company’s sponsor–generally a baby goods company, of course. I sighed; and oddly enough, my daughter sighed as well; imitating me. Don’t get me wrong, Madisyn is adorable with that cherubic face and Shirley Temple curls.  But I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for a baby in a baby beauty contest without feeling like a terrible person. It just felt wrong. Bottom line? I felt awkward declaring that Madisyn was cuter and better-looking than the other babies in the running. What kind of example was I, as an adult, as a mom, setting for my own young daughter if I voted in a baby beauty contest? I looked at the other photos of stranger babies from around the world, horrifying–and reprimanding–myself when I occasionally thought, “eh, that’s baby’s just OK.” Jen’s one of my best friends, I just reminded myself. I have to vote for her kid. Maybe she really can be the next Gerber baby model! So, I quickly voted for Madisyn, hugged my own unruly but adorable toddler, and asked myself what message these national baby contests sent to parents and children–especially in today’s instagram-obsessed world. Ok, I know. I was thinking way too deeply about this.  This world has far greater problems than baby beauty contests. Jeez, this wasn’t The Presidential Election. What’s really the big deal? However, 24 hours later, I still couldn’t shake that awkward feeling. It could be because Jen kept asking for votes on her facebook page, encouraging old high school, college, and work friends to cast a cyber vote for her baby. Julia Israelski, a Southern Connecticut-based therapist helped me explore my emotions about baby beauty contests.  “It sounds like you’re sensitive to having someone’s worth defined by their outward appearance; and to have that start so young is scary,” she said. “Before babies have a chance to ‘wow’ us with their personality and intellect we are already prescribing labels and a sense of worth and importance based solely on outward appearances–it can be shocking and a bit sad.” Israelski helped me realize that when it comes to my own toddler, baby contests just weren’t for me. (That, however, doesn’t mean it’s wrong for other moms to enter their cuties–to each his own, right?) It would be lose/lose for me, I also realized. Basically, if I enter my own daughter into a beauty contest and she doesn’t win, I’d think she wasn’t as worthy as some other baby and wonder what that baby had that mine didn’t. (Thinner thighs? Just kidding.)  Yet, if she wins, it says her value and worth is based on her outer appearance, which is not something I want to reinforce for her at a young age; unfortunately, society will do enough of that without my permission. I genuinely wish Madisyn and every baby out there competing in the TushyWushy diapers contest the best of luck; and may those kiddies who don’t win realize early on…at the end of the day, who cares? Life goes on. And I hope these kids realize this much sooner than later.
28 Ene 2016 – 07:40 pm ET

Dealing with a Picky Eater: 6 Tips for Survival

When it comes to being picky eaters, toddlers rule! If you have a fussy toddler that just won’t give in to certain foods and won’t eat at regular meal times, there are a few things you can do to help them (and you!) out. From making meal times fun and getting them involved in the meal making process to sticking to a routine and hiding nutritious food in their meals, there is always a way to survive your little one’s food fussiness. Make Meal Time Fun! Kids love to create. Make mealtime fun by letting your toddler make their own pizza or put together their own healthy wraps. There are loads of meals that you can let your little one put together. When they make it, they will be more interested in eating it. Get Them to Help with Prep Some toddlers love getting involved when Mom or Dad is cooking in the kitchen. They don’t need to be near any hot pans, liquids, or ovens, but they can do simple things like sorting and washing veggies, stirring ingredients, mashing veggies and cookie cutting with child-friendly plastic-shaped cutters. Stick to Your Routine Make sure you stick to a mealtime routine. If your little one is refusing to eat at breakfast-time then so be it, but always introduce meals at the same time regardless of his or her fussiness. They need to know when it is time to eat and keeping to a schedule will help them eventually adjust. Be Patient When introducing new foods it is important to keep trying. Try to hang in there and keep giving your child a new food every now and then. They may play with it, touch it, mush it, or even throw it, but it’s good to be persistent. One day they may shock you and put that hardboiled egg or turkey wrap in their little mouths without a second thought. Respect Your Child’s Appetite Every child goes through difficulties when it comes to their appetite. Never force your child to eat if they do not want to. Some kids get a cold or are tired and have no appetite, while others are so distracted by the fun they are having their thoughts are on anything but food. Sneak Nutrition In! When all else fails hide the nutritious food in foods that they actually like to eat on a regular basis. If they tend to go for ground beef and rice dishes but won’t touch their broccoli or cheese, throw them into a ground beef based meatloaf. Voila! Your toddler won’t act out, scream, and throw food and they will be getting all of their daily nutrients. It’s a roller coaster ride where appetite and toddlers are concerned. When in doubt, trust your little one’s cues when it comes to hunger. When they are hungry, they will eat. If it goes on for longer than a few meals, check with your doctor. How do you deal with your picky eater? Share with us your mealtime tips!
31 Mar 2016 – 07:11 pm ET

Dealing with FOMO: When Your Kid Won’t Sleep

I got lucky: my baby was a good sleeper. Keyword: was. Now that we have a toddler, Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is kicking in and she’s fighting us at bedtime. “FOMO is a common behavior among toddlers—they’re asserting their autonomy and need for control, but also want to be with you. After all, bedtime is boring and mom and dad are much more fun and entertaining,” says Shawnee L. Baker, a Boston and New York-based Certified Infant and Toddler Sleep Coach. Expert advice is outlined below. Cuddles and security Dealing with a grumpy, uncooperative and often irrational two-year-old isn’t easy, agrees Baker, but “try spending more time in the day providing positive reinforcement and attention when she’s happy and at her best. Increase the amount of daytime cuddles and implement a routine to enforce security.” Oftentimes, says Baker, parents get busy working and as their little one becomes more independent they give them less one-on-one time. The result? FOMO. “Toddlers are looking for three things: Security, Attention and Affection. Along with understanding new concepts and realizing mom and dad are awake while I’m in bed, sleepy toddlers regress to basic needs.” She adds: “Encourage a lovely toy for security, be consistent and true to your word, and boost self -confidence by providing choices kids can make during the day.” Big decisions “Give a warning when bedtime is approaching, such as ‘Two minutes till clean-up’,” suggests Lauren Lappen, co-founder of the Westchester, NY-based Wee Sleep Solutions. “While a toddler doesn’t necessarily know how long two minutes is, they know that soon they’ll have to stop playing. Set a timer and tell your kids that when the timer buzzes, it’s time to get ready for bed.” Adds Lappen: “Make sure bedtime isn’t too late; when it is children are overtired and have a harder time settling down. Also, while they can’t decide what time they go to sleep, children can decide whether they wear the pajamas with the trucks or the pajamas with the dinosaurs, and they can decide which books they want to read.” Toddlers thrive on routine. “It can be as simple as PJs on, brush teeth, read a book, lights out,” explains Lappen. “Knowing what to expect helps toddlers feel in control of their environment.” Stay calm, don’t panic Stephanie M. Wagner, PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU Langone’s Child Study Center, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, advises parents to give a large dose of positive attention to appropriate behavior while minimizing reactions to disruptive behaviors. “When children call out, parents should ignore this behavior, paying attention instead to when toddlers are staying in bed quietly,” says Dr. Wagner. “Parents can do this by making periodic, brief trips to their bedroom to catch these ‘sleep compatible’ behaviors with hugs, kisses, and praise such as ‘great job staying in bed like a big girl’.” Adds Dr. Wagner: “When toddlers get out of bed, parents should neutrally escort their child back to bed stating, “It’s bedtime. Go back to your bed.’ Parents should refrain from giving big reactions to this behavior. Additionally, she says, parents should work with their child’s sleep schedule to ensure their child is sleepy at bedtime. For example, limit late afternoon napping and avoid putting the child to bed during their second wind.
28 Ene 2016 – 07:41 pm ET

Home Remedies For Teething

I’m grateful my toddler is past the teething phase, but I  remember it well–from the tears to the endless drool, teething is a rough period for a baby. (Yes, and for mommy and daddy as well. Sleep? Who needs sleep?) Recently, some friends asked me for advice on surviving the teething era, so I turned to the pros for feedback. Three experts cited below shared their home remedy advice for dealing with Baby Droolyface. Hang in there mom, dad, and bambino–those teeth will come a’knockin’ before you know it! You can, and you will, survive the teething era. Clove essential and lavender oil Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, a Long Island, NY-based holistic pediatrician, recommends parents take 1 drop of clove essential, and place it in 1 tbsp of olive oil, mix together, and apply to the gums for pain relief. Additionally, “diluted lavender oil may help alleviate teething,” says Dr. Cengiz Yucel, a Hackensack, New Jersey-based natural/holistic pediatrician. Dr. Yucel stresses that dilution is very important, “So use a drop of the essential oil in a tablespoon of olive oil and sparingly touch to the gum like a topical application.” He says mom and dad should watch baby carefully for any potential allergic reactions, so just apply a teeny bit of the lavender oil diluted with olive oil initially. “If there’s no reaction on the gumline, use a little more.” Dr. Yucel also recommends Camilia teething drops or tablets, which are homeopathic. Both Dr. Palevsky and Dr. Yucel also advocate wooden teething toys for baby, sliced carrots to gnaw on (watch baby very carefully with a sliced carrot to make sure they don’t choke) and ice cubes rubbed gently along baby’s gumlines. Shopping for teethers Dr. Jill Lasky, a Los Angeles, CA-based pediatric dentist suggests freezing a wet washcloth for baby to gnaw on to help with their aching gums. When shopping for a teething toys, she advises parents to look for ones that are oblong; long enough so the baby can chew on it with the back of the jaw. (Circular teethers may not reach to the back molar area, she explains, and avoid ones filled with liquid, which can break.)  Teethers with softer and harder parts are “ideal” says Dr. Lasky and even better if they have nubs and raised bumps, which help stimulate sore gums. Also, says Dr. Lasky, “If frozen, teethers provide cool natural numbing qualities which helps inflammation that occurs with tooth eruption. ” Don’t forget… Dr. Lasky says:  Teething doesn’t cause a runny nose, diarrhea or fever. If a baby gets sick more frequently during “teething time,” it’s because of the open wounds in the child’s mouth. And, as parents know well, teething babies will shove anything and everything into their mouths, which, unfortunately, means: germs! Your child will not remember the pain and discomfort of teething; only you, the parents, will. With a pediatrician’s approval, children’s Motrin or Tylenol can be given to baby.  
31 Mar 2016 – 07:16 pm ET

Oh No! How Do I Get Through The Holidays Without Messing Up My Baby’s Sleep Schedule?

Kristin Cavallari está esperando su tercer hijo y luce hermosa en la portada de la revista American Baby. Esta joven que se dio a conocer por su participación en el reality show ‘Laguna Beach’, es ahora una mamá  involucrada en el mundo de la moda y el espectáculo. Kristin es mamá de Camden Jack, de 3 años, Jaxon de 1 año y medio y hace poquito anunció que está esperando una niña.   Desde hace más de un año, Kristin colabora con la marca Chinese Laundry y lanza una colección especial de zapatos cada temporada. En la foto, Kristin luce radiante, dejando ver su barriga y mostrando botas de su más reciente colección (que ya son bestseller) .  El look para inspirarte obviamente es ideal para embarazadas, pero también sirve para aquellas mamás que no. Mi sugerencia es que le agreguen un legging negro o medias de lana. También puede quedar bien con jeans elastizados. (Y ahora que me acuerdo, para el Baby Shower de mi primer hija me puse un ‘vestido suéter’ y botas ‘open toe’  y estuve cómoda toda la noche). Mira cómo inspirarte en el look de Kristin Cavallari: Vestidos suéters 1.  Asos sweater dress with V neck, 38 dólares en 2. Beige Knit sweater dress, 19 dólares en 3. Good and Plenty Blush Pink sweater dress, 66 dólares en   Botas 4. Kristin Cavallari Chinese Laundry Laurel Peep Toe Bottie, 149 dólares en 5. Gold Ring Heels Boots, 95 dólares en 6. Vince Camuto Keyna Bootie, 158 dólares en
31 Mar 2016 – 07:19 pm ET

How to Help Your Little One with Separation Anxiety

Many children experience separation anxiety as it is a normal stage of development. It may happen as young as one year old or as late as four years old. When a child is in his or her early years, separation anxiety may present itself as tantrums, clinginess and crying, which are all normal healthy reactions. This type of anxiety can all be relieved with a variety of methods, but if the anxiety intensifies or disturbs your child’s performance at school or in activities, you may be dealing with the more severe separation anxiety disorder. For now, let’s take a look at what we as parents can do for our little ones who are experiencing any anxiety over being away from Mommy or Daddy. Practice Separation Your child may benefit from having more time without you. It may sound like a nerve-wracking action for the parents, but if you can practice letting your little one spend time with other caregivers, they will be used to Mommy or Daddy being away for a while. An hour or two is a good amount of time to start with and then lead up to three or four hours at a time. This will eventually ease their anxiety, as they will be preoccupied with new activities and experiences with the caregiver. This method works best if Grandma or an Aunt or Uncle can take over for a few hours while Mommy or Daddy do some errands or go to a movie. Familiarity is Key When you are planning to get a babysitter and go out for the evening, have the babysitter come to you. This way your child can stay in her own space, and be surrounded by her familiar toys and play areas. This will make it much easier when you leave the house. Choose Separation Times Carefully If your baby is hungry or tired, separating can become very painful for them. Make sure your baby or toddler has a full tummy and has slept well or napped before you separate from each other. Believe me, it will make it easier on the both of you. Be Direct, Honest and Quick Be straightforward with your child. Tell them that you are going to go away for a little bit, but you will be back soon. Then leave immediately. The longer the goodbye is, the harder it will be on your child once you move towards the door. Separating from your child isn’t easy on you or your child. It will always be uncomfortable, as parents always believe that they are the only ones that can protect their child from harm or the only ones that can comfort their little one. However, we must look at how separation is healthy for our kids, and how it can offer your child a world of benefits. From confidence building and building new friendships, to independent thinking and problem solving skill development, there is a lot to be gained by helping your child with feelings of separation anxiety. Start small, and you’ll both be just fine. One baby step at a time.
31 Mar 2016 – 07:21 pm ET

Unbearably Cute Baby Animals to Make Your Day

If you’ve had a rough day (or not) try this scientifically-proven method of cheering yourself up. (This is scientifically-proven right?) No matter, we’ll prove it right now if we have to. Browse these photos of adorable baby animals and let me know if your day improves. I’m guessing you’re already feeling better. Oh Deer Okay, We’ll Take Two Some Bunny is Adorable He’s Got this Cute Thing Licked Oh, The Humanity Hold On, Baby Pawsitively Purrfect The Fox Says: Precious Stinkin’ Cute Puppy Love