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Fireworks to be sold without restriction in Bexar county

Just use caution when celebrating the season
Dec 20, 2018 – 11:06 AM EST

Firework sales will begin on Thursday and run through the New Year this time without restrictions in Bexar county.

Chris Lopez the Bexar County Fire Marshall advises that the public should exercise "extreme caution" when using the fireworks due to dry conditions in the area.

Lopez says to leave it to the professionals but if you do want to shoot off your own fireworks this year, just be prepared and have water to extinguish any potential fires.

Those who do use consumer fireworks should follow the tips by the fire department to avoid any injuries, damages or deaths from potential fires.

  • Keep a bucket and / or water hose on standby.
  • Don't ignite fireworks in dry areas or dead vegetation.
  • It is best to water down the area you're going to be conducting the fireworks.
  • Do read the instructions to any fireworks.
  • Don't use fireworks if it is windy outside.
  • If you let children use child approved fireworks, please watch them carefully.
  • Don't shoot at or near motor vehicles. It is against the law to shoot from a motor vehicle moving or not.
  • Never ever light a dud firework or cut the ignition line of a firework.
  • Only light one firework at a time away from any trees, houses or structures.
  • Never experiment or create your own firework.
  • Buy from an authorized retailer.
  • Never throw or point fireworks at any people or animals.
  • It is illegal to discharge fireworks within 600 feet of any hospital, sanitarium, veterinary hospital, school or church.
  • It is illegal to discharge fireworks within 100 feet of a gas station, fuel tank, flammable or combustible.

If a fire is recklessly started, arson charges will be filed against the property owner and/or the people that started the fire.
Bexar county residents are encouraged to call the fireworks hotline at 210-335-FIRE (3473) from December 28th through January 2nd if you witness illegal firework activity or unsafe practice.

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