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Water restrictions begin in San Antonio on Friday, July 14th

It's that time of year, San Antonio, when you gotta watch your water usage.
Jul 13, 2017 – 11:01 AM EDT

Welp. It's that time again when the city of San Antonio is at "stage one" of the water restrictions put in place by the San Antonio Water System (SAWS). What stage one means is that our water source which comes directly from the Edwards Aquifer has dropped below 660 feet.

What that means to us is that we're about to be limited on the use of our water. This only affects those who use irrigation systems or lawn sprinklers that connect from the faucet.

Residents and businesses in the SAWS service area who use irrigation systems or sprinklers will have to abide by scheduled watering before 11a.m. or after 7p.m on their designated day based on the last number of your address. You can hand water by hose, use drip irrigation, and bucket/can watering is allowed.

0-1: Monday
2-3: Tuesday
4-5: Wednesday
6-7: Thursday
8-9: Friday

For example, if your address is 1992; your watering day is Tuesday.

According to SAWS there is no watering on weekends.

Stage one not only affects those who have to keep up with landscaping but also non-public swimming pools,which have to be covered by a minimum of 25% of the surface area when not in use. Pro tip: throw inflatable pool toys, rafts or other floating decor to cover it up.

You're able to wash your ride but only on the weekend; Saturday or Sunday to be exact. Be sure that there is no water waste though, so wash on grass or somewhere that benefit from the water.

For additional information about the water restricitions, you can find it on the SAWS website.

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