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TX Governor wants air travelers traveling to Texas from these cities to self quarantine

Mandatory quarantine
Mar 26, 2020 – 05:42 PM EDT

A new executive order coming from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced on Thursday to help contain the coronavirus spread. The order states that anyone flying into Texas from any of the following cities: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut or the City of New Orleans to be subjected to a mandatory self quarantine of 14-days.

The order falls in line with the federal guidelines. Any violators caught not abiding will be subject to a $1,000 fine and/or 180 days in jail. This only applies if you flew by airplane not by vehicle.

“This is intended simply to achieve the goals that have been articulated by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and by the White House organization focused on reducing the spread of the coronavirus in the U.S.,” Abbott said.

Other states and cities could be added to this list later.

“Less than 10 percent of the people who test positive need to be in a hospital as of this time,” Abbott said. “Our goal in this whole testing process is to test as many people as possible, to see those numbers grow and then to see a leveling off of the increase of those numbers in Texas.”

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